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P.L.F. (Usa) Ultimate whirlwinds of incineration Tape album. 2014. RESCUED FROM LIFE Recs.
Discogs tells me P.L.F stands for "Pretty little flower", but I believe the real meaning is PRETTY LATE FUCKER! Yes, pretty late, because I received this tape in trade a couple of years ago, found it kicking, and then it was absorbed by the personal collection of cassettes located under the bed... Then it reappeared at the top of my (rotting) head only recently... So, I'm now reviewing the molested body parts jumping from the speakers of the tape-player.
This is brutal grindcore with extreme blasts and what you could expect from the style... But wait, there's something else in the chainsaw-fucked cadaver: Some parts almost sound like old school DM, or brutal thrash! The more you listen, the more you hear "brutal thrash" riffs! Indeed compared to regular grind, it seems like they replaced the crust/ punk influences with thrash riffs, and there are even (Compacted) thrashing guitars during some blasts.
I could say the whole sounds like a mixture of old INHUME, early SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (Minus the gore), early (brutal) KREATOR, SODOM ("Tapping the vein"), TERMINATION FORCE, some old BRODEQUIN, or the french SUFFICIDE ("Material thrown out" demo).
I think it's quite valid to underline the similarities with the US band Termination Force (Who plays a mixture of thrashing death and grindcore), but the outcome of P.L.F sounds more on the grind/ brutal side.
Also, while some grind/ P.V. bands are very explosive, here the feeling is more like a mentally ill patient is subject to numerous strong spasms but that remain enclosed inside... It keeps on coming and exploding from a point to another as if you were the metallic ball in a giant flipper. You could also feel like a corpse sealed in a body bag, enclosed in the trunk of a fast-driving car, and the road is very damaged so there's a lot of shaking AhAh.
Well, perhaps there's a bit too much of corpse molestation for my convenient belly... You know, I like things very simple and easy to digest (I'm a big maniac of cover bands! AhAh).
To sum it up, this album sounds quite compressed, brutal, thrashing, and molesting. Perhaps I would have enjoyed a couple of "easy" catchy riffs here & there, but this is a nicely kicking tape and the title sumps up the content quite well.


(Ger) Homicide chaos MCD'02.
This band plays the classical clich Thash metal a lot of young beginning bands choose to practicize. Understand it's very much METALLICA influenced with some little touches of old NUCLEAR ASSAULT/ old SLAYER and few Thrashcore like riffs. In my ears it sounds fucking sterile, outdated, flat and predictable.
In my opinion it doesn't deserve a pro pressing, and some band that offer 100 times more personality and expression in their music even can't find a deal!
A minimum energy is needed to get a decent review of an aggressive style here!

PANZERGOAT (Rus) Selfdestruction anthems CD. 2020. WINGS OF DESTRUCTION Recs.
I received a package with some CDs from Wings of Destruction records in Russia, I will try to review of part of it. Hopefully it's not (all) chicken wings AhAh.
PANZERGOAT comes from Tula Oblast, and plays a suspicious liquor brewed with elements of crust/ hardcore, grindcore, death metal and black metal... I think this description might sound like an unidentified flying orchestra for some readers, so I will develop a bit...
To me, to try to capture the whole spirit, and taking in account some strange riffs and breaks... I would say this band might taste like a powerviolence outfit that wouldn't use too many blastbeats, but more crust/ hardcore rhythms, and would insert some old death metal and a bit of black metal influences...
Globally this might sound like a mix of "kicking" fast or mid-paced "hardcore", with some old death metal riffs la NAPALM DEATH ("Utopia banished"), some DEFECATION (First album... For some "HC" and some "thrash") and some very old PHOBIA (Usa) for some grind... This sounds quite "eclectic" in the brutal world, it's even a bit of a mess (AhAh).
The screamy vocals sound like your favorite powerviolence (Or sludge?) band. This could be a quite important element, since you hear these screams clearly in the mix.
Well... During these 11 tracks, I feel like some parts are quite kicking and there are good moments... But I'm not interested in all the riffings (Hardcore, Hardcore...), the whole is a bit too "diverse" for me, and I'm not a big fan of the vocals (Kinda sound like a "crushed cat").
So I feel like this is an average release with some qualities and defects, this might please some supporters of the style but also might not really... It's you to judge.

Ah! Here's a release I've been waiting for since some months! PATHS OF POSSESSION is the new band of Richard Brunelle (ex Morbid Angel). I imagined and expected some old emerging feeling coming straight from the hellish "Blessed are the sick"! But fucking deception! While I imagined something creative and special, what I hear is mid-placed "Deathcore" with thrash metal riffs, the whole reminds me of SIX FEET UNDER (Especially the "Warpath" CD) plus some few punkish riffs. Notice the presence of Georges "Corpsegrinder" fisher on vocals. Well it doesn't suck, it's rather well constructed etc etc but I expected really more from a guy who played on absolutely killer albums such as "Altars of madness" or "Blessed are the sick".
The MORBID ANGEL fans who have understood the true sulfuric essence of the band's first releases won't find something for their intense Death metallic interest here! It's only the kind of stuffs which is cool or Ok, if you see what I mean!
Sadly enough, I think the real creativity and Brutal obscure expression rather have to be found in the younger bands than in the experienced deathbags of the older death metallers!
The other band on this split is DARK FAITH who plays somekind of Black death metal. While they have a thrashy/ heavy touch on guitars, it's mostly fast and reminds me of DECAMERON, SACRAMENTUM, the few I know of DISSECTION, old IN FLAMES... The kind of quite but not too much stuffs. They have more or less correctly articulated tracks (with some errors), but nothing that turned me on. I've ever heard this kind of riffs before, and as I'm not a fan of the style I can't say more than: it's Ok or average. Notice a DEATH cover ("Zombie ritual") that's quite different from the original, but not impressive.
To conclude, this split offers really less quality than I hoped it would. Very average!


PAVOR (Ger) Furioso CD'03 Self-released
This kind of release tends to be a rarity in the death metal style. This is hyper technical but still stays musical and has enough breaks and mid paced rhythm so that the listener doesn't feel lost. Believe me this is what we can call "progressive death metal", 'cos it's so complicated, and full of influences external to metal, like "progressive rock". I think these guys must enjoy quite a lot bands like WATCHTOWER, KING CRIMSON (especially the last period), SPASTIC INK, DEATH (last period as well). Son I think that necro fans shall have problems to listen to this album. But if you're a musician or enjoy jazz and progressive music, I advice you strongly to try PAVOR, 'cos it is really an impressive band. Personally, I can sincerely enjoy it, but my grim heart belongs definitely to the old school in a matter of Death metal. I remember to have listened to an old song of PAVOR from the  "a pale debilitating autumn" from 1993 (if I am not wrong) and it was already quite gloomy and technical. But here, ten years after, the technical level is really amazing, and still the music stays dark. You have to listen to this record more than once in order to get into it, but be sure that after several listening sessions it might still reveal some surprises. What I appreciate with this release, despite its technical complexity, is the fact that it still keeps somehow a metal touch. The guys master their instruments, and it shows, but I don't find it boring, which is very seldom with this kind of approach to the music. I specially like the statement into the booklet of the cd saying: "to all wimps, dilettantes, kiddies, fakes, and other boring lowlifes out there,that keep making fools of themselvesby trying to be evil, brutal or even musically relevant; STAY AT HOME AND PRACTICE!!" hahaha! Cool!
Cuntact:      Nathaniel                


PERVERSITY (Slo) In the garment of lust CD'02 PERENNIAL QUEST.
Here's the new release of a very new French label.
And when you see the cover you could expect something really more extreme... Ok it's rather technical Brutal death, and it sounds Brutal, but nothing IS Brutal here! And I didn't feel the fucking stench of overwelhming perversity taking the control of the musicians!
It's complex and more or less correctly played tracks, but nothing stands out here! Old CANNIBAL CORPSE like riffs that were so fucking  over abused during all these years of Brutal death! It reminds me of NATRON's first CD for the quite technical guitar riffings, and some SINISTER touches could be named for the same reason. They own quite melodic tremolo Death metal riffs GOD DETHRONED once used in 1998 (haven't heard their new stuffs). There's also some DAMNABLE (Pol) and for example touches of old ATROCITY for wanna sound different breaks, but it's just average riffs that attract nothing in me. By moments they also include more Techno Death metal like parts with self evolving bass lines.
Nothing impressed me during this CD's 9 tracks, I had the feeling I heard all their riffs before, and it sounds quite outdated.
For me, it's just one more Brutal death release on the pile of cruelly lacking of soul CDs I almost never listen to... And I was as nice as a little objective bird when I wrote this review!



PERVERTED SON (Chile) To the abstract MCD'06. Self Released.
Oh purulent serenades, keep on seeping on my torso and drowning my brain in the mysteries of oblivion...
Even if their band name might be a little strange at the first incestuous approach, PERVERTED SON's music is quite interesting and also different from the usual south American alcoholic metal vomiturition. Imagine something like techno thrash/ death embracing the strange musical behaviors some metallers choose in the late 90's, when they discovered the virtues of the 3-legged dog...
Most of the pictures emanate from the old CORONER toy box, while few gimmickal photos could seem like ATHEIST (First album) or some old riffing parchments might remember of KREATOR (In the middle of their thrash epoch), with a little zest of SABBAT (For some atmospheres or quite strange vocals) and some PESTILENCE ("Spheres") contained in the "mathematic future" fumes of some leads...
The CORONER comparison would rather fit for some state of mind, little atmospheres and riffing gimmicks, because it's clearly less technical... And so "Mental vortex" might be the closer record to link... Sometimes I would like to quote MEKONG DELTA, but the perverted son plays with fewer Russian dolls and occurs to have darker thoughts.
I feel this little assortment of serenades could be a bit more emotionally intense by moments, but the band kinda develops some mysterious or quite intriguing atmospheres you don't hear every week.
There's unfortunately nothing for Satan to steal your teddy bear yet, but this is nicely made technical music, with a neat (natural) sound and cool cover illustration. It might please big fans of the style who still have a spiked boot in late 80's.
Email: Insane592(Argh)hotmail(Fist)com


PHAZM (Fra) Hate at first seed CD'04 OSMOSE.
This one is a quite strange album. What you hear is some kind of melting between fast black metal original black metal and few rock'n roll plus death influences. While the fastest Black metal riffs can sound like some MAYHEM ("Wolf's layr abyss") or DAK FUNERAL, the most original and 'powercore' black metal riffs remind me of "A grand declaration of war", strange isn't it? Quite a lot of moments are composed of mayhemish arpeggios in the vein of their last epoch (it's not so far from the dark depressive movement). Ok, there's an obscure atmosphere, but doesn't it lack of frozen suicidal dementia?
Some zests of ENTOMED or MOTORHEAD could be felt for the rock'n roll, but it's only a zest in a big glass of blackened whisky.
On one fist there are cool stuffs such as the quite deep sounding riff of the first track, or the punching death grind influenced track entitled "Forest recipe" (SUFFOCATION meets MALEVOLENT CREATION and DARK FUNERAL); on the other fist you have strange sounding things that might sound like a 3 legs dog trying to run fast. Even though this album is quite varied and remains decent thanks to good skills musicians, there aren't much more interesting ideas than some riffs from here and there. Some good punching riffs are here, but one should dig many graves on an experimental latest epoch MAYHEM to get into most of this album. Not much memorable, but quite strange.


These americans remain loyal to their original style: a good Grind/death not so many bands play nowadays. It's the same kind of of raw grind/death with a raw corrosive sound la old NAPALM ("F.E.T.O").
This EP can be adviced to those who enjoyed their previous MCD, they can buy it without any problem! Total shredding Grind exploding right in your face! Once the Ep is on the player, it's too late coz you're Dead!! Get it you moron! 


PHOBIA (Usa) Enslaved Ep'96 SLAP A HAM.
This EP of PHOBIA sounded nearer of the first releases of the band (Return to desolation MCD) while their following releases included more discordant riffs, Hardcore and Crusty touches. There are here a lot of Grindcore blast parts, and when it slows down it sounds like old school Grind a lot! The tracks are very energetic and aggressive with this fucking insanity the Grindcore of the first epoch had! This is the third world war in the head of the guitarist! Ah!
Good Grind la "F.E.T.O", "Mentally murdered" and "Purity dilution" for those who remind these very good vinyls! Gindcore in its purest and most aggressive form!
That was a very good Ep that announced the Grinding comeback of PHOBIA that didn't release anything for years at the time! You Grind bastard: BUY OR DIE!!


PHOBIA (Usa) Means of existence CD'98 DEATHVOMIT.
I've switched on the player this CD to compare it with the following one that seems to really lack of energy! And Yeah! This one was far more energetic and fucking Grinding! Brutal Grind with corrosive discordant riffs that continuously blast your head! Fucking efficient short tracks with the real grinding energy, compress as fuck explosive tracks that crust your arse in its most moshing parts!
Good drummer, good vocals, good sound. PHOBIA is worth seeing live!!
Nothing bad to say about the first tracks that are truly excellent in the style! Yeah! The following isn't always good, variating between some quite good ideas and average parts, but it remains Ok.
An album you'll gladly download or dub on a fucking rotten tape if you ever find it! I wouldn't advice to buy this CD at all costs, but it's a quite good album with some real enthusiasm for Grindcore!


PHOBIA (Usa) Destroying the masses CD'99 PESSIMISER.
All the previous PHOBIA releases I heard gave me a good impression, and I personally own a part of it. It's now time to get an hear on one of their other releases to judge if they're still playing quality Grindcore!
The style of PHOBIA is old school Grindcore with some Crust and discordant touches, it hasn't changed much since their previous CD "Means of existence". Their grind reminds me of DEFECATION and obviously of very old NAPALM DEATH while some crusty punches ride along the lines of old DISRUPT.
There are a few tracks I enjoy, but to be honest I prefered their previous releases! What I hear on this CD doesn't turn me on the Brutal! The whole remains correct and may be quite cool if you're into old school Grind. The Grindcore mood and energy are still there, but it's boring in parts. But it's less crazy and aggressive than before! I've switched on the "Enslaved" Ep'96 to compare, and it's obvious PHOBIA was ways more punishing at the time! And more catchy!
I'll try to get a spiked hand on one of their last releases to judge if it was a momentaneous lack of energy and grinding stress! This isn't the best PHOBIA release, no one I'd advice to check out, nope.


PHOBIA (Usa) Serenity through pain CD'01 DEEP SIX.
The previous PHOBIA CD didn't turn me on. It's now time to hear if this new one is more energized and inspired than "Destroying the masses".
And the first track I hear doesn't especially confort me in the good opinion I had of PHOBIA's older releases. It's tight Grind/Death/Crust. Correctly done tracks with riffs that doesn't suck, but there's nothing special. And unfortunately the remaining of the CD is in the same vein: Ok Grindcore with Crusty and Death touches, there's nothing that stands out. Nothing catchy.
If a new band came with these tracks on a demo, I would have a better opinion of the thing (it doesn't suck), but PHOBIA did some very better stuffs that were totally crushing, energetic to the bone and slam induced Grindcore violence.
I remember and interview I did with them in 1999 in which they said they'd stop if the total Grinding passion wasn't here anymore. Well, I haven't found traces if a Grinding insanity nor total crushing passion for extreme grind on this CD. It seems to me they keep on playing because they're a band and this may be one of the only important things in their lives, but I found no real crushing passion here.
It's an Ok release, but as many releases coming out it offers nothing special. And PHOBIA seems to offer nothing special anymore since some years now...


Here's one of the first releases of PIG DESTROYER!
The improvement since this time is quite impressive! In 4 years they've reached a more important level of efficiency!
Their tracks on this split are quite strange, understand it's new school Grind with a bunch of very Hardcore and discording riffs! That screams a lot! Yeaaarrr! There was a bunch of Heavy mid placed HxCx riffs, sludge depressive fuse-blowing and new school Hardcore riffings as well as a bunch of blasts and fast tempo beats. A few very technical riffs la BRUTAL TRUTH (latest releases). The whole in unconventional tracks' structures. A few Grind induced riffs quote my attention, but it's too much weird new school Hardcore Grind discordance and weird bizarro to please me. Bizarre tracks with many ear-piercing screams.
At this time PIG DESTROYER didn't suck, but this style wasn't and isn't for me. Their "Prowler in the yard" CD'01 impressed me ways more as it's more Grinding and a bit more conventional with some remains of these wicked discordances. 

The style of ORCHID is softer. Somekind of slow Hardcore with few discordances and more thrashcore riffs. They have a few riffs la GODFLESH? The vocals are quite high pitched, more or less screamy.
The riffs are near of Sludgecore in many parts. The band has split up.
Well, I've got nothing else to say about it since it didn't please me and since I know very few about this kind of music.


PIG DESTROYER (Usa) Prowler in the yard CD'01 RELAPSE.
I had a few problems to get into it at the first fast listening, this because of bizarre tracks' structures and new school Grind weird tracks' structures and new school Grind weird elements. But hell, a few minutes of careful adaptation to get out of my old school let me discover something efficient! Yeah! Total old school Grindcore with obvious TERRORIZER influences, both for the fast riffs and groovier tempo approached. And fuck hell, this is quite original since it gets out the head from its old school Grindcore! Read some of the influences I've found: old and new NAPALM DEATH, metal powercore rage and heaviness of mid old PANTERA, a bit of KRISIUN(!), TERRORIZER, new and old BRUTAL TRUTH, some technical riffs la old DEICIDE, a bit of some sludge like heaviness, punk, Hardcore...
Very good drummer that's tight as a "commando" in the blasts and that's varied and expressive enough! Punch, Punch! Blast! The whole with vocals ranging from the classical Grindcore ones to more hardcorish or saturated screams. Ok, the riffs aren't very deep and all the tracks aren't excellent, but it has got it's share of compressed intensity and controlled Grindcore explosions, and it's quite well done!
Fans of Grindcore la TERRORIZER should put an hear on this PIG DESTROYER release! Yeah! 


Here's the previous release of PIGSTY, a band that was a nice discovering with their "The return" CD'02. And that was ever fast at this time, not as endlessly blasting as "The return" since it includes a good amount of less fast (but fast) parts. I don't like that much their blasts and fast riffs that are common.
Sounds as a mix of old CRYPTOPSY ("None so vile"), ALIENATION MENTAL, DEVOURMENT, SEVERE TORTURE but the whole is less technical on a riffs level. (It's not technical riffs for 90% of it). Some riffs may sound a bit like some old EXHUMED stuffs by moments, but it's very much Death/ Grind like guitars. Some cool shredding mid placed riffings. Gory nasal growls are used by moments. I'm not so much into this one, it includes some average parts and some stuffs I'd avoid since it's too common and lack of brutality. But it remains correctly brutal.
They've improved since this time, "The return" is more efficiently constructed, blasted and shows the appearance of cool mid placed and quite catchy parts. So, this part of the split wasn't bad, but it offered nothing special and was average in parts. "The return" is better and PIGSTY is a blasting band that evolves in the right way.

TU CARNE: I must say nothing impressed me in the TU CARNE tracks. It's Grindcore/ Death metal with pitch chifteed/ gory vocals reminding me of BRUJERIA... Could sound like old SQUASH BOWELS, old MALIGNANT TUMOUR, etc... But the riffs are very common, it lacks of rea ltightness and grinding energy... So many bands play this style I see no reason to listen to an average/ very average one. There are no picks in purulent gore nor ultimate stresscore explosions. Flat tracks. The sound ain't bad. In my ears it sounds flat and uninteresting.


From the eastern Europe are coming more and more bands that play an extreme style that tries to challenge the limits of the style, but also include some quite fresh elements.
In this case we are talking about PIGSTY who come from the Czech Republic. Their style could be described as a cross between DeathGrind and Grindgore with some touches of Heavy Brutal Death, Crust/Hardcore or even Nu metal!
Most of their tracks are very fast as it's organized around the blasts, and this is what I'd reproach to them. Too fast, too fast, it looses a bit the listener. These blasts could remind of CRYPTOPSY or old BRUTAL TRUTH, and I may compare the band to ALIENATION MENTAL for several reasons, including the drumming point.
Here are a few more names for you to get a better idea of their music: DEVOURMENT, TON (Heavy parts), old NOSTROMO (a bit) AHUMADO GRANUJO. They own a good drummer that does some pretty cool stuffs when he stops the blasts. Notice a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE COVER.
So there's nothing exceptional here but it's a totally pro band, with compact and quite well done tracks that includes some cool or fresh stuffs from here and there! It has got its chances to please the fans of extreme metal, and especially the grinders!



PLAGUE (Gre) Abyssdiver MCD. 2014. ANOPSYS Recs.
It's quite surprising to hear how this band was influenced, and probably worked hard to sound like DEATH.
Most of the music they play is close to the style of Schuldiner, right in the middle between "Leprosy" and "Spiritual healing".
You can hear quite immense similarities at the level of the guitars (themes and ways of playing), of the production (Quite "clear" and warm), and the drums also share quite a lot of common patterns... (Only the vocals differ, it's more regular Death metal vocals).
Sometimes you could wonder if you're in front of a carbon copy... But this could be pleasant for fans of the style.
I also heard a few influences from later DEATH releases, but not for technical or progressive reasons (It's rather about some "melodies" or themes, even if some riffs sound quite "proto-progressive" the way "Spiritual healing" did).
Even if the music of PLAGUE is close to the compositions of Schuldiner and lacks of "instinct of survival", this two tracks MCD contains quite well composed songs and comes with a quite cool production, this could please fans of DEATH who could hear a quite cool homage.


PRESTO? (Bra) Atentado sonoro CD'04 PECULIO Records.
Here's another Grindcore induced band with a guy from the grinders HUTT! What you hear is HC induced Grindcore with a lot of fast parts (both blasting and punching in an old Death metallic, better said thrash Hardcore, way).
This could sound as powerviolence (Not far from new SANITYS DAWN) since it has a goal to display raw noise and coz some vocals are screamy. The vocals are also fast Hardcore shouts the old way (Not far from new SANITYS DAWN). The music also has some mid-placed/ slower HC that could remind of the BLOCKHEADS or mod old MASTIC SCUM. Some riffs are almost Death metal like, but it's not that morbid feeling... rather like early BRUTAL TRUTH, if I could say so.
It sounds nicely aggressive, but some riffs and breaks are too strange to please me! And there's too much core to turn me on! Nothing seems memorable, just brutal or aggressive, so its average.
I guess some brutal and aggressive music fans who like it CORE  (like new SANITYS DAWN?) might be interested, but it's not my cup of beer and I prefer HUTT!


PROFANATION (Ger) Dead man rotting CD'02.
Here's a German Death/ Grindthing that was meant to make me forget GRONIBARD and anything else, but as I'm not a GRONIBARD fan at all, it won't be a big deal, eh eh!
So they play Death/ Grind Crust with somekind of a mid old MORTICIAN sound's texture, heavy riffs la MORTICIAN's "Hacked up for barbecue" (more or less).
They sound like a Goregrind band by moments and they make me think about LIVIDITY's "Fetish for the sick" MCD (less technical).
Remind me also INHUMATE's 1st CD for the way some voxxx are placed. Their drummer blasts a bit la KADATH/ old KATAKLYSM. Some quite raw vocals can also remind the canadian Brutal death headz of KATAKLYSM. They remind me by moments some fucking funny Death grind projects I heard some years ago. And there's nothing here that would make anyone forget any other band.
PROFANITY follows the lines of the bigger bands, their tracks are correctly played, but they offer nothing new or never heard before. More guts, ideas and energy of the dead is needed!!



PROFANITY (Ger) Slaughtering thoughts CD'00 CUDGEL.
I have ever reviewed some PROFANITY stuffs here, and also interviewed them. There might be other band to review first, but cool bands deserve extra support!
After a very metallic intro begins the technical Brutal Death carnage!
What you've got here is Brutal Death Grind along the lines of old SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth" and "Vile"), MONSTROSITY with a zest of old GORGUTS' less melodic parts.
Some parts are chaotic, lead by technical riffs that make the sulfur fume! A bit la very old MORBID ANGEL ("Altars of madness"). Some riffs aren't so far from the unrelentless Death metal brutal threshold of intense thrills! Good drummer that includes some nice technical touches in his playing. Cool leads that own a touch of melody. The tracks are quite complex with plenty or riffs (not much rooms for approximations here).
There's nothing damn original, but it's quite intense and efficient stuff in the style! It's powerfully produced! A cool band that has its severe chances to please intense Death metal fans!


Bloody cool Ep!
Blasting from Germany PROFANITY keeps on offering quite intense and technical Death Grind la old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old SUFFOCATION, old GORGUTS (a bit), MONSTROSITY! Good drummer with efficient and energized blasts that includes some brutal subtleties! There's a bit of old DEATH in here. Quite intense tracks! It severely ravages the burning flesh! Notice a POSSESSED cover ("The exorcist") they have arranged a bit in their own bloody sausage! Not bad! Their tracks are technical and complex! This isn't the kind of stuffs every metal head will enjoy since it's quite complex in structures, but it's intense tracks of total Death/ Grind! Yeah! The burning energy is here, this is the only thing that counts in Satan's eyes: 666!
I haven't heard anything of LIVIDITY since their "Fetish for the sick" CD'98. I'm not into what I hear there. The first track is way too simple and ever heard in 97 and 98. Where's the burning energy? The two following tracks are a bit better, Death/ Grind along what they did on "Fetish for the sick" with old CANNIBAL CORPSE influences (without the technical edge) or similarities with bands like IMMORTAL SUFFERING and INSATANITY(?). The sound is the same kind of thiny one they had before, lacks of heaviness and Brutality for the style! It's two ok tracks but there's nothing special! Just Ok stuffs. I don't understand the enthusiasm these pussy lovers get in the underground!
http://www.profanity.deFlesh Ep'02.
Here's the very last PROFANITY release! Fucking Brutal and more blasting than never!
On the first side you get their "Humade ME Flesh" track that's quite surprisingly fast for PROFANITY as most of this track is based on blast beats! Brutal Death Grind la old SUFFOCATION, old PYREXIA, old CANNIBAL CORPSE that's still technical and quite complex! Still intense and gut Brutal! Some technical guitars lead to sulfurized chaos! Burning rotten energy! Some guitar elements are specific to MORBID ANGEL's last releases. Good drummer, quite intense riffs, cool leads, that's a quite good track!
On the other side of this full of fumes of Death Ep, you get two covers. The first one is "Zombie ritual" of DEATH that doesn't sound bad! They've arranged it a bit in their own bloody sausage, and you can hear the appearance of some blast beats (for example)! Then you get a TERRORIZER cover, this is "Fear of napalm". I think this is too fast on the first mid-placed part and the whole looses a part of the initial grinding energy, but I've heard worse TERRORIZER covers and it remains Ok/ Decent. So, it's a quite good Ep for those who'd like to discover PROFANITY, and for the sick maniacs of the vinyl cult! PROFANITY remains an intense band that may please intense burning Death metal maniacs!


Not to be confused with the American Brutal death band!
At the first listening this band sounds interesting: FEAR FACTORY ("Demanufacture") influenced for the heaviest sides with some dark and cleaner vocals, the sound is quite powerfull and I thought this surprising CD (I got if for only 4 Euros as a second hand CD) would grow on me. But unfortunately the following tracks sounds more and more FEAR FACTORY influenced, and certainly too much for me. I wouldn't go to the point of telling it's a rip off band but I'm not a big fan of FEAR FACTORY. So, it might be cool for fans of "Demanufacture", but I'm still very hungry and on the hunt for fresh flesh!


Eventhough I never was a big fan of PROPHECY, their side of this split Ep sounds cool and warms up the package of cold beers. Seems like blood-vomit-splattered vinyl is the perfect format for this kind of brutal sex ablation. What you hear is brutal death metal the American way with some old school Death influences... The cool thing remains the band isn't abusively technical when they're influenced by old SUFFO/ PYREXIA, plus I found a bunch of old Brutal death influences emerging straight from the burning past! Read: DETERIORATE, EMBALMER, HEMDALE, some groovy moments could remind of old FLESHGRIND while some very old DYING FETUS can be found in few less serious riffs actually wasting the tension. The drum sound tastes like old CRYPTOPSY/ HEMDALE.
So you guess these 2 tracks have various kinds of rhythms, riffs and beats that makes it cool and pleasant to drink beer and raise up many middle fingers in the face of this world of shit! This stuff might sound a bit outdated, but I don't give a flying fuck since this is more enjoyable than all the technicrap deaf metal wankers! Despise the wankery, soulful effigy of necrotic brutality! PROPHECY remains between the very cool and the average in my hears. Some deeply intense riffs would help them to reach the threshold of memorable fucking brutal death metal! Good for big fans of the style.

The other side is my first sexual penetration with the Czech PERVERSIST, and well it's not really orgasmic or impressive. I have ever felt brutaller and more convincing cocks in my little sweety cunt! As the PERVERSIST keeps on moving from up and down, I feel nothing special. As he keeps on screaming and growling, I wonder why I didn't try to fuck a real nasty dog. This tastes like the brutal death stuffs I heard few years ago: rather US influenced, but with strange riffs. Maybe his sperm is tasteless? Eventhough the gory screams of the PERVERSIST could have make me cum and scream like a tiny teenage, the Czech bastard didn't seem much turned on by my flat tits and black leather underwears. So he didn't get nervous and kept on brutalizing my juicy ass the usual way. Conventional brutal death fuck that might try to imitate CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALIGNANCY, NEURAL BOOSTER and some Czech sickos, but he lacks of brutal passion as well as some tightness. He needs a strong will to fuck with brutal conviction! This fuck wasn't that cool, Uh, and it will be fastly forgotten by my tight juicy cunt! Please fuck me the Brutal way!!


As I'm not a fan of the scato noise scene, I had serious doubts on the quality of their style when I saw their necrophiliac cover and the sadomasochist artwork.
But they're playing Brutal Death grind, the whole being tight.
At first sight, I noticed some cool growled vocals that sounds as if a pitched shifted effect was introduced by force in the bastard's nasal system. The drums sounds like a drum machine, and it makes me think about MORTICIAN for this reason. I may quote some influences such as old HYPOCRISY, VOMITORY.
Some riffs sound too much ever heard before.
I have nothing else to say as I found no inner apocalyptic emotionnal expulsion and no riff sounded new to me.
It may please the extreme metal "newcomers" but those who have ever eaten hundreds and hundreds of Brutal death metal kilometers in their blasted heads won't get the awaited thrill of Death! Too Average...


PSYCHOFAGIST has lost a drummer and adopted a drum-machine since their last demo. The style is still quite complex Brutal death, but well it sounds more like being complex to be complex. No riff stands out as it sounds like a mix of riffs and too many notes. Could sound like a mix of old DAMNABLE, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (old), OSSUARY INSANE, old NATRON... but the riffs are too average: it goes everywhere! Sorry, it may get an ok/ average review for a demo, but it's a pro recording!

HYBRID VISCERY sounds more interesting. They're a more simple style in the vein of the new Grind/ Death - Death/ Grind scene that emerges from the Czech Republic. H.V could remind a bit of PIGSTY or AHUMADO GRANUJO. Cool accelerations on Grinding blasts la ALIENATION MENTAL  (increases a bit the intensity) . The Grinding parts that could remind also of very old BRUTAL TRUTH aren't so bad. Some old school Grind influences could remind of PHOBIA (old), BLOCKHEADS. They can improve some tracks' structures, and catchier riffs are needed, but it's not bad! To be honest, I'd rather see these tracks of HYBRID VISCERY on a full demo, then it would have been cool! Good luck guys!


PSYCROPTIC (Australia) The isle of disenchantement CD'01.
Australia really seems right to the point and fertile as the horn of abundance in terms of quality extreme metal bands. PSYCROTPIC is an aussie band I've gladly discovered recently, and an interview is on its way! Their style is Brutal and technical Death metal that takes both of SUFFOCATION and old AT THE GATES. But they also reminded me of DYING FETUS, FLESHTIZED, MORTAL DECAY, MALEVOLENT CREATION (a bit of the last albums). You see this is a quite varied band with compositions that remains in the extreme Death metal spectrum.
Between the Death metal parts, there are various thrashin techno death or technical riffs. Their tracks are composed of many riffs that are constructed altogether in a cool way: with many cool breaks and changes. The vocals are quite varied also, it has both the death metal growls, some high pitched screams, some Hardcorish parts and some few more "sung" parts that has something quite thrash/ heavy metal like. Quite good drummer that has both the double kicks, the blasts and various other beats melted in a cool way.
PSYCROPTIC could sound as if PROFANITY (Ger) had included more variety and melody in its compositions. The most melodic death metal tremolo riffs could remind of MORTAL DECAY's 1st album, but also of DECAMERON meets ANATA.
The interest is kept burning and the morbid attention remains repugnant as it isn't repetitive. Compressed professional wide range Death/ Grind!
PSYCROPTIC will be a very cool band for fans of Death/ Grind who like it quite technical and varied in the style!


Here's a very Underground split CDr.
PULMONARY FIBROSIS's tracks begins in a Brutal death vein la old CANNIBAL CORPSE, wut their sound is so raw and crude I don't understand most of the riffs when it blasts. Was surely recorded on an old taperecorder of the 2nd world war!
I'd say they mix some Brutal death, some Grind (old Napalm) and some few Crust parts. Vocals are quite low and gory. The drums aren't veyr tight during the grindings but it could remind me of some old DEVOURMENT's stuffs... Some old AGATHOCLES or DESECRATOR could be named also. Their two live tracks that finished the part of the split are fucking messed up by moments.
They seem to be a quite new band and nothing attracted my attention here & the whole sounds two much messed/ blurry to please me. I should listen to a more produced release of them to really get an opinion, but I haven't got a very good feeling about it for now!

The other side of the split is composed of 5 AGATHOCLES' live tracks recorded in 93 (for most of it).
If you know their Grind Crust/ Mincecore, there's nothing to add. The sound isn't bad for an Underground live (even if it's quite low by moments), but I see no special interest for those who own AGATHOCLES' numerous split Eps/ tapes/ Lps whatever... 


With tracks' titles like "Crap", "One more crap" and "The worst crap you ever heard", this band BOILING REMAINS can only be the crap n1 band, or at least a challenger in the top 10 crappy bands!!
And I was fucking disappointed since they didn't achieve their mighty goal of sounding like a crap!!
Their Death grind with a poor sound is boring, there seems to be as much movie samples as music, but the real crap shit noise core thing isn't here! You failed! And it sucks!

This is certainly the best produced PULMONARY FIBROSIS release I've heard, but their music (Death/ Grind- Goregrind) still doesn't please me! Their tracks on this split evoked in me a bit of boredom and a zest of nervosity. The only positive points I can find are they know to play some riffs and drum beats, because their riffs are as common as the fucking old bitch you'll have fucked everydays for 40 years!
There are some problems of tightnes and tracks' structures.
Why releasing some many poorly produced and very average releases?
Slow down, introspect and find inside the Brutal answers to your metallic masturbations!
PULMONARY FIBROSIS C/O Guillaume Bery, Fromenteau, 37290 Yzeures sur Creuse, France.


PULVERIZER (HOL) Second to none MCD'99.
I can feel some strong SIX FEET UNDER influences for some vocals gimmicks and guttural textures (Some Chris Barnes vocalizing stuffs that were on the 2nd 6.F.U CD).
Their music is composed of slow/ mid placed Death metal la SIX FEET UNDER (2 first CDs) with some Thrashcore/ Death metal riffs thrown here and there. Some old school Death riffs made me think about JUDECCA and very old OBITUARY ("Cause of death"'s slow parts).
Some remembrances of the German Deathcore band CRAWLSPACE also emerged to my mind during the listening.
Nothing sounds great or original here, but the tracks are correctly packed and the addition of some cool sounding vocals here and there could make of this MCD a quite nice piece to own for some big SIX FEET UNDER fans who don't dislike heavy Thrash metal with a core edge, but are there some SIX FEET UNDER fans who are still awake enough to go on and buy this MCD?? (Pm: Chris Barnes: Wake up!!)  


Horny! Horny! Horny! Horny!
Yes there are some nice horny tits elongations here!
The whole album of the Czech Grinders who killed the guys of PURULENT SPERM CANAL and released a CD using their name (lol?) isn't very good. The whole remains very average in my opinion. With long intros all the more. But there are some nice goregrinding tracks being worth the listening for fans of the style! There's a real bizarre feeling inside!
The sphincter of this nice emaciated bitch slowly enlarges itself as my cock penetrates her scrotum harder! Harder! Harder and Harder!!! Ah!
And my fucking purulent spermcanal now ejaculates petrified semen in her nice bloody arse! Ah! The delicious production of my petrified, happy as a 6 years old child, and knockin' balls now infiltrates this bloody ass of forbidden pleasures! The bitch slowly turns to a fucking rock/ statue that will be so good to touch! Excellent cold as ice tits, perfect wide-open mouth that never says no! Excellent Spanish masturbation of the tits with hard ridden bosoms that makes me both bleed and cum as I never hoped for so perfect pleasures!
Now that's I've broken it's perfect and long legs and arms in a so intense sterile fuck... Yes!! I can penetrate my exploded arse with what have became my 4 elements of a so great anal enjoyment! And finally, here comes the best of the beast! Now as I ass fucked myself with these 4 petrified legs and arms that remains fucking bound in my anus of war (Oh...!), I pile her torso to dust and smoke it as fucking hash! Ah! Fucked petrified and smoked, this bitch was so perfect I'm searching for the next one to cum!


PUTREFIED (Hol) Body bits MCD'02.
The first feeling you get while listening to PUTREFIED is: "Very cool!".
They play low tuned as fuck Brutal death metal that seems to emerge from six feet under.
The first track "Invocation" is very cool with enough variations and few cool ideas and the vocals are very low la Chris Barnes in CANNIBAL CORPSE. Unfortunately the following tracks are too classical and no real surprises as it rides along the same brutallized war lines, I could even say the ideas in these other tracks are the same than in the first song.
To let you imagine their style, I'll tell you it's quite simple Brutal death that's rather based on a heavy aggressiveness than on an explosive one... they own sontrong CANNIBAL CORPSE influences, a few touches of HEMDALE in the midplaced parts's drums, some CRYPT (Australia - Demo'98) and some ENCABULOS's "Dark divinity" Demo'98, some SUFFOCATION (Pierced from within)'s heavy parts, or even ROTTING (heavy parts) or EMBALMER (Ep'96).
But after the first track, I got the feeling all their riffs and ideas are the same! There's nothing exceptional, new or I found exciting here!
I guess it can be a pleasant band for big fans of Brutal death with a strong heavy side, but it fastly turns common and boring for me!.



PUTRESCENCE (Can) Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled CD. 2004. NO ESCAPE Recs.

This first album of Canadian PUTRESCENCE was a quite cool piece of bizarre brutality: Gore grindcore/ death grind with an obscure mash of "dark material" to bury your brain in the "compote of the molested".
There's something of ooold gory REGURGITATE, as well as gory splashes of early CARCASS and MUCUPURULENT (Sicko baby). This reekview might let you imagine the content is purely goregrind, but it's not true: The playing consists in a quite equal mixture of goregrind, grindcore and old styled "brutal death" (For example, one could hear touches of more "technical" SKELETON OF GOD), but with an obscure production and vocals bringing a gorier and more sickened impression to the whole.
(Some French peoples might also hear quite bizarre similarities with the demos of French SUFFICIDE (R.I.P)).
This was a quite finely crepitating album for fans of pounded underground obesity.
I'm not too fond of their newer releases (Even if I didn't try to insert each one in the anal slit of my dead-meat CD player): The band turned to something closer to regular grind/ death grind (Or even Power violence sometimes) with much smaller tendencies for the gore and obese.
(Personal message: I saw they recorded a demo entitled "Occult Blood and Excrement" before this first album, but wasn't able to find songs online or anything... Perhaps someone owns a copy?).


PUTRID PILE (Usa) Collection of butchery CD'03 UNITED GUTTURAL.
The Brutal death trend have seen the birth of many bands that sounded in every little details so similar to the original bands! This CD sounds too much like this band or like that one to be convincing.
It sounds like a mix of old DEEDS OF FLESH (less technical), NAPALM DEATH ("Harmony corruption"),  FLESHGRIND, old CANNIBAL CORPSE (less technical, less gore)), SICKENING GORE, MUCUS MEMBRANE. But the riffs are kinda too common for a pro CD. Ok, some will say it doesn't sound bad, this is well produced and tight, but it lacks some really brutal riffs and extreme deformity to be more than Ok! There's nothing more than Ok stuffs at every levels. It might be nice for the newcomers in the scene, but those who have been listening to Brutal death since a few years won't be impressed! Some real guts, blood and tears are needed to get a really good review of a pro CD here!


PYAEMIA (HOL) Cerebral cereal CD01 UNIQUE LEADER Recs.
This brutal band reminds me of SUFFOCATION ( Effigy of the forgotten CD and last MCD for special heavy low harmonized parts) , DEEDS OF FLESH ( 1st and 2nd ones for riffs and vox), MORBID ANGEL, DISGUST ( (FRA) Demo98 and CD01) + EXHUMEDs vocals for Low grunts and high pitched screams.
But they also makes me think about BROKEN HOPE = Loathing for the riffs and the drum sound in some parts, ENCABULOSs Dark divinity Demo 98 + MCD01, a bit of NECROPHAGIST(GER)s CD for the drum's
playing and some SUFFOs technical sides.
Theres some PYREXIAs 1st CD  Sermon of mockery and some CANNIBAL CORPSE ( all times). There are also some touches of MORTAL DECAY (USA) for strange cool sounding riffs/ harmonies while tremolo riffs reminds me a bit of KRISIUN( Apocalyptic revelations ).
I thought it sounded nice when I got it, but some attentive listenings let me figure they had almost the same riffs than CANNIBAL CORPSE on "Butchered at birth" in some parts, and even I've listend to this album a bunch more nothing really turned me on: the first tracks are cool, but the remaining isn't ass efficient! The band starts to build a name for themselves in the Underground, but this album can only be a cool Brutal death release with tight musicians and correct tracks, if you see what I mean! Remember: BRUTALITY COMES FROM THE GUTS!


PYOGENESIS (Ger) Sweet X-Rated Nothings CD'95. NUCLEAR BLAST.
Another good proof all these trends of so called "Originality", melodic shit and personality fucking sucks! And do not remain decent for long! This crap that was once said to be so original and innovative turned gay, funny and laughable!! What you hear became gay in less than 10 years!!
So called melodic and atmospheric "Death" that sounds as happy and grass licking as the happier and most FM targeted moments of THE CURE! No fucking joke, it was just standard easy listening and easily remindable shit for a lobotomized wide audience! Fuck off!! NYMPHOGENESIS is gay ass liqueur!! Totally undrinkable! It tastes like they merely ripped off mid-old PARADISE LOST the gay way, and they probably did the same with their country-girlfriends of CREMATORY!!
PYOGENESIS: Up your legs! My cock is burning and wild for your pop metals bottoms!! Ah Ah! It sucked! Later on they Shaw their real faces as they recorded some really lame milky pop for juice teenages's pussies! Ah! They thought they were "in", but now this lame trend had died (Unfortunately not really, but Uh...) and they are definitely out, my cock is ready to be in!! Ah Ah!! Brutal sodomy of the trendy turncoats!
On an objective point of view, this was average, not very convincing, while it sounds expectable and total gay few years later... Avoid it!! Avoid it!! I read their very early recordings were doom death... but according to this shit, I'm not interested! NUCLEAR BLAST had signed some better bands such as... well... few others like DEFECATION or early HYPOCRISY... Forget PYOGAYNESIS and face the real deal: PURE FUCKING DEATH!!


PYREXIA (Usa) Cruelty beyond submission CD'04 CRASH Music.
So here's the new PYREXIA CD! A release that was anguishly awaited by Brutal death maniacs... eventhough it's not a real album but a 3 songs MCD with older tracks as 'bonuses'...
How would they sound in 2004 while their early releases were in a total Us Brutal death style and their following compositions adopted a more Deathcore approach? Would we have to enjoy a new musical approach? Endure somekind of Numetal meets Death metal thing? Or to expect some comeback to their earlier Brutal death likings? PYREXIA didn't really choose any of these paths! There are no new approaches nor any kind of Numetal influence here! Their actual compositions sounds rather like a melting pot of what they did before, somewhere between Brutal death, Death grind and Hardcore influenced extreme metal! (With somewhat less complexity and technicality than their earlier releases).
You can expect some total professional Brutal shit that can remind the likes of PYREXIA (all times), SUFFOCATION (Last MCD), some MALEVOLENT CREATION and some few actual NAPALM DEATH. The tracks are rather well composed, the musicians do their 'job' in the allright asskicking way, the production is powerful and clear. (Notice a lead by Guy Marchais/ SUFFOCATION)
These 3 new PYREXIA tracks are flying above the average extreme metal releases of these last years! But even if the younger fans of brutal death will find it very much to their licking, I miss some totally strong ass-kicking stuffs or catchy as fuck riffs that haunt you to death! It's intense stuff of course, but I remind PYREXIA kicked my ass with more unrelentless riffs and merciless 'original' ideas.
The aspect that doesn't please me much with this album is only 3 new tracks are offered while the remaining titles are taken from their older released! So you have only 3 new tracks for the price of an album! It might be interesting for the newest fans of Brutal death metal, but all the other ones probably possess or know quite well the previous PYREXIA releases! Uh! It would have been surely better to release a MCD with a few more tracks and demos as bonuses! It's a quite good burning brutal release, but the choice of format is quite ass-sucking... I'll have to say that one more time: burn it bastard, burn it! Anyway PYREXIA is back! and in a really good health! Hope to hear a full-length album next year!