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KAAMOS strikes back with its firstbdeathraging album, and no deception in sight. Arg! They did it!!!! This album is simply as godly as a classic like SADISTIC INTENT´s "Resurrection".
This time, the production is really incredible, thanks to mister Messiah Marcollin himself (if you don´t know this name, then check the whole CANDLEMASS re releases and kneel down before the man!). No really technical tunes, nor sweet melodies, but though one can easily feel that theses guys are swedish and nothing else. They play again "Khem", and "Curse of aeons" from their previous demo, and then these songs keep on crushing like a bulldozer. They put also some intros like on the song "Doom of man" (which reminds me the ambient you can find in Lovecraft´s litterature, with the references to the mad arab!!! Killer tune, full of intense mid paced riffing!). KAAMOS is the incarnation of a hateful chaos, KAAMOS breeds an intense feeling of thundering insanity that can be found in IMMOLATION´s or AUTOPSY´s death metal. Even if the tunes are absolutely in the same vein than the ones on the demo, it is so godly that you don´t care about any evolution or not. You just feel the purity of a band who exactly knows how a good death metal has to be played in order to possess your mind. As for PENTACLE, SADISTIC INTENT or REPUGNANT, KAAMOS knows how to produce it´s own identity and how to stay heavily linked to the good old times, but without any trace of copy. A death metal that comes directly from the guts. Excellent work, and I would dare to say that it is already a classic.          Nathaniel



KABBAL (Fra) Synthetically revived CD'02 DIAMOND Prod.
It's a pleasure to receive this kind of promos as it really pleases me and I don't often get into what I got for reviews! It was all the more fucking welcome since I received it the new year's day and we had some good moshing and headbanging moments on this CD that's one of the first Brutal listenings of 2003! Ah ah!
As a whole their style can be defined as a good mix between MORBID ANGEL and SUFFOCATION, Brutal Death Grind!
Their stuff is technical but not too much, with parts ranging from the blast beats to the more mid placed or heavier moments of American Brutal Death. There are also some old school Death metal punching drum beats! A few old BOLT THROWER ("Warmaster") mid placed parts with double bass drums may be quoted while some attracting riffs reminded me some victorious KRISIUN's stuffs on "Apocalyptic revelations"!! It awakes in me the memories of past Death Metal glories! Some little melodic Death touches à la DEATH/ ATHEIST are included in a nice way and bring a few variations. They own a few MORGOTH "Cursed" like 'sick of existence' feel on some riffs that are more discordant (such as the opening riff of "Trihedron"). It's well arranged with no bullshit included.
Good technical leads à la MORBID ANGEL that sounds hallucinating and full of guts! There's a KRISIUN feel in some vocals even if the whole are more DEICIDE/ MORBID ANGEL influenced! The only things I would reproach here are: a few melodies sound too much like some old MAYHEM, EQUINOX (1st CD) for exemple, the snare drum isn't very hearable in the blast parts, I like less the 3rd and 4th tracks and it may sound a bit long after the 3/4 of the album if you aren't a lot in Brutal Death metal... but it's rather minor negative points according to the whole quality of the release! It's a good Brutal Death album with some good tracks and a good powerfull production! This is rare to get this kind of strong release from France! Fans of SUFFOCATION and MORBID ANGEL: check this album as you won't regret it!


KAIJU (Usa) Unwilling Sacrifices MCD. 2010. Slaney Recs.
Semen, you never know, it might flood you.
Dying in a giant sea of putrid semen.
Eaten alive by voracious spermatozoids.

This band might have fit on Razorback recs, or not.
They play horror movie influenced Death metal, ranging from mid-paced to slow patterns.
I smell traces of semen and blood remaining from the old corpses of NECROPHAGIA, HELLHAMMER, OBITUARY ("End complete"), or perhaps JUDECCA, with a little of DEATH ("Leprosy") or ASPHYX.
There's some heaviness, and some nice low vocals, but the composing leaves to be desired, and some riffs... This is no brain-shaking, maximum relax death metal, maybe so relaxed that the riffs turn out to be too common...
Six years ago or more, this MCD might have been a quite cool little jar of semen for your putrid girlfriend to "swallow", and it contains an atmosphere, but there's so many average death metal released recently that I have to say no, and refuse the auditory penetration.
I heard a previous release of theirs and kept a better remembrance, so hopefully for KAIJU this was only a single case of mistargeted morbid ejaculation.


K. plays a mix of Melodic Black metal and Heavy metal that could remind bands like BAL SAGOTH or other formations playing a style I don't know a lot. Their use of athmospheric synths reminds me of old EMPEROR while some Heavy metal riffs sound a bit like MERCYFUL FATE's "9" LP or KING DIAMOND's "The eye" for exemple, but it's far from reaching the same inspiration at every levels.
Some melodic keyboards could remind of DIMMU BURGER'98 and there are some mid old PARADISE LOST touches on the riffs.
In my opinion, it's just another average band, I think those who bought this CD at the time may have forgotten it on a full of dusk pile of common CDs... 



Spirits of the deep waters, no real need to summon thee, coz the strange and wet things that occur inside won't be awaken this time! No.
Eventhough KARNARIUM sounds better than on their demo I could listen to few years ago, there's nothing glorious or morbidly shocking. Only quite decent old school Death metal with very early DEATH/ AUTOPSY influences, and some old INCANTATION or blackened death touches thrown from here and there.
This might be a cool band to see live, but apart from a nice mood and cool influences there's nothing special or I could call "Good".
The production sounds old (it lacks of power and clarity, but it's not really raw). With more rehearshards they might improve coz they doesn't have a bad technical level... but unfortunately hardworking doesn't help concerning inspiration.
So it's just another average old school Death band; nothing to praise or hallucinate one, unless you're damn fucking drunk or stay as a strong local supporter.


I've never liked this band too much but I definitely have to say this cd has its moments. there are some very intense, BRUTAL passages to be found, and they sometimes throw in some pretty cool emotional riffs ('gateway to extinction'). The vocals range from raw hardcorish 'grunts' to harsh shriekings. There are some bland riffs to be found here and there plus they have some gay swedish sounding melodies I dont really like. Its nothing phenomenal, just a cool cd you'll listen to once in awhile. (yet this is way better than 'temple of knowledge' in my opinion)                  Nicolas


KILJUVELKA 70 (Fin) Ihmis-saastaa ja pohjasakkaa CD. 2010. VIOLENT JOURNEY Recs.
This is an express crusty corpse before cleaning my collection.
This band/ Sub project plays something like old school crustcore...
I know these words convey various meanings, so I will roughly describe the content: Mostly dbeat, fast punk hardcore, to be more powerful than usual punk, and also quite angry.
This is simple, right to the point, and it was apparently recorded without fancy.
Even if the music is not magically exceptional, I can listen without boredom (Or even beardom), there's enough punch to keep you awaken and the "breaks" aka joint drum/ guitar knockings are beating enough.
Now, some songs sound a bit too punk/ light, lack of power to please my belly.
(Apparently this is a project of members from AMORPHIS, JUMALATION and RYTMIHÄIRIÖ)
Only found a facebook page:


KILL (Swe) Horned holocaust CD'04. INVICTUS Prods.
To be free from any label's promotional listing is the best way to keep running your zine in almost total freedom and overall not being bored by face-smashing promotional mailbombings! But it happens some underground labels send you something without even knowing your zine name or what you do. This time it's ugly Black metal in its rotten and crass-enjewelled form that took incarnation under this CD of "KILL"! What you hear is simple and raw crude Black metal that could remind of old DARKTHRONE and MAYHEM ("De mysteriis"). Some mid placed riffs sound like some old HORNA, for this kind of mule-running mid-placed and quite joking cynicism, if you see what I mean. Some blasts (with bassdrum and snare at the same time) sound quite crappy and weak in my hears. Some blasting accelerations sound cool. Even if some DARKTHRONE influences can obviously be found, I didn't find in KILL's music some kinda hypnotizing or 'head-broken-reversed-logic' some strange DARKTHRONE tracks have. Some fast moments could remind of MAYHEM (Old), but I didn't detect the epic the epic depressiveness this cult Norwegian band once had. It's influenced and sounds similar, but not as emorguetional. All in all this album sounds as an ok or decent one, but even if an obscure mood is there I didn't detect really catchy or intensively fuse-blowing guitars to make of it a classic album worth entering my spikes collection!  So it might be a quite good album for the raw and crude Black metal fans who need a lot of albums in this kind of simple and cold darkened metal, but I'm not a Black metal fan and it isn't enough to take my head away from my supportive souterraine teleportation and other kinds of obscure acid breathing souterraine suportations! With the few passing of time I have, I can say it's a decent album with both its mistakes, real weaknesses, and quite good points... I'm not far from thinking it's a common album compared to the current average of Black metal releases.


It's always good to find some older releases of some bands you really enjoy! Even more when the older items are rare!
This MCD that's more on the depressive rock side of KILL THE THRILL has what's needed to please the fans of depressive and full of distress musics! Welcome in the infinite void of torment, when the guitars scream as lamenting souls in brutal despair. Isolationist dark rock with intense depressive moments.
Even if this MCD isn't totally tortured, it has more chaos and discordances than the last 2 KILL THE THRILL albums I know. It's also simpler. Depressed and low in the vein of THE SWANS. Crushed in the vein of early GODFLESH. It has some early punk rock/ dark goth à la KILLING JOKE or JOY DIVISION. Chaotic guitar noises.
The style of his MCD might have grown old a bit, but the music in itself is still so emotional and depressively engulfing! Once the CD is on, nothing else has any importance. KILL THE THRILL remains a very recommended band! Buy or die!


Here's another 2nd hand CD I paid the low price of 3 Euros! I'm so happy about it because the Indus metal of KILL THE THRILL is so good, I feel like I'm going to marry that bastard 2nd hand CD seller! Ah Ah!
I knew only the last album of the band, "203 barriers", and I must say I'm not disappointed by what I hear on this one! The album begins with the same track that appeared on the BRUTALE GENERATION compilation CD I heard years ago!
Their music is still an Indus metal that includes vast emotions that engulf you as an enormous 10 meters high wave, this is still so deeply pessimistic and realistic I can't avoid to engulf in the most tragically and intense parts of my existence! I see a man screaming on the very top of a so high mountain, screaming and choking on the meaning and deep functioning of everything on this earth!
Their music still includes some GODFLESH influences in the state of mind, emotions and riffs, but I feel like it's not as destructed and discordant as the band of Justin Broadrick. It has some very overdriven guitars, but it's also full of beauty! On this album, there are less "moody" samples introduced in and in between the riffs as it may sound more "pure". Some parts still remind me of the "Ocean machine" CD recorded by Devin Townsend for its freshness and vast emotions! Notice there are some nice intros made of samples between almost every track! This is very good to see a band that's totally honest with himself when composing its music! And it's rare! This album full of deep meaning, repetitive cold drum beats, Excellent sorrowful and depressive riffs, realistic and pessimistic vocals, is a s good as "203 barriers": Excellent!
KILL THE THRILL is a band I can't advice enough to all those who enjoy depressive, industrial and sorrowful musics! This is totally fucking excellence!


Their was one of their songs on the BRUTALE GENERATION french underground comp CD! And they're still in the same darkened depressive/ Indus metal style that makes the whole world plung 20 meters lower when you play their CD! The style of KILL THE THRILL is quite hard to describe, since there's not only some Indus elements in here, but also some rock and few other elements. But you can be sure that the main high-lines are fucking obscure! The stylr isn't as corroded as GODFLESH or old PITCH SHIFTER, I may say it isn't as Brutal... but this isn't the most important since the obscure feeling is here! Both cold, dehumanized, fresh and emotionally engulfing! It reminds me of Devin Townsend's OCEN MACHINE album for the atmospheric/ sky flying side as well! Great powerfull atmospheres that can be compared to enormous waves of guitars that crush you under walls of eroded distortions! This is depressive, melancholic and sad, but also well done and not completely destructed, so it's still possible to get into it quite easily (contrary to some other isolasionist musics).
I also have found some very little DEPECHE MODE and N.I.N influences for a few samples, some U2 for vocals... enough said! This album is a very good one (not to say excellent) in this depressive style fewer and fewer bands know how to do it good! All the more KILL THE THRILL is quite unknown! If you're a depressive-head or simply a darkened music anjoyer, check one of their great albums, you won't regret it!



  KINGDOM (Pol) Unholy graveyard CD'08. TIME BEFORE TIME Recs.
You reader: Suck my Swedish cock! It was kept unwashed and putrid for years, and was recently tattooed with "Stockholm", so it will certainly be necro enough for your opportunist needs! Suck my Swedish cock!!!
But since there are better things in life than looking after the acts of mindless jet-set sensationalists of the month, I will let you suck my evil cock, and invoke the minds of other (real) readers in Poland, to listen to the Death metal of KINGDOM!
Once the doors of the mental grave are opened, it's immediately easier to taste the vibrations of the corpse and decrypt the lines of Kingdom's testimony of death, an evil parchment being influenced by the second MORBID ANGEL epoch (When they downtuned more and turned heavily virile), with some ANGEL CORPSE (Second album), mindless DEICIDE, dark touches of IMMOLATION (But less complex), brutal death tendencies and few black metal influences or old Death metal riffs..
Those who know my previous releases might hear similarities with (The morbid angel influenced) HELLSPAWN, AMETHYSTE (R.I.P), or eventually a bit of CARMINA in the mid placed patterns...
The brutal death tendencies are mostly due to the drum-playing: He occurs to often blast with kicks and snare at the same time which makes it quite strongly US sounding by moments, or you find some Cannibal corpse alike beats... But as far and deep as my mighty goat penis penetrated the putrid flesh of this album, the spirit of the band seems to be locked in the dark and hateful... So I guess my tastes would got towards a more "traditional" drumming, to underline and empower the evil aspect.
To sum it up, "Unholy graveyard" is a quite solid album that contains some nice vibes, it was brutal to explore, but I wasn't impressed to the point of being possessed by an eternally catchy riff nor forced to cut my cock and worship ancient tropical deities.
KINGDOM might turn into something more powerful in the future, if they perfect this and that imperfection, but for now I can only say it's something cool and quite brutal the dark way. I might have been a bit more positive If it was a demo record, but it's an album: Different category, different rating.



















KOLDBORN (Swe) First enslavement CD’02 DIE HARD.
Now the fog of the after-war has taken all over the battle round, it's time to rage one more time to exterminate them all! Their blood isn't enough! Their culture and history have to be erased from the surface of this earth!
KOLDBORN is a quite punishing death metal band I discovered few months ago, it's now time to pay them a little review since this first full-length isn't bad!
KOLDBORN plays a Death metal situated right at the middle between a Brutal death grind à la HATE ETERNAL/ SUFFOCATION (Less technical in this case), and old school Swedish Death à la DISMEMBER/ GRAVE (mid old), a Deathrock à la ENTOMBED/ GRAVE and a melodic Death that doesn't sound too 'Gothenbourg' like.
The first thing to attract your attention are the punishing blasting parts that sounds like the most MORBID ANGEL influenced riffs of HATE ETERNAL. Hopefully this isn't endlessly blasting Death metal since some Swedish punching Death metal can remind of DISMEMBER ("Indecent and obscene") while groovier breaks and riffs can sound like SUFFOCATION when it doesn't tend to some kind of Deathrock that could remind of ENTOMBED (rather "Wolverine blues") or GRAVE ("Soulless"). As said before, there are melodic death riffs that has sometimes some Thrash can could remind of AT THE GATES's last works or early THE CROWN, but don't be afraid : it's not abusively melodic as it keeps enough energy, and the tracks are rather efficiently built.
You've understood the tracks are quite varied in the kind of riffs and rhythms it offers, even if it keeps a Death metal highline.
The drummer sometimes blasts à la old HYPOCRISY (Snare and kicks at the same time). Notice a slower and middle placed track has female vocals, it doesn't sound bad and it remains heavy.
I wonder if this album will turn into a memorable brevage of death once in front or infinity and confronting to the whole death metal culture and past creations.
Finally this is a totally professional album that benefits of a strong, almost Sunlight like old school Death metal production. Even if KOLDBORN doesn't turn me fucking crazy, they offer enough rage, energy, know-how and diversity to please quite exigent Death metal fans! Keep a darkened eye on them? Well, at least check out their site and Mp3s, you can be sure you'll find it at least Ok!



KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (Spa) War of the Voivodes CD. 2010. Xtreem recs.
Promos... Are promos the last help for desperate or ultra lazy reviewers? Does a reviewer really need to receive free albums if he can't find anything he really wants to talk about? Anyway I received this record as a promo, so feel free to spit on my face as you will on any other lazy webzine!
The name of this band might sound a bit funny for some, while others might remember it's a song from the second album of VOÏVOD, a time when the band had more to do with "burning hate" metal than technical sci-fi thrash...
The style of this Spanish band could be considered as in the same kind of global hard-hitting old metal category, but the genre is closer to something like early thrash black metal meets regular black metal and old school thrash ... To be clearer, I sometimes think about the fast moments of the second and third albums of BATHORY (Even if it's obviously not the same level of semen ejecting quality), the most thrashy moments of early DESASTER (Ger), something like IMPALED NAZARENE ("Suomi finland perkele") minus the crust approach, a bit of early SODOM and some regular black metal from 1998 (Minus the blasts: A little of MARDUK, a little of WAR, some old MAYHEM and other things like that)...
In fact a part of the music just sounds like quite regular black metal for me, so this might in part explain why I don't get much of a cadaveric erection!
Most of the music is fast, with the same kind of thrashing rhythm that could rapidly become boring, I would have preferred more changes and some blasts and something else... Maybe someone will find it "extreme" but after a while I'm getting more than a little disinterested... Ok, sometimes there are more thrash'n roll touches, and a little more drumming dynamics, but maybe it's just a detail in the whole picture...
I'm not (And don't wish to become) an expert of black thrash metal, so don't expect much description or effort to write a super cool review...
In my opinion this is just an average album, it lacks of intensity and of something memorable... But at least it's listenable and sounds quite kicking, so some (drunk) peoples will like it and praise the testicular virtues of KORGULL THE EJACULATOR! But I need more, More and MORE! As real semen needs a contagious evil seed to reach the target of global souls' hypnosis!


KOTS (Hol) Serial suicide CD'04 BIZARRE LEPROUS.
Once the cadaver enters the morgue, there's no enigma but a pile of dead flesh awaiting its intense crematory session. Once the KOTS CD is in my CD player, there's no enigma but a big pile of pure shit! This CD definitely sucks!! Low garbage cyber goregrind programmed on a low quality mod track (music software) with simplicist riffs, boring rhythms and expectable structures. Only boring cybershit with low sound and zero imagination. This isn't even worse being release on CDr, so why does Bizarre Leprous got out this consumer mocking shit on a CD? While many are the bored teenagers who do best SMES 'copies' with their computers? Avoid at all costs! (Possible next step: avoid B.L.P who needs to release less shit!)


Between the demo and "Lies", Krabathor has release 2 albums and a  7’’. But even if I'm very fond of 2nd zone Death metal, at this time I had really more urgent releases to listen to, and to tell you everythings if I had the choice between Brad, Alice in chains, STP or Krabathor, the choice would be clear. It's more than uncertain I put my hands one day on these two albums that are anyway unfindable.
Krabathor is now oriented to a really more Brutal death (one could sometimes think about Morbid Angel and the first riffs of the album sounds like Immortal), but it's also more melodic, without lossing the Thrash side (the strong Metallica color on the melodies of "Unnecessarity" or on the beginning of "Believe", some parts are almost like Loudblast) et it defends itself quite well.
It's not guaranteed you'll listen to this more than 3 times, but "Lies" can be worth the listening, mostly for the excellent intrumental track "Believe" that's very melodic and well done.                 Pierre


KRABATHOR (Cze) Mortal memories MCD'97 MORBID.
After two tours with Impaled Nazarene and Cannibal Corpse, Krabathor decides to beat the flesh till it's still burning as they release this mini CD composed of two new tracks as well as tree work backs of some older ones. And who could blame them for that since "Mortal memories" is the best Krabathor release I've had the opportunity to listen to? The sound is here, the energy is here, and this Death metal that strongly tends to Kreator ("Riot of violence" epoch), even if it brings nothing new, makes it's little effect. And the first version of "Orthodox", THE hit of Krabathor is here, even if it's unfortunately inferior to the one that was on the album and that it's still disfigured by this cheezy lead. Despite that, it's the Krabathor release to own.                  Pierre


Even if I am definitely not a Krabathor fan, what the fuck happened to them??! They werent too great but they really didnt suck as much as they now do!! The production is utter crap, the riffs and arrangements are amateurish, the drum patterns are a fucking joke!!! The only thing barely okay in here is the lead guitar work. Im afraid Krabathor is 'unfortunately dead' indeed.                                                      Nicolas


KRATORNAS (Phi) Subterranean sodomies Ep'05. ORDEALIS Recs.
An ode to the iron slip?
Unfortunately, the spiked underwears are totally rusted and produce some sounds being as pleasant as an old rotten door.
I never understood the status KRATORNAS might have in some very underground subspheres of the "Cult worship". It sounds chaotic and fast... with a little chaotic/ war atmosphere... but what's next? Where are the catchy riffs? The powerful feeling?
In the case of this vynil, that might be even worse: the guy behind the project decided to re-record some earliest songs dating back to before KRATORNAS. (+ a Nunslaughter cover... one more...). It sounds like bad played thrash with blasts and an unwanted chaotic playing. It's not tight!! It's really hard to keep listening to this, unless you enclose and ignore your tastes and musical experiences in a safely closed hermetic iron box.
I guess the guy might believe in this, since he sent a promo CDr from fucking Philippines to France... Some doggydog webzines would have felt an urge of enjewelled compassion stressing their already selfless words... Sorry but my tastes and opinion aren't for sale.
Between the very average and the boring!


KRIEG (Usa) the church MCD'00 CICATRIX.
So called "Chaotic extreme black metal" from the US! Ah Ah! This is pure crappy black metal noise which shows the inexisting musical habilities of these 'musicians'! It doesn't stop blasting, but produces only a garbage of noise as the musicians can't held their guitars nor drumkit and as no real riff seems to be here! How is it possible to play music when each 'musician' plays as fast as possible without taking care of the others? You can only get pure crap! P.U.R.E  C.R.A.P!! Even ANAL CUNT sounds like good musicians compared to this... And some 'true black metallers' totally worship this band! But you have to know these so called "True ones" were totally into commercial techno one year and a half ago! Ah Ah! Ah!


KRISIUN (BRA) Apocalyptic revelations CD'98 GUN
Back and even more powerfull than on "Black force Domain", back from the most obscure craters of the Black moon, these brasilian warriors of ultimate Death metal offer us a very good Death grind album that's totally extreme! Intense! Brutal strength in its purest form! Almost blasting from the beginning to the end, this isn't boring!! How is it possible? It is because KRISIUN played this CD with the GUTS! The strengthfull harsh vocals, the neverending grind parts, the ultimate tremolo riffs and the destructive solos will fucking crush your skull as you will hallucinate the anger and years long frustrations of the whole poor Brazilian  generations!! From the poorest countries and 3rd world desasters will come the Storm of true devastating skullcrushing music! To awake the little 'well-thinking" and convenient Europeans and Americans from their foolish unrealistic dreams of existence! Fukk you all and Get this exploding nasal crater out from the brain! The only Apocalyptic revelation is here right in front of your eyes! Those of enjoy pure musical devastation will adore "Apocalyptic revelation" as it is the best and most inspired KRISIUN release! AAARGH!


KRONOS (Fra) Titan's awakening CD'02 WARPATH.
What we've here is a French Brutal death band that's in the underground since a good amount of years.
I can feel they have a good metal knowledge as their music includes various influences, but I found nothing personal nor expressive here! It's just Brutal death metal thought with their heads and calculated to sound as a pro Brutal death band. I didn't find a single touch of creativity  here, and I don't say it to be rude, I've carefully listened to this CD several times and I just find it sterile!
Some years ago (1998) I was quite enthusiastic with this kind of French bands as the scene in France was very weak, but the situation has greatly improved!
One thing I don't respect them for is their posers attitude during gigs: they really do too much mimics in comparison to the expression they put into their music! And I heard from several trustfull peoples they used oil to show their muscles! Ah! 



KRUAGRE (Bel) 750cc export fear CD'07. ROTTEN TO THE CORE Recs.
Petal minded, flower pot violence! Grrrrooooaaargh!
This band is quite unusual, even though this word isn't green enough... But at least it's not what you expect when you read "Grindcore" written in some distro-list.
The style is not so grrrraggressive and blast ridden, half of the gardening it sounds like old MUCUPURULENT (1st album, of pot!) and old IMMURED on matters of music, while the vocals are rather screamed. The convenience of the pollen execration could remind of SUPPOSITORY, while grassy touches of early CARCASS and HAEMORRHAGE ("Grume") could be felt. There's also a bit of death, black and other stuffs... Some almost "heavy grind" riffs are kinda cool and slurping when you just rubbed your nectar brushwood all around some fat-rounded bitches, while a part of the riffism do not do much and would rather slow down the gardening instincts of embalming... Soap, I can't say KRUAGRE especially impressed me, it was only nice to find some "heavy grind" touches of the obese à la old MUCUPURULENT... But it might kinda turn on big fans of the style... For now it's only average stuff to smoke, hope they'll purify their green stuff to increase the percentage of THC! FLOWER POT VIOLENCE FOREVER!!


I was so happy to find this split Ep in a french distro! I heard some KRUSH stuffs during some smoke and drunk parties and the KRUSH stuffs were going on very well! KRUSH plays good Crust/ Punk! With good arrangements, nice riffs, punching energy, screamy vocals! (but not too much and not always... some punk vox are also here!)  ! Perfect for fans of DISRUPT! I've got the feeling those who enjoy old school Thrash death may dig the KRUSH Crust as well! Nice lyrics such as the ones of "Without a tear", "The need for greed" or "The effort remains zero". They own the Crust riffs that sound full of disgust for this life of shit and tear the guts! Some riffs kill in the Crust style! One of my top 5 killing krust bands!
On the other side of this split Ep comes SPINEBENDER. Their style is Crust/ Punk/ Grind with screamy vocals. But I find nothing special in their riffs, it's just notes that makes some noise but makes me feel nothing. Sounds Ok but they're far behind the efficiency of KRUSH!
Good packaging, good split Ep!


KRUSH (Hol)/ DISTROY (Hol) Split Ep'02 ROADKILL Recs.
This is a bloody night full of energy and nice punching beats with these 2 new KRUSH split Eps I ordered! A bash of good energy in my head that's full of Death and grindcore! (No purulent speech for this time! lol)
The KRUSH tracks begin with a Grind riff and the first track is in the Grind/ Crust style in its whole! Some remindable riffs would be detekted and these tracks are a bit more grindy! Follows well done Crust punk, nice riffs, nice beats, this is a good track in the style, but I prefer their split Ep with SPINEBENDER that's fucking killer in the Krust style!They remind me a bit of old EXTREME NOISE TERROR's demo days on this one!
Other side, you get a Japanese Crust punk band called DISTROY. Well this sounds Ok but it's also too "light" for me: they sound rather like punk than real Crust (that's just heavier and more powerful!). Notice there's some leads. Their music doesn't suck, but I don't like their stuff that much.
Nice packaging, another good Ep!


KULT OF AZAZEL (Usa) Osculus infernum CD'03 ARCTIC Music.
To review only stuffs you only enjoy (or at least stuffs you can gladly review) is a big utopia, but I'm not so far from this thanks to meticulously selected MP3s!
This time I received a promo of KULT OF AZAZEL that plays fast Black metal of the 3rd wave (Sweden/ Norway). This is rather fast, and quite raw, as it could remind of MARDUK or ALLEGIANCE (less melodic). Some other bands such as WAR, MAYHEM (mid old, a little bit), NECROMICON (a little bit, but less melodic) could also be mentioned as a comparison. This seems to be a serious band, there are no funny melodic riffs nor wimpy melodies. The whole is tight, well produced, some riffs are Ok. But I'm not a Black metal fan, and I've found nothing special nor any part that quote my attention. After a few tracks, I've got the feeling it becomes quite repetitive.
And average CD that remains Ok and that may be pleasant for the big Black metal fans who want more than the bands mentioned before.


KUTABARE (Australia) Finger food fetish for the morbidly anormal CD’04 RAZORBACK.
Fucking fukker in fukkland! All is fukked! All is fukking totally fukking fukked! Fuuk you all fukken morons of fukken fukk!!
When members of CORPSE MOLESTATION and UNDINISM decide to join forces in fukk and purulence, what could you expect fukking fukker? Nothing more than fukking fukked Gore death grind in and old fukked MUCUPURULENT way! You deserve to be fukking fukked on the fukken altar of fukktertion! this is fukked korrekt in an obskure old gore fukked way, with mostly the blasts of early MUKUPURUFUKK epock, but also with fukked crust fukks and slower fukked up korpses! Some old fukked SANITYS DAWN can be fukked (Disjoncting epock of total fukk!), as fukked as some early CARCASS and touches of GENERAL FUKKERY! Fukkils and fukkanals sound quite sick in parts, even if more throatcuts would enlighten the fukk blood!
This is fukked korrket: tight, korrektly fukktikuled, fukkduced in the korrekt fukked way, but fukk I need more fukking catchy fukks and catchy as a brutal ass-fukk fucking fukks! So KUTABARE has its fukking chances to be fukking cool  for fukkers and purulent maniacs of fukking gore! But more fukks are fukking needed to explose the fukked purulent pustules and assfukk you in a catchy metallik orgasm!