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PAIN OLYMPICS (Usa) Nearly unintelligible scenarios Demo 2018. Digital.
I rip my balls with cinderblocks and I love it! More blood!
Pain Olympics is a grinding band from Virginia, USA, and what they play is quite noisy.
This sounds located in the middle between noisecore and grindnoise. You have 8 short songs with a very noisy outcome, but an outcome that gives a kinda "old school" grindnoise impression, and so it doesn't sound all raw/ noisy and BRRRRRRRR... It has a somewhat "deaf and compressed" feel if I could say.
This sounds a bit like old ANAL CUNT without the funny or voluntary shit riffs.
Perhaps there's a little "stench" or gore touch... (It reminds me a little of very early SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION demos, when they had a very underground production).
This isn't the most destructive or intense stuffs I heard in the style, but this sounds quite nice, might please those who dig "old school" noisy grind stuffs.

PANPHOBIA (Fra) Fear of death Demo tape. 2019. DUST AND BONES Recs.
Mysterious awakening of bodies at night.
Menacing whispers. Putrid feasts.
Necrophiliac somnambulism.

Panphobia is a new death metal project from the very north of France. The composer/ guitarist previously released the demo of PARIAHDOM, which was playing 'strict" Swedish death with a punk hardcore influence, now the style of this new incarnation evolved:
While the old swedish death influence remains (very) strong, you'll find fewer punk/ Hc/ Dbeat moments, and you'll also hear more blackened-death guitars appeared.
When listening to the 5 songs, I happen to think about old DISMEMBER (The swedeath), early NECROPHOBIC (For some blackened/ Scandinavian guitars), COMECON ("Megatrends in brutality"), I also have been thinking about ooold MARDUK for a couple of blackened guitars, and you might perhaps hear a bit of some early ENTRAILS (And maybe a bit of early EDGE OF SANITY in their death metal days, before they went more melodic).
There are quite some improvements compared to the demo of Pariahdom: The arrival of Scandinavian blackened "melodies" is a welcome addition, the style is more varied than pure dbeat swedeath, and the production is also better.
I could also say, I would have preferred a real drummer in theory, but the machine is fairly well programmed and discrete here, so I don't care too much...
To conclude, this demo is a quite good recording, with some interesting ideas, and the composer shows nice improvements, so it could be a quite good idea for deathfans to keep an eye (Or an hear) on the future recordings of PANPHOBIA.


PANICO AL MIEDO (Spa) Promo CDr. 2017. Self-released.
This band sent me a promo because they're searching for a label to release their first album, but since I don't release albums (In my opinion the distribution and promotional impact of an album should be more efficient than for a demo or MCD, it requires more work, it's not every label's opinion, but that's another question...), this will end us as a review.
What I have between the hears is a 3 songs CDr with tracks that will probably appear on their first album. The style is located between thrash and death metal, but it's not the most old school genres: It will globally remind of the mid-to-end 90's recordings. You can think about TESTAMENT, DEATH ("Symbolic"), a bit of more "recent" EXODUS, a touch of mid old AT THE GATES, with a little of PANTERA ("The great southern"... For southern metal touches), and touches of more "modern" technical death.
Most of the music is rather mid-paced, with a will to sound powerful, or "half technical" in a 90's manner.
Well it's not a bad recording, the whole sounds professional and there are nicely heavy riffs or quite colored technical guitars, but I'm much more into uglier/ rawer/ darker, or simpler old school kinds of metal nowadays, and since I didn't follow the evolution of the concerned genres it will be hard to come up with a more precise or valid analysis.

PANPSYCHISM (Usa) Celestial labyrinth Ep. 2022. Digital. Self-released.
What I hear on this release is quite solid sounding death thrash the American way, à la early DEATH/ DEMOLITION HAMMER/ mid old EXODUS... and more.
This comes with a quite big sound, which is nice for a first demo/ Ep (Call it as you wish).
But what make the whole sounding great are the quite "screaming" and disgusted vocals! It really brings a plus of power and morbidity (Not unlike old CANCER perhaps).
I was talking about death thrash, but maybe the music is closer to thrash than death metal globally (It seems to depend on the songs), anyway you can find elements of old DEATH ("Leprosy"), PESTILENCE ("Hadeon") for thrashing death parts, some mid old EXODUS for the thrash with quite big guitar production, or something like old RESURRECTION and mid 90's MALEVOLENT CREATION for some heavier moments.
This is a pretty solid demo/ Ep, I was more impressed by the first songs than the following ones (Perhaps coz of the "initial impact", or maybe coz there are/ seems to be more slower parts in the second half?).
Anyway PANPSYCHISM have the time to improve and bring us something a bit more kicking and deadly with the next release.. This is already quite efficient for a beginning.


PARADOX (Usa) Paradox tape. 22017. GLORD Recs.
Some peoples like to throw balls, we prefer to play with concrete blocks!
Concrete block on your balls,
Concrete block on your car,
Concrete in your face!

PARADOX plays great old school punk hardcore that leads you back to the 80's and early 90's!
There are a lot of dbeat moments in there, which makes it quite energetic/ captivating, could remind of EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DISRUPT with a bit of DOOM.
There are also a couple of motivated & energetic moments in the "regular" hardcore genre, à la old SICK OF IT ALL or perhaps CRO MAGS. Quite kicking stuffs.
The first songs are better than the last ones, perhaps it's due to the sound? It's a compilation of two Eps; Anyway the first songs of the tape seem to have more balls.
Why bother listening to death metal bands trying to sound dbeat, when you can get it first hand?


PATISSERIE (Jap) Cadaveral Putresceology. 2006.
Bowel-stuffed chocolate éclair? Raisins and eyeballs bread? Pudding of entrails? This is what you will find in the gore pastry.
This project plays corpse compacting Goregrind/ Brutal death influenced by the fastest tracks of CARCASS ("Symphonies of sickness") with touches of SANITYS DAWN ("Cryptic menu"/ "Mangled in the meatgrinder") and loads of blastbeats melted with gore vocals to spill the blood-filled formaldehyde all over the breadboard.
Their buccal unloading of corpses surprisingly sounds more extreme than the averagely average goregrind projects (Which can be very efficient at waking up boredom).
You often find high-pitched screaming guitar notes (It's nice, brutal death metal bands don't use this too much anymore).
According to the use of a drum-machine, I'm tempted to say this could be a solo project or something.
I'm not certain about the brain-dissecting qualities of every riffs, but a bunch of guitars sound bizarre enough to be easily swallowed by the deformed corpse and the whole sounds compact and intense enough to grind your brain cells.
I know the "Patisserie" name will sound strange to some, but they have to take in account it is extreme 3rd degree... (And you might wonder what could happen in a gore pastry: Undercover serial killers selling body parts as delicate pastry? This could be a good theme of horror movie)
This is brutalizing all the way, without many "catchy riffs" (In the common sense), so peoples into softer or "more well-done" stuffs might not be too interested... Only for fans of extreme brutalizing sickness!
Apparently this project was reanimated and two demos were released in 2013.
(Nb: I know these tracks were released as a split with ZILLION, but it can be found on various file-sharing websites under the "Cadaveral Putresceology" title, so I decided to go with this review).



PERIHELION (Usa) Perihelion Demo CDr. 2011. Self-released.
Rotting corpse, in a rotting world.
Elongated, to the point of bones splitting.
No carnal resurrection possible.
Your only future, a compost mollusk of flesh, holds no consciousness.

It took some time for me to decrypt the band name, in fact I didn't achieve to, and only understood who it was when a piece of paper was found inside of the demo.
PERIHELION played a dark music located between dark death metal and old "brutal death" from the beginnings.
While one could feel some tortured IMMOLATION, and this was probably their bigger influence, remains of early SKELETON OF GOD, little heavier touches of MORBID ANGEL (Rather "Gateways"), and even smaller doses of older DEICIDE could be inhaled... (These two last quotes aren't important ingredients of poisoning in the whole spectrum).
Perhaps the darkened corpse puzzle game isn't so far from the first two ATROCITY (Ger) albums by moments, for the way of playing, and maybe a bit more...
There's a black, quite malignant atmosphere here, you could even call the music "blackened death metal" by moments.
The 6 tracks contain quite interesting parts or quite cool morbid "grooves".
It's not really original, but the band tried to inject a syringe of quite different ideas from here and there, which helps to swallow the black bromide eyes opened.
This sounded quite promising for a first demo. Unfortunately or not, the band split up and one of the guitarists went to form SYMPTOM to play dooooom death.

In October 2012, the facebook page of the band stated: "Perihelion rests firmly it its grave. Any promoters or others that would resurrect will have a curse upon them that their loved one should rot before their time".
It seems I am cursed again, but it was too late, this review was already materialized in rotting flesh.


PERMANENT EXILE (Usa) Demo 2. 2022. Digital. Self-released.

As far as I understand, PERMANENT EXILE is a solo project and here is his second demo.
This comes with an underground/ self-produced flair and sounds like grindcore/ technical grind/ noise hardcore, with elements of thrash (And perhaps fastcore).
There are some qualities in there, such as some aggression in the grind parts, the fact the short songs are quite well compacted (It's imbricated in a quite efficient manner), and the fact more technical parts could be quite brain ripping. Then some other parts are less interesting/ efficient in my humble hears, but the whole remains Ok.
While listening I thought about bands like PIG DESTROYER (Prowler...), VIOLENT OPPOSITION, RETORTION TERROR, old DESECRATOR (Fra), maybe THE KILL, and you could add a bunch of grinding demos from the early 00's.
The production is quite raw, but for a "grind" demo it's not a problem, it's even nice to hear quite technical moments with a raw sound (Ah Ah... Fuck pro tools and modern productions!)
There's something I don't like so much: The first and last tracks which are respectively somewhat hiphop/ drum'n bass and 80's dark wave gothic... Musically it's not bad, but I'd prefer more grind or something more industrial/ noisy/ chaotic in this grindcore context...
This demo was a pleasant underground "grind" discovering, it's not perfect or the most explosive, but I can feel the guy who composed this had fun and this sounds quite aggressive.

PHANTOM CORPORATION (Ger) First Commandment MCD. 2018. TRAUMA Recs.
What I hear on this CD is a mix of old death metal, fast punk hardcore the old way, and thrash metal, in rather equal portions. They call the style "Death metal/ Crust", why not?
Most of the beats are in the fast "thrashing" or dbeat kind (Sometimes it's "Poum tchak", and sometimes it's closer to "Poum Poum tchak").
On a matter of riffs, you could hear similarities with EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DISFEAR, a bit of old MASTER... And more bands with the old "dbeat" vibe.
Personally I found some NAPALM DEATH similarities, in some crusty parts, some DM riffs or slowdowns... But there are no blastbeats here, so don't take it too much first degree.
Even if you hear dbeat/ crust, it's not always the most "simple", some guitars have a little more "dark emotional" touch (I'm not sure about which sub sub sub category that is... Wasn't this called "Melodic crust"? But these riffs aren't SO melodic...).
The cover artwork looks a lot like the VOÏVOD style (It's not surprising, since it was drawn by Away), but the music has not much in common.
PHANTOM CORPORATION sounds like a quite kicking band, it's not bad, but I think there's already a good quantity of quite kicking bands in the style... So perhaps you'll prefer to check them out live in a Germanic bar, or perhaps some guys will need to buy the CD when they'll read the drummer and vocalist used to play in DEW SCENTED.


PHRENELITH (Denmark) Phrenelith Demo tape. 2015. EXTREMELY ROTTEN Recs.
The winds of glacial claustrophobia awake the centuries old sleeping dust and the black sulfur, to unveil statues of long centuries-forgotten deities.
Deep in the ground, their time has come.
The tortured soul is lost in an infinite subterranean maze, built by the ancients, the non-breathing mind is caught in anguish running for air.

This is obscure and cavernous death metal, plunging your head in the subterranean world of definite darkness and unlight.
You will hear both moments of fast chaotic accelerations and slower heaviness of power and crushingness.
Some decipherers of ancient scrolls might be interested to learn members of the band use, or used to play in UNDERGANG, WORMRIDDEN, MOLD or perhaps SULPHUROUS.
The style is obviously influenced by old INCANTATION (I have "Mortal throne of Nazarene" in mind), but I also heard some later ENCABULOS here & there, plus some heaviness is detaching itself from this typical obscurity as it creeps towards realms of older Death metal... Sometimes more monolithic, sometimes a little more "majestic" or epic.
It could also cross a more Finnish style, the old way.
I know, some maniacs of death metal will think there is nothing really new as obscure death tends to be more usual these days, but PHRENELITH displays quite some obscure feelings and they tend to come up with great sounding riffs.
Not bad and quite promising for a first demo.

If you are afraid of shitty goregrind or scatophiliac brutal death, don't be afraid, the name "PILE OF EXCREMENTS" should be taken with a gory sense of humor close to AUTOPSY.
The music is not as shitty as some bullshit detectors could imagine, this is globally old school death metal in an European manner; with dbeat/ crust riffs here & there, some grind touches, and great vomiting vocals close to the old AUTOPSY delirium.
Musically speaking you can think about old AUTOPSY, old MASTER, DEATH ("Leprosy" minus the melodies"), early BENEDICTION ("Subconscious terror"), with grind touches and a little something of old SADISTIK EXEKUTION. The vocals can also remind of old MASTER when it's more "motivated". The production is very good for a demo.
There are nice moments of vomiting delirium, he's clearly expurgating some bizarre bowels from the throat, and some dbeat moments are cool for example, but perhaps the music in itself is quite too usual (Adding more strange breaks/ structures or absurdity à la old Autopsy could enhance the delirium). Globally this is a cool demo for fans of morbid doom grind/ Sewer Death metal.


It seems the underground gives birth to new old styled death metal bands almost every day. The big putrid vagina keeps on ejecting new atrocities, again and again, until your liver becomes a real piece of putrid “foie gras” AhAh.
This time the new band comes from Czech republic, was formed in 2020, and here is their first demo.
Their style is in a quite “classical” death metal approach, even if I can also feel the same heaviness more bands embrace lately. You also find some regular “thrashing” old death, some blasting parts, some Finnish influences, and a bit of obscurity…
I hear some mid old INCANTATION (Blasting parts), some VOID ROT (Heaviness), old UNLEASHED (Thrashing parts), then a bit of thrashing PESTILENCE, some mid old ASPHYX, some FUNEBRARUM… And the older stuffs of TOMBTHROAT (Ger)… (This one was for the deep underground touch AhAh…)
This demo isn’t bad and quite nice to hear. The quite screamy vocals à la PESTILENCE (Van Drunnen) are also nice.
I might say “This is nice like a mice in a big office full of rice”… But after a thought, I also miss something like a spittle of acid cadaveric bowel to feel really involved. But, I’m also kinda like an “old fart’ who is sometimes a bit tired, so I imagine the younger fans might feel more enthusiastic with this demo, and PLAGUE PATROL might be a very cool band to check out live.






PLAGUE WIDOW (Usa) Plague widom Demo MCD. 2012.
Tattoo your bones.
For it shall appear when you die.
Leave a post-decomposing message to your inheritors.

This is quite good. Blasting death/ brutal death a way that reminds me of mid old ORIGIN (Less technical), with something of IMMOLATION ("Unholy cult"), and a bit of French AMETHYSTE (But ways less Morbid angel influenced). There's a grindcore edge for the length of tracks, and few sudden stops on blasts that could taste like noisecore.
Most of the music is based on blasts. It has quite ferociously savage moments.
PLAGUE WIDOW is quite different from the whole of current brutal death bands in the meaning their music isn't particularly technical, both for drums and guitars, but they doesn't seem to need it to impress the listener.
My reproach would be a few riffs are too usual (The more "thrashy" ones if I could say so... There's no thrash metal influence) and it's a bit too cold/ black for my tastes. A little more emphasis on the short blasts and "noisecore" parts could help to enhance the electrifying of the brain.
Not bad for a first spiritual defloration, they already brought some oozings of angels' anguish.
PLAGUE WIDOW could turn into something interesting for those who like it brutal, blasting, rigid and black, with some intensity.


PLEROMS GATE (Pol) Pass the gate of plerom Demo CD'09.
The flying happy goats are gathering in circles all around your putrid mind.
Not sure why I received this promo: This is some kind of black death with a lot of keyboards. Think EMPEROR on "IX Equilibrium" with less achieved compositions... And other stuffs I don't clearly remember (Expect for a little zest of unwanted mid old orchestral THERION). It's quite technical, rather fast most of the time. It seems they listened to a lot of BEHEMOTH, production/ professional-wize it might be their great inspiration... There are really a lot of atmospheric keyboards. And that's all I'll say.
P.G. shows some professionalism and research, but I don't care for this style 360 days a year and it has to be the best of the best. No more goat.


POISONOUS (Bra) Poisonous Demo CDr'09. GENOCIDE Recs.
There's syphilis in the air!
POISONOUS was born from the ashes of IMPETUOUS RAGE to play a more old school kind of Death metal, their style is much closer to the end 80's and beginning 90's, and they already offer us this first demo (That unfortunately counts only two songs and an intro).
The first song entitled "Poisonous" contains old styled and fast, yet always heavy or "big", Death metal reminding me of PAGANIZER, with a little of GRAVE's heaviness in the middle (Especially "Back from the grave") and some slower occult Death metal that could remind of old ACHERON (Usa) at the end. This song has a quite cool atmosphere and the adequate production makes it flow like hot milk. That leaves pleasant hopes for fans of the style.
The second track is a SARCOFAGO cover ("The black vomit") that takes a more Death metal approach due to the vocals and production, its not bad even if the original reekording was more rock'n roll.
This demo is not bad, maybe quite promising, but it's very short to judge the soul-vibrating potential of the band, so one should wait for another recording to contain more substance to taste the real morbid flavor of POISONOUS.



POPULATION CONTROL (Australia) War machines Demo 2014. Self-released.
This is a "Grindcore" band from Australia mixing grindcore, death grind, crust and other kinds of Hc. This is neither old school, neither modern... Let's say it's closer to the "modern" grind from the years 2000-2004.
During the molestation of the cerebral sponge, I hear NAPALM DEATH (Mid old and newer, minus the indus touches), some SAYYADINA, some old PHOBIA, a bit of MISERY INDEX for more "brutal" parts... They say they like NASUM, but I don't know/ remember this band enough to compare.
The fast (Grind) parts are nice, it can be quite intense, the style of drumming isn't bad in the style, and the quite "neat" production fits the scraping of the concrete.
Now there's also quite an amount of influences I'm not too interested in: Some fast HC, some crusty (But not really crust) riffs, touches of quite dissonant Hc... Even if it's globally correctly composed, I think more blastbeasts would have been better for the energy.
I think the first half of the demo is better, more intense. This might mean (If the last songs are older) that the band is progressing... (Or on the contrary it might say they're already regressing? (Ah Ah, just bugging the population control in your wireless keyboard)).
Not bad for a first demo, if they keep on inversing regression POPULATION CONTROL might turn into a very nice blast machine for "grindcore" fans.



POWERxCHUCK (Australia) Powerxchuck 7" Ep. 2014/ PSYCHOCONTROL Recs/ GRINDHEAD Recs.
14 songs in 8 minutes.
You could expect this 7" Ep to contain noisecore, but it's closer to Grind/ Powerviolence (And sometimes HC), yet with shorter songs than the usual.
The fast songs are correctly shredding in the usual powerviolence style, with enough of screams and abrasion, it's not bad! There are also a few noisecore influences here and there (For the shorter blasts... That decently accelerate on dementia); Sometimes you can find more elaborated songs and it's quite well constructed.
Now there's a bit too much of regular/ slower HC for my tastes, I find this Ep could be more efficient if it lasted only 4-5 minutes, without the HC, with only blasts and screams! (And there's a 15 seconds long track that comes with an only mid-paced HC track, I don't really see the point).
Globally this Ep is not bad and contains quite shredding grindcore/ powerviolence, it could fit the grinding needs of those who burn in an urge to sand down their mental cinderblock.

PRELUDE TO RUIN (Usa) Ronin Ex Mortis MCD. 2021. DYSTOPIAN DOGS Recs.
Wow! This sounds like great sped up old school metal.
This project featuring members of BORROWED TIME, SAURON or HARBINGER comes up with 4 tracks in a well done way that were infused in a very 80's atmosphere.
They call their style "Pure US Power metal" but I don't know this corner of heavy metal very well... In my hears it sounds like a mix of sped up 80's heavy metal, epic heavy and with guitars that almost sound thrashing by moments.
It reminded me of early ICED EARTH, a bit of early KING DIAMOND (Guitars & leads), some early VIRGIN STEELE (Very first Lps), a portion of ENFORCER (Swe), some old IRON MAIDEN (Epic melodies), and perhaps touches of early INGWIE MALMSTEEN... The whole coming with a dose of "thrash" (Or speed... Or accelerations!) (Some beats are faster than others, but globally quicker than regular heavy).
I do not own a big knowledge in heavy/ speed/ power, so doing a deeper analysis will be quite impossible for me, but I can declare this Ep sounds great and comes with well-built tracks. Perhaps the vocals are a bit too much by moments (This is a bit "over the top"), but it didn't really bother the metallizing experience.
Not bad, not bad. This Ep gathers quite good arguments to please maniacs of the 80's "speed" genres. RAISE HIGH THE OLD SHOOL FUMING BEER.

PROTRUSION (Usa) Protrusion Demo tape 2023. Self-released.
I was told veterans of the old brutal death scene created this new project, musicians from GORGASM, HUMAN FILLETED and FOUND HANGING... But musically this two songs demo isn't really brutal death metal: It globally contains early 90's death metal in a rather American way, with some early brutal death influences on guitars, and brutal deep vocals. This is a cool mix to shake the boombox!
Sometimes the content isn't so far from the first GORGUTS album, I also heard some old ROTTING (Canada/ Demo 95) in heavier patterns, while you can feel some ooold SUFFOCATION on heavier and a bit more technical guitars... I should also quote some old USDM demos to make this description more valid, would it be about GAFFED? ETERNAL TORMENT? REGURGITATION? (The demo that came up before the CD, which was musically different), I would have to check these old recordings again to decently compare, but this is kinda in the same spirit...
The first listening gave me a more brutal death impression that it really is: The deep vocals mixed with the grooves of the entrance really tasted like the old REPUDILATION demo tape, then the rest of the music felt much more like old school 90's death metal, which is cool (Or even better?)... But then, the vocals and production still kinda keep this demo in the "brutal death world" (Even if the one of the early stages). This last sentence might sound a bit unclear/ complicated, ok, I'm just trying to describe and give an idea of what I feel :)
The music is quite well packed, and the production is cool/ very cool in a 90's manner.
This demo sounds very cool, so insert the scalpel deep and let's explore the whole intestinal roads.


PURGE (Fra) Symbols of disgrace Demo tape'04.
On. Off. On. Off. On. Off... When the fuck will the remains of the underground let continuously flow the dense vibrations of morbidity? When we, us the putrefiers, will be able to completely rejoice in morbidity? Boring, boring... I'm hungry for pure fucking death!! Boring, boring, boring... Well since the real massive revelation of cadaveric entrapment isn't scheduled for tomorrow, I'm hopefully able to introduce a nice small band that might help the patience of your ugly needs... PURGE is a quite cool Death metal band whose main influences are old-styled and remind what used to be procreated years ago...
To clearly view the body of all sufferrances, you need to imagine some early DEATH, old MORGOTH, few AUTOPSY, mixed with the US Death metal of once (Like IMMOLATION's first album, some doomy DECREPIT, bits of INCANTATION, or eventually DETERIORATE's first Lp). You'll be served quite a lot of various tempos: Mid placed, fast (Almost no blasts), slow, doomy...
Some parts are cool or nicely energetic, some doomy riffs or IMMOLATION influences sounds okey to drip in a nice atmosphere... But on the other hand some riffs are a bit too usual, and sometimes I feel like listening to the standard Death metal bands that tried to evolve in France 12 years ago... All in all, it's a demo with both cool and not so cool moments, but it contains enough coolness for the listener to check the tape from time to time and imagine quite good future underground promises.
The band was basically born as the Death metal subproject of some black metallers, but since the recording of this tape-rape many things changed in the line-up section, and it seems to me PURGE became more than a sub-project... I'm waiting for the next recording to judge what could morbidly occur in the depths of insane viciousness!



PURIFY THE HORROR (Uk) Untitled Ep. 2013. Dissected Records.
Porcine gangbang.
Will you be the juicy bottom in the middle of the circle of pigs?
PURIFY THE HORROR is something like a death grind project of English musicians who wanted to remain anonymous and so have hidden their faces behind masks of pork.
Listening to the music you could hear influences of NAPALM DEATH (For the blasting death grind, but also mid-paced hardcore influence they got in the 90's), with a shovel of HIS HERO IS GONE and some blasts that could remind of old EXHUMED (The Eps)... But I would also like to add the name of BRUJERIA for the not-so-fucking-serious state of mind, death and grind influences or the quite natural recording.
The vocals are generally screamy and can be a bit more than fukked on the first songs (If you want an idea it can happen to sound like some Macabre, old Impaled Nazarene or Exit 13 (Ethos musick)) while on the following it occurs to be more "traditionally" screaming.
I would say the music is composed of 1/3 blast beats, 1/3 of regular fast parts and 1/3 of mid-paced stufs.
I don't enjoy all their riffs or all songs, but I would say the whole is "Sausage-ready" and when the band is blasting they generally have a nice energy.
When porks eat human flesh it could produce nice gargoyle-gurgling sounds, so I'm surprised this band don't have a song entitled "Regurgitation", it could be assorted with beans, tomato sauce and quite nice lyrics such as "We eat human flesh. We vomit your remains, on your face."
The music from this Ep is not original, culinary innovative, neither aerospatialy ground-breaking, but there are some nice pork sausages (With real pieces of brutal pork) inside. Not bad for a parallel project!
Face in the sludge, legs and bottoms up, you will remember the ugly porks are there!

PUTRESCINE (Ger) Optogram of the depraved Demo tape. 2021. Self-released.
Putrescine is a quite interesting project. The spirit and atmosphere of these 3 tracks lead me back to the first years of satanic and obscure death metal from USA... I have in mind the first demos of IMMOLATION (Before they went all complex and intricate), the first releases of ABSU (Before they turned to black metal), or some very early INCANTATION... Well, you get the spirit! This said, you can also find elements of regular old school death metal, and some riffs almost tend to black metal… Or black death if you wish (It happens to remember me of ABHORER, even if bestiality isn't really the key word here).
There are quite well thought riffs, and some cool atmospheres of the obscure... But this demo remains an underground release with the "imperfections" you could expect.
The maniacs of underground filth might also hear similarities with AMON (Switzerland), BEYOND FEAR (Uk), some old BLOODY SIGN (Demos or Eps), or perhaps ABHORROT... But I won't dig too deep, in fear of losing more readers AhAh.
I found the production a little too "raw"... Wasn't it captured on a 4-tracker (Or 8-tracker? It clearly doesn't seem enhanced on a computer). This is ok for OSDM, and perhaps gives a more cruel/ black metal taste, but I would have preferred the guitars to come with a bit more of bass frequencies and power.
This is a quite good underground demo, quite interesting underground project, let's see how they evolve with the next cavernal morbidified demonification.


PUTRID (Swe) Morbid awakening Demo tape'09.
From the early moments of the cadaveric development, the coffin-shaking torment begun and the dead could vomit his first nauseous clots... In putridity.
PUTRID is a new old styled Death metal band choosing to play it in the end 80's manner, in the simple and quite necro waves of the genre.
On the first song, their music reminds a lot of NIHILIST with a little of early UNLEASHED. The main theme of the fast riffs contain a nice morbid efficiency that could intensify and resurrect some morbid feelings from your putrefied soul. Nice song with a cool intensity and voices from the morbid that shows some hopes. It lacks a bit of punch and might be a little simple, but they have the time to improve...
The following songs aren't of the same level: The second one is a bit more thrashy and messy, while the third one takes from some AUTOPSY or REPUGNANT (With a nice doomy "spiritual" moment) but doesn't contain the same intensity than the first effortless cemeterial vomiturition.
Sometimes they kinda remind me of the first KATALYSATOR recording, with some elements from MERCILESS' demos.
They're in the early stages of the cadaveric game, it can be heard... So, it's a first demo that shows some qualities and nice influences, but also states some improvements are needed. The second recording should follow in the next months, so we'll judge the morbid improvements then. Tease the dead!

PUTRIDITIUM (Fin) Visions from beyond Demo tape. 2022. MORBID CELLAR Recs.
Hey, here's a very cool demo of Death metal, mixing the old school "traditional" style with some doomy touches, and some technical parts or quite researched guitars, but the whole remains in an old styled approach and atmosphere (Nothing seems to be post 1996 here: Cool).
At the first carnal approach, some parts sounded similar to old AUTOPSY (2nd album "Severed survival"), but the style of the Finnish cavelords isn't so drunk'n fucked, it's globally closer to early DEATH for the most old school parts (A la "Leprosy") but also for a somewhat "technical" side that might be closer to "Spiritual healing" or some very early "techno death" demos from mid 90's.
You have you share or thrashing "tuka tuka" beats, and if you enjoy this kind of rhythms you could tap the feet on the floor! But you also have something else: The guitar work can be quite interesting, sometimes if sounds quite epic, not so far from the first DARKTHRONE album (The DM one), but with a different atmosphere... There are also quite "majestuous" polyphonies and perhaps remains of very early "brutal death" (For some strange tones).
At first I also thought they were influenced by mid old INCANTATION, due to the first song's blastbeats and vocals... But the tone isn't really about cavern obscurity here. The atmosphere is warm, burning and somewhat "classy" (By moments).
This is a first demo, and you can kinda feel it at the level of the recording (The four songs have a somewhat different production), but it doesn't bother my crackling skull and I'm used to listen to underground demos.
"Visions from beyond" sounds like a promising recording, so let's keep an eye on their next death metallic compositions!