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FABRICANT (Usa) Demo CDr. 2010. Self-released.
The sentence "I feel like a brutalized dead corpse in constant reanimation" might fit this American band quite well.
On one hand their music is quite close to mid old styled and dark brutal death, on the other hand it contains a more dreamy and eerie side closer to old Finnish Death metal.
Even though I regularly found to think about old CARCASS (On "Symphonies of sickness" for to the scorched/ screamy vocals, obscure brutallization or strange riffs that can be quite complex) there's nothing gore... It's not the same feeling either and also contains similarities with DEMILICH, TIMEGHOUL (Less strange), some old SKELETON OF GOD (Less fucked) or the only BYATIS album (With a different atmosphere, and less "melodies"). A bit of old INCANTATION can also be found in fast moments.
Sometimes the music is quite close to the americans of COSMIC ATROPHY, but hopefully the production is fewer in the clean/ tight world and the guitars comes with more low frequencies: It sounds more bizarre and that's something needed if you want to play this kind of bizarre obscure Death metal (It could be more downtuned to reach more bizarrity though... Remember Swedish CREMATORY?)
The band is quite interesting when they use strange polyphonies or quite dreamy eerie parts, but I think they don't use enough of it and should much more develop their songs around these schemes in the future (Maybe there's a bit too much of the brutal parts, and a more developed abstract side would be helpful to turn your mind towards the morbid dreaming)
Sometimes I also feel like their music is quite "rigid", even if it wasn't computer manipulated at all... It might be due to the quite technical playing and amount of riffs going on.(This "rigidity" sometimes remind me of French BLOODY SIGN, somewhere between the first and 2nd album).
The drummer has a quite good level, he's quite focused on the "efficient" way of playing, with quite a lot of blasts and stuffs (A bit more of jazzy patterns or "fucked up third dimension smoke beating" could be nice for the genre?)
For a first demo it's not bad at all and contains interesting moments. FABRICANT could evolve in a bizarre beast of obscure brutallization and eerie dreams, I only wish their music was a bit more abstract... So keep your rotting eyes opened if this review sounds like a teasing desc-reek-ption.
Note for French readers: En français leur nom de groupe pourrait sonner de façon un peu étrange, peut-être comme de l'industriel, mais la signification en anglais prend un autre sens... (D'ailleurs la prononciation n'est pas sensée rappeller LUBRICANT ou quelque chose comme ça?)



FACTION DISASTER (Usa) Fight to destroy/ Previously unreleased Ep. Tape. DINA DOG Recs. 2014.
Oh... Someone stole my brain...
How will I be able to write this review? Non stop headbanging doesn't help...
FACTION DISASTER plays grindcore in a rather old fashioned (Or should we say "Natural fashioned"?) way, with a lot of short songs, tempo changes, breaks...
Sometimes this reminds me of old SxOxB, some EGOFIX or a bit of early NAPALM DEATH (The live bootlegs, "F.E.T.O" era, those with a deafer sound than the peel sessions).
Sometimes this could be a little more grindcore, and a little less "hardcore", but I can remain unbothered. (The last songs are a little too fucked though).
I feel another band called EXOGORTH (Usa) could release quite cool stuff like this, in a few years of natural improvement.
It's an album from 2008 rereleased on tape with bonus tracks, it could be quite cool for fans of Grind and blastbeats.

(Here’s the bandcamp page, but beware, their newer releases seem to be more powerviolence and screamy)



FALLEN ANGEL (Usa) Endless darkness Demo tape. 2007. Self released.
Did you turn on your deep underground emulator?
This demo sounds like a rehearsal or 4-tracker recording, with low sound, tape souffle, and more... But it doesn't matter that much since morbidity can rise above!
After a too simple and generic slow riff that isn't too reassuring, the first song begins a quite brutal way à la early GRAVE. Then this is closer in style and vibe to the first IMMOLATION album (But less strange and "technical"), or maybe SADISTIC INTENT (Think about vocals). I hear parts of very early brutal death metal à la CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Eaten back to life") and possible touches of early DEICIDE (When they were called AMON). Some peoples could also hear some early POSSESSED touches here and there.
The second song is closer to thrashing Death metal à la early POSSESSED while some riffs aren't so far from the most "Death-metallic" parts of ooold SLAYER ("Hell awaits" and "Reign in blood"). Maybe some painbangers could hear something like early VADER (Demo days) without blasts. This second song is quite fast, but I preferred the first one that contained more brutality and a bit more of diversity.
As I said, this is deep underground, almost rehearsal, but I heard less energetic stuffs.
Conclusion: Even though this demo isn't surprising and contains some quite generic riffs, there also are some quite nice atmospheres and some quite kicking guitars... This reminds me the self-made demos I could receive in 1998, and maybe I'm currently located out of time, but I wouldn't mind checking the next tape of FALLEN ANGEL to judge of their improvements and rise of hateful vibrations. UNDEAD SODOMY ALL THE WAY!


FERAL CHAOS (Fin) Feral chaos Demo tape. 2017. KUOLEMA Recs.
Feral Chaos is a quite new grindcore band coming from hell-stinky in Finland, and this demo which is their first recording doesn't stink like rancid pus.
The main style they used to barbwire the skull is grindcore, with a tendency to flirt with the borders of deathgrind, and also old school death metal.
I could perhaps quote some ROTTEN SOUND (Mid old) or the first BRUTAL TRUTH album (Even if the Finnish band is less epic and less focused on "thrashy" DM riffs), with a bit of NAPALM DEATH ("From enslavement..."). Then in the more dbeat parts a taste of old Swedish death metal often appears, then the band also injects portions of old swedeath to be found in the heavier of more "thrashing" parts (It sounds like old ENTOMBED or early DISMEMBER... And the production helps).
The whole is more metal than I expected when I read the word "Grindcore", but it doesn't matter since I'm not a punk-grindcore integrist :)
There are nicely kicking moments, rhythms are varied enough, and it's cool to hear some heavier morbid riffs in the middle.
It's not the craziest or more chaotic grind recording I heard, even if the production is quite raw and overdriven the riffs don't explode in a 3rd dimension of stress... Sometimes it's due to recording in the studio, or perhaps the musicians carry a less explosive form of violence in them (Which could be more "metal" than "punk"?), well... Who cares?
The whole sounds kicking enough and nothing tastes particularly weak. Not bad and quite professional for a first recording.


FERETRO (Chile) Deathsolation MCD. 2019. EL CONJURO Recs.
While the scumfuck addicts know very well Chilean death metal tastes and reeks in a quite putrid/ bestial manner, it's cool to discover metal bands from these burning lands that sound a bit more "sober". Even if they're from Chile, FERETRO sounds closer to old European death metal (And also the old American one) than many of their deaththrashing casket neighbors. The style is influenced by old MORGOTH (For the fast riffs and doomier moments, & some vocals), early DEATH (For the thrashing death), old MASSACRE (For the same reason), old OBITUARY (For a couple of slower moments, and few vocal touches).
Well, I think you got the morbid point, it's early 90's DM. This said you can also find some fast blasts that might sounds like early DEICIDE or ALTARS (Hol/ First albums).
Well, I'm here sitting with my pen, and I really retain from quoting more "obscure" band names, because I have a cavern full of names to drop such as NERLICH (Fin), a little of VIOGRESSION... Ok, I stop.
I can't say I feel the thrill of the re-awakening dead, but this is very cool music to listen to. Compared to their demos this also sounds a bit more professional, which is a little plus.
FERETRO is a cool/ very cool old school death metal band to listen to, this remains classical DM in the style (so perhaps some morbid minds will complain), but that's not a problem for me and I can dig subterranean holes listen to this MCD.
In the cavern I dwell.
In the subterranean holes, I bury the juicy corpses.





FIEND (Usa) Derailed Demo tape. 2014. Self-released.
Hold your throat.
This is pulverizing grindcore in the vein of NAPALM DEATH ("F.E.T.O"), INHUME (First CD "Decomposing from inside"), with influences of early BRUTAL TRUTH ("Extreme conditions..." for crazy screams & some blasts), with touches of early PHOBIA and mid old ROTTEN SOUND (When they came back to some kind of "straight to the point grind").
This is pure grind with almost no modern influence (Nasum... At least it seems so, I don't understand 100% of the riffs), and few boring parts!
There's a quite strong "F.E.T.O" influence (Style, dbeat parts, guitar sound, crazy screams...) which is welcome...
This sounds ferocious, angry and reeks of emergency.
The songs are quite straight to the point and often as short as it should be.
Now I wouldn't go as far as saying this demo is 100% killer and excellent, and this is "only pure grind" (So this isn't different from "pure grind" in form... But the bands who try to be different and evolve from a "pure grind" basis often bore me with mathcore or weirdo technical hardcore... So the choice is simple).
Some moments are fucking intense and explode the head! If you love the real (Early) NAPALM you will dig this.



FLESH POLICE (Australia) Demo 2013. Tape. Self-released.
Flesh Police. Never listen to inner instincts.
Flesh Police. Never listen to inner convictions.
Flesh police. Piss on command.
Flesh police. Orgasm on command.

This flesh comes from Australia and plays quite old-influenced (But not really old school) grindcore.
This flesh recorded 14 songs generally running between 30 and 60 seconds.
The beats of this flesh are generally quite fast, but also sometimes crusty or slower (Like HC/ Sludge).
The guitar sound of this flesh is quite raw but not irritating, which is nice: It reminds the textures of a wall of perpaings.
This flesh plays blasts at the right speed according to my inner blastometer.
This flesh was a bit more influenced by chaos and hardcore than regular old school grind (Think power-violence).
Now the songs structures of this flesh aren't always the most punishing, the listening impact could be improved by playing with riffs as a puzzle of flesh. (I also feel this flesh could need something a little more catchy for the brain, not targeting only the flesh).
Conclusion: There are quite intense moments in this flesh.
Not bad for a first demo.

FLESH TORMENT (Nor) Calling all graves! Demo. 2010. Self-released.
Necrodissolving relaxatorium.
Maelstromic crass embalming.
Bizarre, Perv'hard, Pulsar.
This deeply unknown band plays a quite cool mixture of old death metal and old blasting death from the 90's, with a production that follows the warm morbid needs.
While the old death metal parts can remind of BAPHOMET, old MORTA SKULD , old CANCER, or perhaps ETERNAL TORMENT (The 90's band from Usa), the fast parts from the blast-world can sound like SICKENING GORE and some early 90's ooold brutal death (A bit like very early SUFFOCATION, but less technical).
There's a cool vibe in there, and some riffs are kinda warming the underwear leeches... You can hear there was some enthusiasm during the playing/ recording, even if some of the riffs are a little too "simple" (Better said easy?).
Flesh Torment doesn't sound 100% serious, there's a touch of second degree you could find 12-15 years ago in the releases of RAZORBACK Records, it's not a problem for me.
It's a quite cool demo. This underground band only seems to be a project, but I heard worse from real bands on a riffing point of view. This is a quite entertaining little worm sandwich.


FUKPIG (Uk) Batcave full of bastards Demo 2011. (Mp3s only) Self-released.
Grindcore/ black metal with members of ANAAL NATHRAKH (Anal Matraque?) and more.
The first song sounds quite kicking in a quite "modern" grindcore genre (Understand it's a bit too fast to be old school, but remains quite close to the old style), with addition of some black metal influences in the manner of blasting brutal black or few melodies in the old Swedish genre (A bit of ooold MARDUK, WAR, and more). Grindcore-wize it's not so far from some ROTTEN SOUND or maybe DR DOOM. There are also a bit of Dbeat parts to try and make you dance on three legs. The quite raw sound isn't bad, I kinda enjoy the quite deaf overdriven bass guitar. This song was constructed a quite "efficient" way, and sounds compact. It might turn on fans of the style.
The second song is first closer to old ENTOMBED and almost tastes like Death'n roll, before it turns to some kind of crusty DISFEAR, and then some high-pitched black metal guitar notes are melted with the crust and turn it in something more melancholic but still punchy... This song isn't bad, but I expected more blast from a band called FUKPIG: I expected something FUKKED, and maybe I was right when I wondered why their moniker wasn't FUKKPIG with two "K" because their music wouldn't be so fukked... To have a clearer idea of their genre, I visited their myspace page and it shew you could hear more crust and not-too-blasting black metal than grindcore (I felt some riffs sounded quite cliché, some evil keyboards sounded very 90's, while some mixtures of styles aren't bad and could be interesting...). The mixture of crustcore and black metal isn't a bad idea, and these guys doesn't do that in a bad way, but it's not really something for me... If they inserted more blasting attacks such as in the first song I wouldn't mind shaking more rotting coffins with them until total dematerialization! But I'm not certain if it's their main goal...
(Concluding with "Metal on metal" would be too cliché... So you will have to read the zoophilically appealing “PIG ON PIG”!)


FUNERAL LEECH (Usa) The funereality Demo 2017. Digital. Self-released.
This is a new band from USA whose members used to play in hardcore, sludge and grindcore outfits before. This new incarnation is clearly more focused on death metal, in the heavier to mid-paced genre.
This is a 4 tracks tape that could please big fans of the heavier genre, as it could remind of (mid old to newer) BOLT THROWER with fewer epic riffs, some GRAVE from the comeback album ("Back from the grave"), some old ASPHYX, and a bit of the slower old BENEDICTION.
To compare their music to a newer band, you could think about CHAOSBRINGER (Russia).
Most of the music is slow to mid-paced, with only a few seldom fast parts; Sometimes it's really closer to doom.
The band can come up with cool riffs when they use more epic or sorrowful guitars, and some moments can sound quite heavy, but now I'm not so fond of a part of the riffs: I would point the same reproach than for later BOLT THROWER, some riffs are a bit too simple and could sound boring if you aren't really into the style... That's why I said this demo is mostly for big fans of the style.
Perhaps it lacks a bit of dynamics (Even for "doom"), or perhaps it is a bit too dynamic (Ah Ah, those opposite thoughts... I meant turning the riffs into something more monolithic by moments might be nice?), but it's a first demo and doesn't sound bad for a first recording.
This could please the hears of those who dig slower to mid-paced death metal that tends to doom.