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EATEN ALIVE (Usa) Eaten to deformity Demo'05.
Average and everheard brutal Death metal that follows a quite old US Brutal death style (understand 96-98) and doesn't offer something intense enough to scratch your head.
But the tracks will sound efficient enough to entertain the big undergrounders who aren't against some fast DEEDS OF FLESH (early), old SUFFOCATION, with touches of heavy SKINLESS (old), few early CANNIBAL CORPSE, and few old MALEVOLENT CREATION.
The blasting drumming might decrease the intensity of some riffs! (It sounds strange!).
Some riffs sound cool enough, but the whole remains very underground (yet nicely produced) and will probably turn on the biggest fans of the style only! (Or those who aren't very close and used to US Brutality). It's average demo stuff. Anyway, good luck guys, coz I heard really worse Brutal death demos. The local headbangers might get into a brutal chaotic pit for EATEN ALIVE.


EBOLA (Pol) Promo 2004.
These advance tracks from their forthcoming split with BLOODTHIRST (Polish old school thrash) taste like an introduction to more substance in EBOLA's music. Quite obscure and old school Death metal seemingly influenced by old BOLT THROWER, IMMOLATION, ENCABULOS, DEICIDE and CRUCIFIRE! Even if half of the stuffs lack in real brutality and outstanding riffs, there are some nice underground harmonies of sulfuric banishment and the band has improved guitar-wise since their previous demo. Sometimes they sound like 9TH PLAGUE (Swe)'s 1st demo. There's a zest of BESTIAL WARLUST's epic war harmonies by moments.
EBOLA still lacks of punch in my hears, but they seem in the right way to offer something always better and better to finally kick some major laziness ecclesiastic bottoms! Until then, these tracks sound like an average but quite enjoyable obscure Death metal demo recording.


EMBALMED (Mex) Heresy recordings Reh'97 + Live in hell with Satan '98. Tape Lp04. ALASTOR REX.
Allright. Since I have to dub di dumb dumb dumb this tape for some underground business, why not using this hellish musical background of a pus-filled opportunity to write a thorny cock-sucking review? Don't be afraid, I won't say all fucking rules, contrary to some metal-webshops who need to SELL! No!
What you have here is an average black metal infected "old school brutal death metal" that especially sounds average coz of the average (rehearsal and live) sound and the repetitive blasting drums. It would rather sound like some "old brutal death bands" from the USA who had an obscure aura (for example old INCANTATION or FALLEN CHRIST (but ways less technical)). We are not far from raw black/ war metal (CORPSE MOLESTATION, early BESTIAL WARLUST, early IMPIETY and old ABHORER (demos)). The whole lacks or precision, conviction and diversity to be impressive. Ok, a small hellish mood of obscurity is there, but that's not enough in my flesh.
So it's an average/ very average release I wouldn't advice to anyone, expect to those who remain deeply fermenting in the sulfurous cauldron of CONQUEROR, BESTIAL WARLUST (old), REVENGE, GOAT SEMEN (and the war metal likes) and who like it blasting as fuck.


EMBALMED SOULS (Bra) The temple of bizarre cult Demo Tape'05.
Finally I'm able to put my hands on a copy of this band's releases... What I read in zines such as MUTILATING PROCESS (R.I.P- The zine of the lazy Death metal "supporter" Nathaniel who might have questioned the potential Sustainability and coherence of his underground will, before involving peoples into his short efforts...)  helped me to build an imaginary picture of what EMBALMED SOULS' audio performances might be: Cryptic? Very morbid? Creeping? Ultra deadly Death metal?... But the truth often lies in your own listening sessions as no reviewer seems apparently able to exactly approach your own inner feelings (At least, it's how I often feel towards metal of death). To sum it up, the sounds of EMBALMED SOULS definitely smell the engravement of 90's Death metal, but this isn't to be named with the word "Ultra", to be followed by an obscure adjective of your choice... Musicalwize it's more melodic, even though it remains Death with a reasonably big "D", and so you could occur to view the first works of NECROPHOBIC, CEMETARY (Strictly "An evil shade of grey"), MORPHEUS (Swe), possibly early DISMEMBER, few Deaththrashing riffs à la early DEATH, with some doomy touch that occurs to turn to lyricism (View some early MY DYING BRIDE or PARADISE LOST ("Shades of god" era)).
The feelings to be found the most often are this death metal glory ridden by punching old death thrash beats, or the nice melancholy of doom quoted before.
This tape recording is a very nice item to explore once you're into the right mood for this kind of spirit, and the music is well done, but I regret there isn't more urges of Death thrashing metal, real morbid attacks from the inner of the damnation-entrails or more emotional intensity to match the "genius"; After a while, I'd really feel like shredding this beauty to pieces and open up the gorges of sufferance; Yes a part of this demo might be seen as beautiful (Following some doomy aesthetics).
This isn't a bad recording, it could offer you quite many qualities; But this isn't the most energetic band, as you probably have noticed; Something quite good to rest and feel, but not to kill.
I have to notice the band doesn't seem to be very serious concerning answering mail. I wrote at least two letters the last years (Asking for possible trade, wholesale...), but never received an answer... Maybe I'm not old school enough to awake their considerations? (Since I released about 50% of Brutal death, 50% of "shitty" CDr, and own several web-pages, I'm probably too "modern" for some peoples...).


EMBALMING THEATRE (Swi) I can smell that they are dead CDr'03.
Nice looking brown cover! But despite of the anal colored cover, this CDr isn't shit! Eh.
This CDr includes some tracks taken from various releases of EMBALMING THEATRE (Eps, Demos and a live recording). The shit is still disjoncting, raw and simple Grindgore à la old GENERAL SURGERY meets old DEAD INFECTION! That doesn't stop blasting on the catapult of steaming cadavers! I like the way the bastard blasts on the thunder machine! Of corpse there are some slower and mid placed riffs, of corpse there's some gore from here and there. Some riffs could be more Brutal and intense as it's kinda average by moments. The riffs are raw and simple, some of it could sound almost Black metallik! EMBALMING THEATRE sound a bit like old CARCASS by moments ("Peel sessions" and "Reek of putrefaction"). Their riffs aren't hyper Brutal nor killer, this isn't an internal morbid devourment, just Ok riffs with nice blasts. Nice stuff with enough energy to be worth a grinding underground interest. Notice this CDr is limited to 50 copies.


EMBRYOTOMY (Mac) Execution of fallacy Demo CDr'05.
Does any of you readers who feel a strong repulsion for anything embalmed with honey know much about the sexiness of Macedonian underwears? Probably not.
Since the scene of this country seems so small, let's penetrate deeper their metallic infraground, and face what could have been really worse in my tortured hears.
For what I guess is a first demo, it could have been worse. EMBRYOTOMY plays some kind of old school Brutal death metal, with flying reminders of DEICIDE (old), CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Vile") and forgotten underground names such as UNCREATION (For the drumming). There are few "melodic" tremolo riffs that could sound like... GOD DETHRONED? Notice there's an ok cover songs of DEICIDE ("Lunatic of god's creation").
This is correctly done underground brutal death with an average demo sound.
More brutality and conviction would be welcomed to avoid the presence of mediocrity, but even if the most demanding brutallers might hear flows of mistakes in there, I think EMBRYOTOMY might flow nicely during a malt infested gig. They have the potential to improve with more work and brutal rehearsal... It's currently average underground Death metal.
A note for the band: Don't pay attention to the global metallic "Flower powerviolence" homosexuality, and work hard to be always more intense and hateful! It's the only way to play worthy Death metal, the only way it was ever sensefully meant to be!!  


EMACIATE (Ul) Promo 2004.
Revere any principle! Can't accept the irreversible branding. Reverse any principle! Until the so-called sanity lies totally erased. In darkness I dominate! Why being the crawler who creeps? Dark insanity I embrace in global despotism! Obscure anger and long forgotten hatred takes over my body and mind! The moron will be definitely pulverized!
Emerging from England as a massive urge of cold inhuman hatred, EMACIATE performs a kind of technical brutal death that will at least reverse a bunch of moronic volatile convictions down in the bath of self afflicting acid!
What you have here is rather modern sounding Brutal death with a good amount of technical (But always hearable and not technically abusing) riffs. The strongest Death metal influences seems to be SPAWN OF POSSESSION CAPHARNAUM, mid old CANNIBAL CORPSE, while some moments reminds of NILE, INSISION and some old NECROPHAGIST. Something in these 2 songs of EMACIATE reminds me of DEICIDE for an unknown reason, it's not the style but maybe a cold atmosphere... The tracks of EMACIATE are nicely structured with a lot of riffs and tempos changes. I didn't find much shocking on a deeply emotional point of view, and no new riff was detected by my memorabilia-meter, but EMACIATE has much more punch and brutality to offer than the average Brutal death bands! EMACIATE lies above the average for its technicality, its brutality and a good taste of the extreme music, not for its sense of the burning killing riff or emotional kataklysm. But that's only a first demo I guess, so they seem to be in the right way! Worth the listening for underground fans of technical brutal death metal! Download the promo on their website!


ENFORCER (Swe) Evil attacker Demo CDr'05.
Olof, a Swedish underground thrasher who mostly plays in CORRUPT, and CAUSTIK STRIKE/ LEPROSY, decided to create this solo project to revisit the days of 80's heavy metal! And this is not a bad idea.
Expect it to be quite well rounded, with nice riffs ( A good amount of thrashy guitars that happens to have a rock'n roll speed metal edge) and good sounding sung vocals an 80's way. He played every instruments, but nothing sounds wrong (Only the drum-playing could be more alive but that's ok), it can be felt the guy is a fan of old school metal and plays it with pleasure. You have 3 songs, including "Mistress of hell" and its quite catchy chorus, and "Let it loose" with the quite sensitive vocals.
Nothing is that killer to the point of burning the metal masses, but it sounds alright, and might be a good entertaining item for the fans of style! Smells like ENFORCER will provoke a bunch of hot skull banging. An Ep vinyl release is scheduled on some label, so keep watching the glam albums burn!


ERODED (Ger) Beneath the cross Demo tape'05.
I read in few webzines this new German band was some kind of new "old school jewel", and this and that... So, when I got the opportunity to get this demo tape in trade with a German distro, I said "Youplaboom mousaillon! It's time for more Putrid Death metal!".
The band name ERODED could let you imagine their music is influenced by early GRAVE, CARNAGE and early ENTOMBED (or some ALTAR(swe)), and you wouldn't be wrong, since these influences are as obvious as a nice dose of pepper under your big nose.
Maybe I should be nice with this kind of demo, because it's basically my fave kind of death metal, and the original spirit of NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST keeps on rotting in pure fucking death metal... But I hear more and more demos of bands trying to sound old school, but cruelly failing as they only sound uninspired, flat, asleep, and almost like ripping off the riff of the elder bands! So here are my own inner feelings: The music lacks of energy and (any?) burning creativity and running sickess! I happen to feel like ERODED sounds like early GRAVE, minus the guts, minus the worked up variations and corrosive energy. Too convenient Death metal isn't able to kill!
It might be cool to relax or mourn on your damnation, but there's not much more for you there! Once your head has emerged from the obscure atmosphere, there not much remaining to kick your ass on a musical point of view! The riffs and drum-playing are very simple... I wonder how long it took them to compose these 4 songs (Where are all the riffing and drumming variations of early GRAVE?)... And some riffs are boring, yes! I must say it: BORING! Old school doesn't mean asleep!!
So, ERODED is probably bound to exclusively entertain big nostalgics of old Death metal from the past who have reached a point of religious worship, and who need anything that sounds old school...  Between the average and very average. For very big "fans" of the style exclusively.


ESKATON (Pol) Genocide Demo'04.
Attractive slogan: Do not underestimate the heaviness of an evil fart!
Poland, Brutal death grind. ESKHATON do not exactly plays the style of Death metal you could expect. This band plays a kind of Brutal death grind both influences by the US Brutal death and Polish scene. That could remind an evil list of bands like: early CRYPTOPSY, BRODEQUIN, DISGORGE (Us), VADER, some GOD DETHRONED... Most of it is blasting, your plastic bosoms feel quite molested, but I'd rather call it semi old school brutal death than US Brutal death since there aren't much groovy, moshcore or too technical parts. Quite "obscure" sounding, even if a miasmatic evil aura doesn't emerge from hell. It's an Ok piece of blasting brutality to listen to, the riffs are ok while the tracks are correctly constructed, but no really inspired riffs that smells deadly disease catches your mind. Only ok stuffs in a quite professional way. The drummer is fast as fuck! And tight as hell! There are few Black metal influences. The last track being almost into pure Black metal sounds quite misplaced and unconvincing in here.
All in all, this is an ok but average demo. You won't die by the attack of the acid farts, but I guess some Underground brutal death fans might find some interest in there. ESKHATON rather seems on the right way of brutality, they deserve some underground support and some improvements. Shall the miasmatic obscure aura of pain and brutal diseases be their evil muse!


EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE (Jap) Exactly Violent Style Demo CDr'04.
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have sex with a gorilla? After one single listening of this album, you’ll wonder no longer. This is some seriously sick, yet rare material. Not surprisingly, EVS are from Japan, this strange country where schoolgirls can produce 1 meter  high fecal matter geysers out of their asses, also the home of my personnal favourite sickos, Noism. Although the bands share little in appearance (Noism is-or was?- a 2 guys project while EVS is a full line up, thus with a much more “live” sound), both of them have this insane/psychopath feeling that make them stand immediately appart of the rest of grind or death scene. And if you think Gorguts’ and Cephalic Carnage’s masterpieces ‘Obscura’ and ‘Exploiting Dysfunction’ are unlistenable chaos, then what can you say about this. It’s simply the sickest stuff I’ve heard in the last 5 years, and I mean it. Unlike Noism, EVS’ devastation is not instantly perceptible. In the first place, it’s just very weird and twisted. There’s even a pretty strong sense of humor to it, some passages almost sound like grunge or alt-rock parody. There are few blast beats, few screams/grunts (mostly shouted/spocken), even some not distorded but dissonant riffs. But as time goes, the overall heaviness (everything is suggested here, never demonstrated) begins to crush you just like a lead burden. All this dissonance and chaos, seemingly unharmful, slowly start to have a negative effect on your brain, and leaves you in the end crushed and disgusted. It’s much like listening to Godflesh’s immortal masterpiece ‘Streetcleaner’ but even more depressing and crushing, and 100 times louder. The first image coming to my mind while listening to it is a sort of post-apocalyptic contemporary painting, all greyed by industrial dust and pollution. To be honest, this album is not very addictive and like Noism used to say, ‘not for everyone’. But if you sick some intelligent (not to be mistaken with ‘pretentious’ or ‘elitist’) extreme music, this band is a must-check for their totally unconventionnal, yet greatly effective approach, somewhere between the sickest moments of a doomy Gorguts (‘Clouded’) and the utter negativity and post-urban heaviness of early Godflesh, mixed with that very specific Japanese insane feel. Highly recommended!!!                                                   T.G.


EXCORIATE (Chile) In the darkest anguish Demo tape 2005. VOMITO Recs.
A guy from DEMONIC RAGE had the cool idea to thrown this nice Death metal release in a package filled with a CDr and covers of his own band's demo… The state of mind of deep underground keeps on breathing in some distant places!
EXCORIATE plays cool old school death metal being very influenced by early DEATH (First two albums), MORGOTH ("Cursed") and MORTEM (South America/ First album), while other similarities like some early NECROPHOBIC (1st Lp), or little doomy touches à la early MY DYING BRIDE can be drawn in ashes.
I appreciate the influences of EXCORIATE, there's a cool atmosphere and the songs flow quite well. Some peoples will think it lacks of energy and brutality, but an atmosphere is here.
Even if there's nothing really intense or killer, to grab you by the nuts and lead you to putrid sessions of infernal vomit, the music leads me back to the many cool demos I could hear in the mid 90's, and I still like to discover this kind of very underground, almost unknown, old styled bands from hell.
For fans of the style only, but it's cooler than what the current homo standards could let you imagine it is... Obscurity comes from the soul, not from the expensive production or skills of your (Full of labelmaker's excrements) bright fingers.


While so many bands are still trying to play as fast as possible, some guys come back to the good old school thrash metal with enough success to be impressive!
EXIT TO ETERNITY is a quite young Thrash metal band who plays a style influenced by old SLAYER, old TESTAMENT and the early Bay area wave. This is total metal motherfucker! The band has everythings to be at least decent for thrash metal maniacs: good guitarists, good drummer, an okey vocalist, some strong enough and some times catchy riffs, the whole melted in quite strong structures that will surely make EXIT TO ETERNITY sound as a quite solid live outfit! Notice the band sometimes slows down and they have kinda "melodic thrash" riffs that could sound like old FORBIDDEN (Would better to say TESTAMENT).
Of course some riffs sound less inspired or quite everheard, but the whole is packaged with enough rebellion and know-how! Keep it moshing motherfucker! This is a cool band that doesn't sound like a "wanna play old school thrash formation"! A cool surprise of steel!


EXTREMATICA (Ita) The call of the scythe "Demo" CDr. 2006.
I sometimes wonder why, and how, some peoples are able to dare spreading their so minimalistic and devoid of interest personal projects.
This CDr contains electronic, experimental music that tries to make you "afraid" with little atmospheres... But the whole is so stripped and minimalistic... It lacks a lot of work concerning the atmospheres, the few rhythms and sounds that were pasted really seem to appear by hazard, and the samples sound very common (And easy to do: Just put a classical echo on a common sample)... The whole cruelly lacks of substance and is totally unstitched.
Experimental and improvisation aren't synonymous with "Absence of work and ideas" or "Do it fast/ do it bad"!
Finally, there's nothing to remember: This project probably amuses only and exclusively the guy who spent less than 30 minutes to shit that behind his computer... If I search well, some peoples who would have never ever heard anything else that binary pop music could find it quite "refreshing"... That's to say absolute zero is knocking hard on Extrematica's door.


FACADA (Bra) Facada Demo CDr'05.
Punishing grindcore the old way with a great energy and punching style! The influences are clearly located in the albums of NAPALM DEATH (“From enslavement…”, “Mentally murdered”...), DEAD INFECTION (“A chapter of accidents”), TERRORIZER, REGURGITATE (“Carnivorous erection”) as you get face-punched by an old styled (Yet not retro, nor atmosphere-based) grind urge full of blasts the energetic way, stressful riffs, cool crust beats, and punching power chords the way of the impact.
Sometimes they could also remind of current SQUASH BOWELS, HUTT or the best of OBLIGATORISK TORTYR...
I could say every riffs aren't as impressive (On a gut-power point of view... I’m not talking about skills...), and it doesn't sound new (Well, it's real grindcore...), but it's one of the best GRIND demos I heard the last years, and it could easily compete with many current CDs of the style... And I'll conclude with: AAARRRGGGHHH!!
(Blast scriptum: It seems they later released an album, and it's the same style... Héhé)


FAECES (Pol) Severe hypoxia Demo CDr 2005.
Contrary to what their kind of gorenoise grind moniker could let you imagine, FAECES has nice meat-burning attributes to entertain underground fans of brutality. On an half-chopped cunt the music sounds brutal enough, on the other cunty half a bunch of the riffs lack of vaginally defenestrating brutality! (Understand your fist remains blocked in the farting vagina).
FAECES are influenced by various kinds of brutal death, and could remind of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, early YATTERING, SPLATTERED CADAVER, UNCREATION, old SEVERE TORTURE and other American or European Brutal death bands.
The technical level is quite good, but some riffs could be improved (too easy or ever heard). There are a lot of riffs per track, which isn't a problem, but these riffs aren't articulated the best, so it doesn't flow really well half of the time, and it can seem long from here and there... It isn't really right in the face!
Notice an ok cover of DEATH ("The philosopher") but some riffs aren't the same... Was it volunteer or not? I'm not sure...
This is en encouraging demo, but I'd really advice them to let flow the... excrements! Ah Ah! No no, please don't turn to shit embalmed goregrind! Let flow more brutality and work on the efficiency of the songs! Ok?


FERA (Fra) Christianicide Demo CDr’03.
Some of you may have noticed I'm not the biggest Black metal fan, some may also have noticed folkloric "Black metal" and keyboard ridden symphonic shemale distorted rock aren't welcome here, but well when I hear a Black metal band that doesn't seem bad, it can be a nice idea to review on of their releases!
FERA is a band from my suburb whose demo I ordered during a local gig, after the recommendations of a friend of mine. This Demo is composed of 5 Black metal tracks in a rather 90's Norwegian style that has both its raw and more melodic moments. The music can remind of old IMMORTAL, old SATYRICON, early DARK FUNERAL, DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM (a bit), as it evolves between blasting and mid placed raw parts or more worked on semi melodic things.
No traces of gayness was detected, no wimpy keyboards nor shemale vocals were used. This is a rather "pure" demo for a band who chose to do it the old way. Between the correct and the professional.
Even if not much kicked my ass, even if I thought some parts aren't of my lickings, I found some cool riffs and FERA seems to be an honest and serious band that might please underground Black metal fans! I'll try to see them live!


FEROSITY (Pol) Overthrown divinity Demo CD'06.
As I have been dormant and asleep for quite a too long time, almost drowning in my own putrid carcass, the strongest hammer of metal took all its power and fury to kick my balls in bleeding agony! AAAARRRGGGHHH!! Needless to say it was high time to move my ass and write more reviews if I didn't want to be definitely castrated! Héhé
As you might have got it, obscure fornicators of the deceased, this Polish band FEROSITY plays quite ferocious music... What you can hear has a cool aura of quite old styled death emerging. It's midly old school metal of death taking both from mid old MORBID ANGEL, old MORGOTH and some stuffs like old IMMOLATION.
The whole cryptically evolves between the fast, the mid placed and the slow. It's never that fast or brutal a modern way, as their goal seems to recreate nice atmospheres of obscurity, and it's quite cool for this reason.
But I must also say it is music done by fans of the style who do not aim to create something new or specially personal; it's cool stuff with the right atmosphere, but nothing really thrilling to the ass bone of sodomized sarcasm. I think FEROSITY will be cool for underground fans of the style and especially putrid bangers who constantly rot and always need to torture their necks more and more during putrid gigs.


FIRST AID (Ger) Promo CDr'04.
On the risky paths of promotional items, I received this demo that would nicely fit on the pile of “ What the fuck could I say about it ?” items.
Old school thrash metal comes back a little bit more every days, at least in the deep underground, but there aren’t only nice surprises…
What you can hear in this promo is thrash metal reminding of early METALLICA, for it’s mostly midplaced, simple, and the vocals aren’t so far of James Ulrich (or was it Lars Hetfield?). It also has touches of early OVERKILL, old RAZOR, old BULLDOZER, and a little putrid zest of HELLHAMMER hidden in some raw simple parts.
All in all, it sounds ok/ correct for the style, but I didn’t detect anything emotional, adrenalized, new or catchy… Just old thrash with the right influences. Average demo stuff. I don’t think I’ll listen to this again.



FLESHMANGLER (Gre) Studio rehearsals 12/2005 and 01/2006. Demo CDr.
You got it all stuffed to the assbone, now motherfucker: VOMIT YOUR SEX!!
FLESHMANGLER plays old styled Grind crust with death metal touches, with the strong intravenous influences of good old NAPALM DAVE, NECRRORIZER, plasmatic urges of old DEAD INJECTION, convenience à la GAGATHOKYST, with some ARRRGHMORE ACHE thrown in some kind of "funnier" stuffs.
FLESHMANGLER has more grind influences than many current so called "Grindcore" blasting death or chaotic hardcore bands trying to fit the Cow grinding moniker at all costs...
This is decently played, nicely built, some vocals aren't bad at all and the influences were all nicely injected, but various coagulating elements kind of waste the incisive pleasure: The production sounds quite too deaf and lacks the scorching frequencies of grindcore, there's no real soarprise, and the whole kinda sounds too convenient to kill.
This is currently and okey demo (Might sound cool, considering it's only a studio rehearsal) some XXXL Grind junkies will like to listen during a convenient rest with bloodfarting jokes, but I think the band is able to do much better with more energy and will to crush everythings! So, good grind to them.


FLESHRIPPER (Rus) Demo CDr'05.
Homonyms are better than Homodernity, and the Russian FLESHRIPPER sounds better than the German one. Смерть и гниение!
Brutal death metal is what you have here, and the band chose to play it technical and complex, in a way that kinda reminds me of SPAWN OF POSSESSION's first album, quite early NATRON, plus some SEVERE TORTURE, CAPHARNAUM, with touches of early SUFFO/ PYREXIA.
There are quite a lot of breaks and time-changes, some stuffs that sound voluntary absurd, but also some effect of stagnancy that doesn't seem to be voluntary.
The vocals are low enough. You already guessed the whole sounds quite complex and technical ( I hope so, if you read the beginning of the review...), quite well built enough... But as often with this kind of stuffs, I didn't detect much catchy riffs from hell to impale you on a spiked altar or a putrid efficiency to blastasfuck your brain until a delicious cerebral liquefaction... Unless you're very focused, this might sound like too much stuffs at the same time for your poor slow brain (Uh! More steroids please!)
Even if the whole might sound blurry coz of the accumulation of riffs, the music is tightly played and there's enough brutality and blasts to keep fans of the style entertained. In my opinion this is average music, because of a lack of something that stands out, but fans of brewtal and teknikawl music might have found a new bowel squashing item for their blablablasting brewtaaarrrgh deeeaaath metawwwl needs!


FLESHTIZED (Usa) Promo 2006.
FLESHTIZED are back and reunited to plunge your head, again, in massive flows of corrosive cadaveric vomit! YEAAARRRH!!
Prepare to hate, hate and hate again until your mouth spits dried out blood!
At the first hear there aren't obvious differences from what they procreated on their good first album: Quite obscure, blast ridden, death metal with MORBID ANGEL influences. But a closer auditive penetration lets me hear the fact some technical guitars have grafted over the obscurity of once. So the band sounds a bit more "modern" and not as obscure (Even if this last feeling might not be so realistic, as I didn't listen to their first CD since some time).
This is good stuff to listen: It rages quite hard and some riffs shake the fuse-blowing deal, but I miss something that used to awake a quite terrorizing fury in me: It seems the whole doesn't sound so obscure or embalming to metallic dementia. The manifestation of skills isn't top notch, but for a demo recording it's very good.
It's not a bad demo, it's quite intense and massive, but I expected something more gutblowing... But for somekind of "comeback" demo it's not bad at all, so my mind suggests I should wait and hear how the forthcoming album will sound, because some good intensity that might overtop this release could explode your consciousness (of death).


FORBIDDEN CULT (Fra) Promo demo 2006.
Quite good newcoming obscure death metal band à la mid old INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, with some MORBID ANGEL, FLESHTIZED and a zest of old NILE.
The feeling isn't as intense and the style isn't as developed as the bands mentioned before, but there's a nice atmosphere, it's quite well packaged and some quite "chaotic" riffs aren't bad. The band evolves between the concrete aspect of hard riffing, and a more abstract approach à la INCANTATION's "Mortal throne of nazarene" (For example). I regret the whole isn't more intense, and the snare drum sounds a bit too thin (A la CRYPTOPSY).
Not bad at all, and even quite promising for a first demo from the depth of the underground! More experience and rehearsals of agony might help them to write more extreme songs. Hailz Death metal!


FUCK THE FACTS (Can)/ BANZAI 606 (Malaysia) Split tape'03. SUKK Prods/ FIRST AID.
Power-violence grind death crust with strange influences and jazzy breaks à la EXIT 13. I've never been a FTF enthusiast; it was to varied and lacking of gaysus-nailing-riffs for my tastes, but this release might no be their worst: the guys play decently and the tracks are correctly built. Of putrid corpse there are riffs to be found as tomb-fillers or "Let's-finish-this-song-in-20-seconds-max". Some stuffs sound fresh enough for 1 or 2 bearable listenings, but yet I've not found real dense feelings in F.T.F. For big fans of the noisy power-violence grind whatever style...
BANZAI606: Very underground Grind Crust with an aquatic sound! Yep, the production has some kind of plunging low quality Mp3 texture and the guitars taste as if many meatallers brutally ejaculated on the tape! Aquatic, I told you! The music is quite old sounding, à la old S.O.B, DEFECATION, with a semen zest of old NAUSEA (Usa) and some punk parts. Between the average and very average. This might please some cumslurpers and dustsuckers but big underground fans and local supporters only!
SUKK Prods: c/o Semih Orhan, Fethiye Mah. Isiktepe Cad. Akkent Sitesi n/3 Nilufer, Bursa TURKIYE. http://


GAMA BOMB (Uk) Promo 2004.
Thrash also revives in England! Motherfuckers! This nice two tracks promo consists of a mid placed thrash metal along the lines of old KREATOR, early DARK ANGEL (1st album), ONSLAUGHT (2nd Lp) with a good touch of old DESTRUCTION for the early German thrash metal touch! Surprisingly, these 2 tracks entitled "The survival option" and "Mutually absurd destruction" aren't so fast but rather mid placed, yet with some crazy motorbike's accelerations.
Contrary to a bunch of Thrash/ Black bands, GAMA BOMB's vocals aren't screamed, it's some vocals the old way between those of ONSLAUGHT (2nd Lp), DARK ANGEL's 1st Lp...
I kinda regret it's not an ultra fast ripping thrash assault... with ripping riffs à la MERCILESS (1st Lp) and some real turbo stress compression of hell! It even sounds too convenient by moments: correctly played, well constructed... but what about the maximum urge of a massive beer ingurgitation that gives you the early power of ancient thrash metal and is still able to severely kick the ass of the most Brutal death metal infected junky? Yeah! The really killer music has no limit, especially when it's so full or urge and and raw enthusiasm than early Thrash metal! The scene needs raw and simple music to kick its fat ass and raise hundreds of beerpacks up the sky to infest heaven with our might liquid of death! But no, in this case it's only convenient and quite cool sounding, so I guess fans of pure brutality, harsh death metal and Aggressive grind won't find much evil shoes for their ugly feets in here.
This is a nice promo to listen into beer injected tranquility... A cool band for those who need an old nostalgic feeling in their thrash metal. GAMA BOMB will release a split Ep quite soon, so keep updated if you're interested.


GASMASK TERROR (Fra) Ruins... and then? Rehearsal demo tape 2004.
Cool band name, cool influences, but nothing special or groundbreaking.
GASMASK TERROR seems to be a young crustcore band who chose to play it simple and old school à la DIRSUPT, DOOM and early EXTREME NOISE TERROR.
This demo in itself sounds decent (Some riffs could have a good place in killer compositions while some are average or too ever heard!).
The production is garage, rehearsal like. I'd advice them to work a bit more on their tracks and bring more energy in da house of pain! (Drink more beer!) and to inject some few drumming breaks.
Their future doesn't seem so darkened by Napalm clouds, but more intensity is needed to impress me!
Cool band name, cool influences, but nothing special or ground breaking.


GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) Genital grinder Demo'03.
Abstract putrefaction and triplefuck! The mucous deepness of the Underground still happens to vomit refermented vicious toxic giblets! Here is some kind of old school Brutal death (if I could say so), blasting stuffs reminding of early EXHUMED, early MORGUE (Fra), with chaotic old INCANTATION and touches of old CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISINFECT and old INHUMATE.
A shame the whole isn't that tight (and the drummer has problems in blasting parts), the vocals are average (Deeper or sicker would be better) because GENITAL GRINDER sounds more energetic than the average! The production is quite raw and boxerful, but the whole sounds a bit too chaotic.
Nothing new or original, but I guess with more rehearsals they might do something as pleasant as a purulent vaginal caress! Good luck and keep courage! At least they sound more energetic and impressive than the French GENITAL GRINDER that displays flat Death grind and stupid lyrics! Ah!



GEVOTAIS BORKEN (Jap) Murdering your guts open demo CDr'05.
Very underground brutal death metal that doesn’t sound too technical (understand no wanking) and could rather remind of early SUFFOCATION, early PYREXIA and old BROKEN HOPE (The quite raw first releases). The raw production, and half vomited fuck off vocals gives it a gore-grind touch.
They have a too strong tendancy to penetrate the mid-placed or heavy abdominal patterns for my putrid tastes… And they doesn’t sound so tight, nor like splashing the green pus from the obese pustular intruder.
All in all, even if some riffs doesn’t seem bad, it sounds like average brutal death (Yes, more urges of blasting adrenaline and vicious crushing heaviness are lacking!).
The band might improve into something more impressive with more rehearsals, when they’ll reach the perfect tightness of executing autopsy. Until then, this band is only for very big underground-freaks.
Wish them good luck.


GLOSSECTOMY (Jap) Test recording Demo'03.
Morbid erection through your speakers! Bang bang bang your face! Insane impalement of sanity!
GLOSSECTOMY finally happens to have a recording with a good production, even if it's not an official one (yet?). Most of the tracks sound short (too short for the style) making me wonder if it wasn't shortened for this test recording.
What you have is US molded and focused brutal Death metal sounding professional and heavy enough. GLOSSECTOMY sound very much like their American brothers in brutality (No quotes for your metal babe, she'll forget metal in 6 months!), but what helps them to distinguish from the pile of rotting corpses and offer cooler tracks are some quite strange ideas and few bass lines. Apart from the quite too few, you have your share of blasts, groovy TXDM and heavy SKINLESS alike drippings, the whole melted in many tempo-changes.
I think GLOSSECTOMY could have developed much deeper some of the strange ideas nailed before, it sounds unusual for US styled brutal death and could turn into very catchy obscure moments of cerebral escape and ghoulish self-mutilation.
To conclude, I'll say GLOSSECTOMY might sound boring, cool or brutal as fucking, depending on if you dig the ossuaries of US Brutal death. It's a very expressive conclusion, isn't it? Ah! Send me samples of your semen collections and I'll open my filthy mouth! Ah Ah!


GOAT MOLESTÖR (Uk) Ancient barbaric assault Demo’03.
This demo begins in an obscure vein with a cryptic and fear-burning riff being totally in the style of INCANTATION. Fast and heavy with real obscure deepness.
GOAT MOLESÖR performs some kind of obscure and old school death metal meets some old raw black metal that could evoke the likes of INCANTATION ("Blasphemy"), ENCABULOS, while some simple raw black riffs could remind some old IMPIETY (1st album) or ARCHGOAT.
The tracks of GOAT MOLESTÖR are composed of as much cool sounding riffs than average and quite flat ones. The main problems are the fact the band is a bit slow/ blurred in the fast parts, the drums are a bit lost in the mix (Can't hear the blast clearly) and some of the riffs in furnace are too average or were ever bestially fornicated before! To simple or "easy" to unfrigidify the lordgoat, mother of the vilest human affliction. But some of the riffs and obscure necroharmonies let me think GOAT MOLESTÖR can go farest (In hell!!) with some intense and sulfuric rehearsals!
Not the promising, but average with both real weaknesses, the right atmospheres and cools ideas. I might keep a putrid perverted on them! Blasphemic goatsaw graveraiders!
C/o G.M, 8 highfiled Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 8LE, UK.


GOATSODOMY (Fin) Demo tape 2005.
Massive assault of the kamixxxaze orks!
Dixxxusting deglutition of beer filled vomixxx!
Goats, fear our sodomizing spiked hammers of retalliation!!
GOATSODOMY = Blast as fuck bestial black death metal sounding like a tighter old BLASPHEMY, meets a bit of BEHERIT, with some almost grindcore influences in some fast riffs and heavier moments... with fukked up vocals! This throat of spiked nightmare happens to sound dehumanized but also bestial, despotist and obscure à la VON! Ahr! Satanic blood!! GOATSODOMY sounds more efficient than many current war black metal metaaawl bands, because the drummer knows how to blast as fukkk, and the whole sounds more sexxxkompressed... Sexxxistik Spiritual Sexxxsodomy!
Notice there's a BLASPHEMY cover ("Atomic nuclear desolation") and GOATSODOMY seems to be the project of guys from other Finnish metal bands.
Some hard to satisfy deniers of the spikesukk kvlt will notice the riffs aren't katchy or something sexxxualy special, it only sounds sexxxbrutal and lackkks of sexxxekuting riffing axxxes from the deepexxx pits of hellish sexxx! So, konklude in the mighty sixxxsixxxsixxx konklave sexxxtorture chamber: this ixxx average musixxx with a bestiaxxx blastixxx power and kool bestiaxxx fukk fukk fukk vokals! Only for Fukkterranean maniaxxx of the bestialataxxxing vomixxx style! But not bad if you axxxe me! Ahr! The Rotatixxxe Axxxe keeps on Sexxxmolesting!


GOAT THROTTLER (Uk) Das goat Demo’04.
GOAT THROTTLER doesn't totally sound like death, it doesn't sound much like black metal... but it doesn't sound modern! That's for sure! On this first self recorded demo, GOAT THROTTLER plays a convenient mix of good old Death metal in the old vein (old AUTOPSY, some early DEATH),  some mid placed black metal that could remind of the earliest works of ABSU (less worked and not as Death metallic), ARCKAN OBSCURA's 1st Demo (A once cool band from my suburb), and some old VOÏVOD influenced stuffs. Most of the music is mid placed, which sounds quite boring after a while since explosive moments of stressed pig accelerations à la AUTOPSY would be really welcome! Hopefully the band happens to be faster, such as on the 2nd track that has it heavily fast like early DEATH meets AUTOPSY! Some morbid riffs are cool and remindable... but of corpse there's nothing new or that shredding. This might sound like some kind of Black metal because of the production being underground and quite raw.
I enjoy the vocals: most of it being composed of screams (a bit like early DEATH or CARCASS), with decent appearance of growls.
All in all, it's an average Demo with both nice moments (such as the doomed AUTOPSY influence, the fast 2nd track or the quite sick vocals) and 'nothing special' riffs... But the band plays it too much mid-placed to entertain me! As ever said before, some stressful alcoholic accelerations would diversify and improve their songs.... and more rehearsals are needed for a better tightness.
This demo rather sounds like the old demos of the past, when the bands were recording it themselves on a 4 tracker to let their friends hear their music, and I like that! No overproduced demo nor an unrealistic will to promote, nor an often crossed imaginary superstars behaviour! Only underground the underground way!
Between the average and the almost very average, but with nice enough moments for me to say "Cool!" and want to hear their second demo! For old school underground death metal maniacs who don't need it too fast or full of revenge, and don't demand too many beers in the demos they actually listen to!
All Mp3s are for free on their website.


GOAT TYRANT (Pol) Necromantical curse Demo tape'06.
Black thrash metal that sounds a lot like early BATHORY (Demo days) on a first approach, during the first seconds... Which sounds promising, with the same nice 4-tracker sound, and so I imagined a thrashing speed metal fury... But in fact the style is a bit different: The simple drumming and some riffs makes them sound more like some old VENOM, mid placed BATHORY (Songs like "Raise the dead"), some blasts give it a NIFELHEIM taste, and the very loud-in-the-mix vocals would be somewhere between dead (Mayhem... Less tortured) and maybe some old Burzum (?). So it's a mixture of mid-placed old ugly black metal, thrash metal riffs and fast black metal the 90's way. I expected something a bit more energetic (The thrashing speed metal way) and I'm not as interested in the other influences or the Abaddon alike drumming... But it remains okey and convenient if you like to rest with the slow riffs and quite dumb rhythms of old VENOM...
So the conclusion for me will be: It's only Ok underground stuff that might anyway please some quite fucked drunk bangers.
c/o Micahl Dolinski, Ul. Krakinskiego 18 B, 83110 TCZEW, POLAND


GORGASM (Usa) Promo 2003.
Not being so familiar to GORGASM's music, I can't compare this new release to their previous stuffs. This nicely rounded new promo is composed of two Brutal death grind tracks entitled "Corpse fiend" and "Seminal embalment"! Expect Brutal stuff in the American vein! I mean Brutal death metal à la SUFFOCATION with 'melodies' à la DEEDS OF FLESH (last releases) but it's not your overabusive hyper-technical crap! Rather right in your face Brutal death with enough complex touches to make it easily understandable and face punching!
The band also have some darkened riffs à la MORBID ANGEL ("Domination") while some riffs remind me of MALEVOLENT CREATION's last releases or old DEICIDE, but the main influence is really SUFFOCATION! Old school tremolo Death metal riffings, technical guitar attacks and heavier crushing grooves! It sounds pro!
Even if I didn't find this promo exceptional nor original (it's Brutal death), it's more Brutal than most of the bands who merely try to sound Brutal! GORGASM stands above the countless bands trying to rip-off the American style but forget the guts! Brutal enough for all fans of Brutal death who need a minimum of quality to get their slips inside out!


GORO (Fra) Demo'05.
The beginning of this demo could let you wonder what you have here, coz it's not that efficient, but the following is cooler.
GORO is apparently a quite young band that chose to play its brutal death quite technical and varied, both influenced by old brutal death (Deeds of flesh, old Cannibal corpse), quite modern brutality (Intervalle bizarre, old Yattering... or Malignancy?) and old blasting death (Old Morbid angel).
I kinda enjoy some of their fast death grind parts with quite infernal riffs, on the other hand some US Brutality is too cerebral to impress and comrpess me in bile dejecting dementia! Even though I attentively listened to their 4 tracks, I didn't detect a lot to grip me on the mighty meat hook sodomy.
Even if the band does it correctly, I'd advice them to deeper explore the inner metallic realm to search for catchy riffs and more interesting "melodies". It might also be a matter of tracks' structures: half of the riffs doesn't sound bad, so deleting the unnecessary and retargeting the brutal goal of each song might improve the impact!
All in all, GORO is a band with a quite good technical level, and some quite good potential to putrefy the brains of brutal death fans, but it lacks of catchiness and personality. It might be a cool live band! With them good luck!


GORYPTIC (Fra) Promo 2005 CDr.
If the GORYPTIC moniker probably sounds unfamiliar to most of you, this is because the creation of the band under this name dates back to few months (September 2005). In fact they were previously known as HERESY, a band from the north of France that was active since the end of the 90's in a more or less death or thrash register, depending on the epoch. The change of moniker opens the gates to a musical radicalization in the style of the band, that nowadays uses the Brutal death sticker.
This promo CD lasts less than 7 minutes and contains 2 tracks, we have to deal with a death meant to be efficient and showing a quite complex side. 1st point, the structures are both developed and condensed, to me that seems the essential element for each band claiming to belong to brutal death. The influences are purely north American, with both fast and heavy riffs of which origin can be tracked down to New York, to the exception of the vocals, maybe, that seems to be inherited from an older thrash/death tradition, rather than the currently common 'gurgle-blast' style. The production is also clearer and less monolithic than what the style generally « requires », this isn't necessarily bad because it gives more thickness to the drums that don't sound too much 'taca-taca-tac', if you see what I mean.
In terms of composition, the first song is the most interesting because it includes well placed variations on tempos and breaks, as well as few discarding harmonies that diversifies the whole. On the other hand, the second song is more linear in its structure, and drowns a bit in its search for pure brutality that do not bring much anymore nowadays, regarding the overdose of the scene. Few unwanted clichés also subsist in few riffs (see the screaming harmonics between heavy power chords.) and this is what leads me to say Goryptic is a good student, but needs a lot of work before being the master. Their music lacks a bit of personality in my opinion. But it's a 2 songs demo, not an album, so it's a bit short to have a definite opinion. Obviously, this band already have good basis and a solid background, hope they'll uses these opportunities to settle and find their own musical identity.                                                        T.G.    


GRINNING GHOUL (Bel) Coming of war Demo'03.
What a brutal production! The sound of guitars shreds and molests the speakers as rusted razorblades while the bass guitar is distorted the way I like it! And the music of GRINNING GHOUL doesn't displease the listener in need for Thrashing Brutality! Yes, here's one more thrashing metal band who chose to play it brutal in a way that could remind of the early Thrash metal godz SODOM and KREATOR (early). I've to add these Belgian beer drinkers play their thrash/ death in a way that sounds quite "modern" but remains free from any boooring new shool thrash metal influences: no gay melodic trash or too much THE HAUNTED whoreship and trendy craps like that! Only good old thrashing mania, with old school death influences, constructed in a right way with cool influences quoted before, plus some old SLAYER and some Death metal influences that could remind of early DEATH and other morbid pleasures. The vocals follow a quite black-thrashing way that could remind of Mille Petrozza's early screams of anger, or many current Black-thrashing bands who keep it scorched in the guts of agony. There are few mid-placed Brutal death touches that sound ok in the whole.
On the other hand, after you read these lines of apparently endlessly flowing positive golden beer, some mistakes need to be quoted: the tracks of GRINNING GHOUL aren't always structured the best way as some riffs kinda waste the whole energy, and there's nothing bloody new or surprising: finally we aren't talking about a classic demo in the style, but rather of a demo performed by fans of the style who do it fine and brutal enough to please the bangers who like it with a powerful sound. Not outstanding, but quite worth the listening for underground thrash/ death fans.


HABORYM (Usa) Demo'05.
Decent blasting satanic Death metal à la DEICIDE (old), HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL (Old), CENTURIAN, with moments of Death grind and riffing touches à la old SINISTER ("Hate") and CANNIBAL CORPSE (old). HABORYM also reminds me of some Brutal Death bands from the past that got forgotten for some obscure reasons... So, there's nothing new school or that modern, you putrid hibernator!
There's nothing original, or new, and some moments are quite stagnating, but there are also quite efficient and brutal moments that help to erase the malignant radioactive shit fighting to take over your pusfilled consciousness! The vocals are quite deep and obscure (with a nice harmonizer effect).
Konklusion: nothing new or killing the efficient way, but there are enough brutality and taste for Death metal for a nice assfuck nail crucifixion! With more work and experience, they might evolve in something more than an average, yet extreme, demo death metal band. They seem to be a cool band to see live. You can check out their songs in there:


HAEMOPHILIA (Swe) Demo CDr'06.
Even thought the putrid fucker who tries to sell you underground demos isn't a black metal fan, there happens to be some nice demos emerging from the floating infinity of recordings that would never awake anything in my grave of skull.
HAEMOPHILIA is one of these bands, I won't easily describe, coz of lack of musical background, and I can't say the 4 songs awake some real emotions in me, but the listening is pleasant, thanx to the fact the band decently plays, builds and recorded their songs.
During the listening, I occur to think about ABIGOR's later, faster and lesser atmospheric black metal recordings, some MAYHEM, AUDIOPAIN's most blackmetallic riffs, (old) MARDUK's fast and mid placed parts, few guitars à la early AURA NOIR... There's some kind of thrashy death metal touch in some riffs.
Some black metallers might find it too "clean', might think it remains over the surface of the ugly malignant abscess, and the drummer isn't always fast and destructive enough in the blasts... But in my hears, it's not bad. An okey demo that was built a nice way. What lacks is probably a more intense feeling.
Good luck to HAEMOPHILIA! (And don't forget to cut your flesh for Satan! Ah Ah!)


HAPPY FACE (Fra) 7-8-06-03 Demo CD'03.
GRÖMPH! Here's the new HAPPY FACE Demo. The style of the band is still somewhere between Hardcore, Grindcore, Death metal, Chaotic Hardcore and Crustcore, and the whole is more mid tempo driven, groovy or heavy than anything.
What I don't like in here is some strange "unlogical" tracks structures make the whole loose some efficiency, and some new school Grind influences made their arrival (Discording grind parts and too bizarre sounding stuffs). Some Grindgore vocals have appeared.
There are some cool ideas thrown from here and there (such as some heavy parts and good drums patterns), but I'm not so much into their whole stuffs: too much core for me!
They could remind of NAPALM DEATH's most hardcorish parts, PIG DESTROYER for the chaotic side, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN/ CEPHALIC CARNAGE for the chaotic/ new school Grind touch.  The first track "Milles mulles en meule" is the best one here! Brutalhardcore Crust with powerful heaviness and right breaks on drums. (A shame the end of the track sounds quite strange).
The sound is powerful and very good for a demo. I prefer this 2nd demo than the 1st one. As I said, there is a bunch of too strange discarding riffs or breaks for me. Those who like core driven stuffs with some weird or bizarrely original stuffs may enjoy this demo because the brutality is here! 


HATEFUL (Ita) Promo CDr 2005.
The band has changed a lot since their previous average and mid placed Demo'00 that lied in the dust.
In this new demo, you have 5:40 of well-built and quite energetic Death metal taking from various US and European styles. The biggest lines reminds of FLESHTIZED, old MORBID ANGEL and early HATE ETERNAL, but there are also some mid old USBD influences (mid old DEEDS OF FLESH), and touches of (mid old) GOD DETHRONED, MORTAL DECAY of FOREST OF IMPALED for the quite worked guitar lines. The whole is well built, fast, and some riffs sound well thought enough to give you some kind of the feeling something new always happens.
The drummer blasts well.
I'm not sure if it's really catchy or emotional, but at least that works. It lacks the final touch of craziness (in the vocals or the tiffs), something thrilling to the nerve or flash catchy to make it great. This is cool to receive this kind of demo that stands above the average!
5:40 for 3 tracks is short, so you have to play it again! (At least 3 times for each session héhé). HATEFUL will obviously and hopefully find a label soon!


HATEFUL (ITA) After the last breath Demo CD'00.
Even if the cover makes me think a bit about some GODFLESh's artworks, it's not at all the same style of extreme music. HATEFUL play slow Death metal reminding me a lot of D.A.B (Delayed Action Bomb- Now GURKKHAS) at the time of their demos and 1st CD "Stormbringers".
The vocals sounds also kike D.A.B's ones (Hey J.F, don't forget to send the awaited GURKKHAS hand numbered tampaxes and girlie panties! Ah Ah!).
Their style could also remind the slower parts of OBITUARY, and some DxMx riffs aren't very far from Hardcore Metal by moments., some riffs are almost Thrashy.
Their are some Heavy metal touches on some leads.
As lot of mid places Death Metal of this style has ever been played on the thousands and thousands of Death metal demos released in the past, I need something really good in the style to be impressed.
HATEFUL is just average and quite boring by moments (at least for me!)


HATEWORK (Ita) The first strikes of hate Tape Lp'04. KURAVILU Prods.
What you're currently banging your head on is a nice pro-cover tape containing HATEWORK's "Thrashers attack" Demo'00, "Total war" Demo'01 and a bonus track (Misfits cover). This begins hellish à la POSSESSED/ PESTILENCE, and then follows a quite punching piece of thrashing metal with ancient technical touches, and the most important, a good old school atmosphere! HATEWORK has nicely rounded tracks reminding of early KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, some DARKNESS, or the technical side of early PESTILENCE/ POSSESSED (even though the music is much more speed/thrashing). That disbeers enough rage to please maniacs of the old school mania! Some speed is metal is here! (Some hell is here!). Sometimes they reminded me a bit of RAZOR (old) or BULLDOZER (old). The quite screaming rageful vox happens to remind me of early SLAYER meets early VOÏVOD (Black city!!). Some tracks could be a bit more worked on, and the riffs are not really catchy or as inspired as "Seven churches" (For beersample), but for some thrashing metal demos, I think it's as cool as a severely broken neck! héhé. This is only cool stuffs done by the fans for real beer addicts! At least it's more convincing than the few tracks I heard from their first full-length.
Resume & consume: Cool old school thrashing speed thrash with some technicality, an evil death-metallish touch and some entertaining energy. A nostalgically and energetically cool tape!


HATRED (Hol) Chaos in the flesh demo CD’02.
This Dutch band that plays Death/ Grind suffers from a lack of personality. Their music reminds me of old school Death metal bands such as DEATH (old) or MORBID ANGEL (old) in their fastest parts. It's Death metal riffs in the style, but it always reminds me of something else. On several parts they also reminded me of old BRUTALITY, same kind of melodies and tremolo Death riffs with double bass drums background. They also make me think about VIRULENT (Hol).
I may quote some old ALTAR as well, but HATRED's music sounds less aggressive and compressed. The not so good logo could be worked on.
It's listenable, but nothing new or catchy appears as their 4 tracks sound almost the same.
So, this band that plays Death metal for "fun" during rehearsals doesn't suck, but they should put more of themselves into the compositions to reach the next level! They're actually only somekind of a tribute band that plays a music influenced by their musical tastes.


HEAVEN ABLAZE (Usa) Sanctimonious pestilence Demo CD’04.
The first sexual approach between the legs of the "Sanctimonious pestilence" isn't repulsive. A nice obscure atmosphere can be felt, and nice influences of old INCANTATION, old IMMOLATION and DECREPIT are present.
But after a few vicious ups and downs, some problems begin to materialize in the inside: the drum playing doesn't sound the best, I feel like a bunch of the riffs are average or too hesitating (Few are even crappy, and some melodic parts sound strange).
Nothing that kept me locked and screaming in the inner deepness, and their Death metal needs to be worked and developed to reach more tightness and sulfuric efficiency, but I heard worst (long playing) demos: an atmosphere can be touched from here & there, and there are quite raw blasting parts.
An average underground demo, but it might not displease big fans of underground obscure Death who aren't against things played a raw way.


HELGOR (Hol) Demo CD'03.
Spill the blood motherfucker! Spill the blood!!
This 6 tracks CDr is a demo I got in trade few months ago; now the band has offered me enough cash I can spill a few words about it! Haha
What you have here is a kind of Death thrash black that sounds quite obscure in parts. Some kind of mix between old DEICIDE, slow SLAYER (old), BOLT THROWER, INCANTATION (mid placed, ANGEL CORPSE and more thrashy stuffs. But I can't avoid thinking it lacks of energy! Sounds flat in my ears!
The black metal riffs doesn't sound good in my ears: too 'happy'! The guitar production isn't bad, clear guitar sound. Even if some riffs sound ok, most of the riffs and structures don’t turn on my morbid enthusiasm!
HELLGOR needs to inject o Brutal pulse of gluttonous beer and aggressive testosterones in their Death metal so that it might be a bit more deadly! For now it's very average.



HELLRAISERS (Fra) Thrasheurs Demo tape 2003.
Yeah! If you’re not a French speaking reader, I think that you could hardly get the point of what HELLRAISERS is. The music is quite primitive mid paced thrash metal with a really great sound, very compact like a bag of bricks! Ha! And it’s sung in French. The lyrics are pure jewels of the French literature since Molière! Hahahaha!!! It’s so fucking simple and effective, with a huge touch of humor, that it’s quite difficult not to bang your head to these metal hymns like “True metal”, “Thrasheurs”, “Métal impérial”, or “Petit pédé d’enculé de ta mère la salope”. The refrains are so fucking cool. I translate one for you: “thrash is real metal for true men, all day long we booze like hell!”. The spirit of TANKARD is not far, and it’s always cool to read the lyrics when they deal with the nostalgia of the good old times when metal was not so infested by posers! Ha! The music is so simple, but so effective that after two listenings you already know the songs better than your ABC! Ha!
I read some negative reviews of the first demo, which I can understand to a certain extent, but be sure that this second demo is really a compilation of hymns to the gods of Rock’n’Roll! Moreover when you know that the guys in HELLRAISER are only 18 years old, and when you know them personally, you can only open ten more cans of beer and bang your head until you fucking bleed! ARGH!!! I fucking love this stuff! Ha!



HELLSHOCK (Usa) Ghosts of the past Demo 2003.
HELLSHOCK is a cool band I discovered recently and why not giving them a little review as a lack of beer can be felt?! What you have here is cool old school hardcore/ Crust correctly done in the gimmicks of the style, but HELLSHOCK sounds at least ok: even if nothing is original here it sounds quite honest, correctly built, and it has more balls than the melodic rock pop bands who can't stop claiming there are "Hardcore"!
HELLSHOCK sounds like an urban mix of old EXTREME NOISE TERROR; SOD, SICK OF IT ALL and metal with balls! D-beat ass-fuck, hardcore heaviness, thrashing crossover slip-moshing riffs and disgusted raw HxCx vocals in the old way. Fuck that! There are real metal influences from here and there! SLAYER, ANTHRAX and some old heavy metal touches! Notice a riff on the first track sounds a lot like VENOM's "Witching hour"! I'm almost certain Hardcore maniacs were listening to VENOM and old METALLICA back in the early times of the style, this would explain that.
I like the fact HELLSHOCK uses several kinds of Crustcore, Hardcore, Crossover, almost Thrash metal: the tracks are more varied.
This isn't the fucking killer demo of the year; but enough punch, drum-kickings and kicks are here! This is brutal beer core! Check them live you fucking fukker!


HELLSPAWN (Pol) Demo CDr'05.
Obscure are the livid path to eternal damnation. You, little cock sucker of the perverse cybernetic thorns, you have no other choice than to fucking drown in the shame of the voluntary neglected ancienty! Voracious Death metal entities from the past now see their elder hunger for feeble souls full-fed with some endarkened burning meat of carbonic sulfur... The Hellspawn is slowly but surely awaking from it's long and silent petrified underground sleep... Beware little metaaawl wanabees, your little game placed you right in the line of what's soon to devour you from the inside!
HELLSPAWN plays old styled blasting Death metal following the impious path of MORBID ANGEL (Old), IMMOLATION and some HATE ETERNAL (Old).
The leads and some quite 'majestic' sounding riffs especially reminds me of "Domination", but there are also some nice moments of quite good obscurity materialzing in some quite heavy riffs and blasting parts.  The drum playing could be a bit more varied and creative, as it could enpower the rendering of some riffs...  On a matter of guitar-playing, there's nothing original, but the band has reached a quite good level (No riff sucks the dirt from your skull, and some guitars sound obscure enough to be quite inspiring). Rearranging some tracks structures could severly improve the impact of the Hellspawn.
The production is quite powerful, and a bit "deaf" but that's far from behing a problem for a death metal demo.  I guess it's a cool band to see live!
HELLSPAWN is currently a band with a quite good level, and some interesting ideas from here and there, even if they play nothing new. They have a potential to interest the fans of underground obscure Death metal and to kick your ass during gigs. I'm curious to follow their evolution.
The translucent horse of darkness we ride! Hu? Not enough beer?


HUMAN SLAUGHTER (Usa) Diabolical necromancy Demo tape'01. Re-released 2004. NORTH CABIN Recs.
This sub-project of a guitarist from COLD NORTHEN VENGEANCE (Us black metal) plays old styled underground Death metal with doomy touches à la early ASPHYX ("Embrace the death") and few blasts. This was recorded and sounds like demos from the past.
There are some black metal riffs... The more you engulf in the length of the tape, the more black metal influences seem to appear.
There's nothing exceptionally morbid, obscure or that energetic, it's just an ok sounding demo but I know some bangers will like to rest and sleep with this metallic background.


HUTT (Bra) Miserável Demo'03.
I started to ask myself some real questions about the South American Grindcore scene, I know nothing from here that's intense enough for my tastes! Hopefully I've discovered this cool band on an Argentinean webzine. HUTT is a quite young band that plays Grindcore, and this less than 10 minutes long demo is a nice beginning! Raw underground Grind that reminds me of BIRDFLESH, THE KILL, old BRUJERIA and the early days of NAPALM DEATH (a bit). The drummer who nervously blasts the grindcore beats isn't bad! Tight intense bastard!
They also have got some mid placed grooves or crust touches that could remind of NASUM, RIGHTEOUS PIGS or old DEAD INFECTION (1st CD).
Their lyrics are in Portuguese. Most of the tracks are less than 1 minute long.
Some tracks could be improved, some riffs could be more aggressive, and the mark of averageness is here, but fuck off! The intensity is here on some tracks and that's the most important! HUTT is a nice surprise and these Grinding bastards have got their chances to be very cool for the big Underground grind bastards! Grind the bones and squash the bowels of the incredibly greedy politicians!


HYONBLUD (Jap) Promo track 2005.
This is the only single track circulating in the file-sharing underground grinding Mp3s black market... Not even sure the band has a real releases yet... But a little review was needed.
Quite promising Brutal death metal that has enough punch to let you imagine a since demo of theirs could be intense as fuck! Sounds like a mix of blasting PIGSTY, with few old ALIENATION MENTAL and some heavier US styled Brutality that could remind of ROTTING (Can) and some more typical US Brutal death bands who liked their heavy riffs of the perverse-crush being filled with screaming guitars.
A cool brutal track. Intense enough, nicely built and well produced.
Nothing rememberable yet, but let's see what will happen with a first real release of HYONBLUD!


HYPNOSIS (Fra) Evilution Demo CD'03.
The bands who try to mix Death metal with electronic music very often see their heads severely beaten in the dust ! But this HYPNOSIS demo isn’t bad, we can’t talk about a failure!
HYPNOSIS plays a nice mix of extreme metal, and especially Brutal death, with various electronic music styles such as techno, jungle… The Carcass of the music is articulated around riffs that remind me of CANNIBAL CORPSE, FEAR FACTORY (Mostly « Demanufacture ») and also STRAPPING YOUNG LAD (A bit). On this carcass are transplanted the nicely felt electronic elements, some of it included in between the riffs and drumbeats itself make the whole sound more rythmic, a bit in the vein of the more technoish parts of FEAR FACTORY on « Demanufacture ».
Various samples and keyboards are nicely included from here and there. Some Ok clear female vocals are here, it doesn’t sound gay : it’s sung and shouted. Some of the riffs sound too much à la CANNIBAL CORPSE in my opinion (morbid melodies, etc) but their music is quite varied and composed in a not repetitive way.
In a way, they could remind of the latest EMPEROR releases (complex structures, few tremolo Death/ Grind riffs, quite obscure mood) or CARNIVAL IN COAL’s most serious Death metal elements (coz HYPNOSIS’ music ain’t funny).
This HYPNOTIC demo is a cool surprise! Those who like extreme metal and who aren’t against electronic music, some core touches and some originality may find some interest in this demo!


ILL DIVINE (Fra) Blind are the eyes of servitude Demo CD'03.
This demo was a part of a promo package I received from Zombeast of death, the editor of the total cult and old school as fuck death metal bible LIQUID OF LIFE! I had no other choice than to scream "One more beer motherfucker!"
ILL DIVINE who comes from France hopefully doesn't practice melodic thrash or nu-core, that's for sure! They chose a band name taken from a FLESHTIZED track, so you can expect only pure Death metal! What you can hear on is a rather old school death metal with the right influences emerging right from Florida's excellent 90's Death metal! old DEICIDE, old MORBID ANGEL, BRUTALITY and DEATH! The MORBID ANGEL and old DEICIDE influences morbidly reincarnate through the form of heavy obscure riffs, mid placed double kicks ridden guitars and faster blasting moron fuck blasphemies. One could find nice heavy riffs, leads or more melodic guitars reminding me the first releases of BRUTALITY, if you see what I mean! Old and mid old DEATH can be found for mid technical riffs, tremolo guitars and nice leads that will make you make you think about "Human".
The music isn't hyperfast since the band rather focuses on a dark mood or a mid-placed Death metal that sometimes evolves in more melodic depths (à la ATHEIST, PESTILENCE and early SUPPURATION). Some will find some old IMMOLATION in slower creeping riffs and sulfuric guitars.
ILL DIVINE reminds me a lot their suburb brothers of Death, UNFRAGMENT! The two bands share the same Death metal influences from the hellish past!
Ok it's now time for a brutal beer dejection! ILL DIVINE sounds like a cool band with the right influences, but there are structure problems that tens to decrease the intensity, not much new was found, some riffs lack of ass kicking punch. Nothing that definitely marked me to death, but it's cool to hear demos of this kind since the band knows how to handle their instruments! I think ILL DIVINE must be an interesting and cool band to check out live! And some beer drowning Death metal fans will find this demo very cool!


ILLOGICIST (Ita) Dissonant perspectives Demo CD’03.
Only one year after their first demo, ILLOGICIST are back with a second one and the improvements are quite important: the whole is more pro and more technical!
What you have here is melodic Death metal à la DEATH ("Symbolic" and "Individual") with a technical edge and some thrashy (sometimes almost heavy) touches. There are some more experimental touches that could make this think a bit about "Spheres" of PESTILENCE. Some bizarre melodies could eventually remind of COMECON (a bit of "Converging conspiracies") and some old ATHEIST. The vocals are quite harsh and screamed à la Chuck Shuldiner.
The track I like the most is "Knowledge curse" as it includes a bunch of cool riffs that remind me both the melodic, technical or heavier touches of DEATH, but also some parts of DESTRUCTION's "Live without sense" live LP. And this catchy track is well constructed (it's the less experimental one).
The bad points in my opinion are the music is too "experimental" by moments (3rd track especially) and the tracks could sound quite long. But it sounds pro, and there are a bunch of nice parts.
ILLOGICIST is a very cool band in this style, and they have their chances to find a label!


IMOONTERK (Bra) Ritual macabro Demo CDr'06.
IMOONTERK from Brazil plays blasting Death metal with a bunch of old school death riffs that sometimes tend to a thrashy edge and could remind of early MORBID ANGEL, SADISTIC INTENT, some early DEICIDE/ AMON and some KRISIUN. Some riffs could also remind of early SARCOFAGO or very early SEPULTURA, but the whole isn't as crazy or vomiting... And after all, the whole doesn't sound so hellishly blasting, since a bunch of mid-placed and "regular" 90's death metal riffs are there (Think about mid placed DEICIDE, or slow early DEATH/ MORGOTH for exemple).
The kinda murder-wasting problem lies in the fact everything isn't tight enough (Guitarists and drummer doesn't always seem very synchronized... That's not really a problem in some blasting moments that sound quite bestial, but some fast and mid placed parts sound a bit forced, as if the guts weren't naturally flowing from the inside of the murdered piece of shit) and the structures of the songs show some weakness (Riffs that decrease efficiency, mid placed stuffs that do not flow very well).
Some riffs sound quite well in the evil kind of death, few could even open old gates to an hellish death, and few leads sound nice, but the mark of averageness is too present to really kick the ass of demanding death maniax!
My final feelings follow: IMOONTERK is an average band with some cool burning ideas from here and there, but also a global lack of murdering musical conviction. The improvement of death is wanted: More rehearshards of hell and a more strict selection between their riffing ideas shall be the key.


At the first listening you could imagine IxDx are pretenders to the "throne" of the most brutal death grind outfit, since the first track hits your head with multiple blasts, rumbling snare drums blasts and ultra guttural vocals... but it's not really the cadaveric case: between the blasting stuffs, IxDx also has a bunch of heavier moments that could remind of old SKINLESS or early DEEDS OF FLESH.
One could also hear Brutal Death à la CANNIBAL CORPSE, Death metal stuffs à la DERANGED and few EXHUMED/ CARCASS influences.
Some of the heavy or fast riffs sound quite cool, and quite dripping & drowning, and the production sounds good for the style (ultra-triggered drums, heavy guitars), but something is really lacking to inspire me and really kick my ass! This sounds Brutal, but some riffs could have been more worked while some tracks' structures aren't well finished. All in all this sounds as a correct Brutal death demo that might turn on the fans of US Brutality. This is over the average of the current crass-underwears-sucking brutal death demos, but it might no please those who don't like ultra brutal US Death. Only for big fans of the style!


IMPUREZA (Fra) Ruina de la penitencia Demo CDr'06.
This new IMPUREZA demo shows a real improvement at various levels!
While the band still plays brutal death metal, the style has evolved from something obscure à la Immolation/ Incantation to a music being much more like NILE (But less technical, and so maybe less 'demonstrative') yet while keeping an IMMOLATION like drive. The new drummer alos has a better technical level than the previous one, his playing full of double bass drums and blasts makes the whole sound more extreme and professional. The production is also much better: it's tighter, cleaner and more powerful!
This demo sounds cool during all the length, and a nice plus are the little flamenco and melodic touches thrown from here and there. It sounds kinda refreshing without sounding gay. And I must notice a riff from the first track, it has something special, almost touching, that sounds almost personal. It could remind me something like some old ATHEIST or some DIVINE RAPTURE (I didn't find something wiser). This is a path they should explore much more in the future for sure!
If they keep on improving this way, IMPUREZA have strong chances to become a real hope for the Spanish (oups... French héhé) Death metal scene!
That's a band I could advice to maniacs of death metal in the vein of NILE or IMMOLATION, who are a little bit open minded.
Needless to say I'm very happy to feature this really cool band on a very soon to come out release!


IMPUREZA (Fra) Y correra tu sangre Demo'05.
Some bands need a bit of time to get into.
Approaching this demo with your metallic knowledge in a overall mental assault would be a mistake since you could have the fooling feeling IMPUREZA lacks of personality and catchiness, that it would be some kind of average obscure brutal death band...
A more inner emotionnal approach, with the feelings of death (You know, these gut-feelings inside that makes the difference between those who are into death, and those who vaguely listen to the music... This isn't a reproach; someone interpreting this simple fact as spitting probably has problems with his metallic consciousness!) lets you feel and embrace the varieties of feelings the band explores; it could even be called "personality" by moments, even if the band still needs to developp and intensify its mixture. They evolve in a kind of brutal death that can remind of mid old IMMOLATION, mid old INCANTATION, old NILE, and maybe old DECREPIT (R.I.P- For the heaviness), some early EXHUMED (split w/ HEMDALE), BLACK BLEEDING (last demo) with some flamenco influences that do not especially sound obvious if you do not really listen to the music.
The style of the band isn't really hateful or aggressive, even if they have a good amount of blasts, their music would rather picture something relatively obscure and quite enormous happening to crush you. Yes this enormous entity couldn't be called monolithic since IMPUREZA is too alive and varied for this.
Allright, IMPUREZA has released a cool 1st demo; even if it isn't perfect and would need to be intense all the way, the band shows us a nice beginning of personality I'm quite curious to follow.
Anyway, I want to conclude with: Play it again and again Sam! Never stop the betrayed roadrunning madness! 


INCINERATOR (Swe) Disciples of sodom Demo'03.
Since their previous demo, INCINERATOR has changed quite a lot, the two words coming to my mind are: BRUTAL IMPROVEMENT! They changed two of the musicians and their thrash metal the old way sounds much more compressed, aggressive and full of riffs everywhere! Fast thrash à la old KREATOR ("Pleasure to kill" and "Terrible certainty") with touches of old beer banging SODOM and old SADUS (For the structures: full of riffs!). If tight as fuck thrash metal the old way is what you need, if you don't like the Gothenburp melodic "Thrash" and if you feel a bunch of new school of old school thrash bands sound asleep (better said unmotivated?) you might have found a good deal with INCINERATOR! Eventhough this new Demo might sound a bit less catchy than their previous recording, it has much more punch from the guts! Nothing really catchy, memorable or killer, but it's done with enough aggression and power to keep the bored drunkers alive! So the subterranean thrash maniacs should leave their packs of beer for a minute and drop a line to Lenny: Lenny Blade, Duvgatan 11, 55464 JÖNKÖPING, SWEDEN.


INFANTICIDE (Swe) Global Death Sentence Demo'04.
Raw Grindcore emerging from the depths of the black cities! INFANTICIDE plays it fast and brutal in a rather old school Grindcore style, and for a demo band it doesn't sound bad! And even quite energetic with a touch of good old corrosive human annihilating social stress. Quite aggressive Grind reminding me of early PHOBIA, early NYCTOPHOBIC and some MASTIC SCUM, early NAPALM DEATH, some later SANITYS DAWN (Powerviolence epoch) with few hints of AHUMADO GRANUJO. The style especially reminds me of early PHOBIA both for the raw guitar sound, the tremolo riffs and the blasts, as well as early NYCTOPHOBIC for the kind of explosive stress compressor and brutal urban aggression. Most of the music is blasting, but some moments of Crust or Hardcore/ Grind can be felt. Add a quite powerful production and you have a cool Grindcore demo to explode the heads of Underground Grindcore blowers! Not the most killer or original, nut some energy of Grind is here and many irongang bone-suckers will see their ass kicked! Ah! Better than the low average! Support them!


INFATUATION OF DEATH (Pol) Heretic hellspawn holocaust Demo CDr'03.
Once zombified and swimming in the decomposing volatile substance of gore, I can listen to this demo from A to Z, and imaginary cum between the golden tits of the decapitated Egyptian queen... Butt! Once your head is a bit out from the sexy vibrations, things are not so appealing...It sounds like average and everheard.
This demo is announced as brutal death on some (ho)modern metal websites, but the rotting head floats between waters that belong mostly to the lands of mid old brutal death, old school death metal (Kind of old Swedish style... or are there two many floating body parts misleading my attention?) and few vapors of crepitating brain chewing gum lets me snif the fact touches of quite technical and more modern brutal death are also inside.
Well, as said in the beginning, I can listen to the demo once the putrid head is submit to the waves of sadistic appeal, but to be hornest, there's nothing catchy, or new... Just decently brutal stuff that might appeal your metallic wheel during gigs, but not much more... So, it's some kind of cool average underground band, for big fans of the underground style only. (Others will probably be bored).


Japan. Totally brutal death grind. Totally pro. Totally in the US Style! Even if INFECTED MALIGNITY doesn't bring something new to the massive cauldron of global flesh consumption, their brutal death is over the average on a professional point of view! It could remind rancid deathbags of DISGORGE (US- Lex complex), DEEDS OF FLESH (Trading pieces), PYREXIA (Early), CANNIBAL CORPSE (Butchered), few DYING FETUS (old) and INCESTUOUS/ CINERARY, with cool touches of MORTAL DECAY (1st CD). Did you get the Brutal point?
The vocals sound low and guttural, the guys play it varied (blasting, heavy, groovy) and brutal enough. Nothing new or passing the test of time, this is only your usual brutal death riffs, but big US Brutal death fans will probably find in here an heavy and brutal enough band for their underground likings!
For big brutal freaks only!


INFERNAL HATE (Spa) Demo CDr'04.
Blasting death metal in a rather old styled way reminding of the first KRISIUN albums, with an hateful fuel of burning fog reminding of early DEICIDE, a bit of NILE'd fast and furious moments and even some BYATIS (Fra- R.I.P). The atmosphere of hatred and apocalypse usually felt in KRISIUN is present in a good amount of riffs.
When the band blasts, it sounds okey and wouldn't displease big fans of the style, but the energy turns down in a bunch of slowdowns, as the slower riffs sound too common in my putrid hears. More sickness is needed to really turn infernal... Invokate the infernal hatred and summon the infinite force from the abyss!!
The snare-drum doesn't really fit, it's too thin to heavily molest your skull and keep it obscure. It's a shame, since the drummer knowns to decently blast (That's not the case of many bands trying to emulate KRISIUN...).
All in all, nothing special or catchy, and the music can be improved, but I think it's a pretty decent demo that might turn cool in the cavernous hears of underground blasting death metal hatred fanatics. I've heard newer songs of INFERNAL HATRED that sounds better: a bit more energetic and faster, but there's still nothing catchy and the snare drum still kicks too high pitched... At least they progress in a right way, the way to hell!


INFEST (Fra) Demo'05.
Threesome dismemberment, tectonic disphyncterisation and brutal balls elongation with rotten razors! Isn't it the grotesque coolness?
INFEST seems to have taken their time to compose their songs and record a demo; the result is some nicely constructed pillaging at the right urban border between old school grindcore, death grind, hardcore, powerviolence, crustcore... It could remind some old school grind like old NAPALM DEATH/ S.O.B, plus newer sounding stuffs like NAPALM DEATH (blasting, mid new), HUTT, MORTALIZED, as well as a bunch of Hardcore induced influences I don't know enough for an evil quote. The songs are submitted to many changes of riffs & tempos.
I don't like that much their old school hardcorish patterns (I never dug many graves on an HxCx background) or most of their slow downs. In my rotting opinion their blasts and fast parts are the cooler moments.
The tracks display enough aggressiveness to remain entertaining. The production is quite good, even though it lacks of corrosive heaviness.
I don't find really explosive power or massive will to crush the whole humanity in their songs (Crazy catchiness and a weird punch in the face are needed to awake the grinding troops) but I guess the jumpers who dig dig their core core in the pit pit might be quite interested in INFEST. Sorry it's quite too core and "light" for me, but it's not bad for a first demo.


INHATRED (Fra) Promo 2003.
Some members of this band played in CARNAL FEELINGS few years before. It was a technically correct but common Death grind band. This promo features only 1 track, so I'll keep it short.
This is Brutal deathcore grind with a lot of breaks in the new school HxCx Grind style (DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN)...) It can remind of the following bands: old DYING FETUS, ANANDA, FATE and some DISCORDANCE AXIS for the Math-core. It sounds Ok but nothing exploded my guts, and I have the feeling it goes a bit everywhere... So it's average.


INHERIT DISEASE (Usa) Inherit disease Demo CD'03.
Average, common and uninspiring US Brutal death... And it just got signed to UNIQUE LEADER.
There's no surprise in this heavy groove most and blastind demo, with deaf production à la "Butchered at birth". Some heavier riffs do not suck, but most of the blast... Uh!
Nothing to attract your beer-filed attention, unless you're an enormous fanatic of the style collecting every single demo as an orthodox stamp maniac. (Some webzine-makers seem to use demos to build new walls in their houses... maybe it's cheaper than bricks. Ah Ah).
The introduction taken from "Clockwork orange" has already been used at least 15 times.
Well, this demo is already few years old, let's hope the band has improved, otherwise nothing especially captivating (but rather Boring!) will come out...


INHUMAN HATRED (Bel) Sickening entertainment Demo CDr'03.
Fuck that godamn beer that don’t stay in its bottle until I drunk it! It’s pure alcoholic waste! Pure blasphemy of the beer’s demon!!
I knew INHUMAN HATRED from their name and I recently received their promo between two horny German beer packages… and Hugh! To be honest I expected more impressiveness since this beer lacks a real morbid feeling of hell! What you can hear on this demo is somekind of 90’s Brutal death grind with few old school touches… Somekind of mix between old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old MONSTROSITY (1st CD and less technical) SUHRIM, DEADEN(!), ROTTREVORE, old DEICIDE… with some old MORBID ANGEL. But hell! It sounds average (to say the less putrid!) and quite confused in parts! Most of the riffs are ever drunk as your usual daily vine: no surprise. A bunch of breaks are useless (Keep it straight to the point !!) some parts aren’t so bad; but some structures and breaks are wasting the intensity of what could be drinkable putrid beer. Some old Death metal riffs sounds kinda like old GOREFEST.
INHUMAN HATRED’s beers need to deeply ferment and rot in pure corrosive malt until the acid juice of alcoholic hatred flows under the schizophrenic form of Brutal alcoholic riffs!! Between the average and very average.


INQUINATUS (Fra) Demo'04.
Even if the first approach could let you think this newcoming band plays somekind of black metal, their tracks evolve between fast Death grind, "raw black death" and some semi melodic death black. It always follow fast rythms. You could think about some demo versions of mid old ANGEL CORPSE, DIVINE RAPTURE, GOD DETHRONED ("The grand grimoire") and some early IMPIETY ("Asateerul awaleen"), but in a less intense and extreme way, the atmosphere seems cooler, not extreme as fuck. Some riffs from here and there sounds common or lack in power. (The cooler sounding riffs are the most deathgrind or semi melodic ones while some "Raw black death" sounds too common). Some problems might come from the drum-machine that sounds too low and happens to be too fast... I must say the not that controlled Black metallic vocals sound misplaced in my hears!! It wastes some of the cool riffs.
To conclude, this is an average demo and some work has to be done towards more surprising structures and towards a higher level of selectiveness concerning their riffs. But there's a cool atmosphere, and with some work they might improve. Good luck!


INSEMINATOR (Pol) Into rotten coma we drift Demo MCDr'06. METAL RULEZ Prods.
Please fuck me! Yes! Inseminate my big slimee Ass with your putrid metal of Death! RRRHAAA!!!
INSEMINATOR plays old styled Death metal like old THRONEUM or early DEATH (There's a cover of "Evil dead" turning into "Beyond the unholy grave" (MANTAS song)).
It's correctly done, but there's nothing special, and I already heard some of the riffs zillion of times before... Just kicking enough to keep you awake... But I need more guts and pusfilled rotting intensity of unholy flesh cremating Death! Average Death metal.


INTERNAL BLEEDING (Usa) Pure American fury Demo’03.
Your mother likes it hard!
Your mother likes it deep in her fat round slimee-ass!
Your mother has a never-ending lust for putrid sex and hard ridden Crass fukk Uber alles!
Your mother loves to sodomize with her bloody spiked dildo! Until it fukking dark bleeds! You are a real motherfucker!
But as you were too busy with your years long incestuous anal bleeding, you probably didn't notice INTERNAL BLEEDING didn't record an album since a bunch of years. Ok, I understand a hard-ridden ass-fuck can be a good excuse for some, but I was pleasantly surprised as I saw INTERNAL BLEEDING had recorded a new promo! This band is still ass-pounding! Yes motherfucker! INTERNAL BLEEDING still sounds fresh and flowing from the inner saturated wound as they did in 98/99! this is still American Brutal death the Us style with a bunch of burning SUFFO riffings and a bunch of riffs filled as fukk in each track. This band has a really cool sense of the fat-ass-dancing-grooves. All the more the tracks are nicely articulated in their Brutal megamix of Brutal US Death, Deathcore and others that can also be similar to old PYREXIA, DYING FETUS, REPUDILATION's 2nd Demo (Dance motherfucker! Dance!!) and FATE (Fra).
Allright putrid motherfucker! This isn't bloody original and the band sounded more brutally impressive on their later releases, but it's total pro groove brutality with burning cool ideas that can only rewarm a cold beer! This 2 tracks demo is cool news and I imagine their next full-length will be at least allright for a bunch of total beerfukks! This is probably not a lifelong ass-branding beer, but groovy enough fucker! Groovy enough!


INVOKER (Fra) Initiate mind regression Demo'05.
This freshly released demo of an old school thrash metal band could be seen from two points of axe!
First savage pierce: The hardly satisfied thrash metal enthusiast will think the "chuga chuga" rythms lack of defenestrating power and the drummer would need to drink more evil beers; the black metallic screams would need more conviction and a bit of rework is needed for some burial ground.
Second savage pierce: The drinking drunk neanderthalic burning head might feel a quite cool old mood whole some quite death metallic tremolo riffs have enough hatred to pleasantly tickle his sharp teeth. Of corpse he wouldn't find anything new, but since he's into thrashing thrash the ancient way and underground stuffs, he think this demo is cool enough.
The production is ok, there's an old sounding chorus effect on guitars, sounds quite strange...
All in all, it's a quite decent first demo. Eventhough there are milky-mistakes, the band do not have a very intense feeling, and if they don't have "the swing of the axe" it might sound cool for some undergroundly trapped old school thrash enthusiast and other maniacs of metallic archeology.
Those whose thrashing expectations are high-pitched won't get in the ring (Nothing new or really ass-kicking for their burning metal needs) but I guess INVOKER might find a nice underground place in the almost desperately dead Thrash metal French scene.