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GAF (Fin) Cultivate Disdain MCD. 2010. SCROTUM JUS Recs.
This release might be a bit old, but your rectum doesn't matter.
Send me promos I agree to listen with the ass, in the depths of laziness, and I'll accept to be updated (To the cock).
This MCD contains something like fast HC, meets grind, and fast HC, with moments that can turn to "Big muscles" or almost crossoverish stuffs.
The faster parts will sound like post-NASUM grind for some, or maybe DR DOOM, but it was recorded at a time when playing something different than purely retro grind wasn't a crime (I wouldn't be against more fast parts in their music, though, bikoz (Because) there's quite a "lot" of mid-paced, to slower, to core-n core moments).
The production is quite big... Hmmm, it's more about the brick than the tickling finger in the asshole, that's why we might call their stuff "Brick'n roll" rather than "Scrot'n roll' (GAF is supposed to play goregrind according to some websites, but I didn’t feel the gore) .
It's not bad stuff, sounds quite kweeking (Kicking), but I would prefer the same with more blasts, and a little m
ore savage or old school approach. JUNGLE ROT / ANAL ROT.


GALGERAS (Hol) Reliekrover CD’03 PESTILENCE Recs.
Norwegian inspired black metal with a tendency to play it atmospheric and symphonic (even though it's not much melodic). I never understood the interest of playing black metal in a so amateurish, miscontrolled way, with voluntary fucked up skills. Even if this album sounds confused, it at least sound quite dark (with keyboards a bit à la THOU SHALT SUFFER, EMPEROR). But this is far from being bloody enough! Most of the time I don't hear the drum machine, lots of riffs seems to be quite improvised and confused... and probably funny for some guys!! Sounds like a "bad" copy of ILLDJARN with keyboards. It's too much confusion and nonsense. Pure fucking shit!! It reminds me of "La soupe au choux"'s unholy spatial melodies! Brutal bloody fart!
They claim to play cruel and insensible Black metal. I like music with feeling and sensibility, unless it's just a sterile hobby with no emotional or spiritual resonance. Who said useless?
This might be an interesting item for the worshippers of the black leather underpants whose spikes are lead to the inside! If you don't enjoy to auto-sodomize yourself, then avoid this piece of boring crap or your ass will cry the tears of brutal disappointment.
Another consumer mocking release! Another proof cash brutally rules this world! Avoid or purely vomit your cancerous citric bile all over your pants! Mark: 1/100 (Because their face paints seem decent).


10 years after the "Necrology" these shizopsychos re-open the abscess and extract 7 more pieces of total grinding gore insanity! These new tracks are different from the old GENERAL SURGERY stuffs! It's still in the gore region of the anatomy of corpse, but the style is far more Brutal and aggressive! This is total Grindgore aggression that reputrefies and necroses the neurons of very old CARCASS, old SANITYS DAWN and REGURGITATE! Brutal Grind that's totally in the nowadays' ultra aggressive style! GENERAL SURGERY has never been so brutally intense as they have nothing to envy to nowadays' most aggressive Grinding outfits (but they've lost some personality in my rotopinion).
From the intensity and disjoncted aspect of "Pre-bisectal corrosive immersion"), the grave robbing blasts of "Lab rat" to the very 'Reek of putrefaction' beginning of "Mortuary wars", the energy of Grind and the pathological explosive decoagulation are here! I'm satisfied with their part of the split, and my doubts about the good sense their come back are now gone! Squash the bowels of gore and remember: Murder is the only way to kill time!
Now let's add some words about THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS; each positive thing has got its drawbacks, if I could say so in this case. The grindcore of T.C.M.E really sounds a lot like old CARCASS, to the point they can seem to be a copy. It's gore, with bizarre sounding riffs and gory vocals, it's tight and everythings, but I can no deep feeling nor the cynical explosiveness of "Symphonies of sickness". To the contrary of what T.C.M.E seem to think, the pathological aspect of early CARCASS at its basis isn't a "cerebral" lesson one learns meticulously. The early pathological goregrind death was meant to to cynically deny this world of shit in a totally disjoncted way. T.C.M.E can only be cool at best.

This split CD is very cool, so I review it one more time!
Hé Hé! You saw a zip and you thought it was two big bosoms hiding behind some sexy disco clothes such as on the old BON JOVI's "Slippery when wet" Lp! But no, you little putrid bastard, you're going to kiss and lick the nice begging lips of a cold and horny cadaver! Ah!
On the first side of the morgue table are back the GENERAL SURGERY! Even more Brutal extreme and fucking gore than on the "Necrology" MCD! That fucking shredds the ventral with scalpels, scissors and other nice tools of the trade borrowed from old CARCASS and SANITYS DAWN to extract the vilest abnormal deformities from the inner neglected deviant! This is fucking good news since GENERAL SURGERY is more aggressive than never, even if less personal... Even if we get only 7 tracks every 10 years, the quality is here! Many "extreme" bands should learn from this!
Other side of the morgue table, I'm introduced by force 6 tracks of T.C.M.E in my rectum! I feel nothing, what is this shit? Even a wide caesarian opening of the anal cavity doesn't make the process cooler! This is grindgore wounding a lot (too much) like old CARCASS, nothing new or thrilling, just ok stuffs! It would be cooler to torture my now wide elongated arse-hole with scalpels and cissors for sure!


I've read a bunch of very cool reviews of this album, but I wouldn't be so positive! What I hear on this album is common Death grind with generic riffs... Sounds like old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old BRUTAL TRUTH, old INHUMATE, a bit of mid old BROKEN HOPE and maybe some old DEICIDE... with quite gory vocals.
The riffs and the drums are fast, it's tight with some changes... but I found no power nor aggressiveness here! Few riffs are Ok, but I've heard these tremolo riffs so many times before! Every Death grind band seems to have used them... Take the very best riffs of this album, and you have a cool 4 tracks Demo in my opinion! I can understand some guys find their music cool, but don't tell me the real brutality and explosive destruction are here! It's average music in my ears! To conclude here's a message to the 'big' labels: aren't there some more punishing and extreme unsigned bands in France? Yes there are!


GENOCIDIO (MEX) Blood spilled CD'99 CRYPTAS.
Old school Grind/death/Crust à la old NAPALM DEATH with some Brutal death parts. Unfortunately the screamed high pitched vocals sounds a bit too much "Nia nia nia", and the music isn't very impressive! (I'm bored of saying so!! Why aren't there more KILLER bands I could review?).
Their music made me think by moments about DEPRAVED(FRA) 's first MCD and 1st CD, and this a bit for the death metal vocals but mostly for the Grind/death elements of the thing. I found nothing exceptionnal or original here, this is just a classical Brutal release, the band might sound Brutal on stage, but apart from their friends and local supporters many will have forgot them in few years... It can be cool for the fans of old NAPALM DEATH meets S.O.B and all the old school grinding mafia! But this hasn't the real Brutal and intense feeling of GRIND!


Here's the first production of Skull fucked that does the things very well for this split: superb design and good promo in the Underground.
SFP should become more than just another label on the pile.
Musically speaking, the hostilities begin with Gerbe of life, a band from the North of France that plays Death/ Grind. Unfortunately, there are not any new tracks here, but it's a nice re-release of their demo reviewed in the previous issue of my zine. Nothing more to say than the previous time: there are good riffs, and even if the production and the vocals lacks of aggressiveness (can one really avoid this problem for a beginning?), we have here one of the most promising bands of the time in the country. And they may have progressed a lot since this time!
It's one more proof this isn't the ones who play the most technical things that are the most efficient, as Repudiate doesn't make you forget of Gerbe of life even if they're more technical.
In a style I find near of the Brazilian one (and mostly Krisiun), Repudiate sounds cool mainly because of the very reasonable technical level of its musicians. But it's a bit hard to see the differences between their tracks (it's the same for their influences as well) and nothing remains marked in my mind. This is some bad points that may be due to the fact the band is young, but in anyway it's the same case of most of the bands in this style. It's up to them to try to make the thing evolve a bit, if it's still possible.             Pierre



GHOUL (Usa) Maniaxe CD'03 RAZORBACK.
This is "Horror metal", as they call it. And this is a surprising release for RAZORBACK! Total old school thrashing Death metal reminding me the mood of ancient bands such as NUCLEAR ASSAULT, KREATOR, EXORCIST, SODOM and even NECROPHAGIA by moments! GHOUL even has the same kind of "Cheesy" horror comics' covers some bands like NECROPHAGIA or EXUMER once had on LPs!
While the Thrashing "Crunch" guitar riffing reminds me of old KREATOR, MERCILESS and SODOM, the vocals are screamed à la old KREATOR/ CARCASS, and there are some cool drum beats and breaks reminding me some good old speed thrashing days! The first tracks which are the coolest have got some horror catchy riffs. This is a cool old skool album, not as cool for its whole length, but cool anyway. Those who enjoyed stuffs like the band ENGRAVE for the nostalgic side may find some pleasant listenings here!



GLEARGH (Ita)/ RISING TERROR (Fra)/ L.A.R.D.O.N. (Fra) Split CD'07. SMYT Recs.
I thought the French label "Show me your tits" would remain in the fields of gorenoise/ goregrind influenced brutalisticks, but since few releases the style evolves to something more intense and in your face! (This time you have a pro-pressed split CD).

The first band, GLEARGH, is a refreshing purulent surprise! Blast as fuck grindcore compression melted with some Death blastattack and urine filled urges to explode! It tastes like some HUTT, PIG DESTROYER (Blasts) or few SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (Vocals). The first half is the most energesticking, and all riffs aren't so cool, but it's an energetic piece of Grrrind!

Then there's RISING TERROR that plays some kind of Death/ Grind with touches of HC heaviness. I'm not so enthusiastic… The drums blast fast and has a good double-bass assault, but the riffs are only ok… Well, it's a first recording that doesn't suck, so they might have in their pockets the spermfilled elements to improve the impact of their facial ejaculations: They need to put it directly IN YOUR FACE!

Finally you have LARDON (French word for little piece of meat) that plays some kind of raw goregrind. They have improved since the first demo, as the style sounds less amateurish, more aggressive and a bit faster... I'm not a big goregrind meathole, but it sounds a bit like some early SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION and stuffs like that. It's definitely not one of the most extreme or fucked band in the style, but they have vomited something decent here. Keep a testicle on their future improvements (Who knows... It might be biting! Ah ah)

To cumclude, this might be a cool split for underground fans of grindcore, and it's sold for a cheap price... It might not be too hard to find, just carefully search between the tits:



GLOOM (Spain) Mater tenebrarum CD. 2009. Self released
Sleeping in the stomach of the ogre.
Purulence, acid gastric juice. It’s so safe and comfortable!
Even though the name of this Spanish band might sound like doom in some cadaveric minds, their music is much closer to Death metal.
This self produced album contains Death metal with death black and thrash elements that could sound like an ogrish mixture between early DEICIDE, old HYPOCRISY (First two albums), some VITAL REMAINS (“Forever underground”) and others: There’s a melodic touch that could remind of old Swedish death/ black or old (But not early) GOD DETHRONED, while some thrash riffs could sound like mid old SLAYER or eventually early THE HAUNTED (Without the “commercial” approach)… But the whole remains in the Death metal world, especially for the first half, because the second half is a bit more black metal and melodic influenced.
For various reasons, they remind me of BYATIS’ first album or BLACK BLEEDING from Belgium, those bands are not the most well-known comparisons, but it’s how it is.
I think the first half is better than the following, maybe because there are more blasts and the songs contain more riffs and changes.
This album is not bad, it’s quite well played with enough riffs changes, and some kicking moments… But the production is a little too “high pitched” sometimes (Drums are a bit “clinic” and guitars could have a bit more bass frequencies) and it’s a bit too black metal influenced for me…
So “Mater tenebrarum” could be a cool release for underground freaks located between the Death metal stomach and the black metal intestines, it’s not really killer and might be too long in length, but it has enough qualities to please some listeners who wouldn’t be too coprophiliac.
Now I go back to the ogrish digestion, waiting for the perfect liquefaction.
Liquefied trance, you’ll be mine!



GO ZEN (Jap) Hitoshizuku CD. 2012. Bizarre Leprous.
The quality of the average goregrind stuffs released the last years was quite frightening to me, and I never instantaneously turned into a gore-fan, so downloading whatever the blogspots could vomit in my face was forgotten a long time ago... But the quite bleeding manga artwork of this album led me to try, it seemed this band wouldn't provide deep-water-closets-gore-noise, and hopefully that wasn’t the case :)
This Japanese band sounds like Goregrind/ blasting death and comes with a decent production, real riffs and decent song structures.
If you weren't an expert of all things gore, the music could remind you of some DEAD INFECTION (Rather the old Eps, not the most extreme stuffs), some AHUMADO GRANUJO (Minus the electronic interludes), touches of PIGSTY (Blasts) or BUTCHER ABC, and maybe LORD GORE
(I said "Maybe", ok?). A couple of websites wrote GO ZEN is heavily influenced by the band JIG-AI, ok, but I'm not familiar with their music.
This is not the most bizarre or disgusting music, sometimes it's more about the energy/ grind "freshness" than gore disjonctation...
There's also a "fun" side that could remind of what Razorback released 8-10 years ago or something (Or I could simply insert the Ahumado Granujo name again for this matter)
Nothing seems especially wrong in this album, maybe except the fact a couple of tracks located after the first half get boring.
  This is a recording I can listen to, I don't get enthusiastic or submitted to an urge of cooking some deliciously disgusting intestine-pancakes, but maybe someone will...?
So the subliminal message of crepitation is: If you're a fan of goregrind with riffs, try to listen to GO ZEN, maybe you'll like it...?


GOD DETHRONED (Hol) The grand grimoire CD'97 METAL BLADE.
In its very first years GOD DETHRONED was a Death metal band, they released a demo and a CD entitled "The christhunt" that wasn't that great.
After some years of break, they finally reformed and recorded this new CD that saw the evolution of the band's music around new musical lines. The style of the band may at the 1997 year be defined ass Death/ Black metal with some thrashing touches on guitars. I must say that it sounded better than their previous recording, with influences ranging around some old ALTAR (Hol), some AT THE GATES for melodic Death riffs, DECAMERON, CROWN OF THORNS' first CD and a bit of DEICIDE as well. There are more melodic sorrowful tunes as well.
Nice more "Heavy metal" like parts that are more sorrowful and assorted to nice leads for some of it.  I especially enjoyed the third track "The luciferian episode" for its very good slow chorus that was full of keyboards and emotions!
Their sense of melody would rather remind me bands like AT THE GATES or old THE CROWN (in their nicest parts) than MORBID ANGEL since it was rather a melodic and nice sounding (yet extreme) Death than a totally apocalyptic one, if you see what I mean! But there are a good amount of blast parts or punching Death metal beats. Correctly done tracks without bullshit breaks nor flagrant track filling riffs. I can't tell you anything about their musical evolution since I didn't listen to their following CDs, but this one wasn't a bad album at all!


Here's the new God Dethroned disc and in my opinion, its their best to date. The album starts with 'swallow the spikes' and 'the poison apple', two extremely catchy and powerful songs, showcasing GD's knack for mixing perfectly the brutality of Death Metal with awesome heavy metal guitar solos. 'Villa Vampiria' has a convincing Thrash feel to it while 'Consumed by darkness' (a cover of Macabre End) draws your attention with an eerie, hypnotic dark melody. Unfortunately the next song 'the mysteries that make you bleed' has one of those lame tremolo riffs, that plagued GD previous releases. 'Deathride iconoclast' is one of my favorite songs off 'ravenous'. mid tempo from start to finish with a rather memorable fade out solo! 'The crown for the morbid' is short, fast and brutal. A cool song. The rest of the cd is pretty bland except the Death cover ('Evil Dead') they do at the end which is fun to listen to. all in all, 'ravenous' is despite a few flaws, GD's most solid release to date and as such is a good opportunity to discover 'em if you dont know them yet.
God Dethroned's Cathedral of Abomination : P.O.Box 206, 9410 AE Beilen, Holland
Web site :



I went a few times on their website and I would have expected some Brutal death metal from them. But I was quite surprised when I played the CD, it’s quite complex and varied music. They use a good amount of musical discordances but there are also melodical touches. Unfortunately complexity and variety aren't always (often) sinonymous with really good tracks! In a way they remind me of BRUTAL TRUTH’s « Sounds of the animal kingdom », there are Hardcore metal influences for the screamed vocals and some heavy riffs. Sometimes not so far from GRIP INC’s first CD, but old SLAYER, old MACHINE HEAD, KORN (melodic parts), DEATH (« Sounds of perseverance » / heavy metal touches and leads), Iron Maiden (In small letters, Ah, Ah ah!) can also be noticed. This is complex stuffs, but I think it's somekind of too much 'demonstrative' to be efficient, nothing attracted my attention for real (and I say this while I have this CD since a few years!) I'm not too fond of it. It could have been a cool CD for those who wanted something a bit more varied, ecclectic in the extreme style... but a bunch of bands do and did it better since then! So it's only average/ Ok in my opinion! The deep feeling is the only way, might it be technical, original, complex or not! THE FEELING!


GOD MACABRE (Swe) The winterlong Lp'93. Rerelease 02 RELAPSE.
Numerous are the rereleases and almost every albums released in the 90's are proclaimed as cult ones (at least by the labels...) For those who may have forgotten for promotional reasons what the word "cult" means, I'll make a short history for you: "cult" means the album was by far above the average and strongly influenced a part of the scene of its time. Every band that releases a cool Lp can't be labeled with this mighty label unless the word "cult" simply doesn't mean anything anymore! Before recording this Lp, the band was previously called MACABRE END and released the "Consumed by darkness" Demo'90 and an Ep of the same name and content in 1991. Then they changed their name for GOD MACABRE and recorded "The winterlong" Lp in 1993.
This album I discover right now in 2003 is very much in the old school Death metal style that emerged from Sweden and kicked more than one arse! Their style was a cross between early ENTOMBED, the heaviness of GRAVE's two first Lps and the punk/Hardcore influenced Death metal of CARNAGE/ DISMEMBER. I've noticed some doomy riffs and two guitars melodies à la old DARKTHRONE, when this cult Black metal band was still a Death metal outfit and released the "Soulside journey" Lp. It may remind a bit of PARADISE LOST's "Lost paradise" for the doom. Notice there are 3 bonus tracks that might be the only MACABRE END officially recorded tracks if I don't do a mistake. This is quite cool to listen to "Winterlong" to detect their influences and awake some old memories buried by time and dust, but nothing is very good on a musical point of view. This is totally in this old style, and there's nothing particular nor mind-blowing here. Some riffs remind me too much of the bands mentioned before as I feel a lack of real inspiration, but it's enough well done to please an old school Death metal fanatic who wants a cool CD to play in the backlines! You're a die-hard maniac of NIHILIST, CARNAGE, old ENTOMBED and GRAVE? Don't miss this Lp they recorded for you years ago!


GODLESS NORTH (??) Summon the age of supremacy CD'2001 MERCILESS/ BREATH OF NIGHT
Simple norvegian sounding Black metal. Reminds me of DARKTORNE but also IMMORTAL's "Pure holocaust" and 1st CD (for fast parts only).
In fact, it's nearly always fast, but also so common in the style that I unfortunately can't say anything else than: it's your cliché Black metal stuff with unconvincing riffs! There are 2 tracks in the vein of MARDUK's slowest depressive moments... I didn't found much drums' variations, but it's the style. It didn't please me. Big maniacs of this kind of bands should choose for themselves if this band is their kind or not... but you must know this is far from being marvellous (only tight and Cool at best) and sincerely who remembers this CD as a great one? After all the great reviews they've got!


Uh! Uh! Uh! What we've got here is another so nice "Black death metal" band! Ah Ah! I haven't received this kind of stuffs since a long time!
There are some so niiice melodies everywhere! Stupid sounding clean melodies assorted with high-pitched screams that make it funny! Do you want to dance polka with me? Come on, it's the right time!! They try to sound like PARADISE LOST ("Draconian times") but it sounds flat and boring! There's also some melodic "Death metal", the kind of boring riffs I could have played after one year of guitar! There are some Heavy metal parts that sounds less cliché, but it's fastly wasted by pseudo atmospheric Black metal parts à la CRADLE OF FILTH that makes me want to dance disco! Ah! (I've got nothing against keyboards, but here it sucks). This is the kind of CDs labels such as HOLY Recs would appreciate and enjewel in heaven in their mailorder! They want to be original, but they fail as Satan deeply laughs! They only positive point is they can handle instruments, and I've increased my polka and disco dancings! Ah Ah! So, this is a very very average CD that isn't only boring, it's also funny!


If you're not too smoked to see, and if you watch the cover of this MCD, you'll immediately understand it's Norwegian Black metal!
Well, after the intro, the first track begins in a rather good way! This heavy riff à la IMMORTAL "Pure holocaust" sounds quite strong and dark!
Unfortunately the remaining of the track is totally common Norwegian Black metal: very fast with simple riffs along old IMMORTAL. Nothing particular I've never heard before! The other tracks are all almost fast, it doesn't suck but I feel like I've heard it so many times before, and it lacks of strength! Cliché riffs for most of it... and the arrangements are also unfortunately common... It could also remind of old MARDUK; WAR, DARKTHRONE, very old BURZUM... cool Norwegian like sound.
There are a few nice ideas, but it would have needed to be more worked and developed! Something really better would have been possible...
So this band seems to have a bit of potential, or at least right influences, but it suffers from what I told before: being too common and too much bound in its influences...


The sound on this split Ep is fucking raw.
G.B.N ain't got a good sound, it's hard to hear the riffs when it grinds. It sounds as a fucking Demo, as if DOOM started to Grind in their old rotten produced demos.They sound influenced by old NAPALM DEATH with some Crust, and they add punk or rockin' funny parts here and there. Quite cool very underground stuff. Ever heard some better tracks from them on comp CDs though!
REGURGITATE's sound isn't very great, but no need to understand as you immediately feel the energy of Grind in these fucking bastards' tracks!! (It was the same for SQUASH BOWELS' side of their split w/ MALIGNANT TUMOUR, Fuck your metallized mind!). REGURGITATE is definitely one of the most intense actual Grind bands! Check "Carnivorous erection" and you'll thrill and  Brutallize as a fucking bastard!!




GORGUTS (Can) From wisdom to hate CD'01 OLYMPIC/ S.O.M.
Excellent crushing innovative Brutal death metal for the big maniacs of BRUTALITY!! Far more extreme and inspired than their two first cool albums, this release isn't only Death metal the fast or heavier obscure way, it is also fulfilled with excellent discarding riffs and bizarre dissonances mastered by skillfull musicians who know what they are doing and where the hell they go! Right in fucking hell!! GORGUTS is innovative and original in the right way: the way of extreme brutality! No 'wanna be different', lamely original or pseudo symphonic folkloric pop influence! This is the reincarnation of real human torture, dementia, hatred and mourning! GORGUTS knows to slow down in wicked ways of dementia that could remind the martial or asymmetric moments of MAYHEM's "Grand declaration of war" for example. "From wisdom to hate" will crush any atom from your moronic carcass and turn the weakest consciousness into vacant void!
This album is an excellent masterpiece of Brutal death metal that will please those who know how to enjoy... pure genius!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!


GORGUTS (CAN) From wisdom to hate CD'01 OLYMPIC.
Après un album relativement difficile d'accès ("OBSCURA", qui comporte néanmoins quelques passages intéressants et un morceau que j'apprécie: "subtle body"), ils nous reviennent avec un nouvel opus particulièrement convaincant.
On peut définir celui ci comme un mélange d'obscur et de quelque chose de plus traditionnel, ce qui fait qu'il est beaucoup plus percutant et mature que son prédécesseur. Pour ce qui est de l’ambiance de leur musique, c'est technique, sombre, violent, et emprunt de mysticisme; ceci des passages lourds bien sentis (on perçois que Morbid angel ont eu une grosse influence sur leurs goûts musicaux, surtout celui de la période "Blessed are the sick", le morceau de GORGUTS "The quiets of equilibrium en est la preuve !)
A noter que le son d'ensemble est assez correct, je trouve que la batterie claque relativement bien (surtout les grosses caisses); la vocale est bien expressive et change de tout les vocaux hyper gutturaux et grave que l'on écoute dans les groupes de brutal death actuels; cela me rappelle les différents vocalistes qu'il y avait dans les groupes de death des années 90. Pour résumer, c'est un album original, technique, avec une identité propre. Cela devrait ravir les fans de death brutal qui savent apprécier un groupe pour sa recherche musicale et émotionnelle plutôt que ceux qui jouent à 200 a l'heure pendant tout un cd!
Note: 8,5/10                                        Seb.      



GORTAL (Pol) Blastphemous sindecade CD. 2008. PAGAN Recs.
I know this album was released at the end of 2008 and might be close to 5 or 6 years old now... But to explain this unearthly delay I might tell you the story of this cardboard promo CD:
It first needed two years to travel from Poland to France, where it reached my house, and particularly the "Pile of CDs to check out again, but later"...
Then, despite of a few sexual attempts , the album needed something like two more years to travel (For real) from this pile of CDs to the mighty CD player...
I still don't know if this was sent as a promotional item or as a gift (It didn't directly come from the band or label... The polish fanzine editors often send promos to each others), but at least a review will finally be written! (This is the real, deep and slow underground! AhAh).
A reason for such a "blasting" speed lies in the fact GORTAL doesn't exactly play the kind of Death metal I'm naturally inclined to ingurgitate until total demonification... There's something too "modern" inside.
Even if the roots of their music are roughly located between polish death and MORBID ANGEL influenced recordings, the main problem for me is the tempo: It was generally too "accelerated" for the taste of morbidity to reach my nostrils, and the drums often blast very very fast...
So, this is fast and quite technical death metal, with something like a burning atmosphere but also a more "modern" approach... A few more names could be given to describe the content: It also reminded me of mid old HATE ETERNAL, CENTURIAN, maybe some later VILE or a bit of NILE.
It's a shame quite too much of emphasis was put on the speed and brutality, because some slower moments can develop some quite nice atmospheres, some riffings can show some class, the songs doesn't seem to suffer from a band composing, and each fingers from the hands of the guitarists seem to be skilled enough.
I would say there's nothing objectively wrong in there, but the listening of this album should be offered only to fans of sped up "satanic" and quite technical death metal.



GORY BLISTER (Ita) Art bleeds CD'04. SEKHMET Recs.
Technical Death metal strongly reminding of Death (from "Human" to "The sounds...") with probable similarities to old MEKONG DELTA or old ATHEIST.
All is decently played and sounds professional, well produced... But the main problem of GORY BLISTER lies in the fact they almost never stop changing the riff for a newer one... At the loss of efficiency! Yes, some riffs sound quite interesting and could have deserved to be more developed. After a while, this will of always trying to be surprising and complex leads to the opposite: You know they will always change the riffs, so it creates some kind of "big whole of changes"... or the mind naturally takes some distance... Everything at the same time isn't always good, expect once you're a in front of a totally full fridge! Ah Ah!
This might be the kind of album you have to listen 50 times carefully to really enjoy it... Well, I don't have the time or will to spend 25 hours listening to an album, simply to know if I'll like it.
But few very focused listenings in the right mood were enough to say that, even if a cool atmosphere it there during all the album, I didn't detect much burning or emotionally deep that could grow much bigger on me. (And the fact the riffs change really often didn't really help... And is that all well structured, or is it only riffs coming ones after others, without burning logic most of the time? I have doubts... I also wonder how the band occurs to play these songs live: hey probably should be very focused, do not move, and do not have much fun... No neck break this time héhé).
I think if the band develops the best riffs, there's a potential to do it much more emotional, yet while keeping a quite strong technical side. It would only be a matter of right dosage.


GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Australia) A call to arms CD'02 INVICTUS.
After the really convincing 4 trackers "Eve of the conqueror" whose song "Desolation descending" is really to become a classic, these Australian dirty metal addicted strike back with another piece of fine blackthrashing heavy tunes! I find it more direct and to the point than the last DESTRÖYER 666, if I may establish a comparison between these two raw and old school oriented bands. One can feel that the band is more mature now, and really masters the composition. Some aggressive parts, mixed with some epical passages, and a shrieky hateful voice are to be found on this release. A song like "Slaves" is really a cool metallic anthem worth to listen. The production is quite clear and dirty at the same time... Yeah it sounds strange, but it is so, and that’s definitely cool that GOTH didn’t abandon the dirtiness in their sound. The only musical critic I could do is that I find this album less aggressive than the previous release. But I guess that the new songs must be quite effective on stage. The title track is a cool instrumental with a great DESTRUCTION feeling. GOTH delivers a really honest piece of black thrash that could please all DESASTER and DESTRÖYER 666 fans. If you like it raw, then check the aussie scene, because it has some angry bands to offer...



GRAVE (Swe) Extremely rotten live CD'97 CENTURY MEDIA.
I've got quite mixed feelings about this album!
On one hand you get their old tracks that sound quite good here! For exemple the track "Hating life" that had the fucking Death metal punch and energy! Bang your head and brutallize!! On the other hand you get tracks from their "Hating life" CD that are just flat and boring, I would have prefered it with really more guttural vocals, and some older tracks aren't played the best way! For exemple the opening riff of "You'll never see..." that's meant to be heavy as fuck is here too fast! You get 50% of the tracks worth the listening! The sound is quite good for a live. It would have been better if it was recorded at the time of "Soulless" for exemple!! Not essential, that's for sure! Do like me and burn it on a CDr if you enjoy GRAVE's Death metal. Will be largely enough!


GRAVE (Swe) Back from the grave CD'02 CENTURY MEDIA.
Here are finally back these old Death metallers that haunted a lot of my past Death metal playlists with their two first Lps! When hated, corrosion and hateful spits prevailed! Ah! Hopefully this one is better than "Hating life" that was only able to bore me! It's more into an Heavy Death metal style with nice double bass drums and few assorted tremolo riffs! But there aren't anymore punching and aggressively crushing parts in this new release! Here it's heavy and Brutal, mid placed and Brutal or slow and melodic. There are some cool tracks such as the heavy and quite catchy "Rise", the quite ASPHYX influenced "Dead is better" but some other tracks remind me a lot of other releases I've heard before (ex: "Behold the flames" sounds a lot like ASPHYX's "Last one on earth").
The sound ain’t bad but lacks in low and super heavy frequencies that would have boosted a bit their style! This album is better than "Hating life" that was boring as fuck! I find it a bit behind "Soulless" in term of quality! Those who over abused alcohol and old school Death metal LPs may not be very enthusiastic with this back from the grave, but as a whole I consider it as a very cool CD! It's cool to hear they're back with a very decent CD!


GRAVELAND (Pol) Memory and destiny CD'03 NO COLOURS.
Hmmm. I didn't know much of GRAVELAND's music until I received this CD, only few Mp3s, and it's not the best way to correctly review the music of a band who has got a bunch of CDs and somekind of a name in the scene it belongs to.
Anyway, I found in this CD somekind of a little sorrowful mood, while their music seemed influenced by BATHORY ("Blood fire death" and "Hammerheart"), but a bit more complexly articulated. There are a bunch of quite atmospheric/ nostalgic/ epic keyboards in here, some interludes remind me of the music of the movie "Conan the barbarian"... The first problem is the drums sound strange, almost misplaced by moments! The second problem is the tracks sound too long in my opinion! The third problem is it lacks of real catchy parts and highlights! To a point I wonder if the guys aren't asleep by moments?!
This is an album I can listen to a bit when I'm calm, and especially when I don't need some fukking Black metal (Which is strange! Isn't it?). Their music doesn't seem much DARKTHRONE influenced, this isn't a bad point, I've rather been thinking about some very old EMPEROR. There are some Ok keyboards parts.
My conclusion will be: each possibly interested individual ever knows this band and probably owns this CD. If you don't know GRAVELAND, you only have to know it's not one of the best bands in the style (!) as they can't match the emotional intensity of the BATHORY albums mentioned before, and even not the first EMPEROR's releases!


GRIDE (Cze) Happy birthday gride Ep'01 INSANE SOCIETY Recs.
I discovered this Czech band on the CRIPPLE BASTARDS tribute CD with their nice cover of the track "Hate her", and finally I can lay my hands on one of their releases. Unfortunately I'm quite disappointed! This compilation Ep composed of various unreleased tracks of GRIDE doesn't sound as direct, grinding and Brutal as I had expected it to be! It's a mix of Hardcore grind with some touches of crust and discarding guitars. Their tracks are composed of many riffs, breaks; from the fast to the mid placed, to the slower... but most of the riffs are at best only Ok or quite aggressive! Not much special! The drumming is cool: quite varied and tight in the blasts! They remind me of RIGHTEOUS PIGS,  old grinding NAPALM DEATH, BIRDFLESH... and possibly some Powerviolence bands. The production isn't very good, average and raw sound... More power is needed! And some of the tracks on this Ep are jokes... or 10 sec. tracks! I can live without it!
It's an average/ very average Ep with nice parts: nothing vital... but this compilation is surely not their best release! I'll keep on searching for a real GRIDE release!
GRIDE/ Jindrich Zika/ Nam. Pratelstvi 658/ 383 01 Prachatice// CZECH REP


Fucking shit! I didn't enjoy any of the GROINCHURN full length CDs I heard! It was too much wanna be technical Grind, wanna be different or shit...and maybe wanna sound like BRUTAL TRUTH... But here, at this time, it was a real good band!
It was real old school Grindcore with Death metal and Brutal death moments à la NAPALM DEATH ("Harmony corruption"). Good grinding stress blasts! If it doesn't remind new school (!) Grind bands as TERRORIZER or NAUSEA, you're so fucking deaf! Ah Ah! It was extreme and aggressive! And there were some old school punk Crust riffs as well as few old school Hardcore influences (check the intro you putrid bastard!). They reminded me of VIBRION as well as old TERRORIZER/ NAUSEA a lot for the raw grinding parts and for an old Grinding death yet heavy groovy feeling! Their short tracks were quite varied! It was surely a good band with really efficient tracks!! It has nothing to do with what they procreated later...
If you're a fan of old school Grind à la TERRORIZER/ NAUSEA/ old NAPALM then try to get some early GROINCHURN's releases! You won't be disappointed!!
I'm not interested by the stuffs of Captain 3 leg, it's very average Death grind crust with a very poor sound... Very common, very very average...


GROINCHURN (South afriqua) Thuck – Grinding south africore, the early days CD’03 MAD LION.
Before turning into a bizarre Grind death band and releasing some CDs I didn't enjoy for the ones I heard, GROINCHURN was a good Grindcore band! Into the old school fucking Grind vibe they released some demos, Eps, split Eps and a part of their early days are re-released on this CD! Thanks to MAD LION Records, it's a great idea! Good Grind death with the energy and inspiration of the early days. It reminds me of NAPALM DEATH ("F.E.T.O") + "Mentally murdered"MLP + "Harmony corruption" ), TERRORIZER (a bit), RIGHTEROUS PIGS, DEFECATION, NAUSEA. So you see it had the right influences! Ah! There are the good mid tempo energetic beats, the total Grind old school insanity, the thrashing Deathcore riffings, some Crustpunch, the (few) disgusted of life riffs; and some well done riffs had the fucking feeling! The quality of the sound varies a lot according to the tracks (it goes from the 4 tracker like recording to the powerful studio sound).
I don't like as much all the sessions, the older stuffs in here are the ones that kick the arse!
This CD includes: "Every dog has its decay' Demo'94, "Human filth" Demo'94, the GROINCHURN tracks from the 4 ways to misery split CD w/ NYCTOPHOBIC/ CAESAREAN SECTION/ WINTER OF DISCONTENT and 2 tracks from some Compilation Eps ("Noise against the machine" and "Chards of civilization"). Strangely enough, it doesn't include their side of the split Ep with CAPTAIN 3 LEGS that kicked some serious arse! This is a good CD I'd advice to Grindcore bastards who like it old school, energized and for whose a quite raw sound isn't a problem!
I read a split CD with SUTEK CONSPIRACY was released few years ago, it includes tracks from Eps and stuffs not released on CDs. If you want all the old GROINCHURN stuffs you'll have to get this one as well!


These polish Grindcore bastards play their thing since 11 years now, and here's the 1st time I meet one of their releases.
They play Grindcore à la DEAD INFECTION ("A Chapter of accident") with touches of old NAPALM DEATH ("F.E.T.O" and "Mentally murdered" Ep) including more or less pitched (but not always gor) vocals and very few old CARCASS meets GENERAL SURGERY elements. Notice some Crust punk riffs added here and there.
Their riffs didn't especially please me as it sounds quite common in the Grind style and as all their tracks sound more or less the same. Not easy to write new Grind riffs as it's a quite primal music and lots of stuffs in the style have ever been written, but I didn't feel the fucking Grinding energy in their riffs! It sounds Grind, but it doesn't crush!!
I think their drummer is quite good as he adds some nice R'N'B (Rythms 'N ' Breaks lol) and toms' rolls à la old NAPALM (and he's tight).
To conclude, it's an Ok band that benefits of a quite good drummer and that suffers from too much classical riffs. It can be cool for big grind fans, but nothing more.


GRUESOME MALADY (Ind) Infected with virulent seed CD’02 BIZARRE LEPROUS.
This band comes from India, a country I don't know that much for its music. The little dozen of bands I heard from there didn't please me as it remains amateurish.
First approach, the artwork of Goregrind Pierre (who runs the BRAINDEAD Webzine) doesn't look very good, not one of his best works for sure!
Second approach, the music that's a mix between technical Death/ Grind and Goregrind has definitely no impact for me! It's fast riffs that goes everywhere, but you understand and remind nothing, even after several listenings. It could sound like old DAMNABLE (less technical and complex), old DISGORGE (Mex) or other projects that want to be fast to be fast... but where's the feeling??
The vocals are very gore, seems like the guy is growling in the water by moments. There's an AUTOPSY cover that sounds like nothing else than noise and capharnaum.
I found it totally uninteresting, and even boring at the very first minutes!
This isn't one of the best Bizarre Leprous releases, far from this!!


GUILD OF DESTRUCTION (Australia) We are vermin CD. 2009. GRINDHEAD Recs.
Jigsaw slumfuk. Australian metal doesn't always mean very bestial or very old school burning.
My first, not so attentive, approach with this album made me feel the band was quite seriously influenced by (old/ mid old) MORBID ANGEL and (Not so old) DEICIDE... But while these two influences remain valid considering the whole musical spectrum, one would have to say the style is also quite much more varied, with some "modern" influences here & there, and quite important black metal material in the riffings or vocals.
In the most extreme moments I feel some REBAELLIUM (& hellish alcoholic friends) could be quoted, while in the "softest" ones we aren't so far from some DISSECTION influenced outfits.
I like to quote names, so I can add some more (minor) ingredients for you to have an idea of the global taste: Some OPPRESSOR/ later BROKEN HOPE (90's) (For some 90's Death metal in an Us vein that was more "technical"), some MAYHEM ("Wolf's lair abyss" for more "experimental" moments), some BYATIS (France… Not the most well-known/ representative, but well), some DECAMERON/ SACRAMENTUM (Early) in the most melodic/ black death moments, with a little of thrash or thrash black here & there.
The music is correctly executed, composed, recorded (Even if drums might be a little too triggered sometimes), but I'm a little disappointed since I expected something with a more burning old school atmosphere, and I don't listen too much anymore to the black death/ more melodic (or Even BM) spectrum of their music... Anyway this is a quite professional recording that doesn't suck, so those who have a good decanting chemistry with the mentioned genres might enjoy listening to these tunes.


The GUT comeback has created some controversy in the gore underground, some peoples complained about the fact their cumback is fuelled by the testosterones of cash and turned to gay hip hop. Since there seemed to be some real arguments and disappointed fans' hatred behind, I had to insert my putrid hears into this controversial hole! Ho Ho! Let's go.
In fact, I can't really say the band turned to Hip Hop. Ok, there are a good amount of hip hop and "rap metal" songs, as well as few gore'n bass (when they try to mix it with grind), but at the first approach it would only represent some kind of 1/3 of the entire length... So we could deal with it in a way, huh?
Of puke there are still an amount of goregrind grind stuffs (Between the old GUT, and some quite rockin' things) that could represent about 1/3 of the entire length... It's not that much... Hmmm…. Since I wasn't a fan of their music, humor, and humorist "music" I couldn’t say much more about this aspect…
A problem could surely be the massive use of movies' samples everywhere... It reduces the total amount of gore and grind, and since there's already 1/3 or hip hop, 1/3 of intros, there remains only about 1/3 of old GUT (From 37 minutes... About 12 minutes of gore and grind? lol)
Butt, you buttfukker, even if I'm not an hip hop bigbutt slammer, I can't say much of the hip hop stuffs could move that much the slime from your fat rounded bottom of love, it even sounds quite empty in various dumb'n bass ways... The mixture of hip hop and grindgore wouldn't have necessarily been a bad idea, if the music was really well done... But it's not the case (What about double bass drums? Aggressive cancerous rap throats? Scaring dark samples? Zombifying complex beats? I didn't get of this... It's not hard enough!!) as it would rather sound like some usual MTV and easy listening hip hop of the loom, or some "Yo, were drvnk so we play the hiphop fastfood kvlt! 666!"
Those who really don't like hip hop could always avoid all the tracks being longer than 50 seconds... But is a CD good when you spend your time pushing fast-forward to the next track? I don't find it good or especially innovative... Just imagine a weaker old CYPRESS HILL (Metal epoch) trying to make it gore...
Maybe it was the style of GUT to fulfil a CD with bad jokes and blabla interludes (Even if I have doubts), but anyway I could find bad jokes and fillers at will (And even more!), and for free (And even with beggars trying to flood you!) on myspace!
It seems the band took less than a week to "compose", record, and do everything concerning this full-length... And it shows... Beware where you insert your coins, because most of the gloryholes from this piece of plastic aren't very glorious.
If the band keeps on releasing other things, I guess they’ll have to either retarget on the grinding side to save back some older fans’ appreciation, or to work much more the hip hop aspect to make it better (It wouldn’t be hard) and follow a personal way.


GUTALAX (Cze) Shitbeast MCD. 2011. BIZARRE LEPROUS Recs.
Death metal seems to be too morbid and deadly to gain juicy pussies, I will have to try something else to expand the size of my Vaginal local area network... Hmmm... What else than Goregrind could attract the pulsating vibrations of gorgeous milfs? I ask you, what else?
Yes, I'm not a big fan, neither a specialist of the genre, but a little of gore can be nice to expand the pleasures of the putrid cake!
What Robert (The underwear monster) choose is GUTALAX, a band from Czech republic who apparently fornicated too many Cze-Cze flies. Their music is quite classical in the goregrind genre, it has many mid-paced and fast (But not too fast... Let's say "Crusty") parts. The listening reminds me of GUT (Before they turned hip hop), early MUCUPURULENT ("Sicko baby") and some ooold MORTICIAN (In the heavy riffs).
There's also something Czech in their stuff, it might be due to some screamed vocals that remind me of AHUMADO GRANUJO... But notice there are very very few blasts in here, so don't take it as a 100% granulating ahumadovoral audioprothesistic comparison.
The song titles are in the "funny" manner ("Anus ice scream", "Cursed Fart In The Pet Bottle", "Robocock", "Anal error") and you can hear it from time to time in the music (For some vocals, some not so serious «groovy» affairs, etc…)
I can't say I thrill like an hellishly teased beast, but at least I can listen to a quite good part of this record without too many underwear problems, and some parts in the "fat bastard absurdus delirium" coming with quite gore vocals remind me of old MUCUPURULENT (Which is a quite good point).
Then after some songs I tend to get quite bored, I feel there's a lack of cuming surprise, punishing blasts and voracious cock battles!
This release is not a super killer cuming beast, but I find it "tolerable" when I'm in the mood for bizarre Gore... So maybe the fans of the genre would be quite pleased with some Gutalax in their grizzly coffee in the morning... Give reversed premature ejaculation a chance! (And make it last longer, swallow it again and again, do as our friends the cows…)