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ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cryogenically revived MCD. 2018. SPAWN OF FLESH Recs.
I know this band since a couple of years, because they are quite active in the underground and I received their previous demos from various analogophiliac sources.
This time, we will offer our two precious hears to a pro pressed MCD.
The style of the band is the same, this is old school death metal taking the blood and bowels from the old European genre, with some hints of old Swedish and 90's American stuffs, with some kind of "brutality" à la early GRAVE.
But this time the bands sounds more American, it's partly due to the better production (That tastes more massive, it reminds me some good US releases from mid/ end 90's), then there is also this riff in the second song that tastes very close to old BRUTALITY (Only a bit less "technical").
The vocals are great, I would say it's located somewhere in the morgue between old BRUTALITY and old Corpsegrinder (The singer of Cannibal corpse, not the really unknown bands).
The style of ECTOPLASMA remains quite "varied" in the old DM genre: While some riffs are in the old DEATH style ("Leprosy"), some influences are closer to old PESTILENCE, you can also find a bit of thrash, some heavier moments sound closer to mid old MORTA SKULD, and I already quoted the brutality of early GRAVE... Oh, I also thought about good old ENCABULOS (The MCD!) in faster parts... (I was going to quote DEICIDE's "Once upon...", but Encabulos sounds better in this case).
The riffs and guitar parts remain simple/ brutal (In an old way, perhaps I'd better say it sounds quite "abrupt" to avoid confusion with brutal death?), but the songs are composed in a cool manner, and there are nice arrangements (A more epic sounding guitar here, a mysterious keyboard there...), so it doesn't bore the bowels if you dig this kind of "simple" death metal.
ECTOPLASMA doesn't offer here a bleeding masturbating revelation (AhAh), but this is a cool/ very cool MCD that could please the bowels of old Death metal fans. THE BOWELS OF MORBID REPUGNANCE.

EJECUTOR (Chile) Metal venenoso Promo CD. 2020. APOCALYPTIC Productions.
Ok, I got various releases of EJECUTOR in trade with different labels in the past, but never ended in reviewing their music... So perhaps this promo CD that appeared in a package was the right occasion.
It contains songs of the "Metal venenoso" Ep 2020, tracks of the "Vientos de ejecucion" Demo 2004, as well as 3 bonus live tracks (From 2018 & 2017).
The Ep starting this CD comes with a quite warm powerful sound which kinda reminds me of SODOM (Agent orange) and musically you evolve in old school death/ thrash with quite bestial accelerations in the old South American style. There are some great riffs and nothing to displease my electrified skull. Musically you evolve between early POSSESSED, old SODOM (80's), INCUBUS (Florida), MORBID ANGEL (Altars' fast songs) or ANAL VOMIT. Is your skull plugged on 220V?
The following demo has a rawer sound, quite logical since it's from 2014. It gives an impression the music is closer to black/ thrash than death metal, I kinda felt like listening to the MARDUK's "Germania" live album sometimes... It sounds quite aggressive, but I prefer the newer Ep with better production.
Then, the sound of the live tracks is decent for live recordings, you can understand the riffs and notice EJECUTOR aren't a protools plastic band who aren't able to reproduce their album live! Ah Ah
This promo CD shows EJECUTOR are a serious band that evolves the right way, and can plug your brain on 220 volts if that's not already the case.
I think a full-length album is in the work, so keep on watching the blade of the executor to feel the bleeding thrill of electrifying poser murdering. 666x3!
Email: legionejecutor(a)

ELECTROCUTIONER (Usa) Escape from the catacombs Ep 2022. Self-released.
Well, this first slogan fits only moderately the musical content of this Ep, because more arrangements are to be found than in basic thrash, I would say.
Once the introduction is gone, the first song "Into the catacombs" which is instrumental leads me back to the guitars of the second and third MEGADETH albums, there's something in common for the riffing and tone, and it's nice in the style.
The next song "Rise of the necromancer" provides a more brutal kind of thrash, even if quite technical (80's) riffs still appear. It might sound like a cross between old SLAYER, early RIGOR MORTIS (Usa/ For "angry" vocals and some tech riffs), early DESTRUCTION for some riffings, and a zest of early Metallica/ Megadeth (For arrangements and leading guitars) (Little note: I also thought about the first DARK ANGEL album, but I think it's was rather coz of the production and quite "imperfect" playing than music in itself).
Following the first song I expected more of something closer to early Megadeth, something more controlled and perhaps closer to "heavy thrash" while the second track is more thrashing and "brutal". There are only two songs here (If you don't count the 2/3 interludes in a somewhat horror movie spirit), so I imagine the global style of ELECTROCUTIONER might be closer to the 2nd track.
I appreciate the efforts of composition & technical touches, and some arrangements/ leading guitars aren't bad at all... Now everything isn't super tight (Rather at the level of the drums), but at least I didn't listen to "fake" digital plastic surgery (This is not needed for retro stuffs...), what you hear is the truth: This is how the band really sounds live! Not something digitally manipulated to **seem** perfect...
Retro, retro... Perhaps this Ep is destined to nostalgic peoples mostly? I don't know...
Not bad, this Ep could please underground fans of 80's thrash/ retro stuffs with a bit more arrangements than the average thrashing beer vomiters.

EMACIATED (Usa) Crucified from the inside Demo tape. 2022. THE MORGUE Tapes.
Woaaa! The first 9 seconds of this demo rule! Pure bone-kicking in the depths of the ASS!
Then the rest of the songs suck, deep and hard... AhAh! Just kidding...
What you have here is a pretty good old school death metal demo, with both heavy/ crushing mid-paced and faster "thrashing" parts.
All in all, the other bands that came the more to mind were old DISMEMBER (For the guitar sound, the fast parts, some slow "melodic" moments, and an aggressive edge), old GRAVE (For the heaviness), some BOLT THROWER (For the heaviness & some epic riffs)... Then I also felt more seldom moments to be closer to ooold ENTOMBED (First Lp), perhaps ILLDISPOSED (First album only), or a zest of BASTARD PRIEST... And maybe a zest of Edge of Sanity on the last song (Which is a melodic one, but perhaps the Dismember quote was enough for this reason?).
(To come back to the first sentence of this review, it's true the first ten seconds of the first song have a more direct impact than the following of the track, which is heavier, but it doesn't mean the rest is bad... What follows rather sounds like a "steamroller" than an "in your face" punch).
During the total playing time of 20:01, I heard nothing bad sounding in the style; This is a pretty good demo, but also in a quite well-crowded genre... Which might explain why I'm not THAT enthusiastic (And the somewhat HM-2 sound is now kinda "hurting" my fragile hears ahah). But there's still an audience for this kind of death metal, so as long as the music doesn't suck I don't see a putrid problem... PILE UP MORE TAPES! IN THE NAME OF DEATH!

EMBODIED TORMENT (Usa) Kyphonism Promo 2013. Self-released.
Horror. Torture. Hermetic.
Your corpse hasn't rendered all of its suffering yet.
We will tighten the internal barbedwires until global suffering ecstasy.

During this short promo you can hear an obscure and technical brutal death metal that takes tumultuous paths and could roughly remind of Mexican DISGORGE, DEFEATED SANITY, SKELETON OF GOD, with touches of Us-DISGORGE for more typical Us influences, and strange little twists on guitars.
From the 2 tracks (Intro and real song), I could say the listening impression isn't totally unlike ALTARS (Australia) or even PORTAL somewhere, but with clearly more brutal death metal roots.
Hopefully for your crucified hears, the whole isn't strictly focused on blasts and technicality, various tempos and variations on laceration and sulphur are included.
This is a bit too much of brutalization and technicals for my hears, but I must say I feel some improvement. Compared to their previous demo, the band seems to take a little more abstract approach and insert a bit more of "IMMOLATION" influences, which might turn into something quite interesting.


ENGULFED (Turkey) Through the Eternal Damnation Demo tape. 2013. GRAVPLASS PROPAGANDA Recs.

This band plays quite good obscure Death metal. Their style reminds me of early INCANTATION (First album) and other early American bands who played it obscure and unholy.
To sum up the whole of the maelstrom, let's say the core of their music materializes in a way close to old INCANTATION (But with a different atmosphere) while other influences are gathered here and there.
To describe this core deeper, I could say the corpse-bangers addicted to the caves of the underground for a while might also hear similarities with ENCABULOS ("Abandoning the flesh" MCD), SANGUIS IMPEREM and perhaps INFAMY's album (Both for some fast "At war" moments).
To speak about the orbiting influences, the band happens to play on polyphonies and doomy moments to diversify a bit the darkened verse, it makes it easier to approach the holy vagina and undertake a sulfurous infiltration (AhAh). There are also regular old school death (Rather Scandinavian) elements in the form of tremolos or "melodies", and a few fast 90's black metal touches appearing here and there, but these two tendencies remain rather a minority.
(Almost personal note: The infernal "Open the gates of hell" lead-guitars really seem to have something of DEATH's "Leprosy" or POSSESSED...)
I'm not sure if this band will last very long or shall become another incarnation (Half of the members were a part of BURIAL INVOCATION who was very close in the style, as far as I remember), but at least this is a very nice demo that infiltrates the holy virgin's vaginal skin in a very nice manner. Fans of obscure penetrating Death metal could request for more, and they would be right. Give us more darkened flesh!

ENVENOMED (Swe) Pestiferous tales Demo CDr'08.
And the old Swedish cadaver awoke again from his decades long locked tomb, to shred one more time his petrified scars and extract the morbid petrol of all malignant rumination.
Envenomed plays more Death thrashing metal from Sweden, embracing some very old influences, yet with a production that could let them sound like a pre-"Left hand path" recording. Think about early ENTOMBED/ NIHILIST, some thrash like ooold ENTOMBED or maybe MERCILESS (Demos) or even SORCERY, few old GRAVE gimmicks, black metallish vocals and a bit of SLAYER/ INFERNAL MAJESTY in the second song that contains something different (More thrash and hellish (Maybe with a zest of POSSESSED?)).
This contains some nice riffs and cool grooves, but it could be better: Some thrash riffs are quite stagnating (Or is it the beats?) and I feel like the band could be more energetic, or fast, in the playing... (They'd gain some power and impact!). I guess they're conscious of possible improvements since the best songs are in the beginning.
Time will tell if they achieve to develop influences and intensify the little moods contained in there...


ERODED (Ita) Test the grace infliction Demo tape'07. THE THRESHOLD Records.
As the ubiquitous sufferings keep on growing...
ERODED isn't exactly a new band, but you might not have heard about them yet. Their old fashioned and dark Death metal could be defined as strongly influenced by the Scandinavian scene from the 90's; It takes both from the Swedish and Finnish styles, but doesn't count the aggression and HC/ Punk influences of the first while it's not as bizarre as the second. Most of the music is fast with the good old Death metal tempo, it's a bit more atmosphere than aggressiveness based. You quite often occur to hear slower patterns to embrace the doom.
To enter deeper into their abyss, I would quote records and bands such as DEMIGOD ("Slumber of sullen eyes"), the first IMMOLATION (Less intricate), the fast patterns of UNLEASHED (Where no life dwells), old DISMEMBER (Not the most melodic parts) or CARNAGE (without D-beats) and a bit of fast old GRAVE... With melodic touches like CEMETARY (An evil shade of grey) that could turn to something more doom à la early PARADISE LOST ("Lost paradise") or more Finnish in the same category.
The production is not Swedish sounding, it would rather feel like a normal old Death metal record: Downtuned guitars with not too aggressive textures and some deafness in the spectrums.
If this band was totally killer, I could have said they are "Putain de Death metal gicleurs" but it's not really the case, the band has some cool ideas and cool atmospheres, but they miss something really catchy or an aggressive thrill. So ERODED could be a cool band for Death metal worshippers who like it dark, but it's not a new revelation (yet?). If you want to compare, I prefer them a bit than their german homonymous.


ESKIZOFRENIA (Chile) "Demos" Tape. 2017. SICK RITES Recs.
This is swinging glam rock from Chile...
Argh, No! I imagine glamers wouldn't survive more than a dozen of hours in the burning hell of Chile.
What this Chilean band really plays if a quite energetic old styled thrash metal, with a touch of (And sometimes more than a touch of) death metal here & there.
As you can imagine, the style is very influenced by the 80's and some songs sound very much like traditional South American metal... Why "some songs" will you ask? Well this is a compilation of tracks taken from various demos, so the productions and styles vary...
While some tracks are closer to the early thrashing style, and can taste like very early KREATOR, or perhaps EXODUS (And even RAZOR (?)), they have a more "bestial" or old death metal flair and can sound like some SEPULTURA ("Morbid visions", meets a bit of "Schizophrenia", meets early POSSESSED). Then some songs have a darker approach and have a bit more of a "black death" aura (This might be due in part to the production) even if the playing remains in the "thrash/ death" camp.
Well, the compiling of various demos makes it harder to come up with a global opinion... While the thrash metal songs are ok, I prefer when the band tends to be more death metal influenced, then they can have some nice quite ugly/ bestial or quite hellishly nervous atmospheres.
Globally ESHIZOFRENIA seems to be a morbidly decent/ quite nice band in the thrashing style, but I can't say the music is over the top. I wouldn't say they might not please schizobangers during a violent morbid festival, but there are so many bands coming from Chile that it's sometimes needed to be over the top (Or even under the top? AhAh) to crucify the brain. Anyway, I'm still rather happy they didn't choose to be uber-original and didn't mix glamrock with morbid thrash ("Eurk"/ Toxik green beer vomit).


ESSENCE BEYOND (Gre) Carnivalism Demo. 2014.
Check list:
-Are the guitars and drums an agglomeration of uber-technical senseless moments? No.
-Are there any mosh, core, groove or jump influences? No.
-Is this non stop blastbeat? No.
-Do the guitars and drums sound like real instruments? Yes.
-Is it possible to follow the development of a song without headache? Yes.
-Are there real riffs? Yes.
-Is there an atmosphere in the music? Yes.

Now this band has crossed my anti-bullshit firewall, I can talk further about their music.
ESSENCE BEYOND comes with a quite cool demo of quite technical brutal death metal, but composed and recorded in a manner that wouldn't displease those who like(d) beginning 2000's brutality.
Their songs remind me quite regularly of DEEDS OF FLESH (Rather "Mark of the legion"), with some SEVERE TORTURE, early NECROPHAGIST (Perhaps the first album, but I'd rather point the demo tape (Before they started playing too fast)), a bit of AD-MORTEM (Or other DEATH influenced, older tech death), and touches of DISGORGE (Usa) for more brutal moments.
The bass guitar is quite present, it doesn't bother me.
This remains quite technical brutal death, and wouldn't please those who never liked the style, but I find it cool to hear a band that does it "old school" in the genre (It's a big word... "Not so modern" might suit better, but the "modern" word is also too synonymous with the plasticized unlistenable), can provide some kind of warm atmosphere and throw in more epic moments from here and there.
It's a quite cool first demo in the genre. 

EVIL SPECTRUM (Peru) Emanation of the hybris Demo tape. 2021. THE HORDE OF NEBULAH Recs.
Speed for Satan! This is Peruvian thrashing and morbid death metal with members of DEATH INVOKER, TENEBRION, COBRA, or PUTRID... So the content is obviously very old school, but also quite good to hear.
On one putrid hand, the more tremolo morbid riffings remind me of very early SEPULTURA ("Morbid vision"), very early MORBID ANGEL ("Abominations..."), on the other putrid hand the other thrashing parts sound closer to INCUBUS (Florida), while I also felt a bit of early PROTECTOR, some early POSSESSED (First album), or a little of KREATOR ("Pleasure...").
Well, the musick is globally death/ thrashing death but some moments are really close to 80's brutal thrash.
Uh, the morbid tremolo death metal riffs are really cool to hear, because it conveys the real old morbid feeling!
This said, EVIL SPECTRUM didn't reinvent murder in itself... This is "only" good morbid and thrashing metal the old way. But as long as it kills, do you really need an original kind of murder? The cadaver won't be able to tell the difference once it's cold AhAh... (Just kidding).
This is a cool/ very cool demo that will most likely please morbid thrashers who have two putrid hands.




EVOKER (Australia) Demo 2018. Tape. NECROLATRY Recs.
Emerging from the deep fumes of Australian volcanos, EVOKER plays old styled satanic death metal that can remind of early MORBID ANGEL ("Abominations..."), early DEICIDE (First albums or demos), with a portion of regular old styled death tending to thrash metal.
My "satanic death" description could let you imagine many fast bestial blastbeats could be found, but many of the tempos are in the mid-paced or fast "thrashing" death metal genres.
The mid-paced parts can especially remember of early DEICIDE or even SLAYER (Rather "Hell awaits" I would say). For the fast moments you could think about early DEATH/ MASSACRE, a bit of old MORTEM (Peru) or perhaps some Swedish DM bands that followed the path of REPUGNANT (So not really some Entombed-clones).
The vocals have a somewhat black metal approach by moments (It sometimes also can remember the vibe of old Repugnant for example).
This is a pretty cool demo, I can't say it turned my internal crucifix inside out (No, I'm not a believer, it's just a word-play AhAh), but this is a pretty cool demo in the old "Satanic death" style and might please underground fans of the genre.

EXALTER (Bangladesh) Obituary for the living MCD. 2016. TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY Recs.
I wasn't too familiar with metal from Bangladesh, expect from a couple of old school death metal bands like ORATOR. Well, this quite new thrash metal band called EXALTER is a pleasant surprise, their style is close to 80's thrash but not in the rawest form.
While the first track is really close to SEPULTURA ("Beneath the remains") for the thrashing style, riffs, tempo changes, vocals (And even a bit the production), the second song is closer to old EXODUS (A bit more "punk" perhaps), and the third one comes back to the old SEPULTURA camp. Sometimes the band also reminded me of SODOM ("Persecution mania") or some SLAYER (Obviously).
Then you have 4 bonus songs from the first demo, it's almost the same style, perhaps a bit less complex?
This release contains quite cool thrashing metal, with nicely built songs, and vocals that sound quite great by moments (Reminds me a long time ago, when Max Cavalera sounded federative). EXALTER doesn't play the rawest or most aggressive form of thrash, and so they might not please those who need to vomit their guts and destruct their brains, but this is a quite cool band that might please fans of more controlled (But not wimpy) 80's thrash with a touch of Death metal.

EXANIMATVM (Chile) Diaboli gratia Demo tape. 2014. TILL YOU FUKKIN BLEED Recs.
Spiritual teleportation.
Consciousness of past centuries and ubiquitous voyeurism,
mental voyage at the core of the church!
Viewing hundreds of centuries of abuse and unnecessary flows of blood,
In the disguised names of power and rapacity.

The second demo of this Chilean band contains quite cool Death metal reminding me of mid old INCANTATION, for the obscure as well as the more epic moments, with elements of more old school traditional death metal, and a touch of occult black death (That might possibly remind the first GOAT MOLESTOR Demo).
I also found touches of MORBID ANGEL ("Domination") for more majestic riffs, and it feels they have something 90's in common with POISONOUS (Bra) (This might be due to the guitar production and some old death metal influences... Globally EXANIMATVM sounds less "brutal" and kicking).
The vocals are deep, low, and sound quite well... It's not raw or hateful, it's rather dark, like some kind of morbid messiah telling an obscure (Religious?) story.
The production is cool, quite natural and warm.
The second and third songs sound less "advanced" or "deep" than the first one which is more “mature”.
Some underground collectors might say "One more Incantation clone", but I think Exanimatvm doesn't sound exactly the same (At least they didn't abuse of candles, sulphur and new metal ov death).
This is not the most kicking kind of death metal, some peoples expecting burning satanic hell revenge and avulsions might be disappointed, but there's a good atmosphere that nicely counterbalances and lets me think this band should keep on evolving in this path.
Some improvements are possible, but it's a quite good demo.

EXAUGURATE (Usa) Chasm of rapturous delirium Tape. 2020. ROTTED LIFE Recs.
EXAUGURATE is a new band, but all their musicians played in other outfits before.
Their style could be described (Quite roughly) as fast darkened Death metal à la INCANTATION/ MORBID ANGEL, with appearances of abstract riffs à la IMMOLATION here & there, coming with a quite professional (but not plasticized) approach.
Concerning the Incantation influence, they don't necessarily share their most cavernous paths (This recording is quite well produced, and quite "clear", yet "obscure") but I feel they share some epicness and heavy moments. Concerning the Morbid angel influence, it can be felt for some fast blasting parts, some heavier obscurity ("Gateways...") or perhaps a classy touch ("Domination"). Then concerning the elements of Immolation, it's rather about the feeling, than the playing which is less "tortuous" and complex.
The songs of EXAUGURATE are often blasting, or simply fast, but you also hear heavier moments here & there. It's welcome, and sometimes well felt (There's an ultra heavy desperate moment in the middle of the Ep... Ugh).
Fans of underground death metal might also hear similarities with Czech HEAVING EARTH (But less "brutal" influenced), FLESHTIZED (In some blasting parts), or some polish band from 5-10 years ago.
I didn't pay that much attention to this tape when I got it, because I'm quite (Voluntary, and not) flooded with music... But now I can write EXAUGURATE sounds like a solid band, with some well felt/ nicely inspired riffs here & there. It's perhaps not the most crushing band in the style yet, but they already have a quite good level of playing & composing. I think it's a quite promising band for fans of the outfits quoted before.
(NB: These musicians use, or used, to play in GRAVE RITUAL, ECTOVOID, MEATHOLE INFECTION etc)

EXCISED (Chile) Rotting away Demo tape. 2017. OLD RITES Recs.
A bit more than ten years ago, we thought the new death metal invasion was going to come from Sweden, since this country was responsible for a first invasion in the early 90's... But perhaps it didn't really happen a second time in Sweden... Many of the Swedish death metal bands that appeared between 2005 and 2010 have stopped, many didn't record a lot of music or switched to something else... So perhaps we were wrong watching Sweden too closely, and we should have paid more interest to South America? I'm thinking about a country in particular, it's Chile, so many new Death metal bands appeared in these lands the last 5 years that Chile might become the new Sweden! Time will tell...

Now we will talk about EXCISED that plays old school death with a thrash touch, it really sounds close to what you could find in the early 90's... It remembers my petrified skull of NIHILIST and early DISMEMBER, with little touches of old GRAVE (Not so heavy or brutal), the production sounds more "regular" than Swedish (Understand fewer distortion on guitars) and perhaps there's a bit more thrash inside. (There are also a couple of doomy death riffs, perhaps like very early Paradise lost, but it's quite minor influences).
The vocals are quite cool, it comes with a "low pitch" effect, kinda the way BOLT THROWER did in the early days.
It's a pretty decent demo, nothing wrong sounding and it can be pleasant once you're in the mood for love (Errr, mood for the putrid). Now I didn't hear too catchy or really emotional riffs, but big fans of the style could dig it.


EXOCYTOSIS (Usa) Endogenous organism Demo CD. 2017. Self-released.
This project is listed on Metal-archives as "Experimental death metal", but it goes much further in the exploration of genres.
  There are some quite technical death and thrash roots, but the music also crosses the borders of post rock, jazz, perhaps post-core, and even a bit of fusion...
During the listening I thought about old DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, old VOÏVOD, KING CRIMSON ("Red"), RUINS (Jap), a bit of old PRIMUS, a touch of PESTILENCE ("Spheres"), perhaps NAKED CITY (For some saxophone) and also perhaps some early ATROCITY (Ger).
Every instruments were played by the same musician (Hopefully not at the same time), it can sound like a nice task since there are guitars, bass, drums and also a saxophone.
There are nice moments here and there, some more complex parts are quite attracting the intellect, some strange parts sound a bit fucked, some "groovy" moments are quite "funny", and the use of saxophone is cool...
Now some moments in the more "Strange/ unusual" genre don't always bring much, and perhaps some parts in the more complex genre were only for the sake of complexity? (I'm not an expert, I have doubts). I also felt the guitar production is too thin, it sounds like "rock" guitars while a heavier coating could give a more extreme imprint to the whole.
I'm not an expert of the genre, so I won't really point an opinion, but while there are positive points I felt the whole lacked of something more emotional/ intense.
Perhaps the fridge was only opened in half during the composition (Because you never know what kind of things can hide in a fridge (You shouldn't underestimate the effects of food abuse on inspiration in the darkest moments (Some rancid food might have interesting effects on the body and mood if you want to compose weird music (Psychedelic nausea, you know) especially if it comes with dancing worms (But I didn't try it yet, the abuse of edible food and cigarettes was enough for me )))).

EXORCISM WOUNDS (Usa) Tales of the perverse Ep. 2021. Digital. Self-released.
From what I gathered online, this solo project has "black thrash" as a main genre and released a bunch of recordings in this style.
But this quite newer release you might BUY sounds different in part: The first two songs have a MORE filthy old death metal vibe... Something flirting with early Death (The band), Repugnant's first recordings, a little of old Autopsy, or some early Possessed (For vocals).
Then the two other songs might remember the old CASSETTES days and evolve somewhere between old thrash, 90's black metal and black thrash... I thought about early Kreator, Darkness (Ger), 90's Mayhem, old Bathory, some early Aura Noir... You got the styles, the ones composed to SUPPORT the evil one.
The music/ riffing are classical in the style, no innovative surprise or burning musical identity can be found, but the songs are quite well built anyway. Some riffs are nice and the first two songs have a cool filthy mood.
So I think some bangers might enjoy drinking more than a SMALL beer listening to this project. This is destined to fans of retro 80's/ early 90's thrashing metal... You might find it floating on some small LABELS sometimes.
Ps: Watch the capselocks for hidden evil message.


EXORCISME (Usa) Visceral lifestyles Demo 2019. Digital. Self-released.
Inhume the goat skull, to play faster, faster, faster.
You don't move me, I don't give a fuck.
Because my goat's drug is speed, speed and speed!

EXORCISME plays pretty sweet black/ speed metal with a touch of punk. The music of this duo somewhat reminds me of early BATHORY (Demos and first album), two retro thrash bands from the 90's called INFERNÖ (Nor) and GEHENNAH (Swe), a bit of old punk hardcore, and some old MOTORHEAD (Of rotting corpse!).
This tastes less blackened and extreme than Bathory, but also a bit more serious than Gehennah (Wich kinda played retro/ beer metal, as far as I remember, from the old OSMOSE Recs promo CD I own).
As said in the first words, this is pretty sweet in the "speed" style, quite energetic and cool to listen to, but EXORCISME isn't really a poisonous candy yet...
I see possible improvements such as: A more aggressive guitar sound, more catchy vocals (It comes with a lot of echo, ok, but some words you can remember could be nice), and maybe a little more of rock'n roll beer?
Hmm, perhaps I'm splitting the ass-hairs of the spiked ogre in half, I'm not sure, because there are only two songs on this demo, and I already heard more rock'n roll recordings in the style... So I'm quite uncertain about this outroduction.
The rotting ugly future will let us know if EXORCISME improves and rams deeper the spikes in your ugly bottom (Argh), or if this was just a one-time demonic ejaculation.

EXPUNGED (Can) Promo 2019. CDr. Self-released.
Expunged is a pretty new old school death metal band from Canada. What I'm reviewing is a promo CDr containing two songs from two different recordings.
The style of the band is very influenced by old Swedish death metal, especially old DISMEMBER, with the buzzsaw (But not too much) guitar production, and a lot of fast dbeat rhythms.
I also thought about the first ENTRAILS (Swe) releases, as well as a bit of later UNLEASHED.
You also happen to hear (little) melodic touches à la mid old EDGE OF SANITY, or perhaps a little more blackened guitars à la early NECROPHOBIC... Well these two kind of "melodic" touches are quite nice.
After a quite long description, perhaps some rancid readers will ask for a more personal opinion? Ok: I hear nothing horrible in the style, music-wise and production-wise, everything seems to be kinda at the right place... But I wasn't blown away by the music in itself (You know, this old cadaveric erection), but I also don't feel too passionated by swedeath anymore since months, so does my impression mean anything at all?
This promo sounds like a "professional" recording, not the most deformed or destructive swedeath, but some fans of the style could be interested.
Since then, the band had a MLp released by Hell's headbangers recs.

EXTINGUISHED (Fin) Vomitous manifestations Demo tape. 2022. CALIGARI Recs.
EXTINGUISHED is a new band from Finland that dissolves your tape player with this first demo. Their style is old school & bizarre, somewhat doomy Death metal, between the old Finnish genre and old AUTOPSY. I dig the morbid belly thickness of the whole (You can almost see worms escaping the pre-rotting corpse), and there are some very cool riffs with a somewhat doomy feel. It also reminded me of THOU SHALT SUFFER sometimes (Bizarre groove) or a bit of old DR SHRINKER... But I can quote early AUTOPSY (Demos and 1st Lp) once again.
Sometimes this tape feels like if early EXHUMED (The demos & Eps before the albums) forgot blastbeats and took a more old school & Finnish path (I'm thinking about the energy & the heaviness of the crushed belly! Urgh)
"Vomitous manifestations" is a very cool demo that could quite easily please fans of punching/ doomy/ strange death metal the old way.

EXTREMELY BRUTAL (Can/ Jap) Remaining afterlife MCD. 2023. BLAST ADDICT Recs.
Boy: "Mom, there's a gigantic spider in the jam pot"
Mother: "Shut up and eat!".
Yurk, this sounds like a kicking mix of gore bowels and squashing brutality, eurk, 90's death grind sickness mixed with goregrind the blasting way (With influences of the old) and with something a bit more death-metallic than you’d expect.
A good part of the bowels are blasting, so you aren't out of crepitation.
This sounds like a mix of old CARCASS (The fast songs of "Symphonies..."), old and newer EXHUMED, with some old DEAD INFECTION, ARCHAGATHUS, maybe some accelerated HEMDALE…. (The actual content might be a bit "cleaner" and less "putrid" than some of the names I just quoted, due to the production, but the brutality and gore bowels are here to splash).
Surprising are the leads: While you'd expect hellish chaos, these in fact sound quite fluid and "melodic"... It brings a touch of light in the middle of the brutality.
This Ep might feel a bit short, but you get 10 songs in 10 minutes, which is Okey.
This is quite kicking and worth the intestinal damage.
(NB: The two musicians behind this project play in Archagathus and Patisserie for the most undergroundly famous)


EYE GOUGER (Usa) Ass rotor/ As attack Tape. 2012. HEADSPLIT Recs.
The sewer brewer is patiently waiting in the obscure drains, because he knows your juicy cunt will finally fall in his dignity-flooding trap, and then the horny revenge will belong to him!
This tape colored with your flowing blood contains two grindcore records from the early 90's, including one that was never released. It’s a cool mix of angry old school grind and early death grind.
This sounds like a mixture of REPULSION, NAPALM DEATH ("Mentally murdered" MLp and some "Harmony corruption"), with a few riffs à la TERRORIZER (With less explosive stress). Angry bulldog vocals and heavy sound. It’s «bourrin» all the way. This is also said to sound like the MEAT SHITS but I don't remember that band's music. Some peepholes could hear some MUCUPURULENT ("Sicko baby", their only erection-providing record).and some ATROCITY (Us/ But with a less raw sound).
After a bunch of songs EYE GOUGER might sound a bit less obesegasmic, but you're always able to revert the bulldog and tickle its belly.
I didn't know EYE GOUGER, and this is a cool surprise! A cool tape for enjoyers of old school obese grind/ deathgrind cunt punch.