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VACCINE (Usa) Dead inside 7 Ep. 2012. Painkiller Records.
Love of perpaings... I can't get enough of it!
Underwear of perpaings.
Pillow of perpaings.
Grindcore of perpaings!
This American band plays grindcore with a powerviolence edge that doesn't displease my love for perpaings! This is fast, grinding, with enough "illogical" breaks (And not too many slow parts). The guitars are rasping enough, but it's not too noisy and contains enough lower frequencies to scratch the cement. The tracks occur to be quite short, more than half is around 30 seconds (It's not noisecore yet, but quite short grind).
This isn't intense perfection, this isn't original, but it's quite kicking and contains enough intensity to keep my mental perpaings in place.
I could listen to this Ep a dozen of times without feeling the appearance of maximum-dust boredom, so fans of grindcore/ powerviolence might need to stand in line to get vaccinated. BRING YOUR PERPAINGS!


VASAELETH (Usa) Demo MMIX Tape'09.
It's coming from another underground world, or almost...
Death black metal with old INCANTATION influences, mixed with a deaf sound that makes it very obscure. Quite distant and dusty guitars, unhearable drums, deaf occult aural deglutitions... It reminds me the way I understood the first BESTIAL WARLUST album's production 12 years ago. Wasn’t it voluntary underproduced? I think they might sound clearer during rehearsals Ah Ah. It's not so far from the GOAT MOLESTOR first demo (Now GRAVE MIASMA) on matters of style and atmosphere. There are some nice atmospheres but also some too simple riffs.
This is a recording you could enjoy if you get into the atmosphere and penetrate the intimate rituals, because trying to listen to the playing and analyze would get you instantaneously bored. Pure obscurity from the inner depths of the deep underground.


VIRAEMIA (Usa) Viraemia MCD'09. Self released
This is technical brutal death à la NECROPHAGIST, ORIGIN and SPAWN OF POSSESSION with a little of PESTILENCE's "Spheres" for a jazzy state of mind.
I grew bored with most of this style, but VIRAEMIA kinda entertains me... Maybe because their songs contain something quite "fun" and quite cool sounding, the most technical parts always keep something musical, and they don't hesitate to insert some very simple parts in the middle of the tapping craziness to keep the listening quite easy. Sometimes it's so fast and strange that it enters another world than brutal death, maybe some crazy video game tone, or something "funny" not so far from MORTAL DECAY ("Sickening erotic fanaticism")... One could find some elements of PSYCROPTIC's second album, or some mid old NATRON, but it's a different atmosphere.
Of course it comes with a very thin and neat production, and some peoples could complain about the fact "It's music for musicians"... But here I think it is rather quite cerebral music for focused listeners, might they be musicians or not.
VIRAEMIA hasn't procreated the totally killer tunes yet, but for a "first" demo it has a very good level and they have some touches of craziness that let me imagine their next recording could be over the top. So keep tuned to the viral pipe where all emerging sexy viruses grow under pressure, to hear what kind of strange monster they'll become!

VISCERAL (Chile)/ SAVAGE ANNIHILATION (Fra)/ DECREPIFY (Usa)/ AD NAUSEUM (Fra) "Disgusting cranial" Split CDr. 2008. UNITED WINDS Recs. RECTALIZED Recs.

Here's a short revieulsed for a not so short release filling your stomach a brutal way.
VISCERAL is the first to molest your libidinal zigzags and plays common, but quite brutal death: Think CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth"), with DISGORGE (Us/ Less technical) and touches of DEVOURMENT. It might stab the ass of the gore brutality.

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION inserts a darker seed with something more IMMOLATION influenced, but with more brutal death influences à la (mid old/ old) DEEDS OF FLESH, with a bit of NILE and some epic zests of fast INCANTATION. Quite promising for the entrails of the French brutal underground.

DECREPIFY plays something in the middle of blasting death and simple old Death metal. The production makes it a bit close to some old MALEVOLENT CREATION album (Was it the first, second or third?) while I thought a bit about some JUDECCA (Slow) or RESURRECTION ("Embalmed madness"). Some riff/ tempo changes are a bit strange, sounds like if the CD skips (??). Even if some mid-to-slow-paced parts are nice, DECREPIFY is not much for me... Maybe a different production would help...?

AD NAUSEUM plays something between blasting death and grindcore, surrounded by touches of brutal death, older mid-paced Death, and few other things... Some slow parts like old GOREFEST or mid old BOLT THROWER aren't bad, but most of the time when they blast I don't care about the riffs... Few Hc influences could visit the trashcan for permanent vacations, and I'm not sure about some "Swedish melodeath" influences... There's not much to say for now, it could please some peoples but it's just another underground band that needs to wash the average parts, develop etc...

Conclusion: The first half of the cooked monkey brain tastes better than the second half. This quite cool bleeding split CDr that contains 4 demos for the (trading?) price of one, might please undergrounders... So if your bottom if a bit more than a nut-crusher, trying to support the underground could be a nice idea... Why not moving your ass from the pile of nuts, you plastic cum slurper?


VIVISECT (Usa) Vivisect Ep 2020. Digital. Self-released.
Coming from New Jersey/ Usa, this new band practices cool and quite putrid old school death metal, and it reminds me a lot the chunks of old AUTOPSY! Then you can also find some good portions of early DEATH (First two albums only) .
Most of the musick is based on this old and fast "thrashing" death metal, with some doomier parts, it's often coming with a quite thick feeling. (This said, the musick is less crazy and fucked than old Autopsy).
Sometimes, VIVISECT also reminds me of the french band HERPES (R.I.P/ For their first and second demo), I also heard a bit of early ASPHYX during slower parts ("Embrace the death" Lp... When they had a lower pitched guitar tone and more cavern vocals) .
Nothing original here, but it's a quite well rounded pile of morbid corpses and bowels; If you're listening to Deaf metal of the dead for the bowelish feelings, you could dig some nice putrid gloryholes with VIVISECT musick in your boombox. BOOM, BOOM, GOOORE!
(Ps: I discovered this band on a live tape released by Contaminated tones recs, but this newer release has a cooler production, so I choose to review this one.)


Tape out now!

Old school death metal/ Thrash with technical touches.
Check out
Visceral circuitry recs.






VOMI NOIR (Fra) Vomi noir Demo 2016. Digital. Self-released.
I wonder what someone should ingurgitate to puke black vomit... Delicate petroleum cocktail? Subtle burial ground cake? Or is it simply about inner organs' dysfunction?
Anyway, what we're dissecting now is the first recording of a new French band called VOMI NOIR and the style is located between goregrind and old school grind.
I should immediately warn you this is not lofi goregrind, the music comes with real riffs and the whole sounds quite great. Remind me of old REGURGITATE, ooold DEAD INFECTION, early CARCASS (Demos & 1st Lp) with some "grooves" emerging from the days of the HEMDALE/ EXHUMED split CD. Quite neat drummer. Songs are structured in a quite right-to-the-point manner. The name of the band is French written, in English it actually means "Black vomit'; The song titles are also French written and could sound as follow in English: Narcissistic pervert, Decomposed loves, open air sewer, Rotten to the core, A re-opened wound.
The guitarist is Pierre from Braindead webzine, I must say I prefer VOMI NOIR than his previous project BLUE HOLOCAUST, it sounds more efficient.
Fans of gore could dig this black vomit since it's above the average of the current goregrind releases, and there are kicking moments.



VOMIT TROUGH (Usa) It's grind! Demo MCD. 2007. HOT ORANGE PUKE Recs.
Mummified in toxic mushrooms.
Since the name of this band doesn't speak much to me, and the dictionary didn't help, let's change a letter to make it look cooler... “Vomit through”... VOMIT THROUGH YOUR HEARS! GHOUL VOMIT THROUGH YOUR HEARS ALL THE WAY!
Apparently being a grindcore band at the basis, the music of this philharmonic vomitical outfit evolved towards something more complex and technical that could be called "Death grind, in the quite technical manner": The guitars contain as much "thrashy" tremolos, as grindcore power chords, as technical and quite brutal stuffs.
When I listen, I feel and think about NAPALM DEATH ("Utopia banished" and "Harmony corruption" as well as more recent stuffs), some SKELETON OF GOD for the strange approach of some riffs, some polish ROTTING HEAD (Is it one more quote of unknown forgotten band?) for some Napalm Death inspired power chords, some SINISTER (Could be the not-so-old releases) for some "regular" Death/ Brutal death, plus CENOTAPH (Turkey) and some early NECROPHAGIST in the most technical moments.
A particularity is the fact riffs changes very often, and so there's no chorus (Some riffs could turn into something like that with more "pop" structures, but it's not the case... They prefer to change of riff before you think...).
The vocals aren't too deep or screamy... It's more like early thrash metal/ speed death vocals meets a crazy touch... Roughly it might remember of early NECROPHAGIA and early SADISTIK EXEKUTION (I said roughly... Vomit rough?)
This is a decent demo, it doesn't suck, but it has its defects: 1) I didn't hear things too catchy. 2) The riffs might change too often (That could explain I didn't hear things too catchy?). 3) This recording is a little short (Maybe because the riffs change too often?). 4) When I reviewed this record I had to play it again and again (Maybe because it's a little short?). So it could please some peep-holes, but I don't have a deeper or more developed opinion for now...


VOMITOUS (Uk) Devoid of divinity Demo CDr'09.
Mega abuse of cock sucking often tends to disgusted vomitous solutions!
Ok, we don't care about BRUTAL TRUTH's comeback since they left the world of Death and early grind and won't turn back, but it's a decent introduction... Need more of my vomit motives?
VOMITOUS from Uk plays a mix between blasting death, Death metal and brutal death that has its moments of kicking rapidity.
Think about something in the (gangbanging) middle of FLESHTIZED, SUFFOCATION (Rather "Despise the sun"), old DEICIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, PYREXIA ("Age of the wicked") or even "early" SPAWN OF POSSESSION by moments. There are a lot of blasts, double kicks (Yet never super abusive) and few slower or "normal" Death metal beats, but it's always quite fucking fast! Ahah. The production is clear; It's well produced, not plastic like but maybe a bit too thin.
This demo isn't bad, it contains its moments of impacting efficiency and blasting burn, but every parts do not work on the same level of carnal deflagration (At least every riffs are decently thought).It shows a quite professional band with some brutal potential.
With a bit more personality VOMITOUS could become a coolifying offering to underground fans of the style.



VORTILICH (Uk) Abominations Demo CDr. 2010.
I have a morbid question: Did they voluntary xerox, the Xeroxed copy of a xerox picture so that their covers looks more ugly and necro? Jokes aside, it looks quite necro, somewhere between some Repugnant and old Carcass demos.
"So, does the music follow this first visual impression?" Will you ask...
Yes and no. Yes because it's the same kind of morbid territories, no because VORTILICH is more convenient than crushing, and it sounds like a first demo.
It's mostly slow and doomy Death metal influenced by old AUTOPSY (Less fukked and bizarre) and very early PARADISE LOST (Demos or first Lp, less melancholic or "epic"). The gory alike vocals (A bit like Impetigo) and some riffs could let appear reminiscing fumes of very old CARCASS, but sometimes it's closer to SANITYS DAWN's album "Cryptic menu" (Which was in the same bowelish category).
Some faster parts appear, mostly in the second song (I think about DEPRAVITY (Fin)), but wouldn't bet a ball on that), and also in the 4th one (A CARCASS cover, but does it count in counting the fast parts?)
Some problems need to be underlined: The drum machine is very low in the mix. The gory alike vocals aren't too impressive, it could come from deeper in the throat because here it's more in the mouth...
Those who have at best one or two foot fingers in the putrid grave might find this demo very average and utterly boring... It's a very deep underground recording, sometimes amateurish. I think VORTILICH might improve in a quite cool way in the future, because some doomy riffs are quite okey in my putrid scum... This demo is limited to 59 copies, so they might be conscious of their level. So let's keep the foot-fingers crossed and see what kind of purulent efforts they will do until next recording.


VULTUR (Gre) Vulture's beak Demo tape. 2016. WAR Productions.
When your Hifi system is damaged and only one of the two speakers delivers sound, it can bring a more old school experience: The fact of listening to music in MONO!
It's more old school, because in the 70's some vynil players only had a speaker and didn't deliver the whole spectrum... It can become quite surprising if you try it with albums you know very well: Sometimes you expect a guitar riff on the left, and there's nothing, just drum breaks AhAh
hopefully for my reviewing needs the music of the Greek metal band VULTUR isn't particularly full of guitar polyphonies or strange things happening in stereo. This is old school death metal, or should I say a mix between old "satanic" death in a quite brutal 90's manner and the Floridian style of once.
By moments the music can seriously remember of early DEICIDE (Especially the first one "Deicide" and "Once upon the cross"), with a bit of ENCABULOS ("Abandoning the flesh" MCD), some old SINISTER, perhaps old ALTARS (Hol/ That might be due to the drum sound mostly), with a good dose of 90's Floridian Death metal à la old RESURRECTION or MORTA SKULD.
Sometimes the music is fast and blasting, sometimes it's more mid-paced, sometimes it uses the old thrash DM beat, so globally it's quite varied rhythmically.
The production is quite good in a 90's style, not to the level of a 90's/ 00's album, but for a demo it's good enough.
Some riffs are quite cool, some parts are quite kicking, while some are less interesting (I'm not so fond of all the more mid-paced parts); The band can come up with cool (Or even very cool) riffs and nice guitars while some parts are a little too common.
Globally it's a quite good Death metal demo that could please fans of 90 death between the "satanic" and more US styles.