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R.I.P (Ger) Still resting Demo tape. 2022. LIFE AFTER DEATH Recs.

Here is a cool death metal demo that focused very much on old death metal from the early 90's. There's a big portion of old ASPHYX in there (Two first albums), as well as some old OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER, some old PESTILENCE (Second album but less technical)... And I also heard a portion of GRAVE's comeback album ("Back from the grave"), maybe more than I first thought. The style of the band is quite simple, with as much of fast and slower parts (And little "epic touches). The vocals are quite good sounding, it tastes like Van Drunen in the early ASPHYX or PESTILENCE records.
Ok ok, this demo would be quite great to listen for fans of 90's DM, but some less "interesting" points should also be quoted: The vocals are too loud in the mix by moments, and perhaps the riffs are a bit too usual? I'm not sure... Then this recording perhaps doesn't sound as fucking old school as planned due to the powerful production... This would depend on your tastes.
I know that in 2023 everyone seems to plays old death metal, and there's nothing revolutionary in these songs, but I feel some enthusiasm in there and nothing seems at the wrong place (Which is not always the case with the new DM bands/ projects AhAh).
Nb: Members of Mandatory and Iron Kobra are to be found in there.


RAGESTORM (Ita) The passion Demo CDr'09.
The title of this CDr demo might sound a bit ambitious, because when I think about the word "passion" for this kind of music, and more precisely about the past works of Chuck Schuldiner, I view many waves of darkened atmospheres and intense feelings, something incredible... And RAGESTORM is not of the same heart-shaking caliber... But well they sent a promo, so let's pay a closer attention to the content.
A quite big part of their music reminds me of DEATH (Rather of the "Symbolic" era), yet less technical or bombastic. So you have something like more or less melodic death metal and heavy metal, with some thrash touches... There's also a bit of current NEVERMORE, maybe ICED EARTH (Or maybe something more commercial? (I'm especially thinking about few parts of clean vocals)).
Most of the vocals are high pitched, like later Schuldiner, but sometimes even higher, which is a bit too much for me... Some parts are sung (See the Nevermore quote) and sound ok.
I used to like bands in this style, but from a more technical sub-genre, like DEATH, ILLOGICIST and maybe GORY BLISTER or also perhaps AD-MORTEM (?)...
I didn't find this demo that appealing: During the listening you navigate into quite okey riffs that could have been ok for some hearing time, but there are also other stuffs that dry down what remains of my milk bottle (Stuffs reminding of the small local bands, or some heavier corish thrash patterns in the first song...) and I didn’t hear the great ideas that can boost your bottom.
So in my humble putrid opinion, it's just an average demo and more guts are needed! But maybe they'll find a record deal next month if they insert a little more of this, a touch of that, and a small "flower" concept (Things are so sodomized and sodomizing nowadays)


RANCID CADAVER (Uk) Flesh monstrocity Demo tape. 2022. DRY COUGH Recs.
What the black-cream filled maggots defecate in your mouth is classical old school death metal/ Death doom with a strong influence of AUTOPSY. It's clear as a mudbath that these guys macerated in the ugly sounds of Chris Reifert, you can feel it in the doomy riffs, the angry vocals, the filth... Then the quite raw (But also heavy) production adds a touch of dirtiness. Then some doomier parts almost tend to the spirit of old sludge by moments, which is nice.
While inspecting the maggots, I also happened to think about early DEATH (First Lp) for some slow parts & accelerations, maybe a little of very early PARADISE LOST (Demos only I'd say) for some doom riffs (But not as melancholic)... Coming back to the Autopsy comparison, maybe Rancid Cadaver isn't as fukked in the mind or fukked in the songs' structures? But it sounds very close…
This is a cool wormy demo and it suits my needs for ugly doom/ death metal... But perhaps it's a little too common to fully ingurgitate the 19:25 minutes again and again?... Anyway of the worm, I think there would be no doubt RANCID CADAVER could turn into a cool/ very cool band during live conditions.
Let's collect the worms and pile them into glass jars, until the final vibrations of wormy resonance! THE LUMINOUS REVELATION OF THE COFFIN MAGGOT GOD!
(Ps: I tried to contact the label a couple of times with no luck, so perhaps it's not very active?)


RANCOROUS (Usa) Stealth dominion Demo tape. 2019. Self-released.
The merciless lacerations of the leather swift won't be enough to warm the old dead fuck.

RANCOROUS is a great sounding old school thrash band with a blackened touch.
The core of their music is kinda located in the old albums of German thrash, with SODOM ("Persecution mania") and old KREATOR, but you also find the ripping riffs of early MERCILESS (Swe). Then the band adds a more "modern" touch in the infusion of some riffs (That tease the blackened thrash lands), and they even almost reach black metal sometimes. For these last influences you could think about MERCILESS (The "Merciless" album from 2002, which was a good mixture of death/ thrash and black), some AURA NOIR, a bit of old IMPIETY (I had the "Skullfucking armageddon" CD in mind, minus the blasts...).
These songs sound quite kicking, but musically it's not always fast and ripping, there's a bit of variety and some catchy guitar-parts to make it more alive.
The style is a bit different, but RANCOROUS kinda gives me the same impression than the US thrash band EXTINCTION AGENDA when I discovered them years ago (For the thrash riffing and the level of composition) ((Ok, this is a quite obscure underground quote, many peoples won't get the point, but I didn't spend my life sucking the big labels' perfectly lined-up famous releases, so I'm talking about what I KNOW and what I lived!))
As always with this style, I didn't follow the evolution of "blackened" thrash metal, so I couldn't replace this demo in the current thrashing context, but for what it is I would say "Stealth dominion" is a great sounding release! BANG OR BE (GANG)BANGED!

RASHES (Swe) Necrotic cultivation Demo tape. 2022. NEURO HABITAT Recs.
As the corpsegrinding machine keeps on working endlessly, I have to introduce you to a nice gore recording.
The music this Swedish duo procreates isn't really goregrind, to be more precise I would rather say some kind of "gore death grind" (Yes, I'm a bit splitting the hairs in half... But at least we still have ass hairs! The butts aren't totally shaven contrary to some young peoples who seem to have a hair phobia! AhAh)
Musically the influence of early CARCASS is obvious, but I hear other sweating similarities like early and mid old GENERAL SURGERY, some old SANITYS DAWN (Gore days), a little of old IMMURED (When they somewhat tasted like C.B.T... But it's only seldom)... And perhaps this Swedish band sounds like if early NYCTOPHOBIC (Demos/ Eps) took the path of pathologic gore.
The music of RASHES is globally quite classical and kicking gore death grind, but I also hear nice crazy leads (Or some background guitar "noises") that bring a touch of craziness here & there, and some parts bring a bit of "sickness fun" that is entertaining the entrails.
The production is quite "clean" compared to some unlistenable sewer garbagephiliac gore demos, well this production has a somewhat death metal aspect which suits my defunct hears (It's not so far from "Symphonies of sickness" for the guitars I'd say, but a bit clearer).
I would keep this release for fans of grind, but if you pay a closer hear the music sounds a bit more than just like "another grind release", it sounds a bit more crazy and “fun” than the average. It's a nice demo to taste and devour the sweating meat bullets.


RAW (Ger) The beastard Demo CDr'09.
Bitch defenestrator! Even though "RAW" might seem like a true black metal or old hardcore moniker, it's the case of none as the nun would rather face something like Thrash metal with crustcore influences. The style is quite "old styled" or better said not much influenced by the newer approaches since it goes for a quite simple and "Right in the bitch" approach, yet with a neat and quite "surgical" (Not ugly enough) porkduction. By moments I think about a cleaner and tighter FARSCAPE, or let's better quote old KREATOR... But the atmosphere isn't the same and I would rather point out what Petrozza and friends did a few albums later ("Terrible certainty" or a little of "Coma of souls") on a riffing point of vrooom. You could also think about RITUAL CARNAGE's first album or some MASTER ("On the seventh day..." for the extensive use of double kicks) with some old crustcore, few blasting patterns, and a little zest of rock'n roll or punk.
It's quite kicking and the production is neat, but I'm not particularly hooked by the balls (Genital piercings aren't really fun) and didn't detect vibrations of the dead.
RAW might be a nice band to check out live, or if you don't want to stress your mind too much, but the bitch is still holding tight on the window and would need her well deserved final kick!


RECIDIVUS (Bra) ...Mentes ressurgidas Demo tape 2002. MOONDO Recs.
According to the band name and their country of origin, you could have imagined something like thrash black or vomit black metal, but you failed lame looser!
The style of this band is much closer to something like the technical Death we could often hear years ago, I think about a wave of bands that were influenced by DEATH ("Rather the "Human" era, with a little of "Individual thought patterns"), but this was something before computers dominated every angles of "metal"...
The production and style aren't modern at all, this recording sounds quite natural: The guitars doesn't taste like Deejay attempts to emulate metal, the drum doesn't try be your next portable phone techno hit, apparently nothing was computer manipulated and it sounds quite convenient (No stress in your hears!).
As said above, the listening reminds me of DEATH, but it should be underlined the style is less technical and less progressive influenced.
You could also think about AD-MORTEM (Fra), little touches of ATHEIST, little touches of black metal that could materialize under the influences of early GOD DETHRONED, and more and more (The bands who played this technical kind of Death metal were numerous in the past).
The technical level of the musicians is quite good, the drummer sometimes adds something more technical even if there's nothing ultra spectacular (Who really needs that anymore?), the drummer has a classical playing with more jazzy or complex touches... All in all I should say it's something like the right level for the style.
"...Mentes ressurgidas" isn't a totally killer demo, I wasn't hooked or haunted by the riffing thrill, but it's something quite convenient to listen when you're in the right mood...
ARGH! I just noticed this demo was recorded in 2002, this clearly explains a lot of things about the style, the recording and almost all the strange impression I had (I thought this band was defending their own style against all, but I was wrong ahah...) Hope they didn't adapt to all the new modern obligatory influences and didn't feel force to plastify everything...


REFUSAL (Fin) Grasp Demo CDr. 2012. Self-released.
Utopia corruption? Harmony banished? Inside the exit wound? Words from the torn apart? Doesn't it remind you of something?
This Finnish band plays Death metal/ Grindcore with a quite strong NAPALM DEATH influence at the level of vocals and riffs (Roughly for what Napalm composed the last 16 years, minus the industrial and more alternative elements).
You can hear songs with quite a lot of tempo changes: There are blasts, mid-paced motivated rhythms or slower groovier "hardcore" beats, in more or less equal portions.
As I said there's a Napalm influence, but it's not THAT obvious for the guitars (Approx half of it), it's mostly about the vocals. The riffs are located somewhere between Death metal and grindcore, with some older HC influences in the middle. There's no real power-chord-violence-grind and the fast riffs tend to be closer to Death metal than grindcore. The drums aren't super-tight sometimes, but that's ok (Maybe I'm too used to triggered drums?)
On the last and 4th track they also remind me a bit of the French band DEPRAVED (R.I.P or reanimated?), for something a bit more "black metal" (If I could say so).
PRE-CONCLUSION: Some fast blast parts are energetic and refreshing, and the angry vocals are great (I didn't see Barney listed as guest vocalist, what happened? It could be him), but some less refreshing riffs are a bit boring and some songs could be articulated in a bit more efficient manner (To cut more gangrenous members (Even if it's already okey at the level of song structures)).
CONCLUSION: I received more boring demos to review. This is not bad, but I wish the riffs were a bit more angry sometimes...


REGURGITATED TERROR (Usa) Septic disposal program Demo CDr'07.
Some bands like to play with reviewers, and especially these writers who think they know everything too well and wouldn't bother checking more than 1 song to write a review...
For example, at the very first approach you could think REGURGITATED TERROR plays ultra brutal US death metal, but a closer (real) listening is enough to realize there's more than ultra brews inside of the terrorized guts...
Between the bowels, you could also find portions of obscure death metal à la old INCANTATION, remains of early Death metal touches à la old DEATH ("Scream bloody gore"... Sounds like a DEATH cover Incantation did on a MCD), mashed and mixed with old school brutal death metal (Think about the 94-98 era... Maybe a bit of SKINLESS?), with pus smashing Uhuhuhultra blasts, a bit of EXHUMED ("Gore metal" for reasons almost unidentified... Maybe the way the guy blasts and some grey deafness of the sound?), a bit of old MORTICIAN, a bit of early DEEDS OF FLESH... As you see, there's quite a lot of various obscure and brutal influences inside.
The tunes of REGURGITATED TERROR sound brutal and have a nice obscure atmosphere, but something doesn't work: While some fast parts have a bit of stagnancy that helps to develop an obscure feeling à la old INCANTATION, this stagnancy also sometimes fucks the efficiency and I got a feeling of not-so-tight affair. Plus some riffs sound a bit flat in the middle of other brewtalizassionz, and there's not so much to definitely hook your pierced tits (The way it used to be hooked on the cover of the first CRUSHER album (An okey (But just okey) French death grind band from the past... Said to be reformed this year?)).
So, to conclude, I might say (Read well, I will say it) that REGURGITATED TERROR has nice arguments in the matters of suffocated/ obscure brutal death and ultra blast brutality, but they need to (re)work again (and possibly again) the structures of their songs and riffs' quality to improve the effects in the underwears of the listener. I wish them good luck, because killing what occurs 'inside' is not a lost case (Hopefully). Click to be teeerrroooziiiiized:


REPUGNANCIA (Chile) Decadente mundo de divina tirania MCD. 2022. INVERTED INHUMATION Recs.
Welcome to the "CHILEAN METAL ASSAULT" Webzine! A place where you can learn about all the new upcoming obscure releases from these burning lands, without being financially raped by CORREOS.CHILE!
Oups, for a minute my mind was travelling in another country/ continent/ dimension... But there are so many new Death metal releases emerging from Chile that your compass might lose the north sometimes...
Here we have the first recording of REPUGNANCIA from Santiago, which practices a kind of "satanic" death metal I could locate somewhere between old DEICIDE, early NILE, old MORBID ANGEL... With something of old/ very old IMMOLATION... The outcome is already quite professional for a first incantation.
Musically most of the tempos are fast and blasting, this is quite angry, but some heavier parts appear here & there.
You can hear nice moments of "class" which could be linked to Morbid Angel's "Domination", then some epic guitars lead back to old NILE (Not as technical thought... It's not necessarily a bad point). I also happened to view old releases of VITAL REMAINS by moments (Perhaps "Dechristianize" or the one before).
The first half of this Ep is the most interesting, the guitar parts are quite worked (But not too technical), the second half of the release sounds more "regular" musically speaking.
This Ep is a quite good first recording and contains hopes for future blasphemic invokations. The burning eye of the beast keeps on watching.

REPUKED (Swe) Excremental funeral Demo CDr'08.
Fuck fuck fuck... Some new bands tend to make Death metal more fuck fuck fucked... Rawer and putrid as it used to be, but also more fuck and (fucking?) fucked...
REPUKED sounds like a rawer AUTOPSY that would have eaten more shit and would decide to play it more punk, so in a way these Swedish piss-worshippers might sound like some ABSCESS... But to be clearer in my current excremental decomposition I would put them somewhere in the middle of the gore & doom of AUTOPSY and the urine brewing or crass-deliquescence of ABSCESS, with touches of Death metal like early DEATH (First album, but not after), quite raw "Rock'n roll" moments of ENTOMBED on "To ride, shoot straight... and piss the puss", little slow moments of early ASPHYX... And some old demos, to make you feel the production is quite raw, not almost a rehearsal, but the guitars has the same old crass frequencies...
Now, everyone will agree fucking is good, but maybe what I hear is a bit too much fucky-fucked... The (gang) band has it's decent listening qualities, but they might sound a bit too much like a side-fuck-project (The music you play when you aren't inserting your penis?) and some things could be improved (Some riffs are a bit too common, some fucked-up-ness could be intensified, some drum patterns might be a bit out-of-cunt, etc).
I guess this is a young band and they could improve if they take the time and will to insert their musical penises deeper and harder. Dig the cunt!

REPULSIC (Chile) Ensayo 2015 Demo CDr. Self-released.
This band is not on Metal-archives at the moment I'm writing this review, perhaps they are too underground yet, or perhaps their style is not considered metal enough.
This is underground grindcore with elements of Death metal. I don't listen to a lot of new grindcore bands anymore, so my opinion and comparisons might sound a bit blurred... But their music reminds me of early PHOBIA ("Means of existence" MCD), old BLOOD, UNSEEN TERROR, early NAPALM DEATH (Less extreme, and not much crust influenced) or ATROCITY (Usa) for some "guitar chaos" and some kind of Repulsion influence in the vocals (?).
There are a lot of blast bears, and not a lot of punk/ dbeat influences, which is not so usual for grind.
This is underground grindcore, it doesn't suck because there's some intensity, but in some fast parts the playing doesn't sound so tight (No triggers used here), and I can't say I was really thrilled. I would say fans of underground grindcore who like to pile up demos to feel stronger in this stressing would could dig it.
Web page:

REPULSIVE MASS (Swe) Conjure apocalyptic pestilence MCD. 2022. BRUTAL CAVE Recs.
UPHEAVAL OF BLASPHEMY! This is great sounding satanic and obscure death metal!
It tastes like a mix of mid old INCANTATION, old MORBID ANGEL, with parts à la early IMMOLATION (First album), perhaps BEYOND FEAR (Uk), or old CENTURIAN!
The fast blasting parts deliver the evil and intensity of obscurity! I'm in my bedroom ready to raise the fist (AhAh). This is quite kicking stuff, with a bit more intricate guitars here & there.
I think the drums were programmed (Or triggered?), but it sounds alright and I dig how the bass drums are sounding (Kinda like early IMMOLATION in the spirit).
Now I feel some doomier parts are a bit too "quiet", it dissolves a bit the intensity (Seems like the kind of "doom death" that comes with a love for "emptiness" or seems "suspended over emptiness").
This demo sounds great in the style, it's not really original and might somewhat fall unnoticed in the mass of evil death metal coming out... But it would be a shame because some intensity and qualities of obscurity are there. Praise the monolith of the apocalypse.


RESILIENT (Chile) Black clouds Single. 2021. Digital. Self-released.
Are you reading? Or are you moving your eyes from left to right without paying attention to the words? AhAh
RESILIENT is a new band from Santiago, Chile, which plays pretty cool old school death metal. The two musicians used to be in other groups but unknown to me.
This is their first official recording, which is composed of one track... So let's dissect the sole testicle ;-)
The style is not a surprise for a Chilean band: Death metal influenced by the end 80's and early 90's, with some remaining elements of thrash... It reminds me of old DEATH ("Leprosy" and "Scream bloody gore"), then also some OBITUARY, AUTOPSY (First Lp) or perhaps old MASSACRE.
Cool song! It's not really original (Yet?) but this is quite well done and the atmosphere is cool.
Keep a bowel on their following releases?




RESPAWN THE PLAGUE (Gre) Gathering of the Unholy Ones Demo tape. 2013. TERROR FROM HELL Recs.
Phallos divine.
Totem of unchosen enforced beliefs.
We behold thee with hate,
As our infernal cauldron boils harder every day.
The merciless decapitation of the lacerating mouth will be ours.
Endless effusions of blood will satisfy our thirst for the mighty reversal of divinities.

RESPAWN THE PLAGUE is a new Death metal band from Greece that plays MORBID ANGEL influenced death metal, taking equal portions from the fast relentless and the heavier (Post-covenant) riffs, with touches of old PESTILENCE here and there.
One could hear similarities with CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN (During relentless moments) or ANGEL CORPSE ("Exterminate").
To come back to Morbid Angel, I would say the atmosphere is globally closer to "Gateways...", with few moments closer to "Domination".
This is quite cool to listen to, I didn't experience post coital problems...
This said, this demo is quite short, it contains only two songs (That might be too few for some), and during the first track I feel some slower parts lack of double-bass drums...
But otherwise, this is a quite cool demo that could re-embalm the petrified hears of those who dig the darkened sides of Trey Azagtoth.



RETRIBUTION (Serbia) Demo 2005.
Cool Morrisound Death metal that especially sounds like DEICIDE ("Once upon the cross" and the most edible of "Serpents of the light"), with hints of BAPHOMET and an heaviness that wouldn't displease those who dig the last MORTA SKULD recordings.
Most of the music is midplaced, with double bass drums. It might seem boring to some brutalizers, especially since there aren't many blasts (And DEICIDE has never been the most extreme band on earth), but the good production helps to make it more powerful and tender.
I also happen to think about a bit of BRUTALITY, old CANNIBAL CORPSE or VADER (For the wrist-playing of once).
The bassist happens to do nice things with what seems to be a fretless bass, it's a shame it's so seldom because his playing opens the gates to more abstract imagination.
I'm not sure if RETRIBUTION would sound enjoyable during the length of an album, and there's nothing new or that crushing (It's just a cool and quite professional band in the style), but the atmosphere makes this demo quite good. A bit more energy and surprises (Especially on the bass playing!) might significantly improve the impact of RETRIBUTION. Let the demon seed burn!

REVELATOR (Can) "II" Demo tape. 2019. NIGHT RHYTHMS Recs.
Revelator is the somewhat new band of two musicians from BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (Some peoples might already have crossed this name in fanzines or distro lists).
This is their second demo tape and the style is clearly rooted in 90's black metal, with moments walking close to black death, while others are closer to black thrash.
Musically REVELATOR isn't the most extreme band, you won't find an overdose of blast beats, it's even rather varied on a matter of rhythms, and a bit "worked on" on a matter of riffs.
Sometimes their music sounded like a somewhat simpler old ABSU (Less technical & exuberant), while I heard fast parts and more worked up guitars à la old DISSECTION, and the name of old DESASTER (Ger) wouldn't be misplaced for some black thrash. There are also mid-paced parts that might sound like... Old ACHERON (Usa) perhaps? I don't know...
The production is okay, sounds natural and without plastic. I hear cool bass lines that happen to differ from guitars. There are also few keyboards in the old style (It really sounds like early 90's, not necessarily in the bad sense... It gives and old horror movie touch Ahah)
During these four songs, nothing sounded bad in the style. I'm not an expert of the genre, but it seems to me this tape is a cool/ pretty good release in these spiked fields. (This was my attempt at writing a review).
Ps: The fact I reviewed this demo doesn't mean I'm legs wide opened to receive all kinds of black metal promos... The fact is this band traded their demos with me, two times, sending packages from Canada to Europe, so I was already a bit exposed to their sounds... And this review could also be seen as somewhat of support to those who move their ass to distribute their music the old (Real?) underground way. TRADE OR DIE.


REVILEMENT (Taiwan) Human vivisection Demo MCD. 2009. THRASH HARD Recs.
This quite new band plays brutal death metal à la CANNIBAL CORPSE "Butchered at birth" with a quite big dose of old SEVERE TORTURE, touches of (Mostly heavier) DEVOURMENT and zests of mid old DERANGED. There's nothing over the top and ultra-over-mega-hyper-technically-brutal, most could have been composed in 1999, and it doesn't bother me... But it also doesn't move me like a nut in a massive shaker.
The music can be quite cool to listen to once you're in the mood for quite old styled brutal death, it has a nice hot atmosphere and the songs flow quite well, but there's also nothing particularly piercing-catchy to the bleeding... Hmmm, the more the MCD goes on, the more I feel some little old styled groovy "deathcore" touches, or is it simply old USBM? Some things they could improve are the drum playing (Not too fond of some blasts where kick drums doesn't really blast), and the fact it's not that personal (But well, it's old styled brutal death, and I'd rather hear a band of this kind than an ultra modern wagon jumper).
Nothing to cum everywhere about, but you might like to have this band in your area or see them live if you dig brutal death metal. DISSECT MORE HUMANS!


RIEXHUMATION (Ita) Eat the bastard flesh Demo CDr. 2013. Self-released.
In between the tits, he discovered small tentacles.
Tentacles that began to grow, grow surprisingly, once under the light.
Until it became quite huge, and started circling around his throat.
It needed only a few seconds to tighten harder and harder.
His face started to look blue and livid, and soon his brain wasn't supplied in air anymore.
The bastard rapist thought this would have been a good fuck, a terribly good one...

RIEXHUMATION is a quite new Death metal band from Italy who plays a style located between the left tit of old school death, and a right tit to be more brutal and blasting.
While the quite heavy (But not slow) left bosom happens to taste like old GRAVE's brutality, early UNLEASHED's fast bastard feeling, early JUNGLE ROT ("Slaughter the weak") or a bit of ENTOMBED (First album, but mostly for the brutality, not the style), the more brutal right bosom could smell like CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth"), mid old BRODEQUIN, with touches of death grind (ROTTING HEAD?).
The production is quite brutal sounding, maybe due to the drums being quite up in the mix. There's nothing plastic here, it might be close to the first VOMITORY album for guitars and the first GRAVE one for drums (Or something).
After examining the right tit with warm precaution, I have to say something isn't exactly in place during moments of brutal blow-job... The drum-playing sounds a little "Out of womb" during the most "technical" (Or sometimes blasting) moments... (To explain this I might say: "This is how it is when you don't use the plastic surgery services of the protools clinic"?).
Notice the brutal parts and quite heavy production could be a bit too much for fans of regular old school death, so I wouldn't advise them this demo (Unless they are able to split a corpse in half to rejoice only the desired part). This would rather be for peoples whose tastes are located between (old) death metal and (old) brutal death.
Now, what's my opinion about this demo? I didn't thrill like porn-fiesta,
I feel it lacks of atmosphere, and some moments could be improved... But it also sounds quite kicking, comes with a nice brutal production and doesn't totally sound like the regular new Death metal releases of the last years.


RITUAL BLASPHEMER (Chile) Satanic ceremony Demo tape. 2020. EYACULATION Recs.
If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.
If you growl into the abyss, the abyss growls back into you.
If you fornicate into the abyss, the abyss will fornicate into you... Ok, stop here! AhAh.

This Chilean band practices traditional old school death metal in the end 80's manner, with remains of thrash and some black metal influences. Globally the style could sound like traditional Euro/ US death-thrashing death... But there's also a somewhat occult atmosphere, and some South American touches can appear in some riffs.
While watching the magnetic tape turn, I thought about early DEATH (First Lp), old MORTEM (Peru), some riffs à la POSSESSED (“Seven churches”, but not as extreme), a bit of MORGOTH, and a bit of KREATOR (Pleasure)... The black metal influence can take the form of early SARCOFAGO (Inri) for blasting "bestial" parts, or also more 90's infused uitars.
This tape is pretty cool/ good to listen to, everything fits the criterias of the genre, and I didn't find metallic displeasure... But RITUAL BLASPHEMER didn't really throw oil on the fire, perhaps the music is a bit too "diplomatic" (or "tactful") according to the old metallic rules?
NB: The lineup counts members of CANCERBERO, VOMIT and a couple of outfits unfamiliar to me, so I can't say if R.B. is a full band or a side project, but sharing musicians is very common in 2022.

RITUAL WARFARE (Can) Repulsive addiction 7 Ep. 2021. SEWERCIDE Recs.
DISGUSTOHYDRON!!! This is a new project of two musicians from HELLACAUST (That practices quite intense black metal), but in this new incarnation you can find Death/ Crust/ Thrash/ Black/ Grind in a quite punching way! And since Canada has always been better for sick music than spacemen, you can feel the twist of the chainsaw!
The main kinds of rhythms are "dbeat" and thrashing, it sometimes even have a "rock'n roll" appeal (If I could spit so), but from time to time comes some grinding blastbeats to chop your head in half.
The possible influences I have in mind are: Old MASTER, DISFEAR, old NAPALM DEATH ("Mentally murdered" for the dbeat), REPULSION (A bit), with some blasting parts or crazy vocals à la early EXHUMED... They might also remember of NEKROFILTH or perhaps some old/ early Razorback records' bands... (Now, according to Ritual warfare's bandcamp description, I imagine their whole set might contain more thrash metal influences...)
Most of the music is fast, but the third song is different, heavier, and procreated into a much more CELTIC FROST alike world (Notice the word "Procreated" wasn't chosen randomly here).
It's a quite short Ep containing only 3 songs, but it's also a quite good release! I feel like saying it's a good sub-project, and perhaps you should feel like checking their bandcamp page! FEEL THE TEASING OF THE CHAINSAW.

ROTBORN (Bra) Genocidal resolution Ep. 2022. Self-released. Digital.
ROTBORN is a new band that enters the gallery of underground suffering with this two songs Ep.
Their style is quite fast and kicking death metal that evokes the 90's recordings of bands such as MALEVOLENT CREATION, MORBID ANGEL, NILE (For some "epic" riffs, perhaps the music isn't as extreme thought), SUFFOCATION (Mostly "Despise the sun") or DEICIDE (Perhaps not so much)...
There are nice riffs in there, with some vigorous feeling of victory for example. The drumming is kinda in the style of Dave Culross (Malevolent creation, Suffocation...) which is nice. You get approx 50% of blasts and 50% of fast "thrashy" rhythms.
The music in itself isn't really original, but the tracks are well built with enough of changes & tricks.
In my humble rotting opinion, the first song "Genocidal resolution" sounds more efficient than the second one (Which contains a bit of "crusty" riffs I find less kicking... but this remains okay in the package).
Globally, this is a professional and quite kicking recording. ROTBORN might be a band to follow for the fans of this kind of Death metal.


ROTGUT (Malaysia) Rotfuckinggut Demo tape. 2012. SUKMA Recs/ PURE MINDS Recs.
This Malaysian band plays Grindcore with a powerviolence edge, and some rhythmic touches of old HC.
There are moments to remind me of NYCTOPHOBIC (In a less "heavy" manner), while other parts with a sharper edge sound like mid-old SANITYS DAWN ("Chop copper" when they started to clearly forget gore and turned into Power-violence). Sometimes, there's something like a "thrashcore" feeling, in the sharpness of "thrashy" guitars.
I imagine this won't please those with a more metallic taste, because the vocals sound quite screamed (Like a tortured cat) or hardcore.
Some beats in the "mid-paced" genre are a bit more rhythmical, it's quite nice. Not a bad drummer (Sounds a bit Mick Harris influenced sometimes ("Harmony corruption", or "Mentally murdered" maybe) and perhaps he likes old ALIENATION MENTAL)).
On a negative point of rot, the vocals sound a bit repetitive after a while, and I'm not a super fan of their faster "ultra fast" blast-beats (A la early Brutal truth), because it's not very tight then... A bit of rehearsARGH could help to solve this problem.
This remains average stuff and I wasn't hammered in the skull, but some rhythms or fast parts make it quite dynamic and the songs are rather compact... So it's not boring when you like rhythms and fast parts.


ROTTEN EVISCERATION (Peru) Raped and headless Demo tape. 2011. CRYPTS OF ETERNITY Recs.
Intense bowel maceration.
Carnal corruption of the inside wounds.
The poisonous bleeding of self devourment has begun.
If you ask the hammer, it will answer with blood and explain the Death metal of this Peruvian band is located right in the middle between old school Death metal and old brutal death. While the Death metal riffs remind me of old MORTEM (Peru), with a zest of early POSSESSED (First album), and maybe some HADEZ, the brutal death approach is closer to CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Tomb of the mutilated" but less madly brutal, "The bleeding" but less technical) and the first SOILS OF FATE demo (Which was close to Cannibal Corpse). I could add few guitars à la DEICIDE and ENCABULOS ("Dark divinity"), and maybe zests of the last BROKEN HOPE record in the way songs are arranged, but it's a minor point and I'm not talking about an over the top technical thing.
The vocals are very close to Chris Barnes before he went six feet under, but it could also remind of some old AVULSED sometimes... Some of their older Death metal influences mixed with these vocals could also remind of old AVULSED, even if it's not really the same style.
Even if it's not so powerful and rather sounds like records from 1998, the production kinda fits the needs of the wound (The drums might need more power).
This is quite regular Death metal/ Brutal death. I heard no brutal surprise or terrorizing guitar, but ROTTEN EVISCERATION has nice riffs from here & there and their songs were built a decent way. It might be a cool demo for underground fans of old styled Death metal/ brutal death with an atmosphere of bleeding.


RUIN (Usa) Spread plague hell Demo tape. 2015. NERO ONE Recs.
Bizarre heaviness.
In a gigantic soup of body fluids and petroleum are floating skeletons of deformed Finnish bears.
  Swedish bones are cracking under the caterpillars of the anti-melodeath tank.

In the beginning, the super heavy production makes RUIN sounds like a cadaveric hybrid of ROTTREVORE and old Finnish Death metal, and then the tempo accelerates in a fast old-styled Death metal that could remind of early GRAVE, old FUNEBRARUM, a bit of old UNLEASHED, with some deathdoom or mid-paced riffs full of double-kicks and guitars that vomit an abuse of rotten frequencies (Sounds cool). There are also a couple of blasting obscure death moments à la Incantation.
Well, the atmosphere is different from GRAVE, I don't feel the dark/ blood red ambiance (Here it's cold, or perhaps quite dark). Maybe some peoples would hear some early ASPHYX (The rack) in the mid-to-slow moments, but I would rather point out early GRAVE. There's a crusty influence on a song, does it justify an early MASTER quote?
Well, there's nothing exceptional here, and didn't thrill during the listening, but this demo is quite entertaining and heavy enough for my tastes.
RUIN could please those who like it heavy and quite crushing, even when it's fast.
UGLY MUSIC FOR UGLY PEOPLES. This is the voice of the obscure bear.

RUINED AGE (Usa) Hellscape Demo tape. 2022. Self-released.
What you DIServe is what you get DIStributed in the head!
Very nice old school punk hardcore/ crust in the dbeat manner, with a DISliciously raw sound.
DIS, DIS, DISTRUCTION. Quite punching and somewhat DISgusted sounding.
This is simple as the old days (No progressive dbeat bullshit here!), but the production wich has a somewhat very early 90's DIStorted taste, and a few rock'n roll guitars, give it a taste of old DISFEAR. I dig the fast parts, it DIStributes the facial punches quite well, and shows this is not DISneyland! Some mid-paced punk HC parts the old way (DISCHARGE) are also DISclosed, it's not a DISpleasure, but I prefer the fast/ fast/ fast.
Pretty cool demo in the style, if you DISagree you can always DISappear in fucking DISneyland! DISOBEY, DISSUADE, DISSOLVE.


RUMINATIONS (Usa) Rehearsal Demo 2011.
I downloaded this demo on a blob blog because their moniker sounds cool,
it reminds me of the "Ruminations of debauchery" record released by MAGUS.
The first song "Leafs" sounds quite dark, a deep underground manner. Fast and obscure Death metal reminding something like old INCANTATION (For the low pitched darkness), NUCLEAR DEATH (For the blasting noise, aka "I don't understand the riffs"), with a bit of BEYOND FEAR (Uk/ “Haunted by vision of a third atrocity” MCD) and a bit of the first IMMOLATION album. This is very underground stuff, not always too tightly played, and I don't understand a big 50% of the riffs because of the rehearsal sound, but I foresee something strange and obscure. Then I said to myself "With more rehearsals and skills it might turn into something cool for your vitriolic needs".
But then comes the two other songs, and I'm not certain what they try do achieve...
The first one is something like mid-paced experimental black metal, with a few doomy and blasting parts. I feel like it could have been recorded in the mid 1990's, and maybe ABSU weren't so far in mind (But not particularly in style) on some ooold releases (Please don't blame it too strongly on my deficient memory). Perhaps there's also something from the DARKTHRONE "Soulside journey" album in the epic riffing researches, but I don't know... It's less fast and less death-metallic...
The last song is something like slow to mid-paced, quite experimental black metal, or 90's dark metal? (However you would call it) with a bit more of doom in the middle, and apparently some riffing dissonances (That might be due to the recording? Rehearsals can be misleading)... Ohhh, it reminds me of some old bands from some compilation tapes I got around 1996... But then I say
“I need more Death metal!”
On one hand the first song lets me imagine RUMINATIONS might turn into something strange and obscure enough for the fiends of the mentally fucked deep underground, on the other hand the two remaining songs are going in a very different way.
The first thing they need is to practice more to be tighter, the second thing is to have a quite better sound... And then I'll see if they evolve in a way that interests me or not...