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This is a brutal death grind band from France and they've got a professional approach. The CD layout is a bit original for the style.
The tracks are composed of a lot of riffs and ideas, the whole is nicely contructed and nothing sounds bad.
It's quite complex, but they do not loose the attention of the attentive listener, plus the sound is clear enough but powerfull. The influences goes from SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE and all the Brutal death mafia; but there are some elements reminding me of MORBID ANGEL's "Domination" for the, let's say it, beautifull and full of luxury harmonies, this feeling was specific to some parts of the "Domination" album and I didn't hear it anywhere else though.
There are also some few elements near of the 1st INHUMATE CD.
Do not misunderstand me, I found nothing touching in their music, but the whole stuff may sound interesting for a brutal death fan.
2 years later: I checked it again, and I must say it sounds very common now ! Ya ya, so many Brutal death bands played this American styled sculptures of Brutality all the riffs Machiavelik once had sound only normal now! It was Ok for its time, but no deep feeling was here... and so it grew old as the trends turned to anything else! (The kind of stuff I can listen to coz I have remembrances here...)



MAGNACITE (Australia) Safety in the work place CD.
At first it seemed to be a demo because I got it in trade with a distro and the burnt CDr looks underground alike... but after some searches on the web I found out MAGNACITE was somekind of "cult" Hardcore band for the Aussie scene, and the thing was released as a digipack pro CD. The guy probably gave me an unwanted item from his collection; some distros aren't serious enough concerning trades and business, that's clear!
Anyway here are more words about the music, thinking this album was a cool demo: "This doesn't seem to be so new. The REGURGITATE alike logo could let you imagine it's Grindcore influenced stuff, and it's blasting of corpse! Blasting and punching Hardcore grind with moments of sludge. While the blasting moments could remind of PIG DESTROYER (Prowler in the yard) or some TERRORIZER, I'd rather point ou SCALPLOCK or some SOILENT GREEN (Less rock'n roll) since quite a bunch of sludge and hardcorish influences are there, and since most of the vocals are high-pitched screams. It's not as chaotic and as voluntary discarding as the current "noisecore" trend, which is cool (and lets me think this isn't a very new release). One could also happen to think about REGURGITATE ("Deviant") or some current NAPALM DEATH. It's a quite cool Demo in the style. There is too much sludge for my tastes and some tracks' structures could be more efficient, but this seems like a blasting enough and promising demo... while the band has probably split up..."
If this album sounds interesting, good luck to find it unless you're permanently connected to ultra-underground File-sharing fuckwares! Very few infos could be found about MAGNACITE on the web...


All the music on this MALEVOLENT album isn't memorable to my hears but there is a very good track entitled "Instinct evolved" with ripping tremolo riffs in the vein of old MORBID ANGEL that's nearly perfect!
The highlights on this CD are the drumparts of Dave Curloss who also played on "Despise the sun" of SUFFOCATION. I happened to listen to the whole CD to hear only his great drum parts that include all that a real brutal and intense band needs: incredibly fats double bass drums, good grinding parts with the killer breaks and all of this placed exactly at the right moment! This guy has got the brutal feeling and his playing makes the MALEVOLENT's music sounds 10 times better and more alive. Copy this CD only for his parts, if you really take care for what he's playing, there'll be some good surprises for ya! I can say an album with only Dave's drum parts, without any other instruments, would be more than an interesting one. That's sure!! 100%


I have never been a big fan of MALEVOLENT CREATION since some of their albums I've listened to lacked some final kicks! ("The 10 commandments", "Retribution" and "The fine art of murder"). Some metal guys I know told me some good words about this one; these guys sharing somekind of the same opinion than I do on the previous Malevolent creation releases, I said to myself "Why not having a few listenings to this new recording?" I was immediately amazed by the blasting impact of the drummer! Right in my putrid face! The style of Malevolent is still a fast Death grind with Brutal death and Death thrash touches. Killer drummer who's Brutal, heavy, surprising, fast, tight... Excellent!
I'm still not a fan of the band because at the level of the riffs it still lacks the absolute killer Death metal riff, but it's more than decent! No problem! And their tracks are more efficiently constructed than it used to! The style of corpse reminds of the last M.C recordings, but I also thought about some SUFFOCATION ("Despise the sun"), CANNIBAL CORPSE (Some stuffs from "Vile" or "Gallery..."), old VADER, SEVERE TORTURE, etc. Some technical riffs sound like the punching beats ridden parts of "Effigy of the forgotten" (if you still remind this totally killer LP!). Some tracks and parts loose some intensity, but the money they sent me makes it ok for the review! (Ah Ah!!). The whole album could sound quite long, at least for me. Even if it's not one of the few best intense Death metal releases of the year 2002, I happen to think it's one of the best MALEVOLENT CREATION releases. "The will to kill" can be a cool investment for fans of intense and technical Death metal!


MALICIOUS (Fin) Deranged hexes Tape album. 2020. INVICTUS Recs.
Epileptic body transformations.
Unbreakable intensity from the inside, willing to transmute your corpse at all costs.
New teeth, new fingers, new arms are rumbling in the inside.
Will you control the inhuman call of monstrosity?

After a demo and an Ep, this Finnish band comes up with a first album, and serves your chopped head to the fester, while he's rejoicing the fumes of death metal sulphur.
What you find during these 8 tracks is fast evil death metal the old way. It often sounds ancient and seriously fast, but there's some research in the evil riffing.
It especially reminds me of the first MORBID ANGEL album (Altars) for the fast and quite unrelenting moments (There aren't so much of "heavy" or "speed" influences here), plus the production and vocals are also in the same tunnels of death. These songs also remember me what DEGIAL (Swe) did at some point, with some THRONEUM, some old INCUBUS (For the intensity, see the "God died on his knees" demo'87), some old ANGEL CORPSE (For some evil riffs) and some ooold SADISTIK EXEKUTION (But the first two albums, before they went all blastbeat and "modern").
As you can see, I served you again with a list of name-dropping, but perhaps you deserve more? (AhAh) Sometimes I feel the spirit isn't very far from the early DEICIDE/ AMON demos, even if the music is different (Less SLAYER influenced?)
During this 25 minutes long album, the music sounds frenetic, sometimes perhaps epileptic... It is maybe not as catchy or memorable as some of the bands quoted before, but at least the content sounds intense, quite crazy, and a bit more intricate that you could imagine at first.
This review is almost over, the inner battle of teeth, fingers and arms is now quieter.


MANDATORY (Ger) Where they bleed MCD'07. ASPHYXIATE Recordings.
This MANDATORY did a bit of noise in the constantly reanimated corpse of old school Death metal microcosm that might grow again little by little, but who can be sure about it? (Manifestations of rebirth are too small and sporadic to certify a new rise of morbidity...)
According to what I read (And my understanding isn't always very efficient these days) I expected something to be more crushing and with more devouring power… Maybe I'm not close enough to some nostalgic feelings that would "force" some peoples to brutally hail a band once the style is close to old styled Swedish Death metal... Yes, that's actually it, MANDATORY is mainly influenced by Swedish "Métal de la mort" from the 90's, both for the fast parts, the slower moments of sorrow, some heaviness, the production and everything you could expect from a band of this retro-style... Apart from a mega intense and devouring feeling of carnal morbidity (That would almost force you to turn the place inside out), and maybe a little more effort could be made towards the logic in the architecture of riffs... But that's not a bad recording in fact, I can listen to the whole thinking "Ok... Ok... Cool... Ok..." and reminding some DISMEMBER, GRAVE, a bit of early ENTOMBED, a bit of CARNAGE, a bit of early DEATH (1st Lp) and other kinds of Death bands from this era... But as far as I understand, it's only for big fans of the style and decrepiting nostalgiacs (Nostalgic maniacs) since it's only somewhere between the cool... and the cool ;-)


MANGLED (Usa) Sewer metal 7 Ep. 2012. Boris Recs.
Please don't send me Reggae music, I'm too afraid to fall asleep in giant fields of green stuffs!
I'm not even sure if a more extreme variation of the genre would make it... Extreme reggae? Extremely slow and stoned reggae? Radioactive reggae from the sewer? Uh? What would it be? (Maybe industrial).
No thanks, instead we will listen to Sewer Metal, that will probably be easier to get into.
MANGLED is a quite new band from Usa who plays a mixture between old school death, thrashing death, blasting death (Early 90s brutal death?), with dual gore/ screamy vocals that remind me of old IMPALED/ EXHUMED, the whole packaged in a quite neat approach.
All in all you could generally call it "Death metal" if you don't want to hurt your radioactive braincells too much (Who knows it might spread cancerous antibodies in your already heavily loaded rotting corpse).
Oh, quoting band-names recently became illegal in Metallivile, so I won't hesitate for a second: The few outfits quoted before could also be joined by GHOUL, ENGORGED (A bit less "brutal"), MASSACRE (For some old school thrashy death), ooold SANITYS DAWN (For riffs to sound closer to old CARCASS), a bit of early DEATH (First LP... Or is the Massacre quote enough?), a bit of old HEMDALE in heavier moments, and a little pile of others...
Sometimes I feel there's something quite close to old Crossover in their stuff (The old S.O.D "Speak English or die" album for example), but it might be due to the quite "metallic" production.
The songs were built with sewer cement (Fermented rotting bodies?) in a quite efficient manner, there are quite a "lot" of riffs that follow each others in a decent manner.
Now, I feel the production is a bit too high-pitched/ "metallic" for my decrepiting tastes, and all the riffs aren't really to the likings of my personal jesus, but the final sewer rendering is quite neat and doesn't sound bad. It could please those who liked bands like GHOUL and other gore-radioactive-cartoon-units once affiliated to Razorback records... Radioactive entertainment? Yes, maybe.
Page with old songs:
Page with new songs:


MANTAK (Malaysia) Eastern sexxxrigalust Ep'05. LEGION OF DEATH Recs.
Possessed by the whores of foreverfilth. The Grand Sexxxmageddon for the Dominatrixxx SexxxMistress has kame to revive the XXX mighty kvlt ov metal with spiked balls! Ahr!
MANTAK plays raw black metal with a cool ancient Asiatic black death metal feeling, and old school thrashing riffings + real heavy metal melodies to make you cum and break more skulls. Something in some riffs and the vocals reminds me of old IMPALED NAZARENE (Two first albums!) FUKK FUKK FUKK YOU ALL!! I like this vocal texture, sounds total nice in my spiked-in hears. With an holocaust of toxic beers we desecrate the ultra chaste vaginaxxxes of mother superior from the Church of Saint Anne! Notice it's not the most raw and chaotic music, MANTAK is focused on the energy and spiking enthusiasm! (It's something nice I didn't feel in a Black metal releases since a quite long time). Of corpse there's no happy forested dance, no synthetizer dilution, or crappy drama of this kind... hopefully! And the songs are well built enough.. Notice there's an okey cover of KREATOR ("Tormentor) that comes with some blasts, sounds like early SARCOFAGO.
I think it's a very cool Ep, not sure if the hymns of MANTAK would remain as klassiks of spiked metal in few years (I'm not the best to judge this metallik affair), but at least the enthusiasm and 666 balls of fire are there! KVNT FISTING ETERNAL!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!


MANTICORE (Usa) Bowels of the holy anoint us in evil CD'03 WARHAMMER Recs.
This is true punishing war black metal the old school and fucking brutal way! Brutal black that takes influences both from the early Norwegian kind of brutal black metal (early IMMORTAL), the raw fast side of bands like BLASPHEMY, early ANGEL CORPSE or ARCHGOAT and some early SODOM's alcoholic beer metal! Numerous heavier moments of metallic chaos, as well as the raw production, will remind you the early days of ORDER FROM CHAOS! The Black metallic vocals also sound like those of Pete Hellkampf (Angel Corpse/ Order From Chaos), but there are a lot of brutal bestial vomits from hell!! Add few early Death metal influences such as early CELTIC FROST. Some bass lines sound like THRONEUM. Notice a BEHERIT cover ("The gate of Nanna") that's not one of the best choices in my opinion... This kind of Black metal has much more balls and smells ways more the dust and death than most of southern imitators trying to seem like all those Norvegian trolls who never achieved to sound evil! This is black METAL!! Nothing that really blows out my mind, but it's cool to hear this kind of new releases! This album would be a good advice to those who like their metal: extreme, darkened and brutal the old way! Most of the younger guys who listen to the Gothenburp or trollish fuck waves  probably won't appreciate MANTICORE... but who cares??! Bow down to the serpent!


MARDUK (SWE) Here’s no peace MCD’98
This EP was recorded by MARDUK in 1991 after their « Fuck me jesus » Demo and has never been released before. MARDUK doesn’t need to be introduced as it’s on of the most known bands in the nowadays black metal scene, but with the arrival of some new fans who listen to everythings until it’s black metal the most important things are to know if this MCD is worth buying. I’ll say it’s not because the sound sucks, the running time is very low and the songs aren’t exceptional.
It's not bad to hear where Marduk are coming from, their frist compositions were a bit more Death metal influences. But if the guys of MARDUK wanted to release this MCD then they’ll have done it before. This release smells money!!


MARDUK (Swe) Opus nocturne CD'94 OSMOSE.
AAAAARRGHH!! Before MARDUK turned into a repetitive neverendingly blasting Black metal crap, they were an Excellent and Extreme Black metal band! At this golden age of creativeness, they were at the very top on "Opus nocturne" that is a full-length filled with excellent Blackened aggression riffs! Far more emotional than what they did a few LPs later! Raw black metal with a touch of melody from here and there (The 7th track is nice in its sorrowful and quite atmospheric realms). Very skilled drummer who never ends the blasting war (and who had some personality), good bassist who included his own little touches, and far from being the least the vocalist wasn't the boring Legion as Joachim hadn't left them at this time, this guy had the true spirit and some excellent vocals Legion lacks!
This album wasn't only blasting, there were some totally explosive Black metal aggressiveness riffs in the vein of MARDUK, but also some more melodic and totally emotional and spiritual moments. (Check the first track at the 2/3 of its length, you little Cradle of filth fanatic, and die!). On this release, Black metal meant much more than seeming evil, playing 0,5$ riffs and screaming like false sodomized pigs, this "Opus nocturne" came straight from the guts of ageless sufferings and had far more dark beliefs than most actual nowadays "Black metal" bands! How can they clame to be so true if the dark feeling and ultimate hatred can't be felt in their music? Die!
Some tracks in here are very well done, composed, and totally intense! Then freezes your skin! I still get some powerful thrills while listening to this piece of war!, hatred and aggression! "Opus nocturne" rules! A strong shame on MARDUK for releasing flat and uninspired studio CDs after "Heaven shall burn"!


MARDUK (Swe) La grande danse macabre CD’01 REGAIN.
I didn't listen much to the albums MARDUK released after "Heaven shall burn"... just enough to know it didn't and wouldn't turn me on. So I kept good feelings towards this band.
But I found this album for a low price... and what a cruel deception! It's simply very average and uninspired! The fast parts sound ever heard many times before, and the slow parts are boring! Apart from few drumming things and bass lines, it's very poor! There are only one or two tracks such as "Death sex ejaculation" I don't dislike. It totally lacks of inspiration and energy! And the tracks' structures don't help! Very average and deceptive! Avoid it like ushers!


MARDUK (Swe) Blackcrowned Box set'02 BLOODDAWN Prod.
In about ten years time, MARDUK has became a major band of the Black metal scene, and one of the most consensual ones without denying anything from its brutality. So the band celebrates this success with the object that's the most appreciated by the fans: the boxed set. "Blackcrowned" is composed of two CDs that are fullfilled with unreleased tracks as well as a video composed of gigs' samples from their whole carreer. But once this idyllic introduction is gone, remains the hard reality, understand "Blackcrowned" seriously lacks of interest when you take in consideration the astronomical price of the thing!
The whole begins with 6 rerecorded tracks, the best of it was ever on the monumental double live CD in better versions! So it's useless! Then follows a medley of some "Panzer division" tracks (very cool...), a shitty cover of the MISFISTS, and 5 demo tracks with an horrible sound. It's is also useless!
The second CD also begins in a bad way, with two avoidable leftovers from the Panzer Division sessions, and two covers of the ROLLING STONES and SAMHAIN that are shitted and has nothing to do here! Then comes the most promising: some live samples recorded at the Waldrock that was ever included on a bootleg CD. But the sound wasn't worked back and remains as rotten as the original bootleg. So, the only interesting point of this CD is 3 samples from a "Opus nocturne" era rehearsal, it's more savage than on the album. For 40$, I call this a fraud!             Pierre   



MARROW (Usa) "Of slaughter and slime" Ep. 2009. DYSPHORIA Recs.
Since I gone through surgical belly reduction and the surgeon forgot his scalpel, I can't visit any airport or even any supermarket... I fucking always ring the metal detectors! I am fucking always subject to full body searches (Rectal intrusion inside). My anus is not a fucking supermarket, thank you! Since then I became an awesome beer addict, and have to drown my sorrow, listening to more and more metal... To forget the metal inside me!
The drowner of the day will be this second recording of the American band MARROW who's subject to please those who still dig the CARCASS inheritance.
It's a vinyl Ep composed of two songs.
The first one entitled "Dead meat" is very close to later IMPALED or EXHUMED ("Anatomy is destiny") in their most "technical" moments (Even if the content isn't filled with many notes... It's about the approach and eventually song structures), with CARCASS reminiscences ("Heartwork" for the most melodic touches, and "Necroticism" for more technical touches and some compositions), with a touch of MORTAL DECAY («Sickening erotic fanaticism») somewhere. In fact every riffs do not necessarily remind of the bands quoted before, but the screamy vocals lead you back to the operation table. The few amount of blasts could be surprising for the style.
The second track entitled "Sawclaw" remains if the fields of the CARCASS inheritance, but it might not be as apparent: It begins in a thrash metal/ death metal manner à la SLAYER ("Reign in blood") meets THE HAUNTED, then comes a rather depressive arpeggio that could remind of IMMORTAL "At the heart of winter" (Or could it be EXHUMED on "Anatomy"?), and the last half evolves between technical "melodic" thrashy death, later CARCASS records and sludge touches. My description might be a bit too precise to be a good summary, but isn't the corpse subject to an alive dissection? (It doesn’t stop moving… Where’s my hammer?)  
MARROW is more focused on composition than explosive moments. In fact there are very nice riffs, and the songs are quite well composed, but it's not an explosion of growing sickness... The music is a bit too neat and controlled for that. This said, for the genre the production is not particularly too neat: The sound is clear, but wasn't triggered or protoolsified.
This short record won't please those who search for darkness and something like a putrid atmosphere, or might not be heavy enough for those who long for the gross bizarre deformity, but I think this isn't a bad record and MARROW might provide something like a welcome breath of fresh surgical air in your utterly putrid mental caveums.
In a few recordings MARROW could turn into an efficient member of the C.I.C (Carcass inheritance club) if they're able to inject more stress or "unmatchable catchiness" in their songs. So keep a dissected eye on them if you dig the scalpel.


MARTYR (Can) Warp zone CD'03 (Rerelease) SEKHMET.
This is a technical death metal album many guys and zines have hailed, and it could be a good idea to have an attentive listening to the re-release on Sekhmet records!
The Death metal of MARTYR is full of breaks and more or less technical riffs that can remind of DEATH's last releases, PESTILENCE's last 2 albums, MEKONG DELTA, ATHEIST and QUO VADIS. Some jazzy and progressive influences can respectively be found for the drumming and guitar playing, as well as some techno thrash influences for some riffs and structures. There are riffs and ideas everywhere!
The music isn't repetitive on a rythmical and riffing/ melodic point of view, this is a good thing! As a bunch of releases in this style, "Warp zone" is full of melodic and heavy metal touches, and as well as a bunch of albums of this kind the music could be quite hardly accessible for the non-musician guys, even though the technical aspect isn't over abused! My personal reproach is they lack some really catchy parts! This is a cool album to listen to, but I didn't find much on a deeply emotional point of view. Imagine DREAM THEATER with fewer melodies, no keyboards, more balls, more Thrashy guitars and you might have a nice idea of what MARTYR sounds like.
The production is very good, and the whole sounds very professional. MARTYR may be a very cool band for the metal musicians or those who dig technical Death heavy metal!


MASTECTOMIA plays a kind of bizarre death/ grind with influences of old MUCUPURULENT but it's not as gore musically speaking.
I've also found some old KRISIUN ("Apocalyptic revelation") for some drumming parts and some riff; and they remind me a bit some old DEAD INFECTION Eps for a given dark side but also DEAD INFECTION's "A chapter of accident" album. Some riffs are really average; about 60% of the guitar parts that are tremolo ones sound the same, it is fastly boring!
The vocals seems to be distorted with a pitch shifter effect.
A few breaks could make think about INTENSE HAMMER RAGE, but these parts are very few. Some riffs could also make think of DAMNABLE (POL), but it's not as brutal death influenced.
This is very common, it can be Ok for the big underground fans.
But nothing stands out in my bored ears.
MIXOMATOSIS seems to want to look and sound like a goregrind band, but it my ears they rather sound like a very average punk/ hardcore band with some gore vocals! There are a few "blast" parts. By moments they make me think about a bad copy of HAEMMORHAGE. Some of the riffs are almost black metal like, some high pitched screams are totally laughable, mixed with the blast parts it makes me think about the rape of some chicken in a chickbox. Ah ah!
A very average band that would have to wait before releasing a CD! This isn't good! Their music could be ok on a demo, but releasing it on CD is totally misplaced and makes them sound as an unserious joke band!


MASTER (Usa) Let's start a war CD'02 SYSTEM SHOCK.
This isn't new. MASTER offers nothing new nor interesting since years and years... This new attempt at reviving the past is another loss.
As much as their "Faith is in season" CD'98 or "Collection of souls" CD'93 it doesn't sound convincing! This album is a mix of old sounding Death/ Thrash with punky riffs. "Miss misery" sounds as lame as SIX FEET UNDER when they want to write Heavy metal tunes! Boring as fuck! "Purchase a new handgun" sounds like a failed attempt at writing some bluesy stuffs à la old MOTORHEAD or even new ENTOMBED! Boring as fuck! It sounds like old DEATH, old MASTER, but sounds like being vampirized from these old recordings! So, nothing new, nor convincing, nor interesting! Even "Collection" of souls I consider as the less good album of MASTER old epoch was more decent. And the title of the album sounds quite stupid now a 3rd world war is on its way! Why keeping on recording albums and albums when everything seem to have been said for them, while no real creativity is here and so many bands did and do it far better? ("I'm Paul Speckman so I release Death metal CDs"??)  Useless!



MASTER FURY (Usa) Circles of Hell CD. 2013. Contaminated Tones Recs.
Hordes of zombies, awaking from the tombs, with razors and scalpels.
Your eyes, is what they need, your eyes, is what they feed.
Your ocular balls, they will swallow, with lust, and hunger.
And from the ocular holes, they will suck, your fresh and juicy brains out.

I never heard about MASTER FURY before, this CD contains their two albums/ demos from the 80's, this is great old school underground thrash metal with an evil, almost pre death metal atmosphere.
This reminds me of SLAYER for the fast/ fast/ fast - thrash/ thrash/ thrash (Obvious) influence, but also some POSSESSED (Rather the later records for the "thrash-as-fuck" riffs), some of the fastest of early EXODUS for the "thrash-your-ass" guitars, a bit of a sped up PILEDRIVER (Most evil moments for almost satanic atmospheres), with early speed metal touches on some riffs.
The first song is really great, it's a thrashing instrumental that contains many breaks, some cool leads influenced by early MALMSTEEM or KING DIAMOND... It's almost techno thrash and could almost be an AGENT STEEL song or something.
The other songs are generally fast, straight to the point thrash metal, with technical touches on a few breaks, on a few themes, or something.
The vocals are generally screamed, with an echo that makes it sound more "evil".
It's fast thrashing very often, so you could be a little thrashed out after a while if you're not totally spiked in the brain.
The second album/ demo contains more variations of tempos, and slower parts, but I prefer the first one because I feel there's more atmosphere and more burning lust of the zombies :)
(Existential interlude: I know it's musically not really the same kind of thrash, but I can't help thinking about the cover-picture of DARK ANGEL's second album for whatever reason (And also the faster songs of the first album, even if the style was also different). You will make your own analysis, and decide if I should or not go to the metal doctor.)
Even is the music of MASTER FURY wasn't THAT catchy, I have to say some songs contain a great energy and some infiltrating evil atmosphere. This CD could be a very nice item to own for fans of old school/ early thrash metal, in a quite underground way.
The thrashing feast is over. Your skulls will remain on the ground, empty from their brains and ocular substances. Dissected and thrashed out by the zombies!


I've ever crossed the path of MAIGNANT TUMOUR on their split CD with SQUASH BOWELS and I wasn't especially interested.
It seems to me their side of this split is in the same vein, gore GrindCrust that reminds me of old REGURGITATE (Eps), old DEAD INFECTION (a bit) and eve, old SQUASH BOWELS. Cool bass guitar sound. Even if there are some nice parts and if the vocals are gore, nothing that especially blasted out the fuck from my arse.
Quite average in the Grindcore/ old school Grindgore style.
But the other side of this Split Ep is ways more relevant! MASTIC SCUM plays an energical old school Grindcore with a cool sense of aggressiveness! This isn't only Grindcore in the traditions of the style, but with some real energy and rebellion! Right in your face you get Grindcore blasts, Crustcore beats, slower Hardcore punk tempos and punching beats! Yeah! And the riffs are quite good! It energized the scum around the lines of very old NAPALM DEATH, old PHOBIA, old TERRORIZER (a bit), and maybe some S.O.B. I forgot to mention their side is composed of live tracks, Quite cool sound for a live. At this time MASTIC SCUM were ever a grinding outfit worth the packs of beer! Yeah!


MASTIC SCUM (Aus) Zero CD'01 DEMONWARE. (Rerelease)
You are a big voracious bastard of Grindcore in the old school style? Always searching for cool old school Grind bands that put enough energy to satisfy your never-ending lust for blasts? Let me help you! I've just discovered MASTIC SCUM and their music isn't bad! It’s overall old school Grindcore with a nice energy and some quite Hardcorish influences!
The vocals remind me of Barney while some parts made me think about NAPALM DEATH. I've also been thinking about the Grindcore band MULE SKINNER! Fast stuff influenced by TERRORIZER by moments. Energetic Grind! In quite HxCx parts I thought about BLOCKHEADS, but MASTIC is more polished.
Some little touches of RIGHTEOUS PIGS (less raw) or DEPRAVED (Fra) for some thrashcore in the riffing may be detected. There are tremolo riffings à la NAPALM DEATH and few energetic bizarre groovy fun touches. It also reminds me of the most Grind/ Crust parts of the EXTREME NOISE TERROR CD on which Barney did the vocals (it's was "Damage 381")
Yo! MASTIC SCUM reminds me of the first album of SANITYS DAWN 'Cryptic menu", not for the style since Mastic ain't gore at all, but for the fact it's a quite good, energetic and "young" (better said quite fresh?) sounding band in the Grindcore style!
I don't know if I'd buy their CD, but it's a band worth the live set, and it's good food for your tape player! Yep!


I can feel on this new MASTIC SCUM CD somekind of the same evolution NAPALM DEATH went through in the past.  You understand it right, contrary to their older releases, this new MASTIC SCUM CD welcomes some new heavier and more varied influences as it isn't anymore based on Grind/ Crust only! You still have got right in your little crushed face some excellent Krush Grinding brutality ridden around intense fuse-blowing gut tripping riffs, but also some heavier and more varied elements reminding me of the last NAPALM DEATH releases: heavy mechanical grooves, mid placed old school punk riffs, few depressive touches, etc. Some heavy sludge like riffs and fresher influences are ranging around some old HELMET stuffs.
About 50 percent of the music is composed of good blasting parts, and the remaining is set around the heavier or mid placed elements that sound quite good. So I preferred their previous stuffs that were more intensively blasting, but one can't play pure Grinding for 10 years or so (and doing it good), and I enjoy this whole CD! The feeling and expression are still here, and it's the most important!


MASTODON (Usa) Lifesblood MCD'01 RELAPSE.
Ah Ah! After the bash of fresh air and good heavy music I took into my head with their "Remission" CD, I could only get some interest in their first MCD entitled "Life's blood"! And this is the same style than the full-length! Yes!
Good mid placed heavy stuffs influenced by new NAPALM DEATH, with good "feeling" riffs that put some Arabian influences in the Brutal stoner Rock. Excellent drumplayer! (Jazz!) Plus there's some sludge from the inside of their bag of tricks: This is soulful! Quite original! The tracks are still so well composed: fluid, surprising, efficient!
It's the kind of stuffs you can listen both carefully or while you are the guitarist of MASTODON and bang your head as you play the riffs! Hé Hé...
The 3rd track is surprising since it begins on a Grinding riff à la CARCASS ("Heartwork") to evolve in some nu metal that turns in an Arabian influenced.
Expect an interview of Mastodon quite soon in this close minded webzine! Ah! Very good MCD! This band deserves to be heard!


MASTODON (Usa) Remission CD'02 RELAPSE.
This doesn't blast, this doesn't growls, this isn't hellish nor keyboards ridden! So what is it? This is MASTODON! And this name fits well to their heavy style! Excellent extreme music mixing very varied elements from the various extreme metal styles!
Mega fucking killer drum playing that's so fucking alive and creative! The guy took some jazz drum's lessons for sure!
It reminds me of New NAPALM DEATH, SEPULTURA ("Roots") for heavy riffs and few tremolos, with touches of some new ENTOMBED's stuffs for groovy yet heavy rocking riffs. It's almost stoner by moments! (A bit like KYUSS with an extreme sound). Some Heavy metal like riffs that tends to the last DEATH releases are followed by HxCx/ Nu metal guitars... Well I can't find better bands to compare their style since it's not a kind of music I'm familiar with, but it's full of feeling. A good bunch of Depressive riffs are in the vein of the lastest NAPALM DEATH releases! And they have a bunch of beautiful and soulful melodies, including some that touch you immediately! The vocals remind me of CORONER on some good choruses! For several reasons (Some riffs and vocals) they remind me I owned a CD of PRONG entitled "The cleansing". They mix so many extreme styles this review would be unreadable if I quote it all... Let call their music Brutal stoner 'n sludge metal maelstrom!
I like a lot the first two tracks that are very good! The remaining is also good sounding with some good moments, but it remains steps behind the 2 first ones! It has definitely entered my slowly growing collection! This is a good band, and this CD can be a good advice for extreme metallers who are quite open minded!


MATTERHORN (Swi) Crass cleansing Lp. 2018. Self-released.
This is an old school thrash metal band from Switzerland and the style they choose is very close to early 80's thrash. The first big influence is CELTIC FROST's first releases "Morbid tales"/ "Emperor's return" (Before they became experimental) both for the fast punkish stuffs and mid-paced groovier stuffs. Then you also have quite a lot of fast thrashing metal that can remind of early SODOM ("Obsessed by cruelty" for example) or perhaps a little of early PROTECTOR.
It seems the whole was recorded live, or without overdubs... The production remains clear and doesn't sound really raw (There is really much worse in rawness, but the whole have some kind of a live feeling... Then the thrashier moments could remember of bands from South America, perhaps not as raw (Again) but you get the point).
The vocals are quite close to early CELTIC FROST, but I feel there's also a bit of AUTOPSY inside (They didn't reach the point of gore, but there is some sickness in common).
This might turn on big fans of early CELTIC FROST, some songs might sound like leftovers from "Morbid tales" for example. In this meaning it's not as good as the originals, but I appreciate the fact the different gimmicks are reused in a manner that doesn't sound tired or forced.
I appreciate the not too serious state of mind (Look at the cover... It's a photo of the hairs of a metaller in full headbanging AhAh).
I believe this band counts a guy from the Swiss GRAVEWAVE zine... Same old school approach, and same Po Box... AhAh?
"Crass cleansing" sounds like quite energetic old thrash metal with cool retro influences.
I can't say I was blown away or caught by the beer-balls, but there is some energy and the songs are built in an efficient enough manner... So it could please bangers in the old style who prefer to bang, rather than to be banged.... FEAR THE HEADBANGING GLORYHOLE.


MAUSOLEUM (Usa) Cadaveric displays of ghoulish ghastliness CD’03 RAZORBACK.
MAUSOLEUM is a band that was formed to pay tribute to AUTOPSY and revive the early Death metal days of the bloody gore, morbid and nauseabond. Of corpse the music of MAUSOLEUM sounds like AUTOPSY and early DEATH.  It reminds so much of old AUTOPSY you could wonder if this album isn't composed of b-sides and unreleased band's materials.
As a whole "Cadaveric displays of ghoulish ghastliness" would sound as a mix of "Mental funeral", "Acts of the unspeakable" (with less fats parts and no blasts), "Retribution for the dead" and a bit of "Severed survival". The doom death riffs mixed with gore death guttural cadaveric evocations sounds a lot as the darkest moments of "Acts of the unspeakable" as some doomy harmonies are totally in the same style. Some doom death riffs could also remind of very early PARADISE LOST (when the band was still inspired!) while some total doom could sound like very early MY DYING BRIDE. Some faster Death metal is present of course. Most of the vocals lies in a growling death style ("Acts of the unspeakable" era) while not much pig screams can be found (as opposed to "Severed survival).
To be honest I didn't find much appeal in this album, even if it has a very old school mood and nice doom riffs from here and there, because after a few tracks I feel like MAUSOLEUM plays the riffs many many death metal bands played the last 17 years! I also feel a lack of punch and memorability... A shame coz with more work the musicians could have extracted the very best from these 9 tracks (The pulp of putridity!) and release a cool MCD for example!
This album might be a cool one for old death metallers who want to revive the early days and remind many morbid remembrances of doom, but I don't see much "younger" metalheads being interested in this album.


MAYHEM (NOR) Grand declaration of war CD’00 SEASONS OF MIST
This last MAYHEM album saw the arrival of many new musical elements, including some that were uncommon and unexpected for a Black metal band! Their new music was a kind of complex techno Black Metal with Power Thrash influences that is sometimes military. ( For exemple, take the guitar arpeggio at the beginning of «  The freezing moon » and turn it into a more complex way). To the reading of the lyrics and the listening of the songs, I can hear the singer is still so hallucinated and mentally deranged, very often does he use screamy voices but also hardcore and spoken voices.
But this album sounds a bit strange for me, I mean the arrival of new elements isn't necesseraly bad (of corpse) but the way it's done doesn't turn me on much, even if there are still some very good riffs from here and there!
I can hear the appearance of Techno Thrash elements and arrangements in the vein of MEKONG DELTA. A few riffs used with double bass drums reminds me of the MORBID ANGEL’s « Formulas fatal to the flesh » album. Some new electro elements and 70’s vocal effects in the vein of TANGERINE DREAM’s « Cyclone »LP’78 and KRAFTWERK’s «  Radioactivity » appeared.
They also make think a bit about MAGMA for the strange and obscure side.( And maybe of FANTOMAS + MISTER BUNGLE for the same reasons).  The cover layout shows the destruction of mankind and the visions appearing to a man who’s in a dementia access. In a way, it sounds like a more complex version of their «  Wolf’s layr abyss » MCD but I know a lot of Black Metal fans despised the change in the style of the band. It’s true I was also disappointed as I didn’t find the frozen carnageous full of emotions riffs of «  Wolf’s layr abyss », I thought this one was too much complex. Now I've had some time to 'assimilate' this album, I think it's Ok and there are some parts I like, but I rarely listen to it... This is one of these albums some bands want to do to experiment other things, but in my opinion they should keep it for themselves as experimentations! And wait more and more and more until the next real album is almost perfect and intense from its beginning to its end! Buy and regret...


MEDULLA NOCTE (Uk) Dying from the inside CD'00.
Here's a band with a crazy singer, I'm even afraid for him because after screaming so much he's going to explode his arteries, after a gig he must have got the lungs out from his mouth! Anyway, this band play a quite powerfull Thrash metal à la old MACHINE HEAD, et to be honnest it has enough balls. Sometimes it's not very good, but there are some good riffs. The sound is powerfull, and I even find it enormous! I'd advice this band to the fans of new school Thrash metal à la MACHINE HEAD.


MENTAL AMPUTATION (Ger) Utter subordination CD'07. Self released.
Warning! Your paypal account has just imploded because of lack of funds! Warning! Your cock is subject to a microscopic erection! Warning! You're sitting on hellish flames and your anus is already carbonized! And you didn't feel it?! Spams are very informative and useful... I guess intense spamming will save many lives from the forthcoming cruel extinction of mankind! So legalize spam now! And spread the very precious messages as far and widely as possible!
It's clearly written on my site that I don't review albums, and can't deal with it 99% of the time, because of lack of time and will... But some kamikazes keep on bombarding me a way or another, making the unwanted-promo-reviewing-process even slower... This time the (half?) kamikazes aren't totally unknown, since I got their first demo in trade of a GERBE OF LIFE CDr in 2002... It isn't particularly fresh remembrances, but it might be enough to make a decent review... At the time of this first release, MENTAL AMPUTATION used to play some kind of Death metal/ Brutal death with touches of melodic stuffs. The current tendency of their sound hasn't changed very much, since you could find the same kind of elements and global style, but it has improved!
Think about a metal mixture taking most of its influences from planet earth, but more precisely from countries like Poland or Usa (90's), so globally you could hear some kind of midly old styled European Death metal who liked the Tampa scene as well as Scott Burns' works, do not feel bad with technical moments or more melodic influences (from Gothenburg? I don't know, it might as well come from some intense Schuldiner listenings, and it's not particularly gay or abusive, so let's say it inserts more variety) and isn't totally impermeable to the "newer" ramifications of the brutal death evolution... To make things a bit more understandable for those who do not like geography, names such as SINISTER, mid old HATE, old BRUTALITY, mid old MORBID ANGEL, some VADER or KREATOR ("Come of souls"), with few hints of "Insert the name of a 1995-96 Swedish death black metal band here (Not your penis, of course)" could be located in a decently right folder.
I noticed the band improved the compositions, and the riffs in themselves are generally more efficient/ in the right spot... I like some of these riffs, some of the composing elements aren't bad as far as my feelings are concerned, but there are also other stuffs to ring only few bells from my personal crazy cow... Sometimes it sounds a bit too common, or I feel like these German are lasting (a bit) too long on some riffs, or it's simply that the riffs are only 'cool' riffs...
This kind of Death metal will rather please those who like quite well composed songs with many variations, than those who need a brutal urge of defenestrating anger to kick their face with intense (voracious) putridity... MENTAL AMPUTATION hasn't reached a level of super killing Death metal creativity, but their album is pretty well flowing and quite enjoyable as far as I'm concerned... It might please some peoples who aren't too overdosed with this kind of Death metal and didn't fall in the current metal trap of "Who'll be the most critical and musically elitist".



MERCILESS (Swe) Merciless CD'02. BLACK LODGE Records.
After a quite more melodic approach of a previous album, it's nice to hear MERCILESS striking back to some more thrashing patterns of aggression! Thrashers, prepare to unveil few packs of beer, sit tight on the throne of a thousand broken necks and get embalmed in this nice metallic atmosphere!
Thrash is what you got here, most of it being (hopefully) fast and quite well balanced between the old school thrashing riff mania, and a quite more melodic, yet thrashing, way of thrashing your face! Notice this album also has some quite too melodic touches too keep the intensity (in my beer), and the band uses to slow down the way ENTOMBED does on albums such as "Uprising".
Some riffs really remind me the early days of MERCILESS, sometimes we're really near of "the awakening" (And you might be ready to scream "UUUhhhhh!!"), eventhough we're in front of a quite different band.
As stated above; I regret the pure thrashing way of fisting your face isn't more dominant... There might be a bit too much of heavy and mid-placed stuffs for my banging head.
All in all this is a fine and quite varied album that might take a good position in a thrashing metal collection. Nothing that will turn to cult or brand your cold skull ad vitam aeternam, but the songs are cool, the musicians are skilled enough and the production is quite good. I wouldn't be surprised to hear some thrashing heads scream "AAARRRGGGHHH!!! This is a bloody carnage in the fields of hop!!" So taste the spikes and find out if MERCILESS anno 2002 sounds embalming...


MERCYFUL FATE (Den) Dead again CD'98.
Contrary to a lot of bands, MERCYFUL FATE still keeps on recording very good CDs after their two or three first releases!
Ok, all their latest albums aren't that good, but this one isn't an atrocious piece of boring shit as so many old bands know to do it so well! Far from this! This is full of Heavy metal, with good riffs and a lot of surprising breaks (in the style)! The tracks were (as always) well composed!
There are still some fucking good leads, and a great old school mood is vanishing from the ashes of my old tape! This album has more heavy impact than some "bad period" MERCYFUL FATE Lps I heard, it rocks and it's fucking heavy! Dynamix! A good amount of tracks have marked me here! As always, good sound! And by the way it sounds old school but not especially old! Smoke a good buzz, drink a few beers and play it again Sam!
In my opinion it's in the style of "Into the unknown" but with more quality riffs, catchy parts, good ideas on structures and all what I need from an Heavy metal Lp! This is a very good album worth the bucks from your tiny arse' skin if you're into METAL!


The year 1999, I read in the French metal press this album was fucking excellent and back to the roots! Bullshits!
This isn't one of the best MERCYFUL FATE releases I listened ton and it's far from being excellent! These cheesy bastards from the French press wanted so much this CD to be excellent thay may haven't really listened to it! Fuck them!
This CD is Heavy metal rather in the MERCYFUL FATE's style (what else to expect?) but the whole is by far less enthusiastic, creative, and there are less good surprises everywhere than on most of their releases! It's classical Heavy metal like so many bands play: flat and average riffs mixed with Ok melodies and stuffs... but unfortunately nothing is great!
There are no real surprises in the tracks to the contrary of what they offered before! And the drummer is only playing the rhythms, he could have added more some! Two tracks are good and quite worth the ear belt though, their names are "Sold my soul" and "Kiss the demon". Due to the fact there are so many great MERCYFUL FATE and KING DIAMOND CDs around, I listen to "9" only once a year.
Not really worth the "MERCYFUL FATE" mark on the cover! Fuck the French press for this waste of a full-length CD price!


MESRINE (Can) Going to the morgue CD'01 MURDER/ DEAD CIRKUS.
Mmmmhh... Here's a band that have reach somekind of a cult status in the Grindcore Underground.
But I don't see why because I haven't found anything special in their music. It's maybe due to their name MESRINE and their concept that lies around some criminals' facts?? Their music is somekind of Grind with strong noisy touches in the riffs, quite tight but the noisy riffs makes it sound fuzzy.
It could sound as if HEMDALE started to play noisy stuff with ANAL CUNT Influences and some of these noisy touches that sounds rather weak for me can make think of NUCLEAR DEATH. Even if some of the band's guys were a part of DAHMER before, it seems they are a part of the new school Grind scene that likes to put noise and shits in their tracks! So, I'm disappointed since I awaited a cool Grindcore band!


As far as MESRINE... I've ever reviewed their CD here and I was just disappointed! Grind crust that lacks of fucking energy! Reminds me of old DEAD INFECTION (less disjoncted) and a bit of BLOOD... I don't know why but it also reminds me of HEMDALE. But it's just common as fuck and it's the kind of fucking common riffs I don't give a shit about.
GLAUCOMA's music is more a kind of bizarre Death metal with lots of breaks and grinding parts, lots of discording riffs being added here as well as wanna get technical or original parts, but nothing stands out and I'm a bit lost in all these compressed riffs.


METATOR (Spa) Akocedakor CD. 2020. BLOOD FIRE DEATH Recs.
Here's a promo CD I received and I will try to decently review it, even if this is a style I don't listen to a lot anymore, in part...
At first the music really seemed to be some kind of ultra brutal death, full of blast beats, and very distorted guitars... But perhaps the "wall of sound" makes the music appear more extreme than it fully is.
For me, the audio content somewhat sounds like a mix of old polish brutal death (Damnable?), old KRISIUN (During the blast beats for an "unrelenting" impression), some recent SINISTER, or German brutal death from early 00's... And there's also a blackened aspect here & there that might remind of mid old BEHEMOTH or old GOD DETHRONED. Is this a clear description? Not really, but this is what I heard...
The production of guitars is quite powerful, but it's also a bit too "noisy" for my hears (Is it loudness war... Or deafness war? AhAh), but I think the real problem comes with the vocals which are too loud in the mix (During some fast parts the songs happen to sound a bit like a mess, because it's harder to follow the riffs...)
In fact, this album is actually more varied than it seemed at first, there even are slower DM moments (Not unlike BYATIS) and some black metal "melodies"... And it also seems to be more solidly packaged and correctly composed than I felt at first.
Nowadays I listen to less extreme, or less extremely produced stuffs, so my opinion doesn't have so much relevance anymore, but I think fans of underground extreme death metal with some blackened influences might be interested.







METHADONE ABORTION CLINIC (Usa) Sex, drugs, and rotten holes Tape album. 2017. SURROGATE Recs.
Oh, crepitating bowel juice,
Will you start laughing again in the internal pathological highway?

What you have here is pretty good quality goregrind...
Well, perhaps I should use the words "Gore grindcore" since there are no shitty lo-fi badly played riffs here, but this wouldn't be totally representative...
My first approach with this recording was quite savage, with the first track opening the abscess with full crazy blast beats! It sounded like a bleeding ball-kicker à la ooold DEAD INFECTION, ("A chapter of accidents" CD), or early INHUME.
Then, when I spent more time and paid more attention to the content of the tape, it revealed to be REALLY groovier than I expected. It contains lots of grooves and mid-paced parts, mixed with some fast beats and a couple of blastbeats here & there.
There are cool groovy slime moments à la CBT or old MUCUPURULENT, but this is too much of groove for my putrid tastes. Hopefully some songs come back to the intensity of gore-blast, and reverse the scalpel in the abscess.
If you'd like to read a (little) better description, I could add the music might also remember of ROMPEPROP, some MORTICIAN (Not so inhuman and "rigid", but still), some old GUT, quite "recent" SQUASH BOWELS (For grinding parts), while some heavier or more death-metallic riffs also remember me of old HEMDALE (Or perhaps DECREPIT)... And there's something more "punk" (Or maybe "fastcore"?) in some fast parts... Well, globally this release remains in the "groovy" goregrind.
Reeklusion: It's a quite good release, with powerful production and cool gory vocals, but as I said before there's too much of groove & mid-paced for my tastes in the style. Fans of the style might stop playing with their pregnant girlfriends and put a hear on M.A.C.


MIASMATIC NECROSIS (Usa) Apex profane. Album 2020. Digital.
If you think the first CARCASS album “Reek of putrefaction” is too well produced, you should listen to this band… Ah Ah, just kidding.
In fact MIASMATIC NECROSIS from United States of Arthrosis sounds like kicking goregrind/ gore death grind with real riffs, and a quite powerful production.
In my hears it tastes like a mix of CARCASS (Symphonies of sickness) without the melodies, old DEAD INFECTION, and perhaps a bit of old (Gore) REGURGITATE… Ok ok, I just quote only famous gore bands, but I listened mostly to the best of the best in this style, and these are the bands that branded my putrid brain!
Miasmatic Necrosis stands miles above the legions of badly played, badly recorded, badly vomited poor goregrind projects you can find you youtube… Perhaps they are not as catchy as the MASTERS OF GORE quoted above… But if their music is not as kicking, it’s not very far.
Perhaps this album gets a bit repetitive once you reach 2/3 of the duration, but this is extreme goregrind… And it’s not worse than some old KRISIUN albums in that meaning.
Now, how come I didn’t hear about this album before? Perhaps this is due to bad promotion, or even an absence of promotion? Fuck laziness... Perhaps I saw the band name quoted a couple of times, but how come no one forced me to put my hears in the meatgrinder?


MICKAEL KNIGHT (Usa) Mechanica Diablo Cd'02 KNIGHT MUSIC.
Even if the cover artwork is cool, this project has everything of a pale copy of the very old YNGWIE MALMSTEEM albums or the MERCYFUL FATE ones! Pseudo Hard/ Heavy that offers nothing special and doesn't deserve a pro release! Ok, technically speaking it's ok, but the riffs are ever heard, and almost every metal guitarist who has worked a bit the technical side can "offer" this! The guitarist tries to sound modern when he uses various samples, but it remains flat, approximate and unconvincing! I remember I heard a track of this on a compilation few years ago, it really sucked! It seems to me the guy runs his own label, so it explains why he found somebody to release this CD... No interest apart from the cover!


I'm having a vast download of all the Bizarre Leprous releases as the guy has produced some cool Grindcore and Grindgore stuffs. The cover of the MINCING FURY's CD and their ultra long name quote a bit my attention in a day when some real crushing bands were lacking.
But what I hear won’t remain engraved in my coffin-head!
The whole pustulently evolves in some nauseabond Grindcore waters with Heavy Brutal Death parts and Death Grind riffs. The vocals are hyper guttural and very gore. I found no real intensity here!
Some blasts are very (too) fast à la old BRUTAL TRUTH while it could sound as a mix of DISGORGE (Mex), AHUMADO GRANUJO, some old CBT, some very old CARCASS, SKINLESS (heavy parts) and ROTTING ("Crushed" CD). Even if the guitar sound is powerful and even if there are a good amount of riffs, nothing impressed me nor attracted my attention! It sounds like a "be brutal to be brutal" CD and it sounds like a Brutal mess by moments! Might be a cool release for millionar Goregrind death heads who have got a lot of money and a lot of free time! Ah!


MINDLY ROTTEN (Col) The most exquisite agonies CD'05. GRIND SYNDROME Recs.
In my mind, South american metal = Old school as fuck die hards and last degree burnt drunkards who bestially hail metal and shave the pink hairs of glammers (Without any delicacy, of corpse!)... Butt, soarprize me the Mindly Rotten, soaprize: There's no old school to be found here!
This is technical blasting brutal death that never stops to change and break the rhythms to fuck your skull better; in a way the position of the scalpel always changes so that you never get used to the cuts and so lacerations keeps on hurting as in a multiways rape!
It sounds a bit like ORIGIN, but with less constancy and more undergroundness, or some early DEEDS OF FLESH but accelerated, and with old school zests of early KRISIUN. It almost always blasts; after a while I'd like an ultra heavy riff to break your conscience in half; but that's probably wanted since the fans wouldn't tolerate any doom or midplaced chopping. I'm generally not a big fan of the style, but MINDLY ROTTEN has fukked new borders and sounds quite sickened (And few "melodic" riffs are great).Definitely not for slow brains!


MISERICORDIA (SWE) Erase the skies MCD'02.
Fast Black metal à la old MARDUK/ WAR/ MAYHEM (All times: "De mysteriis..." for Morbid high pitched guitar harmonies, new epoch for screams ans a few blasting raw breaks).
There are typically swedish Black metal melodies SACRAMENTUM once used, but also some dark thrashing touches for some guitars as well as EMPEROR touches for some structures and a few more enjeweled parts. For some reasons, the drum playing (not a bad drummer, is he so tight and skillfull live?) and a little abrupt touch made me think about CENTURIAN's first Demo CD.
All is correctly played in a ticht way and with enough variations.
It can be a nice band for those who like Brutal black Metal with melodic touches here and there (but it didn't do much to me), but there's nothing much more from the average on a compositions' point of view!


MISERY INDEX (Usa) Overthrown MCD'01 ANARCHUS Recs.
Sum it up: as Jason Netherton had to finish his studies he couldn't tour anymore with DYING FETUS. So he begins a new project named MISERY INDEX (It's the economical indicator of human suffering, not to be confused with the punk band using the same name or the ASSÜCK album) with Mike Harisson, guitarist and vocalist (He does the backing vocals, in a style that's quite nearr of John Tardy's one). The Kevin Talley is fired from DYING FETUS and joins them. So here we have the creative central nerve of DYING FETUS united in a band that's obviously very near of their previous formation, but what could make think about CANNIBAL CORPSE in DYING FOETUS has disappeared here. But remains this totally insane rythmic section, the hardcore influence decreases but are still murdering (Cf the chorus of "Manufacturing greed"), and the themes the lyrics deal with are very near of D.F (Subversions at every levels). And even if "Overthrow" isn't as direct, this MCD becomes fastly captivating. According to the the infamous shit the last DYING FETUS Ep was, it's useless to precise the fans of the band will more find themselves into MISERY INDEX's stuffs. It's a shame this MCD is so short and the TERRORIZER cover is a failure. I can't wait for the full length CD!             Pierre


These 3 new MISERY INDEX tracks differ a bit from their great appearance on the very good CREATED TO KILL 4 ways split CD! Even if the band still strives on offering Brutal death grind to turn inside out the slips of the non believers, the hard ridden music they practice sounds less direct with less blasts and kinda more Hardcorish touches. The tremolo riffs and old DYING FETUS reminiscences are mixed up with some mid placed groovy stuffs and core induced parts. Some parts sound like old CANNIBAL CORPSE meets old MALEVOLENT CREATION. Energetic brutal grinding metal with punch and rythm! Good drummer with the blasts, fast double ass kicks and enough breaks to keep your metal interest high. The 3rd track isn't very cool though. Good production. It's over the top of the Brutal death grind many bands compose, but these 3 tracks aren't at the top of the Misery index! The band did some more impressive pukes, but it's a very cool side!

STRUCTURE OF LIES are more Brutal death like, it has a bunch of blasts and double bass drums, tremolos and technical riffs, even though some Core touches are also there! The faster parts of the music are along the lines of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL (a bit) and INSISION, while they have more worked on or technical touches à la DISGUST (Fra) or VITAL REMAINS, as well as some melodic touches (See GOD DETHRONED and old THE CROWN). Most of their vocals that sound high pitched doesn't please me so much, there are also some deeper screams. Their drummer has good technical abilities, and a varied style! :)
It remains only Okey stuffs in my ears; there are some nice parts, but most of their extreme music is only ok or average... A cool band to check out live! STRUCTURE OF LIFES might be cool for the Big brutal death maniacs!


MOCKERY (Spa) ...On the slab CD'03. HECATOMBE Records.
The moronic piano introduction sounding as gay as the happier R.E.M moments announces nothing more than... TOTAL GORE!! Moron shredding Brutal death gore that sounds like a massive butchery of moronic meat! MOCKERY plays the kind of simple Brutal death grind that could be perceived as Goregrind because of the many gore and raw vocals (And the drum machine?). But the riffs sound like somekind of early BRODEQUIN meets DEVOURMENT, heavy FLESHGRIND and some UNCREATION. All these riffs sound butchering, but unfortunately it all seems in the same "raw" and "unmelodic" way; and a feeling of repetitiveness can be felt after the third portion of moronic meat. A fan of MORTICIAN, old C.B.T or early MUCUPURULENT may find interest in MOCKERY. This album sounds cool, I kinda enjoy all these gore and disjoncted perverted vocals but it's a shame the tracks repeats the same ideas over and over as the meat shredding machinery keeps turning.
Not killer, not original at all, but the vicious perverted bastards may find some cool moments of perverted enjoyment and satisfaction of the murdering instinct in this mockery of the countless moronic beings!


Here were back MONSTROSITY with a second full-length CD!
I didn't enjoy their first one since it lacked of tightness, efficiency and it was just a copy of other better bands in my opinion! The sound wasn't so great also...
On this new album they increased all these technical aspects, but it sounded better than before! It wasn't technical all along the tracks, but rather nicely included technical riffs and breaks. I could compare their music to the first MALEVOLENT CREATION CDs with more technicalities and quite surprising breaks. It can remind of SINISTER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, a bit of old GORGUTS as well as a bit of old BRUTALITY. The vocals were in the vein of what Corpsegrinder did later on the "Vile" CD (not much difference in the tones). Good powerful sound!
The whole sounds Ok in my opinion, but there are some really good parts such as on the "Slaves and master" track! (Nice beginning and excellent 'End of life' lead ending the leading portion in which the guitarist seems to see his whole life rewind in front of his eyes!). I'm not fond of MONSTROSITY's music, but those who enjoy Death/ Grind with enough variations, surprises and technical touches may be quite pleased!  


MONSTROSITY (Usa) Rise to power CD'03 CONQUEST Recs.
Ha! A bunch of guys awaited this new MONSTROSITY album as the band keeps on recording quite solid Death grind albums, but the interested parts may be surprised during the first listenings since this new album is different from the previous MONSTROSITY releases! All in all, the style of the band is now heavier with much more mid placed and slower full of double kick parts, even if a grinding and old punching Death metal side is still present.
So this new album can remind you some of the last MORBID ANGEL releases, DEICIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, NILE (leads) or SUFFOCATION ("Pierced from within"). The MONSTROSITY touch can still be found in some structures and breaks, but the music of the band is now less complex (with less breaks) than an album like "Millenium" for example. A classy touch is here! Somewhere MONSTROSITY follows on this album the evolution MORBID ANGEL had on their last albums. Few names such as DEATH (melodic interlude) and DEMOLITION HAMMER(old) came to my mind. There are nice sounding leads. For those who are afraid of a too slow music,  I can add a bunch of tracks have a bunch of faster parts and the band isn't victim of the Six Feet under syndrom!
Tending to an heavier kind of controlled Death metal that has somekind of classy touch, this new pleasant album of MONSTROSITY that has the benefits of a good production might be cool for those who enjoy a tight, technically allright; slow, mid placed and fast, controlled kind of Death metal.


MORBID ANGEL (USA) Formulas fatal to the flesh CD’98 EARACHE.
Some would say "God is back and God will show you how much he dominates you all! Poor worms! " A new MORBID ANGEL album had always been a great evenement for the fans of DEATH METAL! MORBID ANGEL had always until then been one of the most destructive and creative bands, but besides the brutality of their style their compositions has some real dynamic, a deep soul and a personality! Complex while being easily listenable, near of the perfection! In my eyes, MORBID ANGEL had been more than a simple Death metal band until the departure of David Vincent and the recording of this CD.
I was and I'm still not as enthusiastic for this album as I was for their previous ones! The band evolved a bit more in the heavier way "Domination" announced, the whole is really heavier in a more obscure style than their previous releases. There are still some good tracks, a bunch of blasts and some few original ideas, but for the first time I had the feeling Trey was including some 'not very usefull' riffs in his compositions, some riffs many Death metal musicians can find! And it's a shame because this album sounds quite average in parts (for a Morbid angel release), it has its picks and drawbacks! I also don't appreciate that much the vocal parts of Steve tucker because he's less powerful and sounds really less convinced by his lyrics than David Vincent was! He's only a Death metal vocalist...
As a whole this is a good album, I really like 50% of it, but if Trey had taken more time he would certainly have done one more time something almost perfect! Mixed feelings for a CD that I don't play so often, but it remains a good one!


MORBID ANGEL (USA) Gateways to annihilation CD’00 EARACHE
They’re not as fast and aggressive as before but there are still some few grind parts and some old school Death Metal rythms.  This new album sounds a lot like DOMINATION for the heavy side of this album. ( The songs « Burn with me (inquisition )»,  «  Where the slime live » and « Hatework ») The singer now sounds even more like David Vincent as his voice evolves in a better way. There are some assymetric parallel guitar harmonies Azagtoth didn’t use so much before, it makes them sound even more mystic. They explore some new deeply subconsious cerebral landscapes and they procure some new interesting atmospheres they didn’t use to pass down before.
Notice the appearance of some high pitched satanic vocals that mixed with the deep growls of Eric makes me think about old DEICIDE ( « Deicide » and « Legion ») or the « Altars of Madness » album. Some riffs’ conception + vicious satanic aspect could also remind the americans at the time of « Legion ». Some synths parts covered with melodic highpitched leads reminds me some old obscure NOCTURNUS ( « The key »).
I had the pleasure to find back some floating and out of touch elements and effects Azagtoth used mostly on the « Covenant » album for leads.
Their are still some interesting and alive drumplaying elements Pete Sandoval included to maximyze the life given into a song but I have the feeling his golden age of innovative drumplaying creativity was at the time of TERRORIZER’s « World downfall »( actually re-released with a different colour cover but without bonus tracks) and MORBID ANGEL’s « Altars of madess », « Blessed are the sick » and « Covenant ». All in all it is a quite good album, but I'm not some much into their new heavier style! This isn't punishing anymore and I'm quite unfortunately convinced Trey will never compose anymore totally Innovative and Killer albums such as "Altars of madness", "Blessed are the sick" or "Covenant". Good for fans of the band or the obscure Death metal fans, but we're talking about MORBID ANGEL here!


I must say I wasn't very fond of MORBID ANGEL's last 2 albums because the heavier way they evolved in didn't turn me on that much, and I could feel a lack of really deep and strong inspiration, even if a dark mood here and if the musicians have a great technical level and the leads were coming from another world!
Ok, this new MORBID ANGEL CD sounds like Trey Azagtoth is a bit more nervous than the last years: some tracks have more blasts and grinding intensity. Of course there's still the bunch of heavier stuffs Trey's compositions have evolved in during the last years. There are some good stuffs I like on this album, such as the track "Heretic" (Even if it has some kind of "Core" beat in its beginning) but there are also some parts that aren't that good, especially when you think it comes from Trey Azagtoth's mind! I've been quite surprised by some errors in here, such as some quite strange structures or some interludes that sound misplaced right between some tracks. No need to say more, this CD will be reviewed everywhere.
To conclude, this is a good album that sounds better than the average, but it doesn't sound that good anymore when you think it's a MORBID ANGEL album; and the fact Trey needed 3 years to compose it leaves a strange taste in my filthy mouth.


Hailing from Finland with their new deal on the spanish new UxGx label Motosierra, MORBID SAVOURING comes here with a first full length.
Following the Grind/ Death - Death/ Grind style, this CD offers a good amount of tracks that are fast, correctly played, but in ways of this little mirror I can feel boredom or nervosity emerging from my inner bag of bones! The sound is extreme but not always very earable, and some riffs doesn't sound original but just in the "as always" Brutal style.
Their inner artworks looks like if CARCASS' 2 first uncensored LP covers where dones with female cumshots, fistfuckings, legfuckings and other coile splattering things. Their extreme like style has a good bunch of Grindings, but also some more old school Death metal influences with a few VADER's demo days, a few old AUTOPSY ("Severed survival") or even some UNLEASHED (1st LP). INFAMY's name may be spelled for a few heavy parts. And between some Grindcore moments are added some Destroyed Grind/ Punk riffs à la "Scum". Some parts sound mess and blurry. Their Brutal death parts sound too much everheard and after 1/3 of the album I've got the feeling about listening to the same tracks one time more!
Some lyrics such as "Anti vegan or "I'm pedophile" seems to follow a fucking stupid ideology as it doesn't seem to be a joke... They seem to have an extreme metal knowledge and their music can be Ok or rather cool for big Grinders... But nothing attracted my attention here, this CD won't be played more than 1 or 2 times more on my Hi Fi... Some killer riffs please! 


At the first speleologistical approach, I imagined this Russian band would play old school death (Remember the old Slovakian outfit AMORBITAL?), but the excoriating content has more to do with the cavern and bestial revenge.
This album sounds like angry black death/ war metal and can evoke the likes of CORPSE MOLESTATION, early BESTIAL WARLUST, perhaps CONQUEROR, with a couple more traditional fast black metal riffs, and a couple of slower death metal moments.
I appreciate the fact the production is quite "deaf" (It gives a more cavern feeling), the vocals are closer to low "growls" than screams, and some guitars happen to be quite chaotic (Think about Leads).
Compared to old BESTIAL WARLUST (Was there ever a new Bestial Warlust?), perhaps MORBITAL lacks a couple of catchier epic guitars and some really old school metal riffs (If you want to compare); There are a lot of blast parts & fast rhythms, it kicks in the cavern, but maybe a touch of glorious bleeding-cock-decapitation could be a plus (AhAh).
(Secondary info: I noticed there are a bit more of slow death metal riffs once you reach the second part, which is nice).
Anyway I don't have the ultimate knowledge in scarificating black death/ war metal, so I can't judge the content with precision, but in my humble molested hears MORBITAL seems to be a quite good band that could please the molesting and lapidating needs of the obscure fans.


MORGUE (Fra) Artgore CD'01 ABLATED.
I have never been a fan of MORGUE.
I may have spread some great words about their stuffs in my very first paper issue, but I wanted to support the Brutal stuffs at all costs (and the French scene was fucking lame at this time...).
Their Brutal Death/ Grind was the very classical American influenced kind of stuffs, with influences ranging around old CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEADEN, INCANTATION, old DEEDS OF FLESH (less technical), old EXHUMED (a bit). Obviously, there were a lot of riffs and changes in the tracks, but nothing that ever made me choke on bile!
I've got the feeling it was going everywhere, and the real Brutal punch in your face wasn't here... In my opinion this CD remains sterile for most of it, even if some obscure riffs à la INCANTATION aren't so bad.
So, I didn't enjoy their old releases ("Artgore" CD, "Bonecrunch" MCD, some Eps and a demo). After a few tracks begun the exhausting of my soul and mind! I've read their new CD is different and more aggressive, but I've not heard it yet... We'll see!

MORRATH (Pol) Centuries of blindness CD. 2023. METAL IS THE LAW Recs.
The devil made me do it.
Phantomatic arms made of dark fume took and leaded my hands, as we once leaded the rats... So I took my pen and involuntary wrote these words.
This first album consists in quite kicking evil death metal in the style of MORBID ANGEL. And to be more precise, closer to the fast songs of "Altars" or "Covenant", with a bit of the following albums. Then you can also feel other elements like the evil Polish death metal (No surprise Morrath are from Poland), some early HATE ETERNAL, a bit of NILE, some old CENTURIAN, then also a bit of MASSACRA ("Enjoy" or "Signs") or touches of early SINISTER (First two albums), with a bit more "modern" moments here & there.
Even if the blastbeats are very present here, all the songs aren't totally fast & revengeful: You can feel some heavier (Or more thrashy) moments to aerate a bit the cauldron. Sometimes maybe the polish dudes also get closer to regular 90's European DM (The mid-paced one)... But globally the music drowns in the same spirit: Evil Death metal in the "Azagtoth realm".
I hear nothing new in this album, but this is a quite well made and efficient recording in the style with not too much to complain for evil deathmetallers. (It could be considered as a quite good substitute since the last Morbid Angel albums weren't too passionating...)
Give the devil more flesh.
Give the devil more flesh.
Give him more...


MORTA SKULD (Usa) Serving two masters MCD. 2014. DREAD Records.
Morta Skuld was a solid band at playing a heavy and quite powerful style of American Death metal, with enough diversity to keep the quartering entertaining. Even though their style wasn't really personal, they offered something like a melting pot of the current death metal from this time, with a bit more of heaviness and crushing power than the average (Their last two albums were quite good examples of the band turning heavier and fatter (Even in the fast moments) and for this reason it couldn't please everyone).
Here is their new recording, released 17 years after the last studio album: it contains 5 new songs that evolve more or less in the same style.
Globally, I would say 50% to 2/3 of the metallic content is close in nature to what you could find before (Death metal with an emphasis on the mid-paced, the heavier, with faster moments from here and there), while other newer elements made their appearance (Some kind of "thrashy" riff in the second song, some mid-old Napalm Death (Perhaps "Diatribes") influence in the third one, or a simple black metal riff somewhere else), and the Morbid Angel influence of the later albums rather vanished.
The problem lies in the fact some riffs are too easy (I sometimes can't avoid thinking it wasn't developed enough), and so the music isn't as powerful as it could be.
I feel the listening is a bit closer to the second album ("As humanity fades"), than the third, and especially the last one ("Surface"), this might be due to the production, or the guitar tuning.
Also some might be surprised the vocals aren't really deep/ guttural anymore, it's more "screamy" and sounds closer to early Malevolent Creation, or perhaps Resurrection ("Embalmed existence"), well this doesn't bother me.  
This MCD shows the band is still able to write quite powerful riffs and interesting moments, but globally this is an average release and some work is needed to reach back the playing level of their previous studio albums. Hope this was a warming and MORTA SKULD will inject again more details & tricks in their playing. SOLID & MASSIVE IT SHALL BE.


MORTAL DECAY (Usa) Cadaveric art CD'05. UNIQUE LEADER.
The hordes of cuntophiliac bombers are there to hunt their delicious flesh! Run cunty lips, run!!
MORTAL DECAY plays a blasting Brutal death that doesn't lack of grooves and quite "original" (better said fresh sounding?) ideas from here and there. Imagine typical US Brutality dating back from few years ago, with enough powergroove breaks and cool ideas emerging from lands unknown (for a brutal Death band). The architecture of aggression is welt built enough and the whole (both riffs and vokills) is varied enough to keep you in the crazy haunted truck.
I happen to think MORTAL DECAY plays Brutal death a relaxing way: understand their brutal and heavy (yet fast) US Death happens to dilate your necroses in a nice embalming mood.
I think this album is a bit more energetic than "Forensic" and I have the suprise to find cool ideas reminding of "sickening erotic fanaticism"
Ok. Some will complain that the band sounds quite a lot like SUFFOCATION and hordes of other brutal death bands from the past... but MORTAL DECAY's music is more efficient than the average, and there's a little something incarnating under the form of strange "positive" riffs that gives them more than a little touch of personality.
After all, we do not have a really memorable album. Some riffs are average, a bit more craziness in the playing would be nice, I didn't experience the massive thrill of hyper brutality, and the most picky guys will probably think this album is nothing special/ average.
But the legions of cunty lips have to be caught and bombarded as fuck! So, this kind of brutal album with cool refreshing moments is quite welcome in there! The big underground fans of US brutality who aren't too locked in there technicrap overdose will probably think so.
Conclusion: Cool US Brutal death metal with enough variety and fresh ideas, for the cool brutal death fans who like to be entertained a brutal way.
Run cunty lips, run!!


MORTAL INTENTION (Ger) Beflecket Fleisch CD'99.
20th release to review, 20th production that didn't sound more personal nor pleased me a bit on this pile of promo stuffs to describe... so what about entitling this one "The review in which I drowned"?
But as some reviewers from big french metal magazines think, "let's stay objective as a little bird in a beautifull aurora and check out all the imaginative good points of this release you find as boring as a fucking titless and anusless bitch, say anything but the truth to keep the mighty money from the labels that buys you big colourfull adds, and don't review the release but start spreading Blah Blah!! These Black metal bastards should learn how to do decent corpsepaints because two members looks really stupid in the booklet's photos!
But let's speak about the music of our German bastards... this is Black metal with a touch of melody, some stuff that's quite simple and sounds very common and very average. Thousands and thousands of bands played these riffs and "ideas" in the Black metal fields before, and nothing sounds relevant at all...
The drums are almost inexistant in the mix. I could speak about DARK FUNERAL (without the aggressiveness and deeply satanic aspect), EQUINOX (for some old sounding Black metal, but not the same level of quality) and maybe GORGON (Fra)'s two first CDs. Everythings from the music to the cover doesn't procure me a positive impression for an album. Should have remained on a demo!


MORTAL WHISPER (Chile) Mortal whisper MCD. 2017. DYSTOPIAN DOGS Recs.
Chile is known among the underground freaks for the massive assaults of necro old school death metal it has fed our hears with, but this country isn't only about the ugly, the raw and the necro.
Now, we are talking about MORTAL WHISPER that plays very cool heavy metal in the 80's genre! The songs are heavy, speed, melodic (But not wimpy), well built, and overall inspired with a good old feeling.
During the listening I thought about early IRON MAIDEN (Di Anno era), some french ADX, some SORTILEGE, a bit of early ACCEPT (First album when they were closer to hard rock than German Heavy), but perhaps I should stop the name dropping here: I'm not an old heavy metal expert and some of these names might sound a little gross for those who have the knowledge.
But the knowledge isn't needed to know a release is very good, you have to feel it... And in the case of MORTAL WHISPER I can say the soul and great riffs are there! This can really be epic by moments!
Fans of real heavy metal, check it out, without headbanging regret.


MORTALIZED (Jap)/ EVOL (Jap) Split Ep'01 BLOODBATH Recs.
Relaxing in a Japanese thearoom, smoking opium surrounded by super-cute Asiatic babes! Smoking and smoking again to the point of reaching abstract deliria and hallucinating on ancient Japanese darkened deities! They order me to taste the flesh with my knives! My burning red demon flattered by this perfect Asian flesh, my darkened perversity warmed to white-hot! Massive explosions of killing instinct! Violent bloodsheds! Orgasm of the inner frustrated gulf!
I finally deliciously savor the ultra cutes with an electric toaster and fine rusty razors.
I had to order this Ep in Germany to be able to enjoy the Japanese Satanic Grind metal of MORTALIZED! Two aggressive tracks that didn't disappoint me! The band was ever playing blast as fukk death grind with few Grindcore and thrashy technical touches! Fast and energetic with few kinda mathcore breaks. Raw vocals the old school way! The first track "Killer-3" has some kind of old MARDUK feel.
These tracks might sound in part less efficient than their last releases (quite hesitating breaks) but this is a short punch of grinding metal right in the face of greedy capitalists! Intense enough for the underground maniacs of intense blasting mania!
Other side, other band, less interest. The Japanese EVOL (Not the Italian "Black metal" band) plays some kind of old school death with blast parts meets old school Grindcore. Reminds me of very CADAVER, REPULSION, old MORBID ANGEL, UNSEEN TERROR... But there are tightness problems (for the drums...) and some riffs sound too common! EVOL lies between the average and the very average!
Get this Ep for the smashing side of MORTALIZED, if you dare...


MORTALIZED (Jap) Absolute mortality #1 MCD'03 BLOODBATH.
Here’s the very new release of MORTALIZED that takes the form of a 4 tracks single MCD! This is still fast as fuck Death/ Grindcore with technical riffs and strange breaks, probably faster than their previous releases! There are a bunch of parts in the Czech death grind style (ALIENATION MENTAL) but also some more old school death metal à la old DEICIDE meets old VADER. Some new school Grind mathematics crushing breaks remind me of new PIG DESTROYER and DISCORDANCE AXIS!
Extremely fast compressed as fuck tracks that can please only the maniacs of ultra blasts' explosions! No slow-ass sleeping bastards allowed here! Super cool drummer, aggressive riffs, screams and raw vocals... I can't be bored!
The fans of new school Grindcore and hyper fast Death grind have chances to be pleased by these 4 short tracks! The problem is this MCD lasts less than 5 minutes: it's expensive for 10 euros!


MORTALIZED (Jap) Absolute mortality #2 MCD'05. BLOODBATH Records.
MORTALIZED do not like to be supported through interviews, reviews, compilations, websites (I tried all of this and was merely neglected).
MORTALIZED do not answer emails or snail mails.
MORTALIZED releases ultra short MCDs for a not so small price...
But they play good music, so even if all the previous shits suck quite deep, one more review is quite needed.
Since their previous ultra short MCD "Absolute mortality #1", MORTALIZED haven't changed that much, they still play grind induced music, but this time it's even faster! What you get is 6 tracks of blasting aggression between death grind and grindcore. Their music sounds a bit more modern (à la discarding DISCORDANCE AXIS) . The high pitched screams aren't as prevailing as before, it's a good point.
All in all, it's a cool and intense enough ultra short MCD worth the hear for underground fans of grindcore and intense blasting stuffs... but since it's ultra short I'd advice you to download it, not to pay 10 fucking euros for a little 5:20 of music! (A message to the label: what about making it really worth 10 euros and using bonus tracks from previous recordings? (I know there are a lot of sold out previous release with cool songs! But maybe BLOODBATH needs $! Who knows, he doesn't answer questions concerning MORTALIZED either...)). Anyway, it's time to feel the groove of Satan!


MORTEM (PERU) Decomposed by possession CD’00 MERCILESS.
This one is still old school Death Metal influenced and it’s still DEATH influenced ( Almost « Scream Bloody Gore » but also a bit of «  LEPROZY » for the heavy guitar parts with screaming leads.), they haven’t changed that much.
But I think their first CD was better, it sounded more inspired while this new one sounds less convincing! I'd even say it sounds hesitating sometimes!
They also sounds like old MORBID ANGEL ( « Abominations of Desolation » + «  Altars of madness »), old SLAYER ( « Hell Awaits » and « Reign in Blood » as well). Since their 2nd CD they’ve added melodic leads. Their music may be cool for the nostalgic of the very old DEATH releases, but I feel they want to release again and again the same stuffs as none of their pro CD (except their first one) sounded cool in my hears! More and more and more... but what about some really good tracks?


MORTICIAN (USa) Zombie Apocalypse Ep'98 RELAPSE.
Hell yeah! This fucking Ep was recorded while MORTICIAN were still inspired and didn't record 40 tracks with the same redundant riffs on a CD! This was mega monstrous and inhuman Death Grind! All-the-more with an excellent guitar sound!
The middle placed Heavy riff of "Devoured" is fucking powerful! And the programmed drumbeat makes it even more heavier! On "Zombie apocalypse" you get total old school Death heaviness followed by pure Death metal riffings! (MORTICIAN has always been very much old school Death influenced, along the lines of DEATH demo days! Their cybergrind blast parts make them sound inhuman, but I never found much Grindcore influences in their music!)
Lower than the deepest pits of hell vocals that were done without any computer effect! Sometimes a full of hatred human being can be more inhuman than a cold machine!
The "Zombie apocalypse" MCD includes more tracks such as a DEATH cover (if I'm not mistaken), but it doesn't offer the possibility to ear your turntable scratching between every tracks... (it does? Change your CD player!)
The fucking best stuffs of MORTICIAN are the "Zombie apocalypse" Ep/ MCD and the impressive "Hacked up for barbecue" CD, their following releases didn't do that much for me...


MORTUARY (Fra) Agony in red CD'03 ANVIL CORP.
Que les boyaux giclent! Que les trippes explosent! Sale batard!
The last MORTUARY release I really listened to was their first album "Hazards of creation" released in the 1996, it didn't please me much: too generic mid placed Death thrash... This new third album sounds much more impressive! Welcome to the shredding testosterone party! Fast Death grind with brutal metal, Thrash and melodic touches is what you get in your rotten syringe of Death!
The most punishing riffs reminds me of old MORBID ANGEL, DERANGED ('III'), DEPRAVED and some MALEVOLENT CREATION while the most melodic touches would evoke early THE CROWN or some GOD DETHRONED. The band also has more 'modern touches: some nice guitar elements that bring more variations. Some 80's Thrash metal can be spiked in some riffs and leads (POSSESSED, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER etc). Notice SCARVE's drummer did a good brutal job here.
This album is full of burning energy of hate, but I'd reproach them a lack of catchiness and really memorable as a triple ass-fuck riffs! (Some riffs sound ever heard many times). Some tracks might be a bit too long to maintain the mighty alcoholic energy of the ancients. But Hell! It tastes brutal to have a band of this kind in the land of once metallic desolation: France.
This is a quite recommended album for total fucking death metal fans, and junkies of fast extreme metal, but try a few tracks at your local beer-dealer to tastes if MORTUARY's putrid beers fits your alcoholic needs!


Here's the re-release of the 1st CD of the band that previously saw the shadows of darkness the year 200. Add two bonus tracks, a reworked cover and here's the final product!
Nice Doom release that reminds me of MY DYING BRIDE's "Like gods of the sun". To the contrary of M.D.B most of the stuff here is very slow. Quite monotonous and monolithic guitars, quite lyrical slow riffs melted with nice clear vocals that are both sung or breathed. There are also more death metallish vocals. Some cleaner parts reminded me of SEVEN CHURCH. Most of the tracks here are more than 10 minutes long. A few more Death doom riffs could go along the lines of PARADISE LOST ("Shades of god") or even old CELTIC FROST in very few untrodden paths.
In my opinion a few faster parts (understand mid placed ones) would be welcome to give more "dynamism" to the whole stuff to make it less monotonous, but it's their style... Well, the whole sounds nice but some really catchy parts, incredibly depressive riffs or good hellish doom riffs MY DYING BRIDE and early PARADISE LOST respectively had would make their tracks memorable.
I hear on this CD only well constructed doom with no big emotional intensity. So it's a quite nice band quite worth the listening for fans of MY DYING BRIDE!


M.B is a project composed of MUCUPURULENT and BELCHING BEETS members that covers more or less known tracks (not coming from extreme metal releases).
Their covers of the tracks I know aren't especially great since it brings nothing new, and even looses some power with ENTOMBED's cover for exemple. This may be a bit funny for some guys to check the Tina Turner or Cranberries tracks turned in a more extreme way, but there's no interest here! Seing labels and bands investing a minimum of 3200 Euros into this kind of things makes me feel both sorry and doubtfull!
List of covered bands: Misfits, Dead or alive, Kyus, Extrabriet, Prong, Entombed, Tina Turner, New Order, ACDC, Ramones, Invisible limits, White Zombie, Brutal Truth, Alice in Chains, Violent femmes...


This split Ep was recorded in an epoch when Goregrind bands weren't legions, when Gore and bizarre bands of the style were so rare and obscure every new cool band was a new gem of the gore! It was a time when Goregrind wasn't a trend and this style was more interesting, different and original! In a way it was a microcosm of alternative to the whole underground in which it was included (An alternative to the alternative? Uh...) Goregrind bands are now thousands and thousands, it splashed your bowels in almost every new demo... but where are the thrills.
Bloody Rape! MUCUPURULENT scumed 4 tracks of sperm cream recorded during the session of "The bizarre tales of abnormal" Demo'95. Some tracks are the sale than of the "Sicko baby" CD ("Oral sex masturbation, "Pussy berserker"...), but with less heavy viciousness, lives of the scumflesh and Goreblasting bizarrity. It wasn't bad for it's time, cool gore stuff with enough bizarrity to keep your own transsexual pussy wet! It announced some nice stuffs and "Sicko baby" was definitely their more wet pussy splashing!
On their side, CABBAL played complex Death/ Grind with synthetic drums and Gore vocals. Well, they tried to be quite personal, some riffs remind me of some old CARCASS... but a few years later, nothing special to cum or enjoy... Bizarre riffs... Seems they tried to include Japanese music's themes... they may sound like INTESTINE BAALISM but that's quite old stuffs... One should be an absolute Underground maniac to enjoy it...


MUCUPURULENT (Ger) Sicko baby CD'97 SUB ZERO Recs.
If you had an only release of MUCUPURULENT to know, that would be this one!
"Sicko baby" is in my opinion the only one of their releases worth the bunch of bucks it bloody costs!
In this pathologically wet year 1997, MUCUPURULENT were gore, grinding, groovy and overall obscure goregrinding! The band had some kind of a little personality at this time, the mix of heavy goredeath, blasting sickness, crusty goredeath and vicious low end disjoncting pitch shifted vocals melted the putrid flesh in a quite cold, inhuman and inspired enough music that schocked my mind in a sufficient amount of parts to make it nicely memorable few years later! (Check the vicious heaviness of the first track, or the bizarre blasting power of "Scrotal hernia" for example, and get your nose in your pile of shit! You bastard!).
All the more, they had a powerful production for a cool CD!
On their following releases, the band lost most of their blasting goregrind moments and the use of gorepitchshifted vocals was banished; making of MUCUPURULENT nothing more than an average/ very average groovy Death band with few Grind touches. The band is still active, but the MUCUPURULENT aura seems to be buried since years!


MUCUPURULENT (Ger) Horny like hell CD'99 SUBZERO.
I was quite enthusiastic with their first CD "Sicko baby" that was very cool in the Goregrind style! It was just enough perverted, gore and wet to fullfill some obscure moments of cold bizarrity!
But I'm quite disappointed with this 2nd full release! It doesn't sound that much as the MUCUPURULENT I knew before: it's way less grinding, the vocals aren't gore anymore, and there is less vicious heaviness in the riffs! A good part of the stuffs here is more mid placed, with a more groovy rockin' touch...
There are still some good tracks here, such as the first two ones... but the quite impressive ideas of these tracks didn't sound much Goregrind, it's more MORTICIAN influenced (for the good Brutal blasting riff on the first one, and for the sound texture on the heavy opening riff of the 2nd one). But the whole becomes quite fastly repetitive in my opinion, all the remaining tracks are in this mid tempo stuff that can only be boring after 2 tracks.
 A few cool moments are there, but I bought this CD and I'm disappointed... Instead of it, try to find the "Sicko baby" CD and copy a few tracks from this "Horny like hell" CD that doesn't turn me horny, horny, horny!


MUCUPURULENT (Ger) Soulreaver CD'02 MORBID Recs.
I couldn't say I was disappointed by this new MUCUPURULENT release since I didn't put any hope in this CD! Their last one I heard ("Horny like hell") bored me compared to "Sicko baby"! And in the case of "Soulreaver" this is still (for most of it) the same mid placed groovy and low tuned metal (that wasted 80% of "Horny like hell") with few remains of their Goregrind past!After one track I've got the feeling I heard all the riffs that will come. Once the mid temp was switched on, it doesn't stop this mid placed gore metal that sounds like bad MUCUPURULENT or even unworthy new ENTOMBED (!) in their worst days. And the vocals have lost all its diversity and gore! Only one track stands out this time! "Vermin" is a quite nice heavy song with ripping riffs and little Heavy death metal touches! It seems there's only one blast part in here. MUCUPURULENT is totally in decline, and this CD is so repetitive and cruelly lacks of rotten energy! Bleuaarrrgh!
This is a very very average CD I may listen to one more time only! Just to be certain I haven't "forgotten" something nice... This isn't worth your precious money at all!


AAARRRGH!!! Total Grindcore energy! Direct blast in your face total fuse-blow-drumming fucker! I heard some tracks of this good Grindcore CD some years ago and it was good to find it back! Never-ending Grindcore blasting feastcore à la old TERRORIZER that explodes everything around the speakers! Yeah! The fast parts are raw and explosive à la TERRORIER and NAPALM DEATH ("F.E.T.O")! AAARRRGHH!! The whole world explodes under the power of this fucking ball-fire of energy! It has slower Hardcorepunk parts many old school Grindcore bands used in the golden years of the Grindcore insanity! As well as some few punching thrashcore like beats! I see all the stupid dogmas imposed by society being torn to pieces! It's definitely worth the headbangs in your 4 walls! Blast! Blast and Bleed! Raw and primal riffing aggressiveness with a guitar sound that owns a little "F.E.T.O" texture! Powerful pro yet aggressive sound! Some actual bands such as MASTIC SCUM, BLOCKHEADS, DEPRAVED (1st CD) sound similar in parts.  Contrary to a good amount of releases, it keeps the march of the intensity during a good part of the CD! Thrills!  The whole is at least very cool, and there are some very good intense tracks in here!
A Grindcore maniac can't be disappointed! If you ever find it, get it at all costs or you'll eternally drown in the nauseabond seas of burning regrets!



MURK EXORBITANCE (Rus) Desecrated reality CD'06. SOUNDAGE Prods.
For an album this is average. Morissound Death metal that would rather remind the mid-placed patterns of old MALEVOLENT CREATION, RESURRECTION or MORTA SKULD, with some blasting patterns and mid old DEATH influences.
Some mid tempos almost tend to quite groovy deathcore, but it's not the same feeling, so I'll keep it linked to the sounds of Maurice.
Even if it's not badly played or produced, it sounds too convenient and lacks of explosive energy (And some blasts are fucking flat!).
I kind of enjoy some atmospheres and grooves, but I don't know many peoples to enjoy this kind of stuffs nowadays... It would have been a cool CD if it was released in 1992-1993... It seems I'll conclude with: Only for nostalgics, big fans of Maurice and local supporters.


MUTIILATION (Fra) Majestas leprosus CD'03 ORDEALIS Recs.
I remember I heard on some Black metal compilation tapes some tracks of the French bands that belonged to the "Black legions", including some of MUTIILATION, but nothing stood above the average and the whole was badly produced. What we've got here is Black metal in a quite old vein that reminds me of what some bands did around 90-95. This is fast, with some slower moments, grim and raw stuffs with harsh screams, but I find nothing especially relevant or catchy. The guitars sound too fuzzy and lack of real aggression, but it might be the style. Some riffs sound cliché! Even if MUTIILATION might be seen as a cult band by some identitary individuals, I don't see any musical reason for this! This is an average/ very average CD that didn't please the non-black metal fan I am.


Grinding from Netherlands, MY MIND'S MINE plays Grindcore that makes me think about some NYCTOPHOBIC's stuffs, it's grinding with the same kind of blasting drums and some screamy vocals in the same vein, etc... and there are some old NAPALM DEATH influences of course! But nothing in their style impressed me. It's fast and rawly produced, but nothing stands out... Well it may be an Ok piece of aggression for the big fans of undergrind ground, but big enjoyers of excellent old school and full of guts bands like REPULSION, NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS won't be thrilled!
VIOLENT HEADACHE's style and music sounds like a mix of SONIC YOUTH, old crusting DISRUPT with wanna hardcore my arse riffs and weak blasts... hmmm the drummer's style is okey, but their riffs and tracks just sound too disassembled and average to be at least a bit entertaining!