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Explode the barriers of pain and face the ass-kicking energy! Fucking shit!!
ILLDAD is a quite impressive Crustcore D-beat band that rose above the amount of average Crustcore stuffs I downloaded to kick my ass from my mourning Death metal chapel of ghouls! Pure fucking simple Crustcore riding on the ass kicking way of the good old D-Beat, with touches of raw simple Hardcore and a good dose of emotional distress riffs that could remind of ANANDA or HIS HERO IS GONE (??). I don't like all these newschool kind of core bands, because they're all abusively wanking on technicality, crap breaking complexity, abusive inefficient discordances and gay grooves... but ILLDAD has enough punch to please me! They're at the right frontier between good old Crust and more modern riffings, but always following a cool "right in your face" enough way!
The production is powerful/ The bas guitar is corroded and rrroooaaarrring, the guitars are powerful and chaotic enough (kinda like some DISFEAR but with more vitriol!), and the vocalist screams it with plain pain the disgusted, distressed and aggressive way! It fucking sounds like DISFEAR who would be really angry and nervous... boost the half power of DISFEAR and you got an idea of ILLDAD! Uh! I feel like these guys are more energetic but write less catchy tracks than DISFEAR...
Do not misunderstand my words, this isn't a revelation or a totally ass kicking band, after a while it becomes quite repetitive since they're very much D-beat based, and there are nor real hits of crusting anthems, but it's full of power and beating drums! So the fans of raw Crustcore should put an hear on this! Hell yeah!


ILLNATH (Dan) Cast into fields of evil pleasures CD'03 WORLD CHAOS 
I asked the label for a Death/ Thrashing promo, and I receive the melodic black crap! This isn't clever! ILLNATH were voluntary sent into my mailbox to make me deeply shit and laugh! Ah Ah! Satan is very clever and he knows I'm a never-ending fan of this pussy melodic Black metal that sounds like old CRADLE OF SHIT and old HECATE ENTHRONED! The castrated vocals are still so sexy, the riffs are so melodic and happy, the keyboards are still so useless! Come on! We're in the forest happily dancing with some evil trolls!


'Here in After' is one of my favorite death metal cd's but I must say Im not crazy with what Immo has been doing since 'failures for gods'. It just lacks catchiness, emotion and coherence in my opinion. This new album while being better than 'Failures...' still fails at topping Immo's debut disc on metal blade. Why the hell they added blast beats is beyond me. It just doesnt fit the riffs they have which by the way sound fucking UNINSPIRED at times on this cd! They also seem content with the production Paul Orofino gave 'em but I personally hate it. Apart from the title track and a few riffs on some of the other songs, this cd bored me to death. If you liked 'failures...' go get it, then again if not, avoid it.                                            Nicolas


IMMOLATION (Usa) Unholy cult LP'02 ltd 666 copies. Listenable.
Incredible how this band manages to puch its own boundaries album after album. Yeah, it took a long time between their first cultissime act "Dawn of possession" and their second album "Here in after", but since their come back with the really obscure and hateful "Failures for gods", IMMOLATION seems to finally provide the fans´ears regularly with nothing but pure UNHOLY CULT DEATH METAL, the way it must be played. "Close to a world below" had already shown the band in a really good form with its direct songs, even if some were quite long, and had shown to the metal community that IMMOLATION is one of the best Death Metal bands from America.  
And now, thanks to Paul Orofino, one more time, these dudes deliver something like their best effort since "Dawn of possession". It seemed to be impossible that they could compose something as cult as their aforementionned albums, but they did it and with such a majesty that bands like MORBID ANGEL should take some lessons from IMMOLATION, in order to propose something more fresh...
IMMOLATION has created such a moody and deeply emotionnal depressive Death Metal in its pure meaning. Here you will find tunes that are morbid as hell, and that will make you suffocate in your poor carcass. The riffs can only be heard in IMMOLATION´s music. Such an identity is rare nowadays, and as they benefit of the best sound they ever had, believe me that you can do nothing but kneel down before the perfection of this cult piece of vinyl. The music is complex but remains efficient without sounding boring or cliché at all. Moreover it´s like a live feeling emerging from these morbid tunes, and it gives you lust to watch IMMOLATION on stage.
I rather stop here because the positive adjectives like: cult, majestuous, perfect, incredible, pure, ultimate... aren´t good enough to describe the feeling delivered by these real death metal maniacs.



IMPALED (Usa) Choice cuts CD'01 NECROPOLIS.
Big daddy noticed there was no IMPALED stuffs reviewed on this website, and the cheesy and juicy wide opened cunt wasn't enough to satisfy the need of this old bastard, during a fucked up crappy night. So the old necropervert took off one hand from his total crass balls, split the juicy waiting cunt, and introduced this IMPALED CD in the mighty orifice of gore metal perversion!
Ah! This CD is composed of various unreleased or older IMPALED tracks that come from demos or quite rare releases. But the big daddy isn't so close to IMPALED, so don't expect much musical comparisons or other slip bashing masturbating themes. No. The music of IMPALED is some kind of Death grind meets Grindcore and Death metal, with EXHUMED and some CARCASS similarities, but it remains cleaner, not so disjoncted. I noticed this for those of you little crappy bastards who spend more time in their church, ass-licking and cock-warming their priest than listening to metal! This is pure blasphemy!
This CD includes some covers of CARCASS ("Carneous cacoffiny") and IMPETIGO ("I work for the street cleaner") as well as various stuffs from Demo'98, 7 Eps and else. (So the sound is Demo like for the 3/4 of it). I guess it's pro and nicely done enough to be at least Ok for many adepts of the ass-juice distillery.
I'm not a big fan of IMPALED since it lacks the disjoncted craziness of old CARCASS, but fans of the 2 aforementioned bands may find in IMPALED (not especially this CD!!) a nice addition in their fukked up cacoffiny play list.



IMPERIAL SAVAGERY (Usa) Imperial Savagery CD. 2014. PROUDLY DEFIANT Recs.
This new evil Death metal band counts three musicians that once played in CORPSEVOMIT (The Us one), this might ring a bell in the cavern-heads of some underground beholders.
Globally, their music reminds me the most of ANGEL CORPSE, with blasting moments closer to the first CEMETERY URN CD (It might be due in part to the quite "abrasive" production), with breaks and a couple of riffs from mid old MORBID ANGEL, and something from the first HATE ETERNAL recordings perhaps (I feel some of the songs Rutan wrote on "Domination" aren't so far from here, the quite technical and a bit dissonant ones).
This reminds me of ANGEL CORPSE: For the music, I would say this is closer to the "Exterminate" album;  For the production I would say this is close to the first impression I got when a tape copy of "The inexorable" was inserted in my tape-player (This comparison isn't totally valid compared to what you might know, since the tape I received was a 3rd generation copy or something, but you could have an idea of how it would sound in a "rawer" manner...)
This is satanic, fast death metal with a tendency to evolve around the lines of (ooold) brutal death (Yet without any groove, mosh, or even "jump" traces...). For example, you could happen to think about some old SUFFOCATION recordings (90's), mostly because of the quite brutal drumming (Fast and slower). (The vocals could happen to sound like a less guttural Frank Mullen... But I'm not totally convinced with this comparison). I might add a quite rawer way of riffing sometimes brings the content closer to some kinds of brutal black metal, but this isn't particularly a major element.
After a quite rasp, sometimes almost abrasive first approach, the satanic death metal of IMPERIAL SAVAGERY unveils interesting moments and quite good riffs that occur to be more complex than the average, and procure a quite kicking listening during moments of infernal brutality.
I couldn't say catchy riffs crucified my brain or awaken the cumbeast, but this is a quite burning and quite solid sounding album. Fans of ANGEL CORPSE, DIABOLIC, old MORBID ANGEL and the likes might find here a quite solid album to challenge their dorsal articulations with.


IMPERIAL SODOMY (Fra) Demolished CD'04. DIAMOND Prod.
If I decently revisit the perverse vomit of the elder gods, the first and previous album of IMPERIAL SODOMY didn't turn me on that much, because even if it was brutal as a cold fuck, it was too monotonous and lacked or real burning riffs!
Since then the band has changed many musicians, and the current songs of IMPERIAL SODOMY sound more appealing in my blasted putrid mind: the music remains brutal as a 3 way quartered deep bleeding bitch, but it's a bit more varied. These tracks could sound like a nauseous mixture of BRODEQUIN, early DEEDS OF FLESH, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, few old KRISIUN and some other Us Brutal Death bands who like it quite technical.
Even if the drummer is an hyper-fast blasting maniac and a total double bass-drums rumble militia, and the other musicians have a good finger shredding level, I remain midly convinced by most of their songs. It sounds all brutal and brutal and brutal... But some shocking riffs and haunting perverse melodies of inhuman torment lack to engulf me in embalmed madness! More feeling damnit! My fave track is "I hate humans" because it deflagrates more intensity than the other ones! (There's a bit of early DEICIDE/ Black metal and total blast intensity in there).
If you like brainless decapitated brutality and enjoy when she comes out in chunks, you might you might dig your tomb of skulls with the empress sodomizers, but if you're rather into something catchy and deadly emotional, I guess there won't be much for your perverse needs of killer Death metal!
Try it before you buy.


IMPIETY (Singapore) Skullfucking armageddon CD'00.
IMPIETY's style has evolved a lot since their "Zygoticcal..." CD, and some guys who listened to them before may not recognize them! They sound now more professional.
While in their previous releases they sounded more raw and obscure in a Black/ Death vein like ABHORER with some SARCOFAGO touches, they sound now like a mix of Norvegian Black metal,  IMMORTAL's "Blizzard Beast" and  "At the heart of winter" CDs without the frozen touch, old school raw Black Death à la BESTIAL WARLUST with some old school Metal influences ranging from Death metal to Thrash and Heavy Metal for some riffings. Their vocals are now more high pitched.
I haven't found so much more of their tremolos that sounded cool and catchy.. but the quality is better.
As a whole, this ain't bad, more aggressive than what they did before, and it can be cool for Underground extreme metal maniacs!


Open air second hand markets are cool since you can find some nice stuffs for a very low price! For exemple I found this IMPIOUS CD for the affordable price of one euro!
The style of the band evolves between Death and Thrash metal as they could remind of mid old SODOM, THE CROWN, TESTAMENT, THE HAUNTED, mid old METALLICA ("And justice for all"/ "Masters of puppets" era) and eventually a bit of OVERKILL. I've mixed feelings about this one, on a spiked hand you get some nice tracks and cool ideas, on the other hand you are fed with some average, ever heard or not so convincing ideas.
The track "Burn the cross" stands out from the whole CD. Nice death thrashing metal miwing THE CROWN, CARCASS (Necroticism/ Heartwork era) and some old VADER. This is a nice track with an efficient song structure and good stuffs on the drum section, notice this is one of the only tracks in here that includes blasts. Good production. It's cooler than a bunch of stuffs released nowadays.
To konklude the review, I'll say it'll be an entertaining. interesting CD during a few tracks. There are some nice or quite good stuffs in here, but the interest doesn't last more than 40% of the CD.


This is by far the best IN QUEST release I had the opportunity to hear!
This is a modern mix of several kinds of extreme metal mixed altogether in varied tracks to almost pathologically punch you in the face! While the main lines of the music bound in brutal powercore, Death metal and thrash metal, elements of heavy metal and melodic death can be found. So IN QUEST reminds me of the latest CARCASS' works (Necroticism/ Heartwork) both for the controlled death metal riffing and heavy metal or more lyrical parts. There are strong influences of the older MESHUGGAH's works for the heavy powercore riffs and crippled calculated guitars while old FEAR FACTORY and PANTERA's 3 gutfull Cds (Cowboys, Vulgar, Far Beyond) are noticeable influences.
I regret they don't play more blasting parts with riffs à la CARCASS (Necroticism) such as on the 2nd track... that would diversify and bring more punch to this album that happens to stagnate on the powercore and Fear factory alike riffs.
Some Gothenburp melodic death can be found, but it's not abusive. A more modern metal touch may remind you of SCARVE or Devin Townsend's "Ocean machine" while the use of wide background samples sounds like FEAR FACTORY in their "Demanufacture" era. Of course there are other influences, but this review is meant to be readable, so try few Mp3s if these lines turned on your curiosity.
The production is powerful and very good. The band is very professional and knows how to play their varied style in the right way. By moments, this album is almost killer! IN QUEST is a band I'd advice to those who enjoy modern extreme metal in its entirety and who remain quite open-minded! This album is really not bad.


INCANTATION (Usa) Ownward to golgotha CD'92 RELAPSE.
Actually a pillar of the underground Death metal, and an almost mythic band of the 2nd Death metal wave, INCANTATION was striking very hard with this first album! It was almost instrumental only as the vocals were rather used as a (good) mood element.
Very well structured, this first album that's as cavernous as possible crushes as nobody else. Even SUFFOCATION didn't ose to do so with the guns of Tampa's scene. The MORBID ANGEL shadow sometimes flys around here ("Golgotha")
Mixing the ultra fast south American parts to the darker mood of European Death metal and its sometimes very slow tempos, INCANTATION is one of these rare bands that makes the proofs of a real personality at its very beginnings. The lack of clarity of the sound won't change anything, it kills from the beginning to the end! Nobody since AUTOPSY didn't succeed in playing so slow while being so intense, and nobody will succeed in it later, in anyway without sounding so Death metal. Because here's the strong power of "Onward to golgotha": to mix an excellent music with a mood that wouldn't have been enough to make a good release. It smells Death as fuck, the marl of the evil one is here, it breathes the cemetery. Death metal was speaking about zombies and demons... but this time they are around you while you listen to this CD!



I know some guys who consider INCANTATION as some pilars of the Uderground and think their music is pure and excellent blasphemy, but I wouldn't be so positive. Their old school Death metal w/ blast parts and with some Brtual Death influences for Heavy riffs includes some quite interesting ideas from time to time, but I also think some riffs are classical for this old school style (the band sounds totally the way they did around 94). Even if the two bands doesn't procure the same feeling, I can't avoid thinking about CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Gallery of suicide" LP while listening to some heavy riffs on this blasphemous album.
The sound maybe lacks of a given raw touch that made INCANTATION albums more obscure and Underground. Anyway, I think some guys who are into the blasting blasphemous obscurity will seriously brutalize some priests on these sulphuric tunes.


INCESTUOUS (Usa) Brass knuckle abortion CD'00 UNITED GUTTURAL.
Good old DEICIDE (1st LP) influences at the level of vocals that will make you think about what made Glen Benton's vocal choruses memorable.
The fucking drummer doesn't stop blasting with his double bass drums, it sounds fucking inhuman!
At the level of the music, we could speak about a rather well played Brutal Death Grind à la DEEDS OF FLESH with some heavy riffs à la SUFFOCATION, tremolo riffs à la DEICIDE and a few dominating sounding guitar pukes à la "Altars of madness". There's nothing exceptionnal around the riffing, but there are some nice or quite catchy Brutal parts.
As a whole, this Brutal death album that includes short tracks isn't fucking thrilling, but it's rather well constructed and produced. I guess it can please the fans of the 2 first DEEDS OF FLESH releases.


INCINERATOR (Swe) Thrash attack MCD'00 SOUND RIOT.
Horns up high you little thrashing bastard!
Those who have seen the link with the SLAUGHTER track are the ones who shall put a hear on INCINERATOR! Old school fucking thrash speed metal is what these spiked to the core bastards agress on this MCD, and yeah, it's well done and the bunch of catchy riffs are there! Not your "old school" riff stealing band!
The feasting aggression of guitar chords is efficient and ass kicking while it reminds me of ONSLAUGHT, DARKNESS, KREATOR (old) and ASSASSIN!
Very cool band with quite good tracks, many accelerations on thrash metal urge, and a good powerful yet clear sound. My fave track in here is "Storm of the thrashers"! Yeah, cool chorus! Thrash attack!  That smells like some bloody cool burning vinyl will be released! INCINERATOR is a very cool band the maniacs of the old school Thrash speed metal need to know!


INFAMY (Usa) The blood shall flow + Count the dead re-release CD'01 MERCENARY Music.
Some labels seem to awake and take good initiatives! Bloody cunt of hell! I recently received some soft Nu metal, Rock and other stuffs that has nothing to do here! Some labels should stop drinking beer when they do their promo!
But let’s come back to worthy of attention discussions. This re-release directly emerging from the deepest pits of abominated abysmal desolations is welcome, right from the burning guts of sufferance! It includes both the first CD if the band, "The blood shall flow" and the fucking "Count the dead demo"!
Let's begin with "The blood shall flow". It was a nice CD released in 98, but it was less inspired,  morbidly repugnant, and gruesomely rejoicing than the aforementioned demo. Quite cool Death grind around the lines of INCANTATION, old MORBID ANGEL, with some very old Death metal influences. But there were some very cool parts, and "Bodily disembowelment" is a good crushing Death/ Grind track the way I like it! Fast track with good riffs and cool drums' breaks! Nice mood.
The tremendous "Count the dead" Demo is here released in pure emanations of sulfurous agony and malevolent fumes from hell! Excellent decision! That was in my opinion the most sulfurous piece of obscure Death metal iniquity INFAMY procreated! Totally old school, mid placed Death metal morbidity with an impious raw feeling. It goes along the war lines of old UNLEASHED, old CARNAGE (a bit), old GRAVE, old MORBID ANGEL (demos) and old IMMOLATION. Of corpse the malicious Death metal hymn "Count the dead" is here! Some vocals really seem to be more than simple words! A deep occult meaning of the forgotten ancients seem to lie behind these coffin's texts! A very cool rerelease! But be careful you little putrid reader, INFAMY may please only the most burning heads of the Death metallers who love it raw, sulfurous, obscure and old school! You've been warned!



INFANTICIDE (Swe) We are the enemy MCD'06. YELLOW DOG.
While their first demos had a rawer approach, I have the feeling INFANTICIDE evolves in a way reminding of the last NAPALM DEATH albums, with a bit more catchiness, and some kind of the same will to have a big production that tastes like a well rounded tasty big bottom. And this fat appealing ass doesn't make it more aggressive or shredding sounding, no, it gives a taste of something that could crush your nose (If you didn't care about where you put this crooked piece of disturbing curiosity).
Most of this MCD is grindcore, with the blast, crusty punk stuffs, few heavier moments... Some vocals almost sound like Power violence.
Of corpse, I happen to think about old and newer NAPALM DEATH; but also some NASUM (R.I.P.), NYCTOPHOBIC (A bit of the 1st and 2nd CDs), SUPPOSITORY (For the convenient Grind// Don't shake you head// side... but I prefer INFANTICIDE: they doesn't sound too much like an "Autoplay grind" band), few early EXHUMED (Split CD w/ HEMDALE)...
Huh, it feels the drummer wants to blast it a bit to fast by moments, so some efficiency is lost.
Some riffs are cool, some aren't so cooling, all in all I feel as it's average coz the band could be more extreme and crushing!
Big fans of cool underground grind might eat this up, without much need of warming beer, but to reach the next scale of grinding power INFANTICIDE needs to make it more extreme and intense! And I think they're able to do so... So... So!!?


Here's a project with "Ex "warriors" of DARK FUNERAL, "warriors" of IN AETERNUM and DEFLESHED..."
Well, this is you basic Black metal with raw riffs, hyper fast drums, high pitched screams... but nothing new or special I didn't hear in any DARK FUNERAL release! These 4 tracks reminds me a lot of the first DARK FUNERAL CD, it's blasting and owns punching Death metal beats... It has the taste of good opportunities and music business, a label wouldn't have released it if the guys weren't Black metal "superstars"! I found no passion behind this CD. It sounds like fastly composed projects à la WAR... Who needs another CD of this kind? If you want an album if the style, check a DARK FUNERAL release as they've got enough CDs to satisfy your needs!



The style of these Mexican Death metallers didn't change a lot compared to their first demo "Tremendous plague" which was quite good and morbid.
The first side of this Ep begins with "Auto de fe", an introduction that aims to develop some kind of ritual/ occult mood. It more or less reminds me the introduction of an old BULLDOZER album, even if it's more down-tuned... I don’t know.
Then we can hear the first song, "Demonic possession," that begins fast and kicking à la very old MORBID ANGEL meets ABHORER ("Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt" CD), to then evolve in old school death à la old DEATH/ MORGOTH (With a little touch of Peruvian MORTEM ("Demon tales")), to then come back to the initial blasting pattern. This sounds quite ugly and kicking, the part in the middle (In the more old school vein) is quite good, and there's something a bit more thrashing (Some guitar crunch) than in the regular old school death metal. This is a quite good and kicking song!
The second side contains "Zatanazombie", a cover of the old Mexican band SHUB NIGGURATH. This sounds ok, quite cool if you wish, somewhere in the middle between (fast) traditional south American death and old school European death, but since I don't know the original song I'm not able to say much... I think I would have preferred another song à la "Demonic possession" to explore deeper the guts of INFERNAL CONJURATION!
This vinyl isn't bad, but it's a bit short and I felt more embalmed by their first demo! (Maybe they were a bit rushed before recording... A couple more rehearsals could have helped to reach the right frequency of coffin vibration?). This is a quite cool, but morbidly imperfect Ep, that shall please mostly the bigger morbid Death metal fans! I'm waiting for the next INFERNAL CONJURATION recording to judge of their sulfurous improvements in morbid abilities. UP THE CADAVERS!


INFERNAL DAMNATION (Usa) Into the crevice of obliteration Tape album. 2015. SUBGENRE Recs.
Mysterious things happen under your bed.
Music cassettes are somewhat magnetically attracted, under your bed.
And it remains hidden and forgotten there for months, under your bed.
I'm starting to believe some microscopic metal concerts happen here at night while I'm sleeping, under the bed...
The fact this demo tape remaint out of sight for a good couple of months doesn't mean it contains bad music, it was probably taken away by the imaginary "black metal" cat, and I was also quite busy to handle everything...
INFERNAL DAMNATION isn't a new band, they released a couple of demos and Eps before, but this is the first recording of theirs to reach my toxically reactivated hears.
Even if the name of the band could let you imagine the style has something to do with black metal, this is in fact a quite seldom influence, but I have to say the "infernal" word fits quite well since there is something quite infernal and burning in the inside.
This is quite old styled death metal/ thrash metal that sounds quite kicking.
The influences of the band generally flirt with the end 80's and early 90's, so I used to think about old PROTECTOR (When they were migrating towards more DM music), old KREATOR (Pleasure to kill/ Terrible certainty), some DEMOLITION HAMMER, some early DEICIDE (The first album, for some faster/ angrier moments that raise the anticlerical flag up), a bit of old DEATH (Some "Leprozy" or even "Human" even if the style isn't prog influenced, sometimes there are little "melodic" touches or nice little bass parts), and a couple of more chaotic leads à la early POSSESSED.
There are quite a lot of rhythm/ riff changes during songs, perhaps a little too much sometimes, but it doesn't really matter.
I enjoy the burning atmosphere and the very end 80's or 90's metal moods, this tape can sound quite nervous by moments and I believe INFERNAL DAMNATION could be a great band to check out live. Now I can't say there's something new or really personal here, but the whole is packaged well enough and comes with enough of energy to somewhat compensate.
Fans of the style could dig it.


INFERNAL REVULSION (Jap) Devastate under hallucination CD'07. GOREGIASTIC
Is homodernitophobicism the best solution? Give me a minute of gut-torsion epylepticism. INFERNAL REVULSION plays typically US Brutal death, but it's not so modern as it would rather remind what was procreated 10 years ago by bands such as REPUDILATION (Grooves & blasts), UNCREATION, or even before by SUFFOCATION/ PYREXIA and a bit of BANISHED. It equally shares the gore between the blasts, the heavy grooves and moments of normal speed. The vocals sound equally gore and dripping in blood. 10 years ago, it would have a good place in my Brutal playlists, but something like real craziness, riffs from hell or surprising catchiness lacks to hook me in 2007. To sum it up, INFERNAL REVULSION is a quite cool band that might please cool fans of the style who like to drown in their Brutal death, but it's not one of the best bands in the style...


INFERNAL TORMENT (Den) Man's true nature CD'95 DIE HARD.
What a cover! I immediately bought the CD when I saw the artwork! Pure bestiality! And the logo was looking very Brutal and complex also! The music sounded totally insane! Complex as fuck extremely Brutal Death with so much tempos and riffs' changes everywhere! In the style of CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Tomb of the mutilated") but with ways more riffs everywhere! Sounded fucking technical also! This bastard had hyper guttural low grunts perversion, I didn't hear o Brutal vocals at this time!
I remember I had big laughs when I read their lyrics for the first time! I won't say more, it dealt with extremely Brutal sex and things like that, check a few tracks' titles: "Motherfuck", "No longer a virgin", "On the hunt for fresh flesh" or "When daddy comes home"... Well, this isn't the kind of lyrics I enjoy anymore (far from this!) Total butchery Brutal death metal! Hyper technical leads! And new grooves in the Brutal style that were so Brutal it didn't groove anymore! It was fucking influenced by PYREXIA, SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE ("Legion")! I remember we had bestial knives dances with some friends, because this CD was so Brutal... Ah Ah!
There is a good amount of catchy BRUTAL riffs here! And it was ways more Brutal and efficient than their 2nd CD "Birthrate zero" that wasn't extreme! Only Ok Death/ Grind with more melodies, and rockin' influences (if I remember well, only the first track was catchy). In here, the mix of guttural vox, Brutal and heavy riffs, Heavy bass guitar and gut puking drums built a fucking Brutal maelstrom of sound! some tracks you're knocked out and the tracks become quite repetitive... But that was very extreme and it's still worth the listening for Brutal death maniacs! No problem!



INFERNAL WAR (Pol) Infernal war Tape Lp’04. DEATH INDUSTRY Prod.
Fast as fuck blasting black metal à la MARDUK ("Heaven shall burn") and WAR. Raw riffs, screamed vocals, tight and fast as a spiked as fukk and hungry as hell shark of a drummer. This fucking blasts!! But after a few tracks the evil toxic serenade turns into a quite repetitive hellmas gift. INFERNAL WAR's black metal is always into this kind of fast stuff, with few slower moments and death metal rhythms. Another problem lies in he fact the riffs doesn't deal with brutal memorabilia, ass shredding epileptic melodies and rhythmic guitars of church devastating hellish violent storms. In short words: it lacks an intense feeling.
The music sounds almost pro for most of it, with some nice ideas of structures from here and there, but with a tendency to repeat the same kind of fast riffs too many times (In my not so black metallic hears). At least the band isn't boring when you're in for a skull blasting evil session.
Anyway INFERNAL WAR sounds better than the average black metal I heard, and I guess fans of the MARDUK album quoted before might find an aggressive interest in here! While Satan keeps laughing...


So here's the 4th INHUMATE album.
I remember ordering their 2nd Demo "Grind your soul" and their first two albums back at the time. It wasn't too bad for its time, even if some cheezyness could be found! For those who know the band, on this new album there aren't much changes compared to their previous release. This is still somekind of Death grind meets Grindcore with few Hardcore, Grindgore and Brutal death touches.
The grunts of the vocalist is what has evolved the most: he's almost into putrid goregrind by moments!
I have the same opinion towards this release and the previous one: some riffs and parts are cool, but some are also too easily findable or average/ very average. INHUMATE doesn't play totally old school grind to the contrary of what I could read on some extreme 'methane' webzines: there are a bunch of tremolo death metal riffs mixed with some grindcore guitars, hardcorish slowdowns and other styles, so don't strictly compare them to early NAPALM DEATH, S.O.B, REPULSION (the spirit and style aren't really the same) that would be a good beginning.
The production is good, even if it's a bit too clear, but that's not a problem...
INHUMATE's music could be compared to a mix of old and new NAPALM DEATH, MASTIC SCUM, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, LOCK UP, few CBT, AHUMADO GRANUJO and other more underground bands in the extreme metal/ Grindcore kinds of music.
So this album has its moments, I didn't find much special nor much memorable, but it might turn on guys who like a kind of Grinding music which isn't too complicated. Try it and make your mind.


INHUME (Hol) Decomposing from inside CD’00 BONES BRIGADE.
This must be fucking Brutal and efficient live! I see the total chaos in the moshpit! Total explosions of uncontrolled brutality!
INHUME is total unrelentless Brutal Grindcore à la REGURGITATE meets DEAD INFECTION ("Chapter of accident". Totally intense! Rotten energy of the gore and bizarre cerebral landscapes à la old CARCASS. Super energized blasts à la TERRORIZER!
Big sound making them sound not only aggressive but also Brutal, Inhuman and heavy as a fucking 40 kilograms punch in your face!
Heavy Grindcore that deeply lacerates the arse of so many high flying "evil" black-metallists! Primal Grindcore! There are no weak arrangements, useless melodies for flying bullshits here! Only pure Grindcore insanity from the beginning to the end! Some riffs are as catchy as a fucking airplane crash! Ah!
Not new stuff but still worth the listening! Quite repetitive after half the inside decomposing, but which grinder gives a fuck when it's really intense and destructive? Fuck off!
Fucking efficient! I hope the next album that will emerge from the schizophrenic pulp through Osmose will be as emotionally intense!


INHUME (Hol) Decomposing from inside CD'00 BONES BRIGADE
This band crushes! Full of strength and energy Grinding death from the land of weed: holland! The stuff here's really brutal and aggressive, even if it's quite easily played. (It's not necessary to be complex to be brutal!). Brutal Grindcore in the vein of the old Godz: NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER and few Gore metal metal masters such as CARCASS! This will fucking explode your bones and suck your blood to the dry rot!
Powerfull abrasive sound! Good Brutal drummer who blasts, blasts, punches, kicksn and blasts again! There are very small BLOOD influences for bizarre crust and slow death parts but old NAPALM seems to be the thing here. Even if some friends say the vocals aren't as powerfull as on their 2 previous demos, and this isn't very original, I think this is a strong band that deserves full attention! Since this CD release, I'm still checking it from time to time so it's a good point! Perfect for brutallers!


INHUME (Hol) In for the kill CD'03 OSMOSE.
So you thought your hard times of suffering and oppression were over? Face the metal: you're already DEAD!!!
A new INHUME CD is welcome since not much really Brutal stuffs are released these months, and you'd need another kick in your face to awake you from your futile and drastically unreal  dreams! The cruel kick of reality! And the task wasn't so easy for INHUME to offer some new Brutal tracks: their previous CD was still intense as fuck and Brutal as an ugly cavernman!
What I hear on this new CD is still in the same exploding veins: Brutal Grindcore with some touches of Crustcore and Death metal! It's still not original; but Fuck you! It shreds! The production is still raw and powerful, the growls and screams are still here to make you choke on your crap, the drummer is still efficient (and Brutal) and the riffs are still primal! There are maybe few more slower parts on this one!
So, it's a Brutal CD in the ungodly vein of the cavernous "Decomposing from inside"! I like it as it is, I didn't really need another one like "D.F.I" , I haven’t listened to “In for the kill”  more than 3 times, but time will tell which one I prefer! Cavern. Kromag. Fukked up!


INKOHERENT (USA) Kiss of the maggots CD'02.
This is the kind of average band that fastly gets boring yer metallic ears. Very average ever heard thousands times before simple and common as fuck riffs a 4 months guitarist could perform and compose every 5 minutes. Somekind of old SIX FEET UNDER without the balls (the original ain't got the balls, so ya can imagine what INKOHERENT offers!).
There are some kind of hardcore vocals and some of the riffs are simply happy! The band has released a CD. AH! AH! AH! They need at least 4 or 5 years of hard work to be able to release a decent CD. Avoid it.


INQUISITION (Col) Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan CD'02 WAR HAMMER Recs.
Worth hearing Black metal for the fans of darkened jewels like "Pure holocaust"!
With INQUISITION, Black metal recovers a bit of its deads and buried meaning! The best moments of this album are obscure, aggressive, depressed, grim, with some real feeling, even though INQUISITION isn't original at all.
You'll find blasting moments à la IMMORTAL (2nd Lp), fast and blasting, but not of the most brutal kind: it's obscure and inside! You'll hear quite numerous depressed and simple arpeggios à la IMMORTAL, it's cool and obscure even if it doesn't always sound the best. You'll view old images linked to "De mysteriis dom sathanas" during some riffs à la mid old MAYHEM. You'll think about mid old BATHORY during mid placed and slow moments of simple and quite depressed black metal. But INQUISITION isn't always dark and mourned as fuck since some riffs are more enlightened and open wide the gates of sorrowful hopes in their compositions. I'm not much impressed by the vocals that were meant to sound grim, but rather seem like spoken lyrics with no real highlights in frozen dementia. But it sounds ok.
Some riffs are well felt, some tracks are nicely constructed, while on the other hand I feel some riffs and breaks as wastes of intensity. That's maybe coz I'm not a big black metal fan... I also think some tracks are quite repetitive.
All in all, what we have here is a quite interesting album with both good ideas/ good tracks and apparently less inspired and ever-heard guitars. Finally I'd advice big fans of old IMMORTAL, old MAYHEM, old DARKTHRONE, early BATHORY and Black metal the Norwegian way to put an hear on this 2nd INQUISITION album since it's largely over the top of the mediocre average Black metal releases! (But it probably won't seem so in the obliterated hears of those who aren't into obscurity but embrace the life styles of evil Halloween trolls!). Anyway: support INQUISITION! c/o Inquisition, Po Box 846 Lake Stevens, WA 98258, USA.


A nice one for Grind freaks! The INSANE ASSHOLES are still in the Grind crust fields of extreme music! Blasting à la old NAPALM DEATH, crusty à la DISRUPT, death metallikly punching and grinding à la PIG DESTROYER meets TERRORIZER, with few more inCOREified touches to make your carcass move! The crust that makes your carcass move! These assholes still play this pile bloody core in a cool way: cool tracks with enough breaks and some riffs compressed in the right way to be able to grind the putrid core! This is nothing new or excellent, but surely a cool band for fans of the style, and worth seeing live with a couple of beers!
Other side, less interest. GRUNTER SCREAMS plays somekind of Crust, I'm not a fan of this style and only the most punishing bands of this kind have their place in my collection! In this case, I'd rather say G.S plays Crust punk that crustcore, since it's less powerful and more punkish; it sounds rather like DOOM than the energized Crustcore of DISRUPT for example! They also have some Hardcore and other inCOREified things. It might be a cool band for Underground fans of the style: they have correct tiffs and a cool production, but it lacks the fucking power that makes your body move! An average band.


INSECT WARFARE (Usa)/ CARCASS GRINDER (Jap) Split Ep'07. Psychotherapy Recs.
INSECT WARFARE: Not bad and quite intense Grindcore! It seems like accelerated early NAPALM DEATH. Their blasts sounds a bit too fast in my hears, I have a preference for the blasting to be quite old school and far from some "ultra blasts", but in this putrid case INSECT WARFARE has something more to offer than useless blablablablastings meant to cover weaknesses, there's some intensity and a quite crusty punk-as-fuck state of emergency in the riffs! Most probably a great band for grind fanatics.

CARCASS GRINDER: I have never «particularly» been into this band, and the songs I can hear don’t  change my mind... Grind/ fastcore whatever-you-call-it-as-you-wish that sounds decently fast and screaming, but the riffs do nothing particular... I need vibrations of crusty doomed fate and ultra aggressive grinding urges, but C.G don't provide me with these emotional affects... They're cult? Maybe, but I listen to music :-P


INSISION (Swe) The dead live on Tape Ep/ MCD’01 IMMORTAL SOULS.
This pro tape/ MCD consists of the 2nd recording of INSISION that dates back to 1999 (the original "The dead lives on" MCD released on HEATHENDOOM) plus two bonus tracks from the "Revelation of the sadogod" Demo'01: "Trapped within" and the DEATH cover "Zombie ritual".
Even if the style of the band wasn't so technical in these days, it was well-done old school Death with strong reminiscences of old DEICIDE and old CANNIBAL CORPSE. It could also make think about ALTAR (Hol) or a bit of very old HYPOCRISY (when they were still playing Death metal).
It had the two vocals chorus of old DEICIDE, some heavy 3 measures riffs Benton's cast used, some blasts and a bunch of old school Death metal punching beats. I don't find this older recording as catchy and strongly punishing as their last releases, but it wasn't bad!
Good sound, correctly brutalized and arranged tracks! Cool for a first pro release!


INSISION (SWE) Beneath the folds of flesh CD'02 WICKED WORLD/ EARACHE.
I reviewed their two previous demos in my forthcoming paper issues, and I had a very positive opinion about their brutal underground productions.
I can only tell you this first full length is somekind of an achivement and retrospective of some past years of good underground and Brutal composition. Deeply emotional Brutal death metal with a dark aura and a technical edge.
Old school Cannibal Corpse influences, catchy riffs of death (both melodic tremolos and aggressive technicity's manifestations), American Brutal death influences everywhere (avoiding the too much heard clichés!), new school Morbid Angel's heaviness and obscurity, technical riffs à la NECROPHAGIST, alive and varied drum playing between old CRYPTOPSY, DEVOURMENT (a bit) with some explosive blasting parts... all this mixed in a thrilling excellence!
Great powerfull sound!
It will kick your ass as it kicked out mine!
One of the best albums Earache has released for years!


I've always seen some American Brutal death bands quoting Internal bleeding in their fave bands list, along with SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, PYREXIA... So one day I checked it on a tape trading list, waited for a few weeks... and I was just disappointed since I expected a new killer Brutal Death revelation!
It's an american styled Brutal death band with a strong groovy sounding touch but nothing more. It was very influenced by old SUFFOCATION/ old PYREXIA but none of their riffs own a fucking soul! And I must say I feel their groovy like riffs sound fucking calculated and lack of any real groove! Ah!
I can find some cool ideas or real quality in the drum playing only! The riffs are just too common and articulated in a so usual way. And I know a good amount of guys share this opinion. Where does their "success" comes from?
If somebody has got another of their releases that's really better, thanks to tell me it's title!
For me it's just average riffs pasted the ones behind the others, without any highlight, crushing "eyes' see red" riffs nor apocalyptic revelation.
It's a tape I haven't listened to for years...


INTERNAL BLEEDING (Usa) Driven to conquer CD'99 PAVEMENT.
My first meeting with INTERNAL BLEEDING's music wasn't very cool since I got one of their older releases, and I wasn't pleased at all! It was too common and cliché to please my Brutal tastes, and I wondered why so many guys quote them as an influence!
But thanks to this album I have a kinda better opinion about the band! What you have here is American Brutal death metal in a not too abusive style; with blasts, grooves, quite cool riffs and not too much technicality!
The riffs-filled tracks are quite nicely constructed: it nicely flows like beer! The rhythms of guitars and drums are varied enough to offer a rhythmically diverse yet homogenous package. Similarities to old PYREXIA, SUFFOCATION can be felt!! Few nice and quite interesting ideas are thrown from here and there (the classical guitar on the first track...) to refresh your filthy Brutal head! The band sounds professional and they have a good powerful production... but I'm not talking about a sterile professionalism!
This album offers nothing new; but it is done with enough variety, know-how and a cool sense of Groovy Brutal death to offer a bunch of pleasant listening to those who still enjoy the American style after so many packs of beer!


INTERNECINE (Usa) The book of lambs CD’01 HAMMERHEART.
Most of you repugnant readers must know this album, but it's intense! So it deserves a review of Death! Fucking fumes of hell! After his departure from MORBID ANGEL (for gigs only) and HATE ETERNAL, Jared Anderson has the possibility to concretize this personal project of intense technical Brutal death metal! And what we have here is more convincing then the 2nd HATE ETERNAL or latest SINISTER recordings. Obscure and satanic melodies that leads the rats à la MORBID ANGEL. Fumes of sulfurous Death emerging from an intense technical Death/Grind à la PROFANITY! Hell compressed technical Brutal Death metal chaotic explosiveness revisiting the obscure crypts of the cult "Amongst the catacombs of Nephren-ka" 'NILE). Hyper technical chaos evoking the war Death abomination of old NATRON and old SINISTER! Few chaotic Death metal discordances à la IMMOLATION. One of the two drummers that played in here was a part of MALEVOLENT CREATION and ANGEL CORPSE. He has a good style full of double kicks, destructive beats and nice rumbles of war! The dead lives in fumes and agony! It's technical, but not demonstrative since the energy and intensity are here! There are no approximations nor dust breathing shit riffs, and the production is powerful, Brutal and clear! This is an intense technical Death/ Grind CD I can advice to fans of quality Brutal Death metal!


INTERVALLE BIZARRE: The first thing I noticed is the powerfull sound.
They sound better than on their promo tape that was released around 98. Most of the vocals are well placed classical growls but there are also some gory pitch touches. This is the kind of very technical band that can bore you if you're not into technical as fuck stuffs, and it's my case. I don't see the point of playing as fast as possible... Anyway, for the musical influences, I could of course quote CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Vile") for the technicity, but also some FALLEN CHRIST for the complexity in the riffs (but without the blasphemous sulphurous aspect), some DEMENTOR for the hyperfast blasting moments, a bit of NATRON (1st CD) for the complex side of the music and some DISGUST (FRA) for the high pitched guitar screams and for some heavier moments. There's a quite melodic riff à la MORBID ANGEL but most of the stuff is Brutal death metal. BRUTAL TRUTH's 2 first CDs could be named here and a riff made me think about TERRORIZER's most Death metallic moments.
The musicians of INTERVALLE BIZARRE have got a good technical edge, but some catchy riffs and other hooking parts are needed if they want to please more than the masturbating technical guitar fanatics, or the dumb fans of Soulless Brutal metal! It doesn't suck and I could listen to a bit of their stuffs, but this cruelly lack of real riffs to please me!

MALIGNANCYs cover side reminds me of BRUTALITY's "Screams of anguish" CD cover and that's fucking cool! The band is more in the "In your face" side, even if it sounds blur...
Their ultra low and underground vocals plus some complexity would make me think about mid old INCANTATION. There's a bit of MORTICIAN for a few heavy parts but it's way more complex.
There's a bit of DEVOURMENT. But some TON ("Blind follower" Demo) could be spelled for the heaviest sides that includes a small groovy touch. But stop these comparisons! I'm not a DEVOURMENT fan, and their stuff sounds quite unappealing for several reasons: it's too blurry and chaotic like... I mean it seems like they want to be as Brutal and complex as possible, but at the end only create somekind of Raw Brutal noise! A raw brutal noise that doesn't convince. It overdrives my Hi Fi speakers and it looses in hearability (even if it remains tightly played).
MALIGNANCY plays complex brutal death, but some memorable riffs or catchy parts are lacking! Ok it can be considered as a pro band and this and this and that, but taking in consideration nothing in their music seems new or more intense than the average Brutality, taking in fact I haven't listened to their music since months and doesn't especially want to, one can wonder if this trully deserve a Pro CD pressing. Ok I can play it on my Hi-fi, Ok can can bear with their music, but is it enough? As always, some Brutallizing maniacs may enjoy this band for a few years.


INTESTINAL STRANGULATION (Usa) Pathological brutalistic fermentation CD'06. PRODISK Recs.
It's fucking lame to endure these useless pieces of shit of colleagues, vomiting their bullshit and disgested semen to fulfill your brain with utter crap! Stupidity enthroned? Pure crap worship? No fucking way! Ignore, control, brutalize!
INTESTINAL STRANGULATION plays typically US Brutal Death. It's not the most extreme or modern, as the playing isn't over the top of the gory cake, but it has quite technical moments and... I might say so, due to the production and quite old styled influences, they might be seen as a semi old school, yet technical, brutal death band, taking influences from old CANNIBAL CORPSE ("The bleeding" and "Tomb of..."), old DEEDS OF FLESH, early SOILS OF FATE, old DYING FETUS and a shitload of US Brutallizers (You want names? Order a "will" and browse the web, you fucking mollusk!). There are touches of things that do not exactly sound like BxDx but rather old Death and old techno death...There's nothing triggered, and it doesn't sound surgically tight, but a bit more alive...This point might please the anti plastic-metal mafias!
Well, what you drink isn't necessarily what you'll regurgitate (Even if semen never appears magically), and even if INTESTINAL STRANGULATION isn't really catchy/ haunting or efficient as an unforgettable defloration, this CD sounds quite skilled, solid, quite well done, and has chances to please big fans of US Brutal Death.



INTO COFFIN (Ger) Into a pyramid of doom CD. 2016. TERROR FROM HELL Recs.
Even in the most obscure and conservative genres, the blending of elements can create a quite interesting auditory outcome.
With this quite new German band we are talking about Death doom, and the way "death" and "doom" are imbricated is quite unusual.
To sum it up roughly, let's say the music is composed of very slow riffs in the doom (Or doom death) genre, frequently followed by sudden accelerations on obscure or war-themed Death metal. These sudden accelerations on tempos create a quite interesting impact.
The slower riffs are generally very slow, it sounds more like a suspended animation than a crushing monolithic monument.
The faster parts are close to the obscure style of INCANTATION/ ENCABULOS, it's composed of fast blasting moments and mid-paced ones with double kicks.
The riffing takes a simpler approach than usual Incantation-followers which makes it closer to black metal. On the last songs, the doom takes more importance, the tempos get globally slower and the atmosphere tends to be more occult.
Personally I would have preferred the slow parts to be more crushing, monolithic, but perhaps it's a matter of morbid tastes. I would also have preferred things to me a bit more "technical" or "dynamic"... It sometimes seems the band is contemplating the void (Understand "The abyss"), while I'm quite focused on other matters these days :-).
Even if the music of INTO COFFIN didn't really hang me from the inside, the approach is quite interesting and there are quite good atmospheres. It could be interesting to hear how the band will develop this approach in the future.


INTO THE GORE (GRE) Pain must be amplified CD'01 METAL AGE.
Here's a Brutal death/ grind band with all the common usual stuffs. I've had the feeling of ever hearing all before in the CANNIBAL CORPSE, KRABATHOR, BOLT THROWER and INHUMATE albums all the riffs they offer to the listener. Plus the guitar sound is a too much buzzy buzz sounding, it lacks in real power! The vocals doesn't sound bad.
Even if the whole is correctly played, if it's quite tight (as always), if the tracks are correctly built (as in most of the cases...) this is very common and I'm waiting for something more from a band that releases professional albums on a quite big underground label! An average band with everheard riffs to say the best!    



ISACAARUM (Cee) Menses exorcism Tape Lp'03.
This is somekind of mixture between grind, punk, black metal and death... Even if half of the riffs sound ok, and if there seems to be some superficial enthusiasm, there are quite crappy sounding punky brewster riffs that do nothing else than wasting the decent riffs! And what about the blasting drums that sound like a pecking chicken? It sounds fucking flat! (Tac Tac Tac... Codac!)
Some simple as fuck powerchorded riffs sound blatantly flat and uninspired... And what about some screaming vocals that reminds me how sodomized chiken sound irritating?  It seems from the visual "vaginal tampons exorcism" and the whole musical mix the band isn't serious and chose the "fuck off we do what we want" way... Ok, but that do not excuse the important presence of gayness, quite funny (too pooositive) riffs and flat chicken blasts! And anyway, since they don't give a fuck, I'm also free to not give a flying fucker as well: THIS BAND FUCKING SUCKS! Extreme music isn't for chicken. Screaming "Cot Cot Codac" or "Soooooooooooodomize meeeeeee" with a tiny chiky vox, and playing the "Tac Tac Tac Codac" bla bla blasts on the dru-drums isn't extreme, neither mu-musically interesti-ting, or chi-chick app-appealing.
Do not support chiken grind or be fucked by your local perverse farmer Ahr Ahr.
Average and not 'serious' enough... At least for those who like their music played with the guts!
Nota Benito: My opinion might have been influenced by the fact I live in the same suburb than GRONIBARD and feel exhausted with this stupid "grindcore" for nudist posers, the "Oh comm'on, let's be fuuunnn!!! We're jumping pandas on an evil christmas tree!!" funny grïndcore friendsheep, and all the nu metal fans turning into these kinds of crap to seems "breeeewtal"... But that's the way I currently feel ISACACARUM to be.


ISVIND (Nor) Dark waters stir CD'96.
As a thousand walking shadows I enter my evil bedroom, being all dressed in black and spiked as hell! I viciously search for the next nekrokult victim review to come!
As a true son of Varg Vikernes, I'm doing the mighty evil smile! I find this old CD of ISVIND? As an obscure and evil satanic master who opens his book of spells, I open the box of the CD. With my black painted and enjewelled as Dani Filth finger, I press the button of my CD player that opens itself as a once forgotten, obscure and grotesque castle! As I raise high my hand, as I scream for Satan so loud and make the devil sign with my left hand, I introduce this Black metal CD in the altar of sacrifice of a CD player! The altar now encloses itself with the mighty offering to my greatest darklord!
Standing up high and watching the sky as a true warrior that reminds its past countless battles and prepares for the next attack in the realm of darkness, I'm in the right evil state of mind to appreciate this piece of pure flying buzzy buzz sound! I'm so evil!! Ah! Ah! Ah!
ISVIND played on this release totally Norwegian Black metal as sit evoked in my mind the old buried remembrances of the total darkness and pure holocaust of old IMMORTAL, as darkened as the moments I spent in the infinity of thoughts listening to EMPEROR under a nightside eclipse!
This all white-packaged album begins quite well with a fast riff that owns the grim blackened spirit! As I spelled before in some cold worlds, their Black metal is also mid placed and includes some more variations, under this cold influence of the most nauseabond sin I vision the remembrances of very old EMPEROR on their first full-length LP (but without the worked on melodies and keyboards). DARKTHRONE can obviously be named, but the whole style of ISVIND is more complex and worked
There are some nice riffs in here, but I'm not a Black metal fan! The whole remains too much common! Black souls who can't live without the cold grimness of the 2nd wave of Black metal may find a quite worth the listening in pain and darkened hatred CD here.