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I was really a lot into the first chapter of "Crimson", as it was a very inspired dark melodic death metal and it shew the music of a guy who was totally in accordance with himself and his soul! But unfortunately I'm disappointed by this 'following'! The music is not as deeply emotional and personal!
It still sounds rather well composed (with experience) but the deep soul and a strong envy are lacking.
This album isn't a XX minutes tracks as it's composed of 9 songs, and the music sounds less death metal influenced! Even if some melodic death and few punching parts are still here, the progressive side (both for technicality and state of mind) takes more importance. It has also some melodic doom, melodic metal, heavy metal, and keyboards have an important space in parts.
One thing that sounds strange is Dan used again some themes and riffs from "Crimson" , as if a lack of inspiration was really present... To be honest only these 'old' ideas touched my soul!
As always this is an album that sounds quite good, it has the benefits of a good production, and it may please some guys...but it's very sad to see a such talented guy as Dan Swano release an average album of this kind!
It was probably a label thing or a musician's working motive to record Crimson 2. Sadly average.


ELYSIUM (Pol) Feedback CD'03 METAL MIND.
Hopefully this is the last promo I'll receive of METAL MIND! This band plays Thrash/ Heavy melodic death. Sounds like a mix of CARCASS' last releases,  DEATH (last one), CONTROLED DENIED, mid old MEGADETH with screamy vocals.
Some riffs are Ok, some guys might find it catchy, but I don't give a flying fuck! It becomes repetitive and some riffs are just drowning in averageness! Some nice ideas are wasted by too much conventional craps.
There's a track I kinda like ("Digital future anthem") and few stuffs from here and there. The band must take more time to compose and should be more selective! Damnit! It's just your usual average album in the style. Forgotten in less than few years.


EMBALMING THEATRE is a nice Goregrind band along the lines of old GENERAL SURGERY with an old DEAD INFECTION obscure fell in the low wicked vocals and in some blasts (Point the "Surgical disembowelment" or some Dead Infectious Eps with your scalpel!). I may point touches of old NECRONY or very old CRACASS, but EMBALMING THEATRE is less disjoncted and aggressive. Quite cool tracks that are enough bizarre, gory and pathologically energical! There are some nice bowel splashing vocals anally introduced here and there.
They own some nice tracks' titles "Catapult for steaming cadavers" or "Monotonous copulation machine". Nothing marvelous, but it's a nice band for fans of real old school Goregrind! (There's no stupid shitcore induced stuffs here!)
I now have to spread a few lines about UNHOLY GRAVE. I ever met their music on a split tape few years ago. Nothing seems to have changed. They still play Crust Grind with slower Hardcore punk/ Death like parts. May sound like old NYCTOPHOBIC, old AGATHOCLES, EXTREME NOISE TERROR (for the Crust). They're tight. But nothing special. It lacks of severe Grinding energy, ultimate stress explosions and catchy parts. Average/ Very average.


EMBALMING THEATRE (Swi) Sweet chainsaw melodies CD'03 RAZORBACK.
Here's another piece of Gore emerging from the guts bizarre of one of the few really cool extreme metal labels! The slab tacks shall take its course again with splashing blood and overdriven screaming victims!
This full-length CD is the best EMBALMING THEATRE release I've heard; it's still between Grindgore and Grindcore: simple and short tracks with some Death metallic vocals that tend to gore. Their music reminds me of old DEAD INFECTION (On Eps) or some old GENERAL SURGERY! Their new tracks are more intense than their previous stuffs, as it has more deepness, but all tracks aren't blood-spilling! Notice a bunch of their older tracks were re-recorded. It happens that I think about old CARCASS during this CD, but E.T's music is more simple and less "Technically elaborated" to let me draw a real comparison here. I'd rather compare them to GENERAL SURGERY since some riffs sound cooler than cynical, if you see what I mean!
So this grey piece of metallic skin includes 21 tracks (with an EXULCERATION cover) and as ever said before it's cool coz the band progresses and offers some tracks I can enjoy when the corrosive red blood takes over my brain, but this album becomes repetitive after a part of the tracks coz it's always in the same lines and follows the same kind of ideas. So, it's a cool CD some Goregrind fanatics and internal klok fukkers can find some maroon delight in! But the possessed hemorrhage still hasn't taken over their bodies and minds!


EMBOLISM (Slo) And we still hate ourselves CD EREBOS PROD.
Gore Grind/ Death/Black. Strong CARCASS influences. Grind screamy vocals la CARCASS + HAEMORRHAGE. Some grind parts reminding me of the 1st IMPALED NAZARENE "Tol cormpt..." for the rebellious "fuck off" aspect". There's also some BLOOD DUSTER for a groovy rockin' edge... But don't read too fast. It's tightly playd (as most of the times) but there's not much impressive here (as most of the times also, shit!). This is tightly played, correctly articulated, and everythings... but the killer feeling!
Some parts could also remind of the german Goregrinders MUCUPURULENT ( for the funnier apsects) and LIVIDITY's "Fetich for the sick" CD (For guttural vocals").
Clean sound that was produced to try to sound the way of the "Symphonies of sickness" masterpiece (CARCASS' 2nd purulent offering).
To conclude: this band doesn't sound bad but I prefer the old grindcore masters CARCASS and new school Gore disjoncted SANITYS DAWN who offer more real energy. It can be Ok for the Gore grind/ death maniacs, but unfortunately nothing distringuishes EMBOLISM from the Goregrinding legions of Hatred.


EMINENZ (Ger) The exorial CD'94 LAST EPISODE.
Black/ Death/ Doom metal that only gives me the need to sleep! All the more this is so average and lacks of real tightness by moments, they could at least be really tight to record a CD! Fuck them!
Some Death doom riffs la very old PARADISE LOST are here, as well as ultra low doom riffs and more classical Death metal beats, but it always remains very average and boring!
Some vocals aren't so bad, but who cares when the riffs are boring?
The doom parts are so slow and uninspired I feel like I'm going to drown in my own shit! It cruelly lacks of inspiration, energy and emotions! If you don't want to get your head bound in your metallic anus, then forget EMINENZ!


I reviewed their Dark entity Demo98 in my previous issue and I was pleased by this nice Darkened piece of obscure Brutal death!
This time, theyre still playing their INCANTATION/ DEICIDE/ CANNIBAL CORPSE influenced Death Metal and I can say theyve improved it! The music is more powerfull and brutal, its a bit more worked so its (a bit) more complex and catchy. The growth of the vocalist are also better. Ive found some new influences such as NILE but also a bit of MORBID ANGEL.
The sound is also better as they now got the profit of a professional powerfull recording, it sounds heavier!
I found some interesting lyrics such as the ones of the songs Abandoning the flesh or Damnation takes over :  Livid hallucinations take over my soul, vaporized blood is extracted through my pores . Its an interesting picturing.
Notice an Ok BOLT THROWERs Cenotaph cover thats accelerated. There are some really obscure and Brutal tracks here, so: The Brutallers who need it obscure, Brutal and fucking Underground will rejoice on this piece of Darkened Hatred! BUY OR (almost) DIE!


ENCABULOS (Australia)/ RANDOM VIOLENCE (Australia)
Promo advance for Split Ep.
The Australian obscure Brutal Death metal band ENCABULOS still play their style with an old school touch. Still reminiscent of bands like INCANTATION, old DEICIDE w/ touches of NILE for some harmonies (but less technical tought).
There are here a track in the ENCABULOS style and another one that's instrumental but still in their fields. I think these two tracks are a little bit not as good as their MCD, and I know they agree with it (Hi Steven!). But there are anyway good riffs the enjoyers of the old school style will thrill and hail metal on!
If you liked "Abandoning the flesh", you won't be disappointed.
Some new tracks will be recorded in september to search for a new label. Good labels: contact them now!
RANDOM VIOLENCE: This other Aussie Brutal Death band is riding along the lines of old DEICIDE, old CANNIBAL CORPSE and other old school Death metal bands. Some vocals made me think about FALLEN CHRIST, SADISTIK EXEKUTION (old) and Corpsegrinder.
But most of their stuffs are mid tempo (even if some blasting parts are included here and there).
For some obscure reasons some parts made me think about MONSTROSITY's first CD. I don't like so musch some drums' parts.
Their stuff ain't very aggressive but they seem to be morein a kind of obscure/ satanic thing. That's Ok for me, but none of these tracks branded my depressive brain.
Aussie Brutallers will find here a cool national band to support.



ENCENATHRAKH (Usa) Thraakethraaeate Thraithraake CD. 2020. P2 Records.
I almost stopped listening to extremely brutal death metal... But sometimes a recording falls on me like an ugly cadaver that was hidden behind the cellar's door... Uh.
Listening to ENCENATHRAKH, I do not understand all that's happening, but there's an ugly atmosphere that speaks to me. The music sounds like technical and full of tempos/ rhythms changes brutal death metal, but it still sounds quite obscure and ugly... Sometimes there's a sense of absurdity that reminds me of noisecore. Sometimes it seems they almost cross the path of grind jazz (Check out the band NABEG, crazy stuff, for real).
Perhaps the content could sound like a mixture of MALIGNANCY, DISGORGE (Usa), DISGORGE (Mex), SIKFUK, and maybe some HUMAN REMAINS, or a bit of old ALIENATION MENTAL (Drums)... The whole in a kinda "updated" manner... Am I right, or wrong, or just confused?
I know my brutalized references are old, but I didn't get paid, neither blow-jobbed, or even asked to write this review... So this might remain quite Ok?
Fans of the most brutal and technical styles might be interested: There is here something that sounds more impressive than usual tech wankery.


ENDWARFMENT (Nor) World downsfall 7 Ep'06. NO POSERS PLEASE! Recs.
Endwarfment? Hum no, the joke about a darkened forest and evil Christmas threes would be too easy, and I guess the guys from this band already turned dried-out about this kind of Ping-Pong joking months ago... And since the strength of my magical shield is currently quite low, I prefer to avoid any kind of misplaced joke that might lead to the furious revenge of some Norwegian Dwarfs (After all, they might be dwarfs for real, and dress in 'particular' clothes every Saturday night, and play super-frightening occult dark ambiant...) So, I won't be reckless and will prefer to speak of the music in all safety: This is probably the "No posers please!" release I like the less until now... It's some kind of kinda kindly grinding kind of old styled Grind kind... Am I kidding? No, since the riffs tend to the power chords riffage and there are a load of crusty beats. Some Death metal influences are there to metallize a bit their (forested?) affair, but it's not a dominating element. It sounds quite garage, but not particularly raw since the recording doesn't hurt your tiny (teddy bear?) hears. It sounds a bit like some early NAPALM DEATH (I think of the "Mentally murdered" MLp or some live bootlegs from this era) or some S.O.B, but my finger might not be exactly in the right (magical?) jam-pot. Well, this is a listenable blasture of grind with Ok structures and ok blasts, so it sounds kinda tight once inserted in your little hearing holes, but not much more as far as I'm concerned. For undergrind ground fans only.


ENGORGED (Usa) Where Monsters Dwell CD'04. RAZORBACK.
I've never been a fan of ENGORGED, so what could I think when I received this album? Well, I was a bit suprised at the beginning coz it didn't sound as much like the few ENGORGED tracks I heard as I expected! This time ENGORGED decided to follow the way EXHUMED has taken on their last few albums: some kind of Death grind meets Grindcore (Lock Up) with strong CARCASS influences in some heavy of blasting parts. Plus some good old Death metal riffings (old DEATH, GHOUL), few very old thrashing elements and almost thrash"core" la early NUCLEAR ASSAULT. The whole sounds all pro, with a big sound (not being that far from the last EXHUMED CD, it's powerful and all (too??) clean).
No riff sounds shitty, but I feel a lack of real craziness or embalming madness during these 9 tracks... a bit (only a bit?) as if it was too professional and lacking of a third dimension burning your mind and awaking the fury! It sounds all compressed as fuck and well packaged, but I didn't find much real emotions expect for few well-thought tracks ("Archatuithus" and its catchy technical opening riff).
We rather might have to consider it in terms of heaviness and fast energy. It's not a bad album, some tracks sound good, but I feel like there's a lack of personality (it reminds of something else very often) or a lack of really overwhelming urges to kill and crush the whole humanity lying in its cradle of bones. So, this album might turn you on if you enjoy all these new Death grind meets brutal death grind grindcorified albums that follow the blasting way of the fast ride! That sounds very much pro and have the benefits of a good production... But if you're a bit difficult when a band has too obvious influences, you might not be so enthusiastic. So it's you to choose if ENGORGED sounds interesting for your collection. I'd advice to try few tracks from here and there coz we aren't talking about a future classic album, but of a nice try in an old school influenced Brutality with a quite fresh (or midly "modern") state of mind.


ENTHRALLMENT (Bulgaria) Smashed brain collection CD'06. GRINDETHIC/ GROTESQUE.
At the first approach, you fastly understand ENTHRALLEMENT plays typically US Brutal death la old SUFFOCATION/ DISGORGE/ PYREXIA, with a bit of old INTERNAL BLEEDING and few usual old CANNIBAL CORPSE riffs.
Nothing sounds wrong in the style; it's well built and happens to kick it well quite often...
The guitar production has a quite raw texture (Sound a bit like "Butchered at birth"), it could be heavier, but that's ok for me.
I should notice that after a while (Approximately at the beginning of the second half) the style and intensity gets less extreme and follows a slighter "Old school brutal death" and Death metal that could sound like some old SOILS OF FATE, old DEICIDE, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, with a zest of old MALEVOLENT CREATION/ RESSURECTION and a little heavier touch la MORTA SKULD... It sounds less dynamic! To be honest, even if I like both some US Brutal death and some older Death metal/ Brutal death, I prefer the first half of the album that sounds more kicking.
Anyway, I guess ENTHRALLEMENT would be a nice choice for a quite kicking gig, or to brutallize your girlfriend without mercy... Unfortunately, I currently have no girlfriend, and prefer when brutal bands have a more distinctive style, with touches of own personality. "Smashed brain collection" isn't bad, but it lacks what it would need to please more than big fans of the style.


ENTOMBED (Swe) Monkey puss CD'98 EARACHE.
Again another big fraud released by Earache! ENTOMBED, as well as all the other bands, have left the Earache's ship, and it's ex label releases this live that was recorded on the Gods of Grind tour. Even if it's not pathetic, Monkey Puss really offers nothing interesting, the sound of the band isn't here, and the  way they play the tracks isn't exceptional enough to justify the invest! The vocals were still quite feeble, even if deeper than on "Clandestine". It's tiny to release a live CD, but if it's to get some tracks in less good ways than the original recordings, it'd have been better to do a best of! It would have been more judicious to release on a CD with the old demos of the band instead of offering us what's only a ne opportunity to swindle the fanatics of the band!



While on their previous album "Same difference" ENTOMBED tried to include some experimental ideas and influences coming from styles such as alternative and neo metal in their death/rock; this new offering "Uprising" is getting them back to some more classical ENTOMBED sounding stuffs. There's now a bit more fast parts (more thrasin' than death although), and there's still somekind of an old ENTOMBED touch (but of the "Wolverine blues" epoch).
In parts Lars Goran Petrov sounds a lot like Tom Angelripper on a SODOM album released in '97 or '98 (the one one which they drink milk and they've got a big steak in their mouth). Sometimes they remind me of MOTORHEAD for a kind of rockin' side. There are still some sorrowfull quite slow moments these swedish musicians include in there stuff since a few albums; some nice a little bit new ideas (for ENTOMBED of course) are included here and there.
This is a nice sounding album with a lot of easily remindable songs.
So it's an OK ENTOMBED album you'll listen to from time to time, nothing marvellous but it's ok. (A CDr copy will be enough, ah ah!).


ENTRAILS MASSACRE plays a Grind/ Crust la old NAPALM DEATH/ S.O.B/ old DEAD INFECTION (without the "psycho hospital" spirit).
Some riffs are Ok for me but there is nothing special here.
The whole didn't impress me. Some of their tracks sound unfinished at the level of the structures. Raw UxGx sound. Can be cool for Underground maniac collectors...

C.A.D plays a strange sounding mix of Crust, Death Grind la BRUTAL TRUTH (last releases) and discordant tunes/ bizarre breaks la CEPHALIC CARNAGE, maybe HUMAN REMAINS and possibly SONIC YOUTH's more alternative/ punked edge on a given point of view. Could quote NAKED TRUTH for non extreme metal small bizarre breaks. It makes me think about RUPTURE, S.O.B... These kind of wanna sound original Grind Death Crust mix doesn't sound efficient to me and some riffs (+ structures) sound cheap in my ears. But there are a few cool sounding chaotic riffs. One more band for the drowning in obscurity Underground stuffs collecting bastards.


ENVENOMED (Chile) Maleficient supreme incarnation MCD. 2014. Self-released.
A couple of years ago I got copies of the "Total possession" demo tape recorded by this Chilean band, and it sounded quite kicking, so it couldn't be a bad idea to check out the newer release of the band. This is a five songs MCD.
The band plays an old styled thrash metal that comes with a good dose of early Death metal influences... The DM parts are sometimes so present you could call the whole "death thrash", but it won't really matter the day of the final execution.
What has more importance is: This is quite kicking music and there are some good riffs.
You could think about a thrashing mixture of ooold KREATOR (Extreme aggression/ Pleasure to kill), early PESTILENCE (Mostly the first album), some old SLAYER, some early POSSESSED ("Seven churches") or ooold MERCILESS (Swe). Sometimes they could sound as if the Brazilian FARSCAPE got more death metal influences.
This sounds quite raw for thrashing metal, there's nothing weak, some moments are quite kicking and some riffs are great. Now I'm not able to say ENVENOMED is a new revelation (Perhaps the music lacks a bit of great riffs, and some moments are only kicking in the thrashing style), but this is a quite good band in the old ways and they might please the hardening needs of old school thrashing metallers.


EPISTEMY (Slo) Death in agony CD. 2014. Self-released.
I could say this Slovakian band plays "varied death metal" in an end 90's manner...
Their two stronger influences are 90's mid-paced death metal and half melodic death doom from the same era. I would say the band to be the closer musically is GOREFEST on the "Erase" album; Then you have various other elements in smaller doses: Some old brutal death, some mid-paced 90's thrash, etc.
During the listening, I also thought about these bands (Random order): Six feet under, old Cannibal corpse, old Paradise lost, Loudblast (Sublime dementia), mid old Amorphis, Forbidden /Testament (For mid paced 90's thrash), Anasarca, or mid old Sinister (Mid paced parts).
With some of the mid-paced death or "melodic" parts, EPISTEMY seems to try and develop a story, or perhaps an atmosphere... Some of it isn't bad, and some death doom or old fashioned brutal death parts aren't bad either, but some simple parts la SIX FEET UNDER are too simple (Boring?) and some thrash parts leaning a bit too much towards the "core" stuffs are borings.
The production is clean, ok it gives a sense of power that might taste a bit like SINISTER ("Hate") or ALTARS (Hol)'s 2nd album, but it's too clean for my death-metalllic needs.
Globally, some moments aren't bad while some are less interesting (Or even quite "meh" sometimes). It's a quite professional product that might please those who like the more "melodic" styles of Death metal in a 90's manner, but in my opinion it's an average release.
Web page:


ERADYKATE (Fra) Rektaliation CD'03. GALY Recs.
Brutal death with a strong will to play it technical around the lines of old NECROPHAGIST (Demo) or CANNIBAL CORPSE (The bleeding) with some fine melodic death touches la DEATH (Individual) towards some riffs and cool sounding bass lines, plus some typically USBDM la DYING FETUS and a notable core influences for some screaming vocals and few powercore touches!
ERADYKATE sounds more impressive than on their previous demo, as they now have a real drummer and a better production.
In my opinion half of their tracks sound interesting: I kinda enjoy when the band uses some "old" brutal death riffs la old DEICIDE (Legion)/ INFESTDEAD, nicely arranged brutal death technicality or death-thrashing tremolos that should definitely sound brutal during gigs!
I don't like much when they try to be too technical or too follow a strictly Brutal death style (might it be American or Czech) since it looses some efficiency and the readability in the tracks' structures. Some riffs also sound too much like old CANNIBAL CORPSE.
ERADYKATE could also remind of the following: FATE (No sense), INTERVALLE BIZARRE, SEVERE TORTURE and few CYNIC in the softer moments. The tracks have few surprises such as funny jokes (short length) or few other varied influences. Their power/ core touches sound ok and decent.
The main problem in my hears is the abuse of the technical/ complex aspect that do not reach efficiency half of the time.
For a first album it's a cool and rather encouraging one! The band still has ways of improvement towards the song writing and brutal inspiration, but some underground supporters who like Brutal death with some technicity, core, melody and few other things might bang their burning heads and smash their packs of beer! Not memorable, but a nice amount of cool and brutal riffs are there!


ETERNAL PERDITION (Swe) Burnt offerings CD. 2022. BESTIAL INVASION Recs.
Eternal perdition is a satanic death metal band from Sweden. They changed of name somewhere between the release of their previous demo and the recording of this album... I reviewed this previous demo from 2018, that came out under the name DISGUSTOR, and the style didn't change a lot: This is old school evil death metal in the veins of very early MORBID ANGEL (Abominations and Altars) and early DEICIDE (Rather the old AMON days) for the main influences.
Then fans of underground exploration might also hear some old EXHUMATOR (Belarus), ABHORER (Full-length album) in fast parts, perhaps the other AMON (From Switzerland) for some mid-paced evilness, or maybe very early CENTURIAN (First demo) in the fast blasting parts. Similarities with DEGIAL (Swe) might also be drawn.
Compared to the previous demo, the production is better and makes it easier to appreciate the crucifixion (It keeps some raw/ evil textures but makes it easier to comprehend). More musically speaking, perhaps the "thrash" elements are a bit less present, and maybe there are a bit more leads and mid-paced parts in the spirit of mid old MORBID ANGEL (This is only a detail, and I might not have noticed if I didn't re-read my older review in comparison).
The music isn't all fast and blasting/ bestial, the tempos and kinds of riffs are varied in a satanic DM context... This is welcome as it helps to develop some atmospheres (Check out the last song with classical choirs), but if you're a very "nervous" guy you also get your share of "commando" blastbeats in the face.
Nothing new on a matter of evil riffing or suffering, those who don't really enjoy OSSDMBC (Old School Satanic Death Metal Burning Crucifixion... AhAh) might not really get in the turmoil of souls, but here the wheel of torture keeps on turning and breaking bones in an efficient manner.
This is a good/ quite good album in the style, fans of the genre could be interested to lend their hears to ETERNAL PERDITION without religious contraindications.

EVOCATION (Swe) Evocation CD04. MERCILESS Records.
The past Death metal has revealed most of its gems since a long time, but it happens some nice old school surprises cross your hears. Nice obscure surprises such as this album containing the 2 demos EVOCATION recorded years ago, when the planet stopped to turn and some absolutely killer Death metal bands emerged from the deepest pits of Sweden and changed the face of Death metal!
Lets begin with the first of these two EVOCATION demos since it's the best one. The band was playing good old Swedish Death metal being very reminiscent of early DISMEMBER/ CARNAGE, while the dark atmosphere would rather remind of eroded old GRAVE. Some few melodic touches and arrangements sound like the very first CEMETERY album (when this band was playing quite catchy 'melodic' Death), but it's not abusively melodic, don't be afraid. This band also had rotting ways of flesh mutilation being parallel to GOD MACABRE, if you see what I mean. The keyboards touches sound nice, it was used occasionally to underline a mystic ancient feeling. (Nice keyboards in the old tradition). All in all, these 3 first tracks (+ an intro) offer nothing memorable or drastically killer, it sounds very much like the cult Death metal entities quoted before (riffs aren't far from carbon copies), but it had what it needs to be pleasant for Swedish and old school Death metal nostalgics! The obscure mood is here and the corrosive & carnivorous Thomas Skoksberg production still perfectly fits pure Death!
The second demo appearing on this CD didn't impress me that much... even thought it is a decent kind of old Swedish Death metal, much more melodic guitars were injected in the songs... Even though it was a bit faster ( la Death-thrashing GROTESQUE for example) and more complex, I'm not a big fan of the old melodic Swedish Death and the whole only sounds decent. Some cool sounding moments lies in there, but it's too much like trying many things and not touching catchiness and memorability. This 2nd 4 tracks demo might be nice for fans of old "original and melodic" stuffs like old EDGE OF SANITY mixed with some DISMEMBER, GROTESQUE and few old PARADISE LOST ("Gothic").
Too much melodies to kick my ass, and the production isn't as corrosive and inhumanly eroded as the first one. This album doesn't stand as an essential piece of old school Death metal: it has what it needs to entertain obscure Death metallers (The first demo) but also what it needs to calm down their metallic anger (The second demo). All in all, an average release.
Try and taste the golden liquid before nostalgically investing in the big pack of beers!






EVS (Jap) The Devastators From The Black Continent CD'07. NEGATIVE FEDERAL FUNDS Records.
Chaos, chaos and more chaos. This could sum up the attitude of this band which, while maintaining a somewhat coherent sound, explore further the direction started on their ultimately raw live recording from 2006 (Live In Koenji). Did you think theyd go back to a more polished sound for this second full length studio offering? I did, and fooled myself after hearing this album. This recording is not just almost as raw as the live EP, it also sounds great! The band goes deeper into the territories of chaotic hardcore-grind but without losing an inch of their identity and, most importantly, without embracing the usual clichs of this scene, like the self-seriousness, repetitive riffing or annoying angry vocals of HxC singers.
The overall sound is very intense, as if its been recorded live with little or no overdubs, especially the guitar, which sounds like theres only one rhythm guitar track on the record. This could explain why its sometimes buried in the mix, in favour of the rhythm section. Like if the band wanted to make it clearly audible that they are a solid-as-hell power trio, and guess what, it works. I really enjoy the way the bass and drums sound, with virtually no effects, and thus dynamics intact. I only wish the bass drum was more distinguishable in the faster parts, and the cymbals less present. This contributes to the chaotic aspect of the music so maybe they kept it like that intentionally, but Id preferred it more bassy. Similarly to the production, the music is also more straight-forward. Compared to the first album theres more fast parts, more blasts, more fast riffage, also more craziness, to give you an idea its a bit like a modern version of the late 80s Napalm Death, with certainly less garage but just as much savagery.
What doesnt change in EVS though is the use of dissonant chords when the riffing gets heavier or slower and this particular sense of humour of theirs. KojiHara still has his half-growled/half-shouted type of vocals, which youll generally either love or hate, as well as those emo-rock parody vocals which sound so weird among all the noise its hilariously twisted.
In the end I dont know what more to say about this release, save that its pretty unique and entertaining. Its not the kind of boring experimental stuff you need 20 listen to get into, myself I enjoy it every time I listen to it but I wont listen to it every day either. Id say its a sort of crossover between stuff Im familiar with and stuff Im not, so see for yourself but it might appeal to anyone in need of something fresh in a sea of imitators.
                                                TG of Death  



EVS (Jap)/ SETE STAR SEPT (Jap)/ CUNTS (Jap)/ HELL MISSIONELLS (Jap) Japanese real underground statement split CD'06. NEGATIVE FEDERAL FUNDS Recs.
4 ways to definitely burn and brutalize your anus? Not really.
### EVS is still so strange and fukked, discarded to nonsense and chaotic to the truculent nauseous. It sounds like some kind of modern technical grind, but it's much more fukked, complex and never-heard than the usual. Not easy to get into, but worth the little effort!
### SETE STAR SEPT: Average thrashy Death metal with blasts. They try to be quite fukked with some breaks and use of few techgrind ideas, but it remains average. Nothing special for now, but many beginnings were worse.
### CUNTS: About 8 minutes of live grindnoise. There's no guitar or bass, so the only noise could come from the overdrive of the drums. It sounds improvised and I don't give a fuck. Many grindnoise bands used to be more intense.
### HELL MISSIONELLS: Old styled thrash metal with a core side that makes them quite similar to some NUCLEAR ASSAULT, with few SOD or old SOIA... But the vocals are a problem for me (Too high pitched or nasal) for this kind of "Thrashcore", and it's a bit too mid-placed... Headbanding deserves asskicking fast beats. This is average stuff for now.



EX DEMENTIA (Usa) Thou shall repulse CD'07. KITCHEN VOMIT Recs.
This time you have old school US Gore Death metal that kinda sounds like old NECROPHAGIA (1st album), with some old AUTOPSY/ ABSCESS (Gory vocals), some early DEATH/ MASSACRE with a bit of old IMPETIGO or even DR SHRINKER. Oooohhh, it sounds like an unexpected mixture to escape the so oftenly raped doors from our beloved coffin of metallic sins! It's not the usual necro old school mournance; What they choose to play is a bit more fun and no so dead-serious! There's some kind of 3rd degree/ B movies humor that wouldn't make them displaced on RAZORBACK Recs, but the music doesn't seem to be at the right level of entertainment yet.
The production would have been considered good 15 years ago: No trig, no overdub, no inhuman production... This is the natural sound and it tastes quite cool.
Now, on a musical point of view my feelings are mixed: Some riffs are too generic and usual to brand my brain or stop the brainstorm of daily life. Ok some fast, heavy or impact riffs are cool, but some guitars could be improved a way or another to match more morbid vibration. And the drum playing is a bit too simple in some fast parts.
The vocals are great in the style; And it helps to cover the riffs that do not shake the coffin and keeps the whole entertaining... So if you don't storm your brain too much, you might dig the whole as if the doors of the tomb were wide opened and welcoming ;-)
I would be quite necro-appealed to see them live with beers in the guts. Old school gory death fans, keep an eye on them, coz future improvements might kick your face a zombifying way... For now EX DEMENTIA is just a cool/ average and quite entertaining band... HOT FOR ZOMBIES!!!



EXALTATION (Slo) Despair shall forsake me CD'06. GRODHAISN
More unwanted promos, more minimal efforts... Hum, not really since this album sounds more interesting than the 5 other ones I got in this forced promotional package... At first hear this reminded me the SOILS OF FATE demos, with a bit more diversity and much more old styled influences la MORBID ANGEL... But more few more listenings shew me this band goes a bit more far than the usual death'n brutal death, they have tastes engraved in the technical stuffs that help them to bring well put together moments of techniques and cool melodies (Not the gay way, more between proud heavy metal and progressive heavy) as well as quite complex breaks and cool 90's death metal moods la DEATH... You might understand the whole lies between Death metal (For the atmosphere) and brutal death (For the brutality), do you? The band seems interested in building songs with a lot of riffs and changes, hopefully they have skills that help and their noses don't fall in the waters of mediocrity... Some of these riffs are quite cool when they tend to a rage la old DEICIDE/ MORBID ANGEL or when the technical "melodic" stuffs are well put together, some technical parts doesn't sound bad either, but a part of the riffs also don't do much in my hears/ heart... Ok, there's no problem concerning structures or skills, but I'm afraid this album won't be played so often in my Hi-fi: Despite of some great ideas and cool atmospheres, a part of the riffs sound kinda too usual or not emotionally deep enough in my Death-metal-molested hears... Anyway EXALTATION seems to be in the right triggers to kill sometime and could be a cool choice of gig for Death metallers.
So wish them good luck.


Escape this world of shit, dogmas, false conceptions, crushing your head, explosion cerebral, death. Crushing the last remaining sense of humanity into this dehumanized carcass. Grind! Grind! The only way to survive! Explode your head, smash the filth! EXCRUCIATING wasn't bad o, the aggressive Grind/ Crust core! Many blasts; raw aggressive as fuck sound. It severely ravages the bitch into your arse! Short tracks, compressed riffs, raw guitars la TERRORIZER with high-pitched screams and raw low vocal rebellion. Chaos in the head. E.T could sound as a Grinding mixture of "Scum" (Napalm Death), TERRORIZER, REGURGITATE, old DISRUPT and a bit of RIGHTEOUS PIGS. There are some pretty aggressive brutal riffs in here. Head crushing food for Gindcore blasters! Nothing exceptional, but crush my head, it will be an aggressive enough CD for those of krackheads who need always more fucking Grindcore to explode their heads of dogmatized lies and illusions! Aggressive!


EXECRATION (Nor) Language of the dead MCD. ENTARTETE MUSIK Recs.
The recording of this new Norwegian Death metal band might please fans of IMMOLATION who need a bit more, because they're quite strongly influenced by this outfit, in various areas such as the "ghostly" fast, the development of obscure moods and the depressive. But since the playing and structures aren't so complex I might say the similarity rather locates between "Dawn of possession" and "Here in after".
You could obviously find other elements from European and American Death metal, some SUFFOCATION ("Souls to deny"), MORBID ANGEL ("Domination"), some 10 years old Us brutal death, NILE (Not the most technical, rather for "harmonies"), DEADBORN (Ger)'s demo or some mid old BOLT THROWER...
I might say about half of the playing is slower, between the doomy, the mid-placed and the "melodic" (Some kind of dark arpeggios la majestic MORBID ANGEL or AUTOPSY, even if Trey doesn't play arpeggios :-P), in this case it's not bad... Even maybe the best moments.
Some fast riffs also work quite well, some "depressive" guitars and doomier moments aren't bad at all! But I reproach them the fact a part of the riffs sound too usual (It could be a bit more worked) or doesn't particularly fit the obscure (Some brutal death alike blasting moments)... And some cool parts could be more emotionally developed (The listening impact could be much enjoyable with not so improved structures and a little lifting towards the riffs). The drumming is Ok and fits, but it could be a bit more "over the top".
In front of this release, my feelings are kinda mixed: While some riffs are cool or explore the right continents, you sometimes feel like it could kinda conclude the deal without particularly happening, and some guitars don't do much... If you keep in mind "Language of the dead" is actually their first recording (So, some kind of demo that was released as a pro CD) it's not bad at all and quite encouraging. They have potential and cool ideas, but probably needs more time to mature and target the composition towards their most vibrating inner energies.


EXHALE (Cze) Festerfiction CD'05. BIZARRE LEPROUS.
Not bad.
But not to be confused with the Swedish leprous-mince inhalers using the same name.
Members of BIZARRE EMBALMING decided to form somekind Grindcore project with strange influences la DISCORDANCE AXIS and discarded brainfukked others. A half of the music sounds strange and quite chaotic/ complex, but the other half is quite energetik and neat, blasting grind an Hatergetik way!
Sounds like some SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (Blablablast it raw!), CRUSHER (Cze- Last album: Diskard it to the blasting kore), some BRUTAL TRUTH (A bit of all times, both for the hyper blasts of first era, and the strange inCOREifying noise-scream-fukk stuffs of the folllowning) some EXIT 13 ("Ethos musick" for the niiice as an hear-obliterating train at full regime of raw guitar sound) or some kind of accelerated OBLIGATORISK TORTYR with more distorted guitars.
Ok, this isn't a special or outstanding album, just something intense enough to refresh the dying libidinal motivation, but I don't really understand when a so called "Grinder" and "Brutal death maniac" says it's "boooring"! Many fast moments are blasted the right way!? And all these riffs everywhere, even if it can be quite boring, it also could be taken as something exxxtreme! Fukk the slow brains! Think fast or die fast! Some web "grinders" should definitely awake from their pathologically boring illusionary little world of cyyyber friiiiends.
I regret this album isn't more blast focused on the grinding edge and right to the fukk fukk fist; after a little while a bunch of riffs don't sound that sexpressing (it's just the quite cool riffs you sexxxecrate when you're in a right rehearsing mood) but I think EXHALE is better than many Bizarre Leprous releases that drown in the goreshit average EUURK! Gore doesn't mean asleep! SEXXXECRATE THE DISJONKKKTING ABCESS!! ROTATING TRIPLE 69 BLASTKREMATIO! SHRED THE SPIKEFUKKING POSSESSED HAEMORRHAGE!


CHORDS OF CHAOS 4 ways split CD'96.
Fucking EXHUMED at their very best  epoch!! Understand 96-98 Exhumed style, in the same vein than their part of the mighty "In the name of gore" split CD!! Totally Brutal disjoncted and old school Grind Death insanity from the deepest pits of what hell could offer!! Far better and crushing than their  releases following the split with Hemdale that lacked in fucking sincere expression and disjoncted death metal deliria!! I still cum and hail brutality as the first days on these few excellent tracks! (Notice it includes an Ok Sarcofago cover).
Buy or fucking DIE!!!
The other bands on this split CD are very very average, not to say it sucks!! (Ear Bleeding Disorder is Ok though). Wanna sound Grind death whatever... but wanna bore me as the frenetic Grinding death feeling and inner total brutality isn't here!! So EAR BLEEDING DISORDER, EXCRETED ALIVE and NECROSE are bands I've ever forgotten... and EXHUMED is still riding hard in my grinding playlist!!


EXHUMED (Usa)/ NO COMPLY (Usa)  Instruments of hell  Split Ep'96 OPEN WOUND Recs.
Fucking Carnacious carnage absolute!! I didn't know about the existence of this Ep until I explored an almost buried underground webzine! Here are two fucking welcome EXHUMED tracks in the old EXHUMED style! When the band was more fresh and fucking disjoncted! The sound is fucking raw, the old gore growling vocals are here! These tracks are totally in the gut-shredding style of the CHAOS Chord 4 ways and EXHUMED Split with HEMDALE! Goregrinding Death metal with a strong old school feel, some punching beats, some heavier stuffs, good leads and some excellent growling and screaming vocals! Very cool for any fan of old EXHUMED!
NO COMPLY plays "original" Grindcore/ Hardcore with strange rock stuffs... There's no guitar, only a distorted bass, and this isn't good! The drummer doesn't seem bad but the track isn't built and it sounds like experimentations la NAKED TRUTH, or Grindnoise la ANAL CUNT... and sometimes there's no riffs... Very average stuff in my opinion. If you can find this Ep, don't hesitate to get it for the two fucking EXHUMED tracks!!


Here's an Ep I got in a trade with a shitty Demo! Ah Ah!
EXHUMED played total Grinding Death metal with the excellent gut explosions of their first vocalist that had the fucking balls in the Brutal growls! This is cool to hear some tracks in the vein of their very first releases (Split with HEMDALE and Chords of Chaos 4 ways) even if that's not so great... but good!
While the first track grinds out and blows the crass from your sack, the 2nd one is more mid placed groovy Grind. A cool side for fans of EXHUMED, but not much more.
Now that I've had my sweet cum on EXHUMED's side, I have to review the other side. PANTALONES played hyperfast Grind/Death with screamy vocals, but at this game of wanna boost the drum machine to its maximum many bands have cruelly failed! PANTALONES is one of them! It's fast , screamy noisy, but sterile and no good riff of the damned sociopath were played!
So only the EXHUMED side is worth the intense headbanging!
This split is hard to find, but a compilation with all the Eps, Demos and rare stuffs or EXHUMED will be released in the following months! Prepare to blow all your fucking fuses!


EXHUMED (Usa) Gore metal CD'98 RELAPSE.
A few years after the so excellent from its very beginning to the last notes split CD with HEMDALE that will endlessly remain a cult jewel of the Brutal Grind scene, EXHUMED is back with another full-length.
And high pitched was the crescendo of their past torso Genocide Grind Fuck! the opening of the abscess propulsed them on a so high level of quality it was hard for them to match the punisher of a Grind past! Same player shoot again! But same player doesn't hit as hard!  I must say I didn't admire as much the syphilitic flesh of this little mirror because their previous impact of death was so full of rotten energy! Still this is Grinding Death with an excellent aggressive production, but some really casket krushing tracks were less numerous in here! There are some good ones such as "Open the abscess", splashing their bloody vaginal cums in some best choice meat's parts! But the whole puke on lacerated ventricles didn't appeal to turn on the Necromaniac as horrifying and sepulchral as "In the name of gore"! The previous gustening cunt growler was more fulfilled with delight of necro-atrocities and emetic cunts! From these meat's scattered remains I collected a few choice meat's parts, a good album this piece of "Gore metal" is, but the sweetest perfection in post mortem ejaculation would be the full of sodomy and lust chainsaws of "In the name of gore" with the casket crushing production of "Gore metal"! This would have been the impurest perfection!


Here's an Ep that materializes some of the wetest dreams of the biggest grinders! It includes SANITYS DAWN at the time of their second CD "Mangled in the meat grinder" and EXHUMED (the year 2000) on the same Split Ep! This sounds bloody cool! SANITYS DAWN's side is very goregrind like, la old CARCASS, in the same lines than their two first CDs "Cryptic menu" and "Mangled in the meatgrinder", but there were some better tracks on these two CDs. I expected something better. Anyway it's quite aggressive and intense, better than "Chop copper".
Surprisingly enough, the 2 EXHUMED tracks here entitled "Emeticide" and "Pus grinder" are more along the Goregrind lines! There's not much old school Death here! But there's still some old school Grind Crust, it's obvious! It's not one of their best releases, but it's the kind of cool stuffs you play in a long extreme Grind sickness session to maintain the energy!
A cool Ep to own if you're a lot into one of the two bands!


EXHUMED (Usa) Slaughtercult CD'01 RELAPSE.
The Grindcore all-star bitches saw their abscess for gore and total Grind Brutal perversion beginnings close itself, so they needed to inject the regurgitated guts and baptize in blood and leprozy to revive the sulfurous scream bloody gore! In this slaughter cult was the sulfurous nuclear fog of death even more shocking than never! With some open casket leads of leprozy, pounding beats of Mutilation, primitive ways of the riffing, 4 sepulchral slaughters revived the merciless death, burning of sodom and procreation of the wicked in a burning rot cauldron of Goregrind! "Carnal epitaph", "Decrepit crescendo" and "Funeral fuck" are lessons in old school pathology that will open you casket and awake the evil dead! Even if this cult of the slaughtering wasn't as fucking killer as "In the name of gore", some fucking corroded black blood was extracted through the pores of the torn to pieces! Very Brutal CD for those who are already dead! Buy or fucking die!


EXHUMED (Usa) Anatomy is destiny CD'03 RELAPSE.
Okey! Here's the new EXHUMED album I didn't put many hopes into... Since a few releases the style of the band was changing to some cleaner and more Death metallish music, this new album follows this change since it's cleaner and more controlled than what they did before, even if it remains extreme! The disjoncted Grindcore aspect now left the place to some kind of Death grind with grindcore touches and technical parts.
What immediately strikes your attention are the strong common points with CARCASS' "Necroticism", EXHUMED has always been influenced by CARCASS, but this time the presence of Bill Steer's guitar influence is even stronger!
The style of this album is somewhere between the previous EXHUMED album "Slaughtercult" and "Necroticism", it has a bunch of blasting parts, some punching death metal parts, some heavier quite bizarre sounding riffs la CARCASS, some melodic heavy metalish leads; most of the riffing is rather controlled. Controlled 'cynic' death thrashing riffs la mid old CARCASS.
All the musicians are very tight, the drummer plays the whole in a good way, good clear and powerful production, it's all pro... but I expected more BALLS and GUTS! I heard some guys saying this album was almost a CARCASS rip off, and I don't totally disagree with them! I enjoy some parts of this album, but I often have a feeling of ever heard! EXHUMED did really more surprising, crushing, inspired and inspiring Brutal music before! This album might please those who don't listen to extreme metal since a too long time, it remains more extreme than the average, but I think it's only an average release for EXHUMED! Remember: OPEN THE FUKKING ABSCESS!!


EXISTENCH (Can) Blood money Tape album. PSYCHOTHERAPY Recs.
Stench of the rotting corpse. Horrified.
Stench of the rotting corpse. Horrified.
This tape contains old school grindcore in a quite good kicking manner. This reminds me of NAPALM DEATH ("Mentally murdered" or split with S.O.B) and old PHOBIA.
Quite good kicking old school grindcore with cool blastbeats and angry vocals.
I like the production, it's quite heavy and contains bass frequencies... For this reason some punk integrists might say it's "too metal", but it's less metal than the Napalm release quoted before (Fewer tremolo "death metal" riffs). I think the "stench" word included in their name fits quite well, there's something quite ugly here (And there are a couple of riffs that sound like old sludge, stenchcore, perhaps).
After writing this review, I noticed this tape was initially recorded in 1999 and released the following year... Well, the past WON again! Ah Ah... Quite good old school grind tape.
Web page:


EXIT 13 (Usa) Green is good CD. 1990. ECOCENTRIC Recs.
Roasted rat balls assorted with wormy beans. It is today's menu! There's no more "real meat" on earth, so we have to eat whatever is available for our greedy stomachs... Roasted rat balls!
I discovered this album in reverse of the chronological order, owning the following one "Ethos musick" since the school years, so I must say I'm quite surprised with the content.
When I discovered "Ethos music" around 1996, it came with a very heavy and overdriven production for the time, it was even too much of overdrive pedals, it was too difficult to enjoy and took me a few years to really get into... So, more recently, when I intended to press the "play" button for "Green is good!" I had the same expectations of heaviness and extreme production... My head was ready for a massive punch of the gigantic cement aggressor! But, what a strange surprise, the production was very very much more natural: No overdose on overdrive, no heaviness, it gave me a feeling of weakness at the first approach.
It's strange to notice, even though some of the songs were re-recorded on "Ethos musick", it really doesn't sound the same, it doesn't give the same extremely heavy and extremely extreme impression: Globally this tastes like the old grindcore bands from this time, think about some ATROCITY (US), some CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and some early Earache stuffs, but also some WEHRMACHT (For a more "delirium" aspect), yet still with this touch of craziness, strange influences and strange structures that weren't too common in 1990... (Maybe EXIT 13 weren't already playing jazzy grindcore, but it was quite smoked and fucked).
The playing of instruments is ok, it could be a bit tighter and more right-to-the-cunt from here and there, but I think the main problem is the too "natural"/ low budget production (Wasn't everything recorded live, in one take or something?) while it's better to have things more powerful  for crazy grindcore/ jazzy blast-beast whatever.
This is not a bad album, and I have in mind the idea it could please those who like the current wave of grindcore/ powerviolence that comes with a very simple/ natural production, but those who were used to the "big sounds" of extreme grindcore records coming from the 90's might feel something is lacking. Green is good / Grind is good.


EXIT-13 (Usa)/ HEMDALE (Usa) Split Ep96 VISCERAL Prod.
None of the EXIT-13 records I heard pleased me. There was a few Ok stuffs on "Ethos music", but nothing great.
But on this Ep, Ah Ah! It's far more intense and aggressive than anything else they did I heard! Unrelentlesss total Grindcore insanity with a bizarre emphasis on old school Grind la very old NYCTOPHOBIC (demos) meets old REGURGITATE and primal psychopathological CARCACASS. It sounds like EXIT-13 on "Ethos music": quite bizarre Grindcore with a raw sound and hyper overdriven vocals, but more gut filled energy is here! (There are no jazzy stuffs here though). This first track is excellent, the 3 next ones are Ok. And the two final live tracks are live ones with a quite poor sounds... This side contains the best EXIT-13 stuffs I've heard until now!
I didn't know much of HEMDALE except from their split CD with EXHUMED ("In the name of gore"! AAARRGH!) and this side of roaaararing vinyl is in the same style (it was released at the same time). Understand cool Grinding death with small crusty if Grindcore touches. Not bad. Heavy sound, cool vocals.  Notice a NAPALM DEATH's "Rise above" cover that doesn't match the unchallenged hate of the original, but it's not bad and there have been worse Napalm covers... Uh! There's also an old GRAVE cover ("Extremely rotten flesh"), it doesn't suck but I prefer the Napalm Death cover. HEMDALE was brutal and aggressive enough. It was a cool band!


EXLIMITIR (Can) It weighed itself in silver. Album. 2018. Digital. Self-released.
This is EXTREME music!
This anonymous project from Ontario, Canada, provides your (already damaged) hears with some twisted death-metallic (un)symphonies of sickness.
Imagine a mixture of strange DEMILICH, with more modern influences la GORGUTS, coupled with ultra low vocals, and you've got a decent crucifying picture of the whole.
There's a research on strange sounding guitars and polyphonies, which sometimes tends to "noise" or "post music". Fans of underground brutalization might also hear similarities with CHTE'ILIST, very early NECROPHAGIST, or perhaps the tortured futuristic jazz world PESTILENCE sometimes explored.
Well, this is not for fans of old school metal I believe, this it too experimental and fucked under some angles... But fans of obscure and brutal, technical death metal could be interested, if they aren't already familiar with this recording.


EXTERMINATE (Chile) Pact 7"Ep'08. NUCLEAR WAR NOW! Recs.
This reminds me when I heard CONQUEROR for the first time (On an Osmose recs compilation entitled "World domination" or something like that), I didn't understand anything because of the noisy production. Hopefully few seconds are enough to distinguish the punishing noises, but also to understand you don't need to understand everything to feel the quite infernal urge of EXTERMINATE.
This is bestial black death metal that especially reminds me of the first BESTIAL WARLUST album for some hellish riffs, moods (Even if it's not the same), some perseverance in molestation, and for the quite fucked "Echo from the depths" production that fits well... You can also hear the influence of BLASPHEMY (The coolest parts of the second album) both for the low vocals that vomit loads of desecrating acid and some grind touches on an impact state of punch (Notice a Blasphemy cover at the end).
This isn't a real revelation, but a quite enjoyable release that might please big fans of the two aforementioned bands who can't stand anymore their addiction to the lack of original war metal desecrators.
Now, there are quite a lot of bands to practice this style worldwide and I'm not sure if EXTERMINATE would stand above ... At least they wouldn't particularly fall under the average...


Here are old school thrash/ death metallers hailing from Belgium.
The first thing that attracted my attention is one riff from their first track is almost the same than the one on the chorus of MYTHOS' "Hung on the wings" track (in their 1st CD). The band plays tight thrash/ Death metal that really lacks of energy and rage for me! It's correctly articulated and tight, but I feel nothing that'll make me move my arse or bang my head during a gig! The strongest influences here are old thrashing KREATOR and SODOM ("Agent orange"), but I could also quote a bit of old PROTECTOR. They include some more melodic and classical tremolo Death metal riffs while there are a few nice sounding female vocals here and there. The 6th track is slower and more melodic, in the vein of some cool swedish melodic bands. Nothing special, not really brutal and it's unfortunately quite flat! Iit's pro done, but I think it lacks in punch and personnality. It's you to see if you 'need' it....