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QUEMOS (Peru) Promo tape.
In the modern material world, were everything is about fastness, gain, productivity and efficiency, anything slow has no meaning; Because it "produces" and leads to "nothing"...
Anything that isn't accelerated and compressed has no meaning and existence, simply because it's too "off the radar".
And so, this cassette doesn't exist.
I found no infos about this Peruvian quartet, online, and I believe it's some kind of subproject, because I don't see musicians rehearse this genre every weekends...
The styles of the songs tend to differ a bit, you can find some slow doom metal, some drone, some quite experimental things, some slow doom death riffs, moments that touch the world of guitar experiment, or a bit of dark ambient... Most of the time with guitar and drums, half of the time with vocals... Globally let's call it "Doom/ drone".
Some moments could remember of old ABRUPTUM or KHANATE (Both without the tortured angle), some riffs could remember very old MY DYING BRIDE (The second album mostly)
for example.
There are interesting moments, such as some drone parts with very slowed-down "under the soil" sounds, or some nice old school doom riffs, but I feel the whole is a bit too varied for me to really get into it, and some parts also sound too "simplified" (Perhaps voluntary?), or experimental/ improvised to magnetize my brain and guts in unison.
Anyway I'm not an expert of the slower kinds: I'm quite involved in the world of the fast, the productive, the efficient (Death metal is quite fast, isn't it?), but this tape sounds like a pleasant discovering. Underground fans of different sicknesses who like to visit their friends the termites of the infraworld might find some interest here.