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KARMIC WHEEL (Fra) Promo CDr 2005.
The two members of this side-project were a part of some quite well supported French underground bands, but prefer to remain anonymous for obscure reasons. So let's talk about the music.
Most of it sounds like mid-placed EDGE OF SANITY ("Purgatory afterglow") in a less exciting manner, with influences of  SUP/ SUPURATION (France, more than a few!), few riffs à la early DEICIDE, old PARADISE LOST, CHRIST DENIED, some second era HYPOCRISY, as well as some more influences I would call Death metal... While some of these riffs would have almost been considered as "core" 10 years ago.
Something unpleasant is the drum-machine sound, and especially the "hit hat" sample that sounds like some studio click. I urge them to resample some of these drum samples! A real drummer of flesh and bones with real drumming ideas of hatred and soul would help to make the whole sound better.
The Death metal-styled vocals sound deeper than E.O.S.
In my opinion, KARMIC WHEEL currently sounds as bearable background music, with a little atmosphere, but nothing more. Nothing to open a third dimension, and nothing really boring... Just tolerable... While we need an urge of hatred and demoniac creativity! (Yes, melodic can be demoniac.)


KEEPER OF KALESSIN (Nor) Reclaim Demo tape'03. N:C:U.
Shocking on a chaosprenic dilemn. Am I the pulse, the brain or both? Is purity a solution? To extract the essence of "I" from any external influence and escape the grinding machine of time, both past and future, that keeps turning... Will that lead to my loss or any victory? Search for purity leads to insecurity, necrotic individuality and social incapability.
I had the opportunity to lay my hands on this tape by total hazard. I never searched for this, but I finally received the tape in trade from 2 different traders. Isn't there an obscure evil force that definitely wants me to hear KEEPER OF KALESSSIN? lol.
So when I first played the tape, I was surprised by both the professionalism of the thing and the fact the vocals reminded me a lot of "De mysteriis dom sathanas". A short look in the booklet and that was clear, the line up is composed of Attila (Vocals), Frost (Drums) and Obsidian C. (All other instruments).
K.O.K plays fast Black metal in a quite inspiring, or at least good sounding way. In the fastest moments the riffing could sound like MAYHEM ("D.M.D.S" meets "Wolf's layr") while some influences of SATYRICON ("Nemesis Divina") or fast EMPEROR (2nd & 3rd CDs) could be detected in some fast, melancholic, or almost death metallic riffings. They played a bit too fast in my opinion! Slow down and let the cold winds of obscurity freeze your music to epileptic burning frost!
All in all the mood is cold and the tracks are varied with many riffs and theme changes. This isn't very original, this didn't killer much in my deadly room, but it's far better than the average.
You don't need more of my words since I'm not the best to speak about Black metal and this review was just another reason to speak about good sounding music. What you have to know: K.O.K might be interesting for fans of Black metal who like it cold and decently played!


Are you ready? Here we go!
KILL THE MESSENGER plays a style I'm not used to, and I don't especially enjoy. I'd say this is a mix of new Hardcore, Nu metal with some extreme metal touches. And there is even some clean rock (!)
The first beat reminds me of EXHORDER ("Unforgiven", the track on the MONSTERS OF DEATH Comp). There are quite heavy riffs or groovier ones in the Nu metal style. It may sound like SLIPKNOT but with less Death metal influences. Maybe a bit of PRONG? (5th track).
There are some cleaner vocals à la FEAR FACTORY (Demanufacture) or Nu metal like bands I don't remind the name. Rather screamed... There are some death metal growls... There are some clean parts à la RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!? Uh... some cleaner parts haven't got its place here in my hears.  I can't say I'm bored, but I'm not so far from it.
What else could I say? They seem to have ok tracks, but nothing attracted my attention and there didn't seem to be catchy choruses... I think it's an average/ very average demo.
I guess there are no nu metal fans reading this webzine...


KILLING IS CREATION (No matter) Demo'03.
Which stupid hash-abusing hippie said everything were allright? This Demo is far from being allright! PURE CRAP! KILLING IS CREATION haven't understood playing the most "technical" or "original" possible doesn't mean to write correct music! Imagine the worst clichés of Brutal death metal and DYING FETUS and you have this crap polluting your Hi-fi! Bad "Brutal death grind" with a useless drum machine! They try to add some "Core" but it's not better! Boring! Totally weak and incoherent! It sometimes sounds like the fucking boring improvisations one can play when he's totally drunk and can't even handle a guitar!! Sometimes there are NO RIFFS but random notes! Play the fastest possible and you have it! Total crap one can only FORGET AT FIRST HEAR if he knows what correct music is!  Sounds like a crappy mix of NOISM, DAMNABLE and ADNAUSEAM! Some riffs are simply sounding laughable! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!
Url: Who gives a fuck?


LACTO VAGINAL (Pol) Irak 2004 “Demo” CDr'04.
Fucking shit! Even though this band's name might sound funny in the hears of the crap fucking alcohol abusers, their demo even do not have a one listening-long length of life! Boring amateurish grind punk with moments of rock, grunge, improvisation and drunk jokes... and the skills aren't good! And the riffs aren't good at all! And the "imagination" (better said obvious rip off!) is utterly under the average!! It sucks!! The Black sabbath cover (Iron man) isn't cool and many of the other craps sound fucking laughable!  Boring and depressing unless you have a lot of money and free time to fulfill! Pure shit for wankers or "stoned" 12 years old Marylin-mason-worshipping satanists!
Ok, it seems and sounds very underground, but underground doesn't mean shit! Underground doesn't mean each crappy local project could release and sell its excrements to everyone!
To release something decent takes time and hard work! Pure shit for lifeless cocksuckes! Avoid this crap unless you are a poser millionaire Anal cunt fanatic who has nothing to do of his lame existence, or stop reading this zine.  
Fucking S.H.I.T!!


LEGION (Ger) Havoc dominates Demo'03. N:C:U.
Here's one of these demos that sounds a lot like the influential bands, but succeeds in doing it with some feeling. What you have here is a nicely rounded quite 'melodic" black metal demo in the keyboarding sense of the word. The music succeeds in awaking a nice dark mood. It's rather Black metal strongly influenced by old EMPEROR (Two first albums), a zest of GRAVELAND and few death thrashing riffs. It has both fast parts, atmospheric darkness and classy (not gay) melodies. Some riffs, arpeggios or keyboards sound a lot like old EMPEROR, to the point you could wonder if it's not some bloody bad copy. But the band offers a nice mood and decent riffs.
This LEGION demo might please 90's Black metal fanatics... a shame the production was fucked up during the final duplication: the whole is badly overdriven and vibrates like hungry termites in my Hi-Fi...


LEPROSY (Swe) Trapped in rage Demo CDr’05.
Stop blaspheming the power of beer metal with your milky ways and sterilized hot "beers"!!
Something nice in the current old school thrash underground revival is: every bands didn't choose to play the same style, while a bunch of thrashers totally embrace the early German way of shredding the strings (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom...), LEPROSY chose something more varied, both in terms of influences and variety of rhythms.
These Swedish thrashers have a bunch of riffs reminding of the early Bay area scene (early Metallica), with few technical touches à la old MEGADETH and nice accelerations reminding of KREATOR, while some riffs could sound like POSSESSED (2nd album and last Mlp) eventhough the atmosphere isn't evil nor obscure...Few touches reminded me of D.B.C or CYCLONE TEMPLE.
It might lack of brutal aggression, but this isn't a really frenetic kind of thrash... The tracks are well rounded with a bunch of breaks, the musicians are all tight. There's nothing new, or worth the timeless kill, but this demo is well done enough and a nice mood is here. A nice piece of old school thrash a not too common way, with nothing to disturb the big fans of 80's thrash mania. A shame the packaging/ layout is too simple and cheap looking... but the demo was just released as a tape by FINAL PUNISHMENT Recs, and it looks better. Cool.


LETHAL (Swe) Demolition Demo'04. FINAL PUNISHMENT Recs.
You need a big pack of beer!! You need a big pack of beer! Or at least some burning heavy food to enjoy this piece of Beer metal! Urgh! fucking shit! This LETHAL tape sound old school So much old school it sounds quite kitsch, but it remains cool and entertaining in my hears! Imagine simple and primal riffs à la early RAZOR/ KREATOR/ DESTRUCTION with your good old simple structures, nice beer metal choruses and some funny (in the right way) old school metal riffs that taste a good and funny alcoholic delirium! LETHAL happens to remind me the band CRANIUM who released few very old school thrashing riffs around 1998. Even if LETHAL doesn't sound the way SLAUGHTER did, they happen to have the same "Charge into the wall! Fucking metal! We're metal! Fuck you!!" state of mind. Sometimes it tastes a bit like SWORDMASTER (Simple side and vocals), but LETHAL is less melodic, less black metal influenced and not modern at all.
On song is entitled "Violent solution"... Fucking shit!! It's a true metal blasphemy for the French speaking metallers for sure!! Ah! (Needless to say more, the concerned guys will understand).
Sometimes the thrash of LETHAL sounds too "easily findable" and some riffs sound common... after a while it's always thrash the old way with lacking surprises and beer inversing tempo changes... but to conclude I'll only say this band shouldn't be taken 100% serious: it's rather a decent thrashing beer metal project with enough fun and drinking choruses to entertain old school metal and beer worshippers! Last word of the jumping never healing wound: average but enjoyable for thrashing maniacs! So, a cool tape for only the ones who never drink enough! Ah.


LIMB FROM LIMB (Usa) Nothing will survive Demo CDr'03.
I expected something really more extreme when I received this demo! Their band's name could let you think about a Death grind or Grindcore band as it's an EXHUMED track title, but no blast nor aggression can be found! Just some kind of groovy and heavy death metal/ deathcore à la JUNGLE ROT, with the heavy parts of FLESHGRIND and INTERNAL BLEEDING. Some parts are more in the Brutal US Style à la CANNIBAL CORPSE while core touches can be found... it's almost Deathcore by moments.
Even if some riffs sound ok (and even not bad for some), it cruelly lacks of energy and brutal grooves to kick the ass! All the more a bunch of riffs are useless, and I'm not a fan of this style!
LIMB FROM LIMB needs a big brutal lifting and more energy from the brutalized guts of oppressed perversion! Convenient music isn't enough to have a good review here! You have to severely kick the ass or awake and ancient feeling of total destruction!!


One more time I wonder why I receive a demo! This isn't extreme nor really metal! This stuff sounds like a mix of Nu Metal, HELMET, SEPULTURA on "Roots" with discordances à la old GODFLESH.... And I know at least 4 nu metal bands...
And I heard nothing pleasant or Ok here... it sounds screamy with a raw sound... It reminds me of some Heavy Stoner/ Sludge stuffs on parts. But apart from doing some noise and copying some of the bands quoted before, I don't see what they're trying to do.
It seems like wanna be fun or bizarre but fail at it lyrics.
I can't say anything else except I find it very average, and totally uninspired.
It's sent to another webzine... Before I shit my beef stew!!


LUCIDO (Fra) Demo'05.
Don't pay attention to the strange name of this band, what you have here is underground and metallic.
LUCIDO plays some kind of black/ thrash metal the old way following the lines of early CELTIC FROST, DARKTHRONE ("Panzerfaust") with touches of teutonicus relliks as early KREATOR, and few beer marks of early SARCOFAGO... So don't expect something well produced, totally tight and following the ass-breaking trends of homodernity... No, it's sounds like an old demo, and it's not as raw as many current black thrash bands.
Few heavier moments (that doesn't sound especially cool) are almost drowning in the slowest of HELLHAMMER.
The influences quoted before are very present, and occur to be very much emerging and audible (Right now there is no personality). And some moments could really be improved... I know they choose a quite rock'n roll style, but this doesn't explain all...
LUCIDO plays it with enough rock'n roll and enthusiasm to entertain the big fans of this mummified kind of alcoholically rock'n roll metal from the past, but apart from the fans and deep undergrounders, there will be few to move their heads in banging circles.
It might be nice live, but for big fans of the style only.


LÜGER (??) Kill, worship, die Demo tape 2004 VSR.
They are LÜGER and they want to sadistikly fukk you! The old rotten way of early brutal black war metal! LÜGER plays old school Black death metal along the lines of early IMPALED NAZARENE, ARCHOGOAT, old BESTIAL WARLSUT, old BELIAL... got the point? It's always fast Black metal with raw riffs and (almost vomited) big guttural vocals reminding me of ARCHGOAT or early IMPALED NAZARENE's perverse goat fucking interludes (if you see what I mean!). The music in itself isn't so bad, there's the right mood for this kind of blaspheming metal, the problem comes from the fact the drums and guitars aren't that tight... so it sound rather confused. More tightness would be needed coz LÜGER ever seem to be big alcoholic who aren't afraid of a nice goat sodomy nor a violent nun rape! Ah!


LÜGER (??)/ ISTIDRAJ (Singapore) Split tape 2004 VSR.
The LÜGER side of this split tape sounds less interesting than their Demo tape: you have an intro evoking a war theme as well as a real track. The song is still in a chaotic Black death, but unfortunately sounds less cool because of the use of a drum machine and a probably less raw nun sodomy... It remains quite raw and old school, but it's just average/ very average with few highlights. You'd better check their demo tape if the band sounds interesting.

Hailing from Sin- gapore, ISTIDRAJ plays 2 tracks of a Black metal in a rather old Swedish way along the lines of old MARDUK, WATAIN, some old IMMORTAL, some HORNA, and probably some WAR. Fast stuff with a bunch of blast beats, as well as various tempo changes. The musicians seem to correctly crucify their songs in burning human flesh, eventhough it's not always the perfect or very good tightness. Vocals are too high pitched for me! (Guts are real!). Nothing really impressive or memorable, but ISTIDRAJ's music has enough impact to please a bunch of Black metal maniacs. Average, but worth the fist raise for fans of the style!


LYCANTHROPY (Bra) Agony of souls Demo'03.
Fuck! It's too weak for my tastes! This shit is too weak to deserve a mighty scream of hellish death! Just your average Death/ Black metal with untight blasts and weak melodies from here and there. Oh noooo! There are ways too much melodic bitches to entertain me the right way! Some old Death metal riffs sound decent and relatively heavy, but these naive melodic bitches (who don't suck cock decently) do nothing else than wasting my averagely correct erection! The vocals are screamed. The whole doesn't sound well tight and needs more work! All in all, a very average demo that sounds like some stuffs many flat-tits bitches recorded years and years ago... Bleuaaargh.


MACHETE (Fin) Demo'04.
Bow down to the army of flying mushrooms! Here's a cool band offering a cool 3 tracks demo in a midly old school meets old school kind of drinking boobthirstiness. The first track is thrash death à la ENTOMBED "Uprising" with touches of early DISMEMBER/ ENTOMBED and a deathrock break to remind you there are still plenty beers to finish! There's a little early MACHINE HEAD zest. A cool track!
The two other tracks sound less impressive in my hears. The thrash death parts are still here, but there are also much more deathrock, melodic death à la EDGE OF SANITY... and even some clean vocals. It sounds quite heavy but something lacks to really entertain me. Not bad, but it's not my style and Satan needs more power from hell!! All in all it's a professional demo with a big powerfull sound (Ah! Even Poky wants the same!) that might entertain a bunch of metal heads who don't dislike all these rather new school kinds of Thrash and melodic death! But I need more perverted dementia and satanic genius! What about awaking the army of flying maggots?


MAËLSTROM (Fra) Whirling dementia Demo’04.
Here's band many promotional webzines acclaimed in their inexisting virtual "pages", to the point it could have been seen as another revelation.
Since we are disrespectful bastards towards the lies and volunteer ignorance of some, lets have a deeper look at this self-released demo.
At the first listening, it's true this recording sounds impressive because of the musicians's good level. They're able to play fast left-hand guitar riffs that could remind of old NECROPHAGIST and SPAWN OF POSSESSION. Their tracks are correctly composed, this means the whole evolves between very technical guitars and easier riffs exploring several kinds of extreme metal. But on an emotional point of view, I didn't find much to shock me. Nothing memorable, no special atmosphere apart from that little mood many decent releases actually own.
The technical Death grind of MAËLSTROM that has DEATH influences and few atmospheric and Black metal touches sounds professional enough to please quite a decent amount of metallers, and especially the well educated "never complaining" readers of Metallian, but there's nothing bloody killer, new, or drastically face punching. One more time we've been quite blurred by the unrealistic enthusiasm of these promotional zines' writers who receive too many promos and free CDs to write something near enough of the average underground music fanatic's state of mind.
This demo isn't bad, you might be interested and drown in a cool mood if you like technical death with melodies and not much big brutality, but I expected more.


MAGNANIMUS (Chile) Unchaining the fever and the plagues Demo'03.
An ultra low tuned guitar noise à la very early BOLT THROWER blows your speakers to pieces! This time it's war! This is old school obscure Brutality! Brutal death metal that takes many influences and rotten energies both from the early days of the style (War death grind à la old BOLT THROWER, early DEATH, INCANTATION's "Mortal throne..." and fucking IMMOLATION) and fromthe Brazilian scene: KRISIUN.
Their death metal sounds bloody obscure, morbid as fuck, impious as hell, and heavy as a skullcrushing cathedral! Even in the fastest parts! Ah! The infinite maelstrom of haunting death starts turning one more time as the planet stops to turn! Mankind; you'll be devoured! In damnation!
Most of the music is fast and blasting in here, but the band knows how to use nicely felt heavier or mid placed parts. In my opinion the tracks might sound quite long, as some kind of stagnancy appears during the addition of many fast parts the same way, but I've heard bloody worst! All the more, even if the music doesn't sound much personal or original, this demo doesn't sound like a boring KRISIUN rip off; the guys kow how to handle their instruments and write decent songs! Notice the blasting attacks of the skillful drummer who was a part of SHEOLGENNA and TOTENKORPS.
To conclude in filth and obscura: MAGNANIMUS has chances to please fans of KRISIUN/ IMMOLATION/ INCANTATION who like it fast, brutal, heavy and morbidly esoteric! Nothing killer or memorable, but yet above the average, so it's quite promising fucking death!! In obscure infinity!
CONTACT: Magnanimus, P.O. Box 50257, Correo central, Stgo. CHILE.


MALEFIC (Uk) Malefic Demo CD'03.
"Fool! you are already dead!" So begins this 4 tracks demo that doesn't sound too bad! MALEFIC plays a mix of Death metal, thrash metal and hardcore that evoked GOREFEST in my putrid chest. Remember GOREFEST at the time of "False" and "Erase"? Then MALEFIC sounds kinda in the same way coz of some heavy riffs, sometimes melodic darkened melodies and their hardcore/ broken vocals.
The band also have some heavy metal guitar touches à la CARCASS ("Heartwork"/ “Swansong").
Of course some punching Death metal beats are pasted from here and there, but the whole is rather mid placed. Well, nothing original but it sounds cool in my beer infested mind. Some parts also made me think a little bit about DEATH (last releases), ARCH ENEMY (old), THE HAUNTED, old IN FLAMES. I think MALEFIC share somekind of the same GOREFEST influences than the Belgian death metal band SUHRIM, but the Belgian beer drinkers are in a more extreme kind of metal.
Okey, this isn't a marvelous demo, but rather a nice one to listen to. I have some reasons to think the GOREFEST fans will find some pleasant darkened listenings here! Notice you can download all the demo tracks on their website.


MALEFICENCIA (Bolivia) Apostasia Demo tape 2003.
If I was in a very nice mood, I could say something like: "Apart from some boring mid-placed thrashy riffs and sodomized influences à la old CRADLE OF SHIT, MALEFICENTIA plays a nice black metal".
Some influences of old MARDUK ("Opus nocturne", for some blasting moments and vocals), a few of the earlier ENSLAVED, semi melodic black metal like NECROMICON, and influences from bands of the 1st "World domination" compilation CD era can be felt...But the problem lies in the fact the "few" mello-dicks aren't so few! About half of the stuffs is midplaced or too melodic to kill the will to rot!
It's a shame the band compromises the cool enthusiasm of some fast stuffs in some boring thrashy or mellowdick-sucking stuffs! It's kind of too melodically happy for the tastes of those who like black metal to be black (Arg!), serious and revengeful.
So, there's some hope for MALEFICENTIA if they decide to buy new trashcans and throw away all the false happiness, to focus on their most extreme stuffs...HELL DOESN'T NEED A LIGHT WATER REFRESH!! But I don't know if they would take the 'risks' to do so...


MANDINGAZO (Chile) Death metal punishment Demo CDr 2005. D.O.S.E Records.
Old style Death metal with a zest if very early Hardcore crust.
It kinda sounds like it's influenced by some early MASTER, some CARNAGE (R.I.P), and the most death metal parts of REPULSION. Some riffs sound a bit like NECROVATION.
Unfortunately it lacks of punch, surprises and morbidity, after the first half the songs turn to generic things, and I think there's nothing new at all... But I can feel a dark atmosphere that wouldn't displease the fans of obscure Death like CARNAGE! The quite deaf guitar sound has a raw aspect sounding nice.
This is a very underground demo that might please underground death heads who are in it for the atmosphere.
Average old style demo stuff, it's not unpleasant, but I wish them to develop, practice and get it harder! Right from the abyss!


MARTYR (Can) Demo'03.
I guess a bunch of guys would be interested in hearing this demo composed of 2 new MARTYR tracks! The first thing to catch your attention is the music being more complex (with many breaks) and strange in a techno Death metal way! With less melodic death or heavy metal touches...
It begins in a more brutal than usual way: imagine NECROPHAGIST who meets ATHEIST and old MEKONG DELTA in fragmented spheres of musical demise! Hawgh! The following occurs rather in strange Techno death thrash technicalities à la ATHEIST ("Elements"), PESTILENCE ("Spheres") with discarding touches that would make MARTYR sound like somekind of Cocaine smoked orgy between the works of ATHEIST and DISBELIEF. The whole with unconventional structures that makes it undissectable at first ears!
The second track is a bit more "common" in an ATHEIST/ PESTILENCE("Spheres") style with DEATH and WATCHTOWER touches as it had more "Reachable" rythms and riffs.
This is surely original and it might sound interesting for musicians!
I miss a deeply emotional or catchy as a brutal fuck aspect in MARTYR's music, but it seems like their next album won't disappoint the techno death/ Thrash maniacs who put hopes in MARTYR!


MASS INFECTION (Gre) Believe the lie Demo'03.
The very underground Thrash metal revival leads to some real orgasmic copulations in my mailbox, some packages are moshing as never while the real thrash spirit of ancient Germany slowly awakes from the good old rotten tapes that await nothing more than BEER, HATRED and POWER! But this demo didn't lead to the same enthusiasm, nope. This is just your very average Thrash death. Most of it is mid-placed, some breaks aren't cool (just your space-filling riffs if you see what I mean). Ok, the production is powerful, and the musicians know how to play this shit decently... but it cruelly lacks of power, hatred, revenge and violent chaos explosions! Just your convenient old influenced thrash metal in the vein of what many bands did few years ago...There's even few strangely groovy stuffs... Few influences: heavy and mid-placed SLAYER, few old and simple DEATH ("Leprozy", some mid-placed old METALLICA, some more melodic and sometimes Death-thrashing Death ("Symbolic")... Ok, some guys will find MASS INFECTION cool, but I really need more power and creativity to be midly impressed! God-damnit drink more beer and learn how to band your head violently! Unless you'll never have the pleasure to hear a sincere and powerful "UUUUUUUUuuuuuuhhhhhh!" during your gigs! An average/ very average demo with a good production.
c/o Lytras Nickos, 87 Karagiannopoulou str, 32100, Livadia, Greece.


MASSIVE POWER (Chile) Breaking your head Demo tape'04. IRONFIST KOMMANDO.
One beer, two beers, and your local posers get all lost!
One beer, two beers, and they get the spiked fist of metal in their face!
One beer, two beers, and we thrown them in the thrashing pit! Face the puke fucking death! GURGLES OF AGONY!!!
MASSIVE POWER from Chile plays it cool and old school... Nostalgic thrash metal that makes me feel exactly at the right place: In bed with Satan! Ah Ah!
It has a quite burning atmosphere that flows like a nice warmed up mood of beer, and the music evokes early KREATOR/ old METALLICA (Ride the lightning) with reminiscenes of old TESTAMENT. They play it well balanced and mixed between fast thrashing moments and mid-placed riffings tending to melodies à la early Lars Ulrich. Vocals aren't screamed. The band has at least 3 demos. As often it's not beerfect, not really emotionally overwhelming from the scars, and some guys will think it’s not aggressive or speed-deadly-extreme enough for thrash metal, but the riffings actually riffs quite well, some guitars are crooked enough to nicely catch your skull and I like the mood... So that's enough for me to say: "this is a cool Demo". Those who like this style might get into the beer. INTO THE BEER!


MASTABAH (Pol) Promo CDr 2004.
MASTABAH boozed to desecrate it a brutal way, spiking the anus, an averagely "mowdern" way.
Most of the music is kind of ultra fast (Say blablablasting if you will), and some mowments probably need a good concentration to be achieved... You could think abouwt many Us Bruwtargh stuwfs, like old DEVOURMENT, for a big exampeul, but few older influences like mid old MORBID ANGEL, FALLEN CHRIST's impious hyper fast breaks'n technicity, some SOULLESS (Pol), and few old SAD EX even if most ow it is quite mowdern a bewtargh way, Hay.
There are many gravity blasts (snare drum rolls).
On the other side of the crepitating hand that was chose for the finger fuck, apart from the brewtality, Gayball Gayblow didn't fell much emowtionaaargh.
So, it's pwowbably cowectly bewtal, but lacks ow feewling and own ideaws to be bewtter than avewage.


MERGITRON (Usa) Demo’05.
More death an heavy and quite old schoolish brutal way.
MEGITRON sounds like the old DEICIDE influence ENCABULOS had on their second demo tape "Dark divinity", mixed with some old GRAVE/ BAPHOMET and crusty punk influenced riffs à la AUTOPSY (old) or MUCUPURULENT ("Sicko baby"). The quite deaf production that makes it more heavy and hot'n comfortable, as well as the mixed use of growls and screamed vocals reminds me of old EXHUMED (Split CD with HEMDALE). The songs sound quite well built and flowing, even if nothing really explosive or burning occurs in this 4 songs package. This apparently has a nice life-length of comforable listening sessions.
Even if there's nothing new or really catchy, this demo totally sounds like what I expected from a good hot demo tape around 1998-99, both in terms of production and music (Of corpse it's something I still enjoy nowadays, no one to change it's FAVE musical style every 6 months in there! Ah! Don't talk about your usual 'evolution', I mean something deeper that can't be affected by our usual superficial randomizings of personality) and I think it might still be of some appeal for those who like the "heavier" side of Death metal, or even some fans of not too dirty goregrind for the guttural vocals and crusty punk aspect.
So, that's a cool demo the fans of the style will nicely dig with few beers or a big pack of warming cakes under hand.
Concact : Sorry I don’t find it anymore… Maybe their myspace page was deleted or bullshit… If you know about them, thanx to mail me!


MESEMON ECROF (Bra) Useless way of the cross Demo'04.
Several times did I see the logo of MESEMON ECROF on some Portuguese written flyers, and the name kinda caught my attention because of its 'exotic' (better said not understandable) and quite strange sonority. The curiosity kept growing little by little, as I saw the name popping up from here and there... But unfortunately it wasn't possible to put an hear on their "Old school death"... especially since the band do not speak English!! Was it one more metallic damnation?
Not really.
When I could finally put an hear on these tracks, some kind of quite tasteful deception could be felt: where's the old school death metal every one announced? Ok, this sounds like old-influenced Death metal, but it's very much blast-ridden and finally I don't hear many differences with all the Brazilian bands trying to emulate KRISIUN's style. I should say there are also some slower parts and other influences that could remind of old SARCOFAGO, old DEICIDE, and some old Brutal death.
The drumming that wastes a quite important couple of riffs isn't tight enough to kill, it's fast and fast... but kinda runs everywhere without the needed minimum of martial precision! I should say there's nothing special or killer, just an average (sometimes almost cool) demo with a lack of drumming habilities.
It might please the fans of 3rd grade KRISIUN copies, but there are many more efficient bands.
So I will tell the band: same player, try again. Come back next time with more strength and will to kill. And most important: Work fucking hard!


MIDAS (Fra) Demo'03.
This band was initially announced as a brutal Crust/ Grind band (If I'm not wrong), and "MIDAS" sounds like a cool name for a fast as fuck crust band: as fast as the old Greek myth that was said to be a very fast runner! So I was quite curious about their music. Now I heard their demo, here's my opinion: rather disappointed! First of all, this isn't brutal crust grind since no blasts are here! And the drum patterns aren't real crustcore d-beats, nope, it's somekind of thrash Hardcore. Only the riffs are crust induced. Uh.
So what you hear is somekind of Hardcore thrash crust being very much influenced by old DOOM, old DISRUPT and the likes. It's mainly old school.
The riffs in itself aren't bad, but there's a tightness problem mainly coming from the drums.
So that's average/ very average in my opinion. MIDAS is at the level of playing alcoholic gigs and rehearsing a lot in my hears... Not the good time for recordings! Some HxCx poofsters might be interested since I heard worst HxCx/ Punk of this kind few years ago...
c/o Skud recs. BP 515, 33001 BORDEAUX.


MISANTHROPIA (Pol) Embrace the night Demo'04.
Who the fuck tried to say "UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHhhhhhh!!"? Motherfucker! When a band do not really kick your fat ass, you have no right to evoke ancient Death metal entities from the killer metallic past! Ah! What you could hear in this demo is somekind of ok-sounding Death grind with too much melodies black metal influences... one more time there's too much melodies to kick the fat bottoms of the beer drinking metallers! The beginning of the thing seems like decent Death grind with Brutal death touches from the end 90's, these Death metal elements happen to appear during these 3 tracks, but the too happy and melodic Black metal influences waste the power of the putrid death and emerging screams of the agonizing endlessly dormant who suffers the worst soul-shredding traumas in his tormented sleep! More happy demos of this kind and the really putrid and hateful one will wake up to severely kick your ass!!!
So, this nicely produced demo might please those who like rather melodic black metal with a bunch of melodically melodic touches of melody, with some death metal (the rather 90's brutal way). Of corpse it's quite decently played and might sound cool for some guys, but that's their problem! I'm not impressed and interested, so I won't let any beer flow! "Throw away the melodic stuffs or forget Death metal" is the only way for this band!


MISGIVINGS (Fra) Masquerading as god Demo CDr’06.
MISGIVINGS is a French evil Death metal band that exists in the deep underground since the mid 90's, but we didn't hear much about them, probably because of their few recorded manifestations of revenge.
Their music is fast ridden and reminds of old MORBID ANGEL as well as early DEICIDE, but some obscure names from the past such as FALLEN CHRIST (For some quite technical guitar evocations followed by bass lines climbing up high to rape the heavens), INFESTER (For the old styled death) and some KRISIUN riffing could be detected in here and after. There are some almost thrashy riffings that could sounds like some early MERCILESS (Swe) or early AGRESSOR (Fra).
The guitar playing is quite technical and complex, with a bunch of evil sounding polyphonies.
Even if I enjoy the atmosphere reincarnated in there songs, and few riffs are really old school sounding, I didn't detected much really catchy (as hell) and brutally spiking your mind. And there seems to be some tightness problems, it might be a matter of production (That isn't the best, even if it's Ok for a demo) but the drumming seems like it's quite lost in the fastest moments. The whole doesn't sound that massive and united to kill half of the time.
For sure, it's a band I'd enjoy live, but right now they only have the right burning atmosphere and nicely worked guitars. More is needed to really hook the listeners and force them to buy this demo, and play it again and again in aeternum! It's only average now.
I wish them good luck and perseverance to reach more tightness and procreate really death evoking riffs.


MORDICHRIST (Swe) The blood rise Demo'04.
Black metal the Norwegian way with the bassist of DARK FUNERAL. The whole sounds better and more professional than many crap black metal demos! On a musical point of spike, it could be comparable to some old DARK FUNERAL (Fast blasts and semi melodic riffs) or MAYHEM (Blasting parts or strange slow/ mid placed moments). Some slow/ mid placed riffs sound strange, kinda like MAYHEM (Grand declaration of war) or VOÏVOD, a will to sound original is there, but MORDICHRIST only sounds strange.
The vocals tend to follow those of Attila (or a bit of Maniac- last releases) with more or less success. (It happens to sound strange as well as too soft and lacking of dementia).
Even if some nice sounding riffs and not so bad ideas are there, there's nothing much memorable or ass-kicking. A melting of everheard ideas coming from different kinds of music resulting in a more "original" decent mixture. Just decent fast Black metal with few strange influences.


MORTALIZED (Jap) Satanic serial murder Tape'04. BLOODBATH.
fucking shit! Pure filth and decomposing bodies lying everywhere under the flesh ripping will of the mighty ball grinding acid! What you have here is a nice as fuck underground D.I.Y tape offering 19 tracks of the Japanese grinders MORTALIZED, and the most important, with a good amount of new or unreleased tracks! Ah!
MORTALIZED is still practicing total blast death grind meets grindcore and few influences of noisecore or hypnotizing evil! But contrary to the layout of this (semi-official?) tape, MORTALIZED plays its thing properly and clean with aggression... it's not dirty as a rotting corpse, nor evil.
These new and unreleased tracks could have similarities with PIG DESTROYER, DISCORDANCE AXIS, BIRDFLESH as well as many Death grind bands, with a zest of aggressive screaming grind at the top of the volcano. These new tracks sound a bit more aggressive than before, it's also more compact and structured to kill.
The jumping vile pus emanating from this tape lets me see tracks taken from the "Absolute mortality" MCD, a split Ep with EVOL, and an old demo are also bathing in sulfuric acid.
Taking the whole pus in consideration, there might won't be more brutal ejaculations for those who need it overall intense as fuck and catchy as a thousand simultaneous multinational plane crashes, but these new tracks have enough aggression to please (or at least entertain) those who like screaming grind in a rather new school, yet not too weird nor experimentally spermicidal way! MORTALIZED's next real CD release seems like it will kick some brutal cock eating bottoms! Worth the brutal listening in my rotting self-afflicting opinion! Make your own mind coz I read very various feedbacks about this band... I'm rather in for the kill!


MORTOPHILIA (Estonia) Six grinded piles Demo CD’05.
Fingers, in the deepness.
Your inner skin is all wet and charmed by this unholy presence.
Extracting the blood from your quartered inner flesh, I play the MORTOPHILIA Demo to tease your imploring wounds.
As the songs are decently built, I shred in the rythm.
The prodution isn't so cool, and lacks of heaviness, I have the usual idea to bit to blood your juicy bosoms.
The music is very much old Cannibal corpse influenced... you see where I'm coming from... A good old meat hook sodomy! Or maybe "Stripped, raped and strangled" might be nice?
Unfortunately for your nicely rounded back, this isn't original music, so my coïtal creativity won't go much further than the good old pounding the brutal way. (It might be more efficient during gigs).
I'm finally able to cum blood in your chopped in half backwards.
MORTOPHILIA might be a nice choice if you want a convenient Brutal fuck the old and usual way. But remember new original ideas awake new passions and burning orgasms. And new ideas can be totally brutal! (No need to fullfil your ass with gay stuffs! Hu!). So, what's the fuck? More intensity and brutal originality (the obscure way) is what MORTOPHILIA needs!


MORTOPHILIA (Estonia) Morbid dreams in toxic steam Demo’03.
During a discussion about the Estonian metal scene, the beer drinking motherfucker Nathaniel (Editor of the MUTILATING PROCESS Mag) advised me to check out MORTOPHILIA! And here we are motherfucker! What you have here is somekind of Death grind with Brutal death and few semi technical/ melodic touches that could sound as a mix of old CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Tomb of the mutilated"), some old DEICIDE, with some old SINISTER in blasts. They sometimes remind me a purulent zest of EXHUMATOR's Demo'94 (The best one).
The whole music isn't original nor especially killer, and there are bloody mistakes, but some riffs sound okey and I heard the guys are young bastards. I was also told their live sets are quite impressive.
Notice the production of this demo lacks of power!! The band shares this opinion and so they didn't spread the thing much. Wish'em some better recording possibilities for the next putrid demo, as well as a brutal spiked Death-Kompressor lifting of hell! Average, but the future looks brutal!


MOURNING (Usa) Blinded by hate Demo CDr’04.
Volatile putrefaction, perverse malignancy and grimrobbed dust.
What you have here is a kind of fast and blasting black metal influenced by DARK FUNERAL/ WAR/ SACRAMENTUM (with touches of DISSECTION/ NOMICON) and some brutal death ideas nailed from here and there.
At the first approach, the blasting as fuck black metal sounds Ok, but with a slightly deeper approach it's only your usual and easy raw black metal riffs (with few melodies).
The more death metallic parts are what sound good in MOURNING! (For example the 2nd song has a nice mid placed riff that could remind of BRUTALITY and would have been catchy with some deep screams of growling anguish! They also have nice heavy creeping riffs à la INCANTATION/ ENCABULOS/ DARKLORD! and nice tremolos à la old NILE (1st CD).
The brutal drummer is efficient: super fast double bass drums, tight as fuck blasts and nice tom-rumbles!
But their blast metal riffs that infest around 60 or 70% of their music are less impressive in my hears: a part of it sounds Ok, while the remaining lacks of energy and conviction... It falls a bit a sleep by moments and some structures would need to be reworked and severely blood-injected to gain more efficiency of death!
To conclude in spikes and sodomy, this demo has its moments, good ideas and nice brutal sides, but it also has too much average stuffs in my opinion! They have a quite cool potential to evolve into something ass-kicking, but some work on structures and efficiency is needed for that! They've just signed for an album deal, wish them good luck.


MUTILHATE (Fra) Treason Demo'05.
What you have here is some kind of an old school death metal demo not being unpleasant to listen. The tracks follow some kind of old school death meets old brutal death patterns of obscurity, with rather mid placed or heavy tempos. MUTILHATE happens to remind me of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, BOLT THROWER, DEATH (mid old, for the quite melodic riffs), some DEICIDE, ENCABULOS.
There's nothing new or original, but few dark Black Death 'harmonies' bring few variations (a bit like SAMAEL on "Ceremony of opposites").
Some riffs are quite cheezy and lack of ass-kicking power, that's a shame since some guitar impalements have enough death metal spirit to make you scream during gigs! I don't like some of the drum-patterns that sound like an 'autoplay": it lacks of energy.
All in all, it's an average demo with some good ideas from here and there. The band has to rework their songs' structures and to be more critical towards the morbid resonance of their riffs, then they'll be able to offer something really deadly and quite catchy. Good luck, since a deadly atmosphere is here! Email:


NAUSEANT (Swe) Abysmaltician Demo CDr'06
Even though NAUSEANT reside in Sweden, there's no Entombed/ Grave/ Dismember to be found in their Death metal... No! Their sound is much more Finnish, with strong influences of DEMILICH's bizarre instructive decompositions. This is not ultra fast, but rather tends to a variety of tempos, with a taste for the doomy. The band's aim seems to create something strange, intriguing and obscure, and they do it quite well... This is quite original music that doesn't forget the morbid roots of Death metal! So few current "original" bands could be proud of this fact that NAUSEANT becomes even more putrid.
I also found a bit of CREMATORY(Swe)'s first demos for some cryptic riffs, touches of old COMECON for dissonant guitars and eventually a bit of DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA for the strange approach. The production reminds me a bit the first VIOGRESSION Lp, for its cool moody atmosphere.
The high-pitched guitar focus the creation of strange dissonant melodies... It works more or less well, sometimes it's a bit too "strange" (It might be due to the production or the fact guitars might not be totally in the right tune? I don't know... It might also be a lack of heavy guitars to underline some of the dissonant leads...). As well as many "experimental" kinds of music you happen to wonder what they exactly want to do with some riffs; But you might understand that later… And aren’t few ‘new’ morbid ideas welcome in your coffin?
Of corpse this demo isn't perfect, but for a first recording it's encouraging and quite welcome. The atmosphere is here.


NECROCIDE (Swe) Declaration of Gore Demo'04.
The dark aura of pure fucking death emerges one more time from the unknown abyss, the past sufferances and tourmenting frustrations of a thousand damned generations takes over your body and mind as the anger of the undead grows until total necrophagia!
NECROCIDE has brutally evolved since their last Demo dating back to 2002! These new tracks sound a bit more Brutal, with an almost appearant Brutal death metal damnation along the lines of old KRISIUN meets ENCABULOS and some early DEICIDE! This is blasting Brutal death the old way that could remind of obscure entities of darkened human devourment such as INCANTATION or early SUFFOCATION! (Yes, Suffocation had some real underground Death metal riffs the old way in their first releases.). Of course some newer influences in the Death metal spectrum can be felt, it could be situated between some SUFFOCATION ("Despise the sun"), some MORBID ANGEL etc... But this isn't overabusively technical nor moshing or anything too 'modern'.
On the other hand, even if these tracks are quite correctly built, there's not much suprises and (as usual)nothing new. NECROCIDE doesn't offer something ground breaking with this new Demo, but I appreciate this kind of quite 'old school' Brutal death metal done in the right obscure way! Some guys who like it brutal and not abusively new school might be interested. Quite cool and in the right way!


NECROCUNT (Swe) Black lust Demo'04.
Bloody fart of hell! This is pure fucking shit!! It fucking sucks! One more teenagers’ band who try to rip off early DARKTHRONE, but cruelly fails since there was fucking nothing to steal!! Ah! (And who needs more than a single Darkthrone??). Of course the music is "Necro" and raw as usual, but the tracks and riffs are ways too simple (and expectable)! Plus the vocals are wayyyyyyyyyyys to thin and sound like a castrated cat being hungry and in the need for its dinner... evil isn't it? Next time drink some beers before recording anything! If it doesn't sound good, you'll at least seem drunk... fucking farters!
Boring as a fucking ecclesiastic meeting of shit! I'd rather fuck a goddamn big and ugly perverse nun ill from a massive chronic farts attack than to hear this shit! Ah!


NECROMORPH (Ger) Inputcollapse Demo CDr'04. INTO THE WARZONE.
When I saw the band name and quite necro looking logo in the inside of the booklet, I expected NECROMORPH to play quite old styled Death metal. But what you see is not really what you get!
To decently gauge the fart shoot, I'd rather say NECROMORPH plays a mix between obscure death, old styled brutal death, grind'n crusty stuffs and even some gory influences.
Depending on the song that cumshoots your head, you could happen to view the sarcastic remembrances of IMMOLATION/ INCANTATION, end 90's US Brutal death like CANNIBAL CORPSE (or typically forgotten demo bands of the style), or some HAEMORRHAGE/ early MUCUPURULENT... Some obscure moments sound cool, but there's also a dose of usual brutal death, and a not really serious aspect that do not please much my need for embalming putridity... Some crusty moments, simple almost GUT/ MUCUPURULENT alike riffs or high-pitched vocals lack of Death and circumcising conviction... It's just convenient after all... Welcome to your convenient Death? hu!? The production is quite deaf, but it brings a little more obscurity to the whole.
Horr in horr, that's an average demo with some cool ideas of obscurity from here and there... But due to the band name, and first riffs, I expected something more Deadly and obscure! It might suit your poofting tastes if you really want to listen to this style and if are not against something less deadly and serious sounding... But we are into DEATH! No need to dissolve the putridity: Get it right to the point!


NECROPSY (Fra) Rural music for rural people Demo CDr 2005.
Penetrating the pores of the mollusk liquefied,
Embracing the sweat oral flesh of formaldehyde,
There are better things in hospital than dead-boredom!
The tetraplegic fellatio.
Healer of our medicine cows.
The tetraplegic fellatio.
Dealer of the fresh dissolved muscular...  For the insane toothless...
Cryptic phantasms of tetraplegia!

If you don't ask me, I'll tell you so: This demo sounds quite cool! Brutal Death meets Death metal reinhumating the early years of EXHUMED and HEMDALE, with some influences that do not totally belong to the brutal (few quite melodic, and a zest of hardcore stuffs). With great growling, gargling, screaming...insane varied vocals (Done by the vocalist of HAPPY FACE).
To konklude in gonkulation, this demo isn't really memorable, or killer on a riffing point of laceration, it's rather refreshing and well built enough for few cool tetraplegic rides, and the vocal performance is worth your disjoncted attention.


NECROVATION (Swe) Ovations to putrefaction Demo tape 2004.
At last here's some deadly and obscure Death metal!! Far from any kind of dispirited, bastardized or incestuously raped metal of Death, two musicians split their previous band and recruited two other metallers to form NECROVATION on the ashes of DAS ÜBER EVILS! This is a kind of totally obscure Swedish Death metal in the early war lines of the style! Expect no gothish melodies or any kind of other evolution of the style: pure mourning fucking death in the vein of CARNAGE, NIHILIST, early ENTOMBED with strange riffs à la early CADAVER! It has both fast punching death riffs, mid placed corpses' dances, almost Deathgrind moments and slower creeping P.U.R.U.L.E.N.CE!
NECROVATION also have their share of deadly doomed riffs that evoke a colder early PARADISE LOST ("Lost paradise"), the desperate violin of misery in the 3rd track will make you rot in hell à la early MY DYING BRIDE! The faster parts could sound like REPULSION and early SEANCE, but the spirit is more morbid. Brutal and cold as a deadly cadaver fuck at the time of the sexy witches' dance!
Finally NECROVATION offers nothing new much than your good old very Swedish influenced Death metal, but they perform their tracks with enough feeling of death and desperate anger of the living death to please the hordes of NIHILIST worshipping Death metal maniacs! Support them if you worship NIHILIST, (old) ENTOMBED and CARNAGE, you won't regret it!


NEXT ON THE LIST (Fra) Next on the list Demo CDr'06.
NOTL isn't old school or putrid, but well done. Quite modern Grindcore that does not tend to tortured hardcore, but follows a cleaner style with tight playing and nicely laid out structures. The demo contains quite varied influences in the extreme: Some old styled grind, some crust, some heavy HC, deathcore... Even if the atmosphere isn't the same, NOTL isn't so far from NAPALM DEATH (Last albums) with a bit of ANANDA/ NOSTROMO, plus some PIG DESTROYER ("Prowler in the yard") alike blasts... I won't draw more comparisons since I'm not specialized...
This is a neat demo with everything apparently falling at the right place, but I would need something really emotional to feel nutt-grabbed, and a bit more blasts would be nice. This recording that owns enough arguments to fit the needs of "modern" grinders was recently released as a split CD with THE BLACK CHAIN on the French label SHOW ME YOUR TITS. The band has the potential to break some bones (And not some balls, ahah... Unless you're entirely retro and bound to the past; I think this band wouldn't bother most of extreme music listeners...), time will tell how they'll evolve...


NIHILISTIKRYPT (Estonia) Required sacrifices Demo CD’05.
I heard an Mp3 of this band and it sounded nice: Quite obscure and old styled Death metal. So, I asked them to send their demo, with a hope for something nice… But strange surprise: This Mp3 and the band name aren’t representative of what could be found here! It’s much more melodic! Some kind of melodic death with some old techno death influences… Sometimes we aren’t far from Gothenburp, even if it’s not the main style of the band. There are quite nice strange moments à la mid old DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA that could also remind strange riffs from ATROCITY’s “ Blut ”… while some guitars could sound like an average mid old DEATH. This band tries to sound original in parts, but it doesn’t work… I feel half of the riffs should be erased and the songs could be improved.
It’s just an average mid placed/ melodic death demo with few nice moments. For a first recording, it could have been worse, but it’s also too calm and melodic too be decently called “ Death metal ” !
I strongly advice them to focus on the strangest riffs they have and inject much more Death, bizarrre, and brutal itensity!


NIRNAETH (Fra) Nothing but ashes Demo’04.
Rare are the black metal demos I can listen from the beginning to the end, without the appearance of boredom or a bestial anti-grim convulsion! But NIRNAETH remained entertaining enough in my hears.
It might be because the band didn't choose to play minimalist music nor decided to archaïcally record their songs, or because the decently structured 4 tracks of this demo aren't strictly bound in aggressive black metal fields (Some elements of Death and Heavy metal can be felt).
All in all, what we have here is decent fast Black metal (that isn't too raw) and the band apparently has a will to compose logically structured tracks. The musicians decently handle their instruments, and even if his strange screamings aren't much of my kind, the vocalist sounds quite "entertaining".
Of course some things need to be improved: some riffs sound quite too much everheard (rework it?), it lacks of real surprises in structures, and the low frequencies happen to be overdriven (like some old demos). But for a first demo I must say it sounds quite encouraging.
I didn't feel something really emotional or deeply shocking, they do not seem to have blown a black fuse (what about a cerebral explosion of cancerous carbon?), but NIRNAETH seems to have enough darkened attributes to haunt the underground wanderings of some Black metal fans who do not limit themselves to sterile excrements!


NOSFERATU (Bra) Returning to the slaughter Demo CDr'04.
So heavy metal keeps on coming back, little by little, as a nice yellow liquid to slowly but surely fulfill some massive mash tun (you'd love to sleep into).
The average level of current old styled Heavy metal bands seems like it has globally increased, so many underground bands are more enjoyable on a listening point of view, and you could listen without too many fears of boredom or shitting riffs... In this case, NOSFERATU from Brazil, plays something I'd simply call NWOBHM, since it's very much influenced by old IRON MAIDEN and the first MERCYFUL FATE album, with few touches of thrash or even speed metal (Think Metallica or Exodus). The songs are quite well composed around a "lot" of changes on riffs that 'generally' do not suck, vocals are quite varied (Sung, sometimes screamed, but not eccentric), and the production is quite cool for a demo (It reminds me the first Mercyful fate album)... On a MAIDEN point of view, I wouldn't say they're very influenced by the first two albums but rather by the beginning of Dickinson epoch (Rather the most hard rockin' heavy way, than the progressive turns... With quite a lot of epic guitars and polyphonies). I'm not a big Heavy metal specialist, but I can at least say this NOSFERATU demo can be a nice listening once in the mood for something cool and heavy metallic... Even if it doesn't particularly kill or thrill, it's all okey according to the standards of this epoch, and the music flows quite well. Feel the mood :-)


NUCLEAR WINTER (Gre) Abomination virginborn Demo'03 NUCLEAR WINTER Recs.
Nuclear winter: Doesn't it remind you a SODOM track on the "Persecution mania" LP? But the style on this Demo sounds more life the bands who emerged from Sweden around 88-91 than the first German Thrash metal wave! This is old school Death Thrash metal that evokes the likes of CARNAGE, DISMEMBER, MERCILESS, EDGE OF SANITY and NIHILIST! Some Death grind parts à la THE CROWN or old DIABOLIC are here. They have few Heavy Death metal riffs that sound obscure à la old INCANTATION, FUNEBRARUM and DETERIOROT. Some heavy or almost melodic Death metal guitars sound like the good CD BLOODBATH released this year, but also like some EDGE OF SANITY's sutffs, which isn't bad. More evil noise and obscure Brutality would be welcome in some fast parts. Sounds a bit to "nice" by moments.
Ok, even if there's nothing special or spectacular on this NUCLEAR WINTER Demo, there are some nice parts from here and there. This isn't badly constructed and it has its chances to awake some obscure nostalgic feelings in some Death metal souls.


NYOGTHAEBLISZ (??) Progenitors of mankind's annihilation Demo 2003.
This "demo" sounds like it was recorded by bored as fuck and drunk teenagers who has nothing else to do!  Fucking losers! For sure these guys have abused their early ABHORER, SADISTIK EXEKUTION and old IMPIETY releases! While the music is a noisy old school raw Black metal noise à la old ABHORER that sometimes tend to raw noise shit and often sound like pure shit (!!), the vocals are full of reverb and echo... that sounds like early SADISTIK EXEKUTION (!). The sound sucks and the vocals are like confused hell dementia. The recording sucks, I don't hear any riff! This sounds even less listenable than old KRIEG! This is a very average pile of shit I don't totally dislike coz of the sadistik vocals... but it remains pure fucking shit!! Mark: 1/100.