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R.D.B (Portugal) Obra o diablo!!! MCD. 2011. VOMIT YOUR SHIRTS Recs.
I thought "R.D.B" meant something like "Rolling Dicks and Boobs", but there's no cock'n roll or detritus-anal-brewing, so I was probably wrong. The sounds are in the middle of blasting death, grindcore and crustcore, with some brutal death influences. While the numerous relentless blasting moments could sound close to some INHUME, BRODEQUIN ("Festival of death") or SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (Around the 1st and 2nd CD), there's also a good share of crustcore parts and an old school way of building songs (Or the use of "impact" breaks) that remind me of very old (And also quite newer) NAPALM DEATH.
This sounds quite "modern" in the way the blasting parts are very fast, this sounds more old school in the way most of the crust parts are in the classical manner.
Some drawbacks: These blasts are a bit too fast for my tastes, I imagine it will mostly kick the most focused heads (And wasn't it protoolsified?). Some crust parts, mostly in the first songs, sound a bit too trivial/ groovy and dissolve the intensity.
Some positive: The blasting impact might please fans of reversed face punching, because it sounds quite extreme and skull punching. The production sounds quite extreme, without being too granitic...
There's nothing new, particular, and the music doesn't feel as brutal or defenestrating as old INHUME (For example), but it also sounds quite brutally efficient and might enhance your needs for brutal mollusk castration! Bru Bru Bru. Brew yourself in the giant alcohol jar.


RAMMER (Can) Incinerator CD'02 SHIFTY Recs.
This band coming from Canada might sound like an unidentified flying object compared to the Brutal death, Grind and technical death bands who infest Canada! Welcome back to the early 80's!
Even if at first ear the screamed Black/ Thrash vocals could let you think RAMMER plays Swedish melodic death, this is quite far from being the truth. Attentive listenings can let you figure out the music rather tends to somekind of Heavy metal with thrashy and death metal touches as it can remind the early years of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and some other Heavy metal bands I won't mention simply coz I don't know their music enough. The cover directly seems to come from a LOUDNESS LP! Some more modern influences can remind of the Gothenburp style, while some riffs have something to do with the spirit of the latest PROTECTOR or earlier NECROPHAGIA.
A little Death rocking aspect of the guitars reminds me of ENTOMBED's "Uprising" album. Aren't there some PILEDRIVER touches? Or Am I too drunk??
All in all there's nothing to burn out your golden beer, nor to rape the fat and ugly bank woman, but this is a decent thing that remains nice to listen in alcoholic tranquility. It's a bit too convenient for me, but beer isn't only an aggressive brevage.


This new RAMMER release sounds a bit less heavy metallic, even though it still mixes the same elements listed in the previous review: Some heavy metal, some thrash, some death metal and few others. It sounds a bit more garage with more accelerations, the Thrash metal and early death metal influences seems to take more importance in their new compositions.
The music reminds me the spirit of ENTOMBED's "Uprising" and possibly "Same difference" albums; that's possibly due to a rocking touch somewhere, somekind of Thrash death accelerations and the kinda garage but well produced sound. This time the vocals are deeper and rawer. Well this new MCD might sound a bit more extreme as it's less melodic than "Incinerator" (but remains convenient. lol), I prefer the release reviewed before since it shew more heavy metal influenced tracks that had the benefits of few kinda catchy riffs. It's you to see if this kind of not really extreme stuffs with some melodies but also a rocking/ and raw, yet death thrashy, touch interests you. If so, you may have found a quite cool band to fit your beer metal orgies.

REBEL SOULS (Ger) Dawn of depravity CD. 2022. BLOOD FIRE DEATH Recs.
Here you have a pretty good band from Germany which comes up with their second album.
Their style is a quite "brutal" and somewhat "blackened" kind of death metal, to reformulate this idea I might say the spirit of end 90's/ early 00's "super death metal" can be felt here.
The compositions sound like a mix of old SINISTER, FLESHTIZED, old MORBID ANGEL (Not so evil), SUFFOCATION (Rather "Souls to deny" or maybe "Blood oath"), with the addition of DEICIDE or old Cannibal corpse touches on guitars...
From reading a part of these names you might expect a blastbeats fest, but the drums are more varied than that (No problem for me). There's some research in the riffs, it's not always BRRRUTAL (They seem to be interested in writing songs, which is welcomed).
The vocals are quite powerful and can sound quite catchy... The whole is well produced but not overproduced...
That's a lot of positive points, isn't it? In fact REBEL SOULS did the job right at many levels, yes, but now I couldn't say this album cracked my underwears from the inside. Even if some songs are catchy/ entertaining the way it should be, I'm not sure if I would wake up at night to play this REBEL SOULS CD like an evil beast (AhAh). But this album is all well done according to the expectations of the style, and it could please those who need more from this kind of death metal.


RECUEIL MORBIDE (Fra) Hurt by human race CD'02 DEADSUN.
Here's another french band! I think they released their first Demo in 1999, I remind I listened to it but I don't remember how it sounded like...
Their style is Brutal death metal with some complex structures (not always the most efficient) and mostly Brutal death riffs (including some too common stuffs in my ears!). Some MORBID ANGEL influences for riffs and structures can be quoted while there's some CANNIBAL CORPSE for fast beats and vocals! Also some vocals à la NILE. They own also more classical Black metal influences that are simple or more thought ( à le EMPEROR for exemple). The whole is well produced, tight, but I find no great riff or crushing deep emotionnal riffings! I think they fit well hand in hand with KRONOS (Fra) for several reasons including the one I feel nothing special in their music. It can please some french big Brutal Death fans!


REEK OF SHITS (Cze) Bloody Obstetric Technology CD'02 BIZARRE LEPROUS.
Bizarre Leprous releases a lot of CDs! They can offer the coolest Underground stuffs as well as the worst Grindnoise shit stuffs! And in this case I'm not speaking about the coolest ones!
What you may hear on this CD that gets the benefits from an ugly cover is simple Goregrind/ Death that goes along the lines of old GUT (by moments) and other quite funny projects such as a countless amount of boring ones I don't want to remember. The goal here seems in part to be funny, but it fails and sounds like a loss! Sounds like very bad HAEMORRHAGE meets DEADEN or the weakest parts of INHUMATE's old demos. This is cliché Grind/ Death with pitched vocals, ever-heard riffs, inefficient tracks. In one word: boring! Except from the big underground scatophiles who spend hours bathing in their own excrements, I hardly see someone being pleased by "Reek of shits"! And I'm speaking here about a pro CD that costs around 16 Euros! Honestly, Roman and his label should focus on fewer but far better bands such as AHUMADO GRANUJO or PIGSTY!

REFFUGO (Bra) Christ agony Tape album. 2017. Rereleased 2019. ART PAGAN Records.
Let's have a closer look at some of the tapes I got in trade, and try to extract the morbid pulp from the analog datas lying in my cavern... Because this is the underground! I'm not here to review what the "mainstream underground" PR invade my mailbox with! Remember: The underground isn't a digital dildo nor a vibrating bluebooth buttplug!
REFFUGO is a quite solid death metal band from Sao Paolo, Brazil, whose music can be seen as at the cross between satanic death, a somewhat "blackened" death, and old brutal death.
So the listening of this album reminded me of old DEICIDE, some CENTURIAN, perhaps VITAL REMAINS among others... With some portions of mid old CANNIBAL CORPSE (For the heavy parts & some faster moments). Due to the production I thought about early ILLDISPOSED, but this might be due to the sound recording only.
At the first vaginal crucifix approach I expected the whole to be mostly composed of hateful satanic blastbeats, but in fact the ass-beating is quite varied... More mid-paced and double kick moments can be found than expected.
This album sounds quite solid, and the production is also quite robust, but perhaps the music is a bit too conventional in the style for my taste? (Maybe I expected something more "burning"?)
"Christ agony" isn't a blood puking revelation in the style, but anyway fans of the style might be contented and brutalized enough with this recording.
Ps: While typing this review to finally publish it, I saw the band split up in 2021...
"Rest In Purulence".

REGURGITATE (Swe) Effortless regurgitation of bright red blood CD'94 LOWLAND.
Bestial vomit of bile, mucus and red pus. Carnal diahorrea of spasmolitic rock hard intruders Urge explosive of cancerous vaginal cancroid.
All this shit shall explode in the smashed face of this fukked up world!
Ah! This goregrinding and splashing CD was released when REGURGITATE were fuckin' known in the pusfilled Underground! Total nauseous ulcer smashing Goregrind in the bizarre way of early gut disjoncted CARCASS!
Pitch shifted as fuck liquefied corpse vocals that smash your head as a pile of liquefied pus emanating bowels! Spllllaaaaassh! Crusty bizarre flesh mangling goregrind that has the cynical plus aggression of old CARCASS, the gory bizarre fun of old GENERAL SURGERY and that sounds as impressive as an explosive brutal defecation right in your moronic face! Yeah!
This is the dance of the fat ass 100 kg perverted fukks! Fat, horny, ugly and disgusted! Dancing in this orgy of semen, shit and black blood! Mangled green placentas, forced sado group sex and volkanik orgasms through torture! Obscure obese Grindcore to viciously delight the fukked up and deviants!
Nothing original, but fuck off your moronic "Well thinking" head! The energy of gore and brutal ass exploding feeling are there! Ah! At the first listening I wasn't so pleased, nothing really catchy or remindable (?), but there are a bunch of gut bizarre stuffs in there! Brutal perversion guitars, corpse blasting drums and carnivorous worms vomiting vocals! Very cool for Grindfucks and necroperverts!


REGURGITATE (Usa)/ FILTH (Australia) Split Ep'00 PAINIAC.
REGURGITATE against FILTH! Bloody Death! The winner of this grinding Pitbull's match could be found without listening to this Ep! While the groovy Grind of FILTH is cool (especially their "Clitoral vision" demo'95) the total Grindcore of REGURGITATE destructs everything and injects so much stress and aggressiveness in a poser's arse even the most smoked hippy would get a fucking heart attack! Ah! But this Ep wasn't certainly meant as a competition in extreme brutality between the two bands... So I'll review it as a little bitch who smoke too much hash to even remember its first name... well I won't! We aren't in some other so nice French Metaaal webzines here!

REGURGITATE's tracks were goregrind à la very old CARCASS ("Reek of putrefaction" + demos). Total gore with splashing pitched vocals that engulf everything. It reminds me of very old SQUASH BOWELS as well! This wasn't as good and killer as what they play nowadays, because the drums weren't all so tight and the sound isn't always understandable (reminds me of SQUASH BOWELS' "Something nice" Ep). But fuck this shit! There are some very good riffs and a total Grindcore feeling that prevails on these underground as fuck tracks! Cool side for REGURGITATE!

It seemed to me the style of the Australian sickos of FILTH had changed (I heard some stuffs on a 4 ways split CD) wand this isn't false! The style on this Ep sounds more like a mix of Classical Grindcore, Crust and Groovy rockin' touches. The production is also rawer, and there are less bizarre sexual motivations in here! It doesn't suck, but it's more common while the "clitoral vision" demo had some cool pussylights on each piece of dissected ball! So, it's quite cool rockin' Grind/ Crust that could please very big undergrind fans, but nothing else!
Their demo'95 let me imagined they would release some really better stuffs later on!


REGURGITATE (Swe) Carnivorous erection CD'00 RELAPSE.
One more time I'm dead by the will of REGURGITATE! Those who still ignore this album have missed one of the strongest extreme Grindcore releases of the last few years!  Welcome to the most repugnant instincts and most malevolent wills of the deviating human being! This is killer Grindcore the way it was really meant to be! Killer blasting drums! Shredding breaks! Ultra gore pitched vocals that sound totally disjoncted! Aggressive and urban raw sound! This is true malevolent cadaveric Grindcore! Grind/ Crust in a quite pathological way with some old school Death metal touches that succeeds in impaling you on the horny metal of the obscene butcher! I have found some surprises in here, and for the Grindcore style it's simply rare as gold! This album is almost totally killer from A to Z!
A few years after its release, I still have found some kicks and killer explosions of brutality on this album! That shows its superior quality and real grinding supremacy! AAAARRRGGH!! BUY OR DIE IN YOUR SHAMEFUL IGNORANCE!


The sound on this split Ep is fucking raw.
G.B.N ain't got a good sound, it's hard to hear the riffs when it grinds. It sounds as a fucking Demo, as if DOOM started to Grind in their old rotten produced demos.They sound influenced by old NAPALM DEATH with some Crust, and they add punk or rockin' funny parts here and there. Quite cool very underground stuff. Ever heard some better tracks from them on comp CDs though!
REGURGITATE's sound isn't very great, but no need to understand as you immediately feel the energy of Grind in these fucking bastards' tracks!! (It was the same for SQUASH BOWELS' side of their split w/ MALIGNANT TUMOUR, Fuck your metallized mind!). REGURGITATE is definitely one of the most intense actual Grind bands! Check "Carnivorous erection" and you'll thrill and  Brutallize as a fucking bastard!!


REGURGITATE (Swe) Hatefilled vengeance MCD'02 RELAPSE.
The most known of the swedish butchers are back with a new 10' that will leave some scars! As their previous Eps let us know, REGURGITATE now plays a music that's really faster than before, a kind of mix between goregrind and powerviolence. And the few I could say is it has the balls! If some mid tempo or groovy intros are still here, the whole tends to a disjoncted orgy of sound, with a background of simple but bloody riffs and lightning accelerations, a lot of older tracks are worked again in this new sausage! If Sweden if THE grind spot both with czech republic, then REGURGITATE is still the big boss! Sensible ears: this isn't for you!           Pierre     

After the totally killer "Carnivorous erection" released the year 2000, and a bunch of ultra underground split Eps, REGURGITATE were awaited by a bunch of Grindfreaks! The scale of disjoncting grind was up and not much really killer albums were recorded since then! This new album welcomes a bunch of new elements, even if it has still a bunch of Grindcore blasts and old school Grindcore riffs! Some heavier parts in an hardcorish way are now present, and the Crustcore parts are more developed!
While their previous CD was cold and brutal as fuck, this one is still extreme but there's a hot mood with burning energy! That reminds me some of the last NAPALM DEATH releases. Several riffs also reminds me of the last NxDx CDs: the heavier, the punching mid tempos and some crust. Burning corrosion and explosive eroded despair!Another difference is not much pitchshifting effect is used anymore, this is rather Grindcore screams! Their previous CD sounded totally disjoncted coz (in part) of the pitch, REGURGITATE now sounds more old school! (And new school! Ah!) In a way they aren't so far from NASUM's Grind hardcore crust. The production is also better than before: it's cleaner and powerful! Notice and UNSEEN TERROR cover (Uh?).
So this album might be less extreme than "Carnivorous erection" (understand not as "compressed as fuck and totally disjoncted") but it remains more punishing and extreme than most of nowadays' other releases! A strong extreme music album with enough variety to captivate the fuse blowing listener from A to Z! Buy or fucking rot!


REIGN OF TERROR (USA) Threnody of the impaled CD'02 EVIL VENGEANCE.
USA seems to offer less Brutal death bands than a few years ago, in a way REIGN OF TERROR could sastify this lack with its obscure Brutal death metal.
These bastards play a Brutal sounding style that can make you think of CENTURIAN and a bit of mid old INCANTATION. I've heard here some heavy riffs à la MORBID ANGEL ("Domination"), BRUTALITY ("In mourning"), or in the classical American Brutal Death style (old DEEDS OF FLESH). The blasting parts made me think about old BRUTAL TRUTH (if you see what I mean). I may quote some DEVOURMENT, but CANNIBAL CORPSE is of course an influence here.
So, the whole is correctly played, the tracks are more or less well articulated, but I've heard some more memorable riffing ideas before! It's always the same problem... "Threnody of the impaled" can be a nice release for those who always want more Brutal death (might it be gut ripping or not), but it doesn't blast the past release of the old school Death metal masters!



REMORSE (Hun) Harc! CD'05.
Professional sounding “ Thrash metal ” taking both from METALLICA (mid old), FORBIDDEN (mid old), some mid old TESTAMENT and newer things à la NEVERMORE. The whole doesn’t sound so fast (it might be half of the time) that’s why I’d say this band plays heavy/ thrash, or thrash/ heavy.
It sometimes sounds quite a lot modernly influenced (too much for me) and it’s really nicely produced as everythings sound clear… too clear to be aggressive! To clear to be thrashing! The vocals also seems well worked and over-dubbed (some chorus could sound like “ hits ” or radio-station friendly… Errrk!!).
Even if this sounds totally professional, over-dubbed, and well produced, it also sounds to convenient! No riffing surprise or catchy riff from hell! It lacks the rage, stress and aggression of skull-breaeking metal. Only for those who like overproduced “ thrash ” that get it milky and smilee with modern things… Real thrashers would kinda fall asleep and wonder when the vocalist would finally scream! This is only “ coooool ” metal for cool “ thrashers ”.
-Thrash : 50/100
-Metal : 40/100
-Spikes : 0/100
-Beer : 0/100
Total of Impact : 22,5/100







REPUGNANCIA (Peru) Inminencia del Fin 7 Ep. 2012. Putrescense Recs/ Crypts of Eternity Recs.
Abstract crucifixion of the tortured energetical coil.
Mixture of the opposite negative energies.
Compression of all past and future entities in a voracious ball of dark energy.
Astral repugnance won't be mistaken, again.

I never heard about this Peruvian band before, probably because they could only release a demo in 1999 and didn't have the same funds than the European or American bands (Even the most underground ones)... According to the liner notes, they seemed to be systematically cursed by new problems, and vanished after few could be accomplished... Finally their only demo was released as a 7 Ep, to immortalize their past existence, or something.
The music was obscure Death metal, influenced by the mercilessness of old/ early INCANTATION (In a less doomy manner), with a technical approach close to the first end 90's obscure technical Death metal bands who played obscure "techno death" (These were mostly demo bands, so no quote will be given), or sometimes you could simply link this resemblance to the abstract approach of IMMOLATION... This last name might even be a bit more than a resemblance, and even a big influence.
I might be wrong with a retrospect analysis of bodily emanations so I won't risk the infernal underground curse, but I think it wasn't common to cross the path of abstract/ compositionally advanced obscure death of this kind in the end 90's.
Don't misunderstand my quite morbid words of lividity, the music isn't SO technical neither always "complex": A part of the songs contains what you could expect from demos of a band like DEMONIC RAGE in 2013, quite obscure and bestial death metal, but this was recorded in 1999.
A shame the production isn't the best, it varies from a track to another: While some contain quite "Cavern edible" obscure 4 tracker/ 8 tracker unpolished demo sound, others are closer to a rawer rehearsal or a concert recording (Even if it remains understandable, in the cavern).
This is quite a shame nothing more from the corpse of REPUGNANCIA was developed and recorded, because the best moments of these 4 songs let me imagine REPUGNANCIA might have composed something more obscurely powerful and abstractly interesting than what we know from Peruvian metal (Including MORTEM, I imagine this could have been) if they had the possibility to do so...
Now the content of this Ep might better be taken as a documentary, it might not please every Death metallers and the crucifying process of enjoyment would need a tolerance for deep underground carbonized explosions, in the cavern, and perhaps some knowledge of what had been and what could have been immured in the depths, once.
Putrescense Recs: vomits(a)

Dance motherfucker, Dance! Dance! I remember listening to these horny melodies and abysmal death metal tunes in my first years of Underground pit fuck brutality! And here's the re-release of the various REPUDILATION recordings. First you get their "Purging of impurity" Demo'96 + 1 track from a split Ep with DISFIGURED: Groove mosh Brutal Death with ultra guttural pitch shifting fuck, and blasts and punches of course. Sounds quite inhuman, and it may be cool for Brutal death headz who search for something inhuman sounding but there's nothing that stands out. Cool heavy grooves and various breaks, but eh! More is needed! It wasn't a bad demo for its time. On the contrary I don't like the other tracks on this CD (from the Frozen Dawn compilation II), still heavy groove Brutal death, but it's predictable, less breaks are here, and over all the riffs were very average and common. It shows very average and boring bands can evolve in the right way.


REPUGNANT (Swe) Hecatomb Ep'99 TO THE DEATH.
The first thing that quote my attention in the music of these swedish old school Death thrashing metal heads is they remind me by moments a lot of the swedish MERCILESS's 1st LP, both for their harsh screamy vocals and for some aggressive sounding Death thrashing riffs! In their obscure style I found some touches of old NIHILIST, some old KREATOR, CARNAGE, and some old POSSESSED of corpse!! 666! The way some riffs sound... I know it can sound fucking great and cult for guys who discover the old thrashing mania! Remember the first time you heard PESTILENCE, old ENTOMBED or DEATH? Ah Ah Ah!! And I've noticed touches of old PESTILENCE here and there! As well as very little touches of very old SEPULTURA when their thrashing style was called DEATH METAL!! When Morbid vision's hellish screams and Bestial devastation prevailed! Notice there's a cool CELTIC FROST cover that doesn't sound old or as if it was exhumed 10 years ago, just cool!
So it's an actual old school Death/ Thrashing band that I find cool, nothing exceptionnal in my opinion, but it's worth the listening for fans of the old school style!



REPUGNANT (Swe) Epitome Of Darkness CD'06. SOULSELLER Recs.
This album should remain a one-off, since Sweden’s Repugnant decided to call it quits shortly after the release of the disc. Mainly the product of one mastermind’s efforts, singer-guitarist Mary Goore (huhu), the conception of this record seems to have taken a lot of time and sweat. But whatever it took, the end result is worth the dime, it’s a solid piece of thrashing death metal, sweating both DIY, handcraft passion and experience (these guys sure ain’t newbies) by every pore. I for sure am no Swedish DM fan boy. I like very, very little stuff from that scene and even Entombed’s ‘Clandestine’ fails to convince me. Despite its undeniable qualities, Repugnant’s album is unlikely to change my mind, but they do it so good it just can’t be ignored either.
These guys shamelessly but successfully try to recapture the feel and sound of their scene’s golden days, not the Sunlight era but actually the garage/demo days of Nihilist, Grotesque, Unleashed etc (hence the Morbid cover at the end of the album). Such a project requires total control over what they’re doing, that’s why they produced it themselves and did all the artwork too, even the photo shoots and members nicknames seem to have been thoroughly chosen. To cut it short, while never betraying their underground ethic, the band’s attitude and work is 100% professional. Nice tour de force! The music’s seemingly been conceived the same way. It’s raw and dirty as shit, but honestly not the scariest or most morbid stuff I’ve heard, despite the album‘s title, lyrics or imagery. This stuff’s been beaten to death for so long…I guess it’s only here to fit the ‘back to the roots’ approach. To me these songs’ appeal is elsewhere. They’re full of thrashing groove and head banging-friendly speed. There’s a certain melodic feel too, otherwise this wouldn’t be an old school Swedish DM album, but the music almost totally focuses on energy. Sound-wise, and this is also a hint about these dudes’ in-depth knowledge and specialist craft in old school DM, the listener will find pretty much everything buried under echo, especially the vocals. Those are totally in the vein of what could be heard in the late 80s on this side of the Atlantic : sharp, harsh, raspy screams with all available echo effects on ten, see Hellhammer, Bathory, early Sodom & Kreator and the likes. Keyword : E-V-I-L hehe.
Interesting piece of work overall, only weakened by a somewhat zealous ’tribute’ approach resulting in a lack of personality. But out of the bunch of old school revival acts I know, this has to be the most convincing I’ve heard by now.      (TG of Death)


RESURRECTED (Ger) Raping whores CD'98.
This german band blasts in a Pork Brutal death that sounds a bit like DEICIDE, but there's nothing really catchy. The sound isn't bad, but I never hear the toms of the drummer who isn't always tight! The guitars are Ok, but I can't hear it enough! So this is an average album, with a sound that lacks of power and suffers from a strange mix...   (Mat)

RETCH (USA) Reinsertion of aborted remnants MCD'01.
In some webzines, this band is announced as the new extreme UxGx sensation... But I wouldn't say so! Even if their Brutal Death metal is correctly executed and articulated in a nice way, their riffs are no highlight for me! And the use of a dum machine doesn't help them very much to reach their goal of aggression.
Their vocals are gory (but no pitch is used), it's the kind of vocals REPUDILATION had on their Demo'98; mixed with some DEEDS OF FLESH textures.
Their music is in the american Brutal Death style as it includes more or less technical SUFFOCATION influences, some CANNIBAL CORPSE ("The bleeding" touches). Some heavier guitar chords reminded me of JUDECCA.
Their sound and drum machine reminded me of some CDs DROGHEDA released in the past. Even if you may think they include a cool mix of influences in their music, there's nothing that'll froze your neck with thrills here! It remains more or less average...



Split your skull in half with a grinding split CD!
RETORTION TERROR is a quite crazy death grind/ grindcore band from Japan teasing the abscess with a touch of chaotic hardcore riffing (Coming from the era of DISCORDANCE AXIS and the likes).
  The quite sick rendering and tendency to blast-as-fuck and scream reminds me of very old EXHUMED (Especially the "Chords of chaos" split CD). I read the guitarist is a part of MORTALIZED and GRIDLINK, it's not a surprise, some kind of "technical grind" or "chaos hardcore grind" touch can be found in the riffing.
This band can sound quite crazy, it can also sound quite abstract sometimes. It's not musically too usual apparently, which is nice. Fans of more "Fucked up" yet quite "technical" grinding might be interested.

The style of INVIDIOSUS is different, they come from Minnesota/ Usa and play a style closer to death grind, angry death metal and early brutal death.
I know some ugly angry bears could enjoy punching some ugly faces listening to this, as it reminds me of PYREXIA, FLESHTIZED, old CENTURIAN, old MISERY INDEX, old BEHEMOTH (The more Death metal epoch), with a touch of NAPALM DEATH (Death grind epoch).
This could please the hears of those who enjoy quite brutal stuffs, with a bunch of blasts, quite epic riffs and tempo changes. As you can see, it's not only brutal/ brutal/ brutal: There are riffs (Lots of tremolos, some more tech stuffs) and some quite crazy leads.
I couldn't say if INVIDIOSUS is over the top of the "brutal" genre since I didn't follow everything in this style, but this band sounds quite brutal & compact and there is enough to unleash the angry bear.
This is a quite brutal and sick split CD that might please fans of blasting brutality with a "musical" touch.


ROBOTOS DE MUERTE (Usa) bombs on faces...americans on fire CD'01 RDM.
Cool unreadable logo! Unfortunately I couldn't say so about their music! It's maybe due to the poor, not heavy at all guitar sound, but their style sounds flat in my grinded to the brain over metallized ears! Sounds like old SODOM (1st LP) with thrashing and more Death metal and Hardcorish moments... Most of their riffs sounds like the average noise metal band ya can check out in a rotten garage! Cool drummer. But nothing special at all! It's even very average! So why was it released on a CD?? Seems like a label needed an extra release to avoid the bankrupt!


ROTHEADS (Romania) Sewer fiends Tape album. 2018. FUKK Recs.
I don't know how other fanzine makers are working for this matter, but I write everything with a pen on a real piece paper first... It comes out more naturally than typing the words directly on a computer, and I noticed the tone and content wasn't really the same: Perhaps my words are more "bestial" and in and old school mood when it's first written on something "real"... And so, I kind of collect piles of pages consisting of few words, reviews in-the-work, almost finished reviews, ugly drawings, and finished articles... Recently, while browsing one of these piles (of human skin), I found this review that was almost finished, so I decided to rework the whole to finally publish the conten
I don't know a lot about Romania, except they have a lot of truck drivers working in France, and some of them almost speak french correctly (Even if they pretend they don't, Ahah)... ROTHEADS is a pretty young death metal band from Romania that released a first ep in 2016, now we will talk about their first album released in 2018. The band clearly plays old school death metal that approaches and melts a couple of genres from the end 80's/ early 90's.
First you have this quite morbid and muddy sounding approach you could find in old Finnish death metal bands, perhaps like ABHORRENCE, DEMIGOD or ADRAMELECH (Not so "technical"). Then you have a more "doomy" or little melodic approach that flirts with the old Finnish and Swedish genres, it can sound really cool and open the gates to marvelous mysticism (Perhaps à la ooold AMORPHIS or eventually DEPRAVITY). Then they can also use more regular old death metal, it can sound thrashing like early MERCILESS (Swe), very old SEPULTURA, or it can be more European alike (The old simple version) à la MORGOTH "Cursed" for example... I also used to think about early DARKTHRONE (When they were a death metal band, but less "technical") or THOU SHALT SUFFER (The pre Emperor band)... (Well, that's already a lot of name dropping (Aren't you saturated in vulgare necro evocation?))
On one hand ROTHEADS can come up with really cool doomy riffs, melodic guitars of mysticism or morbid "grooves", on the other hand some riffs are a bit too usual or sound like "standard death" for me (Well, I listen to DM since more than 25 years, so that might be a part of the reason), and by moments I would have preferred the playing to be a bit tighter.
Well, this is a quite cool album with some really great riffs here & there. I wouldn't reach the burning point of saying ROTHEADS are a revelation, but they have some really promising riffs, and I was surprised to hear this musical content from a Romanian band.
The band still seems to be alive, so keep your bowels crossed for more morbid macerations.

ROTTEN COLD (Aus)/ MONOLITH (Aus) Split CD'03.
Ok fistfucker mellows, and anal ripping fellows.
The ROTTEN COLD side is somekind of Death/ Grind/ Crust that could remind of old Mexican DISGORGE (For the blasts, coz R.C ain't gore), ROTTEN SOUND, old NAPALM DEATH, BLOCKHEADS and UNCREATION, strange mix isn't it? The problem is the shit is almost always fast hyper-blasts ridden and the tracks sound almost the same: fast, fast and fast with some few slower moments. This is a strange style: some riffs are somekind of Metalcore/ Power metal with blasts.
I like the 2nd track coz the vocals are cool ("Just a pain in arse!"). The guitar production could remind me of the second DEAD INFECTION CD.
Ok Krapp-fukker, the sekond trak is kool and there are nice ideas from here and there, but I wasn't especially impressed. It lacks some really catchy stuffs, and some riffs are bizarre. But there are some worst stuffs, I'd only say it's average! They may evolve in the right aggressive way!
I ever heard a MONOLITH release few years ago and it was somekind of Grind, but what is this crap of their side? I didn't hear any really aggressive shit or blasting pus vomiting! It's only somekind of metal/ grunge/ rock that sounds like THE PIXIES or SONIC YOUTH than anything else. Don't misunderstand me: I like some rock bands, but in this monolithic case I'm not impressed! It's too much (very) average, convenient and happy (by moments). They sound like a "not very serious band" who records anything and everything, and it's not my cup of putrid crass!
So ROTTEN COLD is Ok while MONOLITH stands under the average!



ROTTEN SOUND (Fin) Drain CD'99 REPULSE Records.
This Finnish band offers a style that's quite opened for its influences, one can find some Death, Grind, Crust and Black metal. All in all this CD isn't bad even if the tracks sometimes loose of intensity and become repetitive. On a technical level the drummer has got a very good level, I had a bunch of pleasure when I listened to his attacks on the kit, because it's neat while it remains efficient, brutal and tight. They have a big sound that's brutal! Even if the music is not at the top, it let us imagine some good forthcoming things.     (Mat)


I heard several stuffs of ROTTEN SOUND that didn't turn me that much (Including the "Drain" CD'99), it was only Ok. But hell! I heard a quite intense Mp3 of this "Murderwork" on the web, this CD had to be reviewed! AAARRRGH! This is far more intense than before! Total old school Grindcore insanity along the neverending blasting explosiveness and crushing fists in the face of EXHUMED, INHUME, MULESKINNER!! Listen to the 8th track "Seeds" and prepare to be totally annihilated! There are a bunch of fucking aggressive tracks in here! Some tracks are still in the vein of their previous recordings: more original Death grind crust. Good drummer! Fucking powerful crushing and aggressive production! I would have imagined the ROTTEN SOUND of some years ago would have reached this level of Devastation! This is a very cool CD with some Brutal tracks! This album isn't as intense as INHUME's 1st CD or REGURGITATE's "Carnivorous erection", but brutal grinders will fucking break their necks!



ROTTING did obvious improvements since their previous demo. This time, these american brutallers offer us a Brutal death metal that's right in yer face, more Blasting than before, but still with some heaviness and a good dose of energy!
So it's now faster and rawer, with a crushing sound à la old GRAVE ("You'll never see..") while their demo was more in the heavy vein of the old school swedish darkened brutal death masters! This band has got some real energy to offer and I can feel the small touch of what I'd call the beginning of a musical personality. The sound is powerfull and aggressive. Some tracks may sound a bit long, but that's ok.  This CD is better than any of their previous recordings, and even if there's nothing original here, the brutality is here. I didn't hear a band playing this style since a good moment and I think I can advise fans of brutality to check out ROTTING!



ROTTING FLESH (Bra) Submandible lymphatic muscles CD'96 LOFTY STORMS Recs.  
I remember some friends of mine played some tracks of ROTTING FLESH during some drunk parties few years ago. Ah! It was good times! Total Brutal Grindcore, Aggressive as fukk and obscure old school Death mixed with some everflowing alcohol and nice smoking stuffs! I only reminded this band recently while I was searching for some new good stuffs to review... but finally found nothing!
ROTTING FLESH were a raw Grindcore band composed of ugly and angry Brazilian bastards! Their music was old school à la old NAPALM DEATH, but the music wasn't that good: quite average and everheard riffs with nothing really special and hesitations! The great stuffs were the vocals! Ah! This ugly and angry bastard of a vocalist was fucking vomiting all the shits of this world! Total old school Grindcore raging vocals with few touches of pitch shifter straight from the guts! Fukk! This bastard is vomiting all over myself and my bedroom! Ah Ah! Don't buy this CD, coz even if the vocals have some good delirias it's not really worth it (and there's no band to support now as they've probably split up). Try to get a tape or some Mp3s! And don't fool yourself trying to download the crappy keyboard-ridden Black metal band from Greece who actually uses the same name! The only true ROTTING FLESH came from Brazil! and the guts are here to prove it!