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324 (Jap) Soulwinter Ep99 HG FACT.
In an article dealing with the excellence of TERRORIZER, I read about bands like MULE SKINNER (AAARRGH!) and 324. So I searched for some of these Japanese grinders, and here's a quite cool Ep.
It's right 324 has got to do with TERRORIZER, they remind me of the band for its Grind/ Crust style! The same kind of well balanced punching Death crust beats, followed by hyperfast Grindcore blasts (too fast to blast my arse with the grinding fucker blasts! Blast beats gets some impact and a 3rd dimension if it's not too fast...).
This could sound like some EXTREME NOISE TERROR stuffs, some DISRUPT's Crust and eventually a bit of new NAPALM DEATH. The drummer is quite good ( la terrorizing Pete Sandoval), the riffs are Ok in the TERRORIZER style. Nothing special and the 3rd track of this Ep's guitars sounds too "nice" , as a whole it's ok stuffs.
Conclusion: I awaited more, but that's not bad and 324 may offer some nice listenings to big TERRORIZER fans.


Here's a quite nice split CD that benefits of a beautiful dark cover.
The first band is 7TH NEMESIS who plays extreme metal with varied influences, from quite old school death to more blasting of Brutal death metal styles. During the listenings, I thought about MORBID ANGEL, SINISTER, old DEICIDE, IMMORTAL (Black and melodic touches, rather "Blizzard beast") and some mid old SLAYER for mid placed Thrash metal. They have small core discarding touches. Their Vocals are high pitched, Black metal like for most. My complain is I find their tracks quite long and I miss some riffs that brand my brain with burning iron! The band sounds quite pro and might please a bunch of guys!
On the other hand, PUNISHMENT did nothing for me! Somekind of old Death metal with core touches... Most is mid placed or slow la SIX FEET UNDER or OBITUARY ("Back from the dead")... Some parts are a bit more groovy, some are faster... But nothing to hang you on! Vocals are low.
I find to relief here! It remains too easily findable riffs and simple easy compositions to turn me on! (I'm not talking about the technical aspect!) It's a shame the will to promote misleaded the Skullfuckers in the case of PUNISHMENT!


IIIRD SOVEREIGN (India) Destined to suffer CD'07. DEMONSTEALER Recs.
Few years ago I download some demo tracks of IIIRD SOVEREIGN that sounded quite encouraging. Even if this wasn't the underground revelation of the month, the band developed a little feeling for some end 80's meets beginning 90's Death thrash that was quite intriguing, at this moment I imagined they could kick some 80's metal ass in the future and could procreate some real feeling-frenzy riffs... So I kept an eye on what could happen in their corner, and finally a first album was released on a new Indian label... My first surprises with this album lie in the facts the music is quite different, and the band sounds much more professional.
On a musical point of view they became much more CANNIBAL CORPSE influenced both for the vocals and a good part of the riffs... It's quite impressive by moments: You get the slam mid placed efficiency of "Tomb", the brainless blasts of "Butchered at birth", the boring half-slow moments of "Vile" and various things like that... And even some casket-ripping influences from "Eaten back to life" which sound quite horror and fucked up alike!
To sum it up, the disk is composed of 50% mid old CANNIBAL CORPSE, and another 50% of various death metal styles mixed altogether.
Since we already dissected the first half, what could make the other portion? A little of MORTA SKULD, a putrid zest of old BROKEN HOPE, drops of SUFFOCATION, oozings of MASSACRE, a bit of BAPHOMET, some Death/ black like (let's say) early MARDUK...
The production is good, it sounds quite heavy and compact, it's not too over-saturated and doesn't contain too many high pitched nor high middle frequencies, so it could have been recorded around 10-15 years ago...
The band has a decent technical level and their songs fall quite well in order... It works quite well for some riffs are quite well thought, it has some groove and sometimes a sense of the quite killing riff (The 90's brutal way)... But every positive aspect often has it's negative black-sister in nowadays metal scene: This record doesn't contain more than 4-5 percents of originality, sometimes it sounds a bit too close to their influences, and some death black riffs are too simple for my tastes, and some Cannibal corpse influences are a bit too much after a while (It gets quite boring)... I could find other negatives and things to be improved, but since this album is quite enjoyable I'll stop there.
I think those who like current modern brutal death for the fact it's ultra technical/ fast/ plastic/ up-to-date wouldn't be impressed, but the music contains a feeling and a groove that makes it enough for me.
I think this release could be a quite important step for the professionalizing of Indian metal scene, since it sounds quite solid and shows the face of a decent Death metal band... IIIRD SOVEREIGN might be a nice outfit to check out live, but as cool as the Cannibal corpse riffs might sound in some hears, I personally don't need another Cannibal corpse... So I would kindly ask them to develop a bit more their 90's Death metal roots and maybe insert some little Indian touches in the guitar patterns (Without loosing the brutality, of corpse) if they want to catch the interest of my own little musical tastes.