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UMBRTKA (Cze) Nad propasti dne CDr'03 Self released.
There are some stuffs you receive in trades and you don't want to review coz you don't get into it: no review to remain niiiiiiice! But an obscure evil force took the control of my pen and mind and forced me to write these nice lines! Ah!
What I hear is melodic black doom that doesn't awake the poor and suffering one in me! The leading melodies sound funny! Some parts are Ok but it sounds too "easy" or simple. Complex tracks with some old PARADISE LOST, BETHLEHEM, SACRAMENTUM, BARATHRUM (!). The fast Black metal parts sound repetitive. The sound which isn't good add somekind of a flies' noise (BZzzzzz). And sorry but a clear guitar break sounds like "Holidays sat the beach"! It's total darkness, isn't it?! Drum machine. Vocals sung in Czech language. Holy Records may find this band original and everything... but sorry I'm not flying into pseudo mundane luxuries with an umbrella in my ass! Very average to say the best!



UNCHALLENGED HATE (Ger) The art of method CD'06.Self released.
Neat blasting Death metal reminding me of NAPALM DEATH (Harmony/ Utopia) with a rigidity à la TERRORIZER and a bit of the last EXHUMED (So a cleaner old CARCASS). Add some classical Death metal beats, some not so old NAPALM, few crustcore and grooves to have a clear vision conquest.
Positive: The music sounds kicking, well built and fresh.
Negative: There's nothing really killer, catchy, or resonating the way old grind did.
Criticism slower: After a while you get into the energy of the band and you kinda forget the usual approach of the whole.
Conclusion: UNCHALLENGED HATE could be a worthy band for fans of death grind, mid old NAPALM DEATH and old TERRORIZER, who need more from their grindminded "idols" and dislike asleep extreme music.


UNFRAGMENT (Fra) Vices and verses CD'05. Self released.
UNFRAGMENT has gone through quite a lot of changes since their first album! Their style is currently more varied, compact and dynamic, even if the whole keeps on running on the Death metal railroad of damnation.
The album begins with "Nécrophages", a 100% Death metal song that mostly sails in the waters of an evil kind of death metal, between MORBID ANGEL and DEICIDE (old). Some riffs taste the burning agony! 666!
The following songs are a bit more varied, as you could hear some technical death, half melodic guitars, black metal influences, as well as a bunch of more 'modern' stuffs.
I often think about MORBID ANGEL (Evil riffs, heavier stuffs and leads), old DEICIDE (1st Lps). Then, I secondly happen to think about old IMMOLATION, some old DISSECTION/ SACRAMENTUM (Melodic black death) and few other stuffs I won't quote coz I'm currently too lazy! (And does the so-called 'underground scene' of lazy bastards deserve any effort? Ah!). A quite melodic work on guitar polyphonies sounds like old EDGE OF SANITY in my hears, but I'm not updated on this kind of stuffs.
I'm not a fan of the way the vocals sound, I prefer Death metal throats to be more direct and straight from the grave!
This is seriously built music, with a bunch of quite well flowing variations.
The production also sounds more 'modern' compared to their previous album (That sounded quite deaf), the guitars sound powerful, and the drum-machine sounds more or less like triggered drums (It's ok, but a real drummer would be better).
UNFRAGMENT has refreshed and diversified their style in a quite interesting way, but I regret the fast real evil and burning Death metal patterns in the vein of the first song aren't more numerous!
"Vices and verses" is a pleasant album to listen to, but there aren't so many riffs to emotionally grab you by the nuts. All in all, I think it's an average album with good portions of inner revenge. Try it before you order it, to check if it embalms your crushed entrails, you putrid fucker!
c/o Jérôme Guibert, La chaise, 49450 ROUSSAY. FRANCE.


UNFRAGMENT (Fra) In meanderings of Ain-Soph CD'03 Self release.
This French band plays a kind of Death metal that's rather old school, the composition is more based on the mood and a quite dark atmosphere than on pure Brutality.
With influences ranging from old MORBID ANGEL, old DEICIDE, OSSUARY INSANE; with touches of very old MALEVOLENT CREATION (breaks), very old DEATH (punching beats and tremolos), old POSSESSED (Hellish morbid melodies), very old CANNIBAL CORPSE and MORGOTH (a little bit); the band strives on composing some tracks that tastes like releases of the 89-91 epoch: The golden age of Death metal! They have got some cool vocals that are quite sulfurous and impious as it reminds me of very old IMMOLATION and AMON (Not the pre DEICIDE one, the Swiss band). Their tracks are more or less complexly structured, as there are a bunch of riffs, some of these guitar parts ranging from the "Ok" to the "Cool" ones. Even if some guitar parts may sound catchy to some metallic hears I wouldn't cross the point of saying it's cool at its best.
I don't know why but some parts in here remind me of old MASSACRA.
Some parts sound too common! And some deep satanic hell frenezy would be hellcome! But the whole is rather well articulated. I found nothing special here, but this can be a cool band for fans of Death metal the old school way!


UNLEASHED (Swe) Eastern blood, hail to Poland CD'97 Century media.
I wonder where the interest is, for a band that has composed only 10 really good tracks in its whole career (including only one, "Dead forever" that's really essential!) to have released two live albums with only a studio release of intervalle: And I wonder even more where can be the interest to finish this CD with an old gig assorted to a flat sound to fullfill this Eastern blood to the core. Of course Eastern blood includes all the best tracks of Unleashed (well, "Open wide" and "Forever goodbye" are lacking in my opinion), but as the studio releases are better, the album remains useless for those who owns their CDs, and in anyway the other won't be interested. All the more, Unleashed is really the typicall nice 2nd zone Death metal band, but you never want to listen to them for 70 minutes in one go... It's an excessive length that makes this "Eastern blood" can't be an introduction to the universe of the band. Would be better to make your own compilation for yourself.



UPPERCUT (Ger) Shroud shifter CD'01. G.U.C.
Average melting pot between rather old school thrash and thrashcore. The tracks are correctly composed with a bunch of decent riffs being correctly articulated in the tracks' structures, the production is more than decent, but nothing especially attracted my attention or gave me the will to play this UPPERCUT CD one more time. Plus there are quite too many 'jumping', moshy or hardcorish patterns to entertain me. I think this band might be cool during gigs, but this album offers nothing more, nothing better or different than the countless hardcorish or modern influenced thrash releases coming out nowadays. UPPERCUT isn't creating but worshipping. It lacks of guts for a pro CD! The average isn't enough!