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GOD MACABRE (Swe) The winterlong Lp'93. Rerelease 02 RELAPSE.
Numerous are the rereleases and almost every albums released in the 90's are proclaimed as cult ones (at least by the labels...) For those who may have forgotten for promotional reasons what the word "cult" means, I'll make a short history for you: "cult" means the album was by far above the average and strongly influenced a part of the scene of its time. Every band that releases a cool Lp can't be labeled with this mighty label unless the word "cult" simply doesn't mean anything anymore!
Before recording this Lp, the band was previously called MACABRE END and released the "Consumed by darkness" Demo'90 and an Ep of the same name and content in 1991. Then they changed their name for GOD MACABRE and recorded "The winterlong" Lp in 1993.
This album I discover right now in 2003 is very much in the old school Death metal style that emerged from Sweden and kicked more than one arse! Their style was a cross between early ENTOMBED, the heaviness of GRAVE's two first Lps and the punk/Hardcore influenced Death metal of CARNAGE/ DISMEMBER. I've noticed some doomy riffs and two guitars melodies à la old DARKTHRONE, when this cult Black metal band was still a Death metal outfit and released the "Soulside journey" Lp.
It may remind a bit of PARADISE LOST's "Lost paradise" for the doom.
Notice there are 3 bonus tracks that might be the only MACABRE END officially recorded tracks if I don't do a mistake.
This is quite cool to listen to "Winterlong" to detect their influences and awake some old memories buried by time and dust, but nothing is very good on a musical point of view. This is totally in this old style, and there's nothing particular nor mind-blowing here. Some riffs remind me too much of the bands mentioned before as I feel a lack of real inspiration, but it's enough well done to please an old school Death metal fanatic who wants a cool CD to play in the backlines!
You're a die-hard maniac of NIHILIST, CARNAGE, old ENTOMBED and GRAVE? Don't miss this Lp they recorded for you years ago!


GOREFEST (Hol) Tangled in horror of misery Bootleg CD MASTERCULT.
I've never been a fan of GOREFEST as I thought their music lacked in punch and real inspiration. But what we've got here is a cool bootleg that may please a good amount of old school Death metallers.
From the "Tangled in gore" Demo'89 that sounds just average with almost boring riffs in my ears for now, to the "Horrors of a retarded mind" Demo'90 I didn't enjoy their stuff. And some riffs were very common.
I started enjoying their style with their 2nd LP entitled "False" that included a good track that was also on the good MASTER OF BRUTALITY 2 compilation CD! Basic Death metal with lots of Heavy doomy riffs!
The most interesting parts of this bootleg is the promo Demo'92 that includes more elaborate tracks between "False" and their 3rd CD "Erase", it sounded just more evolved, more interesting even if it was more melodic (in a sorrow induced doomy way) and less Death metal like... I still can listen to this promo now in 2003 and it procures a cool moment! It also includes the "Live misery" Ep'92 that isn't so unknown.
The whole bootleg wasn't done with 30's generation dubbed tapes, the sound isn't poor, so it's a cool bootleg!


GOREFEST (Hol) Soul survivor CD'96.
Well, this is probably the weakest GOREFEST album I've heard!
In here they turned in a groovy metal band with 70's influences! The vocals follow the whole evolution and are less guttural.
I think their previous album "Erase" had some cool sorrow tuned melodies, but here it's just wanna sound old and get some common riffs that aren't worth to be recorded...
They sound like a mix of SIX FEET UNDER's more Heavy metal riffs, CARCASS' "Swansong", GOREFEST's "Erase" CD and some old Heavy rocking metal. They lost some personality they had in some of their previous recordings such as "Erase". Some heavy riffs still sound like some GOREFEST, but in this case the evolution of their style could be named "Regression"! Ok their music is different with other "new" elements for them, but the whole GOREFEST style findable in a few parts hare has regressed!
I appreciated the way CARCASS turned into a Heavy/ Death metal band in its lastest years, but here GOREFEST doesn't sound interesting nor convincing. It's at least my opinion and I agree with it!


Juin 1991, la Suède alors à son apogée death métallique (vous savez, avant IN FLAMES et HAMMERFALL!) nous délivre un des alnums de death métal les plus cultes et les plus brutaux de sa génération! Les 4 gamins de CORPSE ont fait du chemin depuis 85/86, et après quelques démos très convaincantes (répertoriées sur, ils ont décidés de mettre une baffe aux paisibles fans de sauvagerie sonore d´alors! Je crois qu´à la même époque, seuls MORTICIAN, CENOTAPH (Mex), et DEMIGOD jouaient aussi grave et aussi puissament. Comme stipulé dans le booklet de la réédition cd de ce bijou:"si les aliens débarquaient sur terre et demandaient ce qu´est le death metal, il n´y aurait qu´à passer cet album et dire, voilà, c´est GRAVE!". Que dire après
une phrase aussi juste? Des thèmes bien morbides à souhait, des riffs gras, une voix profonde, ample et gutturale, non dénuée d´identité... Bref le mélange parfait pour salir ses sous vêtements en se pétant la nuque à force de trop headbanguer! Rien n´est à jeter sur cet album, et si dès les premières notes de "Deformed" vous n´êtes pas possédés par la puissance de GRAVE, alors coupez vous les tiffs, et mettez vous au bouddhisme.



GRAVE (Swe) You'll never see...  CD'92 CENTURY MEDIA.
To eternally remain under the surface, to suffer endlessly in the petrified torments and demons. Because you'll never see heaven! Brutally deceased and obsessed by death in its most brutal and morbid form. Your only valours remaining pure hatred and the ruminations of mourning.
This second GRAVE LP was an heavier evolution compared to "Into the grave" that was much more into the punching Death metal style. The style in here was heavy, mourning, brutal, tremendous and totally obscure.
Raw basic Death metal played with the guts and a real ancient Death metal feeling! This is crushed as a brutal castration, heavily and brutally catchy as few Death metal bands instinctively knew how to do it! Even in the fastest parts, the style remained heavy, crushing, with a constant darkened hatred exteriorized through some brutal corpse riffs and guttural scorched throat vocals.
The lyrics were totally into Death, morbidity and insanity, Death metal in its purest form! The tremendous production made it even more crushing!
"You'll never see...", "Morbid way to die", "Obsessed" and "Now and forever" will eternally remain some hymns of pure Doomed death and chaotic torment!
The brutal death metal corpse morbidly rejoices in the vast ancient hatred!
"You'll never see heaven" is an ancient Death metal classic, one of the best GRAVE Lps! Enjoy... or go fuck yourself!



GRAVE (Swe) "...And here I die... Satisfied" MCD. 1993. CENTURY MEDIA Records.
Give me back my brain! You fucking whores!
What's better than old GRAVE for emergency cases of mental resurrection? Not much, their dark red aura is perfect to plunge your head in the deep burning abyss and practice an introspection that rescues some inner thoughts.
This quite cool MCD first contains two songs between mid-paced Death metal, Death'n roll and regular old Death... One of these was included on the "Soulless" album later ("I need you"), while the other one ("... And here I die... Satisfied") could also have been a part of this full-length (I wasn't too fond of this album the first years, but now I could say I enjoy it: Quite cool atmosphere and nice ideas from here and there). These songs doesn't really kick, but some moods aren't bad and I'd say it's quite "entertaining".
Then the third track titled "Black dawn' is a re-recording of a pre-GRAVE band called CORPSE. This sounds like early Death metal with some thrash portions. This quite fast song isn't so bad, but is also a bit too simple for my urges to exhume the dead... Anyway sometimes you could find it quite interesting to judge the evolution of GRAVE (Some of their gimmicks are here, this track sounds like an earlier more primal and simple GRAVE, even if it was re-recorded and probably rearranged).
Then you have 3 songs from a 1990's recording, 3 songs that were re-recorded one year later for their first album "Into the grave". The musical content is globally the same, but it comes with a less heavy, less monstruous and less brutal production that makes it less orgasmic a tectonic way... The vocals also doesn't sound as deep. This is quite good to listen, it remains Death metal in a quite enjoyable manner, but it's not the same than the tremendous "Into the grave".
This MCD is a quite cool release, it contains nothing vital or worth an unreasonable morbid effort, but it's also a cool item to own for fans of GRAVE who can't get enough of this dark red, hot and burning atmosphere. My mind is mine, again.


This isn't the best GRAVE album, that's clear!
But despite all the boring fake bullshits I can read here and there through the web that are only meant to crush your real metal passion, I'll keep on exhuming total old school Death Metal!
But let's come back to worthy of attention subjects before I blow another fuse! This GRAVE album is certainly the heavier one of their 3 first Lps, heavier but quite efficient and well done!
It would be in the style of their 2nd Lp "You'll never see..." if this one was suppressed all its Death metal beats. There are also some more midplaced and "Groovy" (If I could say so) moments that make the whole more "easy listening".
This isn't as fucking obscure and total corroded and eroded in pain as the total doomed hatred of "You'll never see", but there are some really good tracks! My fave ones are "Turning black" with its good old school Death metal beat (one of the only fast parts of this Lp) and "Soulless", with its excellent vocals! "I'm soulless!!", there was some fucking special meaning into these words! (Not only wanna write Death metal lyrics and sing them as a pig!)
It could be felt the band wasn't as inspired as before, but it's kinda normal as most of the greatest Death metal bands saw their great source of stench and brutality lower after so many gigs, releases and success!
If you enjoy drowning in sorrow and exploring darkened emotions on a doomy, yet brutal background, this might be a good choice! It's a good Death metal CD with a good obscure Death metal mood! It's more or less in the same style than their last one "Back from the grave", but "Soulless" had more of these special ideas that makes an album more than Ok!


GRUEL (Usa)/ PHOBIA (Fra) Split Lp'89. JUNGLE HOP.
I initially bought this split Lp for a low price because I thought it would well be an early release or a bootleg of the US Grinder PHOBIA! But the cool discovering turned out to be GRUEL!
Uh! GRUEL plays some kind of Thrash Hardcore metal that would almost sound like VOÏVOD worship! Many elements are there to remind you of the VOÏVOD who turned to sci-fi/ Futuristic stuffs on their 3rd, 4th and 5th albums... You can hear many discarding riffs strongly reminding the nice old VOÏVOD guitars: it's both played in a controlled thrashing way and a more tune-opened kind of riffing. Few rock'n' roll touches are here. Some old hardcore punk influences can be felt.
The tracks are built in a cool way the makes the riffs flow one after another.
The vocals also sound like those of Piggy, nothing special or particular but it decently fits the whole package. I didn't find much visions or sci-fi/ futuristic technologies influences in there.
All in all, there's nothing special or original during these 7 tracks, but GRUEL plays it the cool way and might please the fans of quite old VOÏVOD who need more! It's better to strongly copy a band that was original and personal, than to offer another common rip off of a widely listened and influential band, right? At least GRUEL were 'original' and pleasant in that way.

The side of PHOBIA is less pleasant. Even though this band was French and I could have strongly leeched their ass under the flag of brutally chauvinist pulsions, the music isn't cool! What you have is old Heavy metal (with few thrash) that sounds weak and uninspired! Nothing stands out from these 5 tracks of flat old metal: the riffs are ever heard and quite confused. The vocalist tries to be melodic and do not impress me! And the whole didn't sound much impressive, tight or motivated! It might have sounded cool/ ok at the time, but many are the releases that fastly lock you on boredom once you open your eyes as a global trend has died. Very average and boring!


IMPALED NAZARENE (Fin) Tol cormpt norz norz norz LP'92 OSMOSE.
Here's one of the most underground and black metal release of its time! It's both occult and satanic induced, but it also includes a big fuck off touch! This musik weren't only Black metal as old old school punk and Crust influences may be felt in parts! But what's the fukk when you get your fukking dose of intensity?!
Simple as fukk raw Black metal with good high pitched screamy vocals!
Sadistik intros composed of vicious sadogoats' evokations raping the little child of god!
These vox had a very cool tone not many Black metal bands had later! And the low placed demoniac sadogoats vokills are also cool!
Inspired heavy parts that aren’t far from the mighty catchy as fukk threshold!! Inspired keyboards melt in and in between the tracks that both reminds me of a soul liberation harmony and of some Black mass darkened atmosphere! Well, I didn't know that much what the band did later, but "Ugra karma" also had a bunch of intense parts! I've got the feeling the 2 first IMPALED NAZARENE releases where the 2 most extreme and inspired!


IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER is one of these names that will awake a few sentimental feelings to the old guys. It was infact one of the only correct bands of Nuclear Blast's beginnings, a label that was very mediocre then. This Ep released in 1993 that appears again in the distros includes some Brutal hardcore that was very influenced by DISCHARGE ("Blanket of fear" and it's slow and repetitive aspect), that has problems to remain in your mind even if the intensity of the whole (and mainly of the vocals) can be seducing at the very first listenings.
PROVOCATION's track is very representative of the Death metal orthodoxy that reigned on this scene at the beginning of the 90's. It's nice to listen to this about 3 or 4 times, because it owns a good energy and an old school sound, but when one compares their tracks to the masterpieces that were released at this time, one immediately understand why they didn't go further.
Nothing to awake the dead, but it's an Ep that's agreeable for sometime, because of this delicious little perfume the most obscure underground sometimes offers.



INCUBUS (Usa) Serpent temptation CD 1996. Radiation/ Nuclear blast recs.
This is a good thrash/ death album, with good riffs, nice arrangements, quite good vocals, and almost real blastbeats here and there! (In the old “death grind” spirit). I got this CD in the 90’s, and still enjoy to play it from time to time. It’s quite well balanced between kicking thrashing parts, heavier moments, nice “melodic” thrash ideas, and blastbeats.
For the story, this album initially came out in 1988, but the guys decided to rerecord the bass, guitars and vocals in 1996… For a heavier somewhat more death metallic appeal! I know some older thrashers who were used to the first version prefer the earlier recording… But I’m more enthusiastic with this rework/ rerecording. The production is just better.
For those who aren’t familiar it could sound like a cross between early Kreator (Pleasure), Merciless (Swe)’s first album, Master (Mostly vocals), old Slayer, maybe Demolition hammer’s first album, with blastbeats à la old Terrorizer or Atrocity (The American one) (Sounds a bit surprising isn’t it?)
The band changed name to Opprobrium a while ago, because nu-metal sucks (Or nu-metal bands' lawyers suck even harder):



INFESTER (Usa) To the depths... in degradation CD'94. MORIBUND Recs.
A thousand statues of dust,
Standing up, empty and sterile.
As grand omens of nothingness,
Menacing your volatile loyalty.
Confront, fight the nonexistent.
Get on the wings, get on the wings.
Join the cult of this voidsoaked masquerade.
Get on the wings, get in the "thrill".
You're already dead, but it's time to definitely fucking rot!
INFESTER was a part of the old Satanic and sulfuric American Death metal scene, and it's no surprise their music is influenced by early INCANTATION and early IMMOLATION since there two entities were the leaders of a once sarcastic cartel of demoniac obscurity and Death metallic sulfur embalming.
Even though the band has gained some kind of "cult" status in some of the deepest fields of underground and satanic Death metal worship, I feel like this album has grown old quite a lot...
Some almost Doom death moments, being as almost as slow as (once) suffocatingly possible, do nothing for me, end even if some accelerations and quite weird sounding death metal riffs riffs can be touched, a feeling of averageness and lack in extremity can be felt right now, in 2005.
This album also reminds me of DECREPIT (Usa- R.I.P)'s demos, for the heaviest, as well as the impious album released by FALLEN CHRIST a dozen of years ago, for the fastest blasting death. But to be honest FALLEN CHRIST was more blasphemous, right to the point, tight as fuck; and I'd rather listen to their "Abduction ritual" CD'96 than this INFESTER album.
What remains is an average album that didn't really won qualities over the years, but it might please the big fans of underground obscure Death from once, and those who like beginning 90's alike albums with a will to create occult atmosphere...


KING DIAMOND (Den) Fatal portrait Lp'86.
Very first album for KING DIAMOND, that was rather the project of MERCYFUL FATE's headliner and vocalist but it became a full time band later! At this time their style wasn't so great, only nice old school Heavy metal! I must say the beginnings of MERCYFUL FATE had a bigger impact on myself!
In its whole, this album is full of good old school Heavy metal with a good mood as well as the excellent vocals of King Diamond that were very varied! Quite good in the style and the Heavy metal maniacs will be pleased, but they weren't at the level of "Abigail" and mostly their masterpiece entitled "Them"! Good leads, and good vocals! Eh Eh!
Notice the chorus riff of "Charon" is a good one.
So this album that was a good beginning included a good amount of nice parts, but the best was yet to come!


KING DIAMOND (Den) Abigail Lp'87.
With "Abigail", the band progressed and went one for ten big fits! Both for the quality of the riffs and of the compositions! It fucking sounded more mature and expressive!
Excellent leading heavy metal melodies! The fucking leads of Andy Larocque were full of feeling and technicality, to be cliché I'll say he "spoke with his leads"! It's obvious!
There are some fucking HEAVY riffs full of so fucking emotions! Ah!
The beautiful vocals are one more time so cynical! Ah! This sound like a fucking theatre piece that denies the fucking hypocrite existences we have to live! And the drummer named Mickey Dee (who later joined MOTORHEAD) started to have a really more alive drum playing with more ideas and good breaks! How can musicians be so passionate?
The whole is full of melody, heaviness, cynicism, know-how, beauty, and distinction... Hell! I can open my book of the dead and point any word being synonymous with excellence! It would fucking fit!
All the more the tracks were better composed, tracks' structures being more interesting, logical and full of sense!
Yeah! Fuck that ruled! And "Them" wasn't even released at this time! Ah Ah! The very bast was ever to come! Ah Ah!


KING DIAMOND (Den) Them Lp'88.
The heart beat fucking goes faster and faster! Yes! This is the 3rd King Diamond album I listen at the following! Ahhhhh...
What else could I had I didn't say in the reviews of their two previous CDs? Pure fucking excellent Heavy Metal with all what a metal head needs to thrill and rise up his feet! Great expressive and varied drums' parts, very good vocals that means everything while the singer plays several roles and lives several deep emotional phases during the whole theatrical tracks!
The leads were never so good and there's not a shitty second nor any riff to throw away! It's one of the best KING DIAMOND releases, it's very varied and melodic tracks that includes fucking heavy and evil riffings! The whole is mature and sounds so natural!
This one is maybe a bit more heavy than "Abigail"... but who gives a fuck when it rules??
I've got a little preference for "Abigail" since it reminds me a lot of a darkened epoch of my life and also of a girl I loved... but "Them" is better on a musical point of view!
What?? You don't know KING DIAMOND? Download some tracks now! Or put on your patched trousers and go agress your local CDs seller! You can't be disappointed if you love METAL!


Here's a very good KING DIAMON album! Even if I prefer "Them" for example, this one is definitely worth the listening for Heavy metal maniacs! Excellent theatrical vocals that are both sung, screamed... and some nice vocals melodies are so cynical! AAARGGH!
Good old school Heavy metal riffs, welcome back to the 90's!
Good riffs with a real sense of the tragical, the sorrowful and the shredded heart! Excellent leads full of melodies, technicality and soul! (Yngwie Malmsteem... Where are you? Wake up from 20 years of averageness!)
If you don't thrill on the first track, I can do nothing for you! The intro composed of a marriage mass followed with a purely emotional and tragic riff is so intense! You can only stop and think in the inside! Full of heavy metal hatred riffings follows and adds a real sense of rage! The drummer includes excellent beats! This fucking vocalist is so incredibly cynical! I never heard a heavy metal vocalist who was so extreme!
And fucking hell! Did you listen to the 2nd track? Those who enjoy DEATH's last CD can only thrill on this fucking riff! I'm fucking blown away! Some riffs with screamed notes are fucking thrilling!
KING DIAMOND crushes wanna sound evil Black metal bands in their own so-called dark realms! This is simply more extreme than a lot of actual extreme metal bands!
Contrary to some old heavy bands, their tracks weren't monotonous with 2 riffs per track at the best! Well composed tracks with enough variations, varied tempos, themes and riffs to keep you in Heavy metal! I'm amazed by the amount of very good and soulful LPs they have released!
Instead of listening to the new "Heavy metal" bands like HAMMERFALL, RAPSODY or NIGHTMARE (Bllleeeuarghh!!) just check the good old KING DIAMOND releases! They were far more inspired and have a bunch of good albums in their evil lutin's bag! Eh eh...


KING DIAMOND (Den) The eye Lp'90.
Well, Mikkey Dee (drums) had left the band as well as the one-eyed bassist Timi Hansen, and after so many good tracks KING DIAMOND isn't so killer anymore. This album isn't as great as "Abigail" or "Them", it had less dynamix and excellent ideas! The style is rather more classical Heavy metal as it's not so captivating.
But there are some good parts as well as good leads. And the vocals of King Diamond are still so great! I think some riffs are just too common in the style, but there's a cool mood in all the tracks.
Notice the track entitled "Burn" stands out! Nice beginning riff that includes some real distress and some really Heavy and aggressive riffs as well as good moody synths and other riffs!
A cool album. It's an average CD for KING DIAMOND that would be good if it was released by another Heavy metal band.
This isn't an album that would make you run everywhere and get and heart attack, I'd advice it to the fans of the band only! If you want to discover KING DIAMOND check "Abigail", "Them" or "The conspiracy"!



LIVING DEATH (Ger) Protected from reality LP'87. COBRA.
I knew only the first two Lps of LIVING DEATH that were cool, but not much more... But this "Protected from reality" Lp! AAARRRGGGHHH!!
It's clear LIVING DEATH turned into something special and more aggressive at this epoch and with this third album. Fast thrash metal with infernal riffing guitars; cool technical melodies and some technical parts (We are not far from MEKONG DELTA, or a bit of old VOIVOD by moments).
Tight and precise as a scalpel strongly determined to kill.
For this time, the whole sounds fucking tight and over the top.
Some riffs are full of hateful cynism, sarcasm, some guitars could have been procreated somewhere in hell, where soulless bitched suffer the pride of a thousand evil cocks! Ah! And the screamed vocals do not help to make the whole nicest sounding and more acceptable, these aggressive screams often to cynicism the way I like it! Hew was crazy! Ah Ah!
Of corpse, many peoples won't get it because it's too "old" and blahblahblahblah... I'm curious about the fast some many Metallers (Better said mellowers? héhéhé) can't appreciate a kind of metal if it do not fits nowadays' standards. Are they so manipulated and influenced by the promotional press? Let the guts flow you metawwwl wanabees! This LIVING DEATH album was much more than your usual Teutonic thrash metal! It was fast, aggressive, cynic, nightmarish, and almost techno thrash during moments that display some good ideas almost reflecting a real thrashing personality! 666 BEERS IN THE UNHOLY NAME OF LIVING DEATH!!
It was maybe not a classic, but "Protected from reality" is definitely worth more than a listen! I already see some "Old school thrashers" complaining about the fact this album lacks of atmosphere. Thrash metal was much more than a little embalming atmosphere! Wake up, you sleeping morons, and embrace the scorching scalpel of the LIVING DEATH! The devil mark = 8/10.


LOUDBLAST (Fra) Disincarnate CD'91 SEMETARY.
This is the album that made me discover the band, while I was into a totally darkened Death metal trip, and their mix of Death grind, Doom death and darkened Death metal was totally hellcome as there seemed to be something special behind this band! The whole sounded obscure with somekind of and occult touch every death metal band didn't have back then. Some almost techno death parts were welcome, and created a nice variation between the ASPHYX like doom riffs! The production was also heavy, and deaf sounding on my old tape... it sounded more obscure! Some death thrashy melodies were catchy and the cool stuff was it wasn’t too brutal, but rather obscure and mid placed, even if some good death grind riffs were here!
Death grind riffs à la old MORBID ANGEL, melodic Death parts and leads à la DEATH, doomy ASPHYX, very old PARADISE LOST, Death thrashing PESTILENCE and DEATH, heavy GOREFEST (with sorrowful melodies).
When I listened to their "Sublime dementia" CD, I was disappointed for several reasons as it didn’t sound like the same band, this wasn't anymore the same obscure Death/ thashing doom band! Then the sound lacked in heaviness and darkness (they came back to their real sound in fact), the riffs were less obscure and the music sounded less Death inspired (The obscure rejoicing didn't last very long!) and their new drummer was just an Ok drummer! The drum playing of Thierry Pinck was more varied with cool breaks and rhythms!
Some parts of "Disincarnate" really seemed to come from the deepness of a forgotten tomb, or from the obscure collective subconscious of humanity (Cold and clerical sounding vocal choruses, guitars' epic harmonies, etc).
Even if what I enjoyed on this LP wasn't the real LOUDBLAST, but rather some trend they tried to fit in and some representations I invented myself (and I was young and stupid then! Ah!), "Disincarnate" sounds different from their whole discography and it remains a cool Lp to listen to (for someone who knew this before at least...) I conceive a bunch of these thrash death riffs (and other stuffs) might be boring now, but I've got kinda nostalgicc feelings here. Excellent cover artwork that made the album even more inhuman and deadly!