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DAEMONLORD (Spa) Aarstrand 7’Ep’02 KETZER.
What Satan viciously introduced in my mail box to pervert my Death/ Grind mind and soul is a one man Black metal project.
The stuff of the band is quite simple, in the old Norwegian style, with fast parts and few slower ones that turn to mid tempos. Some more melodic riffs remind me of old ROTTING CHRIST (but I don’t know the band that much). There’s an old school thrashy Death metal touch here (a riff reminded me a bit of EQUINOX and there’s a zest of SARCOFAGO/ old thrash). I don’t like the vocals that lack of real harsh screams or insane spits, it remains quite clear and spoken… In parts it sounds a bit too nice for me, too melodic!
A few for bands’ names for you to imagine their music: old IMMORTAL (a bit), NECROMICON… It’s not badly produced. There’s a ROTTING CHRIST cover (“Fgementh, thy gift)
Nothing that quote my attention, it lacks of personality and really good ideas, but it sounds more composed and better articulated than some Black metal stuffs I heard. My final words will be it’s average/ very average, but it sounds better than a part of the too monolithic Black metal scene.


DAMAGED (Australia) Purified in pain CD’00 ROTTEN Recs.
DAMAGED is an interesting band that emerges from the Australian Extreme metal scene that seems in a good health!
My first contact with their music was a Mp3 track, the first track of this CD, that mixes Black metal, Death metal, Metalcore, with blast beats!
You understand the style of the band is varied! These are varied tracks that include various styles, but it's always nicely articulated and there are some nice ass-kicking parts. I introduce my head in the burning effusions of this burning cauldron: the Death metal ingredients tastes like the fast parts of MORBID ANGEL, there are some cold and fresh salted Black metal riffs taking both from the harder or most melodic genres, some power metal riffs remind me of the heaviness of PANTERA on "Far beyond driven". This Brutal soup can evoke a mix of CROWN OF THRONS(Swe), FLESHTIZED, DECAMERON(vocals) and old MALEVOLENT CREATION as well. And they have a good drummer that has everything needed to kick your ass! He's tight, fast (in the blasts and double kicks) and his style is quite varied and creative enough! I like the style of the vocals that explore several kinds of sausages, it takes both from Death metal, Black metal and core induced metal styles. There are enough surprises and good themes and tempos changes in here to keep me attracted! An interview is on its way! Well, that's a definitely cool band that can be interesting for fans of Extreme metal in its whole who like their extreme music well done!


DAMAGED (Australia) Do not spit/ Passive backseat demon engines Re-release CD'01 ROTTEN Recs.
Splattered cavities ruptured to agony, emanations of acid fumes; infected by the vilest vaginal cancer, the body turns to sepulchral sulfur as the inner maggoty termites dust takes over your salacious body parts!
This CD is a re-release that consists of the two first albums of the band, including one that's considered as Kult in the deepest pits of Australian underground: "Do not spit". The style of the band was some kind of metalcore grind with a bunch of Deathgrind touches. It sounded quite aggressive but lacked some catchy parts and really inspired riffs! Some aggressive enough blast fukk parts were included, as well as more tempo beats à la TERRORIZER or more 'original' stuffs in the 'core' lines of aggression. The styles it mixes up are varied, it reminds me of some old school Grindcore bands, some old school Death metal ones such as old MALEVOLENT CREATION, RESURRECTION, OBITUARY, there was also few thrash influences and a bunch of Brutal death and hardcorish elements.
On these 2 Lps, the music was quite aggressive, with a lot of rythms changes, but I didn't find the memorable as a plane crash riffs that definitely kill you! The kind of stuffs we're all searching for deep inside! This isn't another apocalyptic revelation of death! I think with some experience, some metal knowledge and technical skills a bunch of musicians could do this. The production of the second album included here isn't the best ("Passive backseat...").
This re-release isn't bad, it can be played when you need some thrashcore grind rhythmic fuck, but it remains average! And DAMAGED's last recorded CD "Purified in pain" is really better!


DAMNATION (Pol) Reborn... CD'95 Pagan records.
These polish guys aren't afraid to deliver one of the finest death metal from Poland with their first album. It's so morbid, dark, hateful and complex, that it demands several listening before you get the whole intensity of the stuff. A pity that the guitar are a bit in the back, but the quality is definitly here. Les is a guitar genius, and he knows how to write complicated yet understandable riffs that evoke the most dark side of death metal. I mean if bands like CENTURIAN, KRISIUN, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, IMPIETY, NECROVORE make your day because of their blasphemous and deeply dark side, then you should enjoy DAMNATION as well.
I haven't had the chance to listen to the other DAMNATION albums, but Les played also in BEHEMOTH (which is already not of my taste), and the killer act of deathrashing madness called HELL BORN. It should give you an idea of how good this musician is. Listening to DAMNATION will make you dive in an unholy and obscure universe. This music is played with dedication, feeling and knowledge of the old metal gods, and for sure will never please the fans of the whole posing death core wave.
Here you get death metal at its most noble state.



DARK FORTRESS (Ger) Profane genocidal creations CD'03 RED STREAM.
To begin in a different way from my other reviews, I'll begin here with the visual aspect of the thing. At first sight their logo looks cliché, but a closer look will make you see some quite cool details and a fortress (reminds me some full of details stuffs I did, that's maybe why it looks cool for me...). And the cover, well... even if there might be a mood or something here, the theme is too common and leads to an unattractive one with no real impact. It was done by Kris Werwimp... well a very simple drawing can have more impact than a full of colors painting... All the more it costs at the very least 35 Euros to get a painted cover...
Now that my artistic moment is over, let's talk about the music.
It begins in a too simple and melodic way, and then follows some Black metal à la very old EMPEROR. They have got the same kind of melodic riffs and the same way of using the synths. Old HECATE ENTHRONED may be quoted for the keyboards also. Some primal black à la old DARK FUNERAL is here as well.
There are some old school metal/ Black metal touches here and there, it may remind me of DESASTER (Ger)'s first recordings for this reason.
The first track as well as some riffs are Ok, but the whole is melted in so many too common and simple riffs I've ever heard so many times... very often the arrangements and melodies sound too cliché for my ears!
No, fuck this shit! The more I listen to the tracks, the more it sounds cliché and unimaginative!
So many mags and zines will give a good review to this one it's only laughable! Once you're tight with almost correct tracks, you can get good reviews almost everywhere... So sad! Nothing new nor worth the listening if you're into Black metal since more than 4/5 years!


DARKLORD (Aus) By the force of sacred magic rites MCD’93.
Emerging from the deepest fields of the Australian craters, a country where prevails the most old school Death metal and epic war metal, DARKLORD strives on offering the most obscure and cavernous kind of Black/ Death metal I heard from there! The music is purely low tuned à la old MORTICIAN, with ultra low guttural sadistik Neanderthal growls, but the style is far more impious and totally impure! Primal old school Black Death metal riffs that opens the gates to the endless abyss and plunge you in its deepness! Satanic occult inhumanity awaking the undead from its silent rest, this satanic noise severely blasts and ravages the remains of the crappy poser in me! The keyboards are totally cold, and satanic as fukk! Imagine a possessed mix of old MORTICIAN, Grindgore, very old DEICIDE, raw Black metal and you are crucified!! For one time the might 666 will be used with cleverness and merit: 666! This is metal in its pure darkened and viciously satanic form!


DARKLORD (Australia) Symphony satanika CD'01 MODERN INVASION.
Riding straight from Australia, DARLORD strikes to touch the obscure infinity and performs obscure Suffocating old school bestial Black Death metal with a classy touch!
DARKLORD's music could be divided in two main parts; on one spiked arm you get some raw Black/Death à la old BELIAL, old IMPALED NAZARENE, ARCHGOAT and on the other arm you can hear more "classy" parts composed of atmospheric Black metal keyboards or more worked on stuffs with old school heavy touches (leadz!!)! The fast riffings could make them sound as a simpler version of old INCANTATION as it sounds very low and quite obscure!
They've got some very low tuned guttural vocals that sounds fucking cavernous! As if a bestial demon was singing in a gulf or an abysmal cavern! Ah Ah! It makes them sound lie a Brutal and raw old school Death band by moments! The keyboards remind me of very old EMPEROR but sound less atmospheric, it's well done. The technical leads remind me of old KING DIAMOND, it's quite melodic and full of feeling! It creates a cool contrast with the raw parts! I may evoke some old and obscure warmetal names such as EQUINOX or ARCHGOAT. There's something really obscure and quite impressive.
To conclude: even if I'm not a big fan of their style I was impressed by DARKLORD's music because it has got something really special and obscure, I've got reasons to think those whose are total maniacs of the obscure may find some good untrodden paths where to rest their darkened souls and espousal all demons in agony! Worth some listenings, that's clear! DARKLORD is worth the fucking lacking support!!


DARKTHRONE (Nor) Preparing for war CD'00. PEACEVILLE.
DARKTHRONE needs your money! PEACEVILE has views on your bank account! So another useless piece of crappy compilation was released to fulfill their needs for sport-cars and classy prostitutes! What you have here offers nothing new or of a decent real interest: Some DARKTHRONE tracks taken from several old albums of the band and a few demo or live tracks coming from here and there.
This sounds pretty lame since the choice of studio tracks ain't the best (Some nice tracks are missing, some crap is here), it's not bloody hard to download the old DARKTHRONE demos when you have the Internet (or even when you don't) and this release isn't announced as a "best of".
All the more, the short biographical notes written by Fenriz himself (Hu Hu Hu!! I'm pissing my pants!! PENIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZzzzz!!!) that do not bring anything new aren't a decent commercial argument either. PURE GREED & DOLLARS LUST!! This doesn't seem to be the first useless crap of this kind the band releases: FUCK OFF PENIZ AND VAGINO CULTO!! Avoid this shit!


DAS ICH (Ger) Anti' christ CD’02 NUCLEAR BLAST.
This album hasn't much to do with extreme metal in its form, but DAS ICH's dark state of mind is very close to extreme metal!
This interesting album evolves in a kind of dark electro/ Industrial style. It reminds me of mid old LAIBACH, old FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY (no guitars era), PROJECT PITCHFORK, the most accessible parts of SKINNY PUPPY and eventually some POESIE NOIRE.
Far more rythmic and varied than the monolithic industrial music of the first era, DAS ICH doesn't hesitate to include several themes and kinds of electronic music in their compositions. Some vocal patterns are strong catchy choruses! Full of feeling sung vocals that express despair, tragedy...
Of course some moments can remind of NINE INCH NAILS. The way some samples are worked and some melodies are done would remind me a darker DEPECHE MODE.
Many choirs and classical music samples are used here, a bit in the vein of some old LAIBACH releases, it gives a side of grandeur and tragedy to this quite convincing darkened symphonic elecro album. It has some melodies you don't fully understand at first hear. I didn't hear a guitar note.
It has the state of mind some survivors of a world war probably had. Hallucinating visions, total brainstorm on mankind's annihilation. Despair. Some religious themes are also present.
This is a good album with strong tracks. I assume it might not sound so original for the Industrial slaves but the guts and inspiration are here! So give DAS ICH a chance to show you their visions!


DEADFLESH (Denmark) Sic semper tyrannis CD. 2017. Self-released.
DEADFLESH is a Danish old school death metal band that comes with this third album packed with 12 songs. This is rather destined to those who like death metal heavy, with a bit of "groove" here & there.
Twelve songs might be cool for the listener, but this also explains the delay in writing a review: The more songs, the more time it will take to decently listen to everything and have a global idea of the whole.
So, the style of the band is generally slow to mid-paced, with some accelerations here & there. It can be felt they are Danish.
During the listening I happened to think about very old ILLDISPOSED, old BOLT THROWER (For some "in battle" parts, think about "For victory"), early GRAVE (Rather the second album "You'll never see..." or a bit of "Back from the grave"), a bit of old SLAYER (When it's more "thrashing"), and there is also some GOREFEST in their sound for a couple of songs that tend to the groovier (Not to say "stoner" or "death'n roll") at the end of the album.
Some songs are indeed quite influenced by BOLT THROWER, the main difference lies in the absence of the high-pitched epic guitar polyphonies.
DEAD FLESH seems to be rather in the "cool old school" state of mind, this means they probably make music more for pleasure than anything else like ambition.
Now perhaps twelve songs is too much, keeping only the best ones would have ended with a recording to have more impact on the listener.
Now I'm also perhaps not the best person to write a review about this album: As good as the old BOLT THROWER albums were ("The 4th crusade" or "For victory"), I always found it hard to listen to the albums in entirety (Too much of heaviness, too much of heaviness...), so when it's about reviewing a more underground/ less go
od band (Well, it's pure honesty), what could I do?
"Sic Semper Tyrannis" is a pretty cool album that could please the hears of those who like death metal rather heavy. Might be cool to see DEADFLESH live if you're into the right "heavy" mood.


DEAD INFECTION (Pol) Surgical disembowelment CD'93 MORBID Recs.
This is not the most acclaimed DEAD INFECTION CD, but it's by far the most obscure and pathological! Not as aggressive sounding as "A chapter of accident", but it's extreme in its own way of grinding the pathological gore and most bizarre fantasms of the human being!
They were taking the most insalubrious feelings of primal CARCASS mixed with touches of old Death metal tending to NAPALM DEATH.  Slow parts à la BLOOD, good punching Death metal à la CARCASS, mid tempo parts à la DEFECATION, grinding stress explosures à la NAPALM DEATH's "Death by manipulation" (unreleased tracks). Fucking disjoncted leads that explode your speakers à la CARCASS "Reek of putrefaction"!  I remind we had good times playing the first track of this CD when I was in GERBE OF LIFE, it was somekind of an hymn.
So, it's a cool album fans of bizarre Death metal and Grinding obscure of the gore will enjoy!


DEAD INFECTION (Pol) A chapter of accident CD’95 MORBID Recs.
Open the mighty abscess of convulsed perversities and bizarre pathological abnormalities! BRUTAL  GRINDCORE with Bizarre CRUSTcore and never-ending INHUMAN blasting purulence from the bowels of the dead! VOMITED gore pathology with a ripping production à la "From enslavement to obliteration"!
Totally gore obscure brutal grind vocals that vomits all the darkened filth in your hypnotized face! As purulent as a pus ball exploding in your cheesy cunty facial! SPLLAAAASSSHH! Brutal anus headfuck. Convulsive rejoice in black sperm. Drowning in liquefied carnivorous pus! The carnivorous pustulent darkened juice takes all over your body and then begins the corrosive acid bath: infected, infested, dissolved and sucked from the inside of the pathological depths! IN THE NAME OF GORE! Bizarre in the disjoncted blackened vein of early CARCASS, old GENERAL SURGERY and fukking gore REGURGITATE! Crushing brutal goregrind with strength and real abilities to annihilate the deviating patients! This is the perfect release to definitely clean the overcrowded hospitals from their crawling piles of putrid corpses! Ah Ah! The third head bangs and bangs until the splashing cum fiesta is complete! The fucking thrill of bestial repugnance!
True old school Grindcore feel in the drumming; skillful bastard who has the never-ending blasts, the crusts and the catchy 'grooves'!
Tracks titles such as "From the pathological depths", "Hospital", "Airplane crash" are brutally inspiring! This album sounds more brutal and aggressive than DEAD INFECTION's debut "Surgical disembowelment", but in a way it's more common in the grindcore style! Less brutal disjoncting pathology and more Grindcore on a matter of bloody riffs.
The whole album might sound 'boring' as all the tracks are in the same pus and shit infected vein, but the first half of the cadaver is brutally and gorily inspired enough to make of this album a very good piece of GORE for any Brutal grind or Grindgore perverted maniac! BUY OR FUKKING ROT!


DEAD INFECTION (Pol) Brain corrosion CD'04. OBLITERATION Recs.
This new DEAD INFECTION album many grinders expected as the International Gore-messiah is far from being disappointing! "Brain corrosion" even sounds a lot like their previous and intense as a multinational hospital-targeted plane-crash shredding CD "A chapter of accident"! AAARRRGGGHH! DEAD INFECTION remains full of gayness-freezing blasts, skull-crunching guitars and shocking neckbreaks! But some midly pathological elements could disappoint the fat anus grinding fans: the vocals aren't anymore distorted in pathological gore dementia (it's a "natural" gory grunt most of the time; few clean "core" can be found, some looser-bastard vocrass... et-scatologia!). The production is almost as distorted and corrosive than the mighty "Chapter of accident", but it isn't as raw and ununderstandable (the sound made this album even more extreme and hard to get into), and some more convenient parts like bearable slow riffs or some midly punching crust do no sound that Extreem any gore!
At the final point of scalpel cut avulsion, remains a good album filled with hatched kloks of good tracks as well as less hammer-catching decent grind pukes that happen to lack of vomiturial power or frenetic patholosexual erections!
DEAD INFECTION is a band who keeps on playing good grind, more or less at the same level than their last studio album, but the band didn't progress much since then as it doesn't sound anymore over the top of the rancid pile of decomposing cadavers! I don't feel as much like headbanging and moshing in a cold livid hospital! Ah! It's a strong album with a bunch of tracks opening the gates to a string dementia access, my semen remains black, for grinders only!


DEADEN (Usa) Hymns of the sick CD'98 UNITED GUTTURAL.
This wasn't a good CD at all! Only after a few weeks I got it, I sold it back to the first second hand store I found! Cliché Brutal death with riffs I've ever heard in any other release of the style before! Flat as fuck! It's quite tight but who cares when there's no surprise nor idea at all? So boring and predictable...
All the more the fast drums lacked in brutality... Just very average and lacking of any feeling! So why are you reading this review? Fastly switch on another one before I shoot you with my mighty axe katapult!



DEAMON (Can) Descend dethrone CD'06. CDN Recs.
This is quite intense extreme Death metal à la BRODEQUIN, ORIGIN with some testicle crushing influence of DEICIDE ("Legion"). Expect something fast and controlled, brutal as a vicious castration, quite unrelentless and almost fucking pro (But no Plexiglas!).
The DEICIDE influence can be seen in the inhumanity the band had at the time of fucking "Legion", precision of some guitars and riffing style, while the ORIGIN aspect would rather point the previous album and in particular the not-too-modern moments.
DEAMON is quite brutal, but unfortunately after some songs the impact tends to lower down, maybe because I'm not totally into this super-extreme-brutal stuff anymore or because the style is always in the "same" lines of priest-defenestration (It's quite varied, but always "fucking brutal"... Few years ago it could have been sticked as "super extreme", but now these words mean something else).
There's no particular atmosphere to be found, the style is focused on brutality (But with some guts! It doesn't sound too plastic or triggered). I miss a little something more catchy, to make their songs a bit more particular, but those who need pure brutality without influences from the current "boring plastic brutal/ faster than my viagra-reanimated-cock" of Us Scene might find here a right place to dismember the entrails from their suffocating schizophrenic social self.


DEATHBOUND (Swe) To cure the sane with insanity CD'03 WOODCUT Recs.
Totally professional Death/Grind/Crust with a powerful production hailing from the most martyrized lands of Sweden!
At first hear the powerful production and the punishing blasts makes it sound kinda outstanding! Sounds like the last NAPALM DEATH releases (for the Grind and crust), DISFEAR (For the powerfully produced Crust), MASTIC SCUM (For the grindcore edge) MARDUK's "Heaven shall burn" (for the never-ending blasts and kinda black death tremolo riffs) and some mid old IMMORTAL (For the black metal riffs that got it insane and frozen!)
To be honest there's not much that infests your brain and remains marked to death, but at least DEATHBOUND knows how to do it with more anger and brutality than most! I regret there aren't much more variations on the drumming blasting patterns: it sounds kinda uniform. Some fukking architectural surprises would be welcome also! This CD can be a nice one to have if you haven't ever a thousand albums shredding your enemies in the total blasting mania style!
Anyway I think DEATHBOUND would be an impressive band to see live if they perform their tracks so tight! As aggressive as rotative razors shredding your fleshless bones!


Urgh! Well, even though the band's monicker sounds quite old school, the war metal way, DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER's raw death metal doesn't kick many fat bottoms! It's only average Death grind at the right border between Raw black death à la BLASPHEMY, "Old school brutal death" the American way, and slow old school Death metal. Reminds me some SUHRIM; ROTTREVORE, early CANNIBAL CORPSE, old GRAVE, few IMMOLATION/ INCANTATION... Some obscure riffs seem cool, and the total fuck off! state of mind doesn't displease me, but this album suffers from many defects!  
First, the blastings and drumming skills aren't the best, that's clear.
Then the tracks sound common and ever heard for most of it! Average and standard raw death black that lacks of apocalyptic energy! (What about bestial explosions of apocalyptic metal?).
All the more it rather sounds like a demo than a full-length.
A very average full-length CD that won't please many Death metal heads! Under the average of albums' releases.


DEBODIFIED (Usa) Utopia in the eyes of a beast CD'03 COMATOSE Music.
Here we go in the pits of American Brutal death. DEBODIFIED is a quite new band in this over crowded part of the Extreme metal spectrum.
Most of the riffing is based on American Brutal death metal with few Death/ Grind touches, the riffs vary from more or less Ok parts to very average stuffs for a CD. There are a bunch of quite cool stuffs in here.
The musician who attracted my attention is the drummer: good one with very cool breaks and toms' rumbles, plus fast double kicks. Alive enough and intense drumplaying, that's what I need. Here are a few of their influences/ similar bands for you to get a brutal overview: FLESHTIZED, FLESHGRIND, SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL, DEEDS OF FLESH (1st CD) and SEVERE TORTURE. There are both some heavy/ groovy riffs, some fast Death/ Grind or Brutal death parts, a bunch of double kicks ridden tremolos and few more melodic parts.
The problems are the riffs are too common, some tracks could be more efficiently constructed, and I need more intensity for a real CD! This would have been a very cool demo, but what I'm listening to is a pro release.
That's not bad, an encouraging CD that can be cool for the fans of underground Brutal death who support their extreme music!


There are some bands that put so much of themselves into a release they stop everything after their first album! And DECAMERON was one of them! I remember I was very amazed by this CD when it was released! The band played a well-composed Death/ Black metal with a bunch of melodies and cool breaks everywhere! At the first listenings, it was killer! Imagine melodic riffs à la old DEATH, some melodies à la THE CROWN (better said CROWN OF THORNS!), heavy induced melodies à la old KING DIAMOND, Black Death melodies à la SACRAMENTUM Thrashing riffs à la SWORDMASTER, and maybe touches of EDGE OF SANITY/ old IN FLAMES and you get it! The whole sounded fresh and awaken my mind from purulent Death trips on gore an nekrorealism as it was a bash of fresh air between 10 underground and cavernous as only Neanderthal may know demos! I liked a lot their screamy vocals at this time, and the drummer wasn't a badass bastard as he had a quite varied and well felt playing! The "Satanized" track was very catchy at the time, more old school Death/ Thrash with a drumbeat specific to old PESTILENCE in it's beginning!
It was simple, there were some nice ideas and breaks everywhere and the tracks were very well articulated! (Not tracks composed by 1 year metallers who have got so big heads and are so naive they think they'll sign on a label and etc, etc with 3 unfinished tracks and no knowledge of metal! When I see some of the albums released, I wonder if they're aren't right! Shit sells more than hot cakes!) So it was a bash of fresh metallic air; some napalm have rained since this time and I don't find DECAMERON so original and fresh, but it was a good CD with well done tracks! It may be interesting nowadays for the fans of DEATH and melodic Death/Heavy/Black metal bands that keep some crunch!
Does anybody know what the band members did later? The Dutch band DETONATION had a bunch of similarities with Decameron (According to the promo 2002 of the band).


DECEIVER (Swe) Deceiver MCD'04. IRON FIST Records.
If you think speed metal is a moniker that fits exclusively to bands like HELLOWEEN, GAYOWEEN, HELLOBEER or MILKOWEEN, or some melodic "heavy metal" bands, you'll have problems with DECEIVER, motherslurper!
This is old school thrash metal in the initial form, with speed metal touches and few hints of old heavy metal. Cool sounding old thrash metal with the right mood of hell (which means the aura is quite obscure and burning, and the explosions of hellfire smash the pitbangers!). A bunch of nice influences can be drawn: early SLAYER (Show no mercy!), very early METALLICA, early BATHORY (Bathory) and even the most speed metal influenced moments of early VENOM and old MOTORHEAD! There happens to be a SOUBURN/ PENTACLE touch in the vocals.
The particular influence that might distinguish DECEIVER from the other old school thrash bands is the mid old KING DIAMOND like riffs and arrangements used on some guitars, it sounds nice.
I'm not that much into the drum playing, even if it fits Ok with the music, the production is a bit too "plastic" and a bit more playing surprises would be nice.
The guitar parts sound cool, but I regret there aren't manifestations of over the top meteoritic genius. Beer! The 5 songs composing his MCD are nicely structured, executed and metallized.
Nothing new of that would turn the mighty spiked unwerwears inside out, but the atmosphere is here from A to Y and this sounds like a fine MCD with a nice potential of beer to plunge the old school metallers in the mighty burning mood of ancient enthusiastic metal! Sweating, beers and metal!


DECOMPOSING SERENITY (Australia) Please don't die yet... I'm not done CD'02 BLACK HOLE PRODS.
What is this shit??
Fast Grindgore with Death metal touches, including a drum machine boosted at its maximum.
The fast grind parts with splashing funny and gory vocals really sound stupid, it's not very far from the noise delirium. The riffs are hard to understand in the fast parts, and it's almost noise by moments.
Some slower Death Metal parts makes me think about COMECON.
This isn't the same style, but some childish parts wouldn't have displeased he mighty (!) VONDUR on their "The galactic rock'n roll empire" MCD (Fuck them!).
Notice they include some cover tracks of S.O.D, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, DEATH ANGEL... and other classical metal bands' reminded tracks... But it doesn't help the tracks and I don' t know if we could consider it as a tribute.. eh eh!
It would been Ok for me on a demo tape, but in no way do I see this released on a pro CD.


DEEDS OF FLESH (Usa) Inbreeding the anthropophagi CD’97 REPULSE.
I didn't like that much this CD when it was released, because it wasn't as rough, neverendingly blasting and Brutal sounding as their first full-length. But eh, I've won the old promo in an Xtreem music contest that was meant to get rid of some old REPULSE Stuffs, and I must say I find it better now! (Yes!)
This was Brutal death Grind à la CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth") with many breaks breaks, tempos changes. Of corpse there were many blasts with double bass kicks à la Alex Webster.
"Inbreeding the anthropophagi" is a quite good 'n catchy track that quote my attention in 98, and it still does the ass kicking shit. "Infecting them with falsehood" is cool also. There are some interesting shredding riffs thrown here and there between the ultra brutal pukes! Complex tracks. DEEDS OF FLESH was never that groovy, only hyperfast blasts and Heavy Brutal metal riffs of the bloody. One thing I don't like so much about this CD is the cover's colors (too much video games like). Final words: there are some good tracks in here, and it might be interesting for musicians of the Brutal, but one who isn't a fan of American Brutal Death will be bored after a few tracks (as it gets quite repetitive...). A fine one to burn on a rotative bloody dead meat part!


DEEDS OF FLESH (USA) Mark of the legion CD'02 UNIQUE LEADER.
Their last production I heard was their 2nd album. And I must say I heard at the first listening they've improved the impact of the songs! While before it was always very technical and complex, it's now by moments far more catchy and right in your face while keeping the complex edge. There are still these elements each American style Brutal death metal band owns: hyperfast double bass drums, lots of riffs per song and gut snipping breaks, guttural vocals and moments of pure technicity. The drummer now sometimes adds some different parts that gives some diversity to its style (such as grinding the way the HYPOCRISY blaster did on their 2 first albums, with the snare drum and the bass drum at the same time). I can hear the appearance of some new not uninteresting double guitars harmonies that 'd be not so common for their style. Their concept seems to evolve, while at the beginning they were in to Gore/ repugnant stuffs, they now seems more into the infernal war and some strong human values and ideologies. But as a whole it remains some hyperblasting DEEDS OF FLESH with many tracks sounding the same! It doesn't stop blasting, and it will please some guys, but something misses for me! I like to listen to some track of it, and then it's repetitive. To conclude: this is still the brutal DEEDS OF FLESH but some parts are better!


DEFEATED SANITY (Ger) Prelude to the tragedy CD'04. GRINDETHIC Records.
It's time to fight the zineomaniacal damnation that putrefies and disintegrates any will to upload something metal online.
Only paper is real, and any underground or old school feeling has died on the "metal web", but what could we do in front of this massive paradoxal nonsense? Ignore, absorb, embalm.
The radical path of massive brutality is a quite worthy choice, even if it's not the most clever, and DEFEATED SANITY isn't of the worst current choices in terms of technical Brutal death metal, no.
Their nicely produced (the heavy way) and full of tempo-changes mixture of brutal death grind the US and European way has quite liquefying opportunities to entertain fans of the style. It has the blasting and technical brutality of the US bands, as well as fewer old school patterns (and older way), but there are changes of riffs everywhere and some more technical patterns that will make them sound efficient in the hears of technical music fans only.
Some nice bass-lines and some cool atmospheres are here to diversify the thing. Nice and obscure burning little atmosphere.
The vocals aren't so brutally rude, it's rather some kind of raw obscurity à la old GORGUTS/ old IMMOLATION.
After a while my spirit is less attracted as some catchy hooks are lacking, and I'm not a fan of too technical breaks-focused brutal music, but fans of technical, yet obscure, blasting brutal death with many riffing variations might have found a nice plastic girlfriend for their week ends' torture and spikefuck sessions. More catchiness and interplanetary intensity are needed for me! They're yet under the ground of this sole earth.


DEFECATION (Uk) Intention surpassed CD'03 NUCLEAR BLAST.
There were some rumors circulating about the fact DEFECATION would reform with the two Harris brothers! It was great news since I really enjoyed "Purity dilution"! But Mitch Harris was the only one to compose this CD, he also played all the instruments here.
And well, it's not as killer and impressive as I thought it would be. I'd rather consider it as another one of the numerous side projects of some NAPALM DEATH members than a real DEFECATION release!
What you have here is extreme metal with various influences ranging around Death metal, Grindcore, Crust, Punk and Hardcore. It sounds a lot like NAPALM DEATH's last releases!
Most of the stuffs here are fast, with plenty of blast beats, the tracks are well articulated and it has the benefits of a good production, but nothing marked me as it remains only cool...
I don't like so much their vocals, somekind of high-pitched screams with a lot of distortion. In a way, it sounds fresh like NAPALM DEATH's "Inside the torn apart". There are some good moments fans of NAPALM will enjoy, but I can't avoid thinking a part of it was riffs Napalm Death didn't use because it wasn't good enough...
As a whole, it remains Ok, quite cool, but there are so many NAPALM DEATH CDs circulating I wouldn't order it! I know I won't listen to this CD more than 3 times because I've listened a lot to NAPALM DEATH's new releases ("Inside the torn apart", "Words from the exit wound", "Enemy of the music business"...) and there's nothing really new or better than these 3 albums.
If another "band" had released this CD I would have been more positive, but Mitch Harris did it and I had higher expectations! You enjoy new Napalm Death's stuffs? You haven't listened to their last CDs too much? Why not...



Well, since one of DEFORMED's previous recordings (a demo) didn't turn me on anything worthy, I can't say I was happy to see their new release in my mailbox... Hu! No!... but let's go, with or without Satan... The band still plays some death grind/ grindcore with a machine-drummer. It might sound like some American Brutal death, old DAMNABLE (Pol) or eventually some Czech bruuutal stuffs. As always there's a lot of riffs and tempo changes, but it does nothing at all. Ok, the 2 guys know of to handle their drum-machine, and play fast, but there's no riff standing our, or beat punching out! It's just one more collection of many riffs that will enter the left hear to exit the right one few minutes later... (Please notice I'm a polite bastard and we could go deeper in hell).
Note to the vocalist: It's useless to scream as a chicken to impress me! Lord_Gayball_Gayblow strictly sodomizes fat mamas.
Since the label does an efficient promo-job, those who might be interested probably already know this band, if you have doubts try an Mp3 in there:


This sounds a lot more like their 1st CD «  Deicide » . It’s well constructed and tightly played but I don’t find the inspiration and memorability that reigned on their 1st 3 albums ( « Deicide », «  Legion » and « Once upon the cross ») as most of the riffs sound both uninspired or quite Happy!! (Incredible for a DEICIDE release! What the fuck happened in their heads??)
Some some riffs sound like if they had been cut away from these old albums and gathered together in another way, it’s rather collage than inspiration! Plus, in parts it sounded bizarre...
They’ve tried to include some Grind and Black Metal touches but for DEICIDE it sounds quite strange!  I may not be astonished as Glen Benton ( the main composer) doesn’t want to Play Brutal stuff anymore and keeps his place in DEICIDE only because of the wanderings of his partners in brutality!
They’ve tried to calculate their music to find different riffings, but where's the goal when the feeling isn't here? I’ve tried to listen carefuly to their music to find new reasons to appreaciate it, unfortunately I didn’t! B.O.R.I.N.G!


DELIRIUM TREMENS (Ger) Thrashing warhogs CD'04. MERCILESS Records.
I'll avoid a second rate joke about their alcoholic band name, since it's obvious DELIRIUM TREMENS are into alcoholic metal! And what else could be the best transcription of Beer metal than old school Thrash metal? Nothing else for sure! So these German bastards play a mix between old school German Thrash metal (No cult band name quote! You have to know your metal classics if you read this Zine! Ah Ah) an some old European Death metal. The whole is mostly fastly placed with the fast tremolo thrashing riffs, while some mid-placed parts or harmonies rather remind some mid-placed Thrash metal in an old American way, or eventually few heavy/ thrash. Some Death metal touches can be felt in the typical tremolo parts underlined by fast tempos or double bass drumming beerkit. (Sounds almost like some old Swedish Death in few accelerating moments).
This album is quite cool to listen to, there's a nice ancient metal mood and some energy is put into their music, but I must say nothing new crossed my hears, and I didn't find much memorable or that really turned me on.The tracks are correctly constructed and the riffs doesn't seem to suck for most, but I heard more energetic bands in the style. So I guess it might be a cool album to listen with beers and beers for those who like old thrashing metal a lot and have kinda crossed the point of strong worship! Notice an old GUNS'N ROSES cover song.
I think DELIRIUM TREMENS could easily please the fans of Beer metal bands such as DESASTER who don't check too much their brains when it's up for thrashing (as long as it thrashes with decent power) and rather pay attention to the remaining amount of evil beers!
Conclusion: A cool sounding album that didn't turn me on much and that wouldn't surprise you that much, but a possibly nice one for big fans of the style. It might be a cool live band I guess...


DELVE (Swe) The dead amongst MCD’02  NUCLEAR WINTER.
Yeah!! This is death metal the way I like!! Imagine KAAMOS meets GROTESQUE, and you'll have a good idea of what this swedish act is playing. This mini cd produced by the greek label Nuclear winter recs proposes 4 (good) songs plus an intro. The layout is total death metal the old way, really "necro". And the logo has been drawned by Thomas "Clitcommander" Westphal from NECROMANIAC zine/MORSGATT.
The production reminds a lot what KAAMOS offered on their "Curse of aeons demo" or how GROTESQUE sounds like on "Incantation". Straight in your face, with understandable and memorable riffs, you can only be pleased by this band, if you are already into the afforementionned ones and bands like REPUGNANT, VERMINOUS, MERCILESS, MURDER SQUAD. You get the point: old school death metal the good way. No ripped off riffs, just pure necrocult. ARRRRGH! It seems that Sweden puts again some death into its metal, and it's totally fine with me. Definitly not a record for frog noise brutality addicted! Maybe not the most original stuff around, but the feeling is here.



DEMONCY (Usa) Empire of the fallen angel CD'03 RED STREAM.
I asked the label to stop sending me their promos, they didn't, so I'll keep it short! DEMONCY plays a kind of Black metal that's meant to be fast, raw and pure. Ok, it's fast and quite well produced but a bunch of their riffs doesn't sound so evil! Some riffs are too nice (lack of real darkness). Some are quite epical... The problem with this album is it's fastly predictable... it reminds me of SACRAMENTUM, old MARDUK, DISSECTION (less complex) and NECROMICON. There is a nice mood here. This isn't a bad album, it might be pleasant for those who haven't listened much Black metal, but keep in mind this is only another album on the pile of averagely "Evil" CDs! Average.


DEMONIZED (Mex)  Demonized CD'03 OSMOSE.
Wow, the kind of covers that makes me shit in my pants… A pentagram with the goat head ! ! ! ! Hell, that’s what I call something completely unseen in the metal scene since VENOM ! hahahaah ! Well, the cover doesn’t make the music, so, what do these barbarians have to offer to our exhausted ears ? Well, imagine a mix between IMMORTAL during the last  period in a less clear version, and IMPIETY during the “ Skullfucking armageddon ” era, in a less effective version. Doesn’t sound bad, eh ? But the problem is that I get the feeling to have already heard such music somewhere else. DEMONIZED tends to sound like a sub IMPIETY. Allright it’s well played, with a kind of acceptable production for this kind of agressive metal, but hell, the scene is already flooded by DARKTHRONE or SUFFOCATION clones. I don’t need an IMPIETY clone. Please try to do something by your own instead of playing the same good old formula again and again.
It’s the kind of release you can’t categorize as shitty, because the musicians are able to produce something really acceptable, but where is the interest to listen to something that can’t match the quality of the influential bands ? I think DEMONIZED is representative of the kind of bands that kill the potential of bands with a real originality. Ok, it’s sometimes hard to go away from your influences, but even if INFERNAL MAJESTY, for example can’t deny its influences from SLAYER, or even if PENTACLE can’t deny its influences from CELTIC FROST, these bands still manage to create something by their own. And that’s not the case for DEMONIZED. Listen once and you’ll forget it quite quickly.
Cuntact :



The intro of the album sounds a bit in the vein of EMPEROR and old KING DIAMOND in my ears: dark synths with some a bit cynical/obscure touches. But what DENATA plays is more a kind of Thrash/death metal, there was a revival of this kind of stuffs in the underground a few years ago. I could notice of course influences such as old DESTRUCTION, SODOM but they made me think also about DARKNESS (« Death squad ») and a bit of MERCILESS (« The awakening »).
There’s a touch of Tom Angelripper (SODOM) in the vocals, the way these screams sound also have got some textures similar to CARCASS (« Heartwork »), and maybe old KREATOR. There are gory vocals here and there.  DENATA could be compared to nowadays’ bands such as SWORDMASTER but without the black metal edge, a band like HYPNOSIA (SWE) would be nearer of their style. They seem totally in the old school thing: the way the lyrics were written could make me think about the old simple KREATOR’s lyrics and each musician’s description was done in the old VOIVOD (« War and pain »)/ real metal lore.
Nothing turned me on as it's the old school Thrash metal riffs, that doesn't turn me... ah. It's tight and ok, the production could be better, but one year after it's release there's still nothing that really attracted my attention. Can be Ok for the fans of the old school Speed thrash mania, but a bit more than fanatism would be needed to record a really good CD ;-)


DEPRAVED (FRA) Sexual depravity... and pleasure to suffer CD’98
This french band offers us with each new production a music of a better quality. This first album scillating between Death metal, grindcore and some sorrowfull fast ripping tremolo black metal riffs in the vein of MARDUK is a quite enthusiasting one! This is a quite good album even if all the riffs aren’t as aggressive as we’d like it to be, but some feeling is here: the brutal emotions it pulls your face with are both aggressive, brutal sorrowfull... Surprising for a French band isn't it? The drummer has got a good style influenced by NAPALM DEATH at the time of « SCUM » and « F.E.T.O », a good part of the riffs is aggressive enough and contains an atmosphere, the vocals are powerfull! A special not for the track that has a cornemuse intro! Nice idea :) It sounds like a dream to hear real good french brutal bands nowadays. It’ll be useless to say anything else, get it! And mosh!


DEPRAVED (FRA) Decadence and lust CD'01 WARPATH.
I really enjoyed their first CD as their mix of Grind death and Black metal included some real personal emotions and grinding energies.
Unfortunately, I must say I'm disappointed by this new release! It's still in same style, but I can find really less real good emotions and ideas...
It's still Grind/ Death that's alsmost fast, with some old school Death metal drumbeats... There are fewer sorrowfull Black metal influences à la MARDUK and they doesn't use as many double bass drums parts (understand by this word the drum playing is a bit less varied). I expected much more from them! It doesn't suck, but some riffs are too common to be recorded on a second album, and fuck after an album in the vein of their first CD I simply awaited something great! It's only ok...  Of corpse, some guys will dig it, but I'm not impressed.


DEPRESION (AUSTRIA) Mindgate CD’96 Selfreleased.
The raw production makes them sounds like DISMEMBER at times.
The music seems to be influenced by very old BOLT THROWER, and they remind me very much the old school deathmetallers on a '91 live bootlegg tape I had.... but fukk it sounds only average! Ok the sound is raw, but it lacks the highlights and great riffs of the once Death metal godz! Some more melodic moments are more in the vein of DISMEMBER ("Indecent and obscene") They sometimes try to sound a bit more original with more HxCx elements but it's not much convincing. Somewhere it could remind me a bit about the German band VIOLATION (Death metal). This band might fit the tastes of very big BOLT THROWER fans, but what they offer on this release is very common, and let's say it's not exceptionnal.


This first full-length attempt to brutalize the deviant and crush the weak wasn't successful for DERANGED! I remember nothing pleased me in here (musical wize), and this fact hasn't changed. Ultra common riffs, classical tracks' structures, repetitive ideas; the whole remains flat even if it was fast, not very cool for a pro CD! And there were no special deep energy nor anything special... only your common riffs that were sterile revampirized from the old CANNIBAL CORPSE recordings. DERANGED was then the perfect example of the Cliché Brutal death band that does it without any feeling (But with a good sound... Unfortunately money doesn't pay for inspiration!). Hopefully for them and for their fans, they had improved on their "III" CD that had some intense enough tracks! I haven't followed them since then, so I can't tell you more... But I don't hope for much.


Great CD of Brutal Death in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE, Brutal and intense with a great raw and aggressive sound! Nothing original, but for the time when it was released it was a fucking bash of Brutal death energy rigt in your poser's face! Moron!! This is one of the best DERANGED CDs I've heard (not to say the other ones were boring... eheh) Get this one of you’re into this kind of music!



DESECRATE (Spa) Call thee ancients MCD. 2013. PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT Recs.
It sometimes seems the last years every "cool" old death metal demos were re-released, everything from the great, to the average, to the quite useless... Hopefully you still happen to fall on unexpected good releases. Here this is quite good Death metal from 1993 à la early DEICIDE (First album only) with a bit of MORBID ANGEL ("Altars of madness") here and there.
This is indeed very influenced by DEICIDE from the ultra-fast parts (For this time), to the mid-paced moments, to the double-kicks, to the evil sounding vocals.
I also feel touches of ALTAR for quite "strange" riffs here and there (First album "Youth against Christ"... In a less "core" or should I say "modern" manner (For this time)) and some little remains of old SINISTER.
The music is not original, but there's a quite good energy of the burning and some moments are kicking the balls of the crucified one (Hey?).
When it was released in 1993, it was probably a great demo that shew promises of evil brutality and thrilled some guts/ skulls/ corpses (You choose). Strange the band split up and the musicians apparently didn't do much later...



DESECRATION (Uk) Inhuman CD'00 COPRO Records.
Here's a British brutal band that has ever played gigs with big bands such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, VADER etc. Their stuff is quite well done Brutal death! It reminds me of old MALEVOLENT CREATION for the Death thrashing riffs and CANNIBAL CORPSE/ SKINLESS for the Brutal death pukes, while there's some old DEICIDE/ old MORBID ANGEL. Some riffs are powerful while some were ever heard, but as a whole it's Ok. The production is direct and aggressive, it's a quite good work! It will please some Brutal death maniacs while it won't please others, so try to put an hear on their stuff if you might be interested!         Mat


DESPISED ICON (Can) Syndicated murderers Ep'04. Self released.
For once I'll betray the deadly laws of the scourge since this very core influenced release has some real hatred in its bag of tricks! This band ran by musicians of NEURAXIS/ ex HIDDEN PRIDE (vocals), NECROTIC MUTATION (guitars) and others plays very core/ modern influenced brutality. This sounds like a melting rot of some deathcore, brutal deathcore, brutal death, heavy hardcore, technical brutal death... (Don't ask me for comparisons, I'm not aware about all the new school core). Hopefully, no hippie-core could be found and this isn't abusively technical or discarding, to the contrary of many new school core bands I don't like much than a bottle of tasteless water during a cold winter.
What first stroke my attention are punishing brutal death and death grind moments that could remind of SUFFOCATION or MALEVOLENT CREATION. I'd like them to use more riffs of this kind! There are also influenced of mid old DYING FETUS, mid old and early PYREXIA and few CAPHARNAUM/ SPAWN OF POSSESSION.
Finally DESPISED ICON offers a nice descalling to the heavy washing machines of those who have nothing against blasting brutal core. The sound is heavy and powerful, the tracks sound at least ok... It's a cool Ep!


DETERIOROT (USa) In ancient beliefs CD'01 REPULSE Recs.
Open wide the gorgeous cunt of hell and many desecrated blasphemies! Our mother perversion rejoices in sulfur and petrified cold fuck sodomies. Old school is the style of DETERIOROT who lies in the sulfur-fuck remains of the first years of existence of INCANTATION! The Death metal remains epical tuned in the way of the ancient Death metal bands, and always heavy, even when it blasts, as it reminds me a bit of the first Doom Death years of MY DYING BRIDE and very old PARADISE LOST for the most sorrow crushed guitars. the sound is raw and heavy. This isn't blast beats ridden, for fans of ancient Death metal and pure Doom Death only! DETERIOROT shares the same ancient Death metal beliefs and influences than some actual bands such as INCANTATION, HYPONIC, FUNEBRARUM, IMMOLATION and THRONE OF NAILS. Nothing revolutionary in here, but this album might be very pleasant for the fans of the ancient obscure entities mentioned before!


DEVIANT (Swe) Apathyphus MCD'07. NUCLEAR WINTER Recs.
This is the new release of Swedish Death metallers DEVIANT. It was recorded after the release of the first album, but apparently the master tapes were trapped in a cavern, under the bottom of the fat mama that sleeps eternally, so it was hard to get their hands on it ;-)
The small-sized packaging looks well rounded, like a tight pussy (Who said there where white stuffs inside of my copy?! Shut your filthy mouth, or I'll have to insert my horny gun of orgasmic shoots deep inside!)
The band still plays a quite fresh mixture between modern death and old school stuffs, even though the whole has a tendency to refresh it again & again following the "modern" way. Imagine some kind of ultrablasts and cool "melodic" riffs à la early CRYPTOPSY, Brutal death à la INSISION (Old), Swedish death/black melodies HYPOCRISY wouldn't have denied in their best moments (So, the first 2 albums, obviously!) mixed with punching beats of VERMINOUS, touches of death'n roll and zests of various extreme metal stuffs.
DEVIANT is not really for fans of old school creeping death, but rather for quite open minded death metallers. The feelings I'll remember are: Fresh, energetic, aggressive, with catchy sounding ideas.


DEVILIUM (Fra) Pagan at war CD'01 CRIMINAL Recs.
I think I heard some DEVILIUM tracks on comps before, but I wasn't especially hooked. But I've read in an interview the drummer of the crushing Brutal Death band KABBAL plays with them, so I needed to hear this album!
This is fast Death/ Grind with Brutal Death parts, the tempo is set on the "Fast" position most of the time. Most of the riffs are tremolo like, it sounds like Death/ Grind with some heavier and mid tempos riffs that sound more Brutal death like. They sound as a mix of DEICIDE ("Legion"), old MORBID ANGEL, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, KRISIUN (a bit), old PYREXIA (a bit). But there's nothing very special, nor special at the level of the riffs. It’s only Ok riffs for most of it, with a few cool ones. The tracks are correctly articulated, but after 3 songs it becomes repetitive. That blasts a lot! The point that really quote my attention is the drumming: there are some nice Brutal and aggressive touches added here and there! And some nicely placed tempo changes!
Notice a cover of "Blasphemer". It's ok and renews a bit the old SODOM's track, but the cover of LUCIFERION that was on their first album ("Demonication") was more effective and hasn't been matched until now! Tight musicians, good sound, deep enough vocals.
Even if nothing sucks, this is only an average CD with some cool parts from here and there.  For big fans of Death metal Brutality only!!


Here's the new prod. of these polish brutallers, it seems to be a bit more american Brutal death influenced! More complex than their first album "Anger", but with more face pulling impact and anger!
Influences ranges from DISGUST (Fra), MORBID ANGEL (Fast parts of "Formulas fatal..." and some heavy "Domination" touches, yes, the mysterious sides of "Domination" is an influence for them. ),  ANGEL CORPSE (For the complex morbid harmonies), SINISTER, CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Gallery of suicide").
Notice the appearance of some cleaner vocals not so far from D.A.B (France- for the way it's said more than for the tone). There are lots of riffs per track and it's very complex but there's maybe too much in some tracks for me. Theire complex side sometimes makes them sound as a kind of free death/ jazz formation by moments, but it remains Brutal ridden anyway. Some acid spacing morbid arpeggios touches made me think about OSSUARY INSANE (but I'm not sure if it's the right comparison).
The way the vocals are placed and sounds makes me think a bit about Corpsegrinder but the main vocals' influence is David Vincent ("Domination" epoch). This is the best DEVILYN release so far! "Anger" didn't turn me on (where was the feeling? Tight and fast but...) but this new one has got what is needed to please some Brutal death metal fans! Brutality, Anger, Complexity and Blast beats.




DEVILYN (Pol)  The past against the future CD’03 METAL MIND.
No this CD isn't the new DEVILYN album. It's a collection of more or less old tracks recorded by the band.
First you have their "The rule" Demo'94, which includes 7 tracks of Death grind in the same lines than their first CD "Anger" that didn't turn me on for several reasons, including the one nothing catchy stands out. Ok, it was fast, heavy and quite complex Brutal death grind reminding of MORBID ANGEL and old MONSTROSITY, but the special thing missed!
Then this CD also includes the promo 2000 of the band, 3 tracks of Death Grind (including one that was on the "Artefact" CD). These tracks are in the style of their last album "Artefact": fast Death grind à la MORBID ANGEL and old MONSTROSITY with some complex technical arrangements; but these songs aren't in my opinion of the same quality than the best moments of the CD I just mentioned. It lacks some real anger to be outstanding!
Then you have a cover of CARCASS ("Heartwork") which is Ok, plus the video of the track "Reborn in pain".
To be honest, this CD doesn't offer much interesting stuffs. I had a cool opinion of DEVILYN coz their "Artefact" CD had some real anger, but there's no real brutal food here! Apart from the DEVILYN fans and some maniac collectors, I don't see who could be interested in this release. And who needs another release of this kind? Hey DEVILYN: Record a new album instead of feeding a label's too big need for releases! Damnit!


This cd is the re-release on one cd of Devourment's debut demo 'impaled' along with the first cd 'molesting the decapitated' (originally released by United Guttural) and a new song called 'baby killer'. 12 songs, 49:54 minutes of extremely brutal, sick death/grind with insane guttural vocals. Ranging from slow mosh grooves to all out blasting insanity, this is one extreme as all hell cd that all people into the most destructive music shouldnt miss!                                                       Nicolas



 DIFTERY (Slo) Corrupting the evolution CD'06. GRODHAISN
More unwanted promos, more minimal efforts.
This is typical Us brutal death, with the gore low pitched vocals and quite sick-sounding songs... The band can play, it sounds quite brutal and sick once you really want to listen to this kind of stuff, but nothing special stands out from the amount of brutal death metal that can be found worldly... It's brutal and that's all, no riff to especially impale the guts, to thrill on an infinity of suffering etc... Nothing sounds bad in the style, but that's all I could say. Only for big fans of DEVOURMENT, REPUDILATION and the likes...


Here's the new release of DEAD CIRKUS Records, the label of a guy who likes to dress like an old farmer-woman (from the old styled country) and sings about drunken farmers and dance halls in his "death guinguette" band GASTRIK BURST. Ah Ah!

DISASTER: Since I already reviewed this demo months ago, I'll be able to have a more distant point of view this time. The music sounds brutal enough for the style, quite "modern" and quite professional for a demo record, but I must say I didn't detect much that brands the brain and keeps alive something morbid in the deepness of your mind. Brutal stuff with correct structures, and a brutal drummer, but average music on the long term.

ELYSIUM: It's a mix between grindcore, hardcore and death grind that can remind of NAPALM DEATH ("Utopia banished/ Harmony corruption"), DISCORDANCE AXIS and others... Even if some riffs sound quite extreme and/ or well thought enough, after a while the surprise gets lost. And I'm not a fan of these kind of screamy vocals... Cool, he almost doesn't stop scorching his throat lol.

SICKBAG: The style of this band has changed quite a lot since their first demo... It was some kind of Death/ grind, it's now strange discarding hardcore/ death/ grindcore. (Not only Grindcore, as they call it). It's definitely not my kind of music (A CEPHALIC CARNAGE CD was played only few times for a curiosity purpose), too much strange discarding riffs and wanna sound wicked stuffs. I heard better things of this kind that succeeded in surprising the uninterested listener with extreme enough shredded ideas and wicked vocals... In this case, that just sounds ok/ tolerable in my hears, but some fans of the style might dig it...

DESECRATOR: These are the same songs than the promo 2005 reviewed elsewhere here... Intense and fast as a whipped fuck, with touches of hardcore injected a nice way. I enjoy their unrelentless will to blast your ass, and it works a brutal way: DESECRATOR sounds extreme!
I didn't notice it before, but some of their song titles sound quite crappy.
Fans of underground grindcore may probably find in there a worthy-grinding band to kick their ass. I'm curious of how DESECRATOR will sound with a corrosive and heavy production. This is not your usual French asleep grindcore! Ah!

Dada grind in da houz ov zuffering? Yo, Yo, jump'n da ztreetz 'n totalzz zubkonziouz powerzzzz...Aïdi aïda, Aïdi aïda!! Take away the fix and get nude, you fix-sniffer!!... The styyyle of the title is something I don't like in there... it sounds like some rap whatever from the "bronx"...

All in all, it's an average split CD. But since it's sold for an honest price (under 10 euros p.p.), and the bands sound decent and brutal, it might be a pleasant choice for fans of underground music whose tastes strongly tend to grindcore and HxCx.


DISASTROUS MURMUR (Austria) ...And Hungry Are The Lost CD'01 PERVERTED TASTE.
I listened to their "Rhapsodies in red" LP'92 released on OSMOSE and even if a few cool tracks were included, the style wasn't very interesting as it was common and midly boring.
With this new album, they still play a Death metal style that's average! Some thrash metal influences make it's appearance in the music... quite Heavy/ Power metal also appears. I've noticed a few new IMMORTAL elements for harmonies here and there, but their style hasn't almost changed.
It sounds deeply engraved in the 90's as it reminds me of DISASTROUS MURMUR'90, SODOM' 90-95, JUDECCA, OBITUARY (for slow parts).
I've got the feeling their name helped them to find a deal to release more albums because I think a lot of bands play the same style than they do, including a good amount of new formations who do it with more energy and anger!
I really expect more from a band that have released several albums!!


DISAVOWED (Hol) Perceptive deception CD’01 UNIQUE LEADER.
The problem with these American Brutal death influenced bands is I could switch the reviews between the bands as the main high lines of my writing would remain the same. For example I could have used the one of CINERARY of PYAEMIA in the case of DISAVOWED.
DISAVOWED plays fast Grinding Brutal Death with a strong American "touch". It especially reminds me of bands such as old SUFFOCATION, PYAEMIA, CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered"), old PYREXIA (1st CD).
You get everything you'd await from a release of this kind; fast ass-blasting beats, doubles bass drums, some heavier parts. But DISAVOWED "varies" a bit from their brothers in Brutality as their tracks are built on hyperfast tempos and blasts for most of it. (Few groovy or heavier parts are here). The vocals sound a lot like Frank Mullen (Suffo) on "Effigy of the forgotten": Brutal, intense and raw.
The 3rd track that isn't only fast but includes some heavier and mid tempo riffs sounds more worked.
To conclude, nothing especially attracted my attention! It's a pro band in the style but nothing really catchy happens. This is correctly brutalized. It's a tight as fuck band with pro tracks that may be cool for fans of Brutal death who aren't fed up with the American brutality and enjoy it damn fast!


DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY (Usa) Prelude to apocalypse CD'04 NECROHARMONIC Recs.
D.O.M is an obscure Brutal death metal band that was born from the ashes of INCANTATION's line up for their best piece of obscurity recorded under the impious title "Onward to golgotha"! To be exact D.O.M has the same line up than this album, except for the guitarist; so what kind of obscure insanity could you expect?! I am semi disappointed since DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY are more polished and less insane than early INCANTATION, even if the band remains in somekind of the same style. Fast obscure death metal along the lines of INCANTATION, old DEICIDE and ENCABULOS, with some creepy and suffocated doom parts. The vocals of Craig Pillard aren't as raw as it used to be; in the death metal parts his vocals are more understandable (Like somekind of Glen Benton meets David Vincent on "Covenant/ Domination") while in the doom moments he speeches in a dark and deadly way that sounds quite inspiring (A bit like Type o negative on the "Nativity in black" Tribute to Black Sabbath #1, their only recorded tracks that has something obscure.). Some BOLT THROWER can be found in the guitars evoking some darkened wars, with an epic touch. I think their heavier riffs doesn't remind me of old INCANTATION, it's less rhythmic and more static as it could sound like old ASPHYX.
So I think it's an average album with quite interesting moments, but the mourning brutal bastards may find some obscure emotions and darkened visions that would definitely pervert the ecclesiastic! And D.O.M might be interesting for the fans of INCANTATION who would die for the ancient doom!


DISCORDANCE AXIS (Usa) The Inalienable Dreamless CD'00. DVD box. Hydrahead.
Here's a band who plays a kind of Grindcore I'm not so fond of: it's a new school Grindcore based on many discordances and quite "original" structures. At the very first listenings I didn't get into this piece of Grinding noise. The band could remind of some mix of PIG DESTROYER's most chaotic parts, BRUTAL TRUTH's last releases, SCALPLOCK's Grinding parts, and a zest of ANAL CUNT. It's full of screams, discordances and strange breaks or rythms' changes. It sounds bizarre with a bunch of bizarre riffs. With a bit more of an attentive listening, I found some nice things at the level of the drum-playing, and some tracks are quite compressed or sound enough aggressive to be ok. A part of the riffs sound like crap in my opinion.  Notice their drummer is/ was also a part of BURNT BY THE SUN and HUMAN REMAINS.
This isn't the kind of eroded razor strips I'd met with my putrid soup, but some guys who enjoy some weird and strange grinding stuffs like CEPHALIC CARNAGE may find here another piece of noise to explode their heads on!


DISGORGE (Mex) Forensic CD'00 REPULSE.
I don't see the point of all this support and recognition DISGORGE gets in the Underground!
Ok, it's very fast, complex and Gore at every levels (vocals, riffs production) but when I listen to their CD, I understand nothing! And I need more than distorted guitars, fast as light blasts and Gore everywhere to enjoy a Brutal death release! It has to be made with the guts and with some real crushing riffs!
When I listen to DISGORGE, I've got the strong feeling it's only thought to be Brutal, and all the more very complex... but my boelws move in circle as I understand nothing! ( 'Gore metal' breakfast regurgitation is near!) Nothing sounds catchy, I can't find any highlight... Where's the use of doing so much noise? I remember I listend to their "Chronic corpora infest" Tape Lp in 98, and some riffs were nice, but you've got to be a total Brutal death cracked head to listen to this, and I need more now!
I've tried to listen to this CD carefully with some headphones, but what I understood didn't convince me... This is kind kind of CD, well you can appreciate the work that's around, technicity... but what do you feel in this case?
If you want BRUTAL, BRUTAL, BRUTAL, then you even know DISGORGE and own all their CDs! If you aren't only an ass blaster and need real riffs like me, check actual bands like EXHUMED, INSISION, REGURGITATE, KABBAL or FATE  for exemple, they're at least as extreme and more expressive!


DISGORGE (Mex) Necroholocaust CD’03 EXTREEM MUSIC.
Bloody cunt of hell! DISGORGE definitely evolves in the right way! I didn't enjoy their previous releases that were always bound in the hyperfast grinding tempos! But on this new Brutal offering these Mexican bastards are fare more brutal and interesting: more old school Death metal from the pits of hell and heavier Brutal death riffings are brutally included! The tracks are more varied. Their compositions aren't only ultra blasting anymore since it's also heavier or punching in the old Death metal way, so they remind me of CZNNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth" and "Gallery of suicide"), EXHUMED (for the Grinding gore metal and melodic leads), DETERIOROT (For the doom), some raw old INCANTATION (Impure and blasphemous!) and the rawest of IMPALED (For the CARCASS touch). Their vocals are still total gory, and the sound is fucking Brutal!
Anyway, I think a part of the riffs is still somekind of fillers, or average ones. I'm still not a fan of these Mexican spiked bastards, but I appreciate their evolution and I can play this piece of putrid flesh with some Brutal and gore rejoicing. Keep on vomiting! This rotten world only deserves the vilest and blackest vomit!


I heard one of their demo in 98 or 99 and I didn't appreciate their music at all! And their style hasn't changed that much... This is very low tuned and slow Death metal that just sounds very average and very boring in my opinion! I didn't find 1% of energy here!
It could remind of ATAVISM's Demo'98, some old PUNGENT STENCH's heavy stuffs and a cheaper version of early MORTICIAN! Their riffs are so uninspired I feel like I always heard the same riffs after the first track... They use some pitched vocals.
Some very early CARCASS' punky riffs are here also. BLEUAAARGH!!! This is so boring I'll vomit this day's 3 "Gore metal" breakfasts!!
One time more the French magazine "Metallian" makes me laugh and shows their so "great" musical tastes! Read what they said about Disgorged Foetus: "With D.F you'll have in the ears one of the European references in shocking Death metal!" Ah ah! These French ass-licking reviewers are so full of shit they should be mouth and brain washed with a sand carsher! Ist das eine grosse scheise?
For me it sounds like nothing else than a very very average demo. I don't see the point of releasing on CD!


DISGUST (Jap) Undermankind MCD'01 MASK Records.
I heard some DISGUST tracks from a split Ep few years ago, and the band is more professional and more crushing now! Forget any of their old releases that might sound quite amateurish! Total professional Crust with an aggressive powerful sound, nailed to the core riffs and menacing spiked bombs! Aggressive enough Crustcore à la DISRUPT, DISFEAR and old EXTREME NOISE TERROR! Cool angry vocals! Few screams. They have few Blast parts that sound raw in the old school Grind, and also some old school punk mid tempo parts! Jesus is crucified one more time! To be honest, there are no really killer riffs, but it's energetic enough to bomb-blast your arse!
DISGUST are one of the best Japanese Crustcore band I've heard, and they have reached the needed level of aggression to enter my Brutal collection! A very cool MCD for aggressive Crust fanatics!



This split CD featuring two bands from the Death metal scene of French North was apparently expected by a couple of death metallers, probably since the musicians are in the scene since more than few years...
First approach, the cover picture and various layouts do not look good. Many current demo-releases have better illustrations.
The side of DISGUST contains 3 tracks from each of their previous releases that were reworked, plus a new tune.
The production is brutal and raw, yet clear enough (There's an old MORTICIAN texture I like). The influences are quite varied, in a brutal and old school Death metal spectrum. It reminds me of some BANISHED/ BAPHOMET (R.I.P), old CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, old DEATH, MORTICIAN and others.
A shame the snare drum isn't present enough in the blasts, because it takes away some power. I also regret the embalming obscure atmosphere I used to dig on some previous DISGUST releases (The mighty "Inquisition" Demo'97!), it's not present on half of the songs.
Some tracks sound good in 2006, some do not sound so good (everheard and not especially efficient) but some tunes are old...
I don't think it would please the fans of modern and ultra technical brutal death, but these 4 songs sound brutal, heavy and might be of interest for those who like it old styled, might it be brutal death or death metal.
I have been following SCARVENGER for few years, seeing them evolve from technical Death metal à la DEATH, to some simpler and more old school conservative Death metal.
This first real recording evolves between old styled death, thrash metal, with heavy metal touches...It could sound like some DEATH, KREATOR, CIANIDE, while the vocals could remind of John Tardy and Chuck Shuldiner... BUT I feel their style currently lacks of energy and urges of pure fucking death!
Even if there are some cool sounding riffs and a little mood, the music sounds unfortunately convenient and flat half of the time. The drum playing is too simple and lacks of energy. I really preferred when SCARVENGER played technical death metal, with many interesting ideas, cools riffs, and technical bass lines everywhere! Their current songs sound more simple and quite "dispirited" in my hears (where have gone the explosive thrashing rage?). While some fast death metal parts are energetic enough, most of the mid placed and heavy keeps me rather cold and it sounds too long.
These average songs sound more like a demo than something Professional.
It might be cool for those who like it old sounding, and like to rest with old metallic sonorities, but it's definitely not for those who like their death metal fast, frenetic or extreme: It lacks of urge to kill!
Global conclusion: I feel it's an average split CD, both on musical and visual points of view. Both bands show some qualities, but I know them quite well and I'm sure they can do better!  And it's a shame to release a professionally printed CD with such kind of amateurish "artwork".
Good luck in the future to both bands!


I remember I loved their «  inquisition » Demo’98 as it was one of the first truly brutal crushing Death Metal bands I heard from France.
Remember ? « Heavy as hell Death Metal with grinding parts and some fucking killer technical riffs ». « I’m sure their unrelentless Brutal Death will kill you ». «  I’ve listened this tape to death and I want more ! ».
They’re still playing the same kind of technical Brutal Death Metal in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, but they have now added MORBID ANGEL and KRABATHOR influences. Technical riffs, heavy and more simple guitar parts. Good double bass drums playing. Powerfull satanic Death Metal growls.
DISGUST have got some similarities with BRUTALITY’s «  In mourning  »  album, there’s maybe a bit of good old BAPHOMET for the heavy riffs. There’s also a nice depressive track reminding me of GERBE OF LIFE.
I regret there aren’t so many haunting full of emotions riffs on the new tracks! Plus they changed their bassit and and some bass lines of the Demo’98 aren’t here anymore ( it was improving the songs’ musicality and diversity). And it seems to me they wanted to be too fast in the studio, the tracks sound too fast for their Brutal style that needs some obscure heaviness! It wastes some pleasure...
Anyway, this is a good Brutal Death CD with some good tracks and an honest sound of one of France’s once best Death Metal bands.


DISINFECT (Ger) Beinspender CD’01.
Hailing from the Brutalized guts of Germany DISINFECT plays a Brutal death grind that sounds quite impressive! The heavily produced Brutal death in here has got a bunch of blasting moments, but also some old school Death metal riffs (90's era). This mix of modern and more old school Death metal styles could remind of the following past Death metal entities: old INCANTATION, SKELETON OF GOD, SINISTER (Less technical), RESURRECTION, OBITUARY and old GOREFEST.
They have got some common points with their Brutal country mates of PROFNITY. The vocals are quite low and could sound like old INCANTATION meets old CANNIBAL CORPSE. There's no riff that deeply hooked my guts on this CD and there are some approximations, but this correctly Brutal and professional CD isn't bad and may be quite good for the Death metal and Brutal death maniacs!


Nothing really relevant here, lame, non memorable old school death metal is what Disinter is all about. Sometimes sound like a bland version of old Gorguts.




DISINTERMENT (Usa) Graveyard fornication CD’05. NICE TO EAT YOU.
"Well...". That's the first word emerging in my mind, it sums up my half embarrassment concerning this release.
What you could hear is American influenced Brutal death, but it lacks of power and brutality compared to what could be heard in a real brutal album!
The style takes both from the "ultra technical", the quite groovy, the blasting and the slower... On one hand some riffs can sound cool (some grooves and quite old styled brutal death), on the other hand most of it don't move me and doesn't sound like it would do much more in few more listenings. There are quite too many traces of weakness in the drum playing and some riffings.
Brutal death is meant to be brutally over the top and played an inhuman way; so I guess the band has to work more and keep only the best of the best to throw the average in the crapcan.
The cover artwork (A drawing showing some quite deformed blue (?) monsters devouring each others) is quite cool, but the music is nothing special.
It might sound quite cool, average, or boring depending on your tastes... But we are in 2005, and in my opinion it sounds more like a not completely achieved demo than anything else.



Calm down the hairy assault, and let’s begin with 20 seconds of history:
2 members of BLACK BLEEDING (A band you might know if you happen to visit this webzine, or some obscure underground tape distros) used to play in an underground Grindcore band called DISJONCTOR! They occured to play a nice amount of very underground gigs in Belgium and North of France. I have their old first album somewhere in my chaotic underground mess, and they had a quite good name here, in the very North of France.
Finally, I got a copy of this last release, and it’s not bad!
The DISJONCTOR side contains 6 tracks of quite energetic Grindcore with a raw aspect, quite noisy moments, and fewer not so serious (Almost rock’n roll) interludes. There are the old styled grind riffs, but also more ‘thrashy’ guitars… What makes it good are the fast punishing grind patterns! Some real energy is here and I regret I didn’t occur to see them live! URGH!!
The other side of the split contains songs of INTESTINAL DISEASE, and since I have never been into this band, there won’t be much to satisfy my needs. What you have is some kind of grindcore, with hardcore and powerviolence influences… Sounds a bit like the «Insects» album of NYCTOPHOBIC in my hears… It would be better if the drummer blasted with his bass-drums! Huh! Some drummers are lazy bastards!
I heard nothing special on a riffing or structures’ poinf of blast, and detected nothing emotionally deeper than the average… So this is just another underground band in the middle of countless others that do the same… MORE FUCKING BEERS!!!


DISRUPT was a Crust band (some punk but more powerfull, energical and faster) that has splitted after the release of this album, and this is really a shame! But be carefull, we aren't speaking here about melodic punk à la NOFX, DISRUPT plays a more adult and realist way of the nice and happy punk of GREEN DAY and co: they aren't here to do the fiesta but to vomit their bile and their disgust of a society in which the human being is over conditionned at every levels, blows a fuse and starts the rip off, extensive pollution and mass genetic manipulations (consequences still unknown!)... and this without a shame. For those who doesn't know the style, throw away the grind parts and the most Death metal riffs from the "F.E.T.O" of NAPALM DEATH and as a whole remains some punching Crust! Notice also a few touches grind and punk touches of the very first days. The tracks go well the ones after the others and some riffs are really memorable and 100% efficient. All the more the production is excellent and powerfull (quite rare in the style where it's quite raw usually). As a whole, 30 tracks that are efficient for most of it, we can say it's a classic release in the style! But it should be kept for the fans since it crusts all along.


DISRUPT (USA) Crusting the life Bootleg CDr.
Here's a fucking cool bootleg with 40 track coming from 7 DISGUST releases (mostly Eps). All the tracks aren't as good as some memorable Crust violence songs that were on their "Unrest" CD (seems to include the oldest stuffs of the band as well as newer things) but there are anyway some great gut tripping riffs you'll cum on at the very first listening! Crustcore with old school punk riffs à la DEAD KENNEDYS and a few Grind parts!
The sound ain't always very good, but their tracks from the split w/ DESTROY ("Equalize" is very good!) and from the "Deprived" Ep ("Deprived", "Give it back") include some good stuffs, la patate!!
And their drummer does some cool stuffs on his kit for a Crust/ punk bastard.
DISRUPT fans must get it!! The others will eternally rot for not knowing one of the best Crust punk bands.


DIVINE EMPIRE (Usa) Doomed to inherit CD. 2000. OLYMPIC Recs.
Thanks to the morbid tattoo artist who used radioactive ink without caution... Your morbid tattooes will begin to morph, take the control of your skin and act independently from your own will... Strangely moving leeches inside of your shirt. Uncontrollable zombies and demons inside. Bruce Banner 2.0 in your jacket.
DIVINE EMPIRE was a quite solid American Death metal band. The style was close to what MALEVOLENT CREATION did on their first albums (Minus "The ten commandments") and the later ones from the end 90's/ beginning of the century (Even if there clearly were fewer blasts here): Understand quite solid American styled Death metal, with enough riffs and tempo changes to keep it un-boring.
Most of the music is DM based, with fast and slower moments, while you could feel small black metal influences, or even more "hardcore" manners in some heavier moments... Well, this is a bit the same approach than Malevolent Creation who used to take influences from various metal genres at the time.
You noticed I quoted MALEVOLENT CREATION a couple of times, this is not really a surprise since the 3 musicians used to play in that band's first albums, and you can feel it.
I find the drum sound is a bit too "high pitched", especially the snare that reminds me a bit of EXHUMED ("Gore metal"); It's not that triggered, but...
This is a quite solid album, it remains quite cool to listen to, even if there's nothing exceptional. It could please the needs of those who dig the style quite a lot.
The only way to cure the poisonous-tattooed-curse will be to remove not only the skin, but also the flesh. METAL IN THE SKIN. METAL IN THE BLOOD. METAL IN THE FLESH.



DIVINE EVE (Usa)/ VEX (Usa) Split CD. 2010. OBLITERATION Records.
Divine Eve aren't a new band, they were formed in the 90's, released two demos and an Ep, but then mysteriously disappeared...
Apparently they have some kind of cult status in some occult retro metal sects, but I wasn't able to hear their new recording until 2013 (Yes I'm not cult magnetic, even sometimes the contrary, so things might take their time by moments)
While breathing the vapors escaping the cool atmosphere of these four new songs, you could be tempted to call the music Death doom, since the tempo has tendencies to embrace slower speeds, but the safer could be to simply call this "Old school metal". This is old school, the way it was quite commonly understood 4-5 years ago, or a bit more.
Looking closer at the music, something important is the influence of the first 3 CELTIC FROST records (Morbid tales, Emperor's return, To megatherion) for various reasons, including the way of riffing, some song structures, some beats, the production, and a bit more...
Then you also happen to feel a bit of this or that band (Little touches of Order from chaos in there, some Slayer (Hell awaits) in that riff, perhaps Hellhammer during these fast moments, etc) but it is minor elements in the global spectrum.
This is old school metal in the cool way: No abuse of drunkenness, no voluntary lo-fi production, no voluntary fucked up raw sound, this was done in the natural/ simple/ relaxed manner: Old school metal with a warm atmosphere, the way we knew it a bit more than a couple of years ago.
My first and only previous contact with DIVINE EVE was a song from a compilation CD entitled "5 years Nuclear blast" that I got during my first years of metal interest. It didn't move me too much back then, maybe because it was hard to fight the good songs of Sinister, Brutality, Hypocrisy, Dismember, Amorphis and Resurrection that were also featured.
I'm more embalmed with what DIVINE EVE procreated more recently, this is quite embalming and coolified music (Even if no really killer riffs and no orgasm of metal were provided in the package).
So I wish you hell, and I hope these old school metallers from Texas will brew more warm old school metal of this kind in the future!
Marching towards the Megathrone, we will await the procreation of the new morbid tales!

The other part of this split CD contains 3 songs of VEX from Texas.
I would say their music is located in the middle between black metal and death metal, with an equal quantity of fast and mid-paced moments.
Unfortunately for them, the music they play isn't really my kind, so the description will be short.
I would say some fast melodic black metal riffs could sound like DISSECTION/ SACRAMENTUM, while some mid-paced to slow parts could sound like ASPHYX (It might be due to the quite "big" production)... And there are also some mid-paced rhythms black metal bands used more commonly a couple of years ago...
The songs are constructed and played in a correct, quite professional manner, and the content sounds like it could be pleasant for those who like the style.
Instead of trying hard to draw ambiguous comparisons with a lot of vagueness, I wil
l shorten the review right now. (End of transmission)
Divine Eve:


DIVINE RAPTURE (Usa) Divine rapture CD’99.
The promo 2001 of DIVINE RAPTURE was quite convincing with good blasting and Brutal moments as well as few more melodic and more personal touches.
I ordered this album in a French distro to get some more from them. First impression, their new stuffs are different: far more convincing and Brutal. In this older recording, the Death metal of the band was a quite melodic one with few more blasting pr classical Death metal parts. There were some cool riffs à la mid old DEATH meets old ATHESIT like breaks. Quite technical Death/ Thrashy guitars in parts. Touches of MORBID ANGEL meets old VADER.
The presence of the drum-machine doesn't help that much in this case, their new drummer is efficient and fucking brutal! It's not some bad stuff, with some nice ideas and little melodic touches, but the whole remains average.
I consider it as a demo, since someone had the very bad idea of inverting the tracks' sound, and adding is as bonus tracks. You get about 5 inverted tracks with an aspirated sound, and I don't see the use. So there are 6 tracks of real music here, and not 11...
At this time DIVINE RAPTURE was more the kind of band you listen to with a little interest and to support them, than by real pleasure.
To conclude, this wasn't a bad demo and it had some nice moments, but their last promo is ways better!
They've strongly improved and I must say I'm waiting for their next full-length CD that should be released soon!


DIVINE RAPTURE (Usa) The burning passion CD'03 Listenable.
It's nice to follow the evolution of some bands since a few years: you can see them slowly growing, releasing some demos and finally recording a full-length CD!
DIVINE RAPTURE started to begin convincing with their promo'01, and this first full-length effort is in the same lines: this is a Brutal death grind that includes some melodic and small original touches. So, the music of DIVINE RAPTURE is constructed at its basis on a Brutal death grind that can remind bands such as old MORBID ANGEL, DEVILYN, HATE ETERNAL, YATTERING's 1st CD (a bit) and SUFFOCATION (a bit). They have some very fast and brutal parts, while some more obscure melodies remind me of MORBID ANGEL ("Domination" epoch).
But the music if these American bastards isn't only hyper Brutal since they have a bunch of more melodic touches or more original parts that could make think of (old) ATHEIST for the spirit, or bands such as DECAMERON, (old) SACRAMENTUM or eventually (old) IN FLAMES for the worked on aspect of some melodic stuffs.
They have a super drummer who is hyper-fast and hyper-brutal, with a style being quite similar to Pete Sandoval's one! Good sounding technical leads.
It's now time to speak about the bad points of this release! The production is good, brutal and clear; but the guitars lack of some raw power and heavy sonic destruction! Some original melodic riffs which are added from here and there could be a problem for some big Brutal death maniacs (too nice...); I personally find it nice, but it had to be said.
Some Brutal death riffs aren't especially original, these are Ok riffs in the style, but taking the whole in consideration this is Ok!
This Cd includes some new tracks as well as some ones that were previously recorded on their two previous demos, plus some keyboards interludes. This is a good Brutal death grind CD with just enough original and melodic elements to distinguish them from the hyper-brutalizing hordes! It may take some listenings to enjoy it though.



DIVULTION (Ukr) The end of humanity CD. 2011. MORE HATE Recs.
Frozen worms under skin, revive! And devour all the flesh, until the bones shall appear totally clean, totally fucking white!
This is a quite well gathered but also quite common collection of riffs reminiscent of mid-old CANNIBAL CORPSE, in various meanings of the riffing style.
They have the tappings and morbid melodies many bands used to borrow in the beginnings 00's. Surprisingly there aren't that many really fast or blast parts, it's a mixture of various tempos that remain quite dynamic because of many changes.
The music of DIVULTION isn't surprising, but the atmosphere is quite nice and from here and there they have quite cool riffs that could sound relatively catchy or haunting, and make it more interesting to hear than the dead end consanguineous dullness of "later" Cannibal Corpse.
They might not be the best band in the clone-close genre but they might provide some cool listenings to fans of the "Barnes" era.


DOOMENTOR (Ger) Opus diabolae Tape album. 2018. MESSE NOIRE Recs.
I received the two previous tape releases of the band in trade and found it to be nice, but I wasn't able to really dive into the sound, so it felt like a good idea to do so with this new release.
This is their second album and the style it contains is old school metal, somewhere between old school doom metal and old school black metal, with touches of other genres.
You could imagine the style to be very obscure, but the band is rather into delivering their feelings than getting over the top.
The doom they play doesn't reach the extremes (Slow), can stay mid-paced, and can come with (nice) clear vocals.
The black metal influences they come up with can remind me of old SAMAEL ("Blood ritual") or some other 90's bands like early GORGON (Fra) or perhaps a touch of early DESASTER (Germany/ Before they went more thrashy).
Well it remains globally mid-paced to slow music. Perhaps the black metal influence is more present than on previous recordings, and perhaps there's a bit fewer of old CELTIC FROST this time? (It remains a shade globally).
I appreciate the simple approach of the band: Natural production without many effects, "simple" compositions without lots of arrangements, I imagine they "simply" follow their feelings and this is the way DOOMENTOR sounds live.
The music is quite varied, in an old school universe, and also tends to be more "melodic"/ "atmospheric" here and there... (Anyway don't be afraid since it remains close to the melodies and approaches of old doom/ hard rock/ 80's metal).
There are also keyboards here & there, it's seldom and sounds traditional.
The first song is great, sounds like mid-paced BM à la BATHORY ("Blood fire death").
It's cool to see we're in 2018, I'm listening to underground metal since more than 25 years, and some bands still release albums that don't sound too much like what came out the last decade... Well, I didn't say DOOMENTOR sounds that original, but they come with enough of personality and different influences not to bore the morbid skull. Now all the styles they approach aren't necessarily my thing, but there are good songs and fans of old school metal/ doom/ black a "natural" way might be interested.


DOOMSTONE (Ger) Disharmonic CD'03.
Even if the band's name could let you imagine some doomy stuffs, he music of DOOMSTONE isn't doomy. The whole sounds like all times CANNIBAL CORPSE (a bit less technical) and DEATH with some almost Hardcorish or Thrashcore riffs. Some more melodic death or thrashing riffs are added, as well as some very soft parts. They could also remind of ESQUARIAL or CONTROL DENIED. The vocals are in the thrashy way of singing, quite high pitched, etc.
But what can I add positive about them since they doesn't sound different, nor better, no more inspired than other nowadays average bands? This musical eclecticism could be a positive point, but the way the tracks are composed and built doesn't help so much to increase the energy. Of corpse some parts are Ok or quite heavy, but add to the previous points various elements that doesn't turn me on (Average blasts, structures, useless approximate arrangements) and you get a well produced average CD that suffers from a bunch of misconstructions. It doesn't suck, but it wasn't the time to release a CD! Insert coin.



DOWN FROM THE WOUND (Philippines) Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purification CD'07. SEVARED Recs.
After a quite promising demo'06, the Philippinese brutal death heads of DOWN FROM THE WOUND come back with a first full-length recording.
Do not expect something new, original or standing out, you little trendy piece of shit! There's nothing to fit your clerically vampirized 2007 criterias that lamely forgot the guts, the pain and the agony! Anyway the goal of the band isn't to be original or "Zzzzpezzziiiial"... Would you reproach a grindcore band to blast? Would you reproach a black metal band to scream like little cats? Would you reproach a metal band to play with guitars? So, In this case it's almost the same: It would be quite useless to reproach DOWN FROM THE WOUND to play fucking brutal US Brutal death, devoid of any melody or so called "Original" influence (In case some didn't notice, in the early years Brutal death was fucking original and over the top, as it inserted many new ideas and took the whole affair much deeper... In your suffering asshole!... Ooooh! It's not so original anymore?... And then? How long will your current trend be original and fresh? How many months? How many weeks? And how long will you care when the style will be denied or forgotten by most? If you're not convinced, go ask Mozart or Bach if they wrote a new masterpiece each month and created a new style each semester)... But as always, many bands played the same again, and again, and again, so the minds and guts of the brutal maniacs got machine-washed with too many usual riffs, and the longing for brutality was declining... But sometimes, I'm happy to hear bands such as D.F.T.W who focus on a very specialized style and do their best to kick your ass... And it's quite good, yeah! Imagine US Brutality like old DISGORGE (Usa), old SUFFOCATION/ early PYREXIA, old NATRON ("A taste of blood" Demo) with some possible REPUDILATION, touches of BANISHED and other obliterating things like that... DOWN FROM THE WOUNDS sounds motivated, rigid, brutal and it works. The production is cool: It's not your overproduced clinical gay plastic guitars of 2007, No! Even if it's rigid, there's an heavy sound brutality once had (With quite vibrating bass frequencies to exterminate your speakers) and I like it! "Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purification" is more appealing than many of the Us brutal death albums I tried to listen this year... Ok, it isn't the brutal album of 2007, but this band is efficient enough to kick the ass and should be supported! (To enjoy, listen with your brutality, not your exhausted brain)


Dr Doom Von Fatalis is a quite surprising bastard. According to his layout you would rather imagine a sorrowful, deeply melancholic content... So you take few cigarettes and prepare to mourn, deeply sat in your contortion sofa. One beer, two beers, three beers, and more ruminations to come...
But no! Absolutely no mourning is to be found! These Dutch extreme music fans choose something evolving between Grindcore, death metal and crusty HC, with black metal and emocore (No emopop, ok?) touches. So you could imagine a blasting mixture between DEATHBOUND, mid old ROTTEN SOUND, REGURGITATE (No-gore epoch), early CROWN OF THORNS (Minus the Gothenburg and Deicide feels), quite current NAPALM DEATH, some mid old ferocious MARDUK, HATEWAVE etc...
The style is relatively "modern", but also contains some old school approaches in the way of riffing. Just see it as a quite varied grindcore-ridden approach of the extremes.
I especially appreciate the kind of drum-playing: There are quite powerful ideas and blasts the right way. Most of the vocals are high pitched, between the grind and corish screams. The production is good, professional and quite "abrasive", but easily penetrable and "lightning".
DR DOOM might not be the yearly discovering that kills, but their MCD is a solid recording of extreme music with enough balls to please fans of energetic blasting music.


DR SHRINKER (Usa) Grotesque wedlock CD'04 NECROHARMONIC.
NECROHARMONIC Records is a really cool label in terms of old school releases and this DRR SHRINKER album is far from displeasing me!
This band was total cult in the underground as their first demo album entitled "Wedding the grotesque" was heavily tape traded in the burning network of obscure underground maniacs! This album contains the "Wedding the grotesque" 12 tracks Demo'89, as well as the "Recognition" Demo'88 and "The eponym" 2 tracks Demo'920; the whole remastered for your bloody pleasures!
The music is pure old school Death thrashing mania with an obscure mood of hellish death! The music in itself is very near of very early DEATH, as well as early CANCER, early SEPULTURA (Morbid visions of total annihilation!) . You need to add some SLAYER's "Hell awaits" for the morbid thrash metal energy coming straight from hell! The vocals sound sick and strange, screamed and spit words of death announcing your forthcoming brutal death as a vicious snake that is bloodily strangulating your throat and spiting in your face, eyes in eyes! These vocals have some early NECROPHAGIA for the sickness and some old CANCER for the tone. The often reminds me of Killjoy as I'm drowning in a pile of red hot dematerializing petrified chunks.
Some tracks are in the same spirit than REPULSION on their most Death metallic tracks! Grinding death metal with no blasts, if you see what I mean! Necrotic perversions, this reminds me how much I'd sometimes like to kill my boss!
Oh! There are a lot of new and young extreme metal fans and left hand guitar masturbators who won't get into the secret room of the doctor! Shame for them coz they won't experience the fucking nice instruments of sexual torture and bodily dismemberment! But who gives a fuck anyway?!
Thanks to the nice booklet illustrated with flyers, posters and photos, I can see a guitarist was wearing a NIHILIST T-shirt! No weak shit!!
Beware motherfucker: this is pure old school blasphemy that won't please everybody, that's for sure! Only for perverted maniacs of ancient death and fan of morbid albums like "Morbid visions", "To the gory end" or "Scream bloody gore".
This is 2nd zone death metal ,but 2nd zone with a burning atmosphere of the obscure that revives the castrated  once silent cadaver! The undead will fucking feast!


DREAMS OF DAMNATION (Usa) Let the violence begin MCD'00 NECROPOLIS.
DARK ANGEL was a totally excellent band that never got all the support and recognition it deserved! How many actual bands can beat the excellent aggressiveness, intensity and hellish creativity of "Darkness descends"? They aren't numerous! Far from this!!
Even the following albums of DARK ANGEL included some very good ass kicking parts each trasher can only enjoy! And bang his fucking head on!
Due to several problems, and a lack of motivation the band finally split up. We all know Gene Hoglan did some excellent drum parts on Death's "Individual thought patterns" and "Symbolic" and also appeared on other projects such as a STRAPPING YOUNG LAD CD... But what about the other musicians?
I didn't know much until I read a good interview of DREAMS OF DAMNATION in the old school as Fuck VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE webzine! Tim Durin, one of the once guitarist and composers of DARK ANGEL has formed a new Thrash metal band named DREAMS OF DAMNATON!
So when I saw this CD with a very KREATOR like cover in a second hand market, I immediately bought it without hesitation!
After an hellish introduction that reminds me the very first minutes of "Darkness descends" begins the headbanging fiesta!
The music of the band is total thrash metal that reminds me of old SLAYER's recordings! Fast thrash metal that doesn't stop punching à la "Hell awaits" and "Reign in blood"! Some riffs also remind me of old SODOM and a bit of DARK ANGEL, but strangely enough it doesn't sound as much DARK ANGEL like as what I expected... The vocals are quite raw in the trash metal style, not so far from Hardcore by moments. I've visited the website of the band, and it seems a female vocalist have joined them in their will of reviving the great old thrash metal days!
In it's most obscure moments, the 4 th tracks entitled "Demonic celebration" that's the only slow one reminds me of some heavier stuffs SLAYER have written on "Seasons in the abyss" and "South of heaven".
As a whole, this isn't bad. The tracks are quite aggressive and well constructed. I expected more from an ex DARK ANGEL member and I'm quite disappointed, but it doesn't suck any of your pleasures to kill! Fans of old school Thrash metal à la old SLAYER can find some interest in here as SLAYER keeps on releasing stuffs that can only bore thrash metal fans!


Here's the first official CD of a Death heavy metal band reminding me a lot of DEATH (3 last CDs) and CONTROL DENIED! Even if it's full of riffs, leads and stuffs melted altogether in correct structures, most of it didn't attract my attention more than that. I think it sounds like Chuck Shuldiner's compositions a lot, but I found nothing gut tripping nor with the excellent ideas that make you love the release immediately! The lead guitarist has got a good technical level.
There are a few riffs with a cool futuristic feeling not so far from the last PESTILENCE release, a few themes' tonalities are nice since it sounds like being influenced from progressive metal (I think CONTROL DENIED had it in parts).
The leads sound good but a good part of the riffs are only Death/ Heavy à la DEATH in a too common way!  After a few tracks I enter the vortex of who's not who's to be the who's to be and not to be... becomes repetitive!
Honestly, I found nothing special here or that took my attention at the level of the riffs! There are some nice parts between the whole stuffs (I find average), but I don't find in their music the potential and excellence I read about in other reviews!


DUSK (Pakistan) Through corridors of dead centuries MCD. 2014. CYCLOPEAN EYE Recs.
Bring your shovel to the undertaker,
For he shall complete your funeral service.
Inhumed with your own shovel of love,
This is more than some vacant souls would request.

This band plays great sounding death doom, exploring both the harder and more sorrowful patterns of the style. I hear some early MY DYING BRIDE (First two albums), some CATHEDRAL (First one only) and perhaps some ORODRUIN.
The songs are quite varied; while some are harder, deeper and get close to monolithic doom, others are more "melodic" and explore the more sorrowful patterns of the style. This said, there doesn't appear to be superfluous embellishments, and most of the vocals are close to the death metal genre.
The playing and recording is more professional than what you could expect from Pakistan... This could come from a German band for example.
DUSK is active since 1995, released 3 full-lengths and seems to remain in the deep underground... Perhaps because of the labels, or perhaps their style was different, I don't know.
I'm not an expert at handling the doom or funeral shovel (Well, there's not a lot of funeral doom here), so talking about originality, personality and other mind-tormenting affiliates wouldn't be easy, but at least I can say the music of DUSK sounds good and conveys some dark feelings. Fans of doom could dig it.


DYING FETUS (Usa) Purification through violence CD'96 PULVERIZER Recs.
Since the last DYING FETUS recordings aren't impressive and drown in pure brutal death weakness, it could be nice to come back to their first and good recordings! When the real brutal passion was still here, and most of the band's musicians didn't leave for MISERY INDEX!
That first full-length album was highly acclaimed in the brutal Death metal underground back then! It was totally efficient and original! American brutal death grind with both tremolo riffings, technical parts, grooves, obscure guitar pukes... Brutal death grind in the style of... DYING FETUS! (Try to find 6 bands who created their own kind of riffing and personal sound in Brutal death grind since 98! Hard! Almost impossible!) Of course influences of bands such as old PYREXIA or SUFFOCATION are obvious (it could be found in some blasts or obscure parts for example). Endless bleeding of the razors fukked ass! No bitch shall remain an anal-virgin! The rhythmical and riffing points of spike were varied. The band had real compositions that were logically and correctly constructed enough to sound like real tracks! The technical riffs sounded like some kind of melody, not your ununderstandable left hand wanking Brutal brutal brutal 'musicians'. The grooves were really groovy as it didn't sound like an old fat lazy bastard trying to groove while he doesn't know the fuck what it is and finally falls asleep! Cut in stone catchy riffs that incrust your brutal head and haunt you to DEATH! Brutal torture of the weak and nailed dildo sodomy of the moron! Of corpse there were a bunch of blasts! Wall crushing headbanging, no wall shall remain!
DYING FETUS never had a really metal state of mind, it was brutal music, fuckk off yet controlled brutality, with somekind of core touch in the spirit.
Brutal death metal growls with screams. Professional in the right way (compositions & production... not $$!)
Of course a bunch of bands copied all these riffs many times since then, it doesn't sound as fresh, and many guys may vomit on this release as it's no more "In" to be into Brutal death metal; but don't let yourself being fooled by the newbees of old school death, noisecore wanabees, gorecrap wankers and true black metal opportunists! This album was a good and original punch in the face, and it's still enjoyable in 2003 for those who dig Brutal death metal!


It's more than modest to say the new DYING FETUS is one of the most awaited albums by the Extreme metal microcosm! As much by convinced fans (I'm a part of them) than by the mockers who can't wait to spit their venom. But the mockers will only rejoice here: they won't have to wait for the album and can start to mock and spread their venomous words, because in a brief summary, this Ep let me see nothing good will come!
I must add before the release of this Ep, 3/4 of the DYING FETUS guys have gone in MISERY INDEX. John Gallagher being alone, it's not enough to crush and kill! The band we have here is more Death metal than never, it has lost almost all its Hardcore touches, but it's hard to distinguish them from the whole average bands! The first riff isn't bad, the remaing sucks!
About DEEPRED, it's still simply pathetic! Even worse than the album! All the more I rarely heard a so badly produced release this year (maybe the CABAL/ MUCUPURULENT split CD). According to the disgraceful price this Ep is for sale in most of the distros, avoid it at all costs!!




DYSPHEMIC (Australia) / PASSENGER OF SHIT (Australia) "Search and destroy" Split 12". PAINFREE FOUNDSOUND INSITUTE.
I downloaded few songs of DYSPHEMIC, expecting some kind of grindcore, brutal death or extreme metal in a way... But what a surprise! There are absolutely no guitars, no vocals, and nothing "rock" to be found in there...
But DYSPHEMIC sounds extreme. This extremity lies in the complexity and intense compression of the songs that could sound like old styled jungle pushed at the paroxysm of rythmic changes!  In the most "intense" moments, the beat-changes are so numerous and varied you often don't have the feeling about hearing it two times... (Maybe it doesn't sound as beats anymore, but should be understood as new piles of sounds). Each new inner irritating assault of self destruction is neutralised by a new rythmic change or evolutive sample deformation. Perfect to keep the concentration of your putrid mind focused and neat.
But beware, we aren't in the realm of noise or power electronics, since no traces of distorsion or chaos can be found in there, to the contrary it's totally controlled and enormously fulfilled with beats.
I can't say I found much emotional in there (although some samples sound quite nice and offer a litle atmosphere) but DYSPHEMIC might be a nice healer for the enjoyers of complex music who are fed up with always hearing the same usual rythms, everheard melodies and predictable patterns in their usual audio habits. It cleanse your mind.
The other side of this split didn't please me much. All in all PASSENGER OF SHIT could fit in the same style than the previous project, even though the whole sounds less serious and even includes a bunch of "funny" sounding samples... P.O.S. is a bit more noisy; and even if their songs are more varied and full of samples, it also sounds more predictable on matter of rythms, breaks and "ideas"... It sounds more like a weekend project meant to fulfill few hours of boredom than anything... There are even some common (bad) techno and hip hop influences... Some beats aren't bad, but it's not enough. Just an average/ very average project I will forget soon.


DYSPRAXIA (SPA) Restablishing the equilibrium MCD'02.
Emerging from the once Brutal as Fuck Spanish scene, DYSPRAXIA makes me think about FALLEN CHRIST for the guitar technicity mixed with low suffocated vocals. CANNIBAL CORPSE at the time of their "Tomb of the mutilated" album will of course being noticeable (for heavy riffs and low vox in this case) as the band is playing Brutal Death metal.
I may quote their buried country mates of UNCREATION for some classical American Brutal Death similarities in the style, but some touches of SKELETON OF GOD and CRYPTOPSY could also be named. I found some nice SUPURATION ("The cube") touches for discordant and indus touches on some riffs and for a few clear vocals. There's a good amount of slapping bass parts.
They've got some Techno death elements following the lines of old ATHEIST or COPROFAGO.
Even if their music is correctly played, they really loose some intensity and they drown the listener in his liquefied purulent bowels during a bunch of too technical and complex parts! Remember you must write tracks!
To conclude: They mix a lot of influences from the various Brutal death metal styles, it's rather well produced but no riff engraved itself in my head dust (and there are some stagnant riffs).
This is a cool band to support for underground involved spanish brutallers, but no real brutal energy was here :(