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1. Hello, can you introduce the band to our readers? Your demo "Pejabat Bangsat" was released recently. Can you introduce this piece of brutality to our readers? I enjoy your style: A mix old school death metal and brutal death metal, it's quite uncommon nowadays... (Everyone wants to be totally old school, or totally brutal death, but do not often mix the two styles together...)

NAR was formed in Jakarta in 2020, the beginning was a hangout with old friends, finally we formed a band during the pandemic, with the initial formation:
Canon - Vocal
Cici - Lead Guitar
Alex - Bass Guitar
Andri bagol - Drums

As time went by, we finally started recording and making the ep album "PEJABAT BANGSAT" which was released by the Indonesian label "ROTTENFLESH RECORD".
As time went by, Canon the vocalist resigned from the band, because he was busy with his family ... And now the vocalist position is replaced by BOET...

NAR's current formation:
Boet - Vocal
Cici - Lead guitar
Alex - Bass guitar
Andri bagol - Drums

And we plan to release a full album or single album in 2024.

2. Did the musicians of NAR play in other bands in the past? Did they record demos or maybe albums?

Yes, we all had other bands in the past and also now... Cici also plays in the band CORPORATION OF BLEEDING, Andri Bagol also plays in the band MAYAT and formerly in the band DEATH OF AUTHORTIY, Boet is the former vocalist of ABABIL... All previous bands before forming NAR have released albums.

3. Your most old school death metal riffs remind me of early DEATH, ooold S…PULTURA and also very old GORGUTS... It's a very cool mixture of influences! But it's not common to hear this kind of old school sound from Indonesia, the Indonesian scene is usually more into extreme brutal death... How did you discover old school death metal? What are your favorite old death metal bands?  

Yes, the initial concept of NAR was the old school death metal genre, so it just flowed, itís not based on other bands, maybe technically close to SEPULTURA, DEATH GORGUTS, MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, TERRORIZER, METALLICA, SLAYER and many more, so a combination of all existing music genres...
About finding classic death metal ... Yes, by listening and taking techniques from the classic death metal genre itself.

4. What does your band name mean? I imagine it comes from "Nar Mataru", the ancient underworld at the epoch of the Sumerians, but there's also a MORBID ANGEL song with the same name... Can you tell more about it?

Rhe name NAR means HELL fire, we took it from Arabic, and the name NAR was given by a habib, who is our friend too.

5. I don't know if your blastbeat/ brutal parts are influenced by old American brutal death (Old Suffocation etc) or Brazilian brutality (old Kristin, Rebaellium)... Do you prefer old American brutal death or the Brazilian style? Or perhaps your sound is a mix of both?

Well, our blasbeat is somewhat influenced by SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, CRYPTOPSY, and we all like brutal death, thrash metal, death metal, grindcore and crust T punk bands.

6. You're the drummer of the band. How long have you been playing drums? Is it hard to keep a good level? Do you rehearse every day, every week? What are your inspirations, your idols, for metal drumming?

I've been playing drums since 1993, when I formed the band MAYAT, It's not hard to keep a good drumming level, as long as I practice drums diligently... I practice drums every week when I'm off from work... My inspirations are Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Pete Sandoval (TERORRIZER), Lars Ulrich (METALLICA), Igor Cavalera (SEPULTURA), Steve Asheim (DEICIDE), and Mike Smith (SUFFOCATION).

7. Your demo was released on tape by Nekrassious in France. How did you get in touch with him? How does it feel to be released by a label from the other side of the planet? Do you have plans for a CD reissue in Asia?

It all started when we were introduced by David, who is our friend in Indonesia...Then David tried to offer the NAR EP album to be released by a French label, and we okayed everything to be released by a French label, It feels good and proud to be released by a French label... Our plan for 2024 is to release a full album and have recorded 4 new songs all.

8. Tell us more about the current death metal scene in Indonesia! Are there other bands into the old school sound, or are most of Indonesian people into American/ extreme brutal death? Do you also have a scene for grindcore and black metal?

The metal scene in Indonesia is very good, they support each other. In Indonesia, there are more people who like Underground music itself, whether it's death metal, brutal death metal, grindcore, black metal, just a mixture of everything hahaa.

9. How is the situation for metal concerts in Indonesia? Can you play gigs quite regularly, or is it hard? Can you organize a small tour and play in various cities or different areas?

The concert situation in Indonesia is: Almost once a week there is a metal concert here, and even then it is routinely done here metal concerts here. Concerning a tour of NAR  maybe later after finishing the full album... NAR itself has also often performed in Jakarta, Bogor, and Sukabumi, it is not difficult to perform at metal music events in Jakarta.

10. In Europe everyone has become very digital, there are computers or screens everywhere, and almost everyone has a smartphone... How is this situation in Indonesia? Are the smartphones, digital screens and easy internet access very common? Do you have access to all the internet, or is it censored and are some websites blocked? (Like in china for example...)

Internet access in Indonesia is very easy to get, and we have also made digital platforms, and other social media accounts.

11. What do you know about France? Perhaps you heard about some french food, vine, or old french singers like Serge Gainsbourg? Perhaps some Indonesian peoples have memories (good or bad) of the french colonies in Thailand in the past century? Do you know any french metal bands?

 France is a very beautiful country, we know France as a fashion city, and there are also many metal musicians there, and metal bands, all good and cool.

12. What's the most brutal thing you can think about? Which brutal thing could represent the best the spirit or music of NAR?

The most brutal thing is the spirit of making a music concept, with the lyrical theme of murder, violence, corruption, and all the real brutal events that exist in Indonesia.

13. What are the future projects of NAR? I saw you're working on a full-length album, can you tell us more about it?

The NAR projects in 2024 will be to release a full album and make a video clip for the full album promo single.

Band page: https://www.instagram.com/nar_deathmetal

Listen: https://nekrassioustapes.bandcamp.com

Thanks to David Satria for the help with the translation