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ULTIMATE AGONY (Usa) Rotting afterlife Demo CDr. 2010.
Rejoicing on the delicate seepage of the mental hematoma, I take the time to savor the subtle taste escaping the decomposition of the crepitating necrosis.
It's like good wine, the morbid things take time ;-)
What Iíll begin reviewing in few words might not be the most macerated and accomplished piece of spiritual defibrillation, but at least there's enough substance for me to extract something and rebuild an image of necrosis.
Ultimate agony is a young band from Usa, and for some reasons I imagine it's some kind of solo project.
The style is located somewhere between old Death metal, faster obscure death and doom... In a mixed common-grave order, you could think about old INCANTATION, WINTER, GRAVE, ROTTREVORE and some AUTOPSY... As well as fewer elements of BAPHOMET, FUNEBRARUMís first album, or maybe the first ENTOMBED one... Of course it's not in a so accomplished manner, but the influences remain.
The vocals are deep and can give an early brutal death touch sometimes (I think about ooold MORTICIAN (Early days)), but it could be closer to old INCANTATION with some bulldog days old GRAVE.
The guitars are quite low pitched; In the fast parts it sounds quite obscure, in the doomy parts it's a bit dripping (Or is it the bass?)
This seems to be a first demo, and it has its defects... I think about the drum playing that's not too impressive, the fact the songs lack a bit of dynamic in the playing (This doesn't bother in the most doomy patterns, but the traditional and fast Death metal parts can lack of kick or electrocution and bore you after a while), and some songs structures could be improved...
This is an average first demo with some quite cool moments but also less appealing parts... If the guy behind this project keeps on making songs I think he'll be able to naturally improve, so he should keep on macerating in the caves to emotionally think the riffs and improve the scores of doom. The necrosis we'll burn!


UNCREATION (Ita) Return to chaos Demo tape'09.
No, this is not the come back of the Spanish band who used to play brutal death metal 10 years ago.
This new Death metal group emerging from the ashes of MORBID UPHEAVAL (Average retro Death metal) plays a quite different style. The music is immediately much faster, filled with blasts, and contains more ferocious influences. All in all, UNCREATION could remind something like INFAMY ("The blood shall flow") mixed with early UNLEASHED (For some grotesque), some old INCANTATION, and elements of 90's European Death metal (Fast and slow)... But with a more rehearsal like approach.
The quite frenetic low vocals have something brutal death metal, but it isn't especially modern, and the use of some high pitched screams adds a little IMPALED/ EXHUMED taste to the whole.
For a first demo it's quite okey, but remains a bit too average under some angles such as the playing (Could be tighter, some moments sound a little out of place) or the production (Which sounds a bit too "rehearsal" like), but I feel this demo was kind of recorded in a rush, so don't take it tooo much for serious. UNCREATION is currently an ok deep underground band which offers nothing particularly burning, but might energize some local gigs enough to keep you putrid. Their next release might be cooler, so keep watching the growth of underground putridity.


UNDECAYED (Swe) The triumph of death Demo CDr. 2011. Self-released.
This demo has almost nothing to do with Swedish death, so you can immediately leave the hole, you necro-hipster!
UNDECAYED is a new band that was formed from the ashes of 9TH PLAGUE, with the vocalist and a guitarist who survived from the split up...
I would say their music isn't so different from 9TH PLAGUE, expect it has fewer fast moments and contains more of brutal death metal... Don't be too afraid if you don't like zillions of brain-smashing snares, I'm talking about something close to quite old CANNIBAL CORPSE that doesn't contain super fast blasts (It's more an heaviness of big bastard who feels heavy, with an over-sized beer belly, even when he's fast), and anyway you can still find quite a lot of mid-paced parts with double kicks that remind me of MORBID ANGEL (Grossly the Domination/ Entangled/ Formulas era... There's the same kind of "heavy testosterone"). I could also draw metallic similarities with the second ANGEL CORPSE album (Minus the blasts), some demos from Dutch band VIRULENT I got about 7-8 years ago, and sometimes it's not so far from the first recording of French THE SEVEN GATES... Hmmm, this review could let you imagine this recording is all mid-paced, while it's not the case: It's contains quite a lot of fast parts, and most of the mid-pacing comes with double kicks (But it always sounds quite heavy, even when it's fast). 
The color of the atmosphere remains in something like an obscure red, if you feel what I mean.
The first song is the most brutal death metal one (For one or two riffs it's even a little too much for me in the brutal mental abruptism, you know: Boom Boom Boom)
The 3rd song is a bit more "groovy" and contains more classical death metal parts closer to GRAVE on "Back from the grave"... Few of these riffs could also have been written by a French band few years ago, I'm thinking about buried VEHEMENS (Oh, if you don't know what I'm talking about, view something mid-old, quite old styled, but not too retro: It's quite "heavy" and I know some peoples find it to lack of "freshness").
It's time to conclude, are you ready? No, you never are... I always obliged to wait for your fat ugly bottom!
Anyway, this demo contains some cool riffs and atmospheres, and the whole is built in a quite easily listenable manner, but there are also parts I'm less fond of, and I would have prefer to find a bit more of fast parts to be the subject of a better entertainment. I will make no bet or cadaveric suggestion concerning the musical evolution of UNDECAYED, since it's not too exciting to loose, but I'd like to hear their next demo.




UNDERGANG (Denmark) Indhentet af DÝden Demo tape'09.
What this band practices is quite surprising for something Danish, since it's more disgusted than the usual... On a technical point of view they remind me of the first two GRAVE albums, for the mindless abrupt and heavy brutality; But the atmosphere is different, more gore swampy and putrid... And the low tuned guitars make it sound dripping, maybe close to some goregrind, CREMATORY (Swe) or old Finnish demos that came with a fucked up sound on heavy frequencies (Which is a good point since it makes the whole more spectacular and bombastic).
Sometimes they occur to blast and then they remind me of the first INHUME album... There might also be a little of the very fist BROKEN HOPE album "Swamped in gore" for some vocals or some early MUCUPURULENT's putrid incestuous offerings...
Now even if some toxic putrid remains work quite well and make you feel the reeks of the green fogs from the rancid body, and if some parts are crushing and kicking enough for my putrid needs, I can't say every riffs or moments are so good or nicely disgusting: After a while some of the heavier is a bit boring, some old styled "melodies" don't shake the dead, and maybe a brutal lifting would have been good (To extract the essence of the morbid perfume and re-inject that in fewer songs?).
Anyway, for a first demo it is not  bad. Not exactly the best style for my rotten taste, but UNDERGAND offers here a nice reekording for fans of heavy and senseless brutality.



UNDERSAVE (Por) After the domestication comes the manipulation MCD'08. Self produced
Crucistick impalements, smoking the crosses is so funny once brutalizing in the centrifugous brain-mashing machine...
UNDERSAVE isn't the kind of band that would please the most old school listeners since their music is mostly brutal death metal. Most reminds me something like SINISTER ("Aggressive measures" and a bit later... Yet with less melodic or "bright" riffs) with a bit of DEVILYN's first album, older USBDM influences, zests of NILE and elements from the current tech or brutarrrgh death (HATE ETERNAL?). Some riffs are more "old school", some are more modern.
I have to cumfess gigloads of cum didn't flood my face once the (Sterile and dry?) priest masturbated over my skull, so I can't say UNDERSAVE was too soul-shaking or spirit intruding, but the music sounds quite brutal... It could create a brutal buzzing, as if legions of ferocious wasps were circling around my head trying to find the nectar hole...
So fans of quite brutal and often changing, yet not too modern, brutal death might find it cool, even if it's not exactly plants-flooding killer... It's a quite cool underground band... Maybe they should try to be over the top under and angle or another...