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OBSCENE EXTREME Compilation CD'03 Obscene Prods.
Ah! Isn't raspberry juice a nice addition to a skin biting fellatio?
This compilation includes most of the bands who played during the Obscene extreme fest, a big Grindcore and Brutal death fest that took place during 2 days in Czech republic.

This 30 bands split CD begins with the CRIPPLE BASTARDS who offers a track from their new CD. This is somekind of Death/ Grind/ Crust, this is cleaner than their previous recordings that were rawer and more Grindcore. An Ok track.

Then the English Brutal death bastards of DESECRATION play a track that sounds a bit like some SINISTER meets BRUTALITY ("In mourning"). It has both the blasts of SINISTER and some heavy parts . Good production. Cool track which isn't too complex. DESECRATION can be a cool band for fans of Brutal death metal!

Even if DEAD INFECTION are back to squash the gore purulence from your juicy arse, the two tracks included on this compilation aren't new. It comes from the "Lethal collection" CD, but the 1st one comes from an Ep while the 2nd one might come from a Demo. Cool Grind/ Crust with a nice gory bizarre mood and some pitched severe-anal-erosion vocals. I need some new DEAD INFECTION recordings!

Being the 4th bastards on this comp, INGROWING seems quite surprising in the beginning of their track "Fragmented oracle", mainly due to the blast, but finally it didn't especially impress me. Sounds like old SANITYS DAWN, but it's neither gore nor bizarre, fast Grind death possibly comparable to new SANITYS DAWN or MASTIC SCUM. An Ok track, sounds quite aggressive... But more is needed!

Ok, even if OBSCENITY have a quite big name and a bunch of releases, it doesn't turn me on. This is professional Brutal death/ Grind that could remind of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL (a bit), or SINITER (Bastard saints MCD) (At least for this track). But I found nothing emotionally special and nothing memorable. A band who releases Ok professional CDs...

The 7th and 8th tracks come back to the Grindcore fields of the comp. DENAK plays Grind/ Crust with the raw Undergrind production, it can be felt these bastards come from the HxCx Grind scene. 2 Ok tracks for those who lie it raw and quite noisy la SCALPLOCK or THE KILL. It's common in the style, but it's Ok.

Then you get a track of the French deathgrinders INHUMATE. There are some nice stuffs on the drum-playing, but some fast riffs are quite cheap and makes the efficiency decrease. I'm not a fan, they sound a bit better than their previous releases.

I owned several CENTINEX releases in the past, it was only Ok (at least for me). The band still play somekind of "Old school" influenced Death/ Thrash with some Black metal touches. As always the production is good, but as always I'm not especially thrilled nor black blood shocked. This is a pr band, some parts may sound catchy for some (not too spiked) ears, but I need more!

There are many INTERNAL, ETERNAL or EXTERNAL SUFFERINGS, I don't remind if I heard this band or another one few years ago. In anyway of the suffering, INTERNAL SUFFERING plays fast Brutal Death metal. It's quite raw la DISGORGE (Mex), old CANNIBAL CORPSE and BRODEQUIN, sounds quite Brutal and complex... But Eh!! Where are the catchy riffs? That might be cool for the enormous voracious bastards of Brutal death, but it didn't explode my extremely rotten guts!

My last vaginal contact with CEREBRAL TURBULENCY dates back to '98 on a split tape with SANITYS DAWN, I.H.R and TORMENT. I've heard about some big musical changes in this style. What you are vaginally intruded is 4 tracks off Death/ Grind/ Crust with both hardcorish and very pitched vocals. Their 4 tracks aren't repetitive, but nothing that really caught my attention. They aren't so far from the new school Grind movement (Ultra blasts and screams). Check some tracks and make your own opinion.

Lets come back to some "cleaner" metal fields as FLESHLESS plays a track beginning with some Death/ Thrash la old DEATH, to turn into some Death grind and then somekind of Crusty death thrash la MASTER/ SIX FEET UNDER. The track is short, not really special. More is needed to get an opinion.

With a name such as ISACAARIUM, I could only expect spiked as fukk-horny-evil-Black-metal, but one time more the horny evil lord "Satan" misunderstands me in his uncleverness! This band doesn't really play Black metal, I'd say it's a mix of Black metal (vocals), Death/ Grind with some core elements. An Ok track (Even if a bit too "nice") but nothing special.

The 18th track is a song of the Swiss Death/ Grind band CROPEMENT. There are some thrashy influences in the riffing. Sounds like old DEICIDE, but not really evil. Check the review of their MCD if you want to know more, you little putrid bastard!

Then you get a track of Fucking Grindgore crust directly from the gore bowels of AHUMADO GRANUJO! Ah! Heavy and gore! This is one of the few bands I enjoy in this style! (Many misunderstand Goregrind and crap music!) A very cool band you should know if you like nasal pitch shifting effect that comes directly from the arse!

I don't know why MALIGNANT TUMOUR are so supported and well known... They have here two tracks of average/ very average Grind Crust. I can live without it! Did the label really need these 2 tracks on the CD?!

It's time for the collection of crappy tracks! Read: NEURAL BOOSTER have 4 tracks on the CD! For sure their presence wasn't boosted by passionate reasons! The band plays raw Death/ Grind that could sound like old NUCLEAR DEATH. Noise, rawness, average riffs and "Wanna plays Grind ides". It doesn't deserve a pro pressing: too crappy!

SANATORIUM's production and music are at least better. The band is still in the American Brutal death lines, but it's not raw and rather brutal in somekind of a "98/99 style ( la FLESHGRIND, CYANOSIS, old PYREXIA), but with no mosh riffs. This is an Ok track but they didn't show any real sexy attribute to make me horny, so this is your common Brutal death.

NOMENMORTIS plays technical Death grind with raw vocals la INCANTATION meets Chris Barnes (old of Corpse!) and riffs la old CANNIBAL CORPSE/ DISGORGE (Mex). There are some heavier riffs... Nothing special, fast, fast, fast...  and fast again! Without anything special. Next track!

Ok, I know several PARRICIDE releases (2 Demos and their first full-length) and this track seems quite different: it's still in the Death metal style but it sounds less technical. It's almost Deathcore like by moments (Remember HEMDALE?)

Oh Yeah! Fucking bastard punching Grindcrust! MASTIC SCUM makes my head bang with a good track entitled "One-track minded". This track has both the energy of Blasting Grindcore, the old Death metal punched and some slower core stuffs. The Grindcore enjoyers shoud know this band if they doesn't ever enjoy their releases.

I ever heard some Mp3s of RZEZNIA, but I wasn't impressed. Same goes here. It's somekind of Death grind with an old Grinding obscure touch (EXHUMED etc). It's not crappy, but the drill didn't make me thrill nor gave me the will to kill.

Offering the 31th track on this split, PUTREFY plays somekind of Death Grind with Brutal death and almost moshy riffs. The mark of averageness is present at various levels: more catchiness and real hard-ridden guts are needed!!

I ever heard few Mp3s of WELKIN and it didn't seem crappy. This Belgian Death metal band plays a style that isn't very technical, some old school Death metal beats or slower parts are used most of the time, some more melodic guitars are used. I expected something more impressive, but that seems Ok.

Then you get the Grind/ Crust band PROTECT to occupy 50 seconds on the sampler. this is HxC punk influenced Grind Crust (No gore). The blasts seem Ok. Nothing special in these 50 sec, nothing more to say.

Then LANIENA MENTIS plays a common Death grind track that didn't especially turn me on. It's somewhere between old ALTAR, old DEMENTOR with a zest of SINISTER (for vocals), etc. 1:17 minutes of music is short to get an opinion, when nothing turns you on...

Then DESTROYING DIVINITY (Cze) plays a Death Grind with some VITAL REMAINS (Fast parts), INCANTATION, ANGEL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, BRUTALITY influences and some Norwegian Black metal touches. The style is quite raw, but not roughly produced. This is an Ok track, a mix of Death grind and raw Black metal. Not bad.

The PERVERSE tracks I heard on the Brutal web didn't turn me on; this track won't help: it's a filler track! Somekind of an outro composed of a simple mid placed Thrashcore like riff. Next one.

LYCANTHROPY still plays Grind/ Crust/ Death, but no Gory pitch-shifting effect is here. Short 1:15 minutes track with blasts, groovy tempos. Nothing special. Check the review of their split CD somewhere in this webzine.

BEEF CONSPIRACY seems to have a little name coming out in the English underground. Let's have an hear; it's some Death/ Grind with ultra blasts la old BRUTAL TRUTH, and some mid-placed riffs, plus some Heavy brutal death guitars. The Black metal like vocals doesn't fit, the snare drum sucks, but there are some quite cool Brutal death riffs. An average track with nice parts.

The last track is a bonus song dedicated to the memory of a guy from PURULENT who recently died. So, this PURULENT track is somekind of Gore Death Grind, strange stuff with many gore vocals and some strange structures that make it sound approximate. Well it didn't especially beat the crap out of my arse, but some fanatics of neverendingly fast stuffs might find if cool.

Conclusion: This is compilation that includes a bunch of nowadays most professional extreme underground bands (that doesn't mean these bands are the best or most inspired ones). A shame all the bands that played at the fest aren't included (for example KRUSH (Good crust!) are missing...). It might be interesting for those who aren't so aware of the Underground's deepnesses, if the CD isn't sold for a too expensive pile of green papers...



NO COLOURS Victory Through total domination Comp CD'02 NO COLOURS.
I'm not at all an enjoyer of No Colours' under produced raw Black metal releases (for 99% of it to be honnest, but as they haven't release 100 albums, can hardly find a full CD that sounds decent to me!) and I wasn't enthusiastic when I received more promo packages from them!
Here's a comp CD including a track from most of their lastely signed bands playing raw and classical Black metal in the 89-91 way for most of them.
Included bands are: Lord Wind, Weltmacht, Nargaroth, Abyssic Hate, Iuvenes, Wigrid, Judas Iscariot, Thor's hammer, Woodtemple, Graveland, Slaves, Satanic Warmaster, Suicidal Winds, Gaahlskagg, Curse...
The 13rd one is more thrashy.
I don't see what they want to dominate and I guess the very common and very average way all these bands sound won't make them won any victory! Those who like this style may find some interest in this comp (that's fuking poor for some bands), the others haven't read  this review.        



As with a lot of comps, I appreciate the initiative of releasing something with underground bands, all the more this one is very underground with almost unsigned band and with a cool pro layout put in a DVD Box.
But the problem is I think most of the bands here are just very average as fuck or not standing out for a piece of shit!

The Brutal death of GURKKHAS fastly bores me as it remains just flat! (I've heard only a few cool riffs from them!). Just common and in my opinion, it doesn't deserve the support of nig labels suck as MORBID Recs! But as you know, good relationships help a lot!

ATAVISM is a pure crappy shitted version of MORTICIAN's demo days with an atrocious sound!

S.A.E.E.I's sound is bad and it sounds fucking very average.

S.C.D offers the first track from their split w/ ROT, a good one even if it sounds long... and it's by far the best one they recorded! But as always, it's my opinion.

DISINTER plays well produced Death Grind, but it's just common. Ok, it's tight, but nothing really great! Reminds me of the DISABLED (Fra) CD w/ some VADER though. Can be cool for big fans but nothing more!

DIKTAT's style is very complex Brutal death grind, but I lost some head's parts in these neverending riffs' changes!

SANGUINARY plays a style as common as any American new metal head that decided to play Brutal Death

CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE is atrociously poor and the bizarre pitched effect doesn't help!

And I'll stop here as I want to stay alive! Some other reviews need to be done. Some bands' sound is fucking poor and isn't well placed on a pro comp... should remain on a tape or on a CDr! In my opinion it's a comp that stands out for it's packaging but not for it's musical content that's poor!    



THE DAWNING OF PURE EVIL, Five years of Necropolis records Sampler CD'99 NECROPOLIS.

This sapler brings nothing new, only a recapitulation of all the NECROPOLIS CDs releases since 5 years. So there are tracks of DAWN, GUILLOTINE, NIFELHEIM, THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH, WITCHERY, SADISTIC INTENT, DEMONIC, APHTALAMIA, DISSECTION, WAR, CRANIUM, DEATHWITCH, TARTAROS, USURPER, ARCKANUM, SATANIC SLAUGHTER, NIDEN DIV. 187, ASHES et VONDUR. The only really interesting track is "Untimely end" which was taken from the SADISTIC INTENT promo: pure satanik death metal satanique! Apart from this, nothing worth your deadly interest...



Here's the new release of the French Skullfuckers that consist in a sampler CD with 15 underground and unsigned French extreme metal bands.

The first one is ABSURDITY who plays somekind of Deathcore. some riffs are cool, some don't do much for my "anticore" brain (hu hu), check the review of their demo elsewhere here.

ANOREXIA plays Brutal death metal with some gore and some putridity. Reminds me of old Cannibal corpse, old Death, Deicide, Deeds of flesh. A cool track with an overdriven Underground sound. Their demo is reviewed elsewhere here.

DARKMUTCER performs somekind of "Death thrash"... with complex drumming... somekind of Immortal ("Blizzard beast") with few thrashcore and technical thrash metal. With a better sound and catchy riffs they might do something cool.

DEEP VEIN offers you one track of old school death metal with an opening war metal riff la Bolt thrower that transforms itself into obscure old school death metal influenced by the bleeding mark of early Death and early Immortal. A cool band for fans of Death metal the tragic and morbid way!

DISLOCATION plays somekind of Death metal with few melodic touches, some riffs la Benediction or heavy Cannibal corpse, some faster parts... but it lacks of punch! Eventhough some riffs remind me of Brutality, the whole sounds rather boring and everheard in my ears.

GASTRIK BURST plays "Death guinguette", as they call it. It's a mix of new school Grind stuffs la Cephalic Carnage with few Crustcore and some Death core riffs la Fate, for example. It sounds better than their previous demo, but this Cephalic carnage like kind of stuffs isn't for me.

If I got it well, HEMAFROST is the new project of an ex- Asshole/ Excrement musician... this is some thrash metal with death and core influences. But it does nothing for me, lacks of energy and raw brutality!

On their last release, HERESY played a kind of slow Deathcore that was (at least for me) boring. Their style has changed a lot since then, you hear Brutal death grind la Cannibal corpse/ Internal bleeding with some Dying fetus. It's very US Brutal death like in the moshy and groovy sense of Brutality. Not original stuff. But it's really better than their split CD with Trepan' Dead and this track is rather well arranged! I'd be quite curious to hear their next release.

HERITIERS DE LA HAINE (Which means "Inheritors of hatred") practice fast Death black metal that could remind of Angel corpse's first album, few old Krisiun with touches of early Cannibal corpse (Two first CDs). This isn't very impressive, rather Ok/ Average, but the band has a decent level and they might improve with more experience and rehearsals!

HORRID FLESH plays Black death metal. It's Black metal for the fast raw Black metal parts ( la Immortal or old Setherial for example) and the vocals, while the Death metal side appears under the form of slayerish Bolt thrower like guitars and some low screams. I'd need to hear more of their new release to get an opinion.

MANSLAUGHTER plays somekind of mix between Deathcore and death metal, it seems they try to sound original in the track's structures, but it lacks of punch and real energy to be convincing! Some deepest inspiration is needed to kick my ass! Hu!

I thought PEACH HER were and Hardcore band, but their music is strange... a kind of mix between Hardcore, Brutal death la Cannibal corpse, Deathcore... with few slappy bass... While some riffs aren't bad or quite cool, some quite cheezy and too soft parts waste the track in my opinion.

PSYCHOBOLIA plays a Death metal reminding me of Vader, and they have old Morbid Angel influences. Some parts are Ok, some are less ok... Check the review of their demo on this pus-filled webzine.

START OF THE END sounds like some Hardcore bands who slowly turned to extreme metal. It sounds like a mix of old school Hardcore with slow Bolt thrower riffs and few faster parts la Cannibal corpse. My Anticore hears remain rather unattracted as it seems average... but I'm not an Hardcore fan!

TREPAN' DEAD played somekind of Deathcore on their last release, and they have also evolved in a faster and more Brutal style: Brutal death grind in the US Style, with not much technicality, quite strong Hardcorish elements. Sounds like old Cannibal corpse and Lividity with touches of Crust and Dying fetus. It sounds ok, even though it's not really marvellous and rather usual in the style, but there are nice parts and the band has improved!

To conclude, as well as every compilations this one has several kinds of quality bands: the good, the less good and the uninteresting. This might be a nice choice if you want to hear French extreme metal bands since I think it's sold for a low price! Nothing exceptional, but it might be interesting for some. Each band had a bunch of samplers to spread themselves, so feel free to contact them as they might send you one for a special price, if you are nice enough! ;-)



THE METAL ALLIANCE Vol. 1 Compilation. CDr. 2006.
This compilation features 5 English underground bands, with generally 2 songs each,  and has a particularity that follows: Everything were recorded by the same guy in a studio called "The bloodstained vaults".

First band: TOMMY GORILLA plays some kind of modern grindcore; it sounds like some DISCORDANCE AXIS, a bit of PIG DESTROYER, ANAL CUNT, and some old SPAZZ. There are a lot of illogic and quite technical riffs, the noise is quite present, and the production is quite raw, but understandable for those who can understand extreme music...Sometimes, it's not so far from noisecore (Seems a bit like many short songs ones after others).
TOMMY GORILLA sounds quite sick, but they could be a bit more surprising and I know the previously quoted bands went much far in their exploration of dislocated sickness.

NEANDERTAHL plays some kind melting between mid placed thrash (almost modern), death metal, and half melodic "Tech death". It reminds me of some bands like TESTAMENT ("Low"), some DEATH, a bit of BOLT THROWER, with some more modern riffs, while the vocals are more in a CARCASS manner... But there's something that bother me: The whole has a quite groovy or "happy" approach that wastes some heaviness and seriousness... Some cool, and even quite good ideas are there, but it seems the band is still searching for a style of his own, and some things kind of bother me. So, it's average.

DOOM VALLEY DRIVER is a quite strange band... At the first listening, you wonder "What the fuck is that? Urgh!", but a little adaptation helps to have a clearer idea of the situation: This is quite technical and cerebral music taking both from death, thrash, thrashcore and few others I won't quote so that your lazy pleasure won't be satisfied! Ah! Few years ago we might have called that "Technical death" or "Original death". It reminds a bit of various stuffs like DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA ("Pleasure dome"), MORGOTH's "Fable frolic" (For the abrasive side), some CRUSHER (Cze- last album), early MALEVOLENT CREATION, and some discarding modern core...
D.V.D. (Argh! Killer band name) has an aggressive side (Both music, production and vocals) that could stress a bit some too convenient dudes.
It's correctly played, and quite well structured, but I didn't detect much to shake my balls to bleeding agony. Few more listenings might reveal some hidden treasures, but I'm not really sure it will... So my current statement will be:  D.V.D. is an average band  with some potential.

FACE TREATMENT is the less cool band on this compilation. It sounds like heavy 'modern' hardcore with some thrash riffs la SLAYER, few Death metal stuffs (A bit of quite old styled, a bit of quite tech) and HCish vocals that kinda bore me, especially since it doesn't sound very good. It lacks of energy to revive the undead or compete with the ferocity of a Russian bear... And they seem to be another of these NWOAHM (New wave of American homo metal), so I won't listen again... Don't fuck with me dude!

Last but not least: COLLUSION might sound as the most professional band from this comp in some hears full of Russian bears and Czech beers.
Most of it sounds heavy. Some would call it modern HC, some would call it modern metal whatever... In my hears, it could sound like the heavier parts of PANTERA, yet with a bigger dose of "Ugh" heaviness, with some mid old MESHUGGAH, some smoke in the jampot, some heaviness that could seem like some "old" MASTODON, a bit of fast Death metal... And some boring nu metal/ crap core parts! ARGH! Damnation and putridity! Don't fuck with me dude!
There are few nice dark moments that sound a bit intimist and depressive.
I know some guys won't like the fact it doesn't sound fast, technical or anything "Full of stuffs" at all, the music is quite simple and based on heaviness...
I think this band isn't for me, but even if there's nothing that catchy or really killer, it seems they have enough potential in "Core heaviness" to please quite a bunch of heavy music fans.



Compilations are always cool to discover new bands blah blah blah...
Here's another one with specifically Japonese bands! Japan is a country I don't know that much for its extreme scene.

It begins in a cool way with DECAPITATION and their 3 tracks of Brutal Death Metal! Their style is totally in the SUFFOCATION's "Effigy of the forgotten" style, so much I can say they sound as a clone! But it's rather a good one as their tracks own some feeling and it's well done! Good sound... I had a good Brutal moment in my bedroom's mess!

MORTALIZED is the band that really caught my attention with their 3 tracks of Grind/ Death/ Black! There is some good grinding stress energy here and the tracks are performed in an efficient way! With cool breaks and quite original touches! Good drummer that has the grinding style! I'm definitely waiting for their MCD to be released on BLOODBATH Records in the following months!

I'm less enthusiastic with the other bands on the comp! (Most of them only owning a track).

STILL BIRTH plays doomy death with death metal parts, it's quite discordant in parts but it's also quite boring as a whole...

SACRED BLOOD is in the melodic Black/ Heavy style with church choirs... nothing special and not my style.

EVOL plays somekind of a thing mixing old Bestial Warlust, Death/ Grind, Iron Maiden's heavy metal and thrash metal. Well, this mix doesn't give me the need to hear more from them!

HYDROPHOBIA offers 3 tracks of extreme metal melting old school Death, Black metal, Thrash metal and Hardcore influences in the pot. Some riffs are Ok, it sounds quite raw, but the tracks could have been better done!
Too much useless breaks that waste the attention... but they can evolve into something better as the 3 track "Human shredder" is the cooler one, it sounds a bit like Krabathor's "Orthodox" track.

CAVE IN DEPTH play somekind of melodic Death black that sounds very very average, with mid placed screamed vocals... there are a good amount of clearer parts. It reminds me of Tiamat at the time of "Clouds" or even "Wildhoney"... may I quote Moonspell for the clearer parts?? It's something I won't listen to anymore.

BAKED BOMB plays quite technical Brutal death reminding me of Suffocation, Pyrexia, Morbid Angel, Diabolic... There are lots of breaks and it's a quite tight stuff... but it lacks of personnality and expression... It's an Ok local band I won't remind after switching back the compilation in my collection.

Reading the name of BASILISK uncarefully I was afraid as I understood "Basilik" (it's the french word for a plant used to cook) and I imagined another wimpy band la Infusion, Myosotis (nice little blue flower!) or Camembert! It's somekind of Death metal between old Vomitory, old Death, Massacre with Screamy vocals: Quite old school style, but nothing special. Their riffs are just too common and the melodic Death riffs are clich!

And to finish the review, CRYPTIC CREMATION has got a good sound. It's Death metal that tends to blast. Could remind of old Brutality or old Benediction for exemple... Sounds Ok, but it's just your usual Brutal Death metal! (If you see what I mean!) As a lot of bands uses the same kind of riffs and arrangements, it's really becoming boring and predictable! If they want to play in a band, they should put more of themselves into it!

So this compilation is quite worth to check out only for the first two bands as it could be seen as a cool split CD/ demos rerelease!         



Here's the 2nd TRIBUTE TO DEATH album I have the opportunity to listen to, the first one was the "Demonic plague" CD released on DWELL Recs (what about a real release after all those tributes?) that didn't turn me on for the few I could listen to. To cover a DEATH track isn't easy because the band has to be quite technical (for the last DEATH releases) but the band also has to record something correct!

The first band on this tribute is GREEN FLY (project of some Haemorrhage guys) who does nothing more than a technically correct cover of "born dead". Tight but nothing else... And the vocals didn't please me.

The second band is COURAGOUS who covers "Trapped in a corner" with not much differences from the original. Some drums' parts (toms rumbles) were forgotten. The vocals sound deeper than the ones of Chuck. The cover is more or less correct on a technical point of view.

Then FORNICATION chooses "Regurgitated guts" and they were the first band to change something in the track! There are no punching Death metal parts as the drummer blasts a bunch here! Quite surprising at the first listening.

Then the German bastards of PROFANITY play a "Zombie ritual" cover (that was also on their "HUmade ME Flesh Ep). It's compressed as fukk, and they've added some blasts, but some parts sound less impressive than the original. They bring both positive and suite negative changes to the track. All in all, an okey cover.

Then ADUMUS tried to do a crappy black death metal cover of "Scream bloody gore", and they succeeded! Its crap! They have changed few notes in some riffs and that doesn't sound good! (Do it the same if you can't do it better!). The vocals sound like a little mouse who have cancer, and the drummer seems to come from an old DARKTHRONE LP. The first cover I really don't like.

Then the Canadian noise grinder called FUCK THE FACTS cover "Empty words". Their vocals sound too thin and high flying (Chuck wasn't castrated but aggressive and screaming with the guts! Right?) The track is more or less tight, but there are problems with leads and some rhythms are a bit hesitating. (Do something in your own way if you don't know to play the lead correctly: add some Indus samples or bizarre riffs!)

Then RUDRA cover "Forgotten past", I didn't feel the awaited thrills the original track procured me (as with most of the covers). This one is also technically tight... but nothing special! And the production isn't the best by moments, while they have changed few things in a way that doesn't sound better (!).

Then KAOS RISING covers "Baptized in blood", their vocals are heavier and sound a bit DEICIDE like by moments. This is an ok cover, but the snare drum sound wastes some of it! (Too thin! your production is heavy guys! And Chris Reifert didn't hit saucepans... lol)

YE OLD SKABBARD is the other band who tried to turn a track in somekind of Black metal crap... but there are mistakes and the production sounds 4 tracker recorded... I really don't like this one also.

Then DEPRESSION tries to turn "Torn to pieces" in somekind of Crust with gory vocals... but it doesn't blast my arse! Sounds like old MUCUPURULENT meets BLOOD. I find the vocals okey. But Chuck wasn't sleepy.

DIVINE RAPTURE changed a bunch of stuffs in "Pull the plug" and track hasn't got the same spirit at all! (Its more in the MORBID ANGEL's "Domination", ATHEIST, NOCTURNUS fields) but also looses some power of the original track. It's not bad.

Then IRREDEMPTION covers "Crystal mountain" in a more or less correctly tight way... but the drummer is far behind Gene Hoglan.. Nothing new nor special at the end...

13th cover, BAALPHEGOR did a cover of "Lack of comprehension". The track is almost tight from A to Z even if there are few mistakes in the fastest parts. Vocals dont sound especially misplaced. Nothing new but it remains decent.  

Finally LEUKORRHEA covers "The philosopher" with deep growls la old CANNIBAL CORPSE/ SUFFO. Some special bass lines are missing! All in all this track is correctly ok, even if there are some technical mistakes such as most of the bands trying to cover the most technical DEATH tracks. But nothing more than an Ok cover...

To conclude, most of the bands tried to cover the DEATH tracks with not much difference from the original ones, with more or less decency. (A classical cover can be cool live, but please try to change something in the original composition if you want to record it!) Few bands tried to put more personality in their cover; it often sounded quite interesting in their cases. There's finally not much new on this TRIBUTE. Some big DEATH fans may find it cool, but you have to be a big collector or Schuldiner maniac to be quite satisfied with this album!



Here's a pro compilation released by the Eternal Frost webzine. The problem with this kind of comps in which the bands have to pay to appear is the bands were more chosen for their ability to pay the wanted funds than for their musical quality! But the comp was quite better than what I expected as I discovered a few cool bands!

The thing begins with DARKNESS ETERNAL that plays quite obscure Death/ Black with vocals la INCANTATION. It sounds average (understand nothing special). I don't like the drummer's blasts. But it remains Ok.

Then comes a good Brutal death track from ENCABULOS's "Abandoning the flesh" MCD. Still good even is a bit dated! But we'll get some fresh news from them this year!

COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN plays a Brutal Death that's tight, but just common and ever heard before. Reminds me of MALEVOLENT CREATION's "The fine art of murder". Their drummer seems to have some good blasting moments and nice rythms! He makes quite interesting a track that would have been too common...

PRIMAL DAWN plays a quite mid temp Death/ Thrash with melodies. High pitched vocals and more dreamy like parts are included. The riffs are very common and very average. Nothing more

EYES OF LIGEIA plays somekind of Heavy metal, slow melodic thrash death... What could I say? There's no energy here and it's the 1st band on the comp that really makes me want to sleep deeply...

Uh Uh! FORLORN SUFFERING plays Death Black with pseudo synths and high pitch nun sodomies! It sounds very weak! (At least I think so). Very average stuff... Some parts are almost funny... Evil goblins will dance and run in circles! Eh Eh! It makes me shit to hear this kind of metal!

MALEFACTOR offers some doomy Death w/ some accelerating arrangements... sounds bizarre and the main riff is just a common old school MY DYING BRIDE/ old PARADISE LOST like riff...

FESTERING SORE's track is raw for the sound and sounds like a rockin' punk japanese 80's formation for the vocals... somekind of Death metal with stoner Entombed touches. It just sound like a very average demo band. Sounds funny!

KOMA from Indonesia plays technical Death Metal that was meant to sound Brutal, but it doesn't. It's quite complex, but it goes everywhere... and nothing touches your eroded skull...

It's the 2nd time I've met the german bastards of GALLERY OF DARKNESS on a compilation and their Brutal Death ik okey for me! At least I prefer them than most of the other bands on this comp, even if some riffs sound too much Cannibal Corpse like. There's a cool obscure haunting like riff with nice vocals.

CASTRUM plays Death/ Grind that's fast most of the time, and they own thrashy mid placed parts la old PESTILENCE/ old SODOM with a few Black metal influences. But there are some nice melodies' arrangements la DEATH. Their music seems to be quite varied.

Coming from the USA, FUNEBRARIUM plays American Brutal Death that could make me think about SUFFOCATION... but they rather remind me of INTERNAL SUFFERING and maybe EMBALMER (R.I.P). There's an hellish like break la old INCANTATION meets FALLEN CHRIST that turns into and old school Death metal riff la CARNAGE/ ENTOMBED. In short words: your usual dose of correctly made Brutal death, but nothing is great or really deep. Can be cool for big fans of the style...  

Follows a few other bands, but nothing relevant.   



VILE VIBES compilation LP Peaceville.
Here's an old comp released by Peaceville, this is Ok but it didn't offer a lot of special things!

PARADISE LOST was the first one to drown in an "Infernal torment" with their Death/ Doom track coming from their first Lp! It was definitely a good band, with some personality! Hellish breaks of doom! Screams of the damned! I'm just disappointed by what they've became musically: flat and boring!

Then AUTOPSY rides the gore and doom with a bonus track that was featured on the CD release of "Severed survival" only! A good Death metal track with the typical AUTOPSY's simple heaviness, with some good Death metal beats. Few bands played that style with that much success later!

The 3rd band DEVIATED INSTINCT is just a flat shit! Was it a project of a Peaceville member? Or what motivated the label ($$?) to put them on the comp? Somekind of doomy old HELLHAMMER meets old doomy or groovy CATHEDRAL. I want to sleep!

Then the Punk Crusters of DOOM finished the 1st side of the LP with a cool old school punk track. That was an Ok one with some ok energy, but I've heard some really more Energetic Krusker and full of Disrupt tracks from them! They did some very much Crust stuffs that were better! Here it's more old school punk... just ok!

I never owned a full release of CONFESSOR, neither wanted to hear more from them... They had some tracks on a Split CD with ENTOMBED, CARCASS and CATHEDRAL, it was entitled the GODS OF GRIND if I remember well. But their style is so boring... slowed as fuck CARCASS at the time of "Necroticism..." with Hardcore influences and so tiny high pitched vocals (sounds like if the vocalist of MEKONG DELTA had been anal ripped with a 6 chords bass guitar... and the spikes of the guy!) But they also had some more melodic parts I could compare to CANDLESMASS (Even if I don't know/ like this band that much!)

TALION played Thrash metal reminding me both of NUCLEAR ASSAULT, the German Thrash metal scene or even bands like ONSLAUGHT (?)... But a real lack of punch was their problem! And the vocals + some riffs could sound nearer of speed metal/old Heavy metal at the beginnings of the styles. Anyway, it just sound old (in the bad sense of the word).

Then switch on some ELECTRO HIPPIES that had nothing to do here... What was this shit? It wasn't a surprise to hear this kind of stuff released while almost every band owning a full line up could record an album in these days... Some kind of heavy stoner doom with 70's influences, fuck this shit!

I owned an album of TORANAGA in the past, but it was sold back in the nearest 2nd hand store only a few weeks after my acquisition... This isn't very good, and not good as far as I'm not that much into very old Heavy metal... Sounds like old bands like (I may be going to say big bullshits here, be ready to suffer!): old MANOWAR and the 1st KING DIAMOND Lp... It just sounds Ok, but lacked more than the final kick! A good kick of firegun in the ass of the guitarist or whatever would have been welcome to motivate them!

To conclude, it's a compilation that's cool to own if you're a lot into collecting metal stuffs from the past! But I haven't listened to it since some years, not worth for more than the price of a few bucks...