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2 MINUTA DREKA(Ita)/ DOGFIGHT(Ita) Split tape'05. GRINDBLOCK Recs.
I never particularly liked 2 MINUTA DREKA, and this release doesn't change my mind... It's only noisy grind from the drunk deep underground and that's all...
If you're drunk, stoned, or in strong lack of noisecore it might be funny, but I need real obese and vibrating riffs that kill the poofters! And this time it's a live record with a live sound, so it doesn't particularly help much... Ok they're able to make some noise, some "Brrr", some "Bleuargh" or some "Crrrroooaaarr", but then? The only thing I might like in this recording is the introduction, nice sample from an old movie that might have dealt with cannibals and necro-rituals.

DOGFIGHT isn't the last revelation, but they insert some energy that makes it cool. Imagine old school Grind crust coolness la DEFECATION (1st album), NAPALM DEATH ("Mentally murdered" Mlp), RIGHTEOUS PIGS, with maybe some REPULSION or NAUSEA, plus some crustcore like old EXTREME NOISE TERROR or crust influenced early MASTER (But the atmosphere reminds me much more the cool first grind bands quoted before). The rhythms are varied and it doesn't stop blasting for useless reasons: You have the mid tempo, the fast "Tchuka tchuka" beats and obviously the blasts. The production is cool and doesn't crush your hears for useless reasons. Sometimes I feel they could play the tracks a little faster, to reach the perfect old styled grindcore speed, and all riffs aren't so cool, but that's how it is. DOG FIGHT isn't perfect, but it's cool underground stuff with a flavor and it might please fans of old school grind who don't like much what grindcore has became...
(Apparently DOGFIGHT is dead... A CD collection with all demos and unreleased tracks might be released sometimes, as far as what rumors say...)


9TH PLAGUE (Swe) Triumph of diabolism Demo CDr'06.
This third 9TH PLAGUE demo is surely the best they procreated in pain an anger, first and foremost because the morbid feeling is more intense and would be quite easily touchable for suffering souls.
The whole keeps on digging a sarcastic catacomb in the obscure infra-world of mid old MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION and old INCANTATION. Few soundalike bands could be FLESHTIZED, CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN or AMETHYSTE (Fra).
You have understood the way the whole sounds, it's both blasting and heavy.
Some reproaches could be the lack of real personality, the fact some blasts do not always sound so tight (It might be a production problem) and the absence of riffs of endless catchiness... But it's not a bad demo at all. This is the best 9TH PLAGUE recording that contains enough nice arguments in the inner of its putrid entrails to please fans of this obscure death metal. If they keep on intensifying the feeling, next release could be quite fucking deadly.