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NABEG (Uk) All rights revoked CDr. 2017.
This is jazz grind experimental space rock/ Noisecore and it doesnt suck.
I was impressed by the amount of Neptunian weed they should have smoke to come up with it.
Imagine a mixture of jazzy rhythms, changes on rhythms, with grindcore influences, and harsh noise & space experimental stuffs on the top.
The music is technical, very active and full of changes. At first hear it could sound like a mess but it is not, things go on together quite well (If you think about the intensity and some space/ absurd state of mind).
It sounds like if 70s Krautrock musicians were raised listening to grindcore, or if old CEPHALIC CARNAGE were on drugs (!) and got more experimental. Or perhaps if RUINS (Jap) did put less emphasis on riffs and got more 70s space rock influences. (Im not an expert, but perhaps FANTOMAS werent so far by moments).
This is not easy to listen, but once you get into it, it can provide interesting listening and some intensity. Fans of extreme experimental music should check it out.


NAHBOM (Fra) Demo 2013. CDr. Self-brutallized.
I was beginning to feel a lack of new bands in the French deep and brutal underground... Did they all surrender to plastic production? Did they all turn to deathcore?
No. Hopefully for your brutallized hears, NAHBOM is a new brutal and quite technical band lacerating the internal meat with enough colors to keep your internal painting more alive than frozen shades of grey.
Their music happens to remind me of mid old DEEDS OF FLESH, NILE, early NECROPHAGIST, old YATTERING (Maybe?) and a bit of CANNIBAL CORPSE ("The bleeding").
Something pleasant brutalizes in the fact everything isn't uber-technical nor always fast, the tracks are quite structured with ups and lows and you find traces of "melodies" (The last two tracks are better under this angle)... Well, this could please those who didn't get enough of DEEDS OF FLESH's "Mark of the legion" or some NILE for example.
I appreciate the fact their production is totally natural. Ok, the drums doesn't sound like a tic tic clock and the guitars aren't as plasticized as the last expensive car, but it brings some cool underground charm to the whole... (It sounds a bit like a gig with a cleaner production).
The four songs don't have exactly the same sound level, so this sounds a bit more like a demo.
This demo isn't perfect, and I could plug the infernal criticizing brain torment to throw every imperfect points in your poor reader's face, but aren't you bored with facial molestation? So I will only say they have a quite cool sense of building quite technical yet edible tracks, with some quite catchy riffs here and there.
Wish them a NAHBOMINABLE improvement.

NATIONAL SUICIDE (Ita) The old family is still alive Demo tape. 2010. STAY PURE Recs.
Hu Ho, I didn't really expect to hear such kind of thrash metal in the middle of thousands of "We play fast, and only fast, and only fast" bands that all sound the same in their raw alcoholic German worshippance... This Italian philharmonic quintet choose a way that's much closer to the bay area genre of the 80's, and hu ho it really sounds like it was areated by a big thrashing ventilator: The giant ventilator that refreshes your mind as if you mistakenly put your head in the reactor of an airbus plane just before take-off.
So so, this sounds very much like old EXODUS ("Fabulous disaster") meets old OVERKILL, on many aspects: The riffs taking both the fast and mid-paced "moche" side, the special vocals (You know this crushed rage that sometimes seems to come from the "nose") and the also quite metallic production... When I listen to this demo, I feel back listening to the old OVERKILL "Wrecking your neck" double live album, and I could also hear a bit of old METALLICA (Master/ And justice), a bit of FAITH OR FEAR and eventually a bit of Hum no, I wont bet my remaining ball on uncertain issues.
This sounds quite efficient and refreshing, but there could also be negative points for the regular bangers : For example the production might be a little to powerful and modern for the most traditionalist ones, and the vocals could displease some peoples, but these two elements wouldn't bother those who really like old Bay area...
Since I'm not a so big listener of all that is bay areated, I couldn't say if this demo is so catchy and slumpowering, but at least it could provide some nice listenings to fans of old EXODUS/ OVERKILL.


NECRO WEASEL (Fin) Another day to waste Demo tape. 2021. RAMEKUUKKELI Recs.
1. Turn the cross upside down.
2. Turn the cross over upside down towards the south.
3. Turn the crossover upside down towards the south of heaven.

What you have here is a crossover/ thrash/ punk hardcore band from Tampere, Finland.
In parts their riffing reminds me of old NUCLEAR ASSAULT, but the style is a bit different... Perhaps the playing is not as nervous as old NxAx, and the style is also more punk Hc influenced (Well it depends on the songs, globally it's about half/ half between thrash and Hc).
I don't have a big knowledge in crossover (Or also Punk Hc) so this review is something like a little challenge... But I can say NECRO WEASEL doesn't sound like old S.O.D.
I prefer when they're fast and thrashing than mid-paced (But they doesn't sound like "big bear" hardcore either, it's just... mid-paced). I find the cover artwork a bit average, but I'm more or less tired with seeing a simple skull on a cover, so...
Globally this demo doesn't seem to be bad, the drum-playing is alive enough, and it appears the musicians had fun playing these songs... (But there are a bit too much of mid-paced parts for me, more thrashing would have made of it a healthier listening :yup:)
So, I feel like my opinion is a "crossover" between "yes" and "no".

15 years ago, a band called JACKYL had a song entitled "She loves my cock". It worked quite well to irritate the press, and spread their name, and even for me it worked... Because this mighty demonic incantation, "She loves my cock", still surfaces in my mind, eventhough I wasn't a fan of this band's AC/DC influenced hard rock... Well, I basically meant to be curious a band didn't call themselves NECROCOCK yet... What are they waiting for? An inquisitory dick reminder? Ah Ah
Well, NECROSQUATCH has nothing to do with cock, dick and things like that (Unless they try to play squatch with your balls... Which would be really painful Necro -squatch ahah)), but would rather play something like a mixture between fast "Death/ black/ grind" and heavier death metal... So it's quite "varied" in the extremes.
The faster patterns would globally evolve between pure MARDUK style, little more "melodic" Swedish death black and some rawer stuffs like HATEWAVE, with little touches of grind. The heavier parts are rather in the death metal fields while it could take from mid old BOLT THROWER, old CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Tomb...") or heavy CARCASS... When it's not mid placed black metal influenced by BATHORY (But there should surely be better comparisons) or mid placed Death black metal whatever...
At the beginning of the playing, I imagined something very blastful because of the grinding opener la later ROTTEN SOUND and raw production which made them sound like an EXHUMED on "Gore metal", but the following shows less grind of the blast. (It's not really a raw production, but something quite massive with overdriven bass, which makes it more extreme than comfortable to listen to).
I'm globally not too emotionally impressed, I feel a part of the riffs is just Ok or everheard while the vocals aren't particularly right to the point half of the time... According to some elements such as the opening riff, I feel like they have ways for improvement... They could for example rework some structures to make it more sadistically flowing, and so avoid some listener-feeling of "hesitations", or they could increase the intensity (With more grind?)... Ok, it could be worse, there's no real painful listening problem, and you could like it, and you could dig it during gigs while trying to break your neck, and I could also insert my massive inquisitory cock of bestial revenge right in your imploring asshole, but writing reviews isn't basically about making friends. Getting critical for a dozen minutes can be nice and also help the bands (If they don't believe too strongly in their own perfection). To be more necro, take your racket and click here:


NEKROFILTH (Usa) Worship destruction Demo tape. 2013. HORROR REGIME Recs.
If evil lies in the details,
Heaven lies in the underwears.

This tape begins in a way that is very influenced by early CELTIC FROST, mid-paced old school metal, to then evolve in a more punk manner closer to Canadian SLAUGHTER (The song "Incinerator", you know?), then it becomes a bit too punk for my tastes... And then the last track almost takes an old grindcore edge (There could be an old grind emergency la Repulsion or perhaps Atrocity (Us)).
It's not a bad tape, even quit cool under some old school angles. This sounds quite raw, "uncontrolled", the content is probably more punk than the usual old school/ thrashing stuffs I'm used to.
Years ago I heard one of the first demos this band released, and wasn't too fond... With this newer release I find the music of NEKROFILTH to be better and cooler.




NEKROFILTH (Usa) Zombie proof sessions Demo CDr. 2009.
There was a giant bull penis in my mailbox, and it screamed "Hooray!!!" when I opened the little door... I just wonder if the postman didn't confuse my box for someone else's... Huh?
Isn't it a quite fitting introduction for a band called NEKROFILTH? No it is not, but you will have to live with it!
On this demo, the first track, and partly the second one sound great... I hear something like early grindcore la ATROCITY (Usa) with punk riffs la SLAUGHTER (Usa) on "Strappado"... It's not bad in the genre and some riffs have enough depths to kinda awake some interest. You wish the following will be as nice and could catch some drunk horror vibe of drunk terror... Unfortunately for my cybernetic hears, the other songs tend to become more punk (And more ABSCESS alike) and it turns to simpler riffs or "We don't care, we are drunk" alike stuffs... Some riffs still keep this early grind vibe and some Slaughter alike riffures, but it becomes too much of simple simplicity and we-are-puh-puh-punk-we-don't-give-a-fuh-fuh-
fuck-and-this-is-our-third-rate-sub-project to interest me... I have never been a big fan of punk (Neither in drublic), and If I don't hear something very good I won't be too interested... Sometimes you could think about DEFECATION (The first album), and I know some peoples would hear some REPULSION (While I would disagree since ATROCITY is closer) or eventually very early MORTICIAN (Huh? Yes, I mean some SLAUGHTER influenced stuffs), but most is rather close to punk/ early Hardcore (There are covers of Negative approach and Dayglo abortion, if you want names)
The first tracks show they can come up with great sounding riffs, but the approximately 9-10 other songs show they can also come up with something less interesting...
I wish they could focus on the depths and stronger orgasmic defibrillations to offer something more haunting, but I have a doubt and a feeling NEKROFILTH would remain a subproject to play punk stuffs... For underground local punks and puke-mindeds only.


NEKROMIO (Chile) Aghori baba sadhu Demo tape. 2019. THANATOLOGY Recs.
Oh my crushed bowels! This is underground death metal influenced by the 90's style, early brutal death metal, and the meat is quite warm.
This tastes like a quite grilled mix of INSISION, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old DEICIDE (Rather "Once upon..."), with a bit of mid old MORBID ANGEL, perhaps old SINISTER (Touches) or a bit of early SEVERE TORTURE... With a somewhat "satanic" or darkened theme mixed with the "brutality". There are great low death metal vocals sung in Spanish, the traditional way (I would say the Brazilian way, you putrid fucker).
About 15 years ago we had more bands playing this style in France, I have in mind old IMPUREZA (The vocals!), BYATIS (Some riffs), and a bit of BLACK BLEEDING (Some blasts) for example...You could also add other sauces to the mix, like more old school "thrashing" DM parts, but this all remains in the "death" world.
This demo is obviously not the most original, or perfect recording, but this is a very cool piece of underground death metal cake. The morbid blood-filled BURP explodes in your face!


NEPHREN-KA (Fra) Revenge and supremacy MCD. 2010. Self-released.
This French band probably reads a lot about NILE in the reviews they receive. So here's my niling quota: NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE, NILE!!! Are you still thirsty? You fucking drink-hole! Does it make you feel like an Egyptian goddess fornicator? You fucking pervert! Anyway now the niling bandwidth was fulfilled, we can begin the review in comfortable conditions.
What I hear on this self-released mini CD doesn't sound THAT much like NILE in my mummified opinion, ok the taste of Sanders' band can be felt from here and there but it's not the major savor to flavor... The brutal death of NEPHREN-KA is quite bound to the blast, with some technical moments, some quite abrupt breaks, and you could think about ORIGIN (Without the crazy sweeping), early DEEDS OF FLESH (When they were blast maniacs, remember the "Trading pieces" album?), but also some NILE (Who's that?), a bit of KRISIUN's last records, a bit of MORBID ANGEL, maybe they also like the brutal aspect of DEICIDE... And I feel like quoting French bands from the past, so I will do it now: DEVILIUM, BYATIS (It's more or less in the same brutal and blasting category, yet with some Death metal roots that don't take everything from the USBD or core-blasturgy)
Some of their songs have the same brutal washing machine effect you could find in other outfits like KRONOS for example (It's not my fave particularity of brutal death metal, I prefer the feeling to be more atmospheric, but at least it's better than no effect at all), other songs have more of an "old school brutal death" approach, which can please me more when it develops more atmospheres or goes towards some feeling of intense brutalized damnation.
The style is quite compressed, the playing and recording sounds professional, but I miss something catchy or brain hammering... Maybe they didn't fuck enough Egyptian godesses to be able to express a really strong feeling of accomplishment and domination (Who knows?) and maybe there's a little too much of blast/ double kicks sometimes (I said "maybe", because adding a little poisonous cherry on the brutal cake would perhaps be enough to reenergize the listening)
So NEPHREN-KA isn't one of my six fave French band to evolve in the "Death metal" world, but their recording isn't bad and could satisfy the need of some brutal heads. I just wish the feeling would be more burning sometimes... (It might be worth the neckache to see them live, if they can have decent sound conditions...)


NEROCAPRA (Ita) Mefisto Promo CDr. 2013. Self-released.
This promo contains only 3 songs from the "Mefisto manna" album and the style of the songs is a bit different from one to another, but globally what you have here is pretty old styled death metal with a recurring tendency to use thrashing riffs and fast beats, with a quite raw production. Globally this reminds me of old MERCILESS (Swe) or mid old PROTECTOR, with some old Swedish death, and more insanity in the vocals.
The first song of this promo is the more insane in the structures and playing, there are more riffs/ tempo changes or strange ideas than in the other tracks. It occurs to taste like early ATROCITY (Ger/ When they were a Death metal band), old THRONEUM (Vocals) or maybe early SADISTIK EXEKUTION ("The magus"), with a thrashing death metal basis.
Then the second song is more classical, it begins in a more Swedish manner (Mysterious theme), then comes back to thrashing death.
The third song is in the middle between the thrashing stuff and regular death metal. It's not so far from the Swedish second wave of OSDM sometimes (REPUGNANT, VERMINOUS...).
Well this is decent stuff in the thrashing death style, I think the production is a bit too raw for my tastes, but NEROCAPRA could please fans of the thrashing style who aren't against some exuberance/ craziness.


NOXIS (Usa) Expanse of hellish black mire Tape. 2020. ROTTED LIFE Recs.
Here's a quite interesting new death metal band at the cross between early 90's brutality and more obscure death influences, with some technical touches.
The whole comes with somewhat abrasive guitars that give it a "cadaveric" touch.
In my humble mummified perception, their more brutal side tastes like the demo bands you heard from the US in the 90's, those that were experimenting with DM a brutal way. Then they also have quite a bunch of heavier or more obscure moments that could evoke old DECREPIT (Usa) or perhaps FUNEBRARUM; Then the technical side might remember of later BLOODY SIGN, or perhaps SKELETON OF GOD, depending if the influence is more "metal" or "brutal" (Perhaps some younger listeners will hear some UNDEATH, but I'm an "old fart" talking to "old farts" AhAh).
This description might sound a bit like a mess once written on paper, but it doesn't in reality: This just tastes like a mix of brutal/ quite obscure/ quite "doomy' (also) and quite technical death metal.
I dig the drum playing, there's a style and energy la early CRYPTOPSY/ Old ALIENATION MENTAL.
Sometimes you also find back some slower "dripping" feelings of early brutal death, as well as more "cadaverically disarticulated" guitars you could feel in these analog days.
As far as I perceive it, this Ep is not revolutionary, or not really (really?) catchy, but it is well crafted and quite intense sounding. It could lead to something more cadaverically rejoicing. So this is a good beginning in death... DEATH IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

NUKE (Usa) Delta city Demo tape. 2015. DYSTOPIAN DOGS Recs.
Short review, quick death.
NUKE is an old school metal band from Detroit, Michigan, that aims to awake old/ early satanic metal with some successes.
For a strange reason when I listened to this tape at first, I was too brief and classified the content as "thrash metal/ punk" which was wrong AhAh.
Indeed the content is early 80's evil speed metal, but no this is NOT rock'n roll in the Motorhead/ early Bathory style, our hears are surrounded by a rather very angry form of heavy metal that almost tends to thrash metal. Think about very early SLAYER (First album only), very early DESTRUCTION, some evilness la EXORCIST, some old LIVING DEATH ("Protected from reality"), some old KING DIAMOND/ MERCYFUL FATE.
Wait, isn't there some ball kicking CARNIVORE inside? I bet I won't have to shave my balls by saying so!
One song has a really heavy-metallish part with more melodies la early IRON MAIDEN, but the whole is a bit more kicking... Well, well, a heavy metal touch is regularly present, but it's closer to early KING DIAMOND/ MERCYFUL FATE than Maiden.
The vocals are quite fkn metal, between these angry vocals and more high-pitched typically 80's screams. Perhaps the content is destined only to big metal maniacs, I don't know.
This is a quite kicking and quite good tape in the "retro" metal style, perhaps not from the most catchy/ killer bands I heard in the 80's style, but still worth some hear-degradation for angry metal maniacs.