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OFFENDING (Fra) Demo CDr'05.
You drown in need of more BREWTARRRRGH DEATH Metal underground motherfluffer? Pissnot putting a zigzagging hear on this new demo, before the old bitch of Obese Grind shall torment your hears anymore with sarcastic flies? Then send me an hear, and I'll put it on this OFFENDING Demo! That's not bad and would surely vibrate enough with the brewwwtal to let flow the blood of impurity.
To keep it clear, and devoid of putrid zigzags, OFFENDING plays brutal death metal. This band is a sub-project of some guys from the French band ASMODEE (Black death). The style is all in all rather blasting and much into Brutality (Think SUFFOCATION, DEEDS OF FLESH, SEVERE TORTURE, older HATE ETERNAL) with some touches of technical death (Think GOROD, DEATH). Some riffs are cool, some are complexly structured enough to make it sounds bruuutal, while some are a bit too easy. The vocals aren't so deep, it would rather give the whole some kind of deathcore touch à la MISERY INDEX.
The drummer blasts well, has quite good double bass rumbles, and has a quite neat style.
The main problems of this demo lies in the fact it sounds a bit too clean (While we need something more intense and rawer) and there aren't that many catchy riffs...  But some proofs of real brutality are present, and the songs aren't badly constructed at all... So I guess the band can only improve and reach some kind of "Brewtal perfection" and  more sexxxekuting power. A good try for big fans of brutality who like their stuff tight to the ass bone and quite complex.
An album is scheduled some time later, so keep on sending me your hears! You Motherfillers.


OPPRESSION (Swe) Violence will dominate Demo CDr'03.
More thrash metal demos, more speed, more beer motherfucker!!
Here's a quite nice ass kicking demo of fast Brutal thrash in the SODOM way!
It's full of fast as fuck tremolo riffings to punch in your alcoholic junkie's head!
Several elements reminds me the good old all times SODOM! Take some "Persecution mania" for the special bass parts, "Agent orange" for the riffs, some "Til death do us unite" for the vocals, some "Tapping the vein" for the production and the fast tremolos that sound almost death by moments.
Of course influences of others bands such as old KREATOR (Some riffs), old DARK ANGEL, mid old KREATOR ("Cause for conflict" for some vocals and some riffs) can be found.  Finally there's nothing new, nor catchy... but this demo sounds quite well done, heavily produced (it doesn't sound like a demo! Hell no!)... and it sounds Brutal! A nice piece for fans of Brutal Thrash metal who like good old fucking SODOM! The demo is downloadable on their site; get if fucking M.O.R.O.N!


OPPRESSION (Swe) Left to perish Demo'04.
More thrash metal demos! More beer motherfuckers! You thought the time for strawberry milk had come, but one more time FUCK YOU ALL!! ONLY BEER IS REAL! Here's the second OPPRESSION demo and I can hear a nice evolution! While their previous one was in a brutal "SODOM" thrash metal vein, this new one is a bit more worked and composed, but it remains in the Thrash metal fields! Fast thrash metal riffings along the lines of old SLAYER and old SADUS with enough riffs per track and nice breaks or little surprises from here and there.
It keeps an old school thrash riffing as it may sound like ONSLAUGHT by moments. The quite present bass lines is a thing that sounds cool in my putrid hears! It sounds like the ones of SADUS on "Swallowed in black" for example! The vocals could be situated between Tom Angelripper and Mille Petrozza (old)'s many packs of beer!! Each musician seems to apply himself on this demo: nice drummer, cool bassist (!), nice guitars... the really disturbing point would be some of the leads... Some riffs and moments see a decrease of intensity, but that remains Ok.
Eventhough it's a pleasant demo to listen to, I didn't hear much riffs to really catch your attention... at best some parts makes you band and you listen to the remaining riffs with metallic attention! So it can be a cool demo for thrash metal fans who like it fast the old way with nicely structured tracks! A cool demo for the deadly headbangers!


ORGAN GRINDER (Fra) Organ grinder Demo MCDr'04.
If you ask men this demo is more than underground! Sounds like an average Death/ Grind rehearsal with punk influences... sounds like a demo from the past! It reminds me of early CANNIBAL CORPSE (Eaten back to life), old INHUMATE, HYBRID VISCERY with some old Goregrind (early MUCUPURULENT), some old punk and quite funny touches... The drummer plays correctly (expect for weaknesses in blasts). The vocals doesn't seem much serious: there are usual growls, but also some "funny" gore and punk stuffs.
This is very average, and half of the riffs do nothing in my hears... but they have quite worth keeping ideas (For example the mid placed death metal 'chorus' in "Abattoir pour animaux", the MUCUPURULENT-alike mid-placed riff in "Les autres dieux", the NAPALM DEATH/Scum influenced last 10 seconds of "Mister deathroy and some correct grind stuffs from here and there...)
All in all, I'd rather consider it as a pre-demo, as the band has ways to improve both its music and its raw production! More rehearshards, selectivity towards their riffs, and a brutal will to kill in songs' structures is what they need! This is very underground and average stuff. Work hard and be really vomiting!


ORNAMENT OF DISGRACE (Usa) Christ fails Demo CDr 2005.
Double O D comes from USA but kind of avoids the usual USBDM clichés, as their style sounds a bit rawer and more incisive, like a potential mix of SKELETON OF GOD/ old CEPHALIC CARNAGE, with some DEEDS OF FLESH, and few strange stuffs that might come from Jazz (but sounds more extreme). It has some kind of stoned aspect as the whole sounds like a wide opened sexy orange (No bottom this time, sorry) but the state of mind doesn't seem stoned or mentally stagnating in weed.
Every songs do not have the same level in extremity or research of originality, as some riffs could sound like usual 90's blasting death or old CRYPTOPSY, and some mid-placed moments introduce you to a decrease of intensity.
Nothing really branded my brain with catchy riffs or haunting jigsaw melodies, but the whole sounds brutal, quite solid and motivated., with some kind of will to find its own extreme personality. If ORNAMENT OF DISGRACE follows the style of the songs opening this demo, I'll be able to say: This is a promising band.
A cool shot, but only for fans of extreme stuffs.


ORTHANC (Fra) 7 ans de réfléxion Demo'03.
Well, another kinda crappy black metal demo with super screamy vocals the way I like it! Sounds like it the guy is sodomized during the songs! This band might play interesting gigs! Ah Ah! Even the most drunk and deaf tramp singing in a cold black city would sound more miserable than many of these so called "Grim black metal bands"! Because misery goes far beyond senses and crosses any kind of material limits when it deeply needs to spread its deadly and miserable message of agony! When you think about that, ORTHANC doesn't sound much impressive (anyway they don't...), but rather like some kind of well fed teenagers who have problems to play their thing tight and should avoid to sound quite happy! In my hears it's just another conventional demo of average/ very average "Black metal" who would need to face the real misery to play a music supposed to be depressed, hateful and cold as a brutal rape!
Unoriginal, unconvincing... useless.


OSSUAIRE (Fra) Le troubadour nécrophagéophile Demo’05.
Quite dirty and old styled Death metal between the atmosphere of war the early BOLT THROWER releases used to create, the quite hellish blasting parts of FLESHTIZED and old MORBID ANGEL, and few elements of old DEICIDE. An obscure atmosphere of almost ancient Death metal, blood and atrocities of war is present and touchable, but nothing is really extreme and over the top to the point of pressing the "Blow a fuse motherfucker" button on your skinless face. The half-liquefied muscles are flowing from the holes of your skull and your blood-saturated eyes turn quite fast in round, but we didn't reach the point of an hatred-induced oversaturated explosive dementia the best Death metal bands use offer in their riffs. So, it's only average.
I think a little lifting would be welcome to throw away some less cool riffs; and some songs structures could be improved.
For a first demo it's not bad, even if nothing is really catchy. I think the listener's perception of this demo will mostly depend on if he has this obscure Death metal atmosphere we penetrated before, the hellish burn of the abyss' deepness.
I'm interested in following the evolution of OSSUAIRE, because the seeds of perversion contained by this demo lets me think the band will probably emotionally intensify its music, and then there would be high chances for they strongly kick the ass of real Death metallers!  


OUTBURST (Fra) Pure thrash Demo'04.
Did I expect this kind of cool demo from France? Of course I didn't, since most of the French "Thrashing" bands aren't cool or not thrashing at all! Ah!
OUTBURST plays quite "modern" Thrash metal reminding of mid old TESTAMENT ("Low"), old NUCLEAR ASSAULT, some METALLICA ("Master of puppets", less complex) with death metal influences, reminiscences of old school Hardcore, and some early MACHINE HEAD ("Burn my eyes").
The vocals are the most hardcorish, it might displease some metallers, but it remains in a quite "guttural" and "vomiting" vein, so it's ok for me.
The guitar range of influences is quite varied, but always remains bound in the past (before '95), that's not a problem for me.
The quite well rounded tracks are played by skilled enough musicians (Brutal drummer! Almost fast as sharks guitarists).
I'm not sure if their songs will have a long life-length of thrashing power, but at least the present and near future are cool.
Even if OUTBURST doesn't offer something new or memorable, they play it brutally and in a right way. It's a cool Demo. OUTBURST is one of the few current French thrash metal bands who achieve to play it decently... Try to put an hear in there if you need it thrashing, brutal... your hears won't be polluted with utter shit!


OVER HOSTILITY (Fin) Neurasthenia Demo CDr'04. PLAGUE Productions.
If nicely rounded brutal death metal doesn't sounding too modern or technical is what you're looking for, read this review... Eventhough it's not emotionally shocking, this nice demo of the one man band/ project OVER HOSTILITY is nice enough to entertain those who like their death grind being quite reminiscent of MONSTROSITY 's second CD (Less technical), ALTAR ("Youth against christ"), or some old SINISTER (Rather "Hate"). Few other names could be quoted as a matter of influence: RESURRECTION, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, few hints of old groovy FLESHGRIND or eventually early MALEVOLENT CREATION.
The production is fine for a self recorded demo, the drum machine sounds ok.
Of corpse, I'm not talking about something new, original or killer, but these 3 tracks are correctly constructed and none of the riff sounds shitty or boring. So it's an average demo that's likely to please or entertain those who enjoy death grind in a not too chaotic or destructed vein. If more guts are displayed in the next one, OVERT HOSTILITY can turn into a brain destructive band.


PARASITOID (Usa) Demo CDr'05.
Cool and quite tasty mixture of SUFFOCATION ("Effigy") and early GORGUTS. It has what you need to bang your skull: a well balanced variety of nice blasts, punching death beats, double bass assaults and nice variations on the "bizarre" or better said illogic elements. The band doesn't abuse technicality or so-called "sickness". I like the quite deaf production à la "Effigy of the forgotten", it creates nice zombifying bass rumbles.
I also found elements of early ORIGIN, NILE (1st CD), PYREXIA (Somewhere between "Sermon" and "System") and eventually some ATROCITY (Ger/ 1st CD).
From this 3 tracks demo, the 1st song is great and quite inspired, while the 2 following are okey but do not contain this little zombifying something that makes it more... Haunting! This is a quite promising demo!


PEK (Bel) Infernal realm of chains Demo CD'06.
Satanic Death metal with a quite impious and claustrophobic atmosphere. The music occurs to sound like old DEICIDE, POSSESSED, early DEATH, possibly INCUBUS (Florida) with a bit of FALLEN CHRIST, and slower almost doomy parts, while the vocals remind me quite a lot those of the dead band AMON (Switzerland), with a bit of BLASPHEMY. PEK might also be influenced by old Us Satanic Death like INFESTER, old INCANTATION or MAGUS (The style isn't especially the same, but the state of claustrophobicism isn't that far...).
The songs are filled with quite a lot of riffs. Some "technical" and quite crazy touches aren't bad. The problem lies in the fact every riffs aren't of the same quality, and the listening sessions has its highs and lows... According to the amount of tracks (7) and riffs (I didn't count it... Ah Ah), I think it might be a good idea to refocus on the best of the best. This demo might please the biggest fans of satanic Death: I'm afraid there will be too much average parts to turn on those who do not regularly dig the style.


PERVERSE SOULS (Fra) Corpus christi Demo'03.
Here's their first demo recorded raw in the rehearsal cavern. PERVERSE SOULS plays brutal death/ Black with strong influences of early DEICIDE, some old CANNIBAL CORPSE and black metal intrusions of the un-melodic kind. One could hear early BRUTAL TRUTH for the hyper fast blasting parts. They remind me of EXHUMATOR's Demo 94 by moments.
There are approximations and the band doesn't sound original in the style, but I found some quite cool riffs from here and there... The problem is mainly due to the raw production that doesn't sound the best, some tightness problems, and some drum patterns I personally find strangely placed... uh?
PERVERSE SOULS might improve into a more punishing band with more rehearsals and experience! This is the kind of band I'd support if they were from my area because with more work and motivation they could impale more than a poser's face during gigs! And Satan knows how much posers should be brutally ass-fucked with spikes and burnt alive! Ah Ah.


PESTIFER (Bel) Demo CD'06.
It's a long time since I didn't hear cool new Death metal demos from Belgium, and I can't say I was expecting for much since the (Full of artifices) musical influences of bands like ABORTED couldn't lead to something much gut-impressive...
But lately, I received this cool demo of a band called PESTIFER.
Their music isn't the most gut-tripping or emotionally intense, but it's cool enough for me to listen to their sounds in a sympathetic delight.
Their style evolves between the techno death metal of once, a semi melodic technical death and brutaller death metal parts, as the influences follow the lines DEATH (mid old: Understand "Human") drew years ago, with an addition of various touches that could remind of some old DEICIDE, old ATHEIST, AD-MORTEM (Fra/ R.I.P), some Us styled brutal death (A bit of SPAWN OF POSSESSION), touches of black metal (MAYHEM's Wolf's lair epoch) and various underground French obscure bands from the 94-98 era (Just two names for the most curious metallers: MESMERIZE (1st demo) and THALIDOMIDE).
Some apparently fretless bass parts are really cool and remind me some things Steve Di Giorgio used to do! Really nice.
Some high pitched black metallish vocals aren't so cool, it bothers me a bit.
Even if there's nothing emotionally explosive, and some riffs or structures do not bring much on an emotional point of view, the whole is nicely recorded and there's a cool atmosphere to emerge from the burning land of vacant planets. An heavier, not so clean, production and more hatred or will to focus a bit more the essential might help PESTIFER to make the next recording more interesting. Until then, big fans of mid 90's technical Death metal (And especially DEATH) with a sympathy for the underground might dig it. (Keep the frets away from the bass guitar ;-) )


PHLEGETHON (Fin) Totems within Demo CDr'06.
When I initially heard this demo, I had doubts about the fact this could be the same old Finnish Death metal band, because it seemed to offer nothing special... But various sources shew me it unfortunately was the same band that used to plague the underground death metal morbidity of the beginning 90's... What a deception!
It lacks anything a Death metal maniac needs: Where are the morbidity, obscurity, energy and insane growls from the cavern? I don't know where it has fucking gone!
What you hear would rather sound liked polished semi technical death thrash, with almost thrashy thin vocals, and melodic moments...It happens to sound like some DEATH, ILLOGICIST, DUNGORTHEB, PESTILENCE (1st Lp), a bit of old VADER, and almost early Gothenburpish stuffs... What about throwing grandad's convenience through the window and facing the violence of metal once again???!
Ok... It wasn't made a bad way, some riffs aren't bad, and the production would be quite good and clear according to nowadays' standards, but I don't need that, and there's quite too much "Tiny and small" riffs! Nothing comes from the guts of violence! Where has the instinct gone?? GRRRR!
I miss the craziness, fukked strange structures and morbidity of once! Just another disappointing convenient comeback as far as I'm concerned...


PILEDRIVER (Can) Metal manifesto Demo CDr'06.
PILEDRIVER released two cool and quite cultish albums with some good track such as "Sex with Satan" that had its moments of vicious laughs in some perverse moments... So it wasn't unpleasant to see them coming back! But well, this tastes like another disappointing come back.
This 4 songs demo follows more or less the style of the 2 albums, but it sounds like average old styled heavy metal, and it's puffing, nothing else nothing more.
The satanic and perverse side has gone, the quite burning touches of speed metal guitars are missing.
This is just another average demo on the pile. This is something you will want to own if you are a dumb di dumb and (voluntary?) blind fan of the band, or if you spend your life collecting anything with the word "Metal" written on the cover. Fucking disappointing!


POPULATION REDUCTION (Usa) Terror tactics Demo’04.
Allright, there are too many old surviving grandmas everywhere, what we need is a bash of fresh air! Gas them with Napalm! They'll spit their greedy dollars when they scream "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!"
This is crust hardcore with some grindcore influences. It could remind of old DEFECATION, RIGHTEOUS PIGS and some old NAPALM DEATH ("Mentally murdered" Mlp) and eventually some S.O.B. I'm sure some old Hardcore-thrash or HxCx Grind band of the first waves would be better descriptions, but I don't know that enough for an evil quote. Most of POPULATION REDUCTION's songs are based on mid temp rhythms or crustcore beats, while few moments tend to old school grind. I regret there aren't more blasting patterns, because they sounds better when they blast! Some slow riffs are predictable, and I'm not a big fan of hardcore (boredom), especially when it's not over the top! (Rare!)
What we have here is a 'decent' underground demo with both nice blasting accelerations and hardcorish boredom.
Some local grinders might get into the Population reduction and break few necks live. This band might improve in something more impressive if they focus much more on their most extreme ideas...


POSSESSION (Austria) Promo CDr 2005.
The first approach can give this feeling: quite old styled Death metal following the paths of BOLT THROWER ("Cenotaph"), old BENEDICTION, with melodic riffs lying somewhere between DEATH and some Swedish (Gothenburp??) stuffs, and some touches of death doom and few atmospheres à la TIAMAT ("Clouds")... But then, second feeling: Well, what could I say?
As well as many demos there's a little mood, and it sounds quite ok, but there's also nothing special at any level (No burning riff, no catchy mellody, no surprising structure...) and I think it's just an average demo of a band that apparently tries to play it old school ("Pure fucking death metal" as they say) but finally have too many melodic and already disgested easy influences to impress fans of real death metal. Average. More guts and fucking death are needed!


PREDATORY (Bra) Visions world apart Demo CDr'05.
At the first approach you imagine this demo evolves in a quite old styled mixture of Death thrash and thrash death, but there are more than these two styles inside: You could also hear thrash heavy metal, old styled "thrashcore", few black metal touches, some early brutal death...
I kinda like the mid-fast to fast Death metal influences of early DEATH ("Scream bloody gore") or old MASSACRE for some cool atmospheres, there's a bit of old MORGOTH which is always a nice pleasure... You could also find some old OBITUARY/ early SIX FEET UNDER slowness, a bit of very early CANNIBAL CORPSE, some thrashing patterns I'd qualify as KREATOR ("Pleasure to fill... the cunts" haha)/ DARKNESS (1st Lp)... But the band could avoid some stagnation, usual average stuffs and there's too much of mid placed patterns for my needs... I need more energy and morbidity! And I'm not very fond of the vocals that take an almost hardcore edge.
This is decent demo stuff, and some nice atmospheres are here... But I usually need my Death metal packed with more energy and less convenience! I'm afraid it won't be hard kicking or severely burning enough to help the problems of the "Boucheurs de chiottes compulsifs"! Le prédateur reste tranquille et ne terrorisera pas ses proies pour l'instant.


PREPARED TO KILL (Bra) Thrash hell ultimate Demo CDr'04.
This demo begins quite well: fast thrash methane sounding like old SLAYER/ DARKNESS(Ger) with nice bass lines à la SADUS (Also sounds like the Swedish OPPRESSION) eventhough the whole is less technical.
But then, the second song isn't as fast, it sounds more common and mid-placed. The 3rd song also shows a decrease of speed as it's mostly mid-placed. Same for the 4th song, also mostly mid-placed... There are some nice bass-guitars from here and there, but I expected much more adrenaline and cool bass-guit work according to the 1st song. It's only average and rather stagnating demo stuff, while they potentially can do much better!
One could also feel some very early SODOM riffs from here and there (not as drunk), and other influences of early thrashing spiked stuffs. Notice a DESTRUCTION cover ("Curse the gods)
Hope they'll invest in more horsepower for their next motor-assault and choose to always drive faster and faster, because averagely fast motorbikes do not create a toxic enough methane propulsion! If you see what I mean... Thrash methane means fast as a (well fueled) MOTORSHARK!


PRIMAL DAWN (Ireland) Zealot MCD'06. Self released.
PRIMAL DAWN plays a mix between black and death metal that doesn't sound the most bestial or impure even if the whole has a bunch of fast parts. It would rather sound like some Norwegian stuff, with influences of early ANGEL CORPSE (First album), and maybe some early VOMITORY (First album). There are a bunch of blasts and "Poom tchak Poom tchak" parts, with few slow downs, and vocals at the right border between death and black.
Some leads sound quite wrong, as if there were some problems in the higher guitar string or something.
Even if the whole sounds quite correctly built, and quite professional (Apart from some possible weakness in the tuning, or some blasts that do not always exactly kick), there was not much to catch my attention or apparently potentially haunt my soul. I can listen to this MCD, but nothing special happens on any emotional level.
It's only an average MCD with lack of personality and/ or intense feeling.


PSORIASIS (Fra) Illegal surgery Demo’04.
In the ancestry of times, erosive, convulsive, a magmatic maelstrom of burning forces melts in overdriven synergy. The absolute force of abstract hatred will finally resurge and take over our subtle but fragile void of thoughts. Consciousness volatile, awakeness fragile, fear the fury of the ancient forces!
PSORIASIS practices a cool sounding brutal death metal at the right border between 90's Brutal death (DEICIDE, early PYREXIA, BROKEN HOPE) and Brutal deathcore (DYING FETUS) that has the benefits of a good production, all in all cool sounding riffs and a well balanced enough architecture of aggression. Few elements could almost come from the fields of Hardcore grind. The musicians decently handle their spiked axes, tools of ancient hatred evocation.
The problem would be I didn't find much really catchy, and some real erosive brutality lacks, especially in moments that sound like a flat low-tuned bass chord.
Even if there's nothing Really good or inspired as hell, it's a cool and well rounded demo that has a nice mood and a quite good potential to please those who like their Brutal death not abusively broootal of frog-squashing. Cool pro cover. Nice try guys!


PSYCHOBOLIA (Fra) Psychobolia Demo CDr’03.
Even though their band's name evoked in my brain some tropical Mexican forest beer or any kind of vicious corpse devouring disease, Bacchus isn't behind them!
What you try to drink here is somekind of Death grind influenced by old MORBID ANGEL, old DEICIDE, early DEATH and early MONSTROSITY. The 3 tracks are more or less correctly played, with mostly tremolo riffs, but there isn't much more delirium tremens success here! The tracks are quite common and no riff enlightened the "B.E.E.R" signal in me head! (The 3rs tracks is too common and not tight enough!) Thy need to drink more original and brutal beers if they want to do something better! (Forget any kind of "pop" brevages like water or milk for sure!) I found some quite nice drum patterns around the 2nd track, but there isn't enough feeling of death nor real ideas for a first demo, neither for an album (!) More feeling and brutality are needed! It's rather the kind of band you can watch in a live package than to listen on a CD, if you see what I drink!


PSYGORIA (Fra) Sculpted by scars MCD'06.
What I read about PSYGORIA in some boards or live reports let me imagine something brutal, somekind of fast brutal death with big nuts (And a massive portion of toxic jam)... I'm not sure if my imagination was the cause for a surprise at the first listening, but anyway what I hear couldn't be placed in the "Ultra brutal" folder.
PSYGORIA rather choose to play it groovy, and mid placed, in a way that could remind some old (More or less) Morrissound Death metal bands like OBITUARY ("The end complete"), MORTA SKULD (Last albums), JUDECCA, with quite old styled deathcore grooves, hints of DYING FETUS, an heaviness à la BOLT THROWER and some old school death metal that could evoke some early DEICIDE or a bit of MORGOTH.
A song has a more black metallish approach and the ambiance follows a taste that isn't so far from SOLEKAHN's first album.
Most of the time the music isn't very energetic, but rather focused on the grooves, the quite dark atmosphere and the fact of building quite well articulated songs.
I regret there isn't more punch or will to kill, and some moment sounds quite long or not broken enough in my brutalized hears... On one hand I happen to wonder where the brutality has gone, while the other hand suggests this would surely please me much more without the groovy/ deathcorish parts, and with the darkest death metal only  (Maybe some epic polyphonies à la BOLT THROWER would make the whole more catchy, at least it wouldn't disfigure the whole)...But this might be the style the band choose! So to write a more objective conclusion, I'd say PSYGORIA has released a cool demo that might please those who like it mid placed/ groovy or quite dark, with 90's Death metal influences, and need something else than the current standards of ultra brutality or high technicality.
It might suit those who rather choose their music for the cool atmosphere (Rather a dark green in this case), but don't want it too abusively old school either...
Your truly evil panda.


PUANTEUR DE CHARNIER (Fra) Conglomérat de bulles irridescentes et du petit polyèdre kaléïdoscopique Demo'03 SIS Prod.
Here’s another project of a guy who plays very average Thrash/ Death/ Black in his main band CRUENTION. What we have here is some computer programmed music (done on a mod tracker), the style is quite varied as there's some Indus, Electro, video games like themes, jungle and other influences. Some samples and loops are ok, but there's nothing that turned me on. Sounds like the stuffs most of us can compose with a PC and a bit of musical experience.
I don't like the lyrics since it sounds too demonstrative.
So, I think it's very average stuffs that doesn't deserve much promo and should remain on the websites that are specialized for week end musicians to exchange their music.


PUS VOMIT (Philippines) Vomit The Abdominal Pus Demo CDr'05.
US styled brutal death grind with both blasting moments, heaviness and a groovy moshy side. The vocals are between the guttural, growling pig and water-splashing.
Some grooves and mid placed brutality are quite enjoyable, but about half of the blast aren't that extreme and the heaviest moments are often everheard a lot... The whole reminds me the heaviness of old SKINLESS while the fastest moments could sound like REGURGITATION's only album ("Tales of necrophilia"). Throw some old CANNIBAL CORPSE in the package, and you have a decent overview of the thing... They are most probably fans of UNITED GUTTURAL Records.
The fist half of the demo is nicely produced, the other half sounds rawer since it was live recorded... Fuck! It shows that their drummer is a double bass drum maniac... And PUS VOMIT sounds more extreme on this rawer recording!
This demo sounds better than most of the stuffs I heard from Philippines, but some riffs are too fucking everheard, and there's nothing catchy... I could only appreciate some grooves and some brutality. This is mostly brainless brutal stuff for the zombies who need a good decapitation to bang their putrid heads.


PYURIA (Fin) Sublime metrics reallocation Demo 2003.
Hell this is a quite enjoyable deathrashing band from Finland I got to review here. Really, PYURIA sounds tight, fresh, spontaneous and efficient. It is quite much GROTESQUE/AT THE GATES oriented, but a bit less melodic than ATG though, and sounding a bit more modern from time to time, reminding also these new thrash metal bands from Sweden, à la THE HAUNTED, TERROR 2000, etc. The band describes its own music in a quite good way by saying that: "musically PYURIA integrates influences from several decades (even centuries) and styles creating different views to play metal. Lots of pace changes, technical-, melodic- and rockin' riffs". The guys know how to handle their instruments and they also use in an efficient way the playing between the two guitars. PYURIA has definitely the good rock and heavy metal roots which allow such a good and clever song writing! For a band that started back in 1996, I find that it sounds quite mature and very professional, especially when you consider "Sublime metrics reallocation" being an auto production!!! Labels might get in touch with PYURIA quite soon, because this band deserves to be supported. Maybe not the most original band around, but the quality and the professionalism are definitely here, which tends to become seldom these days.
Cuntact: Oskari Mäki, Perttelinkatu 50 F 47, 24240 Salo, Finland.



RADIKALIS AMPUTACIO (Hungary) Demo 2004.
UUURRRGGGH!! The fucking angry asocial bastard vomits his green beer!! What you have is dirty and ugly death/ grind meets gory grindcore and some nasty chaos the old way. Imagine ultra underground big crass-bastards grind influenced by the first CARCASS and REGURGITATE Lps, plus some nauseous early DEAD INFECTION (Hospital!!!) and you have a deliquescent pus emanation of the bizarre mood and state of mind. URGH! I like the big vocals of the regurgitator who vomits on life as a big frustrated bastard who has all the shits of this nasty world falling down on the edge of his face! This demo creates some real noise, even if the musicians seem to know how to play gore decently; the sound is quite fucked up and overdrives your bowels into orgasmic asphalt castration! Sounds very underground, average and will please some nervous frustrated guys who like their grind blasting, gore and angry, with a dirty production right from the cave of a putrid abandoned and morbidly overcrowded morgue! You can download the whole body parts from their website: don't hesitate, the odour of putrefaction remains very present:


RADIOSKUGGA (Swe) Mangel ist krieg Demo'04.
Nice crust grind power lacerating your face with raw d-beat attacks. The whole apparently emerges from the Crustcore scene and was blast-boosted with a bunch of distressed power, but you can find as well some blasting grind energy reminding of NAPALM DEATH, SAYYADINA or some REGURGITATE ("Carnivorous erection"). The songs are correctly strangulated, eventhough some lacerations could be more efficient and right from the scalpel! A more soarprising and mutilating autopsy would be a finest torture in my pain.
But hell in hell this sounds like a quite extreme demo! It's the kind of band I'd brutally support with motivated neckbreaks if they were from my subeerb! Not over the top or orifixinal, but better than the usual crap and extreme enough for nice headbangings!


RE-CREATION (Usa) Demo tracks 2004.
Eventhough this band's monicker might sound strange for some French readers, RE-CREATION 's music might sound cool in the hears of those for whom Death and thrash metal means something old school. This time, it will be needed to tear the juicy cunt in 3 bloodily different parts to decently dissect and inhale the old school mood emanating from there.
The first spiked death thrashing piece of internal mucus defloration sounds like some Death-thrashing SEPULTURA (Beneath/ Arise) with few heavier touches of early CANCER/ DEATH, some few more modern touches (CORONER "Grin"), and vocals that could sound a bit like some old MASTER/ early INFERNAL MAJESTY. A cool track, if you ask the opinion of the juicy sacrificial cunt! It's well rounded, and some warm liquidus splashes from the tender vaginaxe!
The second track repustulates the cunt-nektar in somekind of heavy BAPHOMET (R.I.P) meets old OBITUARY vein, with some early DEATH/ DR SHRINKER stuffs and few average Death metal accelerations. Some cool ideas are there, but this track is less entertaining than the 1st one. It remains more or less quite cool, but more acceleration sickness are needed!
The third track is the one awaking the fewer interest in my. Most of it follows somekind of Heavy metal meets mid-placed thrash... even if I appreciate some of these old influences (old METALLICA, FORBIDDEN?), convulsive accelerations are needed! It's always mid-placed...
All in all, it's an average Demo with nothing new, but with some cool stuffs. The first track is the only one to really attract some metallic friction from the steel vagina, as well as my attention. My advice would be to use more fast parts and suprising accelerations sickness such as in "Idol Worship".
Anyway I'll try to pu a beer on their next recording! To re-create the waves of the warm vagina!

RECTAL COLLAPSE (Bra) Bodily harm Demo'03.
What we have here is an American style Brutal death metal band. It's tight and correctly articulated. And here could stop the review! Unfortunately these brazilian guys sound like the many other bands of the style: blasting with some heavier parts, quite obscur growling vocals etc. A lot of their riffs sound too much like CANNIBAL CORPSE (Again...), and few stuffs reminded me of INCANTATION. Nice cover. Cool sound. There are some approximation, even if it's not so bad there's nothing new nor special! What could I say more? Stop copying CANNIBAL CORPSE: so many bands ever do so I kinda want to vomit! It's common stuff even if there are worse bands.

REPUGNANT (Swe)/ KAAMOS (Swe) Split live in Stockholm. Tape 2003.  
Yeah ! Thanks to Konstantin from KAAMOS, and Johan…oups, I mean Sid E. Burns from REPUGNANT, I could get this pure recording of a deathcult orgy ! If you’ re not into death metal, you are not my friend ! uh ! This is my wet dream that became true ! On the cult tape format comes this really underground split live. The sound is raw, you can hear the bands as if you were at the pub were the concert took place. It’s so cool to hear the songs from these two leaders of the new wave of Swedish old school death metal scene in a live situation. Death metal live recordings rule! ! ! ! ! I don’t know how many copies have been done, but hurry up to get it, or use the good old tape trading way! This is absolutely essential for each real fan of Deathcult!
So, the REPUGNANT side, is really an interesting one. I only regret it’s to short, but hell, the track list is fucking cool, as you can hear 2 NEW songs, still unreleased (when shall we have finally our ears blown away by the “ Epitomy of darkness ” album ? ? ?). The songs available here are: “ Hungry are the darned ” (new), “ Spawn of pure malevolence ” (from the first demo), “ Premature burial ” (new), “ From beyond the grave ” (on the “ hecatomb ” ep), and “ Rapturous genocide ” (both on the demo “ spawn of pure malevolence ”, and on the “ hecatomb ” ep). Uh ! The new songs have the typical REPUGNANT feeling we all know, and fans won’t be disappointed, the dudes don’t thread the path of faggottry!

On the side of KAAMOS, you got to listen to more songs. And here also you have got the really cool present consisting of 2 new songs, which will appear on the next album (recording sessions in march, if everything goes well… No I won’t tell you the title nor the studio were it shall be recorded. Hehehe !). So the track list is quite excellent (in all objectivity ! hahahaha !), and features the following death hymns : “ Curse of aeons ” from the same titled demo, “ Khem ” from the same demo, Blood of chaos, from the ep, “ Circle of mania ” from the album, “ Cries of the damned ” from the album, “ Khtonic ” and “ Gnostichon ” which are the NEW songs ! ! ! !  Here as well, the fans won’t be disappointed by the new material. KAAMOS really knows how to compose death anthems full of morbid feeling, and from what we can hear on this live recording, I think that the next album shall be a killer. Hail death ! Oh, I forgot to say that this release is totally “ pöserfritt ” (poser free in Swedish), and brings back the spirit of the old days without giving you a bitter taste in the mouth like when you hear bands like INFERNO from Norway! ha! Eat maggots, slaughter some posers and get this unholy tape of death metal cult or die! Takk for oss for fa’n ! ! ! !

(Ger) Shroud of ashes Demo'04.
Some bands regress... while some bands progress with each release! Hopefully RESECTION have progressed since their last demo as their music sounds more brutal and professional. Brutal death grind in an American way that don't abuse on technicality and core! This reminds me of early CRYPTOPSY (for the blasts and tremolo riffs), SEVERE TORTURE, a good dose of CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Tomb of the mutilated") while some touches of MORTAL DECAY, old HATE ETERNAL and old DYING FETUS can be felt. By moments the band sounds a bit approximate, the accumulation of many brutal death breaks leads to the confusion of the listener in some parts... aren't there too many blasts?
By moment I'm not far from naturally saying "Cool!", which is a good point for RESECTION!
So there's nothing new nor really killer in this demo, but it has some cool enough riffs and a nice Brutal death know how! RESECTION has its chances to please Brutal death metal fans who like it blasting!


REVEL DECAY (Bra) The Christ's Rotten Flesh To Hell Demo'03.
After a burning and resonant introduction in witch the witches burn and the damneds suffer enough to make me smile, begins the old school blasting Death metal offering. What you hear is good old Death metal à la MORBID ANGEL meets early DEICIDE, with the same kind of guitars (even though REVEL DECAY is more polished and controlled). Some old KRISIUN can be felt in the blasts, when the band sounds like the never-ending blasting ones from Brazil opening wide the unholiest craters of the moon's hidden side; but R.V. don't blast that much at the end, which is a good point. They have a bunch of variations towards the rhythms which is a cool point, but sometimes they should restructure their songs coz some riffs are sued for a too long time. Some few old Brutal death like early SEVERE TORTURE (demos) can be found. The vocals are deeper than the death metal bands quoted before, it's kinda gore, even-though it keeps a growling side... After these comparisons and beer licking matters comes the critical point of sabbatical bewitchery and Gnostic criticism! Okey, this demo sounds decent and even beer-cool by moments, but REVEL DECAY didn't write the kind of riffs that make you thrill or raise high your beer and scream like a possessed evil masturbator! This is a cool sounding riff that strictly follows the influences of the killer ancient and unforgettable Death metal bands quoted in the beginning.
Nothing bad, but nothing awaking the crazyness in my flesh! So, it will be a cool demo that might please the die hard satanic death metal underground fans and those who need a lot of unholy demos of evil to feel alive in this rotten world corroded by moronic valours! But REVEL DECAY needs more fucking inspiration from hell if they want to record a professional album that deserves to be released! A demo that remains quite cool anyway, nice production and decent tracks with the good old influences. For big underground fans only!
c/o Helano Oliveira, Av. B N° 147, Conjunto Ceara, Fortalea, Ceara, Brazil.


REVOLT (Ukr) Five bullets - One grenade Demo CDr'05.
Submited to a big revolting cock, your local semen-burping bitch has no other choice than to ass-tick the thorny one! IN SEMEN-BURP WE TRUST! Uh?
I expected REVOLT to play some kind of old school thrashing metal... with spikes... bith beers and muscles! But in fact, I was burping wrong, since the music of these metallers is much more into an old school Death metal kind, with some nice technical touches from here and there. So, the whole could remind of old VADER ("De profundis") with touches of early DEATH. The whole sounds quite 'solid', and powerfully produced enough in terms of guitars. The vocals are Death metallish, quite raw. There are also some thrashing touches, you mother-burper, but it isn't the main riffing line.
It sounds ok, even if nothing branded my putrid mine... and there are some things I'd like to improve, such as the drum sound (that could be heavier), and some riffs with more guuuts. Notice a METALLICA cover ("Seek and destroy") that comes with double bass and an accelerated tempo; I can't say if I like it, but at least they changed the song quite a lot.
All in all, you have a neat sounding Death-thrashing demo, it might please fans of the style and enjoyers of nicely produced Polish Death metaaawl, but it lacks the final kick in the nuts to make you scream with enthusiasm your ugly forced fed diner. Nice shoot for a demo anyway.


RIGOR MORTIS (Jap) Betrayal Demo CDr’03.
This could be a nice demo to entertain the thrash metal fans, coz the music is quite correctly played, the production is nice... but the high pitched screams and nasal vocals waste it in my face!! It sounds annoying and misplaced!
The music could be a bit more energetic and surprising, coz it's quite decent thrash in the tradition of the style (no more, no less): might be ok for the big fans, but probably uninteresting for spikeless and sober metal heads!
Please, give your vocalist more beers or anything that could radically alter his throat! (Necrosterones?) Coz it's hard to stand his "Niah niah niahh!!" Hu!! All in all: very average.


SAKATAT (Tur) Saldirmak Üzereyiz Demo CDr'06.
Here's the demo of an apparently young band called SAKATAT. It's so short (2 minutes) that it will be quite hard to have a real idea of the style and relevant feeling about what it tastes like, but it seems they play underground grindcore with a political edge and plays it quite "old school", with things reminding of old S.O.B., early NAPALM DEATH ("Scum") for the punk side, some NO VALUE for the very underground grind approach and almost rehearsal production.
A bit of powerviolence and thrash HC could be there... The logo looks quite cool, quite liquid and nauseous... The following statement is written on the booklet: "Includes three songs from our upcoming release"... Hope this demo will be more than 10 minutes long! More content is needed for a demo! ARGH!


SANCTIFIER (Bra)/ KRUEGER (Bra) Split tape 2003. TIME BEFORE TIME Recs.
SANCTIFIER plays correct Death metal à la old DEICIDE, mid old MORBID ANGEL, with some brutal death touches and some old evil Death metal guitars.
There's a cool obscure atmosphere, and some 'macabre sounding' riffs aren't bad, but it lacks of ass-kicking energy and accelerations of cadaveric dementia. Too much mid placed stuffs and "convenience" to extract the undead from his seriously locked grave.
The recording is quite neat for a live one, but I think they could sound more extreme and obscure... Macerate the seeds!!
In my rotting opinion, this live recording is average. Throwing a piece of macabre hear on a studio recording of theirs might not be bad.

The side of KRUEGER contains an old live recording dating back to 1995. The production is quite raw, but I can understand every riffs so that's not a problem. The style of the band could be decrypted as death thrash with mid-to-end-80's influences, and some early brutal death patterns. The Death/ thrashy aspect sounds like some PESTILENCE (Demos) meeting old KREATOR ("Pleasure to kill") and early DEATH ("Scream bloody gore"), while few heavier moments sound quite gloomy (And a bit too long). Even if the guitar playing isn't always so tight (Maybe coz of severe headbanging?) and there's nothing I didn't listen before, I heard worse songs in the style.
For most, it would only sound as a very average/ okey/ common band, and I don't know if I could say it's muuuuch better, but I wouldn't be against checking out a later recording of KRUEGER. For big maniacs of old death and underground worshippers.


SARAM (Peru) Metal mayhem genocide Demo tape'04. AUSTRAL HOLOCAUST Recs.
SARAM embraces an old styled black death metal following the paths of the early Brazilian ferocious drunk metal warfare: they often sound like old SARCOFAGO ("INRI") both in terms of Holocaustik rotative axes of warfare, epyleptic hammers of damned fate, unholy summonings of maximized Deathfukk, with some touches of early KRISIUN, SEPULTURA (very early) and few early SLAYER riffs. There are also some cool sounding mid placed riffs that almost tend to warming alcoholic arpeggios... (Feel the exotism of the Peruvian beer motherfuckers!), while some other midplaced thrashy riffs don't sound so cool. The screamed vocals are aggressive enough and display freneticism and epyleptic distress. To convince some doubting metallers, I might add the guitarist "Noizer" also plays in ANAL VOMIT. Notice an ok SODOM cover ("Proselytism real").
Conclusion: SARAM is a cool black death metal band that sounds good when they blast and scream as fuck, but a bunch of their slowest parts aren't the most convincing (and also average). There's nothing new (We're talking about something with ancient influences, right?) or massively killer, but once all spikes out it's a cool demo that might burn the bangers of death who need more old-styled bestiality! The sexxekuting enthusiasm and exxxtreme defenestration by the force of the unholy black beer are there! Ah Ah! SEXXXEKUTE SIXSIXSIX NUNS AND AGONIZE THE DOOM OF 666 DAMNED PRIESTS!


SARDONIC IMPIOUS (Bra) Flames In Darkness Demo'03.
This is true weak Black metal the way you hate it! Flat, uselessly fast and overall everheard as FUKK! SARDONIC IMPIOUS tries to play something between old EMPEROR, old ENSLAVED and old DARKTHRONE, (just to name a few) but it sounds everheard, unimaginative and totally expectable!
I have nothing against Black metal beginners who try to do it Brutal or evil, as long as it sounds decent, but in the kase of Sardonik impious there's absolutely no evil: DARK BURGER Rip offs who try to do it symphonic or necrorawflatanushit. By moments it sounds as nice as a Black metal version of ANGRA, if you see what I mean! On the bloody evil reincarnation of the spectral anus infinite we ride!! Only Dave is real!
I was shocked by the thunder sample they used! It sounds so EVIL I was frightened as a little kid in his cold bed during a rainfull midnight! Yes: this sample is nothing more than the wav file Windows plays each time I open my computer!! Ah! True frightening evil fart forest metal! Their band name is probably the only decent element I found in there. One advice: Kill your keyboard player and burn his body on stage! In the spectral anus we trust!
Konklusion: this is truly under the average "melodic black metal" that needs years of practice and good lessons of REAL METAL to offer something decent for the true evil ones!  


This noisy split CDr wasn't really released, it was done only for promotional purpose. The label will release some stuffs of these projects later...
SBM plays some kind of noisecore that could sound like a grindcore drummer who would play hardcore techno on an electronic drum kit. There are a lot of gabber alike blast beats, and some noisy guitars in the background.
It sounds quite noisy and brutal, but it seems that's only ok in the style. Nothing special to grab my zigzaging nuts.
Hopefully there happens to be some escalades in noisy samples or few military snare drums to make it a bit more dynamic, but I expected more...
GROUND ZERO DEATH TRAP offers only 1 minute of music, but it's sicker and more compressed. It's noisecore, noisegrind, with obviously a lot of noises, fucked up computer souunds and other maelstroms of hungry samples. What makes it interesting is the fact the whole sounds dynamic, and there doesn't seem to be weak parts during these 60 seconds of castrated noise staccato. Not bad, fans of the style will dig it.


Even if the Goredeath grind of SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH can sound quite professional at the first approach, there isn't much more to impale your brain on the spiked altar of perversion!
This is some kind of Death grind with gore and crust touches plus vocals that tend to any kind of gore (Grunts, growls, macerated crepitations, rancid meat splashes...) with some riffs that don't mean much nor would definitely kill a Chinese chicken on the threshold of the yellow fever. Only riffs meant to be brutal that lacks of impact and brutal hatred!
SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH could remind of AHUMADO GRANUJO (For the nasal pitchfukks and some heavy gore or blasted riffs), SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (For some gore vocals that almost loop), DEVOURMENT (For the US Brutal death riffs and blasts), old BRUTAL TRUTH (Blasts) and some gore bands like PURULENT SPERM CANAL.
That remains a listenable promo with a cool production, but nothing special at the level of what almost makes it all: the guitars! This is ok on a brutal point of view; but more brutal guts, purulent bowels and disjoncted postmortem cacophinies are needed in the riffs to cross the average/ very average threshold of putrid brutality!


SEPULCRAL (Fra) To rot by the words of god Demo CDr'05.
The vaginal waves of the song SEPULCRAL uploaded on their website let me think: "Cool. It seems to be a quite motivated band with fast parts à la early DEICIDE, some chuga chuga à la early DEATH, and a zest of thrashing motivation à la HIRAX/ D.B.C.
But unfortunately for my hears' failed embalming, the following songs are less cool. It sounds like some kind of average old blasting death taking influences from early HYPOCRISY, old DEICIDE, with some old Death metal and a zest of Black metal. It's not as morbid nor deadly as I could have imagined... Too "melodic" to awake undead feelings. And little by little, the energy decreases.
SEPULCRAL might be a cool live band to check out in your beer-vomiting pub, but more morbidity, brutality and work concerning the riffs is needed if they want to make themselves a name in the current French brutal underground. At least they can handle their songs. Wish them good luck.


SEPULCHRE (Fin) Rehearsal tracks 2005.
SEPULCHRE. This moniker sounds Death and totally rotting in the deepness of dust! This is opposite to half the visitors of this webzine who remain "fresh" and "high-flying", as they never read anything! (No gore in their milk! It would be a waste of strawberry... But since there are almost no pictures in there... what's their masturbating motive?). Anyway I would mock them for months, they wouldn't notice! Ah!
So: pure fucking mourning SEPULCHRE plays old school Death metal the obscure way! Putridity of death for those who like it rotting! (In the bowels of death!) Imagine slow doom death riffs à la early DEATH/ AUTOPSY, a big portion of old CANCER and fast accelerations à la VERMINOUS/ NECROVATION.
This is decent stuff in the style: as said before nothing is fresh, nothing is new, the obscure mood is here and the tracks are correctly executed, with fewer cool and slow moments. SEPULCHRE will sound old for some guys, but who bloody cares!? I'm quite surprised a current band could sound this way in 2005, because it sounds old school and really seems like these stuffs were recorded 15 years ago! Average, with a quite dull production, but nice morbid death for huge fans of early CANCER/DEATH/MORGOTH!


SHADOWBUILDER (Swe) Bone ritual Demo’03.
After one minute of nice sounding doom death the old way (early PARADISE LOST!!) begins 4 tracks of a rather heavy death metal along the way of MORBID ANGEL ("Domination" and "Gateways...") that sounds quite cool but bring nothing new to the burning cauldron of infernal vomiting death! Other elements around the lines of CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Gallery of suicide") could be found while some other minor influences such as old UNLEASHED, old JUNGLE ROT, or some old BOLT THROWER could be mentioned. What's this "jumping" metalcore passage in the 2nd track?!
All in all SHADOWBUILDER's music consists of quite generic and everheard death metal with quite heavy cool ideas from here and there. The sound isn't bad, their influences are cool and the musicians seem to be quite young. They could improve if they seriously work on their riffs and inject a brutal dose of obscure hatred! Average.


SICKENING HORROR (Gre) Promo 2003.
The drummer of NIGHTFALL surprisingly left his high-flying lands of tiny happy fairytales to enter the land of tears! What would you expect? This is not old school death metal, but technical brutal death with touches of techno death that seems like it will appeal mostly to musicians and those with fast brains. Brutal death grind reminding of old NECROPHAGIST, INSISION (1st Lp), with touches of old DYING FETUS, old MORBID ANGEL and a good portion of strange riffs in a techno death way apparently influenced by early ATROCITY, some CYNIC, some ATHEIST, MARTYR (Can) and PESTILENCE's "Spheres" (for strange leads). They might have been influenced by GORGUTS' discarding heavy riffs. I like some of the bass lines that do not strictly follow the guitars and sound like some techno death/ thrash bands from around 95-98.
For sure a bunch of these riffs sound different from nowadays' ultra brutal death bands, but something catchy and memorable lacks to hook me: it's interesting on a technical and cerebral point of view, but I need hints of catchiness and some burning sickness to enjoy this kind of stuffs. Sometimes the whole sounds a bit confused, because of a too technical playing?
SICKENING HORROR sounds better than the average and they're outstanding on a technical point of view, but their music remains average in my hears since it lacks the catchy edge of shocking death! Try some tracks if you like brutal and bizarre sounding death since it might turn on some guys... but these months I heard cooler technical bands such as PAVOR or CAPHARNAUM, so the clash of guitar wankers might be hard and painful! Ah!


SKODAG (Usa) Demo'04.
Blasting and quite technical brutal death with enough balls to awake your putrid mind from the whole Internet boredom!
SKODAG sound fast as they have a quite powerful blasting drummer! There are good angry sounding vocals that remind me of SUFFOCATION/ MALEVOLENT CREATION, plus they have an hardcore grind edge reminding me of ANANDA (R.I.P). There's a touch of obscure and heavy IMMOLATION, sounding quite similar to CARMINA (Fra).
This is s short but quite worth hearing demo in my brutal opinion! Nothing really new, but it's quite well felt and brutal enough for my tastes! SKODAG might be an impressive and quite apocalyptic live band! Many New York's Necks will break in blood.
Nice for those who feel the intense magnetic attraction of brutality. Quite promising, in Brutality!


SKULL (Col) Suramerica hasta el hueso Tape'05. KURAVILU/ TRAUMA Recs.
After a simple introduction à la very early SODOM, it begins... and the fact it sounds so old school is quite surprising...  Think about rock'n roll influenced old styled thrash metal, with some old styled speed metal (No homosexual accelerated FM hard rock) like old MOTORHEAD, VOÏVOD ("War and pain") or BULLDOZER (Some chorus could be on some Bulldozing Lps). I also happen to think about some LIVING DEATH, NASTY SAVAGE, a bit of RIGOR MORTIS or even some traces of EXORCIST, but these influences weren't proven in black blood.
The atmosphere emerging from the tape is quite dark and ugly... It would be impossible to hear such kind of stuff from a French band, things are too mellow and modern in there.
SKULL still needs to rehearse and inject more skullcrushing energy in their songs, coz even if I appreciate some facets of the thing, it remains a bit too amateurish and the foot is not really in the starting blocks for a big kill.
Of corpse nothing original, but the style SKULL bound in flesh sounds a bit more personal than many current retro thrash metal bands (who strictly follow the first thrash metal wave: Sodom/ Kreator/ Destruction...) and it might be appropriate for some beer drinking or older bastards.


SLAUGHTERCULT (Swe) Suffer in perversion Demo CDr'05.
The biggest putrid patterns and the raw production reminds me of EXHUMED ("Gore metal" and "Slaughtercult" era... The vocal portion ripped in half between the vomiting and the screamed, the quite raw production, the kind of riffs). But if your dirty hands search well enough in the putrid bowels of the dead, you could also find some technical touches à la INSISION, SPAWN OF POSSESSION of few coagulated stuffs à la mid old DERANGED. Of corpse you happen to feel the odor of good old CARCASS, but not a that putrid much.
This is solid stuff, but it doesn't sounds like it turned to cheap plastic death metal in some golden cash and honey studios... It tastes more like the music was korrektly built, and the band is able to tightly squash the bowels during rehearshards (!)
A shame there's not much to catch the morbid aura or to stand out from the pile of rotting cadavers... So, SLAUGHTERCULT is a quite pro and well built torture motor, but it's musically and emotionally average.


SLAUGHTERCULT (Swe) To gash the skin Demo CDr'04.
Black Grind Death from Sweden. Do not expect a burning icon of mixture between BLASPHEMY and BEHERIT. SLAUGHTERCULT would rather sound like the black grind of HATEWAVE (R.I.P)'s demo with some death metallic and blasting moments of mid old EXHUMED, some REGURGITATE ("Carnivorous erection"), HELLACAUST and maybe some old MARDUK.
On an aggressive point of laceration, SLAUGHTERCULT does its rot, and the raw abrasive production helps them to shred your guts, but on a vomiting emorguetional point of feast there isn't much to catch, possess and torment my skull in abrasion.
After a while the screaming vocals tend to annoy my hears a bit. This demo might entertain those who need it aggressive, compressed and abrasive, but something timeless is lacking. Nice for underground fans of chaos abruptism and blast as fuck attacks.
The aggression is here, but it won't please every undergrounders... Average, but with a nice aggression.


SODOMY TORTURE (Fra) Ecartelage Demo CDr'06.
The flyer says "Death metal in Mortician style".
Their first approach isn't very promising, since I didn't enjoy something MORTICIAN did since about 1998...
The demo begins with an horror movie intro, then the music comes, and in fact it's influenced by MORTICIAN. They try to follow the same paths of brutality: Ultra fast drum machine, downtuned guitars, grunts... But where MORTICIAN were impressive because of their massive production, almost mechanic drum-playing, intense riffs and quite inhuman death grunts, SODOMY TORTURE has problems with a thin and too high-pitched guitar sound, not so well programmed drum-machine and rather usual riffs...
I didn't understand every riffs because of the quite "black metallish" production, but a part was quite cool in the brutal death style while the remaining was too average.
I don't know how they recorded this demo, but with a computer it's actually possible to offer something much more impressive (And with real low frequencies, it's important for this style) without a lot of efforts!
I like some old brutal death and horror movies' spirit in there, but that's most probably a nostalgic feeling that leads me back to a time when brutal death and death metal where so underground in France... So it shouldn't be taken in account.
Finally, it's average/ very average US Brutal death that doesn't sound so serious (Rather like some kind of subproject, just for fun) and could be improved on various levels.
Some UG brutal death fans might dig it, but they would need to be big MORTICIAN worshippers or something like that...


SOULLESS (Pol) Promo CDr'03.
My mailbox being bombarded by one of their emails (and some of you know how much I hate spams! Ah Ah!), I asked for a promo having in mind the American Death thrashing SOULLESS. But this SOULLESS comes from Poland and their style isn't Death/ Thrash. It's Death/ Grind with low vocals and heavy riffs that could remind of MORTICIAN while some blasts may sound like BRODEQUIN's 1st CD. Their stuffs may sound like a bit of DEEDS OF FLESH (old), CENOTAPH (Cze), ATAVISM or eventually SADISTIK EXEKUTION. The 2 demos of the band are included on this CD. Their riffs have got the feature of going nowhere in my hears. It's done in a will to sound Brutal, but nothing kicked my arse and there are a bunch of approximations. Unfortunately nothing stands out. An average/ very average demo.


SPECTRAL MORTUARY (Den) Necrophilist art Demo'05.
Surprises aren't always the most brutal and castrating, unfortunately for our poor pain addicted and trembling organs.
This demo begins in a blasting death metal way à la early  HATE ETERNAL. Quite compressed and nicely structured enough to entertain the fans of blasting Death metal! But the morbid souls have to know an heavier melodic death metal touch slowly takes its place in there. This aspect (that could remind of DEATH (last album, quite obvious for opened hears), the most melodic of INSISION or some old ANATA) transforms this demo into something different than what the opener could let you expect.  
Comparisons with DECAMERON (R.I.P), MALEVOLENT CREATION and some NECROPHOBIC could also be drawn.
All in all, you have a mix of blasting death, melodic death and quite old styled end 90s European death that sounds decent and correctly played. But it lacks of surprises and ass-kicking power! Nothing to take you above the 7th skies, but probably a cool band to check out live... If you don't expect to see blasting as fuck supremacist power or a morbid incarnation of purulent pestilence.
Nice for the metallic hears balancing between the brutal beer and the half-melodic milk. lol.


SPHERE (Pol) Spiritual Dope Demo'04.
This demo begins quite well with old school death riffs showing a deadly motivation and a will to cleanse the church from its unwanted believers! (It's commonly known, a decent church is an empty one). Understand it sounds like some early DEICIDE, with a zest of VADER, some old thrash touches and few arrangements à la LUCIFERION (old).
But where has the power and rotting motivation gone once the 2nd track shows its tiny half-melodic ass? Yes, this second song would rather sound like some DEATH ("Symbolic"), but with almost nothing special. Hopefully, the last third of this track turns in a more deadly metallic vein, with influences à la early DEATH, DEICIDE, and early ATROCITY (Hallucination)... The band also happened to remind of ALTAR (1st CD), mid old GOD DETHRONED, some SINISTER...
The following song is balanced between some heavy,  faster and blasting patterns... Some cool ideas are there, and some sound cool, but our local church remains very much crowded! Something is lacking so that the soul and the mind shall be only one!
I advice SPHERE to focus much more on the quality of their riffs and compositions, because if they keep only the best of the best, there might be a potential to build something really good. (Massive burning steel).
Anyway, this is currently average varied death metal with some cool ideas from here and there, and a good production.
Only the hardly satisfied one shall conquer!


STILLBORN (Pol) Announcement of forthcoming desecration Promo 2004.
Is it the same STILLBORN hailing from Poland who released this fukk brutal CD "Die in torment 666" in 2001? I hardly think it is, because the skeleton remains vacant in the closet... but it's the same band...
The music is still around a Brutal death grind influenced by DEICIDE/ KRISIUN and some MORBID ANGEL, but this is played with less brutality, intensity and crushing enthusiasm! The riffs are more common, some sound very average, and the structures are less efficient than before! Some riffs sound quite interesting though.
STILLBORN has turned on this promo 2004 in an average and quite common Brutal death grind band. Not so bad, but nothing special that would give me the need to listen to this one more time! Hope they'll turn fucking nervous again! Their next release must be more intense than this promo!
Please choose the path of extremely intense brutality!! Shall the guts morbidly explode and the undead awake from its silent sleep ! We need pure fucking violent death metal to annihilate this world of perverted shit! Pure fucking death!


STRANGULATION (Swe) Withering existence Demo'03.
Here's the 2nd Demo of this Swedish Brutal death grind band. The style reminds me a lot the Brutal death of CANNIBAL CORPSE on "Vile": Fast blasting obscure monolithic brutal death with some heavy riffs, few melodies and quite deep vocals. Some parts also sounded like FLESHGRIND and a bit of SUFFOCATION, while some moments sounded a bit like INSISION or old DEICIDE. The sound isn't bad, it's quite heavy and the drums are triggered.
You get it: it sounds very American influenced! I can listen to it, I can understand it's cool to play it... But well it's the kind of riffs I have ever heard a lot before and it can't turn me on anymore unless there's something really special! So STRANGULATION might be nice to see live, but apart from the big maniacs of Brutal death grind, I don't see many people interested in having their demo at home. Not bad but average: More blood and tears in your compositions!


This split CDr wasn't really released yet. I got it as a promo, since the bands search for someone to release it on tape, CDr or something... Since I'm brutally engulfed in the pile of rotting and suffocating demos that try to bite my ass everytime I sit in my torture chamber, it's definitely not the right moment to think about new releases... So let's write a review. It could only be safer.

STURMGEWEHR666 is a side project of the main guitarist behind SOULLESS/ SOULLESS PROFANATION... So what you could hear is quite obviously Death metal. It could sound like some mid old INCANTATION, with some old MORBID ANGEL (Tremolo riffs and heavier parts) and some thrashy guitars. The quite "Raw underground" aspect and some old influences could taste like CRUCIFIRE by moments.
It's okey stuff. It could sometimes sound like a less elaborated out-take of some SOULLESS works; that's a reason why I like STURM666 less than the main band.
Some riffs are cool, but something doesn't work... It might be due to some drum playing (Not the tightest) or rots in the putrid fact the whole could be a bit faster to reach the right tit-warming speed. It's quite kicking stuff, and might please big maniacs of underground obscurity of death, but Satan needs more to awake his legions from almost eternal sleeps... As a bonus, there's a VENOM cover that blasts a bit ("In league with Satan").

The other part of the split opens the gates to another Polish band who uses the MESMERIZED moniker. The style also kind of lies in the cadaveric fields of death metal, but the whole is more black metal infested and faster (The drummer blasts very often).  I could say it's half death and half black, even though the production and dominating deep screaming vocals gives it a rather death-metallic approach.
The approach of the black metal guitars sound like some old MARDUK meets old DISSECTION, for the kind of 'Old northern, cold, but quite melodic riffs', if you understand in which kind of old grave I'm digging... Some Death metal riffs could remind of BRUTALITY's second album for the "Half melodic" and almost "Epic approach"... I know, you read all these "Melodic" words, but in fact the whole doesn't sound so mellow, this is more like decorative cherry on a brutaller cake... There's a little obscure atmosphere, and it's not played a bad way... But I don't see the use of so much so fast blast beats! In this context; it wastes the efficiency of what could have been cooler! Some ideas are not bad, but after all there's nothing to stand out from the 'average' demos of the style... I think this band should rework their architectures of aggression or to retarget the whole, to reach more skulls, right in the G-points of suffering.


SUFFEREIGN (FRA) Embryoworms Demo CD'03.
Here's a new french Brutal death grind band!
I must say their website and their demo cover looks very cool!
But I couldn't be so positive about their music.
Their riffs sounds too much common and ever heard so many times before into the Brutal Death style. Some guys who haven't listened to thousands and thousands of promos may find it cool in parts, but I can't be attracted. I have the feeling I know all their riffs!
And after the 2nd track it sounds more hesitating as I fall in boredom!
Some riffs are Ok and few constructions are cool, but their riffs are just too common!
Their style can be defined as Brutal Death metal in the american vein. They remind me of UNCREATION for some fast blasting parts while Mexican DISGORGE can be quoted for the fact it goes fast with quite gory vocals. They remind me a bit of the french band MACHIAVELIK for the Brutal Death style. CANNIBAL CORPSE ("The bleeding") can be quoted of corpse! There are also some touches of SLAYER for some thrashy Breaks.
More time and real energy is needed to make better compositions!
So they have to find more personality and work their thing if they want to do something more than playing gigs in their suburb!


SWALLOWED (Fin) Epitaph of nauseation Demo tape'08. DETEST Recs.
Worms are running, hungry and vicious, all around your skull.
Worms are oozing, vomiting and spiting, the digestive acid green  and nauseating bile.
Epileptic mutation, they assimilated the steel, they incorporated the rusty.
More voracious than ever, they're teasing your fleshed bones, they’re eating your bright eyes, with their iron teeth...

SWALLOWED is a new young Death metal band being very influenced by AUTOPSY, it's more than obvious.
I'd say they incorporated as much elements from the three first albums (Even though they are less fucked than "Acts of the unspeakable") and are influenced by all aspects of the AUTOPSY spectrum... I mean some bands such as ANATOMIA rather take the cake under a precise angle (The doomy) while SWALLOWED takes a bit of all aspects (And so could be considered a very good 2nd/ 3rd grade clone?): You find the doom (Both monolithic and more hypnotizing) the Death metal (Mid placed and quite shocking on life, or faster and more punching), the sludgy, and also a bit of an aspect of deliria and "strange humor".
The listening flows quite well, but some riffs sound a bit strange, as if the band tried to be a bit too close, or built new riffs taking those of AUTOPSY "inside out" (I mean listening to an AUTOPSY CD, choosing a riff and playing it on your guitar again and again to get in the mood, then deform it while you're in this mood...  Is it sincere composition or retro-brewing of the necro? At least a nice mood remains).
The vocals lack of gore and depths for the style, Chris R. used to be much more vomiting and crazy!
I can't say SWALLOWED is killer, but rather a cool demo-band with nice vibes.
Their riffs are not as deep or emotionally intense as old AUTOPSY, and there are no really catchy parts to thrill your existentialism.. But the band improved since the first demo and I think "Epitaph of nauseation" could be a honey-cool item for comfortable cats of the AUTOPSY worship.


TAKATUKA (Gre) Maviokata... Demo CDr'04.
I'm used to receive DIY releases of various kinds, so there's not much to really turn into a surprise at this level... But a guy from FLESHMANGLER sent me this demo, and the packaging is so fucking DIY that I wondered what the fuck he sent in the package! Did I became his new snail mail thrashcan? Was there some anthrax in there? But I was wrong, this unidentified DIY object was in fact a demo! The cover is composed of a piece of big paperboard, folded, and glued with tar, and there's a bolt to keep the CDr in the right place... It's more than DIY, it's handyman do it yourself! haha
The music of the band is some kind of Grindpunk, with touches of hardcore and chaotic hardcore grind, with a strong garage aspect for the playing and noisy side for the recording. They happen to remind of some old BATHTUB SHITTER, early MIXOMATOSIS (For the chiken grind punk), or eventually old BLOODUSTER, but it's more fucked and noisy.
Some of the blasting moments doesn't sound bad for the style, it's quite energetic and mixed with some ugly screams... but there is also a solid bunch of bad and quite funny punk brewster riffs and too high pitched vocraps that do not help to kill much chiken!
I've quite undecided feelings about it: Are these chaos and noise volunteer or not? Did they voluntary fuck up their guitars and amps (They seem to quite decently handle their instrument)? Is it provocation or due to an abuse of wasp-filled beers? There's quite a lot of craps that could be considered as flying bullshits, depending on if you like it noisy or not.
Well... Some fast moments aren't bad, but the punk parts are quite crappy and a bunch of riffs doesn't seem to be serious enough... Too much beer?
It's very underground and garage stuff that might appeal proudly drinking fans of very underground and chaotic grindnoise, but I wouldn't advice most of peoples to put their hears into this DIY maze.


TARAN (Pol) Storming the house of god Demo'04.
This decent sounding Black metal demo I got from the Polish paper zine NECROSCOPE sounds a lot like some Swedish Black metal albums once killer bands procreated few years ago. The first thing to come to my mind is MARDUK ("Heaven shall burn") for many elements of the blackened spectrum: the fast parts with semi-melodic riffs, some slower moments of semi-heaviness, the screamed vocals... This sounds a lot like MARDUK and might be considered as a "clone", eventhough TARAN has a more melodic approach (the riffs aren't as rageful). Other names to cross my sores are SACRAMENTUM (1st album/ some fast melodic riffs), old DISSECTION, few WAR (which was a 3rd rate MARDUL copy) and few NOMICON. Some of the riffs are quite well-thought and the whole flows quite well as this is decently articulated, and the drummer has a cool sounding style most of the time...But some problems could be found in weaker moments that waste the superficial embrace during some tracks that might enjewel you in its "enjeweleries". Some slow drum parts are weak sounding and lack of rhythm, some heavier parts aren't the best thought... after all TARAN sounds a lot like its strong influences and doesn't play something much personal. It's only a decent demo with some well-thought riffs and nicely structured tracks. But it's ever quite rare to listen to demos of this "kind" (understand: Black metal that do not force me to push the next button every 8 seconds). So I guess TARAN might please the underground Black metal fans who like nicely produced decent music that rather lies around the semi-melodic and blasting sides of the thing; because we aren't in front of an abysmal or totally underground band being totally disconnected from society and spitting its sociopathic despair during hymns of grim-revenge, it's rather cold with real melodic touches and many tempo changes.
Nice one, but not killer. Good for big fans of the style!


TERROR DROME (Gre) Pre-production CDr. 2006.
Ork. This is the new recording of TERRORDROME, not really a demo, but some kind of pre-regurgitation for a future release.
They keep on playing brutal Death metal, but they have progressed as the whole sounds a bit more brutal, more complex and I can see the appearance of stranger sounding riffs (Not really a personality, but the ones listening with a closer hear will detect something).
While you putridly listen in pusfilled splashing bile emanations, you will notice similarities with DEEDS OF FLESH (Old and mid old/ Not as melodic as their later stuffs), SUFFOCATION, SPAWN OF POSSESSION (For the complexxx), old HATE ETERNAL (Minus the mood of pure hell), few old CANNIBAL CORPSE (Of corpse), a bit of mid old DYING FETUS, and other bands playing their brutal death complex and as tight as an hard ridding bone of demonic cock in the sweet pussy of the virgin Mary!
The songs are fulled to fuck with many riffs. The guitars are quite polyvalent and make the whole flow nicely.
I think some terminal brutality or haunting riffs of pure catchiness are lacking, to convince the listener to play it again and again (Sam), and those who don't like complexxx brutality will feel fucked in the head (Ahr Ahr!), but TERRORDROME are on the right way to kill mellow poofters! Hope they'll keep on progressing, coz they improve the way of the brutal. Orkviciously, only for fans of Brutal death metal!


TERRORDROME (Gre) Sane-in-sane Demo CDr'04.
Pretty brutal Death metal music that slurps and cums the American way. Read and understand: old SUFFOCATION/ PYREXIA, DISGORGE(Us) (Less multicum and cumplex) and early DYING FETUS.
Unfortunately some mid-splashed kind of deathcore "jump 'n slam" riffs decrease the intensity and destructive density of the corrosive semen.
The production is nice and has a little deaf "Effigy of the forgotten" aspect.
All in all, there's nothing new or especially killer, but it's a nice demo with cool influences, decent musicians, and some pretty brutal moments.
A cool demo for big underground freaks of US broootality. Good luck guys!


THE KRUSHERS (Ita) Megadi thedi Demo'03.
Must be the 3rd time I got one of this band's releases. This still sounds old. Old thrash à la BULLDOZER, KREATOR, very old SODOM, DESTRUCTION... but the style is still basic and so simple. The vocals sound a bit more Black metal by moments. They seem a little better, with some blasts and a more Death metal approach, but it remains average and common riffs! Still sounds like some very old Demos of 86-87. It seems they write at least 12 tracks a year! Too much! What could I say more??? Please stop sending your yearthly promo here!


THORNLORD (Usa) Demo 2004.
This demo begins in a cool way: old school sounding Death grind à la old ANGEL CORPSE with quite complex morbid melodies and cool enough breaks in the drum playing... but fucking disappointment! At the 15th second the band uses a melodic death thrashy riff that wastes the morbid entrance! Sad damnation!
All in all THORNLORD uses quite a lot of more melodic riffs tending to melodic stuffs à la NECROMICON/ DISSECTION/ SACRAMENTUM or eventually some DARKTHRONE... what about the Brutal power of ancient Death?! Hopefully remains about 40% of old school riffings à la old ANGEL CORPSE meets some heavier MORBID ANGEL. The vocals sound kinda like a less scorched Pete Hellkampf, the drummer has a quite good style with enough variations. But the melodic parts are too nice for me! It wastes the real power of Death!
Remains a quite clean demo that has nice ideas, constructions and could be pleasant for those who'd like a mix of old school death and more melodic black metal. Be more brutal and rawer please!


THROWING SHRAPNEL (Usa) Demo 1. 2006.
You need some hydro-smoke to decompose your mental-vault?  
Here you have strange music taking both from grindcore, brutal death, old styled core and other horizons of depravity I don't enough for a triggered quote.
THROWING SHRAPNEL can remind of old CEPHALIC CARNAGE, BRUTAL TRUTH ("Need to control" and "Sounds of the animal..."), ADNAUSEAM (Usa- Strange death grind band from 96-98) plus a real similarity with the strange sounding brutal death of SKELETON OF GOD(R.I.P)! And eventually the weirdness of early ATROCITY (Ger) and few MORTAL DECAY ("Sickening erotic fanaticism"). With these kinds of influences, you can imagine the whole sounds quite smoke and fukked up! (Legalize nuclear mushrooms now!) The riffs aren't the usual kind of guitars that can catch the understanding, it's more into something unlogical that develops a strange little feeling of bizarrity emerging from the dust... Probably not for the usual open-minded fools who like their legs wide open, but rather for the minds being opened to dementia!
Sometimes the songs happen to stagnate, and some highlights of aggressive explosive stress kinda lack to definitely brand my brain with sulfuric acid, it might also sound like a "rough try" and something definitive lacks, but it remains a promising first demo with something really bizarre! I'm curious to follow the future evolution of THROWING SHRAPNEL. With some developpement and more intensity, they can turn into something totally ravaged and ravaging! Keep an inside out eye on them.


TORMENT (Bel) Hate fulfilled Demo'03.
Eh. It's fun when you run a band's website since you get in touch with many guys. For example, I run the website of the French TORMENT and I got in touch with (or knew about the existence of) 4 other TORMENTS!
So, here's the Belgian TORMENT who plays Brutal death metal, in the American fashioned way. The style is very much in this style, and it's not original as many other bands. They have some Ok or quite cool riffs, but some tracks' structures could be improved and I personally find some drumbeats not very Brutal! Their Brutal death also have got a quite dark touch, but a bunch of riffs reminds me the fact I've ever listened to a bunch of Brutal death metal and many bands sound the same...
So, TORMENT reminds me of old DEICIDE, old SUFFOCATION (less technical), DISAVOWED, and some old ENCABULOS' stuffs. So, it's your classical Brutal death demo with both cool and less efficient parts. It may be a quite cool Demo for big Brutal death maniacs, but unfortunately not much more!
Conclusion: my next project will be to do a TORMENTS fest with all the TORMENT bands playing during a bloody afternoon... There are ever some talks about a big sodomizing party of hell after the gigs... (Don't take this festival info for more than a delirium!)


TORSO PERVERSION (Usa) Rehearsal tracks 2004.
GROOOMPHIE IN CRAPLAND! This promo isn't a real release, I downloaded 2 rehearsal tracks on their website and thought it was cool enough to be reviewed.
What you hear is quite roughly recorded Death grind with intrusions of Brutal death and grindcore: old and mold old EXHUMED for the grind and gore meets very old NAPALM DEATH, MALEVOLENT CREATION's death grind, and pathological melodies excarnated from the rotten embodiments of good old CARCASS! The musicians all seem to have a decent technical level, the drummer blasts and rumbles the right way: Skillful and Brutal! the "production" doesn't let me hear 50% of the riffs, but there doesn't seem to be boring craps.
The riffs, vocals and rhythms are quite varied, and even though there doesn't seem to be much memorable or beer shocking ideas, I hear enough to say TORSO PERVERSION is a deeply underground and quite promising band! At least they have the right influences and regurgitate that a cool way! So visit:


TORTURE ETERNAL (Swe) Sickness and dismembered Gutsorgasmus Demo'03.
Sounds like a mixture of old Death metal and old Brutal death.
My balls have been clinging to most glorious crass bastard's melodies, and I can say some of their riffs sound boring and uninspired! It lacks of energy and real brutal enthusiasm in my putrid hears! What about kicking the ass of the dead with real ancient power of the morbid? It's needed!
Some cool riffs have the grotesque heaviness of early GRAVE, or some AUTOPSY/ ABSCESS... but do not wank too gorgeous too fast, you putrid reader, there's a lack of something.
TORTURE ETERNAL could also sound like old DERANGED, slowed down CANNIBAL CORPSE (Vile), early SANITYS DAWN...
To cum it up, TORTURE ETERNAL doesn't sound cool, for the riffs lack of energy, and for some old school feeling can't be detected (I didn't find a mood of death in here), but there are some nice riffs of big bastard's heaviness from here and there.
Between the average and very average, and boring for a part of it, but some underground fans might enjoy it live, and get in the razor-filled glory hole. I didn't hear what the band did since this demo, hope they have improved.


TORTUROR (New zealand) Rehearsal 2004.
Old school American Brutal death metal coming from the most obscure and putrid rehearsals rooms of New Zealand! What you have here is far from being abusively technical since we're talking about the good old Brutal death some bands were playing around the mid nineties! Imagine fast death grind parts à la BRODEQUIN with a bunch of cool sounding mid-placed or heavily groovy guitars in the vein of old BAPHOMET (Us)n old FLESHGRIND, old DISGUST (Fra) and few old MORTICIAN. There are old school death influences à la GRAVE or early DEATH. During most of the blasting parts, I can't clearly detect the riffs. That's probably due to the raw rehearsal sound that makes it taste like a spectrum of noise with blasting drums and unhappy growls. So the fast parts sound quite boring. Some mid-placed parts could sound like some midly groovy MUCUPURULENT, if you smell what I reek.
All in all the tracks sound correctly arranged, a shame I can't hear properly the fast parts since a bunch of heavy or mid-placed riffs sound punishing and right in the heavy self afflicting terror! Of corpse some mistakes are there, and some riffs sound quite strange while some pussies seems to have been fucked many times before, and after a while the tracks sound the same, but I heard bloody worth rehearsals! I have absolutely no information about TORTUROR, no contact adress, no release info, absolutely nothing!! (Things have changed since then, check the link) But when I listen to this rehearsal I think this band might warm up the alcoholic bars of New Zealand the hellish way, and if they release a demo one day, it surely won't be original, but it might be punishing and heavy enough to please frustrated maniacs of real heavy US Brutality from the past!


TOXIC HOLOCAUST (Usa) Evil never dies. Official bootleg. CDr05.
Ah! Since all the "Evil never dies" Lps are sold out, Joel Grind had the nice idea to bootleg his own release himself! That's a cool standard in my opinion (at least cooler than a pro CD): total underground with a nice simple cover being xeroxed on toxic yellow and heavy paper!
The music hasn't changed of corpse: totally old school Thrash (with hints of speed) reminding of early DESTRUCTION, early KREATOR (Endless pain), with hints of DARKNESS, possibly RAZOR and a zest of early BATHORY (1st Lp). Some riffs are well felt and some guitars could directly emerge from "Sentence of death" or "Infernal overkill".
On the other hand some riffs are too simple, easily findable and would deserve more alcoholic work. Sometimes it's a bit too convenient as well. I think a good thing for TOXIC HOLOCAUST would be to find a real line up of spikes and leather, so that more metalheads bring their own ideas in the toxic thrash metal brewery!
All in all, it's a quite cool album with both its weaknesses and well felt enough riffs... But since it's now undergroundly rereleased and sold for a cheap price, underground worshippers of old school thrashing metal do not have many reasons left not to have an hear on TOXIC HOLOCAUST! You will have to BANG your SKULL! BEER IS CERTAIN, MILK IS NOT!


TRENCH HELL (Australia) Alcoholic desaster Demo tape’04.
Here you have a new thrash speed metal band from Australia. Of corpse it’s old school styled. I thought their moniker meant something like “cut heads like hell” (Thanks to my French roots) but it is linked to the massive common grave infesting the depth of hell.
In my hears, TRENCH HELL sounds like a mix between early SLAYER (Military thrash metal), with some old DESTRUCTION, DARKNESS (Death squad) and touches of early KREATOR, HELLHAMMER.
There’s only 3 tracks, including a cover of HELLHAMMER (The third of the storm’s… Sounds quite close to the original).
Maybe some spike-eating poofters will find it generic, but the atmosphere helps to make the beer better.
In my hears it lacks of energy and steel-burning riffs to match the power of cult metallic assaults from once, but it’s not bad, there are cool influences and a nice mood.
More energy and dynamic in songs’ structures might help TRENCH HELL to reach the next underground level. Only for underground thrashers!


TREPALIUM (Fra) Pain's threshold Demo'03.
Underground metal shops fucking rule!! I probably wouldn't have noticed this cool death band without the help of the mighty DISTORTIONS!
TREPALIUM plays somekind of modern Brutal death meets technical death metal! This sounds influenced by formations such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, early PYREXIA, NECROPHAGIST, with some early HYPOCRISY (for the simple aspect of the blasts) mixed with quite technical melodic death metal in the vein of the last DEATH releases! TREPALIUM plays nothing new since this kind of riffs was ever played by Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist and the likes, but they structured their tracks in a cool way, with enough nice ideas towards melodies, to remain cool!
A powercore touch is present in here, it could remind a bit of old MESSHUGAH, but I'd rather point out SINISTER's "Bastard saint" MCD if you see what I mean. Nothing memorable, but slightly above the average. Those who like their Death metal quite brutal and very professional with touches of melody and technicality should put an hear on this cool as fuck demo! Support them or be totally fist fucked!


TRIAD 81 (Hol) Promo 2006. CDr.
Well, I guess my musical background won't help me to review this short 8 minutes demo.
What you have here could be situated between blasting core (almost Grind), mid placed parts with kinda chaotic (but not too much) guitars, some old school HC heaviness, some grooves, some old styled thrash (The one of the old HC scene) and touches of punk HC's funny cynicism.
I could eventually talk about SPAZZ or some TOTAL MOSH (RIP) for the blasting noisy parts, and some mid-placed moments could remind me of early HELMET (Trying to find similarities), but I'm not the right pisspole to compare core things. This is quite garage and underground stuff with an UG (Nothing to do with indians) production.
TRIAD 81 is able to make some noise, scream enough, and the blasting moments could please grinders, but I wasn't impressed more than that.


TRIBULATION (Swe) The ascending dead Demo CDr'05.
The name of this band caught my attention as I imagined some old school metal bastards whoreshipping POSSESSED in massive alcoholic feast. After few weeks of wait, I could hear their music. This is old school and underground Death thrash metal reminding of early DEATH, with some PROTECTOR ("The heritage")'s death metal blasts and riffs, with some old brutal death à la CANNIBAL CORPSE (old) and a zest of RESSURECTION (R.I.P). Some elements of TRIBULATION reminds me of MERCILESS (vocals), some REPUGNANT or MORTEM (Peru)'s first album. Some riffs sound cool and the screamed vocals do not displease me. On the other hand some parts are too cliché or waste the possessed energy of the hellish beer.
There's obviously nothing new or really catchy, but I guess with more experience and will to crush your skull, TRIBULATION might record a really cool demo! The band is currently hidden in the fog of the deepest underground, somewhere between the average, the cool, and the 'could be better'. But a nice mood and some cool influences are there, so wish them good luck! And keep an eye on their morbid future if you're into underground Death metal.


TROOPS OF DEATH (Chi) Black September Demo tape'04. THE FORCE Recs.

“A radical ideology has a central objective: To finish with the peace accords, reason why their enemies are the moderate society, through satanic-jihad” – that`s the plain and simple statement of Terrorist, the man behind TROOPS OF DEATH, the person that entitles himself as being responsible for the “radical attitude” of this “group”. The band logo looks similarly uninspiring as the whole layout and, last but not least, the music: Imagine a mixture between DARKTHRONE, the primitiveness of early CELTIC FROST/ HELLHAMMER and the straightness of early VENOM. Ok, when mentioning those bands as influences, one might expect something really traditional and nod to the old school, but TROOPS OF DEATH offer only a primitive and uninteresting mixture between all these bands, nothing extraordinary and musical-wise too weak sounding. Sometimes even the guitars don`t sound too well-tuned, the “production” of the last few tracks is simply horrible! All in all, having only an “extreme”, provocative image doesn`t make a good band at the same time – it`s a shame that `Black September` (guess what “September” is exactly meant with this expression – you`re making me tired, ah…!) is limited to 1,000 (!) copies! – Who needs this? Contact: The Force Records, c/o: Villa Del Este, Pasaje 1 #2198, Iquique – Chile. Email:
                                                                          Christian Wachter.



ULCERATE (NZL) Promo 2003
One more time I move my old carcass to exhume some ass-blasting extreme stuffs! This New Zealand band's demo was found on obscure Grindcore Mp3s-trading software.
Despite of the ripping cancerous band name "ULCERATE" that could let one imagine some cancerous vagina devouring grindcore, their style is ways more American Brutal death! Brutal death grind reminding me of old CRYPTOPSY, SEVERE TORTURE, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old DYING FETUS, old SOILS OF FATE, with many breaks. The drummer is technical. My reproaches are their tracks are too long, and they try to include too many breaks! The efficiency gets kinda lost! They have some quite ripping grind riffs à la old PHOBIA I like, and some parts are quite cool, but please try to favor the raw impact and intensity!
My old carcass remains corroded by the whole human stupidity! An average Demo band with some good ideas from here and there.


UNDERNEATH (Por) By flesh Demo CDr'05.
Eternal forces of the underground, I summon thee! Send me more cool demos from hell!!
Since their previous demo that was quite boring, and lacked of energy, UNDERNEATH has evolved in a cool way.
The style of the band is a bit more elaborated, and a bit more varied, but it drowns much more in the depths of obscurity.
Think about a mix between 50% of Death metal and 50% of brutal death, a mixture that could remind of old CANNIBAL CORPSE (Butchered), the abstract aspect of IMMOLATION/ old INCANTATION, some strange mid old DISARMONIC ORCHESTRA, BAPHOMET/ BANISHED's heaviness, some BLOODY SIGN (For the mix of black and death metal)... And maybe a zest of PESTILENCE (Consuming impulse) for some chuga chuga rhythms and few guitar chords.
I appreciate some old obscure melodic and almost "techno death" influences, with cool bass lines, that remind me some demos from the past I used to dig (to dig deeper in the internal infraworld).
But the band still needs to inject more energy and to target more efficiency, because even if some ideas sound nice and create a nice aura, there's also some stagnancy and too ever heard riffs. And they can sound weirder and more extreme!
UNDERNEATH isn't supreme or catchy yet, but they evolve in a right way. So, good luck!


UNMERCIFUL (Usa) Unmerciful Demo’05.
When two current and two former members of ORIGIN decide to join forces and form a band... what you have is ultra brutal death metal! Skillful and tight as a machine, blasting death sounding as an immense war-spaceship at full bombing regime! It takes some influences from MALEVOLENT CREATION, SUFFOCATION, ORIGIN, old NILE (for the ultra brutal), DEICIDE (Legion). The vocals remind me of Corpsegrinder ("Vile" epoch).
There's nothing that seems catchy, emotional, thrilling... but it's fucking compressed as fuck and professional to the inside of the skull!
The fans of ORIGIN already know what to expect! I wouldn't advice a bombstrike of UNMERCIFUL to those who don't like American brutal death, because there are in there many brutal ways for a radical brutal castration of their skull and fragile hears! Ah Ah! Only for the brutalest fans of brutal death metal!


URTO (Ita) Numbers Demo CDr 2003.
URTO doesn't play the kind of thrash metal you'd expect from an underground band. This doesn't sound Germanic, nor chaotic, nor black metal or speed metal influenced. This is rather "rhythmical" thrash metal reminding of ANTHRAX (Belladonna era) with some good dose of METALLICA (Most rhythmic guitars from "Master of puppets"), few melodies à la HEATHEN/ AGONY (Swe), touches of DEATH ("Symbolic") and unexpected sung vocals à la Joey Belladona!
I have mixed feelings about URTO's music: on one hand some rhythmic thrash riffs have their share of aggression (and it works), on the other hand the Joe Belladonna alike vocals aren't much of my taste (and happen to cause listening problems). I also think their songs are a bit too long;  to shorten a bit these and keep the essential would help them to be more efficient.
This thrash metal could be called "Rigid". I didn't feel an atmosphere, as it seems cold. The production is clear and powerful (Notice the snare drum sounds unusual for 2005).
I think this release is average, it has its share of thrash and will probably seem good or not depending on your tastes for thrash.


VACARME (Fra) Feast of the cannibals Demo'04.
This promo begins with a Death grind riff à la ABHORER/ old MORBID ANGEL, so you immediately know what kind of ancient spirit of death will haunt the CD! Morbid death metal with blasting frenezy and a martial will to kill!
VACARMES' Death metal is situated right in the middle between grinding death metal and thrashing death while few newer influences can be found. Most of the music is reminiscent of early DEATH, early MERCYLESS (Fra) and MORBID ANGEL while some brutal death is injected. Some blasts remind me of early VIBRION while Death thrashing influences à la MASSACRA could be found (for some riffs and the vocals).
The first track I spoke about earlier is the best one, being more direct and "surprising" than the remaining ones. Some of these Death metal riffs sound too much ever heard and I regularly have the feeling something is missing. All in all this isn't bad! Correctly articulated grinding Death metal with cool ideas from here and there, it only lacks more real killer ideas and guitar riffs emanating from the guts of hell to possess you as a damned perverted priest! A band situated between the average and the 'cool' that would need really killer ideas to be more than just another experienced Death metal band you listen to confortably. A shame the following tracks show less efficiency... but I appreciate the first track, their old school influences and some of the ideas/ structures in here! VACARME has a good potential of brutal evolution and they might please the guys who like quite old school death grind!


VAGINAL PURULENCE (Fra) Misogynist orgasm Demo’04.
Now the weakest parts of their previous demo were thrown away in the garbage can, you can hear something more decent for the listener! VAGINAL PURULENCE stills plays some kind of simple Brutal death à la old CANNIBAL CORPSE (Eaten back) meets DERANGED (III) and ROTTING (Crushed), with some raw and simple old school Death à la old GRAVE. ( Some riffs almost sound like heavy
goregrind coz of the gore vocals.)
Even if guitars riffs sound more intense than before, and some quite heavy ideas towards the perverse architecture or the way the drums beat are cool, there remains some mistakes and a lack of catchiness! In some parts the blasts are flat, and some morbid riffs à la Cannibal Corpse sound too much like Cannibal (It's over abused themes in my opinion). More energy and burning hatred please! They have an heavy eroded sound that helps! (Remember ROTTING's first full-length? The guitar production isn't that far...).
All in all, it's an average demo being procreated through desecration by a band who progresses, but won't actually please more than those who like it undergroundly brutal for the simple fact of playing it brutal! For brutal underground heads only!
I feel like they have many possibilities to intensify their brutal parts and to find more old school riffs to display a cult Death or mourning atmosphere! (Work on that dudes!)
The style they chose is actually underpractized. Eventhough this demo isn't that great, it's a decent one in my opinion. Which them courage for they keep on progressing and rise above the seldomly inspired averageness!


This new French band chose a name that could let you think they play grindgore: VAGINAL PURULENCE. But there's nothing gore in here! The band plays a Death metal that's rather old school when they don't witch on to "Old school brutal death". On one hand you have some raw and simple Death metal patterns along the lines of early GRAVE (it almost tends to Doom by moments) while some more Brutal death riffings sound like old CANNIBAL CORPSE.
The problem is the band really lacks of punch in parts, plus some riffs lack of brutal supremacist hatred and vile darkened power! (Too cliché riffs à la Cannibal corpse! And the drummer needs to improve his blasts!). By moments the band also seem to be influenced by BAPHOMET and a bit of old JUNGLE ROT.
Some riffs in the last tracks would really need an injection of brutal gorgeous beer, but V.P remains a young band, so they have their time to let the purulent beer reach the mighty "G point" of love and let the vagina macerate in its purulent decrepit secretions until the rotten pulp of gore emerges from hell and re-materializes under the form of haunting necroharmonies that shall haunt the legions of undeads until the terminal bloodfeast! But before a brutal carnage of this kind, they might have to work for several years.
To conclude, nothing that stands out as the bands is situated between the average and very average! But I don't dislike some of their influences and the raw production isn't the worst for the first demo of a Death metal band. They might improve with more rehearsals, drastic selectiveness towards their riffs, and of corpse many packs of beer!


VAULT (Malaysia) Raging force Demo tape'06. FINAL PUNISHMENT Recs.
VAULT might play decent thrash depending on your standards of neck-aggression, but I don't know if many metallers will break their bones with this tape Demo.
The music is ok old styled thrash, that could be situated between early Bay area and old German assaults; It can be listened, but nothing special or emotionally soarprizing occurs. (Some DESTRUCTION alike riffs are nicely done, though). The guitars are generally riffing a common old way, generally too common in my hears because: Why would I choose to play the VAULT tape while there's already a pile of good thrashing tapes in front of me?
Some riffs wouldn't be too far from an old Crustcore approach, while some speed metal à la old MOTORHEAD/ early BATHORY can be found, but it's generally thrashing.
Conclusion: This is average but listenable underground thrash that might please big fans of the style... But I need more than usual headbanging to break my bones anymore...Also oppress me mentally!!


VEHEMENS (Fra) Reincarnate Demo’03.
Here’s a quite new French Death metal band that’s at least new to me.
The band includes previous and current members of the French death metal band UNFRAGMENT, so a bunch of similarities can be felt. VEHEMENS’ death metal reminds me of old DEICIDE, old IMMOLATION, old DEATH, old MORBID ANGEL, while they seem to have some more old death thrashing and few black metal influences.
I’d reproach them a lack of cool catchy riffs compared to UNFRAGMENT. It’s tight and correctly built metal music, but I didn’t find much riffs to catch my attention or brand my consciousness with obscure melodies.
I think they try to fit in convenient death metal lines while they probably could do better with some more personality. There are nice riffs from here and there in this demo, but a bunch of their ideas sound too common to me.
So it’s a demo with cool parts that might be nice for rather old school death supporters, but I need more energy and burning hate from a Death metal band.


VENUSIAN DEATH CELL (Ireland) Fiends "Demo" CDr'03.
This is an incredibly crappy Demo! The sound is pure crap! And so is the "music"! A big part of it isn't even music, but a teenage screaming on a TV sounds background! Some tracks are played by a band, but it sounds very bad like the first year of a musician and the sound is very bad rehearsal quality! All the more the "cover" looks like a 5 years old children drawing! It probably took me more time to listen, review and upload Demo's review than they needed to "compose" this pure crap! There's absolutely no interest here! These guys could have had the decency to keep if for themselves! Avoid at all costs!
Url: Are you joking?


VERMINOUS (Venezuela) Promo tracks 2003.
Raw Brutal death metal with morbid 'melodies' à la old CANNIBAL CORPSE but a slighty more creeping deadly energy! The music of VERMINOUS both sounds inspired by some old and more current Brutal death bands, you can find both blasting, heavy and double bassdrum ridden elements that could remind of names such as DISGORGE (Mex- Necrholocaust), UNCREATION (R.I.P), DISINFECT, old MORGUE (Fra), with a zest of early DEATH and early GRAVE.
I kinda enjoy their research in building a morbid mood that results in sometimes quite evil battles of two guitars' disharmonies and could evoke some old INCANTATION's works. The vocals are raw low pitched screams for most (rather Chris Barnes (old) influenced). The musicians decently handle their instruments and the tracks are correctly built.
All in all, nothing original, nothing really killer or space-cake punching, but these tracks are quite enjoyable thanx to the blood atmosphere and quite morbid necroharmonies. Relaxing for the big underground fans of obscure brutality.


VHULVUR (Nor) In the abyss we dwell (Sermon XXI) Demo CDr'05.
Little sized phallus searches for cocksuckers to have jelly fun!
-No flesh biting mouth wanted.
-Please, we want no lacking-tooth.
-Gargling is great.
-You're supposed not to spit our liquid.
-You must be used to smelly organs.
-If you follow these agreements, write for semenized considerations
and include some cock-juice samples! Email PONY Records at: with the following subject:"METAL GIG OFFER!".
Be fast: it's never too soon to cum!
10 lines of crap to mean VHULVUR sucks big dicks! Underplayed, underproduced and self-overestimated indescribable "black metal" piece of shit a noisegrind 'fan' wouldn't even use to prop his coffee-machine up in a corner! Avoid it like the flesh-shredding mouth if you have any taste for decent music! (And aren't one of these usurpers wearing spiked-dildos).


VIOLATOR (Malaysia) Flames of hate Demo CDr'03.
Let's compare the sizes and impacts of the fists! While the Brazilian VIOLATOR plays somekind of energetik and "clean" thrash influenced by OVERKILL and ANTHRAX among others, their Brazilian comrades in rape choose to play a style that can be drunk in older patterns of Shark metal. The thrashing brewery displayed in there would rather taste like some beermix between some early German assault, and some almost speed metal technical parts à la early MEGADETH.
You drink, and vapors of DARKNESS, early KREATOR, very old METALLICA are emanating from the wounds of weak poseurs lying on the floor
Of beer, this is underground stuff, and the production isn't top notch and over the average, it rather sounds like an Okey clear 4 tracks recording (with a nice old styled chorus effect on guitars... Maybe like old CARNIVORE?). The musicianship isn't always the most strict (huh), and the deathboot not perfectly in the starting block; so it will sound quite cheap in the hears of many current homodernist cyber metawwwlers, but for an underground demo it doesn't sound sooo bad: a nice atmosphere emerges from the mortal wounds of the previously quoted (and molested) poseurs, and the influences are cool. I guess big fans of the style might find what they need to rest and find a good enough nostalgic moment in comforting thrash. Only for big fans of the style! In my hears it sounds average (A more perfect playing and few choruses would be needed) but some deadbangers will like it. Kristus: Ingat tu pukimak!
Ps: When will one of the thrashing VIOLATORs release an album entitled "Depeche mode"? Héhé


VIOLATOR (Bra) Violent Mosh Demo tape'04. GRIM ART PROMOTION.
Beer is your saviour! Banging is your will and thrashing is the healer!
Cool sounding thrash metal or your infested hears! This cool band sounds both influenced by the early bay area scene (old METALLICA, EXODUS, TESTAMENT) and the old Germanic tradition (KREATOR, DESTRUCTION.). VIOLATOR is a cool sounding band with a good positive energy and quite professional songs. They'd rather follow the old EXODUS guitars ("Fabulous disaster") with a little touch of melody and the riffing precision of old METALLICA ("Master of puppets"), even if the mood doesn't remind of these bands. There might be an old ANTHRAX's moshing spirit... Ok, this sounds cool, but there's nothing new or really catchy, just cool riffs decently drunk in the style... but it's already a lot when you compare them to the many asleep sounding revival thrash bands! So, that's a cool tape thrash-bangers might embrace as a welcomed big pack of unholy beers!


VITAL DRAIN (Fra) Between life and death Demo CDr'06.
VITAL DRAIN is a new French Death metal band ran by younger guys who are about 18 years old, and it's quite surprising to hear they have quite old school Death metal influences that actually sound right (After all, there might be a future for our "old fart" music ahah).
The goal of their compositions is rather the development of atmospheres, through more or less old school Death metal influences... So you won't find a lot of brutality, but rather mid placed heaviness and tranquility that happens to embrace some faster Death metal beats and some melody. Think about some early SIX FEET UNDER, BOLT THROWER, GRAVE (Rather the second or third Lps), early HYPOCRISY (The most gloomy parts and few blasts), mid old HYPOCRISY (Quite 'fresh' riffs), old LOUDBLAST, a bit of mid old to old PARADISE LOST, and some old French demo bands I might quote for the strictly decorative purpose (SATYRIASIS, DISTASTE... Remember them? Uhuh).
There are also few melodic Swedish black/ death touches, some thrashy core heaviness, few blasting death... But in my hears, they could do without the thrashy core or the most blast metal touches, as the quite epic or dark riffs sound better.
The tracks are quite long (A brutal lifting to focus the efficiency would help, it's not needed to last for so long on the same ideas...), it can be felt the musicians are quite young (There are hesitations and errors in the structures), and some parts are really boring... But for the first demo of a young local band it's not a bad shot! I can hear some quite good taste for death and some nice atmospheres... So it seems VITAL DRAIN has the potential to evolve in a right way, good luck!


VOLITION (Singapore) Promo CDr'05. BRINGER OF GORE Recs.
Even if I have mixed feelings about this one and the Fludrocortine didn't help much to clear my putrid mind, a review might be worthy for the fans of the gory and crusty grind style.
Not even sure I can call VOLITION a grind band, coz a lot of patterns are mid-placed or heavy. Anyway, this sounds like some midly funny crusty grind à la very old HAEMMORHAGE, some old GENERAL SURGERY, almost early SANITYS DAWN, with strong old CARCASS influences. It could also sound similar to some current BUTCHER ABC.
Some riffs sound average, while some are cool enough to superficially embalm the rotten malt from your dried out beer.
It's not always the tightest... One can find some lazyness, some easyness, as well as some coolness. All in all, a cool underground demo for undergrind fans of the groin who aren't against few funny grind jokes (but no crappy interludes).
In few years of development, I think VOLITION might suit well the catalog of RAZORBACK records... My putrid verdict will be: cool for big fans of undergrind.


VOMEPOTRO (Bra) List of the Dead Demo'04.
VOMEPOTRO has quite improved since their previous demo, and the putrid cadaver is now embalmed in a more appealing way that wouldn't displease your rotting grand mother who is now used to wormy sexual intercourses the subterranean way.
The band still plays some kind of US brutal death à la old CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butched at birth"), early DEEDS OF FLESH, but this time the appearance of quite strange sounding riffs à la early SANITYS DAWN ("Cryptic menu") or early IMMURED ("Languid obstinancy" Demo, not their boring current crustgrind) makes them more enjoyable a quite cynically cryptic, and (a little bit) pathological way.
All in all, this is brutal death with many changes everywhere that do not stand out from the legions of rancid-cadaver embalmers, but some of the riffs make it sound cryptically cool enough to please the brutal death fans who want it cool, with some bizarrity from here and there (and a cool sounding bass guitar). It remains average in my putrid hears, but I must salute the putrid evolution, wish them a good cryptic fun, and I will keep a putrid eye on their forthcuming malignant defecations!
Email :


VOMINATION (Swe) Yog-sothoth Demo’05.
Deep down in obscurity, the massive wheel of torture keeps on turning, endlessly crushing the remains of hundred banished tortured souls... Awake motherfucker! VOMINATION plays some kind of a cool mixture between old school Death, Brutal death and raw Black metal. See some early DEICIDE, with few early CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered"), some impious INCANTATION, mixed with mid-placed and heavy MORBID ANGEL, the most Death metallic parts of mid old EXHUMED and a zest of 90's US Brutal death and some fast Black metal à la MARDUK (old) and HORNA (old). Eventhough nothing new is embalmed in there, the obscure atmosphere and a pleasant aura of sulfur are there to let you feel you are in front of a cool underground band. Average with some interesting hellish ideas of impiety. The right influences and some feeling are there! Wish them good luck and courage for they keep on working and improving!


VOMIT THE SOUL (Ita) Human insanity Demo'03.
It's now obvious every country has a bunch of cool bands to offer! But they are not always easy to find since some are pure underground hidden in the darkest pits of unknown countries (some bands even have nothing recorded!) and they're drown in an incredible amount of craps!
What I'm in front of is a quite cool Demo of an Italian Brutal death grind band called VOMIT THE SOUL. As always the style is influenced by the American Brutal death stuffs, the blasting music of Vomit the soul evokes some darkened remembrances of old CANNIBAL CORPSE (3 first releases of corpse!), some old double bass drum ridden DEICIDE, some touches of MORBID ANGEL ("Domination"), and few other bands such as FLESHGRIND, ROTTING or CYANOSIS who had a quite big name in the incinerated underground few years ago.
These 3 tracks (and an intro) aren't bloody original, nor personal, but at least the band plays their brutal shit correctly and they doesn't try to sound as technical as possible! There are few tightness problems, some parts aren't always the most clever... but it's correctly done and brutal enough to be a nice Demo for Brutal death maniacs. Clear and powerful enough sound. An honest demo to drink a beer on, relax, and feel the pleasant obscure mood of ancient death!


WARCRY (Usa) Warcry Demo’03.
Decent crustcore played the old way à la DISRUPT/ STATE OF FEAR/ DOOM with many simple yet punching enough riffs, as well as typical beats à la early EXTREME NOISE TERROR. (This could also sound like some DISFEAR).
This is very reminiscent of the early days of the style: full of dust, aggressively urban and as friendly as a grandmas sodomizing gang! The whole sounds ok and punching enough in the style, but few surprises would have been a boost! For example some shot slow old school HC breaks would have increased their power. Sounds quite repetitive after a while. The drums are quite too linear though, and I prefer angrier vocals. There are high-pitched rock'n roll chaos guitars ENTOMBED also usually uses. One of their tracks sounds like the DISCHARGE track NAILBOMB covered.
WARCRY doesn't offer something new, or really memorable, but they sound fucked up, disgusted and energetic enough!
All in all, a decent crustcore demo that might be worth an hear for big UG fans of old school crust like DISRUPT! WARCRY fucking must be a fucking cool fucked up live band! fucking shit! Beer fucked up!  


WARMONGER (Ita) Marching on the warpath Demo CD’03.
Yes! It reminds me the old school thrashing speed metal bands I was listening with over-flowing beer in my youth: But I was to young for this in 85/86! Eh Eh...
Anyway the style of WARMONGER is totally old school Thrash metal around the thrashing warlines of old KREATOR, old SODOM and old DESTRUCTION. I could compare them to "Pleasure to kill" for the rebellious and quite harsh side, while some old SODOM ("Agent orange" and "Persecution mania") can be necro detected in some tremolo thrash pukes and vocals! They remind me also of ASSASSIN and old DESTRUCTION! Even if there are some few approximations on guitars, that's ok, that's a first demo! And there are quite catchy thrashin' choruses. The tracks are done in a quite cool way and the nice thing with WARMONGER is they doesn't sound like old thrash metal bands' ripp offs (remember the "revival" thrash bands who stole riffs to DESTRUCTION and KREATOR? Uh!) they sound like a band influenced by the old Thrash metal masters. Cool drum playing, nice riffs, screamed and harsh enough vocals! The sound ain't bad, clear and thrashing enough. WARMONGER can be a cool band for bangers who still hail the old school speed metal war! Drink beer and rise up your spiked fist!


WEAPON (Bgd) Within the flesh of the satanist Demo tape'04. IN COFFIN.
If you like it well played, well produced, pussy-appealing and enjewelled with milky melodies, it's high time for you to go away!
WEAPON plays black death metal, raw and crude à la old ABHORER (demo days), BEHERIT and BLAPSHEMY! And the band sounds like an old demo from the 90's! Both in terms of production, music and skills. So you understood it's chaotic in many senses of the word, BUT somekind of truly deep underground atmosphere emerges from these songs, and the vocals sounds good with this real FUCK OFF attitude of old BLASPHEMY! There's also an old HELLHAMMER touch in some slow riffs while some thrashing stuffs can remind of very early SODOM. Some guys will say the music is poor and sucking their beer-sack, but if you keep in mind Bangladesh is a poor country, and the guys probably have to work hard just to be able to rehearse, and their metal scene is under-developped, you'll realize WEAPON might sound more authentic than many "Life is easy, just form an "hate metaaawl" band" leisure-projects from the old continent.
Anyway, I prefer when WEAPON blasts, gets it faster and quite bestial, because some slower or mid-placed songs do nothing for me, it's just very average! And I would have prefered all the songs to be fast and blasting like the first one! Ahr!
It might be an interesting demo if you are a big maniac of ancient satanic raw black death metal, but I don't see many peoples getting into this one! That's for sure! Ah Ah!


WHORETORN (Fra) Demo'04.
Here's a new Grindgore/ Grindcore band from the North of France with an ex SERGENT SLAUGHTER musician. I recently bought this demo for the ultra cheap price of 3 euros in an underground shop. This isn't my kind of grind and gore, but it sounds underground so why not reviewing it?
What you hear is chaotic grindcore/ grindgore that could remind of old LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY with some GUT, some old SQUASH BOWEKS and few early EXHUMED! Moments of blasting grind and heavy gore are assorted with screams and some gore emanations à la early EXHUMED. Seems like some crust and hardcorish influences are used.
This isn't my kind of Grind coz the heavy gore putridity doesn't turn me on most of the time, and some grinding moments aren't far from noise. All the more some passages sound like confusion. Not very tight and rather chaotic, but it's a first demo. I think it's an average/ very average demo with decent vocals and few cool riffs. Some tracks & riffs really waste the intensity. Boring.
But those who enjoy the perverse crass emanating from the chaotic production of a raw Grindgore demo might get into this! While I know these chaotic stuffs would be annoying for some those who need it straight to the point and catchy as hell, some underground noise junkies might get into WHORETORN...


WORLD OF SHIT (Usa) World of shit Demo'05.
What happens in there?
This is quite ultra brutal sounding stuff, between brutal death, power violence, grindcore; all mixed with a lot of screams and many riffs changes.
The riffing is both technical, powerchorded, or sometimes discarding (DISCORDANCE AXIS and some NAPALM DEATH) and sounds quite chaotic coz of the overdosed on overdrive production and accumulation of many riffs.
I can't say some riffs branded my brain, since it didn't, and and it's quite too much things at the same time for me, but it sounds more extreme than most of current demos!
Nothing for the anal masqueraiders queering for the comeback of glam in the emopop! Ah Ah! Beware if you love it mellowdick, because WORLD OF SHIT will probably fist-fuck your lazy consciousness! Ah!
Nothing special enough in my hears, but some fans of modern extremity might get a grip.


ZOLDIER NOIZ (Fra) Nekrofog Demo Tape. 2006.
At last some French bands decide to play old school thrash metal without any modern plasticizing influence... It's at least the feeling they could give at first sight; But after a while I don't feel only thrashing guitars but also old black death metal...
The style of ZOLDIER NOIZ is quite basic, not over-played, not over-produced, not over-anything... It almost sounds like a demo from the 80's/ beginning 90's.
I hear possible influences of old NUCLEAR ASSAULT (Simpler), early ONSLAUGHT (First album), a bit of SEPULTURA ("Morbid visions"), few early Death metal touches (For example Early POSSESSED for some leads) and a black death side à la BESTIAL WARLUST. Sometimes this band sounds quite close to the first demo of current bands such as NOCTURNAL GRAVES or VOMITOR... Notice my thrash metal knowledge isn't very refreshed and some cool bands are almost forgotten in my skull, so this review can't be really right...
ZOLDIER NOIZ has some cool vibes and some riffs are nice, but half of the riffure doesn't do much and I feel the vocals could be improved...
This is a typical old school demo, with its positive and negative points.
Nothing to especially blow fuses and devastate your fridge when the thirst for milk is too strong, but it would be nice to follow their evolution (To check if their increase the little feeling of evilness).