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ABAZAGORATH (Usa) The ancient cult Demo’96. Re-released 2003. ANCIENT SPIRIT TERROR.
Well Here we go with the re-release of the first demo of ABAZAGORATH, from 1996. It was limited to 100 copies, and thus for the die hard ABAZAGORATH maniacs who would not have had the chance to get it, Ancient spirit terror recs has put it out again on the tape format, limited to 222 copies. To the four songs of the "Summer 1996 demo" you'll find the addition of 3 other unreleased tracks recorded on a 4 track between 1998 and 2002. So all in all I can warrant you that if you're in for the dirty sound, you'll be more than happy. The whole is very norwegian sounding, with a vocalist that reminds me a lot of Nocturno Culto's type of vocalist, whereas the music is more to be put in the area of old (very old) EMPEROR, with less keyboards though. It might wake up the werewolf hidden in each die hard fan of this kind of nordic black metal, even if the ABAZAGORATH members are American. The songs are quite different from each other, which is already good for this kind of black metal. This is not bad, but a bit flat in the end, even for the more recent songs which suffer from a very bad sound quality. I think that this rerelease might appeal only the underground black metal purists, because of this particular sounding that reminds a lot the old demos from the good northern black metal era.
Cuntact: Ancient Spirit Terror recs: Vasili Vasilopoulos, Postfach 104108, 44041 Dortmund, Germany.



ABSURD CONFLICT (Cze) Promo 2003.
What you have here is a nice sounding demo in some kind of midly technical and melodic Death being very influenced by the last DEATH (R.I.P) releases! Sometimes the band kinda recreates some of the tragically sounding or lyrical riffs from "The sound of perseverance" Lp, even-though it's not as emotive.
They also have other influences, such as a zest of core, few blasting death, as well as few strange groovy and jazzy technodeathish parts reminding some mid-old DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. The quite 'raw' vocals tend to remind of old ATROCITY ("Blut"), VADER or some Mille Petrozza ("Cause for conflict"), it doesn't really fit in my hears. I think ABSURD CONFLICT lacks of Death-thrashing accelerations (understand the "Chuga chuga" tempos) and they remain too close from their influences.
What we have here is decently played and structured. Even if there's nothing new or gut-catching, it's well rounded enough to be pleasant and turn on the big DEATH fans. Nice fore the big fans who need more than few bands to satisfy their need of semi-technical and semi-melodic Death thrash!
Entertaining, but not personal enough in my opinion!


ABSURDITY (Fra) Decline of human condition Demo CDr'04.
I was supposed to have an hear on ABSURDITY’s music since at least a year, and it’s now possible since they have a decent recording!
First surprise: I expected somekind of fast thrash metal in the vein of SEPULTURA’s « Schizophrenia » but this isn’t the total thrashing mania! Most of the music is mid-placed. Some SEPULTURA can be found in ABSURDITY’s Deathcore for some thrashing (mid placed) riffs à la « Beneath the remains » and for the background percussions used from here and there.
The kinds of metal are quite varied in there: some various kinds of core (Hardcore, Thrashcore…), Death metal (JUDECCA, old SIX FEET UNDER), Death grind (CANNIBAL CORPSE, VADER), Depressive (for few touches à la GODFLESH). The vocals are for most in an hardcorish vein (low vocal and screams) even if a good amount of growls are in the death metal way.
The mix of somekind of thrashcore riffs and percussions would rather remind of OVERDOSE (« Progress of decadence ») than SEPULTURA though.
A reorganization of their tracks’ structures could give them much more power since some good riffs are there!
I must say I’m not much into their music coz the death grind and death metal parts aren’t so cool, and some stuffs seems everheard! But the guitarist plays some cool riffs when he turns nervous and finds some aggressive enough thrashing or hardcore riffs! In my opinion it’s an average demo with both too much heard before stuffs and cool nervous thrashing riffs! One has to be open minded to enjoy ABSURDITY that might be a nice band to check out live…


ABYSSAL SUFFERING (Fra) Rehearsal tracks 2004.
It's cool to run a zine because you have access to music before it's released! Sometimes, you're lucky enough to put your hands on a decent live or rehearsal recording even before anything shall be properly recorded in a studio... But this time I'll review something even before the band is half complete! héhé
What you have here is a rehearsal recorded with a microphone, a drum machine and a guitar. It sounds cool enough to spread few lines about it. (It might sound strange in the eyes of Internet whoreshipper to review a rehearsal, but it was very usual 10 years ago, in the good old paper zines!).
This band composed of an ex TRAUMASPHERE guy plays something between Brutal death and somekind of original death grind.
The first track is a pure brutal death song with lots of riffs and breaks, it's rather influenced by DISGORGED (Usa), with few DEEDS OF FLESH touches. A decent track in the style, it sounds ok and some riffs are quite 'outstanding' from the whole. Some quite cool stuffs are there in my hears.
The second track sounds like some kind of death grind meets techno death, a bit like if the guitarist of MARTYR (Can) used to copulate with some guitarist of the early ATROCITY epoch (1st album). A mid old Death metal influence could be felt, but it's mixed with strange ideas (discordances) and doesn't sound old school anymore. There's a doom conclusion sounding a bit like old MY DYING BRIDE with few AUTOPSY harmonies. This track sounds quite long, but there's no bass guitar nor any vocals.
The third track remains into some kind of original death grind, with many strange breaks, and a riff (around 0:43) remains engraved in my memory coz of it's quite soulful message.
To conclude: Don't take this review too seriously since nothing is set for ABYSSAL SUFFERING and the guitarist is a friend of mine (So I might not be objective, even if I tried to be honest with myself). This is a quite 'promising' rough recording. All in all I've both positive and negative (better said uninterested) feelings about the riffs, coz even if some sound cool, some evoke no feeling else than the fact of breaks for breaks or variations for variations, it's only Ok. This full-of-discordances and worked-on-harmonies kind of death grind/ technical death might turn into something promising if the band fully completes its line up with adequate musicians and records something with a good sound. A nice little discovering.


Nicely made fast and melodic black metal.
There are both fast, mid placed and slower moments, while the riffing is quite varied (Both fast and fast, melodic in various kinds, thrashy...).
It reminds me of old DISSECTION, almost early MARDUK (when they weren't blasting as fuck, but had a melodic side), NECROMICON and some bands that appeared on the "World Domination Vol.1" comp CD.
It lacks of frozen burning will to kill, and I'd like the blasts to be faster... But that doesn't seem to be the goal of the band.
Maybe some riffs would need to be a bit more developed.
In the style, it's a demo one could locate between the cool and the decent. Quite well done. It might please fans of the style, and the band has nice attributes to develop in a right way.


AGON (Fra) Demo CDr'06.
Some week ends are strange. Some Sundays, the uncontrollable and voracious diarrhoea of craziness runs so fast to deliciously eat your head, you don't know where to go, you'd do anything to avoid this massive tentacular crap... And hopefully you finally find a cool Death metallish demo to calm down the voracious devourer and relax from the crap of the week... Pfiew!
This time the cool Death metallish demo was sent by some French trader of steel, and the band is called AGON: French extreme metal that mixes a bit of everything, with a quite powerful Death metal production. There's some Death, Brutal death, groovy core, melodic stuffs, black metal, thrashy riffs...
While the opening riff sounds like BRUTALITY, I quite often felt some CANNIBAL CORPSE, later NAPALM DEATH, a bit of ANASARCA, ANTHRAX ("Stomp 442"), DETERIORATE (First album, for some vocals), GURKKHAS (Not necessarily a compliment) and other not really identified influences (Core shit is often out of my mind).
Some riffs are cool, quite intense, but some doesn't do much, and there are some boring core/ groovy jumps that seem strange in this context.
According to what I heard, I'd have problems to really call AGON a Death metal band, and what they do is a bit too "varied" (This isn't the exact word, but in their case more logic between riffs could help) according to the global intensity they seem to target (Heavy and quite powerful). Their sounds might please fans of quite "modern" extreme metal, even thought there's nothing really particular or catchy yet. This demo was a bit short to have a clear opinion, so wait for the second one to taste more substance from the depth. Engulfed and eaten by the cysts, patience we will be...


AKAL SARI (Malaysia) Time of killed souls Demo CDr'05.
Some reviews need a bunch of beers to be achieved... Some leads you to always drink more, more, and more to find the right words and courage... This leads to a cruel emptiness in my fridge! Argh!!
The cover of this CDr promo is quite clear: "DIY Metal content". So the recording is quite raw, and sounds like old demos from a (15 years old) past.
The music is very underground black metal, between the atmospheric side of early EMPEROR (With the same kind of keyboards) and a more melodic side that could eventually remind somekind of very average early DISSECTION/ SACRAMENTUM... With, I think this is what they tried to do, some stuffs like CRADLE OF FILFTH (old albums). This isn't very well played (Especially in some drumming) and some vocal clichés sound quite amusing in 2006... I want to fuck some spiked pandas jumping in the evil trees! Ahr Ahr.
If you take a listen with a friendly comrade's state of mind, you might find some not so bad little melodies, and the keyboards could sound like early IMPIETY... But this is very average and in need of real work! Please, fuck the mellowdick influences and yougayouga spoken vocals, and make it more sexxxtreme!
Of corpse there's nothing evil enough to desecrate your local carebears' cemetery... Black metal means BLACK and METAL! Not mellow and friendly...
c/o Aduka, 7 Jalan Nirwana 6, Taman Nirwana, Ampang 68000, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


AL AZRED (Fra) Symphony for a psychosis Demo CDr'06.
Well... Give me a beak! Green parroty beaks of every kinds are flying and jumping everywhere in the underground. As well as evil pandas jumping in their darkened trees, the metal beaks are menacing pinky poofters with their shining spikes and cynical smiles.
Even if Al Azred seems to be a young band, I feel Al As if I already crossed their website on the web 2-3 years ago... Well, you little moshing parrot, what I can hear on this demo rather sounds like some kind of solo project (thanx to a beak-machine (Not the beak-mashing, you poofter!) a beak blasting machinery usually called drum machine in the metallic world) cooking a not very simmered mix of death metal and black metal, even if it sounds quite elaborated and ok.
Even if the playing of the green biking beak sounds tight and correctly played, it also sounds quite over the surface, as if the beak wasn't really hungry and didn't dig deep enough in the ground to find the good seed for flourishing compositions. The beak machine could be a bit more alive and inspired. It would be nice if some riffs avoided a bit more the clichés of usual beak metal.
On the other hand, the shiny bird also happens to be more inspired, for example some leads do not sound bad at all and even open some kind of new doors for hot nightbird's dreams! These leads explore various kinds of feelings and styles, from the craziness of evil death metal to the lyricism of some 80's heavy metal good vibrations.
A shame most of the riffing guitars do not follow the leads in terms of parrot inspiration, because the whole could be really better, that's quite obvious.
The parrot wants me to tell you Al Azred happens to remind of some old NECROPHAGIST, mid old EMPEROR, CHRIST DENIED, mid old VITAL REMAINS (Forever underground) among others. (Isn't it strange to repeat the words of a parrot? huh)
Ok, this is an average demo, and more inspiration is needed concerning the riffs, but the leads show me the band is able to do much better: Crazier, more extreme and dreaming!! Yes! So, good luck, good work, and don't hesitate to kick the boring beaks in the ass!


ALUCARDA'S TOMB is a quite strange project, imagine some kind of cybergrind with ambient interludes and few electronic music parts.
The fast cybergrind with low pitched vocals distorted through a lot of echo makes it quite similar to CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION. The electronic parts and beats could sound like some techno, drum'n bass or mid old GODFLESH.
This is nicely built and produced stuff, for the style the sound is quite good.
I regret there aren't more surprises concerning the blast beats' programming, because it could really intensify the music.
There's a bit too much ambient interludes for me, it dilutes the initial impression of sickness.
Notice the second MCDr of this nice looking release contains 4 tracks of ambient noise; it's not harsh or aggressive, but noisy in a quite 'atmospheric' way that could be nice to sleep; not really my kind of stuff.
To conclude, ALURCA'S TOMB isn't bad, but I think more surprises concerning the grinding parts and cyber grind programming could help to find interest in some hears belonging to other peoples than big underground fans of the style.


AMETHYSTE (Fra) Promo 2003.
Alright! Here's a Brutal death grind band who evolves in my suburb since about 10 years, from what I understand they weren't so pleased with some of their previous recordings so I didn't hear much about them until last year; but seeing them live one time I'm quite familiar with their music.
Their style is a Brutal death grind along the lines of some latest MORBID ANGEL releases ("Formulas fatal..." and "Gateways..."). You'll understand there are a bunch of heavy and quite obscure riffs here! But there is also a bunch of blastbeats! I also happen to think about DEVILYN (Last CD: "Artefact'), OSSUARY INSANE and a bit of old MALEVOLENT CREATION during the listening.
The drumming is my favorite part of this 3 tracks promo: tight as fuck, punishing and quite varied!
My reproaches are they remain too long on some heavy parts, and some of these heavy riffs sound quite demonstrative. I'm not a big fan of the MORBID ANGEL releases quoted before so I can't say much, but this isn't one of these bands who record a pro CD after an only Demo and 2 years of unserious rehearsals! The formation sounds pro and seems ready to record a full-length! A 6 tracks Demo will be recorded in few months. Maniacs of obscure Brutal death: keep a darkened eye open on AMETHYSTE!


AMETHYSTE (Fra) Thrown off balance Demo'04.
A new brutal and obscure demo that sounds surprisingly more intense than their previous one! Ah! The music remains somekind of Brutal death grind right at the middle between heavy obscurity and blasting death grind. The heavier riffs sounds a lot like MORBID ANGEL on "Gateways to annihilation" while the leads would rather be majestuous à la "Domination". Some Death grind could remind of HATE ETERNAL (1st CD) or eventually some INCANTATION for the all blasting obscurity.
The production on this demo is better than their previous release, it's heavier and has a better porosity that lets the dark aura emerge from their music. I find the music more impressive than on their previous promo because the tracks are a bit more varied and their tendency to play fast and blasting increased! Some riffs are really more impressive then before! An ancient power emerges from the obscure infinity and strikes down the humanity as an unstoppable evil force!
Their kind of Death metal isn't of the most aggressive or face punching kind, it's rather built on a monolithic mood that might only haunt for few hours thouse who are into obscurity and real old school Death! No place for high-flying trollish forest dances! Notice the drummer is a fast as fuck bastard who plays it the skillfull and brutal way!
Some few less obscure sounding tremolo guitars could remind of DIVINE RAPTURE or mid old GOD DETHRONED? (A shame there aren't few technical and melodic surprises à la old BRUTALITY in there. It would be a nice plus.).
My reproaches would be they remain for too long on some heavy riffs (wasting some intensity), it's not original (but rather veyr influenced stuff), one track sounds too much like heavy NILE, and some riffs lack in its structures and conception... But well that's over the average blasting Death metal obscurity that has brutal chances to please those who cum and thrill while drowning in a good old obscure Death metal feeling!
Those who aren't so regarding towars the originality of their Death metal might be rather interested in this long playing demo, and I guess it's the case of many underground freaks! Most of the time this demo almost sounds like an album. There are Mp3s on their website,  so why the fuck are you rotting in front of this webzine? Ah! Now you've drunk all the dust from my head, visit their website and make your own morbid opinion! AMETHYSTE aren't very far from being fucking killer!!


AMONG THE DECAYED (Usa) A perfect day of terror Demo CDr'05.
Swimming in the pussy compost.
Teasing the dead and flirting with purulence.
Decompussyfied! The vagina is torn to pieces and extracted from the slutlural corpse!
Mashed and grinded! Remains of the enthroned carnal target are blasted to dust. (Sniff the nebular slut!).

AMONG THE DECAYED plays US Brutal death. It's not the most modern or technical, as it reminds of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, old DYING FETUS, and has few old styled riffings that almost tend to something thrashy by moments. Some riffs could sound better if they improved the structures (keep it shorter by moments); some thrashy riffs lack of brutality.
Even though there's nothing new, some riffs sound cool and the whole sounds cool enough to please big fans of the style. This isn't a demo you'd necessarily need to order, but rather a band you'd like to have in your suburb and check out live.


ANARKHON (Bra) Anarkhon Demo’03.
ANARKHON seems to be a new band, and what I hear doesn't seem so bad. Of corpse there's nothing original, but what I hear sounds correct and the band has the right influences. Sounds like some demo bands I heard who did something better with more experience! The first tracks in here reminds me of CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth") mixed with some obscure THE CRYPT (Australia), DEICIDE ("Once upon the cross") and old school death thrashing touches. An okey track.
The 2nd song is common in a rather mid placed kind of death metal and semi melodic death. Kinda like old MASSACRE or JUDECCA, but too common.
The third track sounds like a faster mix of old MASSACRE, UNLEASHED and CANNIBAL CORPSE. Not much enthusiasming, but it remains decent?
By moments ANARKHON reminds me of ENCABULOS's 2nd Demo "Dark divinity", even if it's not really the same style.
To conclude, only he first (and most brutal) track of this 3 songs demo attracted my morbid attention, but the whole remains decent. ANARKHON might be a cool band to check live. Good luck guys!
C/o Av. Tiradentes 4269, V. Flórida. Garulhos (SP) Cep: 07000-000


ANATOMY (Ita) Libido medico Demo CDr"06.
Anatomy is destiny? It's at least what these guys might have wondered when they chose the style to desecrate... Because it seems they were strongly influenced by EXHUMED, there's also some old CARCASS, but the EXHUMED soundalikism is stronger, especially the "Gore metal" album (For the style and production), plus some "Anatomy is destiny" (For more technical/ controlled guitars)... There's a nice atmosphere, but it seems they have taken both the best and the 'worst' or the quoted albums, and they also kinda tend to bore me à la BLOOD or sound a bit too melodic à la IMPALED (Split with Haemorrhage).
One a vomiting point of view, there are two hands to cut: The first one is cool and almost fingering your anus with gory deep vocals, the second one is screamed and sounds too high pitched (Like some black metal stuffs) to open the abscess... Well it remains bearable, but let's target the best of the beast!
ANATOMY is a quite cool band with decent playing. After a while I noticed there aren't a lot of really Grind (Power chord) riffs, as the guitars rather tend to a mixture of kinda semi-technical EXHUMED and CARCASS (Between 2nd and 3rd albums) so some maniacs of the trephinating axe frenziness might lack the explosions of blasting gore craziness... while those who like it more "polished" might dig the sound with a nice little warming beer (And not a little bear! Huh! Never put a bear in your beer, you crazy suicidal)... The EXHUMED times are almost over during my listening sessions, so ANATOMY is a bit late to feel their defecations appreciated at the maximum of its putrid savior...But I'll conclude this band is pustulating between the cool and average... So only for fans of the style?


ANGUISH (Malaysia) Mass dismemberment Demo'03.
I guess it's the first demo of this Malaysian band... and well it sounds poor! Death metal in a quite OBITUARY, old DEATH, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old BOLT THROWER like vein. Mostly mid placed with some faster beats and blasts. The musicians aren't really tight and there are mistakes a bit everywhere. The vocals sound quite raw... but nothing apart from some leads would eventually attract my attention. Nothing much to develop on, the band really sounds in its first years and needs much more hard work! Very average music with riffs I have ever heard thousands of times before! ANGUISH sounds like beginners. A lot of hard work is needed! Good luck!


ANNIHILISM (Australia) Demo’03.
Beer! According to the increasing amount of small bands recording thrash metal demos in the style of the 80's, one can say it with full-flowing beer and whisky: Thrash metal is back! Here you have a quite new band coming from Australia who plays an old kind of thrash metal, if you aren't too drunk, understand in the lines of SLAYER's 2nd LP "Hell awaits" with few touches of early METALLICA. They sometimes remind me a bit of D.B.C's first album and they were possibly influenced by the Australian thrash metal band ADDICTIVE (who released decent stuffs years ago).
ANNIHILISM doesn't practice fucking special alcoholic Thrash metal: this is kinda common, and there are little tightness problems in parts, but it's a quite nice demo that has it's moments of rawness and "Speed death metal". It might be a cool band to check out live for thrash maniacs who are still patched as fukk and drunk as hell! And well, maybe the nostalgics of the ancient thrashing underground and 80's tape trading mania will find some cool listenings here. Beers can be downloaded on their website.


APOSTLE OF DEMENTIA (Fra) Rehearsal demo'04.
This is some quite old school Brutal death reminding of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, with elements of old school Death à la early DEATH/ GRAVE. The guys know how to correctly handle their instruments and the tracks seem correctly built. Nothing branded or attracted my rottention in electric feast, some riffs sound decent (even if played many times before for half) while some sound quite forced and common as a big fat mama. The listenable 4 tracker like production isn't the best to judge their music, but I think APOSTLE OF DEMENTIA might play some pretty brutal gigs and entertain the drunk local Death metal fans. Average and in need for highlights in compositions, but I heard worse rehearsals in decomposition. As often, more rehearshards are needed to prograve and impress more than the local supporters.


ARSONIST  (Swe) Therapy in violence Demo CDr'06.
It's not often cool to receive promo CDs, because you're more or less forced to listen again and again albums you don't give a fuck about... If you weren't a reviewer, you wouldn't even have bothered checking more than one song, because you wouldn't have anything to argue, compare or prove. Only the needs for feelings and brutality would matter... But you've sold your underwears to the golden melody of reviews, so you're forced to dig deeper the hole of damnation that kills the enthusiasm and vanishes the tastes for good metal of death! Grrr
Hopefully, some releases the current scene would kinda voluntary forget (Because no label is hiding behind... what a joke!)) are much better! Ah! That's definitely cool, keep the good releases for us, in the deep underground, and let the sheeps follow the "big" labels and their crappy tastes for sterility!
ARSONIST plays cool Brutal death metal with a good big sound to make it heavier! It sounds cool and dynamic, influenced by mid old CANNIBAL CORPSE (Somewhere between "Tomb", "Vile" and "Gallery), early PYREXIA with technical touches à la SPAWN OF POSSESSION, mid placed heaviness à la DYING FETUS and crazy leads à la MORBID ANGEL... And other things from the livid spectrum of blasting yet heavy brutal death metal!
Hopefully they sound more alive and motivated than the last CANNIBAL CORPSE releases, so don't feel repulsed by the name quote in the beginning of this morbidview.
A part of the blasts do not fit that much my needs: There are snare and bass drums at the same time à la old SUFFO/ PYREXIA... But that's only a matter of crepitating tastes.
There's nothing new of bloody original, but the whole is well packaged an energetic way, there's a quite good atmosphere, and it seems that's enough for the brutal death fans to dig the ARSONIST and forget about the lack of homosexual originality! Death metal comes from the guts! Grrr
Considering what's usually released in the scene, it seems this band will find a label very soon... Simply because they're better than most of the 'average' brutal death albums released weekly.... Was it a good conclusion? Maybe some label will see it, who knows...


ASKARIS (Fra) Demo 1. 2003.
Quite promising Death thrash metal with some quite wicked 'technical' touches reminding me of old CORONER, some early Death metal à la early DEATH and some good old influences emerging from the glorious past of metal! The guitarists know how to decently handle their guitars, and there's a wicked aspect I appreciate (it emerges right from the past). Undergroundly promising.


ASKARIS (Fra) Demo 2. 2005.
Since the first demo, a guitarist left the band... and what a waste!
ASKARIS totally changed its style to common, flat and boring brutal death! It sounds like a 3rd grade Cannibal Corpse copy from the mid 90s.
Unless they work hard and inject some real energy in their "brutal" music, boredom will prevail and they will eternally remain under the average!
Unfortunately, one more hope was lost in the voracious magmas of mediocrity.


ASSAULTER (Australia) Proselytizer Demo CDr’05.
I contacted this band for a trade, as it was announced as somekind of Thrash metal with an ex-DESTROYER666 musician... could be cool! Unfortunately for my fast-beats-loving hears, what we have here is mostly mid-placed Thrash/ Black metal, not so far from SAMAEL's "Ceremony of opposites". Not slow, but not really fast either. Some riffs could also sound as old KREATOR, the most simple of early CELTIC FROST. There are some black metal guitars thrown from here and there (that happens to sound cooler than the thrashy riffs).
Some guitars aren't necesseraly bad, but it's ways too much of mid-tempos for my hears! What about adrenalyne-urged accelerations? An average demo! Mid-placed doesn't necesseraly means boring... But thrash means fast and aggressive!


ATOMIC ROAR (Bra) School of lust Demo tape'04/ 06. FINAL PUNISHMENT Recs.
Old styled Thrash speed metal with an old flavor that really sounds early 80's. While the HELLHAMMER influence couldn't be denied (Lassive riffings, delayed vocals,  moody production), one could also taste a bit of CARNIVORE, early CELTIC FROST, old MOTORHEAD, with possibly some early SODOM, early ONSLAUGHT (1st Lp) or early VENOM... And leads taking a more chaotic way (A bit more German).
The influences are cool, but unfortunately the ATOMICs lack of asskicking power, urge and stressed thrashing energy... As if the band needed more time and rehearsals to fully energize themselves (They remind me some bands who did so and turned out to be more efficient on their 1st Lp, in the 80's).
I don't like too much when they are slower and too close to HELLHAMMER/ DARKTHRONE (Panzerfaust).
The state of mind is right, the music needs to be improved. (Have a nice beer).
Ps: I just noticed 3 of the musicians play in FARSCAPE (Guitarist, drummer and bassist. According to the thrashing level of this band, I must say the face of ATOMIC ROAR becomes somekind of fun side-project, and I'm not sure if they'd go much further than this conservative HELLHAMMER alike convenience... Because if they wanted to, they could have done much more intense ;-)


ATROPHY (Fra) Dédales Demo'04.
This band has gone through many musical changes since their last Demo! and what changes! While ATROPHY sere playing somekind of average old school death meets semi technical death thrash, this new recording can let you hear a mix of Brutal death grind and technical melodic death that sounds at least more impressive! Imagine a perverse fornication between HATE ETERNAL, old SUFFOCATION, NATRON (Old) for the brutal aspect with some ATHESIT/ CYNIC for the more melodic touches. I also happen to think about technically killing bands like old YATTERING, mid old CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH (For some tappings), NECROPHAGIST, PESTILENCE ("Spheres" for the leads!!). The band sounds more impressive and ready to kill now! Even if some arrangements sound approximate and some aspect of the thing (such as some drum patterns in slower rhythms) could be improved we aren't so far from the level of an album! The intensity decreases by moments, but it remains decent!
Ok, this is technical ridden Death metal, so, some guys will find it demonstrative and I didn't find catchy riffs that shock you on existential traumas, but I think those who recognized their technical tastes if the brutal in this review should put an hear on ATROPHY! Technically pro-mi-sing and outstanding!


AUDIOPAIN (Nor) Revel in desecration CD'03 Autoproduction pro cd!
For sure this is fucking amazing quality thrash metal. And surprisingly enough, it’s coming from Norway!!!! Yeah I think that with GHOUL CULT, AUDIOPAIN is one of the few actual underground acts coming from this rotten country to propose something more than OK. It’s fast, raging and dirty thrash metal, in the old way, with a killer old school production! Argh, listen to this guitar sound!!!! Be sure it has nothing to see with fake posers like NOCTURNAL BREED or INFERNÖ. It actually reminds me of KREATOR, DESTRUCTION in their early days, as well as the speed raging fury of BLOOD FEAST while I listen to the riffs. The vocals are harsh, and remind me a bit the ones of THRONEUM, DEKAPITATOR, but still with an own identity. And yeah, Fenriz wrote the lyrics of the song called “Infuriation scalp”. They are in the good old thrash metal tradition, nothing really exceptional. What impresses me with this release is the power in it, the primal aggression, especially when you know that the dudes are norwegian. At least it seems that up north they decided to get some metal back into their music, and it’s really fine with me. I wish that more norwegian bands could propose us such quality stuff! Price is 10 euros (postage included), and watch out ‘cos AUDIOPAIN just released a split vinyl with MYSTICUM (yeah they are still alive!).
Cuntact:  or Peter Berntsen, Elgtråkket 1d, 2014 Blystadlia, Norway.


AVATAR (Romania) Cyclops Demo Cdr'05.
It begins like complex thrash metal taking it the quite technical and quite ‘original’ way… But then the vocals appear and some powercore and quite gothenburp influenced riffs show their lying faces… What the fuck?
It didn’t begin in a bad way, and the musicians seem to have a quite good technical level… some thrashing riffs from here and there doesn’t sound bad… But all these neverending changes of style that explore all the modern mellowdickality of the current gothenbourgish gayness don’t sound cool… and some powercore/ metalcore don’t sound cool! ARGH!!  Give me a break!
Ok, I have to admit some melodic death/ black riffs don’t sound bad, it’s not so far from DECAMERON/ old DISSECTION… but too many gayness, almost nu-metal influenced Powercore and strange melting of various comes in there! This promo obviously didn’t fall in the right ‘promotion bag’ since I don’t think NUCLEAR BLAST is a good label… But even on an objective point of view, I can say there are problems in the songs’ structure and the whole “ kinda ” lacks of unity.
Average. Mixing every current metal styles that might appeal isn’t necesseraly the right solution.


B.S.D (Fra) Trauma Demo'05.
When you read some of these promotional webzines and the honeyful comments of their pet-groupies, you could imagine B.S.D is something almost ultimate... We are far from this! It's only quite 'decent' and average death grind with strong deathcore influences! Nothing intense, ass-kicking nor extreme as fuck! (Balancez la sauce et la purée! Pas les restes lyophilisés...) There are your usual over-fucked Cannibal corpse riffs, few guitars reminding of Bolt Thrower, some Dying fetus, and some Deathcore bands I don't give a drowning fuck about! The drum playing lacks of brutality!
I haven't much more to say: it's more or less correctly played death grind, with about 50% of deathcore (Taking in account the amount of deathcore stuffs, I think this demo was promotionally mistargeted!). Nothing special to stand out from the average kind of average demos. It lacks of surprises and subterranean devouring brutality!
To be honest, my review might have been a bit more positive if the band was totally obscure, but my approach was targeted by the legions of cock-suckers and their uncontrolled flows of brainless honey that put my expectations quite high! Deception could be felt, and no skullfuck occured.


BANISHER (Pol) Human sacrifice Demo CDr'06
BANISHER comes back with a new demo, and the improvement compared to the first one can be felt, at various brutal levels.
The bands style practices a mixture between technical death, brutal death and older death metal touches... Guess how it sounds like? You could hear DEATH (Rather the "Human" era, for various reasons), some CANNIBAL CORPSE (Especially the nicely flowing "The bleeding"), some BROKEN HOPE (Last albums, when they were technical), some early NECROPHAGIST (Demo + 1st album)... While one could happen to think about other bands that might not have been influences, for example GOROD/ GORGASM (Fra), touches of TON (The once great "Point of view" Demo tape) etc... I'm not there to flood you with my "knowledge"...
The whole is neat, correctly played (And some technical moments are quite skillful), nicely articulated (You know, when all the infected bones of the skull more or less fall in the right order)... So, it seems some brewers of agony will ask me if this demo is fucking perfect, beerfect and erotosensational! I have to answer: No dudes, because some improvements could be brought at some levels, such as: More urge of stress (With riffs that burn like hell!), a bit more fast parts/ brutality to bring more hatred, a bit more face punching surprises, and more songs (Because this promo is only 2 songs long)... But I guess it has quite good aaaarguments to please fans of Death metal who like it quite technical. The next step for BANISHER would be to intensify the feeling and find riffs that really burn like a fucking branding iron.
Keep tuned?


BEAST UNDERNEATH (Swe) Untitled Demo CDr'06.
The beast that slowly grows under and inside isn't massive and unleashed yet, but a review is possible.
This is a new, two dudes' band, who plays fast and quite obscure Death metal that would rather remind of MORBID ANGEL (Fast moments of "Domination" or "Covenant") with some NILE, usual and not-especially-American brutal Death plus Finnish doomy Death touches (On the 3rd and last song).
A part of the heavy "brutal Death" riffs is too basic and wastes the atmosphere of "evil" brutal Death metal parts, especially in the first song.
For a beginning it's no bad, it shows the band has a cool taste for Death metal... But more surprises and work on riffs would help to reach a cooler level, and maybe to attract the attention of our primal instincts, if a deep deadly inspiration appears (I think it's not impossible)... Because if the inner instinct doesn't vibrate your doom, I see no real use on a Death metal point of puke! A real drummer would help to gain "supportablism" from underground Death metallers. Shake the beast, now.


BETHOR(Gre)/ MOLOCH(Ger) Split tape'04. UNHOLY Distro.
BETHOR plays obscure Black death metal with deep death metal vocals emerging straight from a mysterious cavern! It's great to scream your hatred and anger in deep karvens! Hell yeah! KAVERN KROMAG FUKKED UP! Imagine a softer early DARKLORD that would take a not so heavily riffing approach, with hints of mid old EMPEROR from here and there ("Equilibrium" album, but not as enjewelled and compex), and almost Death metal riffing touches that could evoke the viciousness of old DEICIDE, and you have a nice picture of it. I like when the band is fast, obscure, and sounds almost like an infernal machine of molestation, unfortunately the most atmospheric keyboard ridden or slower riffs take a quite important place in there... and it wastes the intensity of what could have sounded much more inhuman and bestial! I expected more brutality from the tracks following the first one being the faster and most mystically growling.
All in all, a cool but average part of the split. It might please the big black metal fans, but much more is possible for BETHOR.
How to describe MOLOCH? Well, it could sound like a mix of fast drum-computers, strange "grim" guitars that happens to sound like noise, and pitch shifted vocals.
There are interludes between each tracks.It's for sure strange sounding, and it could have turned into something funny à la DIABOLO RISING, but unfortunately it rathers sounds like a failed end of week end project, and I must say it's not for me at all! Very average. (Who said S....hut up).
Conclusion: It would have been better to hear more songs of BETHOR, instead of the strange end of week end project MOLOCH did.
Ok, it's possible to listen only to the first part of the split and consider the tape as a single demo, but in this case it would be a little short... More hell!!
UNHOLY Distro c/o Elias Siatoynis, Titanon 10, 16777, Helliniko, Athens, Greece.


BEYOND DEATH (Bol) Mas alla de la muerte Demo tape'05.
We won't ride into glory today.
BEYOND DEATH plays rather slow, generic, boring Death metal and really has problems to offer something interesting.
This is too simple and cliché, this sounds asleep and lacks of energy most of the time... There's a bit of thrash and black metal...
According to the style, I'd be tempted to try them with early ASPHYX in mind, but there are no real possible comparisons and no real feeling escapes... According to the "speed", some might be tempted to approach this demo with a doomy state of mind, but there's no doom or depressed feeling, it's only slowed down...
The vocals are a bit better than what remains.
It's just another very average slow Death metal band. Only for those who are almost asleep or need to own every Death metal demo...


BIOPSY (Chile) Demo-stration of the morbid brutality Demo tape'05.
Even if this Chilean band might have a sarcastic will to dissect the living (See "Biopsy") we remain over the surface, without anything catchy or blasting the putrid skull.
BIOPSY plays something between "old school" brutal death and some old death metal. One could think about early DEATH, MASSACRE, very early SUFFOCATION, few heavy BAPHOMET and stuffs of this kind... Some bass lines sound nice, as it differs a bit from the guitar playing... But the old brutal death parts are just usual, and lack of stressfucked brutality or relentless will to kill! And the old Death metal parts only follow some old clichés, and lack of morbidity. It lacks of craziness or ferocious skills!
Nothing for maniacs and tireless seekers of underground madness! This is just another average/ very average demo.
c/o Juan J. Cortez B., Av. 2 oriente #4767, REINAMAR, IQUIQUE - CHILE.


Here's the new release of BIRTH DECLINE, a Brutal death band from France.
I must say the band has improved since their previous demo; the style is now a bit more Brutal death like while they were rather into death grind with some technical parts. Of course it's American Brutal death influenced (old Cannibal corpse) with tremolos, blasts, groovy rythms etc... They remind me also the first albums of INHUMATE and BRUTAL TRUTH. The style is a bit more direct than on their previous demo, but there are still some filler riffs and their tracks' structures could be more surprising! There are some cool ideas from here and there, if they'd take some time and make an effort to keep the best of the best riffs and ideas, the tracks would be more impressive!
So, it's an Ok/ average side with some cool ideas! BIRTH DECLINE evolves in the right way: the way of BRUTALITY!
I didn't pay much attention to EREKTION because of their band's name that let me imagine some pornogrind noise. But this isn't the case, this French band which take part two ex members of HERETIC (Fra) plays somekind of Brutal death. Their music is quite raw, blasting and heavy as it may sound like a mix of CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEVOURMENT... even if the style is American influenced, there's an obscure touch in their stuff that may evoke GORGUTS, IMMOLATION (?) and the previous releases of MORGUE.
Well, nothing that really branded my putrid brain, and some outstanding or catchy riffs are lacking: it sounds brutal, obscure, and evilly discarding but some vast pillars of sanctified agony are needed to emerge from the abysses of the endlessly damned mortals, and brand their name with evil words on the book of the damned! The mighty book of DEATH on which are immortalized the most obscure Death metal entities, with black blood on human skin pages.
An Ok side for EREKTION, but I need more from their inner petrified torture and bestial agony to be impressed!


BIRTH DECLINE (Fra) Biomechanoid deathstrike Demo CD'03.
Locked in fukk and putrid death, the 3-headed deer-drinker can now restart his fave activity: ingurgitating the mighty golden beers from hell!! Ways more demos to cum and drink, much more beers to fukk!
Locked on the Beerperverted Kuntophiliac phantasmatron! Only beer shall prevail in these lands of desolation! All hailz the putrid beer!!
Your beerfukk reviewer ever wrote Thc-teased lines on BIRTH DECLINE's recent split with EREKTION, but well... beer keeps flowing!
What you have here is Death grind with nice punching parts. You are a beer junky!
Of corpse some American influences can be felt, so CANNIBAL CORPSE, some old DEICIDE and some DYING FETUS can be felt in this beer, that beer and this putrid beer! This is correct stuff in the alcoholic style, nothing to tease a beer of the mutilated nor desecrate the tomb of the putrid beers, but there are some nice regurgitations of rancid alcoholic guitars from here and there!
You are a beer junky!
Of corpse there are lower and more flat moments that makes the beer taste like water, but you are still free to drink another beer! (It's also true some riffs could be energetikally amplified! Inject some goddamn beer and vodka in your guitar players! Force them drinking the blood of Backus until vomiting death! We need death metal on the edge of the burning nerve!)
Few more names for the alcoholic matter: Kronembourg, Pelforth, 1664, well... MACHIAVELIK, old SOILS OF FATE, DISGUST, old INHUMATE, some HATE ETERNAL and possibly some old DETERIOROT.
BIRTH DECLINE keeps on progressing and I think they'll probably be a cool band to check live for putrid beer drinkers! Cool artwork by the way. (Beer!)


BLACK BLEEDING (Bel) The Awakening Demo CDr'05.
This band is pretty interesting. This 5-tracks demo (plus live shots) displays some competently executed material with a solid, bass heavy sound rooted in the euro death metal traiditon, but with riffs and melodies that mostly belong  to the early 90s scandinavian black metal scene. In a way, one could say this band brings the best of 90s BM without the moronic clichés that eventually killed this scene, song titles like ‘One with the universe’ or ‘Proxima Centauri’ reminding me of the spacey, sublime epicness developped by Emperor between 1992 and 1997, especially the final keyboard outro very reminiscent of Emperor’s most atmospheric moments, but with the raw edge and somewhat more conventionnal chord progressions of the early Enslaved. All this is backed with death vocals and drums, with no keyboards, which makes the whole stand out of the BM boundaries. Also, and despite its rawness, the overall sound is very clear and intelligible, not like most classic BM demos where guitars are drowned under oceans of distorsion and white noise. All in all this band is promising, if they get rid of two weak points : in their search for brutal epicness, Black Bleeding tend to forget a good riff repeated too much times can lose its impact and cause attention loss to the listener, and two, the drums and bass tracks lack presence on this recording. Regrettable, since the bass brings nice harmonies well combined with guitar more than with drums, and adds a heavy metal groove to the whole. As for drums, they sound very good for fast parts, but seriously lack heaviness and presence for the mid paced passages, while they could add a more warriorish feel to them. Still an underground stand out though. Waiting for a confirmation. T.G.


BLACK MASS (Usa) Hymns for the sabbat Demo tape 2004. ANCIENT SPIRIT TERROR.
The first listenings will let you superficially hear some demonicidal ripp convulsing evil black death metal with soundalike debauchery à la old ARCHGOAT, and regurgitating avulsing influences of old BLASPHEMY, plus old influences from the past of American obscure death metal in the vein of some heavy INFESTER, or old and raw INCANTATION.
In fact, the strong similarity with ARCHGOAT could surely come from the deaf production, the suffocated evil atmosphere, and vocals (That could sound like an early CARNIVORE who would have eaten putrid loads of rancid cadavers until stomachal death!).
The first listenings are nice, and we aren't so far from a nice self-devouring embalming... But more listenings are enough to realize these songs lack of energy. It remains conveniently in its atmosphere, without a will to reach intense and perturbating picks of sarcastic dementia!
Yes, after a while a bunch of the riffs will sound average; and turning your corpse inside out in your maggoty coffin won't change much more.
This tape is some kind of cool demo for big underground fans of ancient cults, and especially big maniacs of old ARCHGOAT. Only for cadaveric suffocated grave diggers.


Fucking shit! I ordered this demo in a very underground distro who compared this boring "satanic" crap noise to SADISTIK EXEKUTION! I said "Argh!" and thought it could be a cool chaotic idea to order this crap... WRONG!! Brutal fucking deception! This pure crap of BLACK PUTRESCENCE has almost nothing to do with fucking Sad Ex! It's only boring low skills "Raw black" that could eventually sound like some early BEHERIT noise, but only worst! The "musicians" have almost no idea, nor skills, nor any sense of decent riffs!
This is ultra low in the water closets, and this shit even do not have any excremental substance! What the fuck is that??!
What about the hellish and doomed slow riffs, the disjoncted agonizing screams, the impressive chaos and the good technical skills of Sad Ex??? This teenage crap has absolutely nothing of it! Neither any decent quality of the extreme that's meant to crush the weak and rejoice the death heads who need it brutal and fucking burning! Boring noise made by bored teenagers for bored teenagers! What's the fucking use??
The cover drawing and some screams could tastes quite evil for some, but it's not bloody enough to have a decent review here!! It even won't scare the angelic flies drinking honey in heaven! What the fuck is that?? SATAN BRUTALLY DISAVOWES BLACK PUTRESCENCE!!


BLACK TERROR (Cze) Chaos Demo CDr’03.
All these countless crap quality projects start to be more than boring! What you have here is nothing more than noise Black metal à la KRIEG. There's a drum machine... and crappy guitar parts that sounds like if there are no riffs! Unfortunately these teenagers have nothing better to do and I'm forced to review this weak bad copy of VONDUR! The only good choice is to AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!


BLOOD CULT (Usa)/ RADEMASSAKER(Ger)/ CHEMIKILLER(Usa) "The Anti-Posers Unite!" Split CDr 2003. MORBID SOULS.

This output is quite old, but nevertheless I decided to review it here and now, even despite the fact that I guess that not too many copies of this limited to 100 CDs only release is still available… Anyway, for real underground maniacs this three-way-split could be ok as there is one good act featured as well as two more or less mediocre / superfluous bands. BLOOD CULT offer harsh and fast Black Metal with some weird tunings and ideas, at least the guitars should have sounded a bit more comfortable! The vocals and also some riffs even remind of the infamous ORDER FROM CHAOS, but for the moment BLOOD CULT are far away from being able to continue what this legendary group once left behind. – There are better acts around these days, I just think of i.e. DAWN OF AZAZEL or WARKULT. However, the following RADEMASSAKER come up with some tunes of morbid, ancient Death Metal that only lacks a fine production. I already reviewed these tracks some time before, so I won`t mention too much now. As for the moment, I have to say that RADEMASSAKER`s newer songs are way better than these already fine tunes! Let`s see, what we can await from this German maniac(s) in future…! CHEMIKILLER offer quite ordinary and useless Thrash Metal that is mainly midtempo-oriented. The music of this act simply cannot offer anything special, the three songs here are well-played, but very uninspiring… Anyway, just ask the label if there are still some copies of this CD left to buy: Morbid Souls, PO Box 204, Louisville OH 44641, USA. Website:

                                                                           Christian Wachter


(Fin) Monumental massacre Demo CDr'05.
Most of this demo lies in mid-placed and old styled Death reminding a lot of BOLT THROWER ("The IVth crusade" and "For victory...") with touches of GRAVE ("Souless" and "You'll never see..") and early DISMEMBER.
Correctly played and produced (with a kinda Swedish sounds) old styled death metal.
But an improvement would be welcome for some vocals (Deeper and catchier) and I don't like the kinda core influences in the second song (That doesn't sound like death anymore coz of these chords).
Notice the 3rd and last track is faster, between death metal à la early ENTOMBED/ DISMEMBER, mid old HYPOCRISY and some Deathrock... A shame the main vocals aren't deeper (It's only thrashy).
All in all it's a decent demo, it might be cool for big fans of BOLT THROWER... I'd prefer it with more explosive death and energy.


Pretty nice sounding blasting brutal death demo. It would sound as a mix between US Brutal death and some more old school focused riffs. Understand it can remind of early SEVERE TORTURE, old DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, BAPHOMET (R.I.P), or old VADER (for more or less cool moments).
After a putrid while, the intensity of each track has a tendency to decrease because of average or quite floating riffs that ring the bell of 'Ever heard' in my skull; and some structures could be reworked.
The drummer has a nice brutal style and seems ready for the feast of skillful brutal drumming.
For what I guess is a first demo, it doesn't sound bad, even if it's average. Good production, decent musicians, and cool ideas from here and there... but it can be better!
I'd advice BLUSTERY CAVAET to work on the efficiency & structures of their songs, to offer something more intense next time, because some riffs from here and there are really cool. Good luck!


BUNDER NEKROMUNDA (Pol) Songs of filth and deviation Demo'03.
This polish band is a new outfit who chose to evolve between Grindcore, Goregrind, Brutal death and few Hardcorish patterns. The music has nice moments in the old school Grindcore style (à la Terrorizer/ early Napalm Death), while some quite depressive/ doom death guitars doesn't sound bad, but unfortunately B.N fastly turns into a rough band who would need to shorten and work on their average compositions. Their music could sound like some DEAD INFECTION, newer SQUASH BOWELS, HAEMORRHAGE... and possibly some PURULENT SPERM CANAL, old CBT or old MALIGNANT TUMOUR... the quite vicious high pitched screams on some parts sounds like those on FILTH's Demo'95... but unfortunately not much stands out. They chose to cover CARCASS ("Genital grinder"), BRUTAL TRUTH ("Stench of prophet") and GUT ("Anal sushi").
At least this demo recorded live in a studio doesn't sound too bad for what it is. Even though not much people would enjoy this demo apart from obscure underground grinders, the band can improve! So wish them some intensively improving rehearsals! Arbeit schnell!


CADAVERIC INCUBATOR (Fin) Resurgence of morbidity Demo CDr'05.
Previous members of DEEP RED decided to resurrect from the ashes of nothingness to play it putrid and disgusting... à la early CARCASS.
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR sounds more crepitating and purulent then the quite many current CARCASS clones, but that might be a matter of production since these Finnish Death metal heads chose to record and execrate in an (almost) old sounding demo way. (Keep in mind the too powerfully and clear produced isn't able to rot!). Some quite chaotic leads and blasting shooting stars of frenetically ejected pus sound cool, but the whole don't touch the inner maelstrom of your vominous convictions; it remains cool. The fast and blasting parts would probably sound cool in the hears of a decrepited sarcastic (old) CARCASS fan ("Reek of putrefaction" with the worked aspects of "Symphonies of sickness", but I feel some mid placed or heavy parts would need to be reworked to make sure the putridity emanates stronger from the rancid pussy compost.
The band has just signed to RAZORBACK Recs; hope it won't be too much too soon and they'll have the time to macerate and purulate the cool potential of putridity currently nauseating the 12:48 minutes of this demo; because they seem able to record more than just another cool CARCASS clone album if they have the time to develop the putrid. But if they rush the maceration, I'm afraid the putrid beer won't be that tasty.


CARMINA (Fra) Demo 2004.
I didn't expect that kind of death metal from CARMINA, especially when you take in consideration former members of ANANDA (A great hardcore metal band. R.I.P) are a part of this new obscure deadly reincarnation! Raw and obscure Brutal death metal along the lines of IMMOLATION and INCANTATION ("Mortal throne...") with a bunch of really heaviness and a quite destructive power amplified by a raw production! Some bestial fukkers of deads will also find face crushed similarities with CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Gallery of suicide") for some punching beats and blood-soaked harmonies while DERANGED ("III") can be detected for the raw simple style. Some riffs keep an early emocore and depressed side ANANDA once had. This isn't very original, nor that much personal music, but who gives a fuck since CARMINA flies above the vast lakes of stagnant putrid shits! So visit their website and download these 4 tracks before you'll be devoured by your own voracious vaginal cancer! Fucking moron!


CARNAGE (Usa) Live tracks 2005.
The sound is fucking raw, but you can't reproach them since it wasn't released...Héhé.
Brutal death metal à la early CANNIBAL CORPSE (when the band was playing splatter death gore!). The drums are for most following the typically old school Death metal rythm (chuga chuga) with some mid-placed patterns. The whole seems Ok, even if good tightness lacks! Some high pitched screams sound strange and the leads might need to be rearranged as well.
This is a live recording with a very average sound, I don't understand half of the riffs...  But the band seems to be kicking enough to be a quite cool splattering live outfit of gore. (At least the crowd doesn't seem to disagree...). Not original at all, but I think with a real sound, some intense rehearsals and a real band name (Don't blaspheme the cult "CARNAGE" monicker and find your own!) they might record a cool demo with some decent 'Rotting energy'!


CARNAL RAPTURE (Ita) Promo 2004.
I was afraid of the content when I received this demo: the cover looks rather uninspiring, and the band name is common... The same doubtful feeling isn’t change during the first seconds... But finally this demo isn't so bad, this isn't the ultra common Death grind I expected. What you could hear is somekind of techno death metal with loads of jazzy and complex influences that would remind nothing more than the good old ATHEIST! (Between the 2nd and 3rd albums). Not much fast or real Death metal parts could be found since C.R. focuses on the mid placed or slow "original" parts. Some CYNIC could also be heard, not much for the vocals that sound like somekind of deeper pitched  ATHEIST, but for the guitars.
I can't say much more since I'm not a big fan of the style; this demo sounds decent and the musicians know how to handle their instruments without sucking the dustsoil, but I didn't hear catchy riffs or melodies that brand your brain and haunt you until flesh sadistfaction. All in all, an average demo that might please the big fans of the bands mentioned before. But I need deeper feeling and emotive ideas to be turned on! As always, try few Mp3s and make your own mind (if you have one). I didn't feel much emotional, sounds rather like a decent demo to listen on a cerebral point of view.


CARNEUS (Swe) Heaven is painted in gore Demo'04.
Old sounding blasting Death metal with strong "Harmony corruption/ Utopia banished" reminiscences,  as well as more old school Death metal patterns that could remind of early DEATH ("Leprozy"), few early MORGOTH and early BENEDICTION ("Subconscious terror").
Nothing stands out from the whole, and face it: it's average! But I like their influences, and the guys seem to decently handle their tools of sarcastic torture. The vocals are the quite too usual low screams. In some heavy riffs they succeed in re-creating the boredom of BENEDICTION's first Lp "Subconscious terror", which is quite amazing! One could find other cooler influences such as old DEICIDE, early MONSTROSITY, old SUFFER (Swe), MASTER (On the 7th day...).. All in all, an average demo that won't soak my walls with blood, but CARNEUS might be a cool live band for Death metal fans, and they might have a potential of Brutal evolution. But they're currently only around the average.


CATALYST (Usa) Demo'04.
Sometimes a Mp3 stands out as a bright and golden piece of beauty from the rotten amount of dust-sucking putrid averageness that hits your mind in nauseous vomit! CATALYST is a cool band who performs some kind of technical Death metal with structural progressive touches, and everything from the good sounding music to the powerful sound were here for a stand out! A strong influence for this Canadian band would surely be DEATH's last releases, for several semi-melodic and technical reasons ranging around the Heavy metal, melodic and quite fast Death metal. Other similarities with CARCASS (Heartwork- heavy riffs), ILLOGICIST, few heavy NEVERMORE and CAPHARNAUM (well some guys from CATALYST played in there) can be drawn. The vocals are deeper than many DEATH influenced bands. The best way to analyze this 3 tracks demo would be to divide it in 3 different pieces, one member for a track.
The first song of dismemberment is the best one since it sounds well inspired for most of the well balanced and arranged riffs. The thing evolved nicely between beautiful sounding riffs à la "Symbolic", faster parts of thrashing tech death, blasting death grind rage and heavier death metal moments à la DEATH.
The second song of soft quartering is a more common piece of technical/ progressive death/ heavy. Eventhough it sounds ok, it's not that entertaining.
The third song of defibrillation quite follows some ideas of the opening dismemberment, it's a bit more entertaining than the previous and second piece of meat (understand: my flesh bleeds), but it isn't as cool as the opening song that half-penetrated the intramuscular.
So what you have here is a cool professional demo that will likely please and enjewel a couple of many sorrowful minutes in the existence of some DEATH fans! Not for real and putrid Death metal fans, that's clear, but it's clearly outstanding from the deeply under the average averageness! I guess CATALYST won't have much problems to find a deal, if they aren't already in a recording studio! HéHé


CAUSTIC STRIKE (Swe) Straight down the drain Demo CDr'05.
The Swedish thrashers LEPROZY changed their name for CAUSTIC STRIKE and recorded this second demo with a cover evoking the mighty NUCLEAR ASSHOLE! (Ahr!). So you already know what to sexpect: Thrash metal.
Neat Thrash metal with a strong bay area influence, plus reminiscences of old MEGADETH, old EXODUS, early METALLICA (When this name still meant something) among the living influences of others thrashers. My copy of the demo includes a cool DEATH ANGEL cover (not noticed on the track listing).
The cool sounding vocals of Olof (Isn't it a Viking name?) and a bit of the music reminds me of something like old... FORBIDDEN? Ahr!
Ok, this is neat thrash with nothing wrong sounding, but I think the LEPROZY demo had more little surprises hidden everywhere, while CAUSTIC STRIKE is more 'usual' and also simpler the "In your face" way... even if some cool riffs are there and the whole was produced in a better way, with more tightness...
I guess this newer approach will be more efficient live, but I hope they won't totally forget the "Complex thrash speed" touch they had with LEPROZY.
Anyway, a cool demo for big fans of thrash whose minds are trapped far behind 2006... TRAPPED UNDER ICE!



CERVICAL GAG (Usa) Demo'03.
Here's a very new band I've just discovered thanks to Mp3. It's their fist demo that has a raw/ almost rehearsal like sound. The music is an American Brutal death metal with some blasts, but surprisingly enough it's not so fast (mostly mid placed). Their riffs didn't turn me on, it's your very common average Brutal death riffs! The point that quoted my attention is a nice drumming style with cool Brutal ideas. The grunted vocals that sound almost goregrind like by moments are Ok. A bit more tightness and a brutal lifting would be a nice thing for this band. Fuck: sometimes I don't understand the riffs due to the poor sound...
Nothing special here, it's average/ very average, but their tracks aren't badly constructed (try to compress more your shit!) and they sound like some demos bands who turned into something better later. Good luck guys!


CESSPIT (FRA) Demolition factory Demo CD'02 Autoprod.
This French band plays some Death Thrash metal with vocals à la SIX FEET UNDER (First album).
A bit of old NUCLEAR ASSAULT can be spelled for typical Thrash metal riffs mixed with double bass drumming and a little Hardcore touch somewhere in the spirit. Other old forgotten (?) bands I'd like to quote while listening to their music are HIRAX (still alive!) and D.B.C (=Dead Brain Cells). But there is of course some SLAYER ("South of heaven") touches in some riffs.
Notice there are some a bit Hardcore like vocals here and there, while some mouth's appearances are more screamy.
A few SEPULTURA's "Roots" influences for some heavy riffs and some discording high tuned moments directly influenced by GODFLESH. One may also notice some little DEATH touches for some more melodic riffs. Some tracks' articulation sounds a bit strange to me.
There some more mechanical a bit Indus like influences on the beginning of the "Cadaveric State" track, but then it comes back to their style mixing Death/Thrash and Thrashcore.
To conclude, all is correctly played, but I found nothing above the average in this demo (and some parts bored me). It may be a nice band for gigs.


CHAINS OF FLESH (Usa) Demo 2003
Hell! I thought the times of finding new cool obscure Brutal death bands from USA where over! But I was pleasantly surprised by this little Demo!
CHAINS OF FLESH plays obscure and heavy Brutal death metal in the way of SUFFOCATION ("Pierced from within"),  ENCABULOS ("Abandoning the flesh") and a little bit of INCANTATION. Nothing new, but there's an obscure mood in this Demo. The tracks are correctly constructed and it has its picks of heavy intensity! It's not your hyper-technical Death metal that goes everywhere! Quite hypnotizing darkened riffs with growls (that sound a lot like SUFFO) and a correct Drum playing, plus a cool heavy sound. Ok it sounds a lot like SUFFOCATION, some could even call them a clone band, and according to the overwhelming amount of US-style Brutal Death bands many might not be interested... But there's a cool mood here and the tracks sound honest. I think the fans of heavy and obscure Brutal death might find a cool Demo to drink a few beers and mourn on! Nothing exceptional, but CHAINS OF FLESH reminds me the nice Demos of some bands like ENCABULOS who did more powerful stuffs later...


CHAOSBREED (Fin) Unleashed carnage Demo'03.
What can we expect from a side project while many of these short length formations didn't offer something very convincing?
This project composed of SENTENCE, GANDALG (Nice Carnage shirt, but boring music!) and BLACK LEAGUE members was ever hailed by the press as a "Super Death metal band" even before a demo was recorded! Recognition helps! Anyway what we got here is s totally old school Death metal demo revisiting the Swedish scene of the 88-91 epoch in 3 quite nice tracks. It sounds a lot like old ENTOMBED, old GRAVE, old DISMEMBER, etc. You'll get the point if this is of your bloody interest.
This demo that's quite roughly produced (in the old Swedish way, but with less heaviness) also reminds me of GOD MACABRE. Nicely packaged tracks, but it lacks a deep feeling of total destruction and crushing hatred to distinguish them from the actually emerging horde of old school Death metal bands.
Some cool listenings for the fans of the old school!


CHOKING ON BILE (Fra) Disgruntled Demo’04.
Just another French Brutal Death band that tries to play it brutal… but fails! Because the guts aren't there!
Even if it sounds US Brutal death influenced, quite a lot of riffs sound like old INCANTATION... but the whole sounds quite flat, everheard and unsurprising! (These fucking easy Brutal death riffs every US Bands already played and abused...)
The vocals happen to sound quite cool, when a lot of echo makes it sound like old DEICIDE, but there are also a lot of water plunging grunts and other squeezing frog-kills... that sounds uncool!
The drum-machine gives a little C.U.M touch... but all in all it's far from behing enough to keep maniacs of brutality receptive!
Just another band who tries to play the brutal game, but even didn't succeed yet (!) to kick our ass a little bit... Between the average and very average. It sounds too lazy and comfortable to kill!


CHRISTICIDE (Swe) Apex of negativity Demo'04.
It's a so fucking long time I didn't hear a self-pleasing Black metal demo I unconsciously began to abjectly think about all the crap circulating in the Black metal scene, some sulfuric urges of hatred almost began to disguise my brain with "Why the fuck am I sharing all these mediocre black metal demos in my distro?... ". It only seemed worst and worst, expect for few cool demos such as the ones of VINGDAR or FERA, but it remained worst and worst anyway... Until the motherfucker of CHRISTICIDE phoned me to offer a trade of demos! (It actually seems unthinkable to receive a phone-call of a guy you don't know... especially when all the email shit is faster than your brain... but it's bloody old school and I like it! Ah!) And finally I'm there listening to their cool demo that transports me in a Black metal pasts, when everything at least seemed more pure!
What you have here is raw Black metal in a quite old Norwegian sense of the word, but it's not abusively voluntary fucked up, nope, the guys rather seem to have a simple, cold and fresh feeling that could remind of the very early EMPEROR days (Without keyboards, but with some melodies), with some old HORNA and few other bands I unfortunately am impossible to remind as for now (but these where a part of the BLACKENED #1 and #2 sampler CDs).
The music of CHRISTICIDE also has strong IMMORTAL ("Pure holocaust") influences, even if it's not as darkened and if the stagnant obscurity doesn't embalms your mind that much. The vocals sound nice, sometimes remind of stuffs like HORNA with few old MAYHEM (Attila/ De mysteriis) and others... but don't ask for too much, I'm not a Black metal fanatic. Sometimes I don't like the way the drums blast (bassdrum and snare at the same time) it wastes the efficiency in my crucifucked hears. There might be a problem of length as some tracks might be a bit long, and it could be a good idea to rework some tracks' structures to be more surprising. The 3 rd track is the less inspired one.
To conclude, this demo isn't original, nor really killer, nor what you expect in your impossible dreams, but it sounds free from any gay influences of the "modern" pink-flowers-and-white-excrements-whorshipping-black-metal-scene; the band seems honest and plays it with enough feeling to entertain the non-black-metal-fan I am who enjoyed some fresh, darkened and pure stuffs from the 92-96 era. So if you feel like me, you might be interested in this winterizing and midly past-awaking demo tape.


CHTON (Nor) Chton promo 2003.
What you are actually reading about is a quite old school Brutal death band from Norway. Not much new school or American Brutal death influences can be found here since the music evolves along the lines of mid old MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, ASPHYX and IMMOLATION (in parts). Quite raw vocals with a satanic touch à la old DEICIDE. Some riffs almost tend to Black metal as few touches of old IMMORTAL or DISSECTION could be found. I don't like that much some aspects of the drum playing. Notice CHTON doesn't come from the North of France and doesn't play Cht'i Grindcore! It had to be said for some beer junkies.
The band sounds quite professional, and even if I would have needed deeply intense or catchy riffs, I think a lot of guys will dig it. CHTON has signed a deal with Retribute Records, so the interested individuals will probably hear about them.


Even though the cover of this demo looks crappy, in the vein of the cheezy drawings Mr. Chris Szpajdel once did in his fanzine SCEPTICORE (Hu hu), the metal of CHURCH BIZARRE isn't so bad. What you can hear after several horny beers is an evil melting of thrash and heavy metal with some early raw black death and some black metal! With strong influences of early DESTRUCTION meets early SARCOFAGO and other beer thrashing metal influences. It reminds me a bit of the 1st AURA NOIR CD, but I might be wrong.
Some riffs sound nice, some have a more usual taste. Most of the vocals are high-pitched screams. Notice a NUNSLAUGHTER cover entitled "Devil metal" that sounds better than the usual Nunslaughter craps. It's in the old metal tradition, nice for alcoholic fukkers!
This project of some VICTIMIZER musicians isn't really special, but I heard worst projects and it might be a cool item in a metallic collection of old school tapes. I found it nice to rest in the embracing waves of the golden beer with a CHURCH BIZARRE background :-) Quite average, but nice to 'rust in peace'.
c/o J. Pedersen, Fjordbyen 44, 9000 AALBORG, DENMARK.


COFFIN TEXTS (Usa) Demo'03.
Evil incantations emerging from the ancient forgotten tomb. Words of a deep occult sense meant to awake the undead from its eternal morbid rest. Old school is the style of COFFIN TEXTS who practice a Death/ Grind with many riffs reminding me of the early MORBID ANGEL's stuffs. Morbid sounding Death metal that also reminds me of SADISTIC INTENT ("Ancient black earth" MCD) for both the riffs and vocals, but also of ANGEL CORPSE's 2 first LPs. Exploding emanations of burning sulfur! Evil spells, fill the world with plague! You can read in hell and damnation this is fast tremolo driven death metal with many POSSESSED influences! Few 2 guitars melodies à la Trey Azagoth emerge from the deepness of a hellish pit! COFFIN TEXTS could also remind of INCANTATION (heaviest parts). Nice tracks with many variations. Cool drummer. Cool vocals.
This demo will be pretty cool for the fans of ancient satanic Death metal who need it obscure, damn old school and who still burn in hell!


COFFINS (Jap) Demo'03.
This demo might be of a mourning interest for those who cum on old AUTOPSY, early CATHEDRAL (demos) and the Deathpunk of ABSCESS! This is obscure and heavy crust influenced old school doom death, this is heavy, even in the midly seldom-fast parts! Some Melvinistic Doom-sludge riffs almost sound like "Acts of the unspeakable", it's totally heavy and monolithic (but the high-pitched epic stuffs aren't there). The "Tchuk-Pam Tchuk-Pam" beats especially reminds me the "Mental funeral" Lp for the stagnant heaviness. Most of the vocals are low pitched and almost gore death. This demo sounds average in my hears: it's quite too slowed down as fuck to kick my ass, and the overwhelming doomy riffs are too monolithic and simple to keep me in the crazy truck! (You got it, I'm bored). Those who like it Death, ugly, simple and heavy (even when it's faster) might be interested... but beware of the building-sized metal ball rolling behind you!


CONDEMNED (Uk) ...And that's how I found them Demo CDr'05.
This band coming from Uk plays an extreme metal that could be characterized as quite modern in structures, with not so modern musical influences for a good part of the nut.
You can find both death/ brutal death/ grind and 'newer' smoke or quite complex stuffs like CEPHALIC CARNAGE or DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.
I also heard some mid old DYING FETUS (For the technical touches and deathcore riffs), a bit of ORIGIN, some old CANNIBAL CORPSE, a bit of HATEWAVE (Demo), some EXIT 13, some old SANITYS DAWN (For the quite stoned HC side, blasting moments, and quite neat production), some SOILS OF FATE... etc!
The songs are generally quite varied and contain quite a lot of riffs, some have fucked up moments with complex structures that makes it quite crazy.
I found both some good, quite good, and common or too usual stuffs... For example some smoke stuff sounds cool, some blasting patterns sound quite intense, some tech-death is neat... But some brutal death (A la Cannibal C) is fucking usual, and some mid-placed to slow patterns are doing nothing of a nut for me...
I think CONDEMNED might find a good way if they choose to evolve in their most crazy, blasting, brutal death and smoke patterns, because some ideas are not bad at all, and so they could become something more than just another average band with good ideas from here and there... They could write entirely cool and crazy songs, I think they are able to do... Might be nice, huh? It might be the right time for a crazy lifting and brutal retargettng dudes!


CONGENITAL HELL (Jap) Into The Doom Demo CDr'05.
Fellow Gab knows I have a thing for weird Japanese extreme bands and keeps adding his latest discoveries to his promo sendings. This time we deal with a sort of doom/noise act with a live recording. As one could expect at this stage, the sound is downright awful, I have fan bootlegs of mid-80s thrash bands gigs that sound far better than this so it’s pretty much a shame. Besides the sound quality, the music isn’t great either. Admitedly I’m not very familiar with this genre, but what I hear on every song is the same riff repeated over and over, making a possibly good riff become totally annoying after 5 minutes. From time to time upper tempos appear, but it’s not enough to repress my envy of jumping right now to the next track, the latter having no more appeal than the previous one. The only weird thing on this CD, finally, is the vocals, since the core “music” is nothing but predictable. These vocals sound like guitar amp feedback and noisy larsens, rather than an actual human voice (even deformed), although one can recognize harsh screams from time to time, heavily buried in the “mix”. Or perhaps these sounds are actually feedback noises, but I doubt it since a) the guitar riffing remains somewhat distinct, and b) how the hell can a guitar player produce feedback during the whole fucking set? All in all, I wouldn’t mind call this release (very) average, if it wasn’t for the stupid info on the sleeve, “limited to 666 copies” and “pay no more than $6.66”. If I was playing in a band and would release such a crappy demo live CD, I’d be ashamed to even consider selling it.
I guess this band is probably another bunch of “wannabe true” teenage retards and thus deserve limited attention if any at all.                                  T.G.


COPREMESIS (Usa) Demonstrating the Fist Demo'03.
Will you take another piece of pudding or do you prefer to drown in your moronic pseudo debauchery? You pudding head!
What you are offered for dessert isn't a bloody part of milk pudding, but a demo of COPROMESIS. Their style is Brutal death grind in a more or less American way: the pudding rice sounds influenced by bands like DEVOURMENT, ALIENATION MENTAL, old SKINLESS... The head in the punching pudding, you've understood it has a lot of blasts and breaks... lots of blasts and breaks... and some heavier parts... but unfortunately not much that turned me on! It might sound quite cool for Brutality devouring factories, but I need more! And I feel like it's not that tight by moments! To be tight to the point helps to impress the listener! The bloodpudding devouring vocals are nice! Quite goregrind like by moments! And it may sound like DEVOURMENT and the likes... Ok there are a lot of steak pudding riffs, and the pudding grooves correctly by moments... but it's only an Ok/ average demo in my opinion! It might please some maniac bloodpudding fuckers!


CORRUPT (Swe) Born of greed Demo'04. Tape rerelease. ZOMBIE RITUAL Tapes.
Torn two juicy cunts in half. Keep an old school half of thrash, an efficient half of death metal, mix it together, and bang your head motherfucker! Bang your head with the ripped cunts! Ahr Ahr!
CORRUPT is a cool Swedish thrash/ death metal band that sounds neat and has some cool ideas from here and there.
Their music can remind of SEPULTURA ("Beneath the remains"), old KREATOR, with a bit of old DEATH(early) or CANCER(old) and screaming vocals à la old Mille Petrozza (Who's that?)... There might also be influences of early MERCILESS (Swe), REPUGNANT or MERCYFUL FATE From here and there.
A part of the thrash metal riffs only sounds okey or nice, and some moments could sound a bit hesitating... what makes the power of CORRUPT are some double bass ridden moments that could even sounds like "hymns" in the spiked hears of deadbangers! At least it's catchy and could remind some old CANCER meets old SEPULTURA, as the double bass drums are tight and the vicious vocals describe a livid future being overdiven with nuclear atrocities!
Notice this tape rerelease contains an ok SLAYER cover ("Kill again")... (The initial CDr release I got contained a Mercyful fate cover)
All in all, it's an emotionally average demo. It's quite well built, neat and there are some good banging riffs from here and there, but there aren't many guitars to rip it in the guts, abort your unwanted baby, or to penetrate the hidden little box of timeless memories. So, it might be a worthy demo for deadbangers who need more and more metal to bang their heads, but nothing to emerge from the deep underground yet. I'm quite curious to follow the evolution of CORRUPT.


CORTEGE (Fra) Demo'99
With a so cliché band's name and cover, I was afraid of what this demo sounds like... and to be honest it remained about 3 months on the "must check it one day" pile of stuffs I hardly listen to. This CD is now in the HiFi system, I push the play button, I'm ready and my ears are prepared to suffer... What I hear is thrashy Black metal with funny high pitched vocals Dany from the Cradle of now buried trends used to do so much! They also own some Heavy metal touches or more melodic Doom parts à la ORPHANAGE, some riffs are just funny!  
Sounds too much happy for a metal release!!
Those who had some great time dancing disco on C.O.N.B.T ("Cradle of now buried trends") and other happy tending "Black metal" bands will find here another appropriate band to satisfy their need of disco dancing! Cerone and Boney M, better than never!


COLLISION (Hol) Promo 2003
Always searching for some Blasting Grindcore bands who have some impact, to put an hear on the Grind'n Thrashcore stuffs of COLLISION would be a quite clever idea! I had some cool gut splashing listenings with the 2 MP3s on their site, and I needed more blood! Ah! They have some fast Grinding blasts that are efficient and tight as fuck! It reminds me of PÏG DESTROYER's less chaotic moments as well as bands such as BIRDFLESH, MASTIC SCUM, BLOCKHEADS; straight to the.
But COLLISION isn't only a fast bastards' band as they have a bunch of heavier core riffs (I don't like it so much, some of it sound strange), plus some Thrashcore, Groovy-core and Crustcore stuffs!
Nothing really deep, but there's your share of aggression, screams and compressed rebellion to keep you alive! Skillful drummer, straight to the point! Nice tracks that aren't too much in the Grindcore classicism.
So you'll ask me: "Is it a cool Promo?". Yes it's cool! I don't know if their forthcoming full-length on BIZARRE LEPROUS will be as cool (Maybe too long?), but this promo will be listened to more than once!


COMATOSE (Philippines) Pure evil and blasphemy Demo CDr'04.
Even if their music isn't deadly successful, COMATOSE is one of the very few decent extreme metal bands I could find in the rats and Rip offs infested sewerage systems of this rotting country. I guess COMATOSE could be one of the very few real Death metal bands creeping in the deepness of Philipinese putrefaction, swarming between old styled Death metal and old school Brutal death, with cadaveric reminiscences of early DEATH, BAPHOMET, early DEICIDE, with some early HYPOCRISY and some JUDECCA.
the whole isn't that well played, some moments sound quite weak (Pedaling in the semolina isn't cool), lack of brutal precision, and there's absolutely nothing new... But I kind of appreciate their influences and a little old Death metal atmosphere emerging from the songs.
This will probably be located between the very average and average underground stuffs for many of the current pussy-embalmed hears, but I think this band can help to develop the philipinese scene... With more work! (Ps: They do not answer emails).


CONTORTED (Usa) Aftermath Demo’03.
Yes!! Here's the kind of demos I'd like to order more frequently since it's motivating my webzine activity! CONTORTED was formed by 4 musicians who were or are currently a part of BRUTALITY, but also DIABOLIC, EULOGY, EXECRATION and ASTAROTH! So you know what to expect Death fucking metal for alcoholic fuckers! Expect a very cool kind of Death metal meets Brutal death in the 90's Tampa vein! Of corpse some BRUTALITY can be found (Epic riffs, leads, brutal guitars), but one could hear some MONSTROSITY's 2 first Lps (For the riffing and brutal vocals) and some old CANNIBAL CORPSE/ old MORBID ANGEL. Overall the tracks are built on a fast and brutal carcass on which are nailed morbid pieces of a more worked on necroharmonic entertainment.
I noticed raw black metal riffs reincarnating under the Black mark of early DARK FUNERAL as well as some melodic death touches (à la mid old DEATH, DECAMERON and few IN FLAMES for example), but most of the music is 90's Death in its blasting or heavily brutal way.
"Aftermath" is a very cool demo in my opinion and I ever see a bunch of Death metallers rising up their beers in the name of CONTORTED!! But don't misunderstand my words. This is a very pleasant demo, not a really killer or innovative one. Just done with enough brutality, know how and variety to please a Brutal death fan the 90's way! I must say this Demo is far more impressive than BRUTALITY's last demo recording that remains weak in my ears! Needles to say I expect much more from CONTORTED than from BRUTALITY's come back!
CONTORTED has signed a deal with the polish label STILL DEAD Prods, so expect their album in few months of time if you are a Death metal fan who like it brutal and fast, yet with some class and melody!


CONTORTION (Swe) Forever suffer Demo 2006 CDr.
This is a neat mixture evolving between brutal death metal and older death metal influences, with a bunch of blast beats.
The whole is quite technical, but remains edible in a matter of basic listening.
The influences vary between quite modern brutal death (Spawn of possession, Natron), old Brutal death (Cannibal corpse, a bit of Suffocation, a bit of Sinister (Hate)), some almost evil or midly old styled Death metal (Morbid angel, few Hate eternal or stuffs like Koldborn).
It's well packaged, and the production fits well the criterias of the style (Clear and powerful). This demo is a cool item to listen, but there's unfortunately not much haunting the undead or being really particular... It might not be a problem for fans of the style who need it brutal and kicking with well built enough songs, but there are many bands working hard their fingers to kill the death metal fans, so a bit more guts and particularity could only help.
I hope CONTORTION will improve some aspects such as a burning atmosphere from hell, or a better logo (The current one is cheap) because they have good and quite strong basis.


CONVENT (Pol) Blessed among the flock Demo'04.
Brutality castrated. You fucking die under the angelic light. Tormented by vampirized angels and highflying frauds. Sterility. Loss of instinctive abilities. Purity deformed! Dead fukker in heaven!
Brutal death grind à la MORBID ANGEL/ DEICIDE/ HATE ETERNAL with touches of IMMOLATION! Impious! Impious! A nice dark mood of tormented ancient entities and sulfuric pestilence emerges from the morbid notes of this 3 tracks demo. The thing sounds brutal and quite professional, with a powerful enough and heavy production that has some abrasive guitars. Unfortunately there's nothing new here, what you hear is strongly influenced by the 4 bands quoted before, with tight as fuck abilities, but not much killer memorabilia that will hook your depressed brain until the final flesh feast!
This demo sounds cool, but if you're searching for fresh unholy ideas and humanity dominating cynical genius, this might not be the best choice. I heard a CONVENT track that sounded more brutally impressive, so I'm a bit disappointed.
This might be a cool demo for underground supporters of the unholy metal of death and chaos! A nice demo in the average filed to mourn on hallucinations and drink the black winds of cadaveric pestilence! Space in your face!


CORPSEFEAST (New Zealand) Brutal killings Demo'04.
What you have here is brutal death metal from the other side of this terminal phasis rotting earth: New Zealand! A country I know few braindeads about...
CORPSE FEAST's Brutal death metal is raw, not of the most technical kind, à la old CANNIBAL CORPSE, mid old DERANGED. One could hear few old school death influences in some leads and some riffs à la early DEATH. One could find touches of heavy Morbid Angel, few Black metal influences or possible similarities with SUHRIM, RELENTLESS and VICTIM (Ger).
While some riffs sound ok, some parts are stagnant and some heavier riffs aren't cool and even hesitating for some. (The first track is the best one).
I heard these riffs many times before, and there are lowers in Brutality, but CORPSEFEADT plays it decently Brutal enough to please those who like it as brutal as a big cock smash in their cheesy face!
Beware: raw and noisy underground production from the guts of the rotting earth! Average, with lowers, but brutally in the right way.


CREATIVE WASTE (Saudi arabia) Colonies Demo CDr'05.
Saudi arabia isn't only about praising Allah or beers without alcohol... There occurs to be a little something of extreme music, trying to exist between the heavy weights of the crushing mosques... And one of the hardly surviving bands is CREATIVE WASTE who practices Grindcore/ Death grind reminding me of BRUTAL TRUTH ("Kill trend suicide" for the production and music (But not as "epileptic")) or some ATROCITY (Usa) for a thrashy and almost grind punk aspect.
I don't like too much the vocals, because too much core in the corpse makes it too rigid and so harder to masticate!
The production is raw, the playing not the best but it could be worse.
I wasn't emotionally impressed by C.W., things still needs to be improved and masticated, until perfect regurgitation! But due to the poor health of their scene and difficulties to make something "Heretic" in there, it might be great to see them live for local bangers... Wish them good luck.


CREMASTER (Pol) Mineta Uhr Demo'03.
Eventhough I didn't notice that at the first listenings, because of the attractive big tits woman on the cover (if one can call these falling pieces of bread 'tits'), CREMASTER's music is inspired by NAPALM DEATH for the quite modern musical spirit this English band had few years ago. If you didn't pay too much attention to the big tits woman, you have probably understood CREMASTER plays somekind of melting between Crustcore, Grindcore, brutal death and some core stuffs emerging from lands unknown. The way the tracks are structured and the breaks could remind of our Napalm brothers, eventhough some other influences are there. All in all, this is varied stuffs too varied for me, coz sometimes we aren't far from Metal core or almost fusion jokes!). I can play the demo of CREMASTER eventhough it lacks of aggression, power, seriousness and explosive energy in my hears. I think it rather sounds like some convenient/ confortable stuffs, and you'd better agree with me or I'll have to personally rape your mother and kill your dog. This demo might turn on some guys, but I think it's too 'surfacial' as it was done with the brain and not much with the guts or deeper feelings. They probably had fun with it, I guess, but the big tits woman haven't taken control of their bodies to let them play convulsive hymns of castrated torture and other kinds of rancid assripping necroharmonies. (And it has too much funny moments for my tastes. Remember: Sex isn't only fun!). Between the average and very average in my opinion. Try it if you are very open minded, enjoy NAPALM DEATH ("Diatribes"), and need more underground bands... and don't dislike big tits of bread women ;-)


CRETIN (Usa) Extreme cretanic grindcore Demo'03.
CRETIN is the new project of some previous EXHUMED musicians, and what else could they play than Grindcore?? So you can hear blasting old school Grindcore à la old EXHUMED/ REPULSION/ NAPALM DEATH (F.E.T.O). Right to the point blasting raw Grindcore. Surprisingly there's not much Crust, and the vocals keep a clear edge à la REPULSION (No fucking gore for your babe!).
Finally there's nothing really killer, just correct blasting Grindcore the old way with correct and cool riffs. This demo sounds better than the average demos, if might be cool for old school Grindcore maniacs, but they could at least change their stupid sounding name, and at best inject the brutal power of early EXHUMED's destructive riffs! An average band with a large possibility of brutal evolution!


CRUCIFIRE (Australia) Unblessed unto hatred Demo'03.
Hellstorms war plague and damnation! ENCABULOS are back under a new name and with a new singer! The style of the band is still damn old school and fucking obscure but I can feel the appearance of even older influences of the 80's Death/ Thrash! Sulfur souls fume in gorgonish rejoice! Understand the style in here sounds as a mix of the "Abandoning the flesh" MCD of ENCABULOS (Obscure Brutal death with old DEICIDE, old BOLT THROWER, old INCANTATION vibes and heavy obscure riffs), but there are also few riffings emerging from the sulfurous past of the very first Death metal bands such as POSSESSED! A tremolo riff could make think of KRISIUN or SARCOFAGO.
The new singer (who is also a part of RANDOM VIOLENCE) has got a rawer voice than the previous one, he kinda sounds more like old INCANTATION.
Knelling before the chopped in half cunt, my conclusion will be I like this demo since it has a bunch of really heavy parts à la ENCABULOS/ old DEICIDE and epic Death metal riffs the ancient way, but to be honest I prefer the "Abandoning the flesh" MCD of ENCABULOS that sounded more deeply and sulfurously inspired, and more precise! But this is a quite good Demo the maniacs of old school obscure Death metal shouldn't neglect!


DAGGERSPAWN (Serbia) Promo songs CDr. 2006.
I got few songs of DAGGERSPAWN during a CDr trade, and I'm not sure if it's the "Suffering upon the throne of depravity" demo because this official release contains 3 songs while I got only 2, and the recording of these tracks sounds rather like a clean rehearsal/ 4 track recorder.
Anyway, let's review it and plunge the head in the deep underground again. Yes, plunge your head, because the production isn't so clear and powerful compared to the current standards of brutality, it needs a little adaptation.
What you hear is Brutal death meets death metal, following the ways of USBDM, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, old DEICIDE, with a bit of MORBID ANGEL, old SLAYER... The first song is fast and rather focused on US brutality (With blasts), while the second one is slower (Rather mid placed) and not so well built.
The band is not always very tight despite an apparently quite good technical level (And the drummer occurs to have blasting weakness)
These songs show DAGGERSPAWN is able to play, can find quite cool riffs and sound quite brutal, but they need to improve various things such as: A tighter playing, better song structures, a brutaler production... They are at the stage where various things can be improved. This might be a band worth the follow for Serbian fanatics of the brutal


DAS ÜBER EVILS (Swe) Bratwurst terror Demo'03.
Tapes are more and more rare! Hopefully I still have an old rotten tape played to listen to this raw demo!
Das Über Evils plays an old school raw and simple Death metal into the old swedish style! Understand it sounds like old GRAVE, old ENTOMBED and a bit of CARNAGE. There are not much sorrowful Swedish melodies of once, simple riffs that sometimes tend to Crust or grooves (à la "Wolverine blues"). It's maybe too simple by moments. They remind me also of ROTTREVORE and MURDER CORPORATION. It's an Ok Demo, nothing special nor killer, but I can play it. Some raw Death metal fans and ENTOMBED maniacs may find it Ok.


DATURA (Fra) Divine decay Demo CDr'03.
DATURA is a new band that was quite recently born from the ashes of DEATH CERTIFICATE, and their main technical lines of Metal tend to some kind of Melodic Death meets Thrashy Death and technical death in parts. The band is very influenced by DEATH's last releases and CONTROL DENIED's only album, but there are not much heavy metal influences here. Few Death grind touches can be found, and DATURA could sound similar to their metal neighbors of DUNGORTHEB by moments, even if they are less technical. Isn't there an evil zest of melodic DISSECTION by moments? Not much substance for your beer metal needs! Héhé
There are some cool riffs from here and there as this Demo is quite nice to listen to. The main problem of DATURA lies in the fact their tracks aren't built the best way: they should try to offer more surprising and efficient tracks' structures that would give some relief and emphasize some nice parts. Some riffs could be a bit more developed.
Most of the vocals are situated in the growling level of the horny pack of beer.
DATURA offers nothing original, not for their music, nor for their name (At least 2 metal bands used this moniker in the past), but this demo is cool enough to be pleasant for fans of the style and motivate the metal supporters! Last news: they are working out the compositions for a first album.


DAUNTLESS (Fin) Ruins MMIV Demo CDr'04.
Quite powerful and modern sounding Brutal death metal à la MALEVOLENT CREATION/ SUFFOCATION, with heavier moments of MORTA SKULD and COREified stuffs that could remind of new PYREXIA. The songs are correctly built to sound compressed, the musicians have nicely learnt their lessons in brutality, and the production is powerful (the quite modern way)... but my banging blastometer didn't detect really catchy riffs or hateful revelations, and it's a bit too core and modern for my hears. (As always, nothing new, but well...).
But it's a professional sounding and quite brutal demo that might (sexually) appeal to the fans of 90's US brutal death bands (à la MALEVOLENT CREATION) who aren't against a bit of modernity. Perfect for the local headbangers of the Finnish brutal moshipts!


DAWN BLOOD (Fra) Monolith Demo CDr'05.
Nice time to obliterate the vermin merely trying to enslave your pervert mind. Rise above the mundane parasitic ass-licking and open wide the legs of the petrified being burnt in intense consuming!
What you can hear on this demo can remember of old ANGEL CORPSE (For the black metal rawness corrupting the Death; even if A.C. was much more raw and reptilized), mixed with early DEICIDE's blasting moments, or some will to sound "evil" à la old MORBID ANGEL/ early CENTURIAN, with some old school Brutal death infection. The vocals would rather sound like some brutal deathcore à la DYING FETUS, a core touch is here... Well, I'd like it to be more extreme.
The band might be pretty extreme live, that's quite obvious, but I think with more time of intense rehearsals they could improve the intensity and bring more soarprizing stuctures. For a first demo it isn't bad. An evil lifting and more fuseblows will probably help them to destroy the granitic parasites trying to pervert our morbid need for pure fucking death! Nothing original and catchy for now, but traces of possible future well-thought apocalyptic compositions could be detected (Especially in the first songs). So, good luck DAWN BLOOD!


DAWN OF DEFIANCE (South america) Summoning death Demo’03.
Cliché cover. Very average music.
DAWN OF DEFIANCE plays somekind of slow/ mid placed Death black with strange vocals. These vocals seem to be sung, or dark, I don't know what... old SEPTIC FLESH like? The music is very average, lacks of energy, and the arrangements are boring! I eventually may quote a few bands' names: very old VITAL REMAINS for its slow parts and old ENTOMBED(??) for the same reason.
There are a drum machine, some cleaner arpeggio parts that make it even more flat. Very average stuff with no highlight not any peak of intensity. I found nothing interesting in these 2 tracks, not much to argue on, and I've nothing good to say about it?


DEADBORN (Ger) Decades of decapitation Demo'05.
Here's a nice demo that might turn on brutal death fans! Especially when you know there are two previous musicians of NECROPHAGIST in there. Blasting and quite technical brutal death with a small "melodic" touch à la early NECROPHAGIST/ SPAWN OF POSSESSION and technical guitars à la SUFFOCATION/ SINISTER ("Hate"). Some riffs happen to remind of NILE (1st album), or the mid-placed parts of CAPHARNAUM and ILLOGICIST. Powerful vocals. Most of the stuff is fast and blasting, some of these blasting stuffs are quite punching and impressive... but unfortunately some riffs sound too calculated and 'lifeless' while some tracks sound less interesting. After a while nothing much stands out from the maelstrom of technicality and brutality... does it lack of feeling? I don't know, coz some tracks have their share of efficient brutality!
Eventhough there are some nicely found riffs and the whole sounds professional as fuck, I wouldn't advice DEADBORN to other metalheads than the fans of brutal and quite technical Death. They currently lack the touch of genius that concludes it all and embalms the legions of death worshippers, but with more work on compositions they might really kick some ass, coz their best riffs are really cool!
Anyway I think this demo would have a good place in an underground brutal death collection. Good luck guys!


DEAD CONGREGATION (Gre) Purifying consecrated ground Demo Tape’05. NUCLEAR WINTER Recs.
Behind this old school blasting Death metal band lies the boss of NUCLEAR WINTER Records (Cool underground label with some real Death metal releases!). He already recorded a demo under the band name NUCLEAR WINTER... With this second demo improvements can be felt! The music is more intense and morbid! This sounds like a sulfurous carnal melting of mid old MORBID ANGEL/ FLESHTIZED with raw Black death part à la early VOMITORY/ ANGEL CORPSE, and a good bunch of mid-placed morbid harmonies à la IMMOLATION (that happen to be disconnected enough and ghostly flying in the vacant void of the necrosphere to be quite interesting).
They also sound quite similar to AMETHYSTE (Fra) or some INCANTATION. The drummer does some nice blasting stuffs on this necrokit made of skin and bones.
A shame the vocals aren't a bit more worked and personal, a shame some riffs lack the final touch of devilish banishment while some sound quite too everheard (last tracks), and in the second track, the drum-pattern of the concluding slow riff is ways too simple...
Don't misunderstand my tectonic words, this isn't the last bloody revelation of the year, but DEAD CONGREGATION does it with enough cool atmosphere, anger and know-how to be very pleasant! I wasn't bored at all, and this is only a demo.
So I can only say this band will be carnally promising if they keep on improving! A very cool tape for underground fans of the bands nailed in the initial scripture of debauchery... in putrefaction!


D.F.T.W plays a kind of American Brutal death I'm not fond of: it has a bunch of Ultra blasts! The kind of blasts that are too fast to beat the crap out of my ass! (Read blasts like DEVOURMENT or old BRUTAL TRUTH). Of corpse some heavier riffs and some more classically death grind parts are included, the vocals are quite growling... but I didn't find much catchy parts in here! It sounds quite brutal but I don't feel Brutality listening to the 5 tunes of this Demo! And some approximate parts could be thrown to dust!
The band sounds like CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth"), DEVOURMENT, MALEVOLENT CREATION, CINERARY, LIVIDITY... The production lacks of power, even though it has some heaviness... but it's rough and lacks of some clarity. ***Subliminal message: To increase your penis, decapitate 5 horny chickens and click here: *** They have some technicality, but they need to show some real brutality to interest more than some local fans! Between the average and very average in my opinion! MORE GUTS, PAIN AND BLOOD IN YOUR WORK!


DEATH HEAVEN (Ita) Viral apocalypse/ Premastering promo CDr'06.
This promo contains 3 tracks from the forthcoming album of DEATH HEAVEN that comes without the final mix.
Since Matteo promised to voluptuously suck my cock and lend me his girlfriend if I wrote a review about this CDr, I feel in a good mood to spill very good words! Underwear experiences are very motivating! Ah Ah
I can hear an improvement since the previous demo of the band, they're tighter and sound more professional. They still play a mixture between Technical death, brutal death and some older death metal ideas. I'm not so aware of what occurs in the technical spectrum of extreme music, but the influences of the band aren't thaaat modern so I can throw few soundalike names for those who want to have an idea: NECROPHAGIST (Old), ILLOGICIST (1st Album), SPAWN OF POSSESSION (First album, but less technical), MORBID ANGEL, DUNGORTHEB, FETOCIDE, NILE(Few), DEATH (Rather "Symbolic")...
Sometimes the riffs tend to some kind of deathcore/ thrashcore, I don't like that so much...
It sounds energetically fresh and professional, everything seem to be well built, the production is good... But in fact I didn't detect much really emotional to grab me by the nuts and bang my head on the table until the molested liquefied brain escapes the remain of the skull... It's the same problem for a lot of bands in the style: Everything seems right, professional and apparently alright for a great album, there's some kind of rage, but something burning lacks to motivate the evil lemmings to comeback...
I'll conclude it might be interesting for the fans of quite modern death metal who like it quite technical and varied.


DEATHEVOKATION (Usa) Blood Demo tape 2005.
After an old styled introduction, begins the tape.
The first song isn't bad, it begins as a doomy and death metal melting between the influences of very early PARADISE LOST, DEPRAVITY (Demo), old MY DYING BRIDE, old BOLT THROWER (Minus the blasts)... Some of the riffs from this mostly mid-placed and slow long song sound cool, in a quite mysterious doomy vein... Unfortunately some of the gutiars could have been mroe worked to reach more morbid evokation, and the drummer... He keeps on doing his convenient rythms that waste the morbidity! (Slow riffs need real slow drumming and tornado accelerations... Not your mid-placed and soft convenience!).
The second song is a bit faster and more thrashy, as it could remind of SADISTIC INTENT, old BOLT THROWER or some NECROPHOBIC, yet with the doomy death touch. Some riffs aren't bad, even if an injection of hateful revenge could turn the convenient listening into a nice headbanging.
The third and last song slows down to really revisit the doomy death metal, with reminiscences of early PARADISE LOST/ MY DYING BRIDE, with some MORGOTH ("Cursed") and accelerations à la old NECROPHOBIC. It sounds cool, ok, or too convenient or uncool; depending on the riffs...
All in all, the nicest sounding remains the quite mysterious doom elements as some of the Death riffs are too light or ever fornicated to crystal for my burning needs.
In my opinion, DEATHEVOKATION would rather please the fans of old styled doom or doom/ Death who don't dislike death metal, because it lacks of hatred, headbandning fast parts, crushing heaviness of tormented death and pestilencial morbidity for those who worship old school Death metal.
To conclude, this isn't bad, but it's not great either. Domestic Death/ Doom metal to spend decent moments of mysterious rest.
We need something more hateful and morbid to face all the morbid shits of this fucked up world! Some work is needed, I think if DEATHEVOKATION keeps the essential from their songs, work harder on the composition and kicks the ass of their drummer (with burning beers), then there's a potential to do something above the average.
Good luck, and next time show us the power and inspiration from the guts, if you want to rise above the legions of new-forming (trendy?) new school of old school Death metal bands...


DEATH CHURCH (Jap) Crushing the Dreams of Benevolence Demo'04. HELLWAR.
In the currently overcrowded battle of the noisiest raw black metal bands, some have lost more than their souls and spiked underwears! Not only the most shitty music has crossed the way of our Hi-Fi system, but also the most brainless, conceptless and talentless sheeps who finally would have never deserved to be heard! As always, a lot of crappy music is released, but in these case of noise raw black metal it might be even worse since their initial goal is to produce the most noisy kind of noise on a rotten tape recorder (I'm not talking about a 4 tracks recorder), so the result can only be worse. The case of DEAT HCHURCH isn't so desperate, since the band offers some decently noisy and listenable underground black metal, and I can understand some chopped in half brains dig their graves with this chaotic background. What you hear is blasting noisy black metal with hearable discordant riffs (so it's not pure noise) and screamed vocals of suffering reminding me of DARKTHRONE ("Panzerfaust"). The production is low budget, not too much/ DEATH CHURCH might eventually sounds like a softer version of CONQUEROR's demos, with some old DARKTHRONE, possibly the most rageful and fast parts of very old IMMORTAL, and few doomy death touches. In my uninterested opinion, this demo is just an average piece of noisy black metal the raw way, worst have been done but best things are circulating. It might be worth the few bucks it costs for the underground black metal fans who like it both raw/ noisy and old school, but don't expect an intense darkened vibration.


DECIMATION (Turkey) Helpless souls Demo CDr'04.
The transplant took over the patient, voracious, cadaverous.
The filthy legs of the dead took the control of the living.
As the bright turns to lividity,
Raped by the cadaverous spreading its plague.
Dispirited by the conscious and dominating gangrene.
DECIMATION plays Brutal death metal influenced by old NECROPHAGIST (minus the leads) and American technical bands like old SUFFOCATION or DEEDS OF FLESH. Some riffs sound nicely unlogic and there's a little atmosphere... but some moments turn quite confused (it might be due in part to the unlogical technical approach, but few 'right in the face' riff could help to make the whole more efficient). Even if the whole is nicely built, and it could please an underground fan of technical brutality, DECIMATION won't bring much new or gut-killing to the brutal death scene.
I think their music is average, but yet with a nice technical level. I heard few decent bands of the style from Turkey, so they can at least help to develop the Turkish scene and influence more metallers to procreate their own abominations of the razor-corrupted virginborn. Good luck, and spread the gangrene!


DECOHERENCE (Fra) Demo 2004.
This French band plays modern brutal death with a massive powerful production! The music can be situated between SUFFOCATION ("Despise the sun"), mid old DYING FETUS, with some old DEICIDE, old FLESHGRIND's blasting moments, and a zest of core. The whole is well constructed, played, arranged in an almost totally professional manner... but the problem is I didn't find any obscure emanation of hatred, suffocating resonance nor explosive urge of pure brutality! Nothing really remindable... Uh! It sounds only pro and well thought.
For a first demo it really sounds good and encouraging, a bunch of Brutal death fans will be impressed... but I remain more enthusiastic towards some putrid demos of death that were recorded with a shit sound but that smell pure death and castrated suffering! So this demo is surprisingly professional, but it remains average!


DEEP VEIN (Fra) Postmortem desires Demo CDr'05.
Here's finally the second demo of DEEP VEIN. It's a release I was curious to hear, first because I enjoyed their first morbid demo, and second because I promoted their music through one of my releases...
The first approach tells you the band has evolved and the musicians have progressed. All in all the songs are built in a more professional way, and the whole sounds more brutal death influenced. But I miss the old school as fuck early Death metal feeling of shocking bleeding death their first demo had! (Some very simple, yet full of morbid feeling riffs, that crossed the threshold of insanity to brand your brain!).
The whole sounds quite more professional (or serious?), but most of the haunting hooks and catching parts are missing for my guts, and some riffs (such as the very first one) don't sound well felt. Where's the burning misery? While the music taste less the old Death metal influences, it would rather remind of early DEICIDE, old THE CHASM, old CANNIBAL CORPSE with few mid old DEATH and touches of mid old DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.
So it's underground stuff that might please big undergrounders, but nothing to hallucinate on Death and morbidity.
From a cool old school death metal band, DEEP VEIN turned into some kind of average death grind band. I'm disappointed.


DEEP VEIN (Fra) Reign of decadence Demo CDr’04.
As it begins with an epic warmetal riff à la old BOLT THROWER, this DEEP VEIN demo easily announces what you'll be able to hear: old school and obscure Death metal! this has an old school feel reminding the likes of IMMOLATION, INCANTATION and ENCABU.OS but also some very old DEATH ("Leprozy"), some old MORGOTH for the almost doomed feel of death in some riffs and leading melodies and early doomed PARADISE LOST (For a lead!).
The IMMOLATION side can be felt in sulfuric and almost absent riffs while some INCANTATION is here in heavy and morbid riffs of Death.
There are still some approximations and riffs I ever heard too much, but the obscure mood of ancient death is here and the musicians know how to decently handle their instruments!
Nothing exceptional, the band is still in its first years, but DEEP VEIN is worth the support for maniacs of real Death metal! Deadly promising?


DEFILER (Gre) Expiation in filth Demo’04.
Hell! Satanic goat coffing reclusion. This is black metal an unexpected way! The Greek tortured minds of DEFILER plays raw and discarding Black death metal in a raw and quite "original" way. (Understand a not too expected melting pot).
The music's biggest coffinist goat-lines are situated between a raw/ discarding fast Black metal and a raw Death metal the chaotic way! While some Norwegian/ few Swedish melodies tend to coffinicly decrepit in the crescendo of chaotic raw grind! Plus some discarding riffs could sound as if mid old VOIVOD were playing fast Black death metal. There are few arpeggios à la MAYHEM.
All in all, the serenades of horny nuns coffin fucking could sound as a mix of: old MARDUK/ early DARK FUNERAL for the fast and semi melodic Black metal, ORDER FROM CHAOS for the mid placed chaotic death, old IMMORTAL for the frozen blast beating riffs, early ANGEL CORPSE for the hyperfast maniacal side, mid old DERANGED for the raw Brutal death, INFAMY and UNCREATION for some death grind influences. Not bad for a second demo!
Nothing really catchy that would turn your spiked coffin inside out, but these musicians do it all correctly, and I guess a bunch of Brutal black metal fans who are quite opened to the raw and brutal deadly harmonies of Death metal and enjoy the raw side of HATEWAVE's first demo might find more reasons to perversely rape one more horny as fuck cock-appealing nunnified sex bomb! Ah!


DEFLORATION (Ger) Misanthropic instinct Demo'04.
This band plays a kind of Brutal death that tastes semi old school for its kind: it's not polluted by any core, groovy, moshy or melodic influences! Only CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Vile"), SINISTER ("Hate"), INSISION (First Lp): Incisive technical brutal death metal with strange breaks à la SINISTER "Aggressive measures". Amputate the melodies from INSISION's first Lp and NECROPHAGIST's Demo'95 and you might have an idea of these guys' technical level. Sometimes I feel like they loose some efficiency but it's due to the style they chose to brutalize during these 5 tracks. The 5th track begins with a soulful mysterious choir intro that turns into a hellish riff à la old LUCIFERION melted with an obscure key à la THOU SHALT SUFFER! It's a totally old school and catchy idea!
The tracks were melted in a burning red cauldron of steel that makes it tight as fuck and complex, with many riffs everywhere. Even though there aren't much catchy riffs nor really riffings I never heard before, there guitars were built in an hellish forge that gave them the power of the brutal and an aura of burning red brutality. Nothing original or orgasmic, but DEFLORATION procured me some brutal moronic decapitating sessions and everything are at the right place to please the brutal maniacs who'll forever feel crushed by society!


DEFORGE (Ita) Freedoom release Demo CDr'03.
Coming straight from the awaking Italian extreme metal scene, DEFORGE plays a kind of quite technical Death/Thrash that could re-warm the flattened beer of a bunch! What you could hear on this professional 5 tracks demo is a kind of obscure Death thrashing metal in the vein of the last DEATH releases (with little melodic, heavy-metallic and progressive touches) with kinda complex breaks and strange riffs reminding me AT THE GATE's beginnings, plus some Deathgrind à la VADER and some mid placed old school death metal.
DEFORGE's music is quite varied since it explores several kinds of rhythms and themes; some technical touches, polyharmonies and leads sound interesting! Some riffs sound cool, even if I'm not in front of totally killer and catchy as hell compositions.
Even if DEFORGE's tracks aren't too complex nor demonstrative, I'd reproach them the use of kinda 'useless' riffs from this beer to that beer, there lies a decrease of intensity and interest, but that won't be a problem for big fans of the style. Some parts sound a bit hesitating (Drums...)
The vocals are screamy and thrashy, somewhere between DEATH, old AT THE GATES and old KREATOR.
Some moments could remind of ATHEIST for the jazzy touch on rythms, but the music of DEFORGE has a much darker mood. There's also some old IN FLAMES' touches, few strange riffs à la COMECON and some thrashy riffs can remind of mid old KREATOR.
This demo sounds at least as good as many albums released nowadays! An advice to those who found this description interesting: rush on their website and download some Mp3s!! DEFORGE will find a record deal soon!


DEGRADE (Swe) Feasting on bloody chuncks Demo CDr'04.
Even if this demo doesn't begin the best way to make my spikes and spins rise up (it's the kind of beer my guts have overdrunk on), there are alcoholic ideas that gives this demo a bit more taste than hot water. The main lines of ingurgitation occurs between an heavy (sometimes groovy) Brutal death and somekind of Death grind. some remains of LIVIDITY, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, JUNGLE ROT (Heavy parts), CYANOSIS can be found. Water is your worst enemy! All drink the true kult beer of hell! DEGRADE is typically in the American style, but their beer doesn't use the technical aspect of nowadays moronic burger-eating fast bastards' music as it rather sounds like the American brutal scene of 87-99. DEGRADE plays nothing new nor original, both for structures and riffs; hopefully there were some nice parts from here and there to keep me drunk and a nice burning red mood to keep me drowning in beer. Nothing special, but a quite ok demo and a band that might be cool to check live. More beer motherfucker!!


DEIVOS (Pol) Hostile blood Demo CD’03.
Here's a demo in a style I'm not very fond of: technical and complex Brutal death grind! DEIVOS who comes from Poland, plays a style reminding me of SINISTER ("Hate"), old MORBID ANGEL, old DEICIDE, old LUCIFERION and some YATTERING/ VADER in parts. I appreciate the technical aspect of the drumming, and some blasts are fast! The whole is very technical and complex with a bunch of riffs and breaks, but some memorable or efficient (right in your face!) riffs are lacking. It sounds cool, but some epic tremolo riffs, burning melodies straight from hell or from the guts of the forgotten deviant would really boost them!
It sounds pro, the band is prepared to be almost surgically tight, but I think DEIVOS won't please much more than those who like technical and complex Death/ Grind and seat tight to listen to it with attention!


DEMONIC MORTUARY (Usa) Thirst for fucking carnage Demo'05. RUSTY AXE Recs.
Finally, I can put my translucent hands on this demo, and the final verdict was quite soon to come: I expected more.
Coming with a cool moniker (That will sound too Metal for abusively translucent brains), DEMONIC MORTUARY plays an old styled metal situated between thrash and Death metal. This especially sounds like some early DEATH (Scream bloody gore), with a bit of old AUTOPSY, early SODOM, DARKTHRONE (Panzerfaust), and there's a nice atmosphere...But there's nothing special: The riffs are ok/ cool at best but generally average and not more, the drumming is too simple and there's no real surprise (Even pure Death can be surprising, concerning structures, micro-elements of filth...). When you listen to the demo, the more the songs come, the more it sounds average, and the more these black metal screams get loud in the mix...
So this is a very underground demo that seems like it was procreated by 16/18 years old metallers and could please big underground fans and local supporters... But I've crossed much more intense triangles of flames. Thanx from advance for the pain-fueled improvement! ;-)


DEMONIC RAGE (Chile) "II" Demo tape 2006.
Once the metal of death was released on professional CD, spread to a wider plastic audience, it's not underground anymore, as the sulfuric waves and visions of sarcastic deepness has left, as the sensitive touches of intimacy and "Poorly restricted to the fewer" has gone. Underground isn't only a matter of quantities and numbers, you fucking poofters!
DEMONIC RAGE bleeds from Chile and offers a cool second demo tape composed of two obscure death metal songs. Expect fast stuff à la mid old INCANTATION, with touches of ABHORER ("Zygothical..." CD), a bit of old satanic DECREPIT, some BESTIAL WARLUST (First Lp) and few brutal death touches. On a vokalizing point of view the whole could sound like a bit of old BLASPHEMY and ABHORER, but in a cleaner manner.
Most of the music is fast, almost blasting, and sounds like come cool demo stuffs from the end 90's, but you also have some doomy death touches (That could be more developed and deeply embalming). Some stuffs could also be structured a more intense way, to intensify the bleeding.
There's nothing original or personal, but this demo is quite well packaged (in its little coffin of a tape) and refreshes quite well my putrid skull from its petrifying hellish torments. A cool band to support!
c/o Victor Low, Federico 2 Oelkers #533, Pto. Montt - CHILE.


DEMONTAGE (Can) Madness disease Demo Cdr'04.
This demo sounds like old rehearsal release from around 84-86, both for the music and the production. Understand it could remind of early BULLDOZER, old MOTORHEAD, few early MERCYFUL FATE or few HELLHAMMER (less drunk).
The guitars lack of overdrive (it sounds too fucking clean). The drummer happens to have a simplistic playing that sounds strange in 2005.
DEMONTAGE sounds like a strange average band that might entertain some metallers with old school tastes... but it lacks of energy and something burning, really!. Between the average and very average.


DEMOSYS (Fra) Murder school Demo CD'03.
I don't know much the Hardcore/ Thrashcore scene but some bands playing these styles are definitely cool! Here you have DEMOSYS from France who play "Thrashcore" as they say. I agree with this monicker since some strong core and thrash metal influences can be found. This demo has some hardcore (SICK OF IT ALL), some Thrash metal (SLAYER, THE HAUNTED), some Metalcore (early MACHINE HEAD) as the compositions evolve between some fast thrashing parts and some heavier or mid placed hardcore moments.
I also thought about S.O.D's crossover as well as NAPALM DEATH's most core or sludge parts. Some rockin' groove touches reminded me of ENTOMBED.
The vocals are hardcorish and somewhat screamed by moments. Well notice I'm not a big hardcore fan so I can't talk much about the "everheard" point or influences. Isn't there some SPERMBIRDS in here?
DEMOSYS' tracks are rather well done even if there are errors from here and there (and there also! lol). This is a very pleasant demo to listen and I think those who enjoy the "Thrashcore" style will find "Murder school" being a cool demo as well!


DENY (Gre) Back on the streets Demo'04.
What about all these zines who claim to be so original, open minded and are so proud of their "personal" layout...?... But they finally burn in hell when they realize they don't know what they are talking about! (And the superficial fun for running a zine has died!). Fuck that! I'd rather always talk about brutal metal of death and stick to something I decently know, than to drown in the oceans of uncleverness and so ssssubtle volatile convictions!
So what you have here is a totally old school thrash metal bands à la early KREATOR! DENY isn't original at all, nor personal, but you can fuck off! If you are not happy you can always change your way to another "open minded" zine!
What I hear is full of beer thrash metal the simple way, with both fast and mid placed riffings! It sounds influenced by early KREATOR, old SLAYER, with some early EXODUS in the mid-placed thrash. Even though this demo doesn't sound special at all and almost very average (it's an underground demo the underground way, motherfucker!) and the musicians doesn't always sound the tightest, I think some thrash maniacs may find it cool to drink some beers with this thrashical background! It's pretty obvious this metal was composed with a bunch of flowing beers in the guts!
Ah. DENY also reminds me of some old DESTRUCTION, DARKNESS (Ger) and maybe some ONSLAUGHT (2nd album). Their vocalist has quite high-pitched screams. This demo sounds really old, as if it was recorded 19 years ago. Quite surprising isn't it?  
So it's an ever-heard average/ very average demo, but I guess it might be worth few beers to see DENY live! It's always better to drink beers during gigs than in front of your Hi-Fi, right? The Greek metal scene seems cool, so travel to Greece and shut the fuck up mother fucking gay "metal" bitch! Ah Ah!


DENY LIFE (Fra) Soundtrack to a mass riot Demo CD'03.
The band has evolved a bit and their music sounds a bit more impressive. Their style is a cross between old school Hardcore, Metalcore with few Death and Grind touches. The vocals are quite saturated in the HxCx style (reminds me a bit of No one is innocent on a track: "Jah").
The touches that were really shitty were thrown away, a few riffs ("jah") sounds better. A good part of the stuff is heavy Hardcore that does nothing for me, like some OBITUARY riffs on their last releases (the worst riffs the band of Trevor Perez did!!).
There's still some work needed in track's structures as some HxCx parts sound superfluous, it may be due to my very low libido for Hardcore, but it sounds like breaks for breaks in parts.
Some lyrics seem to be sensed and not bad ("Carcérale sodomie", "Lobotomie télévisuelle").
With real tracks and some of the riffs they own here, it may sound better than what I heard from the very underground French Hardcore grind scene that knows how to do some noise, but forget the rest.
The band evolves a bit in the right way, but it remains average/ very average for most of it. Keep on working!


DENYING NAZARENE (Chile) Fucking holiness, we condemned you liar Demo tape 2006.
Evil and obscure Death metal à la INCANTATION/ IMMOLATION/ INFAMY that's rather based on the heaviness and crushing aspect of the burning anti-ecclesiastic inquisition! So there's nothing at all for your blablablasting Christian needs! You sterile poofter!
DENYIGN NAZARENE could happen to sound like the heavy warmachine BOLT THROWER once was, but I'd rather point out purifying chariots of fire to represent the energy that flows. There are touches of old DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL (Gateways to annihilation) and few old DECREPIT... I must notice all isn't heavy or mid-placed, since some faster drums/ blasts are there as well.
In fact there's nothing personal that wasn't already desecrated under the shocked eyes of a thousand nuns, but DENYING NAZARENE plays its Death metal with enough conviction and burning hatred to please fans of Evil Death metal. They sound better than many current demos, and more burning than some IMMOLATION "clones" that sound too plastic... So why not sending them a death metallic beer if you cross their crucified path? For Death metal maniacs only! (Others can fuck off!)


DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY (Hungary) Into the decay Demo'02
Depths of depravity... It seems some intense deep masturbation occurs in Hungary... Brutal, perverse and juicy... Ah Ah
You didn't want to be informed about my under-the-underwears activity? It seems to be a bit late....
On a strictly musical point of view, D.O.D are located somewhere between the blasting death and the quite technical evolution of the style, with touches of American brutalisation (But not too much)...
You could expect the sounds to be filled with a vomiting amount of blasts, but it's not particularly the case as the band uses a lot of tempo changes and various kinds of BPM (Bitches per minute) and the overall impression shows an outfit that rather tries to develop some atmospheres and listenable compositions, than to brutally kick your ass and lobotomize your brain at any costs...
SINISTER might be one of their stronger influences and could be quoted for various reasons (Rather think about the "Hate" - "Aggressive measures" epoch), while you might refer to bands like ERYTROSY who ate quite a lot of Cannibal-corpsish "Brewta"... There are quite cool moods from here and there, looks quite dark... Sometimes I can also hear little touches of old BRUTALITY when they do it a little more technico-melodic... But it's not too thrilling riffing-wize, it's rather cool for the atmosphere it kinda develops...
8-10 years ago the cool Death metal fanzines would have quoted this band as technical, but now things have gone much far and I'm not sure if it would be right... The songs are built around quite a lot of various riffs, which work more or less well, some are cool while some are less coolifying on an embalming point of slurp.
Globally I think this could be a cool demo for fans of the style, to listen once you're in the cool mood for the grave...
Oh, I just noticed this demo is 6 years old and DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY released another record since then... So this might explain the fact these 8 songs sound a bit "out-of-time", I guess it would be better to check out their "Insensible Extinct Mechanical World" album to have a better opinion about the way they're currently depravating your skull, because I might be a bit blinded by my "nostalgy" for 1998 Brutal death...


DESECRATOR (Fra) Promo 2005.
I discovered DESECRATOR with their first demo, in 1997, and thought they had split up for years... But I surprisingly heard about them one more time, few months ago, and finally could hear their new tracks being recorded live! What a surprising improvement! Aggressive as fuck and totally compressed GRINDcore that will definitely crush many fans of real GRIND! With the Guts!!
It's blasting as fuck as the drummer perfectly blasts your ass, and the whole is well compressed! It reminds me of early NYCTOPHOBIC (Demos and Eps!), old SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (Split w/ ROT), Old DEPRAVED (When they were intense!), old NAPALM DEATH (F.E.T.O!!!), some MULE SKINNER, plus some blasting S.O.B and other Japanese sickos!
I think they have the same old grinding energy than SANITYS DAWN on "Mangled in the meatgrinder", eventhough their style isn't gore. There are other few influences, such as some Deathgrind, or other Hardcore/ Powerviolence stuffs I won't compare (Not familiar enough with these).
The problem is: nothing in these tracks sound new or memorable, so it's for fans of GRINDcore only... but DESECRATOR have enough energy to kick your ass and they are more energetic and full of anger than some currently established French Grind/ Death grind bands who become too musically convenient and unsurprising! GRIND means DANGER, unchallenged aggression, massive distress and explosions of inhuman stress! DESECRATOR is a real hope for the French Grind scene! Fucking support them! 2005 and 2006 will be the years of the DESECRATOR!


DESENSITISED (Hol) "Virus of violence" Promo CDr 2005.
This promo begins with a nice blasting moment, with some kind of ever-heard, but powerful enough riff. Then the song turns into something thrashy, to later evolve in some heavier early MUCUPURULENT and to loose the energetic impact of the first minutes.
The second song does nothing: it's quite thrashy in a modern way, and mid placed with groovy stoner (or almost alternative music influence? Good question). The third and last song sounds like some kind of thrashy and crusty thing, with hopefully some nice drum rolls at 0:56 that turns into blasts. All in all, I found few to catch my attention.
The blasting moments of these 3 songs are cool, but the thrashy riffs don't do much and I feel like they slow down too often in sotfer heaviness, while accelerations of grind urge would be needed! All in all, not fast enough and quite too varied for me. But the sound is quite powerful, and some quite open-minded peoples might like this promo.


DESOLATION (Usa) Crucifucked Demo CDr'05.
Death metal in a 90's brutal satanic vein reminding of early DEICIDE, INFESTDEAD, early ALTAR (Hol), some CENTURIAN, with touches of CANNIBAL CORPSE and current US Brutal death. (And maybe mid olf BROKEN HOPE?). The whole fits the criterias of the epoch, both in terms of riffs, structures and production (kinda Morrisoun producted, with compressed guitars and triggered drums). Nothing sounds wrong or bad, I could say it's a "perfect copy", but I didn't detect anything really emotional, shocking or new.
So, this demo could be for those who don't know the style too much, or for big fans of the style who always need more death metal of this kind to feel human in this fukked up world.


DESPONDENCY (Ger) Womb of shit Promo MCD’03.
German also seems to be a country with big balls since their Brutal death scene is fucking horny! DESPONDENCY is a pro sounding Brutal band in the American style, not original stuffs, but pro and well constructed enough to be ok!  This is Brutal death grind with a good sound, the style reminds me of DISGORGE (Usa), old PYREXIA, old SUFFOCATION, INCESTUOUS and newer outfits like DISAVOWED or CINERARY. The style has got its technical touches; but it's not so technical, which isn't bad. Heavy sound with triggered drums. The vokills are grunts and growls around the lines of old DEEDS OF FLESH, CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Butchered at birth") and CINERARY.
I found nothing special nor killer, but there are no crappy riffs and they have some nicely brutalizing parts. DESPONDENCY stands above the average shits of a good part of this scene for which musical quality simply means nothing! A pretty cool band for fans of Brutal death who keep it headbanging on this ultra brutal death metal!


DEVIANT  (Swe) Deviant Demo CD'03.
Allright putrid fuckers of dead! I thought DEVIANT were playing rather old school death coz of their name and country, but I was finger fucking myself! Ah.
What you have here is a mix of Brutal death grind and more melodic death touches. The brutal death riffs that sound ok but everheard and would need more inner brutal puke fucking explosions remind me of INSISION, old CRYPTOPSY, CANNIBAL CORPSE... The more melodic parts would sound like the nicest moments of old CRYPTOPSY meets a simpler AT THE GATES.
Some old school riffs à la ANGEL CORPSE are thrown from here and there.
Some riffs are too much ever heard: please skip these Cannibal corpse alike themes! There are a bunch of ultra fast blasts à la old BRUTAL TRUTH/ DEVOURMENT, too fast to really kill the weak! Vocals are raw growls, sometimes à la Lord worm.
That's an Ok sounding Demo, as always not much standing out in my ears, but DEVIANT might please the quite pack of beer the more or less newcoming Brutal death fans.


DEVIANT SURGEONS (Fra) The global mass grave Demo'04.
The carnal feast is introduced by the cold and slow heart beat of a feeble human on the threshold of his existence... and suddenly an abrasive raw production à la early DEVOURMENT/ ROTTING ("Crushed") mangles your vacant speakers, if you see what I mean!
DEVIANT SURGEONS' brutal death metal is very much influenced by CANNIBAL CORPSE at the time of "Tomb of the mutilated" and "Vile", but these guys seem to have quite varied influences: one could find touches of mid old CARCASS (For leas and a classy touch in the semi melodic riffs, some GOD DETHRONED, some good old BAPHOMET, some influences of the new wave of Czech technical Brutal death à la INTERVALLE BIZARRE or (some) ALIENATION MENTAL, and a good dose of ultra blasting American US Brutal death. In some blasting parts, I don't hear the snare drum... coz of the raw sound?
There are brutal parts I enjoy, especially those in the first track "Temper's defect", but some riffs or breaks waste the brutal intensity. So I can only say the Surgeons are an average band with a potential to kill!
Anyway, DEVIANT SURGEONS might be a cool carnal assault to see live... and regurgitate your beer! Nothing bloody original, but who cares since I feel in parts a Brutal potential that might take over their minds and possess their guitars with the infinite spirit of an unstoppable evil force! Check their site and support them.


DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Chile) Diabolical attack Demo CDr'03.
This band plays fast Death metal, with a strong tendency to blast. The influences remind me of old KRISIUN and early DEICIDE (Mostly the fast parts), with some kind of old black/ death metal touch à la early SARCOFAGO/ SEPULTURA for some spirit of war metal victory.
At the first approach, it could sound quite cheap due to the old demo production, the not really efficient drumming (The bassdrum also needs to blast) and absence of any surprise... But after few minutes of metallic adaptation, I began to appreciate some kinda epic "morbid" riffs and it seems DIABOLICAL MESSIAH might have some evil Death metal potential for the future. Right now, it's average and common underground stuffs, but who knows what kind of sarcastic intensity the apocalyptic future will bring... More craziness might only help them.


DIARRHOEA (Cze) Shits for you Demo CDr'03.
To immediately answer the requests of your putrid doubts, I will say it now: This czech band do not play anal goregrind, grindnoise or teenage crap... No, what they practice is a quite putrid mixture between brutal death and relatively old styled death... And it's quite catchy thanx to its brutality and energy.
The devouring pus happens to whisper the following words in my hears: "This sounds like some old DERANGED, GOREROTTED, ULCERATE (New Zealand), BRUTAL INSANITY, some old CANNIBAL CORPSE, a bit of old SKINKLESS, mixed with a bit of old CRYPTOPSY..." And since the voracious pus is rarely so wrong when it's really vicious, I must say these words weren't a bad description.
What you can hear isn't original or bleeding in red, but it sounds better than the filled-of-tasteless-pus average demo recordings.
Fans of other kinds of music will be bored because of "Blah blah blah", but fans of underground brutal death will dig it coz it's quite intense.


DIFAMATION (Can) Extreme conditions Demo'03.
No place for feelings in this chaotic avulsion. No place for hope and self-opinions, but at least remains pure fucking Death! DIFAMATION do not play what I'd call pure fucking death, but no real death to fuck the weak pieces of shit reached my mailbox, so you'll have to read these lines! DIFAMATION plays some kind of Death grind with brutal and technical elements. It sounds influenced by the cool old death grind, some Canadian technical stuffs and some US Brutality.
Some names for you to have an idea: early CRYPTOPSY, old SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, few mid old MONSTROSITY.
The tracks are correctly built & executed, there are nothing that seem catchy nor new, but there are some nice rhythmic uploads on riffs and drums. Vocals are low screams. The main problems come from the fact the tracks are a bit too long, repetitive (?), (Use the essential!) and the production tastes like and ok rehearsal. Shit! By moments it really sounds long! But a better production and a brutal lifting might help.
Finally you have an average band that has a good technical level and might evolve in the right way of soul consecration: they remind me the elder releases of some bands like DISGUST (Fra) who later composed some soulfull tracks of obscure brutal death carnage. Average with the right influences of brutality. Time will tell.


DIPHTHERIA (Pol) Anal front Demo CDr'06.
Exxxtasintional menopausis climaxxxer. Exxxplode the crusts you horny trannyfukker!
According to the introduction of the first song "Anal devastation", I guess she likes it deep and hard in her fat bottom! Podziemie jest piekne!
DIPHTHERIA from Poland plays some kind of mixture between brutal death and grindcore that takes a bit from various extreme metal influences.
You could think about Czech bands like PIGSTY or maybe MINCING FURY (For some parts with ultra fast blasts, and a kind of fun in the spirit), some INHUMATE (For some quite groovy riffs, or cool but not really extreme grindcore guitars), some US Brutal death (for quite complex riffing touches or screaming guitar notes), some old BRUTAL TRUTH (For the most death metal side of the first album), few obscurity à la INCANTATION... There are also few riffs that sound like GUT... I think you get a decent sexual overview of what the "Anal front" could introduce by force in your tiny asshole! héhé
Most of their songs aren't much more than 2 minutes long, so some peepoles might think it's pure grindcow whatever, but it's not really since various death tewtchees are present, and in front of a cow you most likely will be the grinded than the grinder.
A major problem lies in the fact the whole isn't always so tight: some blasts or tempo changes sound a bit confused. I also didn't detect much catchy or really fucking extreme and over the average convenience, but the whole sounds quite brewtal, and there's a nice atmosphere.
So I guess this demo would please underground fans of brutal death 'n grind who don't search for the timeless killer stuff, and would like to be brutalized without too much serious for 17:33 of kataplasm-relaxation or something... But for me it's average.


DISASTER (Chile) Desquiciado Demo tape'04. PAGAN SOUTH Prod.
DISASTER is tight, maybe not as tight as the burning something you'd gladly wedge between two surprisingly gorgeous tits, but in my hears they sound more precise than many current thrashing demo bands who would drink a bit too much to play their stuffs correctly... Well, I give you a break on the size of my beer, and invite you to face the metal: DISASTER plays a kind of thrash that could remind of old OVERKILL, a less melodic old TESTAMENT (Before any modernity invaded their sounds), with some bay area and some Teutonic influences. The band is old school for the influences and riffing gimmicks they have, not for the atmosphere (I didn't feel an atmosphere in fact, they seem to be more interested in aggression). The vocals are screamed.
This is correctly played and structured, neat, but it lacks of burning feeling, urges of aggression or something catchy... Maybe a bit too "mechanic"? Well, few more burning beers of desecration might help.
So, it's only average.
Your potential interest will depend on the level of sexyness and pussy catchiness you want to insert in your Hi-Fi player.


DISASTER (Fra) Into the final storm Demo CDr'03.
Here's another review to calm your curious turbulency for underground as fuck bands! What I have here is a kind of Death metal meets Death grind demo, even if the sound is quite confused and messed up, I can say the high lines sound like CANNIBAL CORPSE, mid old MALEVOLENT CREATION, GRAVE, CREMATORY (Swe)'s 4th demo, some DEATH ('Leprozy') and few others.
Most of the riffs are tremolos. The whole sounds ever heard; even if some riffs are Ok some parts sound quite messed up or too common (Notice the disastrous lead on the first track!). Some fast parts remind me of very old BOLT THROWER, but it's probably due to the production. Lol!
The drummer seems to have a nice punishing style, not so far from Dave Culross' way of hitting the crap out of his drumkit. He also seems influenced by Pete Sandoval. The technic is here.
Well, nothing special nor that good on this demo, the band decided not to release it and I understand their choice! But some aspect such as the drumplaying lets me think they can release something better with more work and a better production. They are actually working on a more Brutal death influences set.


DISASTER (Fra) Decline of humanity Demo'05.
Well, would you forgive me if I say "Uh!!"? But don't be afraid, I won't. What you have here is a French brutal death grind band who have evolved and retargeted their choice of influences since their previous unreleased demo. This time, expect some kind of US Brutal death, meets Death grind and Brutal deathcore. The first impression is to think DISASTER sounds quite pro (good sound) and quite fast (good drummer!), but when I pay a closer attention, I'm not that interested. Even if the riffs sound pro and ok for most of it, it might be too modern for me (even if it's not That modern), and lacking of the inner jumping guts' massacra! But since I guess a bunch of fans of the current brutality will enjoy, here are some influential bands: DYING FETUS, old DEICIDE, few old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old DEICIDE (and countless other ones that lie in a Death grind past...), as well as similar bands KRONOS (1st CD), INHUMATE (sometimes), FATE ("No sense" CD). Not original, but correctly played. The riffs sound ok and quite pro, few would need to be really reworked (did you try acid?). They have a good drummer who blasts fast (fucking blaster!) and rumbles the bass drum the ass-kicking way. So, in my hears it's a quite average demo with a good sound, decent musicians and a good drummer! If you're into rather new school Brutal death and death grind, you might get into this demo... So I'd be inspired as fuck and would advice you to check an Mp3! Uh!... DISASTER might be a promising band, but I lost many US Brutal death visions in a big Maëlstrom of beer and real old school metal of death! So make your own frozen mind and don't fear the ripper!


DISCONFORMITY (Jap) Penetrated Unseen Supression Demo'04.
The head brutally broken in the perpend! 4 ways headfuck, maximum crush! Granitic frictions amplified, social affliction incarnated, Bleeding facial erosion! To crush the holy weak in his castrated decrepitude!
I didn't hear a good sounding brutal death band of this kind since a long time, and these exterminators of porno-junkies hail from Japan! The land of all restrictions and biggest social frustrated afflictions!
DISCONFORMITY performs Brutal death grind that an evil mosher could situate right at the middle between mid old SUFFOCATION (For the fast and semi technical brutality) and old SKINLESS For the heavier brutality). Some more similar cannibalistic outfits of serial ass ripping need to be named: REPUDILATION, (less grooves), GORGASM, early PYREXIA, BAPHOMET (only a putrid zest!). The vocals are ultra guttural and impressive! The brutally gorillaeified vocalist isn't far from goregrind in his most repugnant moments of internal putrid vomiturition!
The cool aspect of DISCONFORMITY's music lies in the fact these Japanese crushed bastards don't abuse on the technical aspect! Plus their tracks are nicely structured and the production is good! Nothing new during these 3 brutal tracks, but the band does it well and a bunch of Us Brutal moshers might get a grip with these! Beer!!!


DISGUSTING (Usa) Demo'04.
Cool! This disgusting piece of perverse meat practices some kind of complex and technical Brutal death with many breaks and tempo changes, see old CRYPTOPSY, MORTALIZED, with some SEVERE TORTURE, old CANNIBAL CORPSE and old PYREXIA and loads of other brutal bands. There's something raw that reminds me of early DEVOURMENT. This band knows how to write complex tracks that flow as naturally as the blood flowing from a large ventral incision! The perverted medicine man knows how to vary the pleasures of the torturing sadistic scalpel dance: from the hyper blasting knife cuts, to the mid-placed scalpel staccatos, to the heavier and full of beloved shreds... the patient has enough nice ways to bleed black and taste the awaited for long suffering.
Before closing the incision, let me tell you the drummer has real drumming skills and this band doesn't sound that much US influenced (seems both American & European, with some touches of "noisecore").
So, this is a nice demo with and underground production that has its pus-filled chances to entertain those who like technical and complex Brutal death metal. I didn't find shocking riffs, or overwhelming emorguetionnal hatred, but it's well arranged and compressed enough to fuck my skull! With a better production, DISGUSTING might have some relative impact in their country's Brutal death underground...


DISTASTE (Aus) Political Pathology Demo’03.
Even if a guy on an obscure Mp3 chat told me DISTASTE was a Grindcore band, I wouldn't cross this point. What I hear is a mix of Brutal Death with few Grindcore touches. Nothing very technical as it remains as a whole simple Death Grind with some heavy touches of bands like old MORTICIAN or FLESHGRIND. There are fast riffs along the lines of American Brutal Death bands like DEVOURMENT, old LIVIDITY or SUFFOCATION, but it's not technical.
The whole lacks of tightness, the drums aren't especially efficient (the blasts and mid parts especially lacks of Brutality). Fast drums that are meant to sound like old CRYPTOPSY/ DEVOURMENT, but some work is needed! And this is your common riffs in the style. But I've heard worst stuffs for a demo, and the tracks aren't badly constructed.
Well, nothing that caught my obscure infinity nor nothing convincing for a demo. Some work is needed but with a bit more tightness it may be more Ok for a demo. Very average demo.


DOWN FROM THE WOUND (Philippines) Piercing through the veil of lies Demo CDr'05.
US styled brutal death metal with quite a lot of tempo changes, low pitched vocals and a nicely skilled drummer.
I didn't feel something emotional during the few listenings of this demo, but the songs are quite complexly built and/ or brutal in a way DEEDS OF FLESH, old CANNIBAL CORPSE, SOILS OF FATE did on some older recordings, so I guess some brutal death fans might get into the meat shredding fun.
The production isn't very good, guitars lack of power and all in all it would rather taste like a very clear sounding rehearsal... But it sounds better than most of the metallic recordings I could hear from Philippines.
This is average Brutal death, yet with skills. Nothing outstanding, but it's also musically better than most of the stuffs I heard from there... So they might rule their local scene or something.


DOXOLOGY (Korea) A torn soul Demo'03.
Contrary to what the hordes of Grindcore and old school heavy metal bands infesting the unholy Asiatic countries like Japan or Korea might let you imagine, there are also some Brutal death bands in here! DOXOLOGY plays Brutal death metal... in an American vein... à la SUFFOCATION! Some guys will be ouching since the style has ever been done and redone many times before... but at least DOXOLOGY does it more or less correctly: it's not too technical nor too full of unhearable breaks, even if there's nothing new here! It sounds a lot like the first PYREXIA album meets SUFFOCATION at the time of "Effigy of the forgotten", and some parts also reminded me of INFERNAL TORMENT (First).
It has lots of blasts, some punching parts and few heavier riffs. Growling vocals. But doesn't it sound quite repetitive? I'm not so eager to tell you there's nothing new here, all the breaks and riffs seems to have been taken from these great CDs I quote before... but the bands sounds quite pro and the sound ain't bad in its whole. I think it's the kind of band one can gladly support when there's some nationalistic feeling behind, but not much special things are there to please the more 'common' Death metal fan. So I'll say it can be a nice Demo for the big maniacs who daily devour 3 Brutal death demos for each lunch!


DVORHEAD (Fra) Dvorhead Demo'03.
Incarnated alcohol abuse! Thy months long calculated vengeance finally takes its form under the extermination of the most annoying kind of existence wasting fool! Devourment of the moronic head lead by necrotic crapicidal pulsions! Voluptuous crush of each bone of the skull with vicious sadism!
This pile of shit who once found great pleasure denying and aborting each of your acts if finally nothing more than a piss of bones... you will piss on!!
DVORHEAD is a French Brutal death Grind band who chose to play it Brutal but not so technical. So their music could remind of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, BAPHOMET, DEICIDE's 3rd CD, old DEEDS OF FLESH (1st CD), KRONOS' first album... Even though the blasts are very fast in the hyperblasting Czech way (Too fast for me! The ass kicking blasts deserve super tightness while each snaredrum is supposed to hit your head in agony!). They remind me the kind of Brutal death band who emerged from the USA about 10 years ago: bands who didn't masturbate their guitars nor used slam or groovy parts. The DEEDS OF FLESH influences would take the form of Claustrophobic riffs or absurd sounding breaks, while DEICIDE is re-exhumed during tremolo guitars, BAPHOMET incarnated in brutal agony for some heavy riffs, and some fast Death grind moments can remind of Cannibal corpse, Diabolic, or eventually early Brutal truth.
They have riffs I feel as dispensable while some are ok. A quite good thing could be to emphasize the tracks structures... for example the 3rd track (even if it's the less brutal one) has nice riffs and ideas that would deserve a more efficient construction, so that the song sounds more 'flowing' while some breaks would be more 'surprising'. By moments, it's not very tight and quite blurred. Of course their music isn't original at all, it's the case with most of new Brutal death bands.
So, this demo isn't hellground breaking, no, but DVORHEAD sounds like a brutal death band who would need to practice more to brutally improve!
The band is actually working on a first album... I think it's too early, but some French brutal death supporters might find interest in this as the band will surely sound more professional and get the benefits of a good production! To sum it up: Average band in the need of brutal rehearsals and searching for its demonic inspiration!


DYSENTERIE (Fra) lunatic asylum Demo'03.
I don't know much about this band, I downloaded their demo on a files exchange software from a guy who comes from their town (near of Reims).
The band plays Brutal death grind reminding me a lot of CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Tomb of the mutilated" epoch) and they have few MORBID ANGEL or DEICIDE like riffs. Some parts reminds me of DEATH("Human"/ "Individual...") and a bit of ATHEIST (For some slap bass parts!). They remind me a bit of SOILS OF FATE (on Demos) or old INHUMATE. On a technical point of view the stuff is Ok, but their riffs are common to me and they could improve their tracks! The structures are common, not efficient enough, and a bunch of riffs sounds too much like old Cannical corpse... In my opinion, it's average music with approximations but with few nice parts.
So, it might be a cool band to check out live in a bar, but their music needs some improvements to be enjoyable on a Demo!


DYSFUNCTION (Fra) Symbols of desolation Demo CDr'05.
This demo lying between the average and very average contains some kind of Death grind (with some Brutal death) that does nothing. It sounds common, uninspiring and not surprising.
The few technical touches on guitars do not help.
The vocals are very average and lack of feeling for the style.
The drum machine brings nothing.
The sound is average (what about recording 2 guitars and 1 bass guit. next time?).
After few listenings, I'll remind nothing of this demo.
Too average at every levels.