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KARYBDIS (Swe) Devoured by the depths Demo tape'07.
Whatever their band name could mean in Sweden, KARYBDIS plays pretty nice old styled Death metal that reeks of pus, morbidity and grotesqueness.
In my putrid mind, it sounds as swedish as it sounds finnish because some of the grotesque is a bit too bizarre and doomy to strictly emerge from Sweden... Comparisons are for fags? Ok, some of the heavy would taste like some old (early?) UNLEASHED while some faster is influenced by NIHILIST/ ENTOMBED (old). I can't avoid thinking about (Not so fun) FUNEBRARUM in some morbid slow-paced patterns, while the looow placed throat vibrations give it an early BOLT THROWER, early BROKEN HOPE or ABOMINOG (Not sure at all about this one) feel.
Some morgue moments are nice, I appreciate some doomy (death) of the grotesque, while some accelerations are nice... But this isn't the new flavor of the morgue-month, because some mysterious mystic moment lack, or sometimes a bit more energetik urges of acceleration would be grave-cool.
Now this demo was recorded in different sessions that were quite distant in time, it might have caused little problems to fully catch the atmosphere?
Ok, even if this isn't the new graven morgue revelation, KARYBDIS might suit the collections of those necrocollectors of all 90's audio-deceases, and might even be a sensation of the week (And not of the "weak") in this current retro old school "Trend".


KOROIDIA (Usa) Apparitions Demo tape. 2017. SPAWN OF FLESH Recs.
Tired of hearing all the new old school death metal bands sounding Swedish or very obscure? You need a bit more of riffs and skills? You aren't against a bit of blast beats?
So you might be interested in this second demo of this American Death metal band that sounds very American (In an early 90's manner) for the music, and a bit like the end 90's/ beginning 2000's epoch for the production.
During the listening, you regularly occur to think about BRUTALITY (A bit less technical) for the riffs and vocals, then there's some MORTA SKULD, early and mid-old MALEVOLENT CREATION (Faster parts), with a bit of DEICIDE ("Once upon...") or old MORBID ANGEL.
Most of the music is mid-paced to heavy, often with double bass drums. Blastbeats appear here and there, it's not the main point, and it doesn't seem to be needed more :)
This is quite cool Death metal, with some heaviness, some catchy riffs here and there, enough of riffs/ tempo changes, and a quite good production.
This cassette didn't awake the morbid Orgasmatron in my tape player, but this is good enough to please fans of the style who could swallow this tape and embalm their brains with these 3 tunes without a problem.
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KRUCIFICADORES (Mex) Caballeros de la sangre negra Demo tape. 2021. BLACK STEEL WORSHIP Recs.
Subtle flower and delicate perfume.
What this Mexican band plays is very old school, but this is not really a surprise on this webzine... What I'm confronted to is old school black thrash/ evil metal the old school way, with lots of 80's influences.
While I hear some SARCOFAGO (First album) in blast parts & other "slower" elements, there's also a good portion of very early SODOM in thrash parts, old DARKTHRONE in "thrashing"/ crusty parts, or also some HELLHAMMER in heavier moments. Well this sounds quite really old school.
Now, perhaps the impression it gives is sometimes a little to "thin" or "quiet" for black thrash? I think it might be due to the production and recording in the studio, because the guitars happen to sound quite "clear" (Understand not so distorted) and the music could be a bit more aggressive/ destructive. But this doesn't mean this first demo is bad, this is even quite well done/ built in the style for an underground release, and I appreciate some of the influences (Sometimes it really tastes like early Sarcofago or Hellhammer).
So, maniacs and archivists of the old proto extreme metal the evil way, you might find some hearing interest in there...

KUMA NO MOTOR (Fra) Panoptikoan Demo tape. 2015. Self-released.
This is an old school punk hardcore band from the south of France, I discovered them as they came to play here in the North of the same country.
Their music is quite strongly in the old school style, with many fast D-Beat rhythms and no frills. I might compare their sound with old DOOM (The band, not the video game), old DISRUPT or perhaps EXTREME NOISE TERROR, but my punk hardcore knowledge is quite limited... (So don't take it for an "absolute" truth).
Some of the songs have a rock'n roll touch that reminds me of DISFEAR or ENTOMBED (The 'Uprising" album... It's funny a guitarist wears an Entombed shirt on a photo)... Well perhaps the description with the Swedish band also works for more "thrash" parts.
This is quite efficient music and a cool tape to listen to. I'm not the best person to judge and analyze the so-what qualities compared to the global punk Hc releases, but this tape could please fans of the style in the old punk Hc/ crust/ D-Beat genre with a nice rock'n roll, somewhat Motorheadish touch.

KURNUGIA (Usa) Tribulations of the Abyss Demo Pro CDr. 2013. DISMAL Records.
Livid hands escaping the grounds.
KURNUGIA is a new Death metal band from Usa that might not be so new if you look closer at the hole of souls. In fact 3 of the 4 musicians were a part of the old band DECREPIT (R.I.P), and once you listen to their music you can say it's something like a continuation.
Livid hands escaping the grounds.
This is something like old school and obscure Death metal, reminding of old INCANTATION and the old European styles (The Finnish, a bit of Swedish, and some regularly European).
Livid hands escaping the grounds.
I know some of you cemetery beholders might begin to be fed up with the new Incantation-influenced projects appearing since a few years, but I have the feeling KURNUGIA conveys something heavier than the average projects of the genre (And this feeling doesn't escape my casket).
Livid hands escaping the grounds.
While the tracks contain quite fast patterns, it doesn't forget the heavier or doomy moments, and there's also a bit of the grotesque. This is not particularly original music, but it remains emotional or intense enough to keep the "originality-seeking-brain" shut down.
Livid hands escaping the grounds.
This demo contains only two songs, but it's quite rottingly encouraging the decrepiting listener to glue a rotting eye-ball in front their morbid vault, to see what kind of morbidities will come out next time.
The livid hands escaping the grounds, it almost made devil signs.