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WACO JESUS (Usa) Filth CD’03 MORBID Recs.
Here’s a band I discovered from their logo on a big American festival flyer! You know, these big fests that take place during 3 days and offer only Brutal death and Grindcore bands, with enough bowels and brutal gore to rejoice any Brutal metal lover!
The name of WACO JESUS could sound like a new school Grind band, but they have (at least) as much to do with Brutal death. The shit pillage is primal in here, with no real technical riffs. It sounds like BRODEQUIN meets a bit of old DEEDS OF FLESH, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, VIBRION (old) and NAPALM DEATH ("Utopia banished" era). This is a mostly fast pile of decomposing bowels, with many blasts, but there are few grooves or old school Death metal beats.
Ok, this is an ok release with tight musicians and enough changes between the ok riffs, but nothing really special or really fucking brutal! It lacks the fucking mind-blowing energy and brutality! Can be cool for those who listen to underground brutal death as your local factory produces your hundred daily cheeseburgers! But there's unfortunately not much more than a cheeseburger here! What about a maxi beef burger with a triple dose of mustard??


WELT (Usa) Paranoid Delusion MCD’94 NUCLEAR BLAST.
This MCD I got by total hazard during a trade turned into a quite nice surprise since it's nothing more than a project of Doug Ceritto! (Suffocation's guitarist).
Before the blood runs warmer in your veins, you have to know WELT doesn't play Brutal death grind! But somekind of Deathcore that's mostly mid placed or slow. There are some enjoyable parts in here, such as the good crushing break of "This fine day" (around 1:20) but all in all it's average stuff!
It could remind of the heavier moments on "Effigy of the forgotten", but also old ROTTING (Can), BAPHOMET, old OBITUARY, MASTER, a bit of mid old DEATH. Some quite deathcorish riffs make them sound like the heavier moments of BAPHOMET; but the quite hardcorish vocals are a real waste of intensity!
The musicians doesn't show much brutal strength or inspiration, apart from some Ceritto's riffs I didn't hear much catchy?
All in all, it's an average but decent MCD with pleasant parts. It might be interesting for SUFFO fans as well as pretty boring for those who hate Brutaldeathcore!



Here's a young old school heavy metal band , and their cool music sounds like it was recorded in the 80's, at least there's no modern influence (90's, 00's and else).
While the style changes a bit between the songs, the biggest influence appears to be old MERCYFUL FATE (Rather the first album "Melissa"), then you can find some JUDAS PRIEST (From the end 80's/ Beginning 90's), a bit of old IRON MAIDEN (Less technical), possible touches of early MANILLA ROAD (For the relaxed aspect) and perhaps THIN LIZZY ("Black rose"... This album only, but isn't it a too subjective impression?). As you see most of the music is old styled heavy metal, but sometimes I wonder if it's not perhaps closer to old hard rock.
There's a quite cool atmosphere during the songs, it sounds old school without problem, and a couple of guitars sound really cool (Tracks 1 and 2 for me)... Now some tracks are better than others. I would say the negative point is when the vocalist tries to reach higher notes (I know it's not easy to achieve in a convincing manner, but I'm a listener and some of it kinda bothers me... Hopefully higher "screams" aren't so often).
The recording was made without any effect or embellishment, it sounds "amateurish" around some corners which probably brings some old school/ deep underground charm.
The best song is the 2nd one "The pledge: Mad magic", the most dynamic and epic sounding one.
This MCD is a first recording with its ups and downs, but the ups let me imagine the band has the potential to improve and write some more cool songs. Until then WHITE MAGICIAN should be a cool band to check out live.
Web page:


Here's a bizarre heavy Brutal death band... "bizarre" taking a quite negative sense here.
By moments the clear vox and the bizarre false sounding guitars made me think about some Nu metal bands of the 2nd generation that muted the original style. There are vocals ranging from PEAR JAM ("Ten") to Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE) to the gore excreted purulence of EXHUMED. There are a few Brutal death elements and very few jazzy and old heavy metal touches. But stop for a minute and think! All of this seems to me the goal is to be original to be original without any deep meaning nor inner motive! It tastes like almost soulless music! Unfortunately... Some discordant heaviness (including a touch of nonsense) made me think a bit about ADNAUSEAM but it sounds heavier. The low tuned discordances mixed with beautifull vocals makes them a bit an original band, but original doesn't mean efficient nor good! Some parts are totally senseless. Their few blast parts are more used in a song's evolution and constructiveness than in a ripp and blast your head off one (as with lots of Brutal Death bands nowadays). I'd rather say the blasy parts are cerebral and were done in a demonstrative way. "Demonstratively original" would be a nice definition of their music, it lacks of feeling for me!  Their heavy "3 legs" music didn't hack me for any great barbecure, I could say "at least they try to be original" but is it better to be original or not when the feeling isn't it here in anyway? No! The motives shall be the feeling and some inner motives to play! Not some other unpure reasons that has not much to do with passion, but unfortunately business...
In short words: I don't like it because it lacks of feeling :)


WILLOW WISP (Usa) Delusion of grandeur CD'99 FULLMOON Prod.
Ah Ah Ah! Total poser "Black metal gothic rock white wave"! They are so fucking sexy with their beautiful make-ups and cradle of shit like corpse paints my cock strongly grows! Their music sounds stupid and laughable! As if Cradle of the burger shit added some rock pop rhythms and Electro gayness in their crap! I even didn't speak about the childish logo! This band can only be a joke!! This WILLOW WIMP CD has two qualities: I had a good laugh and a great masturbation!








WISDOM (Spa) Podre CD. 2011. Self-released.
I used to be a NAPALM DEATH fan. At least when I wasn't too fond of their new recordings I always kept them in quite high esteem because their music was personal, contained a deeper kind of feeling, was opened to new influences, with an interesting "efficient" way of riffing... And then I stopped following their releases around 2003 for various reasons (Including the massive quantity of blasting music reaching my brain)... Until I finally really looked back around 2011-2012, to feel quite disappointed with their last albums: The deeper kind of feeling and the open-mindedness weren't there anymore... It was always fast/ compact/ kicking, with a cold modern production. On a creative point of view I might feel like the "leaders" became the "followers" (Or at least they might have started "following" what they once were, to reproduce the same schemes...) Hu?! Really?
So the time might have come to search for underground substitutes. Bands created by peoples who might feel the way the guys of NAPALM used to feel 8, 10 or 14 years ago, and trying to play the same kind of "death grind", with their technical and creative abilities.
I know there used to be much more bands following the Napalm path 10 years ago, so it’s now the same problem than it was searching for new old school death in 2004, but at least I fall on this recording of WISDOM, and it's quite cool in the style.
To describe the content I could say this is death grind in an end 90's Napalm manner ("Enemy Of The Music Business"), with fewer "alternative" or "industrial" influences (Instead of the "strange" influences you will rather find moments of crustcore and mid-paced hardcore ... Even if they kept few original and welcomed touches of light and color)
My review could let imagine WISDOM are a Xerox-machine producing carbon copies, but this is not really the case: Everything inside of "Podre" doesn't sound so much like Napalm (Napalm, Napalm, Napalm), even if the riffs could remain more or less in the same territory you could also hear some LOCK UP, some mid 90's Death metal (Like some Malevolent Creation for example), some metallic grindcore from the beginning of the years 2000, a bit of SLAYER, a bit of mid-paced OBITUARY/ BIOHAZARD; And the vocals are different.
The music of WISDOM is not kicking the absolute and the riffs didn't reach the NAPALM ventral efficiency (Of once), but when you get in the record you can feel the blasting parts are quite efficient, the tracks weren't structured in a bad manner, and the warm atmosphere is welcome. (I also appreciate the quite powerful production in an end 90's manner: No plastic injection inside).
Fans of mid-old NAPALM DEATH might find it cool, or very cool. (Did I quote the word "Napalm" too often? Ok, sorry for that... Napalm, Napalm, Napalm!)


WITCHGRAVE (Swe) The devil's night MCD. 2010. METAL INQUISITION Records.
Two members of the Death metal band EVISCERATED created another project to get more fun in metal (Perhaps instead of releasing something to follow their first and 4 years old demo? Maybe Death metal is quite restricting after all?)... After the morbid death of THE ROTTING, the thrash metal of ANTICHRIST, we now have the heavy metal of WITCHGRAVE.
This is something like very old school, early 80's heavy metal that globally reminds of the first MERCYFUL FATE album, with touches of early IRON MAIDEN and other old NWOBHM bands... The music sounds less dynamic/ "technical" than the two big names quoted just before, but there's some atmosphere in common. You could also feel a little "loose/ not too serious" aspect that feels like early VENOM (It's mostly about the vocals, but some early satanic heavy metal atmosphere can also be a reason...). To be more precise, and possibly describe better some "cheap" satanic vibe, I could use the names of PILEDRIVER (First albums from the 80's) and a bit of old BULLDOZER (But much less thrashy). Somewhere the shape of these sounds reminds me of the first WITCHCURSE (Greece) demo, but the content is better.
It remains an underground recording from the depths and touches of "amateurism" (Not particularly in a bad way) are present… I could bet an hellish fridge this recording was previously a demo, and I could win. It was finally released on MCD by Metal Inquisition (Aka No colours) who probably realized strictly sending me very poor black metal promos for years was becoming too boring...
I think improvements are possible (At the level of the songs' dynamic or drum-playing for example), but I like some of the atmospheres and some riffs are nice... So it's a quite cool recording that could please fans of early satanic heavy metal. (Now I'm not sure if WITCHGRAVE will remain just a project or develop into something else)


WKONA POKA (Russia) Хэви метал монстр CD. 2017. WINGS OF DESTRUCTION Recs.
I wasn't able to understand the name of the band due to the Cyrillic lettering, so I needed to search for the catalog number of the CD on Discogs, but it was also written in Cyrillic letters AhAh...
This is a promo CD I received from WINGS OF DESTRUCTION Records.
This band plays old school heavy metal that really sounds 80's... The first song was quite nice and reminds me of early MEGADETH (The 2nd and 3rd albums) with little more thrashing guitars, but then the other tracks explore a really totally-retro world in the old heavy metal way, sometimes it even touches the borders of hard rock (Perhaps the content might remember of the very first ACCEPT album sometimes (When they were between hard rock and heavy metal), but I'm not certain about it).
I like some old school heavy metal bands, but it seems "WKONA POKA" (That means "School of Rock" in English) really escapes the fields of my metallic knowledge, and there's also something that somewhat bothers me...
Perhaps this release reminds of me too much of 80's Russian heavy metal bands, I don't know, and I'm not able to know... It's better to keep this recording for the big fans of underground heavy metal, so they can make a valid opinion of their own.



WTN (Singapore) Rotting in pestilence CD'04 RAZORBACK.
Hmmm.. RAZORBACK gave me the habit of more entertaining releases! What you have here is gore death grind being very similar to CARCASS' "Symphonies of sickness" and some EXHUMED. You can find all the usual ingredients: gore vocals, hyper fast gore blasts, butchery sounding crusty riffs, slower bizarre and pathological heaviness, etc... You got the point!
The problem lies in the fact all these riffs sound too much like CARCASS, it even sounds messed up in some blasts or confused in some leads.
Finally nothing more than another old CARCASS clone, without any really crushing energy or catchy riff. Ok, some guys will say WTN can be cool for CARCASS maniacs and will they will notice this band is above the average level of the Singapore Extreme metal underground (That's very low if you ask me!) but it's not bloody enough for me! I have ever all the CARCASS, GENERAL SURGEY, some DEAD INFECTION, EXHUMED, SQUASH BOWELS, REGURGITATE and many other gore tendencies grindcore bands in my collection, so there aren't much rooms to justify the owning of this CD! Just an average/ very average old CARCASS copy... Ok, some will say WTN might be a cool live band , and a bunch of other arguments...but money isn't endlessly flowing from my raped bank account! So I keep it at that: average/ very average!