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YATTERING (Pol) Murder concept CD’00 SEASON OF MYST.
I didn’t know the band that much until now, I’ve just burnt this Cd and… AAARRRGGHH!! “BRUTAL” is the only word that comes through my mind! This is a long time I haven’t discovered an efficient band in this quite complex and technical Brutal Death style!
Their music definitely owns some old school Death metal roots in which are flesh burnt some newer elements as it reminds me of SUFFOCATION, old VADER, old MORBID ANGEL, old SINISTER, DISGUST (Fra).
It also reminds me of NATRON, but YATTERING is better!
It’s cool to hear a band that doesn’t sound like a CANNIBAL CORPSE copy!
Their tracks are fucking complex with well-done arrangements! Efficient and unrelentless stuffs! That’s for sure! Yeah! One more time I’m dead! It fucking kills! And they own some apocalyptic sounding leads from hell à la old MORBID ANGEL/ POSSESSED!
They share the same influences with the French band KABBAL and it can be felt!
There are quite complex and “jazzy” drumbeats between, the punching beats, bass drum’s rumbles and Brutal grinds! Very good drummer!
There are so many changes, ideas and riffs here, this is the kind of CD you can listen a lot, and you’ll discover some new elements each time!
I don’t enjoy all the tracks here, the first 2 ones are excellent, but the whole remains more than Ok! That’s clear!!
A good and impressive CD to advice to Brutal Death maniacs!! It deserves its 9 fucking skulls!


This is a fucking killer weekend of Death!
I've just uploaded two YATTERING albums: "Murder concept" and "Genocide" and I must say my  Saturday  was fulfilled with excellent Brutal death metal, with technical and killings riffs (including a quite obscure and ancient touch) thanks to "Murder concept"!
Now I've had a good time of Death metal brutality and anger on this CD they released the year 2000 and I've penetrated their style enough, it's time to pay a morbid attention to this new "Genocide"!
After a FEAR FACTORY ("Demanufacture") like heavy intro begins the album, this is the time to feast! What immediately attracts my attention is YATTERING have added several new elements in its Brutal Death. There are some new Metalcore, Hardcorish and almost "Techno Death" (but not melodic) elements in here, as well as a few heavier parts. But don't be afraid, there are still a bunch of blasts and aggressive elements. These new influences could remind of bands such as CRYPTOPSY (last CDs), some MESHUGGAH (in the heavier riffs), some old ATROCITY (first LP "Hallucinations") and a little bit of HUMAN REMAINS/ THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. I may say this is more complexly constructed.
I preferred their previous LP "Murder concept" that was more right in the face and more emotional. The whole is totally pro with a good sound, hyper tight tracks, etc. It's you to see if you want a Brutal death CD that tends to be quite complex with different elements.


Great obscure soulfull cover painted by Thierry Demarez!
This french band plays a mix of heavy metal/ thrash metal with death metal and black metal touches, and I mist say there are some good stuffs in here!
There are Leads sounding in the old KING DIAMOND’s vein. They’ve got some obvious old MEGADETH’s « Peace sells... but who’s buying » and « Rust in peace » riffing influences. Good sounding melodic heavy metal influences in the vein of old IRON MAIDEN (« Powerslave » and all the good old Maiden albums! plus « A real dead one » and « A real live one ») and KING DIAMOND (« Abigail » for some high pitched melodies). The clear vocalized 90’s Heavy metal choruses sound good.  Sometimes, the leading parts wouldn’t be so far from the JOE SATRIANI’s ones when he’s into his heavier and most metallic feelings. Some few cooler parts could make think the soft Heavy metal bastards about ANGRA’s first CD for the nice riffs, the cool clear vocals and some nice breaks.
There are a few death metal tremolo riffs that are taken on a mid tempo timing with some double bass drums. There are athmospheric parts with clear vocals à la EMPEROR’s 2nd CD.
Small rockin’ touches in the vein of AC/DC (AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!).
One could speak about ANNIHILATOR touches here and here, but it’s not be an obvious influence for sure. Fuck you, these guys must be big MEGADETH fans!!
There are a few entertaining tracks that include some cool ideas, YRKOON sounds better than some heavy metal revival shit bands that are released nowadays! This review was probably too dexcriptive to get a clear idea of their stuffs! Ah... Here's a cleaner conclusion: This album offers you some Good quality Heavy/ Thrash metal with few Death metal touches! It has some more melodic parts. Even though I think their tracks are quite long, the quality is here (you can be sure) and I can only advice YYRKOON to those who enjoy a lot the Good Heavy metal of the 80's! Note: 75%


ZOMBIE RITUAL (Jap) Night of the zombie party CD’04. RAZORBACK.
Zombies, zombies, zombies, there are zombie-pictures and zombie-titles everywhere in this album... it's cool if these apparently sick Japanese death metallers are possessed by the zombies, but it would be just better if they really displayed in their music the real power, will to kill and necrotic envy to cut your flesh, cut your ass in half and mangle your fleshly leeched brain of the mighty ZOMBIES!! Not that this album is bad, but it lacks some really morbid haunting riffs of death that takes you from behind and brutally sodomizes you on the altar of pure fucking death metal, the impious and satanic way!!!
To keep it short, this album sounds very much influenced by early Death metal bands such as early DEATH; early MASTER (not as raw), some MASSACRE, some old ENTOMBED, CARCASS, AUTOPSY... there are also few things that could sound like some Thrashcore (Follow my finger, you see some old NUCLEAR ASSAULT, or S.O.D for an half fun spirit fueled with fun & energy). There are also some blasting influences on could draw as being near of old school grind...
So you think it' tastes like a cool album, and yes during the first listenings it sounds cool! But when you pay a deeper listening, some kinds of metallic betrayals can be felt! Some riffs sound too much like early DEATH in my rotopinion, fucking shit, and the second track literally steals a riff from the cult first COMECON album "Megatrends in brutality"!! This is exactly the same riff (that couldn't be misleaded with another one) and some following arrangements of the song also follow the strange style COMECON had back then... If you can't find ideas of your own, what's the use of releasing an album? (Every band isn't as imaginative INFERNÖ, that's for sure, but at least do some efforts! Ah Ah).
All in all, this album has some energy and will probably turn on a bunch of guys, but I don't like when a band rips off too obviously the compositions of a past cult band! So, some younger metalheads will probably enjoy this album, and drink a bunch of hellish beers listening to "Night of the zombie party", but the older ones, those who know their classic albums won't be fooled too easily and might not be so enthusiastic. Try few tracks and judge of this is some worthy entertainment in your hears, but one thing is certain: this is not a cult album (To the contrary of some past Razorback releases that might gain a good status in few years).



ZOMBIFIED (Swe) Zombified slaughtermachine CD. 2010. SHEPHERD OF ROT Recs.
The goat penis of Damocles; Enormous, hard and obscure... Moving left and right under your nose, just in case you move the wrong finger in the wrong direction...
Well I had to move this finger, just to see the black semen turn to fluorescent green... And toxic fumes immediately began to emerge and awake hallucinations in my confused mind... For sure every green substance isn't good to be swallowed! Ah Ah
The music of this Swedish band could grossly be situated between Death metal and "brutal death", but a little description would be needed to better understand in what kind of green stuff our tongue is lying... All in all, I would point something like a mix between old DERANGED (The fast parts of the old albums), old INCANTATION (Fast obscure moments that keep some heaviness), with some Dbeat/ Crust (DISFEAR?) and slower Death metal parts that really becomes heavier and remind me of old GOREFEST (And maybe of ooold ILLDISPOSED (But I'm not certain about this)). To have a more precise definition of the green color, you could also add touches of MYTHOS ("Abduction ritual") but with a more "grind" state of mind, touches of AVULSED for older Death metal influences (As well as a "big sound"), some GRAVE ("Back from the grave") for more old Death metal riffs, and also some EXHUMED ("Gore metal") because of the "We're bigger and gorier than you" aspect, but it might quite strongly be due to the sound.
For a couple of songs it's entertaining, but after a while it gets quite boring, I feel ten songs is a bit too much (Maybe because the best riffing jelly is located in the first third?) and this guitar sound might be a bit tiring for inner listenings... Anyway this isn't meant to be spiritual Death metal, it comes with a quite massive sound of bricks and plans to entertain the acid juice from your brutalized skull... I didn't read the lyrics, but there's some drunk and "fuck off" state of mind (That doesn't reflect in the quality of music... It's not sluggish string wankery) and something like "X-rated masochist razorwired penis elongation" would fit the quite sharp content.
ZOMBIFIED isn't juicy from A to Z, but this CD sounds like a quite solid reekording. Fans of underground Death metal with a big sound who would feel quite teased by a jellyfied mix between old DERANGED, old INCANTATION, old EXHUMED, AVULSED and Dbeat touches could like it.