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I, DESTROYER (Usa) Cold, dead hands Tape Ep. 2023. ETERNAL DEATH Recs.
It seems this band took his time to come up with good compositions and this is welcome! No need for more premature ejaculation fast food metal! Don't cum before the devil is here!
The style they practice is a melting pot of some old and quite primitive metal genres: Think about old black thrash mixed with quite bestial black death, old school thrashing riffs, 90's darkened Norwegian assaults, and even some real speed influences from the old days.
The first song is probably the most influenced by the old Norwegian spirits. It sounds like an (inverted) cross between old MAYHEM, old DARKTHRONE with an underlying evil death metal touch and a bit of old Finnish bestiality.
The riffs of the band are quite "simple", with no frills, but everything is well composed and falls at the right place. And this is quite a "bestial" pleasure to hear.
Once you reach the second song you notice more thrash metal influences appear, I also feel more black death is present (Some of BESTIAL WARLUST's second album for some war spirit, or some old IMPALED NAZARENE (Suomi Finland... 's fast songs)... Then the opening of a song reminds me of old DEATH (Leprozy) and there are even more speed/ rock'n roll waves in a track that tastes closer to old SODOM/ MOTORHEAD... But the whole remains in an old black/ thrash spirit anyway.
The production is powerful and remains raw enough, it has a somewhat death metal aspect in the bass frequencies.
The only downside for me lies in the fact the songs sound a little "repetitive" after a while, but I'm not the biggest “black metal” fan, so take it with a grain of pepper...
It's time to count the spikes: You have well done tracks, with some feeling and great riffs. Perhaps it lacks a bit of musical surprises, but the other qualities counterbalance this point.
This is a good/ very good Ep which could quite easily please fans of quite primitive thrashing/ evil metal the old way. HAIL GOAT METAL.

IGNIVOMOUS (Australia) Path of attrition Demo tape’07.
Yes! Impure and soul-carnivorous obscure Death metal with a real raw assault à la INCANTATION ("Mortal throne of Nazarene") and necroharmonies of pain à la old IMMOLATION. This will surely sound relentless and dolorous for the weak melodic brewers of life-metal milk, for the simple reason it's played the morbid and ancient way that aims to reanimate the deeply inhuman and monstrous forces that annihilate human existence. And it's not only s superficial necro-gimmick, no, atmosphere from the depths can be felt, as well as some claustrophobic impious feelings and moments of bestial blasting battles.
Visions of DECREPIT, DARKLORD (Minus majesty and keyboards) or BOLT THROWER (Very early) also occur to abominate my putrid skull.
IGNIVOMOUS is a fucking promising ancient raw Death metal council from the sarcastic and dry chaotic tombs! Perfect for fans of old INCANTATION/ IMMOLATION. Hailz pure fucking Death!


IMMOLATED (Bra) Pleasure of flesh Demo CDr'06. DERANGED FOR LEFTOVERS Recs.
No jokes, no surprises. When a death metal band from brazil choose to play it fast, you already imagine how it will taste: Impious and unrelentless... Almost always blasting death influenced by ANGEL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, REBAELLIUM, with touches of GOD DETHRONED's 2nd and 3rd album (For more "melodic" guitars)... Some (heavier) moments reminds me of french BYATIS (Rip) while the more technical approaches sound like the "blurry" moments of HATE ETERNAL.To some extent they could be linked to DISFORTERROR but the mood for war isn't exactly the same.
The low pitched vocals differ a bit from other bands in the style, it comes much more from the cavern: Imagine old INCANTATION (Pillard era) with touches of Chris Barnes on "Tomb of the mutilated"...
This demo contains some quite cool riffings, while some guitars don't particularly shred the beer-sack... All in all it could sound quite efficient in the hears of those who like quite undigestable blasting and hellish death... As far as I'm concerned the problem lies in the fact IMMOLATED often wants to be super fast, or their drummer wants to blast at all costs (It gets kinda "not-very-tight" by moments) and it turns to be quite repetitive or mind-loosing after a while... If they used few old styled Death metal beats or touches of doom from hell they might sound more efficient...
The band didn't reach the higher levels of blasting compression MENTAL SUFFERING dominates, and I receive quite a lot of demo in the style, so I'll conclude with the fact IMMMOLATED is just an average underground outfit... Even if they have some skills, the music isn't more appealing than what many other demos offer.


IMMORTAL BLADE (Usa) Regicide Tape Ep. 2022. Self-released.
The book of hidden darken knowledge.
Turn its pages, to unveil a forgotten unpleasant reality, that was meticulously buried.
The book that opened the gates...
The book that didn't burn!

What you have here is the first Ep of a pretty cool band from California, which practices thrash metal/ heavy thrash with a spirit and atmosphere that seem to be stuck in the 80's.
What I like in these five songs is the quite dark thrash metal atmosphere, which leads me back to old INFERNAL MAJESTY (Especially the Demo 88, which is commonly known as the two bonus songs on the first CD edition of "None shall defy"). The vocals are also quite pleasant, it's the kind of quite low pitched/ serious/ thrash vocals (With a little “hardcore” touch perhaps).
I would say very early NEVERMORE had a quite similar "Darkness", even if the music is different... But musically it's probably closer to early EXODUS (1st Lp) or something like that, I hear influences of very early thrash metal, when it was still called "speed" (Or even “power”) perhaps.
What I don't like so much: The production is too thin at the level of the drums (I think it removes some power), and perhaps a couple of riffs are too simple.
"Regicide" is a pretty good Ep. Don't expect to be raped in the hears by a menacing boombox because this is not the most aggressive kind of "thrash", but the atmospheres and some arrangements could make it for fans of 80's dark thrash and early "evil" power metal.
Now close your eyes, because the ancient book is now reading in you!

IMPENDING ROT (Mex) Death chronology, cadaveric fauna and other postmortem phenomena MCD/ Ep. 2022. Self-released.
My next release will be a compilation tape entitled "MORBIDLY EROTIC VOMITING SENSATIONS" and will gather the sounds of peoples vomiting rancid mustard pizza over the closest highway's toilets. No music, only the wonderfully erotic sounds of peoples vomiting. Send your subscriptions to gabsk(a) (Photos welcomed as a proof of real vomiting and MUSTARD PIZZA devourment!).
Waiting for the progress of this crepitating exciting project, I will review the first Ep of this currently anonymous Mexican project.
The sounds escaping the speaker are a quite gory death/ grind.
This is quite nice to listen to, as it reminds me of SANITYS DAWN ("Cryptic menu", when they were gore), a bit of very early GENERAL SURGERY and some early CARCASS (When they were gore).
Well, this is nice to listen to, and some nice gory riffs appear here & there... But I feel it's a bit too clean... Perhaps it's due to the production, drum machine, or something else... But it seems the music could enter deeper into the sickness.
Even if a part of the songs remain somewhat like "regular" death grind", I imagine peoples with severe pathological erotic pizza obsessions could enjoy the gastric travel, some throw some parmesan & gruyere cheese on the pizza and push the play button.



It's 2007, the world still sucks, and Gab still manages to select distinct acts from the deepest insalubrious pits of the underground. This new Reincremation split CD-r forecasts 4 European bands best described as follows.

IMPUREZA have a brand new demo up their sleeve. Compared to their previous efforts, these 3 tracks somehow are an improvement. Musicianship and production have tightened, more work can be felt through arrangements. Ambition seems to have led them through the conception of these new songs as their style clearly progresses into a more epic feel, almost narrative in the vein of masters such as Nile. This is overall pretty impressive, but being the tough critic asshole I am, I also must point out the weaknesses of their songwriting. The first two songs are each built around one single tone, every riff revolving around it. I don't know if this is intentional, but it's pretty strange for a death band, and the riffs end up sounding a bit like a continuous strain of notes from the same minor harmonic scale. This monotony is only broken in the third song, this one has a completely different structure and as it keeps the qualities of the other two, this is in my opinion the best track by IMPUREZA. Rhythmically, however, they constantly manage to bring surprising breaks and tempo changes which is a more positive point. Plus, the acoustic parts are absolutely brilliant. All in all, this band is growing, yet it needs to get rid of the somewhat gimmick-ish aspect of their music and convert these elements into real genuine originality.

ARSONIST are a more conventional NYDM outfit in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, by that unmistakable combination of dowtuned muffled power chords with blast beats. Add the low pitched vocals of typical Bill Steer fashion, sex/gore sadism and a handful of rawer grind parts, and you obtain the formula for an ARSONIST song. Although there’s barely anything groundbreaking here, one can say they do their thing pretty well as the song distinct from each other, thanks to a certain sense of «melody» that this band has not skipped contrary to most of their brutal death peers. The song structures are catchy enough, and the numerous tempo changes are well balanced too.

Gab may hang me by the balls for saying this, but to me the next band on this comp is barely distinct from the previous one, at least after the first two or three listens. The vocals, drums and production of the SUDDEN DEAH demo are very close to that of ARSONIST. Listening more carefully though, the riffs actually have a much different feel, and the general atmosphere of this demo is way darker. SUDDEN DEATH indeed have a more substantial lyrical contempt than ARSONIST and focus their views on the real world, in the grind tradition. This is yet again clearly influenced by CARCASS at least for the fast and grinding stuff, yet they add to this base a darker melodic personality. The fourth track «Broken Wings» is the most promising to me. Nothing groundbreaking, again, yet still a cool demo to listen to. I’d say this is musically better than EXHUMED, and perhaps IMPALED too.

INGURGITATING OBLIVION close this comp with a return to a more typical Floridian death metal edge. I must say this 3 track demo is overall impressive, despite being 3 years old already. But maybe that’s because I’m more «sensitive» to that kind of death metal than the previous 2 bands featured on this CD. There can be no doubt that I.O. have listened to HATE ETERNAL a lot.  They captured that chaotic/melodic feel and restitued it effortlessly on these tracks, despite being not as fast as HATE ETERNAL, and perhaps a little less messy. Don’t get me wrong, this is tight and intense as bloody hell. The guitar solos are also in the vein of Erik Rutan’s, eeric and veloce at the same time. The slower parts, and there are a good bunch of them, feature some repetitive rhythms and pinched harmonics typical of IMMOLATION, or MORBID ANGEL (‘Gateways’ period) but to me it is clear that INGURGITATING OBLIVION are mostly influenced by HATE ETERNAL. I’d even say they sound better because their sound has more variety and more rawness (the drums sound like, well, drums, if you know what I mean). A very solid work to sum it up, admittedly not very personal but definitely challenging to the listener…or should I say, to Erik «King Of All Kings» Rutan as well?                                                         T.G.


IN OBSCURITY REVEALED (Mex) Spell of the seeker Demo tape. 2015. Self-released.
Cryptomorphic Resurrection.
NecroCavernous rejoicing, in excelsis.

Even if the name of the band might let you imagine the music is pure INCANTATION worship, the content is quite different.
You'll find quite a lot of old school Death metal influences resulting in a genre being closer to early UNLEASHED (Demos and Eps, with fewer "grooves"), early GRAVE (First album, in a not so "brutal" manner), CARNAGE (With really fewer crusty/ dbeat influences), played with quite a lot of fast old DM beats, and then with some faster blasting patterns that might remember of INCANTATION (Perhaps the "Diabolical conquest" or "Blasphemy" albums) or maybe a less modern FLESHTIZED. You could also add few breaks to contain something like more mystery.
The recording is pleasant to listen to, the dark atmosphere present during the songs is nice, and there's nothing wrong sounding, but I feel it lacks a bit of deformity and/ or crazy ideas (Revelations from the depths) to hook the listener with an hellish trident.
Anyway it's not bad and for a first recording it even sounds more professional than the average demos; Fresher fans of fast old Death metal won't have problems to swallow it up.


IN/OUT (Fra) Guts Demo 2020. Digital. Self-released.
This is pure underground grindcore in the old way. This new project from Brest (France) plays it a way that reminds me of very old BLOCKHEADS, DESECRATOR (France), or perhaps SAYYADINA (Swe). I also heard some very early SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (The old stuffs, before the albums... But rather for the underground appeal than a purely musical point of view, there's no gore here).
You can hear plenty of blastbeats, angry vocals, with a few punk parts here é there.
This sounds "Live", understand the drums or guitars weren't reprocessed or genetically modified in a fucking software... So ok, it's not always a perfect "precise" playing, but you get more GRIND spirit in exchange!
This is a pretty grinding first recording in the style, not bad for a first demo.
This said, the project name "IN/OUT" doesn't sound too grinding, but the most important is the music, right?

INCINERATOR (Pol) Rotten flesh macabre MCD. 2017. PUTRID CULT Recs.
I remember that ten years ago and more, the lungs of rancid death-metallers were intoxicated by the fumes of polish necro death and black metal, there were a lot of morbid metal emerging from the polish lands... And now it seems the morbid flow has reduced... Or perhaps it's not so brutally promoted anymore?
Anyway we will now talk about a new polish band whose style might be interesting for fans of 90's Death metal.
To sum it up roughly, and gruesomely (AhAh), their style can be located right in the middle between 90's old school death (The one that took influences from thrash, but not too much) and very early brutal death metal (The one that were very close to early Death metal, it was only the same in a more "brutal approach").
So, the revived hears of the once-petrified deathmetaller might hear similarities with old outfits such as early DEICIDE (First album), old DEMOLITION HAMMER ("Tortured existence"), early MORBID ANGEL ("Altars of madness"), ooold VADER, some PROTECTOR ("The heritage"
  perhaps due to the guitar sound?), with a portion of regular old European death metal...
Then to add a couple of names concerning the early brutal death influences, you could think about oooold CANNIBAL CORPSE (Mostly the first one I believe), a little of BAPHOMET (Fast parts) or perhaps (Very) early BROKEN HOPE.
Well, I'm conscious this description might be half crucified since it's not very precise, but I hope in all purulent modesty that it's not a too bad appetizer :-)
The music of the band remains quite simple/ Not too complicated in approach, there aren't really new innovative influences and structures, but there is quite some tension in the riffings, the "brutal" vocals are cool and the atmosphere is here.
Now perhaps there will be too much of "blasts" for totally old school bangers, but INCINERATOR is globally a cool/ very cool band in the old style and they bring enough of morbidity to satisfy fans of 90's Death metal who like it with a quite powerful yet underground sound. 



INCINERATOR (Hol) Human garbage Demo tape. 2014. DAWNBREED Recs.
Where iron cassettes grow.
There are thousands of hungry hears to absorb the morbid sounds.
Where iron cassettes bleed.
There are thousands of thirsty tongues to swallow the petroleum of gore.

This new band plays very PESTILENCE influenced old thrashing death, I'm mostly talking about the "Consuming impulse" album since you can find the same kind of raw guitar sound, the "thrashing" riffs that give the same kind of impression, and the scorched screamy vocals...
Now if you're not drowning in a too big pile of cassettes, you might also hear some old DISMEMBER (For more "melodic" riffs on one song, and some regular-death guitars that used to come with a kinda buzzsaw production), some early DEATH, and a bit of SLAUGHTER (Especially the song "Incinerator") for a few more punkish/ rock'n roll riffs.
The first track "Slaughter" is probably the best one on the tape, the riffs sound more aggressive and it's a bit more "varied" in tempos... Other tracks sound a bit more usual in comparison.
I regret the PESTILENCE influences didn't come with the acid guitars and tortured power chords, the drum sound (Drum-machine) is also a bit too thin/ high pitched... And finally, if I put the first song aside, apart from the aggressive/ wall of sound impact of the whole, I'm not sure if I was coffinly hooked by the riffs. But the whole sounds aggressive and might turn on the maniacal tape needs of zombified tape collectors. Not bad, and sometimes quite great for a first tape. It might be interesting to hear how the band evolves with future compositions... Until then smoke more cigs, and incinerate the inner corpse.




INFAME (Chile) No hay quien nos salve Tape. 2017. MANIFESTATION Recs.
This is surely a quite extreme and underground release. This Chilean band from Antofagasta plays an extreme form of doom that tends so much to the slowness that you might define the content as "doom death" or "black sludge".
Most of the music is slow, to very slow, there's a quite big portion of hopelessness filled with an overdose of filth, this can be quite tortured and claustrophobic.
As you drown deeper in an inner dimension of cadaveric dust and vile dejections from the obese king, you might see the reminiscences of older recordings from WINTER, old ABRUPTUM, SYMPTOM (Us doom death band) or SORROW (The old death doom band from Usa). Sometimes the craziness in some spirit reminds me the doomy parts of old/ early SADISTIK EXEKUTION releases (Yes, they had slow songs then).
Well, this review might let you imagine the music is all extreme, but after a while the filth happens to become not-so-dense and you hear the appearance of more regular death doom riffs. Perhaps the content is a bit repetitive after a while, I'm not sure (The band used some bestial blasting moments at the beginning, perhaps more of these fast parts could help to re-energize the decrepiting brain, but as I said before, I'm not sure).
I'm not acquainted enough to the extreme forms of doom to give a clear opinion about this recording, but I can say this sounds quite sick, and those who dig quite extreme/ underground stuffs and wouldn't bother compositions to be quite disjointed (Or abruptly "incoherent" perhaps) might be interested.


INFAMIE (Fra) Into the necrosphere MCD. 2023. Self-released.
Welcome to the new evil.
INFAMIE is a new band from the "center" of France which practices something between black death and black metal, with some DM influences, the whole in a pretty old fashioned manner.
While inhaling the fumes from the cauldron, I mostly thought about the 90's, but also some 00's memories. Here are some name of bands that came to my mind while listening, in a not so particular order: DEMONCY (Empire of the fallen), early MARDUK (The first albums from the 90's), old BLOODY SIGN, some old DISSECTION (Not so complex), a bit of early IMMORTAL (First two albums), or maybe old BLACK BLEEDING.
The music of the french guys is quite varied in a blackened spectrum, some parts are more aggressive, others are more "melodic", some are more hellish... And others are much closer to old death metal.
I can feel a spirit and atmosphere closer to what we once felt (more often) in the french underground 15-20 years ago...
For some reasons, this Ep reminds me of the NECROS/ ABNORM split tape I released a long time ago, which featured two bands between obscure death & black metal... Well, INFAMIE might seem in the same state of mind, and they might be seen musically as in the middle of both (With a bit more of "Dissection" inside)... But, Ok, these words could only be the old rant of an old fart with a burning cauldron.
This Ep sounds quite well in the style and feels "natural" sounding... Every songs do not taste as cool in the resonance of my old cauldron, but it's ok, I'm an old fart with a cauldron.
INFAMIE tastes like a quite promising band for fans of blackened underground metal.

INFANTRY (Usa) Desecrate the church Demo CDr’08.
Here’s a new band from the united slaves of America which plays thrash metal in an old school, yet not particularly nostalgic manner, probably because they aren’t more than 25 years old.
What I hear is not new, yet quite fresh sounding thrash that reminds of old KREATOR, SLAYER (“ Reign in blood ”), or more underground acts like TOXIC HOLOCAUT and maybe DEATH HAMMER… Perhaps with a little of early EXODUS and OVERKILL in mid placed patterns.
The KREATOR influence fits for the screams vocals, the fast riffings while the style and production points to something like “ Terrible certainty ” but less technical. TOXIC HOLOCAUST is quoted for the thin sound and not too heavy kind of thrashing, while DEATHHAMMER is generally a bit more drunk yet not too far… For an obscure unidentified flying reason, I also think about CAUSTIC STRIKE’s demo…
I feel the band spent quite some time to make things clear sounding and neat, but maybe they lost some energy trying to clean things up… Isn’t it a bit too thin ? Doesn’t thrash need more parasites ?
The quite okey songs occur to contain quite a lot of tempo and rhythm changes, a little more than the average thrash band… Some are a bit superfluous or could be perfected tough (Target the intensity!)
To conclude, I’ll say it’s an honest demo with decent music… But it’s not too thrilling, maybe coz of the production that makes it quite scholar… I think some younger thrashers who like it neat, quite fresh and influenced by the old styles could dig it during their thrashing street walks.

INFERNAL CONJURATION (Mex) Tremendous plague Demo CDr'07.
Old school satanic Death metal with strong influences of early DEATH ("Scream bloody gore") and POSSESSED ("Seven churches").
There are energetic infernal tremolo riffs, heavier patterns of the skull crush, chaotic leads the metal way and nice screamy vocals from the gorges of sufferance that taste like Chuck Schuldiner (80's) or some MORTEM (Peru).
The music also sounds a bit like some MASSACRE (First Lp) or PESTILENCE (Pure death metal years).
A shame the drum patterns aren't always so tight, but it might improve with more hard work (And that's a demo, right?)
Well there's nothing particularly killer or personal (It's rather somekind of DEATH worship (That hopefully doesn't sound asleep)) but it's a quite well rounded underground demo with enough morbid and energetic attributes to stick fans of Death thrashing metal the real way! At least you can't deny it shows cool Death metal tastes.


INFRAHUMANO (spa) Echoes of decay Promo CD. 2019. Self-released.
Infrahumano is a relatively new death metal band from Spain. They are promoting their first album and I received a 3 songs promo CD for this reason, so I will talk about it.
The style of the band is somewhat "morrisoundish" death metal taking from the old European and old US genres. During the listening I occurred to think about mid old MORBID ANGEL ("Domination" for fast parts, "Gateways..." for heavier riffs), the first MALEVOLENT CREATION albums ( For drums/ Structures), with some Polish death metal inside (The "obscure" one), a touch of old "death grind" à la NAPALM DEATH ("Harmony corruption"), with some regular European death, and maybe some stuffs of the first HATE ETERNAL album (With fewer blast beats, it more varied here). Well, perhaps this "quote-list" is a little too large to be clear, but the music of the band remains quite varied in an old death metal genre, both for the kind of riffs and rhythms.
(Quite cool drum playing, some grooves somewhat remind me of the CORPUS ROTTUS album, of perhaps the first IMMOLATION Lp).
Well, these 3 songs are built quite seriously, it sounds quite solid, there's a quite dark atmosphere in some riffs, and some moments aren't bad at all... But I can't say I was really thrilled by the riffs in itselves, and some mid-paced moments kinda bored my 25 years of death metal listenings (Yes, it's not really fresh anymore).
So, even if the outcome is quite professional and comes with some qualities, my feelings are quite mixed... But this doesn't mean I wouldn't like to hear some songs from here & there, or check out the band live... There's so much death metal coming out lately that a natural selection has to happen, otherwise you will never sleep at night AhAh.

INSINNER (Malaysia) The world that decayed Demo tape. 2014. Self-released.

INSINNER is a new old styled Death metal band from Malaysia. Even if the outfits to play this style of metal aren't numerous in this zone of the planet, the five tracks contained in this demo tape are decent. This is old school Death metal that can remind of very early GRAVE (The stuffs before the first album I would say) in a not so brutal manner and with a more natural production. I could also hear a bit of CARNAGE, a bit of early NECROPHAGIA ("Season of the dead") and perhaps a little of AUTOPSY.
The style is quite simple: Nothing fancy, but also nothing wrong... The guitars sound okey, and there's even a quite cool warm atmosphere that could rewarm some blood in the ancient uncolored cadavers. Now, the drum playing isn't always the best, especially during some mid-paced/ not-so-fast moments where it could be more powerful.
Since the music isn’t THAT heavy or powerful, it might sound a bit too much like proto-death/ morbid thrash in the livid hears of some listeners, but I know some peoples like this kind of stuffs.
INSINNER is a decent band that might please the cavernous hears of the old death metal fans... I see they have released new stuffs since then, so it might be a cool idea to check out the decrepiting evolution.

INSIDIOUS TORTURE (Australia) Lust and decay Demo tape. 2010. AKNE Recs.
Mummified in the giant web of the human devouring spider, my hears might not exactly reflect the same sounds than normal human perception, especially since the acid saliva of my host already started digesting myself...
This band sounds quite fucking brutal, for blasting reasons and matters of eroding production I can say it sounds like the first two EXHUMED albums ("Gore" metal and "Slaughtercult"), there's also the same kind of savagery; Now they take more from the brutal death side of killing, the simple and energetic kicking reminds me of an old DERANGED album while there are elements of more bru bru brutality (Something like old Us DISGORGE, but with a less tight sound), and few heavier parts à la old DEVOURMENT.
Some riffs show it's more than brutal gore noise: There's something quite "melodic"/ technical in an IMPALED/ quite recent EXHUMED manner, or sometimes quite early NECROPHAGIST, but with a raw sound that shaves the pink hairs of your artificial vagina transplant to lunar perfection.
I can't say the riffs branded my spirit in an haunting crescendo of phantomatic orgasms, but at least my skullcage remembers the kick of their hammer. Quite intense stuff.

INSURGENCY (Uk) Primitive shrines Demo tape. 2022. DYING VICTIMS Recs.
The days of wrath.
Impossible to separate the internal neuro-delirium from a hard reality.
Good mourning, hellish Vietnam.

Here you have quite dark thrash metal influenced by the 80's, with an influence of the blackened.
In the crackling speakers, their tunes might sound like the most evil parts of old BULLDOZER, with something like a darker early 80's DESTRUCTION, with some early SLAYER, some blackened "speed" riffings à la old BATHORY, and blackened thrash à la AURA NOIR or NEKROMANTHEON.
I wonder if the beer they drink is actually black, because their music is darker than regular thrash metal, somewhat like a dark cloud is entering the room and the vocalist is screaming over the top in a semi demented manner.
I feel some energy in there: Some kind of emergency you might feel in the middle of the battle camp. There's some research at the level of riffs, and even if everything isn't catchy, I feel some guitars to be quite close to early BATHORY (Rather "Blood fire death") are quite intriguing.
I'm not totally sold on this demo, but I recognize the qualities and intensity. So some fans of underground thrash/ black thrash might feel the rise of the internal spikes. PIERCED WITHOUT MERCY.


INTERNECINE EXCORIATION (Australia) Prognosticate the decreptide Demo CDr'06.
Quite strange underground and obscure brutal Death. It clearly has Us influences, but the playing is far less cleaner and rejoices into a quite sickened brutal death à la SKELETON OF GOD that occurs to be tortured like later GORGUTS. The production is raw, the bass frequencies overdrive and vibrate the ultra dooom way of once: It gives a touch of chaos à la early BOLT THROWER I like. The strange state of mind and atmosphere could also remind of old ATROCITY (Ger), TIMEGHOUL (Minus the dark/ depressive approach) or old DEVOURMENT (Heaviness and production) with eventually a bit of FUNEBRARUM (For the chaotic emptiness of doomy Death metal).
The vocals are fucking low pitched and dripping. I know it could displease some peoples, it only makes the whole more inhuman.
This isn't a demo to advice every extreme metal listener, but rather underground maniacs who like it deep in the grave and enjoy the textures of a claustrophobic crushed production that drowns the mind. For a first demo it's not bad at all!


INTRINSIC MALEFICENCE (Usa) Relapse demo tape. 2021. UNHOLY DOMAIN Recs.

Now, let's be a bit more serious for a minute (And also inspired) and talk about the music of this Californian quartet.
From a 2022 point of view, one might call their style "Quite old school death", but nowadays almost everything is old school.... So I will be a bit more precise with my menacing sausage and would say they mix 90's death metal, early technical death, and some old brutal death elements.
Depending on the songs or the moments, the style can be a bit different, and so, while the morbid sauce was invading my jacket and trousers, I happened to feel the taste of old MONSTROSITY, old DEICIDE, a bit of old DEEDS OF FLESH, some EXHUMATOR, perhaps touches of early GORGUTS... And also some early SPAWN OF POSSESSION, a bit of old CANNIBAL CORPE/ SUFFOCATION (Minus the grooves of the later) etc etc etcaetera... (I think you got the mix of 90's and sometimes early 00's influences).
Well, the 3 songs have quite different productions, and it's also a bit raw for the genre sometimes (Perhaps it makes the music sound more old styled than it really is?)... But it shows the musicians are quite skilled and know how to write quite compact songs.
So this tape is something like a cool first visit card, and the future will show how they evolve.

IXPAPALOTL (Gre) That of the swamp Demo CDr’09.
This is something like blasting death meets death grind, with some grindcore influences. This could sound quite old fashioned, but could also have been genitalized 5 years ago.
In my hears, it sounds like mid old DYING FETUS, later NAPALM DEATH, CRIMINAL ELEMENT (Demo), HUTT (Album), with maybe a little of MALEVOLENT CREATION.
Quite straight to the cunt music with a lot of riff changes.
Most is fast or blasting, but some slower parts also come (There’s a little of core, but not in a crappy modern way). They could still improve this or that to sound more extreme, but this is quite fresh sounding and alright.I don’t know what their name manes, but it could be a demon in an old tribe from the jungle..