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CACODAEMON (Fin) The demoniac invocation LP'04. Exh Goetie / D.U.K.E.
Garage old styled Death metal that could sound as a totally undergroundly drowning 3rd grade version of early DEATH/ AUTOPSY, with touches of old thrash metal.
Sometimes they remind me of AUTOPSY/ ABSCESS for the "Fuck off and play, no matter the quality of the riffs" side, if you see what I mean. Unfortunately it do not often bring the best music! They do not dig under the surface in my hears, I don't feel anything emerging from the inside, nor from the outside.
They might remind of DR SHRINKER or NECROPHAGIA 80's.
I do not have much more to say, in my hears this is only average/ very average old death metal demo stuff that was probably composed, rehearsed and recorded with a bloody lot of beers in the veins. Maybe you'll like CACODAEMON if you like KARNARIUM (Swe).
Maybe I should say "Listen only under the heavy influence of beer". 


CANNIBAL CORPSE (Usa) The bleeding CD'94.
This was the beginning of the decline for CANNIBAL CORPSE! After 3 excellent Lps, they recorded "The bleeding" that was less Brutal, expressive and efficient! Even if the music was a bit more varied than on the previous ones, it's less Brutal and includes more Death thrash parts (a bit in the vein of "Eaten back to life"). as well as heavy moments.
The sound is very good, the tracks are well articulated and the vocals of Chris Barnes were still deep as fuck! But something special and deeply passionating cruelly lacked! Most of the tracks were more in the Cannibal Corpse style with less very good crushing riffs! But there are still a few very good parts! For example "She was asking for it" includes a nice lead à la old SLAYER that's followed by an excellent gut tripping riff at 0'50 minutes, and the bassist does an excellent bass line to introduce the drum part on this good riff!
I almost never listen to "The bleeding", it's not that captivating compared to their 3 first classics of Brutal Death! It sounds pro and everything... and it's cool to listen to, but they did better!! And after this one, CANNIBAL CORPSE never sounded fresh anymore. Some of the following albums had some good parts, but there wasn't as much frenezy and they started to repeat themselves again and again! (It's obvious with their very last releases!).
I'm not a CANNIBAL CORPSE fan, I'm fan of their 3 first CDs! (I can't listen to "Tomb of the mutilated" anymore, I've played it too much! AAARGH!) It will hurt the Cannibal Corpse fans, but that's not a big deal! (Are they brutal or not?)
Some new bands are far more creative and Brutal that Cannibal nowadays!


I didn't await this new album coz I wasn't a big fan of "Vile", their previous one, that was Brutal sounding but also quite boring (where were the outstanding riffs? It seems there goal was "Come on nad make some Brutal", a shame for Cannibal, wasn't it?). So I must say I didn't rush myself on this CD when it was released, but I was wrong because "Gallery" was really better! Their riffs were better, more inspired, less technical, sounds like they simply found again some inspiration in a style being nearer to their very first releases! The music was more "easy listening", the vocals of Corpsegrinder sounded better than on "Vile". Notice they had good experiments on the heavy guitar ridden experimental track that finally sounded like something both interesting, convincing and new for their style. Nothing much more to say fro mwhat has been said, this is a good album that's worth the listening if you're into Brutal death metal, but if you're not so difficult with the music you enjoy! One final word for Cannibal: after this album their next releases bring almost nothing for me! The "Vile" syndrome came back again and we were offered some Brutal death albums "à la Cannibal corpse" that were only Ok at best... Hey guys! If you don't want to Brutallize anymore try some other musics! You'd remain true to yourselves, and you wouldn't seem like a too professional "Mac donald" style Brutal death band!


CAPHARNAUM (Can) Fractured CD’04. WILLOWTIP Recs.
Punishing fucking technical death metal that will hook you on the good old meathook of Cannibal corpse! CAPHARNAUM shreds you with hyper technical riffs à la SUFFOCATION/ NECROPHAGIST that always keep an understandable melodic edge! This band is composed of skillful musicians who know how to handle their instruments! (Remember the first albums of NATRON or also SPAWN OF POSSESSION?) But CAPHARNAUM isn't only an hyper brutal band since they know to slow down and inject more melody at the right moments. Their most melodic riffs can remind you of the Canadian scene (QUO VADIS, a bit of MARTYR) or some DEATH ("Individual thought patterns") while I can feel a little touch of thrashing Gothenburg melodic Death... but with a super-technical plus!
Even though CAPHARNAUM's songs remain quite varied, I can feel some feeling of repetitiveness that might come from the fact all the tracks aren't as good and catchy as the first one on an emotional point of view. If each tracks were as killers as this one, CAPHARNAUM would enter the pantheon of the 100 best brutal fucking death metal albums and would blow to pieces the cool last SUFFOCATION album! This CD will be too technical for some, while some will regret the vocals aren't more brutal or deeper (it's mostly screamy of mid placed).
This is a technically impressive technical Death metal album that sounds totally professional and has the benefits of a good powerful and clear production! All those who enjoy bands like PSYCROPTIC or MARTYR need to put an hear on this CAPHARNAUM album! Or they will miss something impressive! Shame for them...


CAPTAIN THREE LEGS (Usa) The birth of the creatures to conquer CDr'02.
What you get here is 54 tracks taken from several demos of the band. It remains Grindcore/ gore with crust riffs and a wanna pitch my arse vocals. The whole has got a 4 tracker sound. It sounds very underground but also very boring as I don't hear most of their riffs.  It reminds me of CARCASS' demo days (really weaker!!) with a bit of GENERAL SURGERY, touches of ANAL CUNT's most musical moments with touches of very old DEAD INFECTION. What I hear gives me a small headache. For those who like this kind of stuffs...  I felt like I heard 40 times the same riffs during these 54... very boring in my opinion!


Allright! Here's a split Ep that might appeal a bunch of brutal music fanatics! I tried to get a copy of that piece of colored vinyl several times, and it's finally there spreading its orange vomit in my turntable!
First side, best side, it's cool to hear two more CARMINA tracks! Ah Ah! Brutal and crushing death metal with obscure insane feelings à la IMMOLATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Gallery of suicide")! Worth an heavy and brutal headbanging! Fuck you! The whole has some touches of chaos that could taste like old DERANGED or eventually ROTTREVORE, while some MORBID ANGEL seems to take some brutal decrepitude in some almost impious riffs! Fuck you! These two tracks come from the same sessions than the demo the band recorded in 2004. No real surprise but a good ass kicking the brutal and bloody vein!

I never understood the enthusiasm all the French scene shew for MORGUE in the brutal death days of this band; and their later discarding and core-induced releases didn't turn me on. This time the band plays some kind of strange death grind with a lot of discarding, core and strange sounding riffs. It sounds like all this new wave of discardingnoisecore by moments; calculated to sound weird, discarding, 'original'... but what about a powerful unmatchable feeling of world crushing brutality? Some riffs sound cool and quite destructive, but it's wasted by a bunch of weak parts that go nowhere in my hears! Even if some riffs sound cool, the whole remains average/ very average in my hears! Even if MORGUE tries to be original, they offer the weakest side of this split Ep. It might please all those who like calculated noisecore like CONVERGE and co, but it's probably not the case of many Nihilistic Holocaust readers! Ah!
The layout doesn't look that cool in my opinion, even though it might have been costy... The picture doesn't evoke anything extreme in my mind (it's an old plane image), no mood, no impact... and it taste too much  like new school core to fit a brutal terror death metal split! (Brutal scriptures of the dead and less tiny skulls would look cooler in my eyes).
Anyway a cool Ep that could have been cooler, but remains cool! It's probably sold out, so the best way for insidious delightment would be to download the CARMINA Demo directly from their red website.


CARNAL LUST (Fra) Whores of violence CD’03 DIAMOND Prod.
In its first tracks, this new CARNAL LUST release sounds more brutal and heavier than their previous demo. We're speaking here about old school Death Grind with a thrashy touch on some guitars. Do not expect American style Brutal death with mosh, heavy groovy or hypertechnical riffs, most of it is based on 90's Death metal with many tremolos. Unfortunately after the 3 first tracks the whole intensity decreases and it sounds less brutal, less interesting. Unfortunately the riffs aren't especially original nor personal. For example an obscure riffs on the first track reminds me very much of the Satanic blood" cover of VON DARK FUNERAL did on their first CD, and it has many usual morbid melodies à la CANNIBAL CORPSE. It could remind of CANNIBAL CORPSE on "Vile" (less technical), plus D.A.B, GURRKHAS or eventually BAPHOMET. There are some Black metal touches from here and there, and some few melodic Death touches, but it remains Death metal driven.
There's a nice mood on this album, as well as some darkened hatred. But after some tracks I've got the feeling the same happens as it lacks in diversity and real surprises! Some nice riffs loose some efficiency because of too classical tracks' structures. The first tracks aren't bad, but the following is too common and lacks of energy and brutality. This CD might be cool for the big French supporters or for the big 90's Death metal maniacs, but not much more!



CARNIWHORE (Nor) Rising up Ep. 2010. DUPLICATE Recs.
I usually don't pay attention to the automatic invitation-emails labels send to reviewers so that they download some virtual promos... More mp3s, more mp3s, more mp3s... It's already too much of these files on my hard drive, so why should I download theirs?
But today it might have been a little different: I was quite bored, and the name of this band sounded quite cool in my liquefied brain, CARNIWHÖRE seemed like an old black man tried to say the word "Carnivore", with a banana in mouth or something more explicit...So I played the game of the little leprositic pet, and visited the promo page to click each link with my decrepiting fingers (Yes, I own a tactile screen, with leprosy it's perfect you don't have to prepare the lunch, the mashed meat is already on the table) and download the files...
According to the name I would have expected something a little cooler... But it's not really my kind of mashed rusty metal, just usual black thrash.
The promo page says this band was inspired by Aura Noir, Audiopain and Nocturnal breed, I would say "more or less"... At least it's not the same playing level. AUDIOPAIN generally have much more technical and "originally" thought tracks, they were a bit particular and not only "drunk". The first AURA NOIR album I had years ago was more technical and dynamic, but a comparison might be made, these whores of the carneus could be seen as a simpler version of this precise album, if you wish. In my hears, the style would be quite close to DEATHHAMMER with more blackmetallic vocals, and a bit of very early SODOM ("In the sign of evil"/ "Obsessed by cruelty") and it has the same kind of unproduced raw production than their Norwegian neighbors.
It's just the usual stuff: Quite raw sounding guitars that are thrashing most of the time, but also contain the usual "punk" black metal power chords, rasp vocals, the whole a little drunk alike and voluntary not perfectly tight...
Big fans of drunk black thrash might like it, but I guess it won't be something specially cool for other rusty-metal mashers...


CARRION CRAWLER (Usa) Rot crumble collapse MCD'05. RAWKER Recs.
This is the kind of underground release that might not please the current metal scene: It's not over produced, the cover is not beautiiiiful and it doesn't contain over the top of fame selling arguments.
But since music matters much more than the $$ invested in production or any over the top jet setting points, and the current scene is over saturated with crappy means and abusively lazy valours, let's put our fingers deeper into the bowels of this underground release.
CARRION CRAWLER evolves between grindcore, brutal death and grindgore. Each side of the spectrum is more present depending on the song: One of the ugly faces is quite gory, following an almost goregrind approach that could remind of old SANITYS DAWN, early EXHUMED, with a little bit of old GENERAL SURGERY, old FILTH (Demo tape), old INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (Am I wrong?) or eventually IMPETIGO (For some moods... But it's not the same style).
The second ugly face would tend to quite complex US Brutal death fornicating with Death grind, while the third face of purulence sounds like "Complex grind" à la HUMAN REMAINS, DISCORDANCE AXIS, a bit of old (Blasting) SOILENT GREEN and quite fukked things like that.
Even thought some parts are cool and quite entertaining, there's also a bunch of moments that don't develop much the putridity (You could also insert the words "Sickness" or "Brutality", depending on your mood), and would even dissolve the efficiency with demonstrative manners. I also don't like a part of the drum-playing that much, it feels like some blasts could sound stronger or some patterns could kick much more.
Finally, we have an anticommercialy packaged release (Attractive cover) that contains its cool moments, but there are too many average parts to really turn me on. It might be a cool item for underground maniacs who dig demos and can't get enough of the various styles and bands quoted before.


Ah Ah Ah!
Thanks to RAZORBACK Records for collecting all these pieces of mental insanity and perversion taken from Eps (and various comps) of the band on a full CD! I’ll be able to satisfy my vicious perversions and inner cynic serial killer instincts!
I had to cut a bosom to each of my 2 synthetic girlfriends and see them screaming imaginary complains as I sodomized their plastic arses!
But do no misunderstand my gorefied bowel tuned words, Catasexual isn’t a fucking great band. It’s very cool with nice ideas and bizarre sounding riffs along the lines of old NECRONY with some old CARCASS! A few hyper low riffs melted with a synthetic drum machine makes them sound a bit like GODFLESH in little corners of perversion! Nice obscure and bizarre mood DEAD INFECTION also had in some well hidden pustulent tracks! They have the Old MUCUPURULENT’s goregrind influence and vicious rectal revendications!
In dark head bang bang bang parts their goregrind reaches the extreme repetitive side of Hardcore techno!
It has its own personality in totally brain crushed and zero cerebral activity parts!
As well as PURULENT SPERM CANAL, CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION is a cool band I like to check for a few tracks from time to time, but a full album could be boring! And I think the 27 tracks here aren’t all very good, but there are enough nice pussy berserks here to make it worth the listening!


This is the new band of John Tardy ( Ex- OBITUARY’s lead guitarist ).
They remind me of all OBITUARY’s albums, for the riffs, the hellpits arising leads. There are some old CELTIC FROST influences here but also some MASTER (« On the 7th day, god created master) and some old SLAYER touches... But what the fuck happened to Trevor? Does he remind he composed the two first OBITUARY albums that were Excellent Death metal albums? It sounds too much boring for me, I can't understand how a once so talented guitarist finally composed boring stuffs such as this CATASTROPHIC CD! Ok, the last Obituary releases weren't that good either, but I'm starting to be fed up with all the old school masters who release more and more falt stuffs! Some guys of PYREXIA also play on this release, it should have been a point of quality (as Pyrexia have some strong releases) but they brought nothing more than fast and grinding parts that bring nothing special... As an evidence, it could also make think about SIX FEET UNDER’s 2 first CDs and 1st MCD. I was disappointed when this CD was released, but now that I have listend to this 'useless' release a bunch of times (it was released 2 years ago now) I can say it's absolutely not worth a bean! Positive points: tight musicians, correctly tracks... but that's all! No killer riff, no real feeling... Welcome to boredom land!


The cover of this Ep is fucking cool!!
What CATHETER plays is a kind of aggressive Grind/ Crust with some Hardcore influences by heavier edges. I could name a bit of PHOBIA for a noisy Grind side and some scorched guitars melted with ragefull screams à la old S.O.B.
Small touches of old MORTAL DECAY could be spelled for bizarre fun like elements, but keep in mind these american grinders don't play technical Brutal death but aggressive sounding Grindcore. I could quote a few bands like SOILENT GREEN ("A string of lies"), RUPTURE, old BRUJERIA, old EXHUMED (of corpse!) or even BLOOD for very few slow and heavy grind/death riffs. The snare drums sound is a bit too much "saucepan" like for me by moment, eh eh...  
They also play two cover tracks of old NAPALM DEATH and REPULSION. Their songs structures are by moments the thing that would make them sound original in my ears, this is also for this reason I'd compare them a bit to SOILENT GREEN's "A string of lies" MCD.
I didn't specially tripped into their hears sacrifical grindcore, but an Ep isn't enough to judge a band; and I think a lot of Aggressive Grinding heads may enjoy the way this band sounds!


CATHETER (Usa) Preamble to oblivion CD'02 SMG Recs.
Here's a band that doesn't evolve in the way I had imagined they would... Well, I have their "Catheter" Ep'2000 that sounded really more disjoncted with harsh screamy vocals, and the style is quite different, sounds rather like a classical Grind/ Crust band as a whole! It may be defined as Grind crust Death metal with hardcore parts.  Their vocals are also tending very much to the hardcore style while some screamy ones are still here, but its not prevailing anymore! It makes me think about old NAPALM DEATH, NASUM, TERRORIZER (on some breaks) while some RUPTURE, ALL OUT WAR and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER (?) may also be noticed. It seems to me the SOILENT GREEN like parts have totally disappeared!
Some low placed hardcore riffs sound too much like old Hardcore in my opinion, I find it too common! It's not bad but I imagined something really more outstanding! Some parts are quite intense or aggressive tought, there are some nice extreme moments! Notice there's a NAPALM DEATH's "Unchallenged hate" cover here, but it brings nothing new in my opinion, and some riffs aren't played in the right way! Looses in fucking efficiency! Some ACCUSED and REPULSION covers are also here.
So this isn't a bad album, but I expected something really more aggressive! Their previous Ep could have let me imagine a really more agressive and disjoncted next release, this CD is just a bit more than Ok in my opinion! Nice cover, still in the vein of their selftitled Ep. To be honnest, I would copy only a few tracks on a tape. Can be nice for Grinders who have nothing against the Hardcore/ Crust style.


CATHOLICON (Usa) Lost chronicles of the war in heaven CD'98 UNDERWORLD.
Welcome to crapland!  
Even if Satan isn't always so clever, a minimum of decency is needed to be satanically acceptable! And the pseudo original Black doom metal of Catholicon is too boring to be Ok for the unclever one! B.O.R.I.N.G Black doom who wants to be original but plays inefficient riffs that can only scare the tiny little angles who fly 100 kilometers above! Ah! Even if some riffs are ok in the obscure Doom style, it's too much the crappy mess, but also predictable as a traffic light to sound ok! Ah! I forgot they want to sound like old SAMAEL meets old MOONSPELL, but it's a cruel failure! CATHOLICRAP isn't Ok for a pro CD!


CENOTAPH (Mex) Saga Bélica CD’03.
Some years ago, I read unholy reviews of their releases in the cult LIQUID OF LIFE zine. I built myself some unholy representations of hellish raw and epic old school war Death metal inked with Black blood in my head since then. Thanks to an evil and obscure Mp3s hub I finally discover their very last release. I feel like King Diamond will awake from "El Castillo del Mortes", Eh eh... The style of the band is clearly bound in some old school fields, but not in the fields of war and agony I imagined. CENOTAPH has got it's share of old school Death/ Thrashing influences à la very old DEATH, KREATOR ("Pleasure to kill" and a bit of the following Lps), old SODOM, INCUBUS (a little bit). They could remind a bit of "newer" bands such as MORTEM(Peru). There are few Death metal elements that sound more actual, such as blast bets, but it remains damn old school! You will have to wear your patched clothes to listen to this! Ah Ah! The screamy vocals emerge with fumes of hell and evil spells from your old 80's vinyls! Sounds like very old DEATH meets Mille Petrozza and old bands like ONSLAUGHT in some choruses of agony!
Nothing that marked me nor blasted out the fuck from my head, but it's a pro band and I must say they've got some nice punding thrash metal riffs! That can be a quite interesting band for fans of old school Death and total Thrash metal maniacs! 666!


CENOTAPH (Turkey) Pseudo verminal cadaverium CD'04 UNITED GUTTURAL.
Some technical and complex Brutal death albums are interesting to listen, but some bands really go far beyond my level of tolerance in this kind of Brutal music! This is the case with Czech CENOTAPH who does it too fucking endlessly complex (not too technical though) to be enjoyable! It's simple: the riffs doesn't stop changing again and changing again... it fastly becomes boring since there's not much to maintain your attention on!
There are some ok riffs from here and there in this kind of Brutal death metal being in the vein of PYREXIA ("Sermon of mockery") and old SUFFOCATION, but some real and stronger tracks' structures would have made them sound more acceptable for fans of Brutal US Death who will feel in front of a CD full of filling riffs mixed with some ok parts and abusive complexity! A shame since this album sounds better than one of their previous releases I reviewed in 1998!



CEREBRAL PARALYSIS (Russia) Cycles of evisceration CD. 2014. PERMEATED Recs.
My first approach with this band was quite great, I heard a song on Youtube and thought "Whaaa, brutal death without blastbeats, with a natural sound and an atmosphere à la Cannibal Corpse "The bleeding"...".
Well, the kind of music is "Slam brutal death", and I already got in touch with online "teasers" recorded by other agents of the deformed-booty-groove and it didn't tease me too much at all... But CEREBRAL PARALYSIS doesn't taste so eroded nor addicted to the (Moderately enjoyable) taste of the sewers.
Most of the cougar-huge-booty-pace is mid-paced to slow, with an emphasis on groove, and influences of old deathcore (Old Misery Index, old Pyrexia, perhaps some old Skinless) and a big touch of DEVOURMENT in a not so corrosively dripping manner.
Some grooves are quite cool, and the way gory vocals accelerate on slow grooves is funny (Doesn't the vox sound like turntables then, uh?), but it's a bit too simple for me and I'm not enough of a groovemaster digger to insert one more euro in the slot (And get another fat mama gloryhole ride).
There's nothing bothering and I find it to be more pleasant than average ultra-brutal-gore "Where is my riff" tech-death (Or even the couple of "booty representatives" I heard in the slam genre), but apart from some great songs I find the riffs to be generic and I would rather use this disk as a musical background.
Fans of the style could find here 40+ minutes of variations on the theme of "Groove".


CHAMBER OF SHRED (Spa) Epitome MCD'02. INFINITY Records.
When the horny and evil brutality is lacking, it can be good to come back to the files of decent Brutality! In the unholy chamber of shred where purulence overtakes any kind of moronic being to infest and corrupt its bones and veins with the mighty putrid crass of evil!
Even thought CHAMBER OF SHRED's brutal death is very influenced by early SUFFOCATION's technical brutal death, they also have some old heavy MORBID ANGEL touches and few old DEICIDE guitars injected in the bloody corpse of sublime perversion. The guitar riffing has an important technical edge sounding a lot like SUFFO and some Cannibal Corpse, but the mood and state of mind has a little impious side that isn't unpleasant and could remind a bit of FALLEN CHRIST/ old MORBID ANGEL/ old INCANTATION. I appreciate the fact there isn't much mosh and core here! There are few grooves. Some bass lines sound nice. Approximations can be felt. It's obvious these riffs offer nothing new and the SUFFO like guitars sound repetitive after a while, but I've heard worse pieces of Brutality, that's for sure! So I guess CHAMBER OF SHRED might be a cool band for those who are still fans of technical brutal death and keep a certain pleasure blaspheming the superb ass of the horny nuns! Hé Hé! Only for the nausea embalmed and pus breathing bastards!
This CD is better than the average, but not brutally ass-kicking? A cool band for fans of the style and a nice outfit to see live between thirteen burning evil candles!


Frankfürter Kannibal.
Le pervers de boucher n'en pouvait plus de mater, ses charmantes clientes toutes en rondeurs. Ses visions étaient toujours plus profondes et gustatives: saucissonnées, hachées, farcies. Cuisinées avec l'amour du travail bien charcuté!
Raymonde serait une superbe côte de porc grillée à l'huile de noix, Julie la bombée se verrait hachée, retournée, et mitonnée comme un lot d’andouillettes grasses à jouir; sans parler de la succulente Marie Josette dont les rondeurs joufflues ressemblaient trop à de fondantes extases porcines... ou les jambonneaux excitants de la Thérèse qui semblaient déjà jouir d'une caressante cuisson, dans le grand four à bois.
Le regard du boucher jouit un jour sur la grosse Petra. Rondeurs proéminentes, air populaire faussement distingué, subtiles toiles imitation cashmir saturées par des courbes cachères pas très ecclésiastiques. Extase charcutière! Bonheur fumant du cuisinier! Echo de la mort.
Il trépigne secrètement, attendant une faille de son attention envers de fumantes saucisses fraîchement sorties du fourneau! Il espère, que les jambons encore suintants du plaisir tranchant la fassent détourner du regard.
Le boucher est ailleurs, dans son monde de rondeurs bovines et de saveurs pourpres... Petra est bien là.
Le boucher se retrouve assommé, retourné, attaché sur son établi; avec boyaux de porcs! La gueule emplie de farce bovine. Le sang de vache laitière mal baisée coulant sur le torse...
Elle lui mord les oreilles d'une façon d'abord subtile; puis devenant rapidement une vraie dévorade sanglante sans saveur.
Elle balance sadiquement sur son visage, la brûlante sauce de cuisson... peut-être pour mieux l'anesthésier...
La grosse Petra découpe avec l'amour du repas alléchant, ses doigts, suivant les secondes phalanges.
Elle lui trucide le bide pour extraire la pulpe, l'intimité charcutière du travailleur.
Le rythme accélère frénétiquement, tout comme l'intensité du désir buccal. Haché, découpé, plié, grillé, émincé, rongé, macéré... tous les membres, sauf la croûte du pain bientôt garnis, y sont quasiment passés.
Haché, saucissonné, farcis. Le boucher s'en retrouve en milles pièces de plaisirs buccaux, toutes plus visuellement goutteuses et attrayantes que les autres.
Mais ou donc se trouve la saveur dans cet ensemble de sincérité inhibée, de créativité ignorée? La vérité dort cachée, dans les tripes du porc.


CHILDREN OF BODOM (Fin) Hate crew deathroll CD'03.
One more time I'll speak about anything else than music and fulfill this review with concepts coming from another world! Ah! Where and when will the buzzy buzz fly when you'll play this CD? Oh... How many red penguins are printed in the inner-sleeves and the booklet, and is there a subconscious link with some deep traumas of my youth? This may be a reason for unconsciously buying this CD for sure! Red penguins are everywhere menacing you! The worst penguins wear spikes, leathers, Black metal shirts and run "Extreme metal" webzines that deals with anything else than metal! So next time you see a penguin, might it be evil looking, happy, red, green or menacing, don't hesitate to shoot its fast ass a football balloon! It will only clean the so "nice" metal scene!
Some webzines would have finished the review here with a few lines such as "This is excellent penguin metal, but it without hesitations!" or "These penguins are so skillful, experimented, and they release so many CDs, they deserves respect! So buy this CD now! But I'm not a penguin sucker, and I can only finish with:
Who gives a fuck about CHILDREN OF BOREDOM? I don't!!


CHUGUN (Israel) Virus CD. 2015. Self-released.
This is a promo CD I received for review and it took some time because I don't listen to this style much anymore. This band plays thrash metal/ thrash death in a not too old school, neither really modern manner.
This could remind of mid old TESTAMENT, mid old EXODUS, with a few modern "core" touches and zests of THE HAUNTED, well this could have been released in the 00's.
The production is quite big and tight, which makes it sound quite efficient, and there are no playing mistakes... But I'm not into big sounds anymore: Sometimes I would be curious to hear some of these bands with a very retro production (A la early SLAYER, or even 70's hard rock), would the music be impressive? Ah Ah (I have nothing particular against CHUGUN, this is a global thought). I'm not a big fan of the vocals, it doesn't sound too natural, reminds me a bit of Rachel in SINISTER.
Well this CD is a professional product that might please big fans of the style.
I don't know what the name of the band means, but it reminds me of the CHIKUNGUNYA (A tropical disease spread by mosquitos). This was my review.

CINERARY (Usa) Rituals of desecration MCD’01 DEEPSEND.
From the gutted remains of INCESTUOUS emerged a new formation covered with sores using the name of CINERARY. This new output is following the style of the nice "Brass knuckle abortion" of their fathers. Understand it's totally American Brutal Death à la very old PYREXIA, old DEEDS OF FLESH, old SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth"). The whole is based on fast blasts and double bass drums. It has a good production, the drums kick hard, the tracks are quite complex and the vocals are quite gory growls... but where INCESTUOUS had some quite catchy parts, I'm here in front of another totally American style Brutal death release that offers nothing really special in the riffs. It doesn't suck, it's pro, but it's damn common in this style as I've ever eaten a vast bunch of Brutal death and reincremated my arse several times in this style (Ah!).
It can be cool or quite good for fans of the style, but where SUFFOCATION had a deep soul, CINERARY offers only professional surface brutality.


Average at best. They try to blend elements of hardcore, grind, death metal, and even black metal together but the result doesnt inspire me that much. Nothing really stands out except the song '10 fingers' which is damn cool. Try to get some mp3's to make your own opinion.


CIST (Russia) The frozen casket MCD. 2018. METAL RACE Recs.
The fans of 90's thrashing death metal with scorched vocals could dig their grave listening to this MCD.
CIST is an old school Death metal band from Russia that plays a style being very close to early DEATH and old PESTILENCE, and the result is quite good to hear.
As you can imagine reading the names of the two cult bands quoted before, the style is quite kicking but also quite varied enough musically (Even if it remains death/ thrash).
The reminiscences of DEATH lead back to "Leprosy" for the more angry thrashing death metal, while some more technical riffings leads to "Spiritual healing".
The reminiscences of PESTILENCE would globally lead back to "Testimony of the ancients" because this is quite neat and controlled music: You can find some technical touches, some playing tricks, and it's not ultra raw... But some riffs also remember of "Malleus maleficarum" or "Consuming impulse" (Even if the feeling isn't as savage of consumed).
Speaking about the vocals it's quite scorched and can remember me of Chuck Schuldiner at the time of the two quoted DEATH albums, or also Patrick Mameli on "Testimony...".
Musically, nothing sounds wrong or repetitive here, which is nice... The content didn't reach the emotional level or aggressive power of the two aforementioned deadly references, but this fact is close to become a common place for many newer bands, so I might say "Who cares?".
This is a neat sounding MCD, with some nicely kicking riffs, some interesting sounding guitars, and it could rejoice the hears of the old DEATH and PESTILENCE fans. SIX SIX SICK.


This CD comes from a pile of promos I was almost forced to receive! So do not expect a good review! do not! I don't know what they pretend when they send these stuffs to extreme webzines! This is soft rock metal with female vocals and keyboards! Even THE CRANBERRIES sound more extreme! May sound like old MOONSPELL with female vox, but I don't give a flying fuck! This sounds too common and flat to entertain me a bit! (And I enjoy some calm music!) Fuck that!


C.B.T: The part of split of these Goregrinders was recorded 2 years after the "Opus(sy)VI" CD that wasn't bad, but here C.B.T is more classical in the goregrind style, with less quite impressive ideas and nice energized tracks. It's too much average in the Goregrind style to please me. (Goregrind isn't my cup of bowels).
"Opus(sy)VI" wasn't bad, but in the case of this Ep I remain indifferent.
I didn't really know LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY before. I only checked a few tracks on comps, some tracks that didn't sound outstanding... and I heard both positive and negative opinions about them... So I wasn't on the hunt for fresh flesh! What you got here is very fast Goregrind/ Death with gory vocals... The sound is quite raw... But the blasts are too fast to impress me (it's too fast to grind your head with the real grinding energy!). And I found only average riffs here.
So I remain on my position and the goregrind part of my personality won't see it's libidinal urge increase to more than 4%!


Here's a band that starts to build an important following in the underground scene! What you deserve is what you get! So you get total goregrind in your little perverse bitch's rectum! It's totally in the style of MUCUPURULENT's first CD "Sicko baby", but the vocals are more gore and ultra distorted with a pitch shifting effect that could only be spewn in a pile of gore as fuck bowels! There are some nice funny tracks' titles.
I'm not a goregrind fan as very often the bands play some riffs that go everywhere... anywhere else than where I'd like it to go. But COCK AND BALL TORTURE ain't bad.
But I'm not so much into their stuff, after a few tracks it gets repetitive...
Powerful sound, not bad music, but it fastly gets repetitive in my opinion.
Not bad for the big goregrind fans, but nothing more.


COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Ger) Sadomachismo CD'03.
Here's the second full-length CD of C.B.T, full of delicate pussy incisions, leg-fuckings and transsexuals' castrations! And I could reproach to this new one the same points than their "Opussy IV" CD, I mean it's cool for a few tracks but the, it becomes repetitive and quite predictable!
For those pussy slashers that yet don't know their style, I can cum in your sunny face a nice juicy description that follows: C.B.T plays Goregrind with a strong emphasis on Heavy or mid tempo beats. Not that much rectum splashing blast beats to be found here, it's rather heavy with a little vicious touch emerging from the sicko babies of old MUCUPURULENT, and there are "funnier" parts à la GUT.
Sensual vinyl breath of the slave. Of corpse the vast vaginal elongations on acid trip are materialized under some pitched as fuck vocals! Even the most spermful mouth of a scumbitch couldn't sound as gore and splashing! Ah Ah!
Good powerful and clear sound! I think they would win some jewels of preliminary sexy dances with a rawer sound and more diversity fistfucked under the form of real ass-pounding blast beats!
If you know the gangband, there are no surprises here! If you enjoy bizarre music that tends to awake the sexual libido airbag in you, try to check a few tracks from here and there!


COGNIZANT (Usa) Cognizant Tape album. 2017. OVERFLOOD Recs.
When your head is too filled with perpaings, liquid grindcore can be a nice choice to rehydrate and resurrect decades-old-dead brain cells. My mind's mine. My mind's mine, again!
This is quite "technical" grindcore with strange moments that could remember of old CEPHALIC CARNAGE or DISCORDANCE AXIS. I know this isn't a very precise musical dissection, and it might sound like dissecting a delicate corpse with a chainsaw in the hears of some grind specialists, but anyway some of these stuffs sound quite sick and might have very nice visual effects once you smoked the green stuffs.
Hopefully for the listeners who have only one brain, the music of COGNIZANT doesn't get too technical and remains approachable once you are used to strange stuffs.
A part of it also reminds me of old BRUTAL TRUTH (When they got weirder, starting with "Kill trend suicide") or some strange old brutal death like SKELETON OF GOD... Or perhaps TON's demos (For some strange bass guitars).
There are many blasting parts, which sound kicking, but also some jazzy parts and stranger breaks, it doesn't sound demonstrative once you're in the hydro.
Great sounding tape for fans of strange/ technical/ smoke/ hydro-grind.
Satan is also in the bottles of water! 



COLD MOON (Usa) Carnivorous lunar activites CD'01 ATTACK Music.
On a demo I would have said: Ok! But it's a pro CD... C.M plays Heavy metal influences by old MERCYFYL FATE and the likes, with few Thrashy/ death riff that's make them sound like SIX FEET UNDER!! (Bad point). The riffs sound common, the leads are cool, I don't like their vocals (from thrashy to heavy) even though they try to chorus the stuff. So I have a taste of an average stuff with not much than leads being Ok for a CD! Average at best! And don't send anything that's not extreme here! And where did you get my adress? What is this shit?


It might be safer for me to avoid reviewing a band called COMMON GRAVE on NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST, because some poseurs might think I'm even more a fucking nazi than before, and dream about the carbonized corpses of some immigrants... But why bother with such small "wide opened" brains? Let them eat cakes! :P
The COMMON GRAVE is filled with 10 bodies that were almost surgically hammered (Ha, microscopic hammers?), cut and mashed through a mixture of death grind, Death metal and quite old school brutal death. The first listening do not immediately awakes the names of soundalikes, because the influences of the band aren't so modern... So wait for a minute, focus deeper on the inner death and past traumas, and what do you find? Old DEICIDE, old SINISTER ("Hate"/ "Bastard saints"... For some grooves and riffing precision), Mid old CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH (old to mid old), some old BROKEN HOPE (Before their era of technical diahorrea), some NAPALM DEATH (Utopia)/ TERRORIZER/ ROTTING HEAD for a quite "In the face" death grind approach... And various other soundalalalikes waves of the groovy (Huh?) that could remind PROFANITY (Ger/ For the guitar control), DISGUST (Fra), some VIBRION (Early: not the current nu metal core crap!) and maybe some early SKINLESS, and maybe some current NAPALM DEATH bleuargh bleuargh (bleuargh?)... There's an influence I do not know how to exactly define... It might sound like some old thrashcore, but it's not that 'core', it's quite thrashy and focused on the aggression... But did you really get an idea of the whole? It's not certain, so few more lines might be needed: The style of the band is quite brutal, controlled, more based on the "In your face" than the technicality (Even though it's not devoid of skills) and there are quite a lot of "old styled" influences and atmospheres (Even thought the band isn't retro at all).
The whole is very tight, even though it's wasn't surgically over-manipulated in protools (So it might taste too raw for some myfart pussies Ah ah), quite well structured (In a quite varied way that makes it flowing like a well rounded bottle of fresh... Milk)... In fact, I don't find much to complain, expect from the fact some thrashy controlled guitars sound a bit too controlled, and there's nothing really killer, mind-blowing as an unforgettable fuck or new (As an extraterrestrial fuck?)... It's a quite solid and varied Death metal meets brutal death album, in the vein of what you can quite often find in the current underground. Anyway, it might be a good idea for them to work a bit more on the originality, I noticed the band does quite more original riffs that sound quite strange when they play very fast with their right hands (No cock involved, of corpse!) it tastes a little bit like COMECON...
As often, it will be a matter of tastes: It seems big fans of the style will dig it (If they aren't fed up) and those who didn't like the style won't like it... A very expectable conclusion will follow: Check it and make your own mind.



CONFUSE (Jap) Contempt for authority and take off the lie Ep'84.
If I were one of these evil clickers who praise only the maelstrom of Mp3s, I wouldn't have noticed this nice good old fast Japanese band!
CONFUSE played some kind of Thrash hardcore punk with the good old "Chuga chuga" tempo many Death and thrash metal bands used later on! The riffs sounds quite punkish and "light", but it sounds quite entertaining and energetic for its time! Simple and fast music. (If I got it well, no D-beats were in use at the time... only "Chuga chuga"). The tracks were well constructed and the drummer had nice tendencies to rumble the drums! Some ideas remind me of what DISRUPT, or TERRORIZER used later on. A nice Ep for its time; not that face punching, but for a 20 years old extreme music record, it remains entertaining!
Ps: Didn't Lee Dorian has the band band name "CONFUSE" written on his trousers? (Backside photos of the "Mentally murdered" MLP). Hé, a nice little curiosity of mince is fulfilled...



Holy shit! I've been actively searching a release of CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN for the last 6 months, and the mourning Death metal beast is finally beating the shit out of my hypnotized head! Pure fucking Death metal with an obscure sulfuric hellish energy opening wide the gates of infernal inhuman affliction and showing new Death metal bands can still play it with real passion!
These American revengeful death metallers are very influenced by rather old MORBID ANGEL (first 3 albums) for the ancient death metal hate riffings, or the infernal leads of apocalyptic dementia. Some fast tremolo riffs displaying epic two guitars melodies sound like old ANGEL CORPSE, some old thrash influences are there, some heavier elder demonic entities evocating riffs could remind of "Gateways to annihilation" or "Formulas fatal to the flesh"... But no boring everlasting slow parts that need patience to remain ok! All the tracks are well structured and performed!
Eventhough some might think this album isn't really memorable or sounds too much like MORBID ANGEL, my spiting answer will be simple: CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN plays their Death metal with a lot of brutal feeling from the guts and displays various severe Death metal feelings of revenge, and hatred that can only turn on the most die hard Death metal fans! Of corpse some 'mistakes' could be found: the songs might sound a bit repetitive after a while, the drum production is a bit too thin and the guitars might lack a bit of heaviness, and the band don't have totally a style of his own... but these are really minor points when you face this piece of pure fucking Death metal! In my opinion: One of the best pure Death metal albums of 2004! Recommended for fans of old MORBID ANGELS! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!


COPROFAGO (Chile) Genesis CD'02 SEKHMET Records.
Now the ball-sucking webzines, the full of honey and money Parisian
groupies has almost all calmed down, and the promotional campaign of this album is over, we're be able to approach and analyze the music of COPROFAGO in a pure way (understand without any promo or homo influences!).
At the first approach, and in theory, we're in front of something that
could taste cool: Techno death metal influenced by PESTILENCE (Spheres),
ATHEIST, CYNIC and few other jazzy ones. But in reality, things aren't so bright.
The main problem remains the abuse of MESSHUGAH influenced riffs, with all its breaks and very 'rhythmical' aspect (It doesn't open much little-surprise-boxes to unreal futuristic feelings and remains 'rhythmical') and those who where searching for something that really stands for "Techno death metal" might have been really disappointed.
Then the drummer has a tendency to abuse the "technical" aspect of his playing. It seems like he always wants to do a lot of stuffs (even though it doesn't sound that technical, when you pay a closer listening) and tries to do a lot of variations... on the same kind of tempos! I really think if he calmed down his beating will and played some very simple and soften things by moments, it would underline some softer jazzy parts and so the following heavier riffs would sound more powerful.
Then the riffs taking from the last PESTILENCE's work, "Spheres", are quite numerous. Ok it doesn't sound bad, but I feel like it's too much calculated... while it lacks of deep calculation! Seems like a bunch of the riffs where built in the 'tradition' of spheres, thought and arranged to fit some techno-death criterias... but the inner inspiration and original creativity lacks.
All in all, this isn't a bad album. It sounds professional with some
correctly built tracks and enough things to entertain those who need a fucking big lot of "techno death metal" albums... And I could find few other arguments to catch your interest for original metal (from the past?). But, unfortunately, it becomes fastly repetitive, some real feeling and burnt futuristic visions and total space jazzy delirias are lacking... And one should really be a MESSHUGAH fan to dig this album. As said so many times, make your own mind about this release, these lines are only my opinion.
COPROFAGO has a potential to sound good in the hears of those who need something professional and quite 'different' from the usual releases (Even though originality really becomes unoriginal, even in its deeper patterns) but those who need something to trip on outer space and torturing paradoxes from past and future will remain unaffected.
Professional and skilled musicians who do it Ok is cool, but quite superfluous when the feeling and jazzy deliria isn't there.
No mark needed, music and personal tastes are ways too complex things to be
bound to two single numbers, with serious.


CORTEGE (Pol) Touching the void CD. 2016. LET THEM COME Recs.
Six years ago I reviewed the previous album of this polish death metal band, I remember this was a solid album in a style that was very influenced by MORBID ANGEL (In the heavier style, with dark atmospheres). Then, I received a physical promo CD of their last album, so I will write some words about it.
The style remains influenced by MORBID ANGEL, but globally the emphasis isn't as much on the atmosphere. I feel the style is a bit more varied, and also a bit more influenced by "modern" sounds.
Some tracks are pure death metal, close to what you would expect from a polish band (With brutal blast beats, fast guitars, etc), while others sound simpler and more "oxygenated", with fewer double kicks and more "simplicity".
So sometimes the content might remember of later CORONER (Rather "Grin"), perhaps mid-old to later TESTAMENT, or maybe some GOJIRA (For more "modern DM")... I also feel in a couple of tracks a similarity with more recent MORBID ANGEL for the simpler DM riffs, but it's perhaps only an impression...
So some tracks remain in a "classical polish death metal" style with some brutality and heaviness, while some moments aren't so compacted in brutality neither sickening the obscure... It's just simpler metal.
There are songs I still find enjoyable on this album, while others do not sound too interesting for me. I understand a band active since more than 20 years might need to evolve and try other things, but a part of this release doesn't concern my inner bleedings.



CORTEGE (Pol) Anachoreo CD. 2012. LET THE COME Recs.
Welcome to the new corpse, you hungry worms of the coffin.
In fact you should already be addicted to blood and red wine if you want to penetrate the dark flesh of this new corpse in decent macerating conditions.  Because the atmosphere of this first album is dark and red, close to something like blood or wine.
CORTEGE is not a new band, they released 3 demos from 2000 to 2004, but your bleeding eyes were probably unfamiliar with their moniker if you weren't reading some of the many old school Polish metal fanzines.
The style of the band is clearly (Or should I say "darkly"?) influenced by MORBID ANGEL, but contrary to many who embraced the superfast, hateful, sometimes dominating aspect from Azagtoth's compositions, Cortege is globally closer to "Gateways of annihilation" (For the quite massive embracing of the heavier (And sometimes quite mysterious)), then you can also find some gimmicks closer to "Formulas fatal..." and a bit of "Domination" for some atmospheres or classy touches.
As written before, most of the music isn't really fast (It's rather slow to mid-paced, with some double kicks, or not); Even if you find blast-beats here and there, the goal of the music is to create some atmosphere from the deep of the dark flesh. In this manner, the style isn't so far from what the French band THE SEVEN GATES composed on their demos and first album (Minus the progressive influences).
To be a bit more critical than describing, I would say the music is a bit too focused on the heavier side of ancient dominations for my taste, and on the first songs the "Formulas alike" gimmicks do not really coincide with my morbid needs (But this more "modern" influence disappears once 1/4 of the album is gone).
This is a quite solid album with some atmospheres of blood and ancient dominations, it could be a bit boring for the quite extensive use of "heavier" moments, but this could also be an interesting flesh investment for fans of the MORBID ANGEL albums spelled before.


CORVUS CORAX () The atavistic triad CD’01 DARK SYMPHONIES
It’s a 4 songs CD but 3 of the songs are more than 11 minutes long.
Their is some kind of nazi/ Svastika influenced design both on the CD and the booklet so I have doubts about their political positions. It would make me shit to promote some guys who follow such stupid ideologies!
It’s some kind of mid placed melodical and atmospheric Black Metal with fast parts ( not enough for my tastes) and varied acoustic parts. They may sound like DIMMU BORGIR or a bit of EMPEROR but I’m not a specialist of this kind of music, but one more time nothing special attracted my attention! It sounds OK, but I didn’t find it personnal. It’s all I can say about their music.  


COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE (Ger)  Lighting up the night sky MCD’02 FIREFLY.
Even if I'm quite open minded on a musical point of view, this isn't the kind of stuffs I like to receive since it's average and I don't know much about this style. So, not many comparisons or lines of thinking are possible for me. I feel in a way forced to write some stuffs that remind me the stupid bullshits some guys in "metal" zines write about some styles they doesn't know a shit about: Death metal and Grindcore.
COSTA'S C. H. plays a style I'd qualify of commercial Heavy meets "Black metal". The fast parts are too nice and sounds like "Wanna add some Black metal riffs" to sell few more CDs. The heavier riffs are more Ok, sounds like some of the last CARCASS recordings. There are also some melodic "Death" like stuffs à la old IN FLAMES. But where is the feeling? Is it extreme? No! So why did they send it to a webzine entitled NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST? The whole is average and nothing special stands out. What I don't like here is an under-taste of commercial music.


COUNT DE NOCTE (Fin) Carpe noctum CD'02 MAD LION Recs.
Horny! Horny! Horny! And waiting to fuck!
Nope, COUNT DE NOCTE doesn't play a satanic goregrind drowning in abject perversions. What you've got here is somekind of a Black metal and melodic death mix. The kind of stuffs that sounds quite happy and high flying as the sun... The music in itself doesn't suck, but it's somekind too happy and nice in some melodies to fit in an extreme metal band! The vocals weren't also one of the highest pleasures since it sounds high pitched and very thin à la CRADLE OF FILTH! Some musicians should stop sodomizing each others during rehearsals! This could sound as a mix of old CRADLE OF BURGER, HECATE ENTHRONED and other bands of this kind plus some stuffs à la IN FLAMES, etc etc. Hopefully the drumming isn't bad! Varied enough drum-playing with nice ideas. The music in itself isn't so bad, it's jus average stuffs, but it reminds me too much some old melodic "Black/ Death metal" stuffs I want to remain forgotten!


CRADLE OF FILTH (UK) Live bait for the dead CD'02 ABRACADAVER.
Wanna think like some big semi pro fanzine or big french "Extreme metal" magazines? Yeah!! This is the 100th best album of the year! Everythings here are so great, powerfull, nice and overall mighty and original! Ah! Since mostly each new release is said to be the best one of the band, the originator of a new style, and pure fucking excellence from its beginning to its end... How is it possible to see if an album  is decent? This is pure fucking shit in its most repugnant form! With wanna sound evil sodomized nun's screams, flat as fuck wanna blast cheezy drums, happy as 5 years old child during christmas keyboards, uncreative and everheard everywhere before riffs of shit! The sound for a live sucks!
Avoid it now!!
To be honnest I even haven't listened to this album and I won't since it isn't my style! It's just so easy to say blah blah and beautifull words on a CD without listening to the CD itself and with a few biographical notes!!


Here's a good 4 ways Split CD including 4 bands that are quite important in nowadays' scene!

DROWNING offers two tracks including the first one "Days of decline" that's very good! Totally blasting and energized! The kind of riffs you know you'll enjoy for a while at the very first listening! It's just far better than their full length CD I don't find great, and even boring in parts!

BRODEQUIN is still so bestial and primal! Their cover of DEAD INFECTION's "From the anatomical deeps" is simply efficient with inhuman and cold growls, a good cover! Also includes a L.D.O.H cover and one of their own tracks. This band is Brutal!!

About ABORTED, they own some good riffs in their Brutal Death tracks that are quite technical in parts. This isn't too much my style anymore. Brutal death fans will find a very cool pro band for their Brutal tastes here. Notice they cover NAPALM DEATH's "Suffer the children".

The 1st thing that attracted me in MISERY INDEX is their skillfull and very tight drummer! This guy shredds! Their style is Brutal Death with little technical touches and more Hardcorish riffings, but it remains very Brutal Death like as a whole. It can obviously remind of DYING FETUS! Their tracks are well done, they own some good riffs and their drummer shredds! Smoke and drunk Death metallers will hail them during Extreme Gore metal Fiestas! That's almost sure!

This is a good 4 ways split CD being worth the listening if you want to discover new Brutal bands and if you're fed up with boring compilations!
It's in my opinion one of the best Bones Brigade releases... and I'll keep it in my slowly growing extreme metal collection!



CRIMINAL ELEMENT (Usa) Career criminal MCD'06. EMETIC Recs.
All star extreme metal project making it well balanced between the grinding, groovy, the mid placed and the faster; thanx to the injection of various styles such as Grindcore, Death metal, Crustcore, old Deathcore... This is quite simple in conception and didn't seem too brainstormed on matters of composition (Even if things fall in a right order), so it tastes as some kind of project. It's quite good, but something lacks... Even though some riffs are too easy, some parts aren't bad but quite entertaining and groovy. There's a quite good heavy production.
It doesn't reach the extremes, and it lacks of some urge by moments, but some fans of last years' NAPALM DEATH or DYING FETUS (For example) could dig this release I might categorize as "fine" or "cool'.


CRIPPLE BASTARDS (Ita) Desperately insensitive CD'03 NECROPOLIS.
The few C.B stuffs I know didn't especially turn me on (I own their Split Ep'99 with REGURGITATE). They now have got a new drummer, and what I hear on this CD is quite different from their older stuffs. It's more professional and more "varied" while the older stuffs were more aggressive and screamed in everyways.
The drums are now more pro, and a bit cooler as it's more varied. The music goes along the lines of old school Grind, with some punk/ Crust touches, some Death metal like riffs and also some few "original" stuffs (discordances, new school Grindcore touches). Nothing is gore in here.
The blasts parts are typical of some Brutal Death bands: snare and bass kicks at the same time, it sounds more compressed than destructive.
It reminds me a bit of old NAPAL MDEATH ("Utopia banished"), SQUASH BOWELS' last CD "The mass rotting", PHOBIA, INHUMATE or maybe strange stuffs like CONVERGE or PIG DESTROYER (old).
Nothing especially crucified my brain during a gruesome rejoicing, but I can listen to some tracks of it. It's an ok one in my opinion. Can be a quite cool one for fans of the style.


CROMM CRUAC (HOL) Meadows of madness CD'01.
Their stuff includes a good part of Heavy metal riffings and influencesthat could make me speak about DEATH (at the time of "Symbolic" and "Sounds of perseverance"). Something in their music reminds me of the "Groove" track of DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, a bizarre groovy track that was included on the great VISIONS OF BRUTALITY video comp, but their style is more "easy listening" if I could say so. But they doesn't include the blasting moments and quite brutal ideas DISHARMONIC had in some parts of their stuffs. I could find sorrowfull elements à la PARADISE LOST (not so old) and AMORPHIS (latest releases)while I could speak about some Heavy metal riffings à la MERCYFULL FATE ("Into the unknown" or "9").
Notice the drum playing includes some cool jazzy touches here and there. A few discordant riffs sounds a bit à la PESTILENCE ("Spheres") 's tormented cathodic future. Some riffs sounds too much calculated for my tastes... Remember complexity and technical riffs can flow from an inner bastardized humanity if it's sincere.
Most of their music is composed of a bit bizarre articulated melodies, nothing is aggressive or full of rage. To this last fact, I could add nothing in their style really my attention, so I guess it can be a pleasant CD for musicians or for those who like a bit different but yet classically influenced stuffs, but there are no really good tracks here...
After a few tracks their style becomes repetitive for me... maybe it could please a bit some big DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA fans who like swedish melodic metal.


CROPMENT (SWI) Braindrain timeslavery MCD'02 FASTBEAT Entertainment.
I saw CROPMENT would be interviewed in the next issue of my friends of SKULLFUCKED fanzine, so I asked the band a promo as I imagined something interesting. In fact I'm quite disappointed as their style is a more classical Death metal than what I expected. Death/ Grind à la DEICIDE (3rd and 4th album) with CANNIBAL CORPSE touches here and there are the main lines of their style, but there are some old school Death/ Thrash influences on some riffs. There were a few Black metal harmonies on some tremolo riffs. I could notice some DEICIDE influences at the level of the vocals (cool vocals). The whole is tightly played, with a bunch of fast parts, but I found nothing catchy I would remind later and nothing kicked the shit from my ass! DEICIDE fans may find a nice item for their collection here.


This is by far the best and only CROWN OF THORNS album I enjoy!
It was released years before they change their name for "THE CROWN" and start releasing soulless albums that only vampirizes their old stuffs and own metal influences! This album offered tracks melting Death/ Black and melodic Black death elements! This new band had all the more a cool dynamism, nice drum beats and a good sound! Some Death/ Grind riffings were a lot into the old DEICIDE style with right hand suffering riffs and 3 mesures beatings! Quite good burning metal energy! It was more hot and burning that cold and obscure, just like the cover of their CD! A cool album of a band that did some musical promises they didn't respect! (A guitarist of the band left for musical differences just after this one... that may be the reason why the following stuffs didn't do much for me). I still listen to this CD from time to time, and I don't care about THE CROWN! Even if you don't like THE CROWN, try to get it on a dubbed tape!



CRUCIFIED MORTALS (Usa) Converted by decapitation MCD'04. STIMATIZED.
Swimming in beer? Engulfed in the hot'n sweaty cocoon of metal? This MCD might embalm you.
CRUCIFIED MORTALS is an old school thrash metal band who chose to play it with a quite cool mood. My feelings towards this MCD are mixed; on one hand you have cool riffs and elements reminding of PROTECTOR, early INFERNAL MAJESTY or some KREATOR, on the other hand you have some common or average guitars and arrangements that kinda waste what could have been really better.
Remains a quite cool MCD with a cool production, cool influences, but a lack of surprises and thunder-gutted riffs can be felt. Because the strike of the beast needs 100% power and an hateful urge!
CRUCIFIED MORTALS will currently sound cool, or average, depending on your metal likings. Notice some of the inner notes could really sound like a big-headed trip...


CRUSHER (Cze) Untearable Off Colossus CD'02 SHEER Recs.
What an evolution since the CRUSHER release I listened to about 6 years ago! This band has evolved from a common old Death metal to something more original: wicked and corrosive death grind in the vein of the most bizarre COMECON moments, with a lot of wicked schizophobic and distorted harmonies awaking the crushed and devouring sociopathic schizophrenia from your pathetic corpse! There's also a bunch of blasting grind influences, and CRUSHER could often sound like a mid-old VOÏVOD who would have eaten a lot of Death and Grind. Some of the sufferance and distress remind me of MORGOTH "Odium" , but it's rather for the mood and state of mind. There's also a bunch of old school Death metal influences that could remind of COMECON, old DISMEMBER (Less melodic) and eventually CANCER's 1st Lp... but there are always wicked discoherent riffs to make it sound modern... the way a bunch of Death metal bands were trying to evolve around 90-92! And that's why I like it! No high flying incoherent elements coming from heaven! Only destructed and bizarre devouring ideas from the deepness of the infernal cauldron maintaining the collective human affliction! There are also some early GODFLESH touches and possibly some mid old DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.
All in all, this album isn't really ass kicking or memorable, but it sound wicked and different enough to offer several interesting listenings to all you broken heads!
At least try it because it sounds quite different!


CRUZ (Spa) Culto abismal CD. 2016. SELFMADE GOD Recs.
There are so many new old school death metal bands and releases that it's hard to follow the maelstrom. It sometimes seems you would need to spend all the day, full time, to listen to everything correctly...
This band coming from Spain isn't totally new, they released a demo tape in 2015, before recording this album that saw the light of the cave in 2016. This is old school death metal with strong 90's Swedish influences.
The first ENTOMBED album, and the first DISMEMBER full-length, are both strong influences, this said CRUZ might take mostly the death/ thrash elements since there aren't many punk Hc influences inside, and not that many slower parts in the inside. The music is also sometimes closer to thrash metal the old way, you can think about SLAYER (Hell awaits/ Reign in blood) or perhaps a little of INCUBUS/ OPPROBIUM.
Some riffs have a little of epic touches, I think about these old Scandinavian influenced tremolos that might remember of early UNLEASHED, or perhaps early NECROPHOBIC (First album).
The production is quite close to the Swedish sound, with quite over-saturated guitars; Perhaps some peoples will "complain" it is not exactly the same Swedish guitar tone, but it doesn't matter here.
This is a quite solid album, nothing sounds wrong in the style, and it's quite pleasant to hear once you're in the mood... But it also sounds a bit repetitive after a while, and as said in the beginning there are so many DM album coming out nowadays, that "Culto abismal" might be destined to big fans of death only?


CRYFEMAL (Spa)  Raising deads…Burning alives CD'03 Self released.
A black metal band coming from Spain with a d-drum, playing the harsh and brutal way, but still keeps some melodic lines into its music. The vocals are saturated to add to the feeling of hate emerging from this “ album ”. Yeah, CRYFEMAL considers this release as an album. Ok, well, but it’s a pity that the sound is more like what you can get on an average demo. The d-drum doesn’t really serve the compositions, according to me, and it’s far way too much in the back, so it turns the compositions into something a bit linear. Some guitar riffs show that the guys might have some good ideas from time to time, but it smells to much like a cut’n’ paste of riffs and not really like compositions that are coherent in their entirety. Moreover, I have sometimes the impression to hear the same basis for the high tuned aggressive riffs in all the songs. You know, the guys has found a cool riff and he plays it with some light variations in all the songs.
It sounds sometimes influenced by ABIGOR and early IMMORTAL, as well by the “ De Mysteriis… ” album from MAYHEM (for the vocal parts, if you try to avoid the saturation effect on the voice). But it’s far to awake some feeling of cultness into the CRYFEMAL music.
I am not convinced by this release which I consider more like a demo than like an album. CRYFEMAL needs to improve its compositions, and get more maturity. If you are into raw and ultra aggressive black metal with some riffs showing a light “ thrashy ” influence, you might like it, maybe. But I really don’t like to see on the CRYFEMAL website that these guys seem to show too much pride for the work they did on “ Raising deads… Burning alive ”. Not totally shitty, but hell, is it possible to that Black Metal could mean something else than ”pretentious so called elite”? Convince me with your music and not with empty words and used to death evil posing, thanks.                  Nathaniel


CRYPTOPSY (Can) None so vile CD'96.
I was fucking blown away by this CD when it was released! I was working in the 2nd issue of my paper zine and it was by far outstanding from the other releases of this time! Blasting as fuck total Death Grind! Full of frenesy and excellent riffs you take in your face as a fucking plane in full speed! Good punching Death metal, excellent breaks and catchy as the very first leech riffs! Very varied tracks that were full of freshness and efficiency at these times! This was full of destructive aggressiveness! A lot of good American Brutal Death ideas were here but they also had some more melodic ideas! The first minutes of "Split your guts" are very intense and emotionally deep! Excellent Death metal riffs that appeared in front of my mourning Death metal face as another Death metal revelation! Even the worst ass licking fool could only feel the awaken of Death with these multiple killing riffs! And the vocalist who was so full of worms had also some nice growling delirias! Expressive raw growls and hysterical screams were the shit here! Good drummer who included a good amount of good ideas everywhere! And he was fucking tight! Multiple grinding destructive blasts were added very often! And I remember there was a good piano outro on this CD.
They weren't a band totally bound in the Brutal death style even if their music was total Death grind! And that's why it was so fresh contrary to a good amount of nowadays bands whose goal seems to be CANNIBAL CORPSE tribute formations only... that's sad!
These bastards were totally honest with themselves when they composed this CD, and this wasn't really the case with the following ones! I didn't really enjoy their first CD (A few tracks were nice) neither their following ones that were more complex but also played with less inspiration and crushing energy! "None so vile" Ruled!



Ultra brutal grinding brutal death metal with a raw corrosive production of Doom!! And unfortunately quite convenient grindcore and crusty stuffs... The first nice feeling is: "What we have here remains blast focused Brutal death sodomizing the clerical bottoms along the curves of BRODEQUIN, with some heavier moments drowning in the impiety of INCANTATION or some "traditional" heavy US Brutality".
One could imagine something brutally intense will occur, but something else takes its place and waste your hopes for brutality... call the intruders "Grindpunk" and "old Brutal death", and kick their asses, because they aren't motivated enough! And these intruders getting into the room during an hellish brutal fuck had the good idea to decrease the power of the F***K with their average influences: old LIVIDITY, EMBALMED (R.I.P) or some old grindpunk for example.
If CUMCHRIST had focused on the perverse way of the total blast and impious impiety, they could have been taken as a solid moron-molesting machine... Unfortunately, after a bunch of tracks the intensity decreases as the band chose to let the convenient grind, crusty-core and more usual brutal death flow... There remains cool moments à la old SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, but... it turned to something simply common!
Some of the lyrics doesn’t seem serious, which isn't that cool, some songs follow a drunk grind-punk fun, which isn't cool either. The tracks are short lengthen for most.
To sum it up: the first third sounds brutal à la BRODEQUIN/ INCANTATION! Then it varies and there are too much average stuffs uninteresting me the American way. This album is only and half-cum, and gaysus remains quite confident. It could have been much more intense! Fucking shit!


They claim to play killer grindcore. But in my ears it sounds as nothing more than very average punk/crust with fast parts and some slower parts à la old NAPALM DEATH ("Scum"). The riffs doesn't kill anything at all!
This is in my ears an average/ very average underground band that can be Ok during the gigs.
The fact is it makes me shit when some bands claim to play some killer shit while they don't.(and CUMSHOTTE is far from being a professional killing band!). 


CUNT GRINDER (Ger) Escaped from madhouse CD'02.
King Diamond live at the Dynamo fest, you get?
David Vincent coming back in Morbid Angel, you get?
Cunt Grinder's funny Death/ Grind/ Noise Demo CD... you don't get!!

Here's another project that was meant to make me forget GRONIBARD!
Seeing them using  a childish spaceship game comix cover, wearing some hoods à la AGATHOCLES/ GURKKHAS and posing as polka dancers (such as Gronibard, but I don't know if they were influenced by Polka, but who cares?) I couldn't expect something great here!
Only the old school NAPALM DEATH poster on their rehearsal room's photo was a good visual point for me! eh eh! The whole begins with a "come on fuck my arse" sample taken from a movie I don't know, and finally the music comes when the man cums on the bitch's face. Expect your average Death/ Grind along the lines of old AGATHOCLES, HEMDALE, MUCUPURULENT, mixed with Crust riffs à la E.N.T and gory pitchshifted voxxx à la GUT (a bit). This supposed to be funny project didn't make me laugh and didn't sound funny most of the time though. It doesn't suck as much as I thought it would, but it doesn't mean it's good! I had the feeling I heard these riffs many times before, and all the tracks sound the same. Just keep it on Demo tapes!! Why investing so much money in releasing "funny" projects of this kind? (I still don't understand the inner motive!)     


CUTTERED FLESH (Cze) Torture is medicine CD'07. GRODHAISN Records.
More unwanted promo CDs are blasting the door of my pink little mailbox to try a brutal mental sodomy? Is my jellified brain so sexy that many promoters need to rape it with their promotional needs? Anyway, what you have here is brutal death metal that sounds like brutal death metal... No joke! It sounds the way many US bands used and use to do: Fast, blasting, with many double bass drums, fast and quite sick/ technical riffs (For this kind), numerous guitar changes, guttural gruntages... There are almost no groovy or deathcore this time.
Ok, it sounds quite brutal, well packaged and produced... But there's nothing particular to extract the CUTTERED FLESH from the piles of rotting bodies playing it brutal, and so my little pink mailbox remains pale and sad: No light is turned on, it does in no way look like a Christmas three :-//
To make the reviewing job a bit more interesting for some readers, I might say this band could sound like some DISGORGE (Usa), PYAEMIA with few SOILS OF FATE  but in a not so clean-and-tight manner (It's not ultra trigged nor computer modified), so it might taste a bit more putrid (Better said underground?) and could evoke some old DEVOURMENT or eventually some old DISGORGE (Mex (You know, their early recordings when the production and skills weren't ultra tight and it kinda increased the gore inhalation))... Or maybe some MALIGNANCY, old FERMENTO (1st album), MORGUE (Fra/ 1st album), CANNIBAL CORPSE, FALLEN CHRIST (Minus the evil) (No, this wasn't a random quotes sentence)
This album might be a cool one for big fans of the style; But it will probably only please the brutalizers, not those who need something more (Like a cherry of genius over the cake of brutality)... The band might need a bit more experience to offer a more personal music (And more personal doesn't mean more melodic or to insert gay influences! It's possible to diversify and insert strange elements that sound very fucked!). Brutalizing music for brutalized peoples, and that's all.


CYANOSIS (Usa) Methods CD'99.
This CYANOSIS release is a good example of the fact some albums only need a few years to grow old! Their mix of heavy brutal death and faster death grind might have sounded cool few years ago, but we are only in 2003 and some weakness can be felt!
On one hand you have quite cool common brutal death tracks with groovy touches, on the other hand you have too common and boring songs!
The style can remind of old SKINLESS (both for some heavy and faster tremolo riffs), FLESHGRIND (groovy), JUNGLE ROT (heavy and groovy), OBITUARY/ VIOGRESSION (few doomy death touches), old LIVIDITY, and DEADEN for some boring riffs and flat blasts! There are nice parts such as on "Bludgeoned" , but as a whole "Methods" is too common and unsurprising to distinguish them from the emerging Brutalizing hordes! And their Demo'98 was cooler!  
Don't order this CD unless you're a fat ass 100kg lazy bastard who drinks two packs of beer everyday! This is an average and 'easy composing' album.