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FALLEN ANGEL (Usa) Dissolution MCD. 2014. Self-released.

On their previous demo, this American band was playing quite strongly retro old styled Death metal.  With this new recording a putrid mind can notice the quite strong appearance of death black influences, you can hear more blastbeats and bestiality in the engraved musical spectrum, as you could happen to think about old ANAL VOMIT or a little of BLASPHEMY...
But the purest Death metal influences didn't leave the hall, it's composing approx 66 to 79% of the whole and happens to remember of old MORTEM, early IMMOLATION (First album), MORBID ANGEL ("Abominations..."), POSSESSED, with a bit of old MASTER and a few more American old Death outfits from the end 80's.
Compared to the previous recording, one can say the band improved the playing and structure of the songs.
I can say some of the blasts aren't totally my style, but some of the rolls are nice.
This is quite nicely morbid metal to listen to, and nothing is boring when you're in the mood to listen to this kind of (More or less) "South american" influenced death... But FALLEN ANGEL doesn't really distinguish their burning remains from those of other bands in the style, and so might sound average in the hears of the morbid abusers. Anyway the level is quite good and big fans of the style wouldn't be disappointed. BURN THE PENTAGRAM.


FANTOMAS (USA) Amenaza al mundo CD’98 IPECAC.
Total crazyness immortalized on a little mirror.
This insane dedicated to hyperactivity, after his several projects MISTER BUNGLE and his several vocals intrusions in FAITH NO MORE delivers this album composed of 30 pages. This is the perfect music for a serial killer preparing to act or a constantly personnality variating lunatic tripping on vortex infinite of A.I.D.S.
This perfect music composed by and for a social deviant keeps us high during a mental crazy tripp.
It mixes FAITH NO MORE like «  normal »   parts with strange noises, happiness funny fun, neometallized discordances, highdrums beating the ass of Daffy Duck, funny cynicism, Diva heating the throat of the mirror, spatio temporal rip, night bar’s quiet intimate mood, Mick Harris’85 tripping on his new drumkit, Evil Goblins running all around to find the blue magick potion, Rumble of water in the defunct pot, Klaxon keeps on fearing the new noise, Zaxxon’s spaceships attacking the great Boss ( level 3), little boy hidden in his bed and fearing the hidden behind the door Fantomas, Hyena’s libidinal zigzag due to overcrash of the new drumsticks, Shut up you break my emotional purity, Serial painter’s picnic, South African Boya Tribes experimenting their new djumbees, new guitar chords tormented to breaking hell, ANAL CUNT guys tripping on their new headdirts, Maximal pleasure in the room love 69, Without emotions it’s better ( infinite choice of lifes and experiences and personnalities, minimum choice of obligatory depressive infinity).
For those who enjoyed ANAL CUNT’s noise absurdity or NOISM’s hypercomplex ununderstandable songs’ maximized compression structures with a bit of MAGMA for bizzarity included. ( This band counts Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Buzz Osborne and Trevor Dunn ).


FATAL (Fra) Eskhaton CD'02. Selfreleased.
It's not the coolest thing to review CDs that doesn't "turn you on"...
This first full-length album of FATAL is between old school death/ thrash and Brutal death lines; but I found nothing outstanding, brutal or new. Ok, the musicians are tight, they have a decent technical level, the tracks are more or less correctly constructed... but I found no brutal feeling here! It reminds me too much of old CANNIBAL CORPSE. The blast parts sound weak... and I have the feeling I ever heard their riffs! (Each riff follows another one that does nothing more). The band has some Egyptian influences (NILE, but less brutal), the vocals aren't bad. Some guitars don’t sound bad, but some tremolo thrashy riffs are too... common! And some guitars sound a bit funny! Uh!
My advice would be to do a big brutal lifting and keep only the best of the best! And to work on the efficiency of their tracks! Coz I have too often a feeling of cliché or ever heard music! Very average. The band is searching for a label to release this CD.


FATAL EMBRACE (Ger) Legions of armageddon CD’02 BRUCHSTEIN.
War induced cover, introduction composed of fights. that's it, old school thrash metal. FATAL EMBRACE's music reminds me of KREATOR at the epoch of "Pleasure to kill" for most of it, but some riffs also sound like "Coma of souls" while some parts could remind of old SODOM and old SLAYER. The vocals are heavier as it sounds more like old school Death or KREATOR at the time of "Cause for conflict". There are few SLAYER like vox. Very fast thrashing tremolos. Few high-pitched screams à la DESTRUCTION. By watching their clothes and many patches, you immediately see their taste of the old school: KREATOR, TESTAMENT, BOLT THROWER, VOÏVOD, IRON MAIDEN...
There are some quite cool riffs in here, but nothing that kicked my arse. It lacks of fucking frenezy in my opinion, and after the 2/3 first tracks that are quite cool, I need more.
They have some correctly articulated tight tracks that can be cool for the big old school thrashing maniacs. A shame they didn't take more time to compose this CD, if all the tracks were as the first ones it would have been a quite cool CD for all its length. This is an Ok/ Quite cool CD, but hell! A bunch of other ones are really more ass kicking: For thrash maniacs only!


I don't know that much about this album I got into a Mp3 trade. The website of the band doesn't work, and it's not available in the distros I usually order from. And it's a shame, because not to fall into long useless sentences, this release is sincerely enthusiasming. Even if the music is composed in it's whole of Total Brutal Death, it's INNOVATIVE Brutal death you'll hear in your speakers. Yes, it exists! Some scratches, some samples, a bass that sounds very strong in the mix (quite similar to what the son of the CRYPTOPSY's bassist or Robert Trujillo would have created), a perpetual groove inherited from Hardcore and from the best moments of Death, I scream to the miracle! It's not only innovative, it kills, there's nothing to throw away (or almost nothing...), it remains bound in your skull, it gives the need to dance, it's well played and well constructed, in short words, it's all what I enjoy. In a short summary, SENSER meets CRYPTOPSY, it gives us somekind of Saint Graal I was awaiting without hoping too much for it anymore. If KRISIUN and all the other have revitalized Death metal being faster and faster without really saying adios to the Tampa style, FATE really represents the future. It's a shame the production lacks of power, but it's not a problem. It's one of the biggest killing stuffs I heard since "Effigy of the forgotten"!
I absolutely need the official release!!!




FATHER BEFOULED (Usa) Obscurus nex cultus CD'08. GASKMASK Recs.
This is satanic American Death metal with a guitarist who has eaten so much of old INCANTATION that he went through deep internal mutations and almost feels genetically obliged to play it close to the edges of "Onward to golgotha" or "Mortal throne of nazarene".
There's no musical surprise, except for the fact it could all have been composed and recorded in 1998, and so makes FATHER BEFOULED differ a bit from other current bands with quite close American influences.
This feels really close to an older approach Incantation had when they played quite spacey riffs that contained some kind of morbid stagnancy and an out-of-time state of mind... There's also some quite fast "In the battle" tremolos riffs, or heavier moments (Of corpse)... But the whole isn't as heavy and crushing, nor as morbid and punishing as their "idols". These heavier moments that take quite some space show a band with a tendency to slow down to almost doomy patterns; In these they doesn't sound so heavily crushing but rather slowed down as fuck (As if the planet suddenly decreased it's speed by two)... And a taste for the occult happens to appear...
The quite impious state of mind or atmospheres could evoke FALLEN CHRIST, older MORBID ANGEL ("Covenant" and before) or SADISTIC INTENT, even if the kind of Death metal isn't really the same. Some epicness in the faster tremolo riffing could sound like a slowed-down (But not slower) BRUTALITY, but all in all INCANTATION also had this kind of riffs. The doomy guitars could remember of some very old MY DYING BRIDE (When they played pure Doom death), old INCANTATION or eventually some very early PARADISE LOST (1st album) in a way... The vocals are quite deep and follow decently the requirements of the style.
Sometimes the songs' structures doesn't sound perfectly finished, as if some transitions weren't really right-on, making it sound a bit more "abrupt" or "like a demo", depending on your tastes. The drums could be improved, sometimes I'm not sure about what he's doing...
After a while the riffing and drumming sounds a bit repetitive, making the listening less interesting on a more than 15-20 minutes listening duration... Maybe they should try to diversify a bit the riffing approach, even if it's not easy because the obscurity and impiety could decrease...
Globally, I think there are cool moments of darkened voyage, epic battle or decent doom, but also an equal quantity of riffs I don't particularly care for. It still feels like some kind of demo somewhere, with quite real ways for improvements. This is rather a release to advice to big fans of INCANTATION, maniacs of older satanic Death metal (Who need a lot morbid injections to feel relieved) or partisans of the occult, because I think the seldom or demanding listeners wouldn't be too impressed generally.


FEAR FACTORY (Usa) Digimortal CD'01 Roadrunner.
The evolution that began with Obsolete is confirmed here: Fear factory has almost became a Nu metal band. So "Digimortal" is an album that answers the call of the dollar god! The problem is Fear factory isn't very talented in this style, and the typical parts of the newest Nu metal (understand little shitty harmonics and nothing else) doesn't fit at all to the band of L.A!
Even if you don't think about the commercial apsect of the thing, "Digimortal" isn't a good release, and the problem is here! far more than the a so called betrayal... Once the very commercial but efficient "What will become" is played, there's nothing worth the listening despite "Invisible shadows", somekind of nice ballade (even if it includes a more Brutal part that's uninteresting). The bonus tracks of the digipack are more energic but not really more interesting, except for the excellent "Vs. Resistance". The alarm bell is ringing, one more album of this kind and we'll have to definitely forget about FEAR FACTORY!



Here's what should have been the first Fear Factory release! Resurrected and exhumed from old forgotten master tapes!
No much difference with their first and best official release "Soul of a new machine"! Totally cold modern  (at this time) Death metal mixed with Indus influences and Grinding elements. A good part of these tracks were recorded later on their first Lp... At this time they were really original as they included clear/ sung vocals, nice guitar harmonies' arpeggios à la HEAD OF DAVID/ soften GODFLESH and other influences emerging from the dusken lands of Hardcore, it was very different from the common Death metal bands. Some riffs were fucking depressive and hallucinating on a dark futuristic holocaust and calculating our selfless and sterile mental masturbations and eroded revulsed conceptions.
Moments of pure rage, vengeance and cold violence! Come on! Rise above these countless individuals and mechanisms that only wants to crush you!
Imagine a deep depressive note à la GODFLESH/ KILL THE THRILL emerging from a total Brutal death riff! Chaos melted with thrashing heavy brutality and compressed grinding stress! The tracks were well done with enough variety and nice breaks/ tempo changes... but hey... I'm almost reviewing their "Soul of a new machine" LP as I surprise myself building these last lines with my deep remembrances of this good old release...
Well, I think this release lacks a bit in precision compared to "Soul of a new machine" on which the production was more powerful, compressed and tight as a mechanical serial murder machine! Some riffs and blasting parts lacked the precision and definition that gave them a totally pro sense of crush on the next one. It's a quite good CD, but it would have been better if it was released at it's time... it's the kind of stuffs I like to get on tape, nothing more.


FENRIS (HOL) Offerings to he hunger CD'00.
666!! Hail Satan... URGHH! 666!!
I noticed a guitarist wears a CRADLE OF FILTH T-Shirt and this is not a avery good influence for sure!
Some parts of their music reminds me of HECATE ENTHRONED and Dani Filth's CRADL OF SHIT (quite melodic "Black"/ Death w/ keyboards). Some EMPEROR's dark moods and discording riffs , Some DIMMU  BURGER, some Heavy metal riffs influenced by a traditionnal beat/ style can be found here.
Their tracks are fucking long (from 6'30 to 10' and more...) with no real surprise that keeps your attention and frozes your skin. I mean everythings here are so common for my tastes their music would be an Ok demo, but I found nothing that would make a good album here. (All the more- not my style).


FINAL (USA) The first millionth of a second CD’96 MANIFOLD.
This is a bit old but every extreme metaller should know this as this is a project of Mick Harris ( Ex. NAPALM DEATH) and Justin Broadrick ( The man behind GODFLESH). Everythings from the tracks titles to the CD layout are mind catchy when you’re into the void. It must be totally tripping when you’re into a depressive, self punishing – mind overactivised – self existential tormenting maelstrom. This isolationist rythmless music is mostly composed of bare bass lines with low tuned earth breath suffocating samples – imploring effects.
All this without vocals and so few melodies it could be understood as a prostrate crushed version of PINK FLOYD’s «  Echo ». The only last track could get what we would understand as an industrial slowed down rythm of some GODFLESH’s track.
This CD sounds like if these guys are totally disconnected from reality and tripping on their inner visions! Total brain maelstrom without any realistic aspect.
Somewhere, it’s not very far from GODFLESH’s «  Go spread your wings » track ( As much for the music and the lyrics ( « I need your limits, I need your hell », this is what we’re all deep inside)). Even blacker than GODFLESH’s « Godflesh » album and colder than GODFLESH’s « Selfless » album  ? It’s you to judge.















I haven't heard news of FLESHGRIND since a long time, didn't hear about a new release and their website still being in contruction since several months...
This small "Piece of shit" was recorded live during FUCK THE COMMERCE II and their show is quite tight.
The sound is cool for a live, only the guitars lack of clarity (but it's normal for a live recording). In fact, I haven't listened to any of their releases since 98 and I kept a better remembrance of their music: it blasts with some typically americanized Brutal & Groovy & Moshy riffs mixed with double bass rumbles & Groovy rythms, but the great thing is lacking. It will only be a cool release to put in the background during another extreme activity.
So many bands were influenced by the SUFFOCATION/ PYREXIA Brutal & groovy style that I need more than technically skilled and musically experimented musicians to impress me in the Brutal death style. Will a new Brutal death brand my Putrid brain? Hope they'll include some more deep and actual Brutal elements in their next release if I ever get the promo! For those being fond of INTERNAL BLEEDING (One of my Brutal deceptions), SUFFO (still fucking kills!!), PYREXIA (Good suffo clone!? r.i.p), SKINLESS(Vocals kills, but the riffs?), REPUDIILATION (Did you check the riffs?), JUNGLE ROT ...
Brutal bastards who haven't eaten thousands of CDs and tapetraded tapes as big motherfuckers may find it cool and quite impressive anyway!


FLESHTIZED (Usa) Divide and conquer MCD’00.
The lack of severely Brutal Death metal bands who play their extreme music with a deep soul and a quite spiritual side can be felt in nowadays' scene, while almost every bands want to be as technical, complex and fast as possible. Without soul, they can only cruelly fail!
And I often have to search in some older stuffs to find something very good to review, it's better when the band is still alive of course. And I noticed I didn't review this FLESHTIZED MCD. The band is still offering some good Death/ Grind, that will be a right hole to fulfill in my webzine!
FLESHTIZED played (and still plays!) a fast Death/ Grind with strong old school Death metal roots materialized under the form of old MORBID ANGEL influences. Of course the band wasn't as punishing as the first releases of MORBID ANGEL, but it was done with enough feeling and convictions to please an enjoyier of real Death metal! The whole music being fast for most of it, with few double bass drums, the riffs leading the rats around the obscure abominations of inferno, the technical brutality and some heavy domination. Good musicians! On this self-released MCD, FLESHTIZED weren't at the same level than on their "Here among thorns" full-length CD, but it was ever convincing and could only lead to a deal! Promising... and these promises weren't betrayed!


FLESHTIZED (Usa) Here among thorns CD'01 MIGHTY MUSIC.
I'm on the threshold of Death watching all this pain and damnation surrounding me! The unrelentless Death metal of FLESHTIZED awakens some long forgotten frustrations and angers! The blood will flow in my veins as hatred day one!
Blasting and tight as MORBID ANGEL, strong as KRISIUN ("Apocalyptic revelations" Era) FLESHTIZED tears my guts! Even Glen Benton would remind now what real Death metal is!  The hellish Death metal riffings of Trey Azagtoth are here very present! I'm now deeply engulfed in the inner wars and frustrations afflicted to the human slaves! I have the vision of these bastards tripping on their extreme Death metal as the very last days of their existences! Full of hatred for this life of shit and the now consciously realized numerous undone goals and ideals and betrayed inner valours! FLESHTIZED is definitely a band worth checking out!


FOIBLE INSTINCT (Ukraine) Age of machines Tape album. 2014. NO NAME Records.
From Ukraine comes the storm!
This is great sounding stuff, old school grindcore the way I dig it, with enough of blasting destruction to erase the parasitic free-masonic bones in your body!
Some songs are very influenced by early NAPALM DEATH (Scum, Feto, and the following Mlps), some are closer to ATROCITY (Usa, the grind band) and a couple have a more punk edge (Let's say à la ooold DISRUPT), but most is into the grindcore spectrum...
No need for more band-name vomiting, this is great sounding old styled grind.
The blast parts are kicking and quite energetic, then you'll find all kinds of other tempos: Dbeat crust, mid-paced to slow hardcore... Etc crucifitera. Contrary to many new grindcore bands, there Ukrainians are not much influenced by powerviolence or "perpaing" hardcore/ sludge. Most of the vocals are quite lower pitched, it's not death metallic, sounds angry and full of "distress".
Conclusion: Some great moments, some destructive blasts, FOIBLE INSTINCT is a good band for fans of old school grind.


Here's a quite nice looking Ep.
On the first side INKBLACK plays old school Death metal à la DEATH meets old MASSACRE. Few touches reminded me of BRUTALITY and INFERNAL MAJESTY. The riffs are ok, but the whole didn't turn anything on in me, and some of the (varied) vocals aren't very good. All the more, their riffs are common/ everheard.
Nothing special, nothing I'd listen to one more time unfortunately.
FONDLECORPSE plays some kind of Brutal death grind with old Death metal parts. Sounds like old CANNIBAL CORPSE meets DEICIDEE and some other death metal bands from the 90's. Sounds like INFESTDEAD by moments, and they have a BRUTALITY like riff. But it's a project with a drum machine. Some parts sound like old SIX FEET UNDER, I don't like that!
It sounds tight and clearly produced, but highlights or deeply emotional choruses are missing! FONDLECORPSE sounds better than the band on the first side, more brutal with some tracks that are a bit better constructed, but I can only say it's Ok or quite cool as nothing brand my brain. They'll release a CD on RAZORBACK quite soon, hope more brutality will be on this forthcoming piece of CD!


FOREST OF IMPALED (Usa) Forward the spears CD’03 RED STREAM
According to several facts such as the band's name or the label on which the CD was released, one could easily have imagined a boring "True" black metal release. But it's not really the case: FOREST OF IMPALED plays a kind of extreme metal at the right border between Black metal and Death metal.
The vocals being screamy. A bunch of the riffs being in a death thrashy style, while some pure Black metal guitars can be felt.
The tracks are done correctly and professionally enough to make of this album a very listenable one, but I didn't find the catchy parts or very emotional moments that would give me the need to play "Forward the spears" again.
The production being quite high pitched reminds me the albums SATANIC SLAUGHTER recorded few years ago. Could remind of DEICIDE (1st LP), old MARDUK("Before heaven shall burn"), SATANIC SLAUGHTER, DISSECTION... but after some tracks I have the feeling of a 'repetitive thing'.
So this is a professional album that stands out from the other releases in the style thanks to the band's experience and correct sense of extreme metal, but the final kick and inner inspiration that would make of F.O.I more than a 2nd rate band lacks! Not bad, but the final kick lacks!


FORNICATION (BRA) Descendants of the degenerated race Promo MCD'02.
I initially received this 4 tracks promo from their next full length CD to see if I could release it, but since I'm nit interested I'll review it!
FORNICATION plays a Brutal Death Grind reminding me of old DEEDS OF FLESH, old DEICIDE with some KRISIUN in some riffs. They could also make think about SEVERE TORTURE, PYAEMIA or a bit of ENCABULOS... As a lot of nowadays' Brutal releases, it's quite tight, but their riffs remain common and average in the Brutal death style! There are a few good ideas that stands out I enjoy a bit such as the good crushing blast part à la SUFFOCATION around 2:12 on "Malignant devotion", the cool drum break à la TERRORIZER around 2:14 on "Omnipotent ones" or the cool fast Brutal death riff on "Degenerated race" around 1:02! But I found no real surprises in the tracks' structures: they own correctly articulated songs but they could add some efficiency by shortening some riffs or adding some 3 mesures schemes! Their drummer blasts quite well, but more diversity and inventivity is fucking welcome! As a whole it remains Ok or average for me, they own a few parts I like. According to what I heard here, they can be a cool band for big Brutal death fans and they'll probabmy find an Underground label to release their CD.



Grindcore with moments of goregrind , crust/ hardcore and "funny sounding " rock things... It could sound like some old school Grind with touches of early MUCUPURULENT and old MORTICIAN. The drums sounds as a machine, especially in few "danceable" beats.
But there's nothing crushing or shocking, it's too convenient and it lacks of extreme intensity, crushing surprises and anything I need from Grindcore!
Some grinders might enjoy it if they want something convenient to relax, or listen during a party, but the thrills of insanity aren't here.
Not extreme and emotional enough for an album in my opinion!


What's the fuck in the underground? I hear more and more experimental noise releases and I don't see the point of listening to this!

CONURE "offers" here a 17:55 minutes long track composed of low noises, computer sounds, and a few familiar or street sounds... no rythms, no music, nothing that'll keep your interest nor keep you awake. Nothing else to say than: "it doesn't suck, it's nothing".

FUCK THE FACTS are a Grind crust band, but on this split  they also play some experimental noise. Their tracks may be more alive than CONURE as there are more things happening... Maybe some guys will find it funny, but I think they should keep for themselves this mix of overdriven sounds, spaceship video games finishing the big boss, screaming cats, 200% slowed down trip hop with a church choir, guitar larsens, spacing smoke metaller during a shit reception...
F.T.F should at least avoid this kind of delirias under their name as I would avoid at all costs their other grinding releases after hearing this!
Nothing that should be released! That's for sure!!


FUNEBRARUM (USA) Beneath the columns of abandoned gods CD’02 NECROHARMONIC.
Incredible! This is typical finnish death metal in the vein of  FUNEBRE, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH (are there still people still remembering these old gods? I hope so, because they still keep on kicking some ass!) but it is played in 2000, by an american band!!!! As for KAAMOS, FUNEBRARUM is on a good position in the ranks of the true contemporary uncompromising death metal bands. Imagine a sound that is as heavy, and sometimes more than DEMIGOD, ASPHYX, MORTICIAN, DISEMBOWELEMENT!!!!! And yes it is a young band (born in 1999) but absolutely not done by new comers. Nick Orlando plays also in EVOKEN, and Daryl and Dave play in ABAZAGORATH ( The album consists only of five songs, but as they are all quite pretty long, but absolutely not boring, it is not a problem. FUNEBRARUM brings the auditor in the deepnees of the dephts of the death metal genre. And Daryl´s voice is heavier than every trendy boring "froglike vocals" that bands like DEEDS OF FLESH, LIVIDITY and the likes are praising. Absolutely no trendy stuff can be heard in this music. And what is also cool is that even if it is not so original, one can feel a huge identity in FUNEBRARUM, and this becomes rare nowadays. This band is definitely worth to check out. It´s always cool when bands like this show that there are some truely dedicated fans and musician in this scene polluted by trends. Straight from the guts! If it´s too doomy or heavy for you, then fuck off and die! Ha!



FUNERAL INCEPTION (Indonesia) Anthems Of Disenchantment CD'02 WARPATH.
Formerly known under the monicker BLOODY GORE, this indonesian band is a new one, with a new drummer. I have not had the chance to listen to BLOODY GORE, so I don´t know how to describe any evolution in the band´s sound... FUNERAL INCEPTION is delivering pure brutal death metal with quite technical riffs and knows how to stay effective. Some influences are evident like the one of SINISTER ("Agressive measures"), or the old MALEVOLENT CREATION for some thrashy elements. It is really well played and each song is recognizable. It is a good point to hear that this band doesn´t follow the trendy way of the death core movment. FUNERAL INCEPTION stays metal, and it is important. But I don´t know if my speakers are rotten or if it´s the band´s fault, but it seem that the sound has a trend to saturate too much, which is of course dirty and raw, but which doesn´t make any favor to the musicianship of the guys... Another problem is a lack of identity one can hear in this band. It is not bad at all, and can be really effective, but it is the kind of album I would have lust to listen once in a while, and forget really fast. That´s a pity because FUNERAL INCEPTION delivers a really good brutal death metal. I think this band must be better to watch on stage. It is fast music but enough well composed not to annoy too much the listener. If you are into brutal shit, give a chance to these dudes. You can feel a big work behind this album.


FUNEREAL (Usa) The misery season CD. 2000. CRYONICS Recs.
I wasn't aware about the existence of this band until quite recently.
Some underground dust-sniffers might be more familiar with CONTAGION, since the band recorded two demos, one Ep and apparently got some kind of cult UG status in Usa under this name, before changing of moniker for FUNEREAL and recording this album in 1994... But the recording wasn't released before the year 2000 (Limited to 250 copies).
Sometimes roughly described as "Death doom", the style of the band was a globally mid-paced Death metal, with quite strong doomy influences (But no really monolithic moments, it was rather in the riffs & arrangements), but also more powerful patterns putting an emphasis on double bass-drums (You could think about mid old BOLT THROWER for example), some faster patterns here & there, and something like an emphasis on "Groove" (I generally dislike the kinds of metal sorted in that category, but we aren't talking about groove metal neither groovy death... It's rather closer to MORTA SKULD's 2nd album "As humanity fades"). Add a bit of accelerations à la old IMMOLATION (First album) or more old styled fast DM beats à la early DEATH/ MASSACRE.
To come back to the doom influence, I think the FUNEREAL guys probably digged early PARADISE LOST ("Lost paradise" & "Gothic") or MY DYING BRIDE (Everything before the 2nd album) since some moments of the spoken album could seem like the two mentioned bands got the benefits of a more skilled drummer.
Some peoples might hear some early JUNGLE ROT similarities for some "grooves" and for the "fun" (2nd album "Slaughter the weak") but FUNEREAL sounds better and less "chuga chuga" in my opinion.
Later on, one of the guitarists and the drummer went to play in CIANIDE, and even if I can see a logical follow in style, the two bands procreated something quite different.
This album sounds quite sold and well packed, with nice doom riffs here and there. I couldn't say the compositions are that catchy or absolutely killer, but this could be a very nicely bone-crunching album for fans of 2nd rate 90's death metal with a taste for the heaviness.