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1.Hello Pascal! You take care of METAL FURY since 1985! Introduce us to this radio show !

So first of all, hello Mister G., and thanks for the interest in METAL FURY. In fact, even if METAL FURY exist since 1985, I take care of it since 1997. So, as it’s written on the flyers, it occurs every Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:00 PM, on 95.9 PULSAR radio. Maybe soon from 9:00 to 23:00, that wouldn’t displease me at all!
I discovered this radio show in 1986, I was listening to it with  my old tape player, in my bedroom, while I was still living in my parents’ house. An iron wire was connected to the antenna of my tape player, it was going outside my windows, so that I can hear the show… For several reasons I came to live in Poitiers in 93, I met some good guys here, including several ones of METAL FURY;  one day they asked me to be a part of it for the Death metal matter… I kept on playing metal… they left… that’s all. I’m actually doing the radio show all alone, and I’m very satisfied about it!!


2.Did the kind of metal played in your show evolved during the years? Was it always focused on the underground? At the very beginnings you was certainly playing mostly Thrash and heavy metal… were the French thrash and death metal bands of the beginning correct? Do you remember some good ones?

At the beginning, when I was listening to the show, there were only Thrash, heavy and HARD ROCK !! DEATH METAL has arrived… the team has changed. There where some shitheads of core fans (you know the guy who look like cross-country skiers, deutsch windmills…) and some NU METAL… So I don’t know if it was always focused on the Underground !!! There was an epoch during which  ROADRUNNER was working with the radio… I don’t give a fuck! They had their golden days in 87/93… before anything really METAL disappeared from their catalogue… So I’m not interested at all in giving airplay to their releases !!! It’s the same thing for NUCLEAR  BLAST/ CENTURY  MEDIA/ METAL BLADE/ EARACHE.... they don’t need myself.
When I was asking for promos to M10, these fools sent me some LOFOFORA, and stuffs like that… while they’re distributors of the labels mentioned above !!!! So I wrote them a letter to tell them stopping wasting their stamps…

Yes, the French THRASH and DEATH bands were and are correct, on a musical but also on a human point of view: for example POST MORTEM/ TALES OF BLOOD/ UNFRAGMENT write me back a little word to thank me for playing some of their tracks and sending them back the playlists… (Internet… what is it ?? See the 12th question). I like it!!!
Talking about those who kept my attention and remain remembered… in fact there are a lot…BURIAL  VAULT / BROKEN  FEAR / old LOUDBLAST / AGRESSOR / MASSACRA  (I saw them live in Chatellerault, with SAMAEL, the year 1990 !!! with their first drummer Chris PALENGAT; it was at the time of SAMAEL’s 1st Lp ‘Worship him’ released through OSMOE, Mister Hervé HERBAULT, the boss of OSMOE prod was here…!!! !) / MERCILESS / KHROMA DEATH / (old) SUPURATION / DELAYED ACTION  BOMB / MORTUARY / CATACOMB / MY  SOVEREIGN / MUTILATED / APOPLEXY / ABYSSALS / SEPULCHRAL / BARBACK / NO RETURN / MESTEMA / CRUSHER / KRISTENDOM / CARCARIASS / EXECUTION / PUSCUNT (37) / ...etc...  Unfortunately most of them has split up…

There are also some current good THRASH bands: THRASH : OUTCAST / BLACKNESS / DECLINE  OF  HUMANITY / NO SOBRIETY (I think they changed their moniker)… and some good GRIND:  INHUMATE / BLOCKHEADS / DEPRAVED / S.C.D / DISGORGED  FOETUS (it’s not really Grind, more in the vein of GUT).
That’s all for the 2nd question. I certainly have forgot some bands, voluntary for some (GOJIRA / NOCTURNAL  FEARS / SCARVE  .....) Sorry for the other ones!!!


3.How do you succeed in keeping the motivation to keep on doing your radio show since about 20 years !! All the more you mostly play extreme and brutal metal, while most of the shows specialized in the extreme survive only for few years… The only survivors of the ‘extreme’ hertzian waves are most of the time guys who have large tastes and play heavy metal, melodic black, and all the new releases!

My motivation... I like it!!!! That’s all!!!!  And when a guy I don’t know comes to see me, to tell me I’m a fool, that our music (PULMONARY FIBROSIS) is shit, and he don’t want to pay me a beer… but he concludes with ‘On the other band, your radio show is good I discovered many things thanks to you’. Hell, it also pleases me ! So I pay him a beer! (It’s a true story that happened to me recently !!!). And it’s cool to play the music you like. I also play Black and heavy, but in very fewer quantities, that’s certain!!

4.Are there kinds of metal you refuse to play on METAL FURY?

Yes, all this new metal and the likes wave, any kind of Hardcore. And if there’s some, it’s really very few !!!! Why?? I don’t like that, they’re all shitheads. Think about a band like DYING FETUS, they were InCOREized!!!! And many teenagers, trendies or guys being new to extreme metal buy this a lot!!! It should be unhallowed to mix these two entities!!! (If you want to insult me, sorry but I don’t have an email !!!!). The worst guys are possibly PURGATORY from LIMOGES… some total shitheads!!!!


5.As well as a lot of radioshow, you probably had problems with the radio big boss when he realized you weren’t playing polka but a kind of music that abusively deals with the morbid, the destruction, the macabre, Satan (666 !) and some of these bands violently deny anything established! Did you often has to change of radio station during these almost 20 years of existence?  

No, there was no problem, coz as I said earlier I only continue this radioshow. So, no I didn’t change of radio station. All the more, PULSAR is situated in a private college!!! (I can imagine the Satanists and evilists of all kind insulting me, I don’t care at all !!!). They don’t care about the kind of music, as long as I don’t break anything, you know I’m a correct guy, being respectuous towards the goods of peoples.
I can play some DEICIDE/ THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN/… etc. It doesn’t bother them at all!!! Few years ago, the boss of the radio didn’t like much the team of METAL FURY, because they were too noisy and chaotic, they were bringing their shit even during the radio show, that was really ball-breaking!! I don’t take myself much seriously, I can have a good laugh from time to time, but one has to be correct. That’s all.


6.I know you happen to receive some promotional CDs in a more than sufficient quantity: you told me you received the NEURAXIS album 7 times!! Explain us how this bullshit can be possible! Some labels really have a lot of money to throw through the windows!

Yes, about this NEURAXIS CD, MORBID Recs sent me one at home, one at the radio station, I think I received one in an ADIPOCERE promo pack (They distribute MORBID Recs) and few others in a MORBID Recs package, as a gift for the radio listeners. I’ve clearly told to MORBID they should only send me one, (gifts not taken in account) at the radio or at home! !!!! Coz all the more, I’d be an honest guy it wouldn’t be astonishing!!!!


7.How does it occurs with the SACEM? I think you are meant to complete papers, and the boss takes care of the remaining stuffs… But when you play a track of a band released through a very small Indonesian label that’s maybe not official, or in the case of an old MORGOTH live recording dating back to 1989, how does it occur?

The SACEM...... In fact I complete the needed papers when some bands ask for it. With the logo of the radio. I send it directly to the band myself. It’s rare. But it’s not at all a problem for me. Nothing else to declare !!!! (Eh, you have this MORGOTH live 89… right?)


8.I think the SACEM is an organism who hallows the bands to make official the rights of their music in France… but at the level of the foreign bands, how does it occur ? Are there similar organisms to declare one’s music on an international level?

I don’t know if the SACEM is useful for the French bands, because they earn very few money with this organism. I don’t know any foreign organism of this kind…


9.Which labels really start to bore you to death as they keep on sending they releases that don’t please you (to remain polite) and sometimes have nothing to do with the kinds of metal you play?

There aren’t really any labels boring me to death. Except for M10 and ROADRUNNER as I explained that few lines before. If I’m not interested, I don’t play their promos and I don’t give any sign of life… it stops by itself, you know… I received some Heavy metal stuffs from XIII Bis, I play the game. We’ll see later. That’s the same for LOCOMOTIVE MUSIC, I sent the playlists, we’ll see. In this case it was too interesting heavy bands : EASY RIDER and ANTHENORA. Thanks to Sylvain, ex- METAL HAVEN Zine.


10.You are also one of the most motivated tape traders!! We trade some tapes since 1998, and it strongly kicked my ass when you sent me your trading list for the first time! A ring-binder full-filled to the ass bone! There are everythings! AAARRRGGGH!! How many time do you spend each weak to deal with all this shit? Isn’t the postage price too expensive?

Tape trading has slowed down since the arrival of massive CDr  use, and you should be aware, right?? I keep on trading with a German guy (Edwin, you guy, fuckin’ rules !!) and Mister NOBILLEAU from TOULOUSE. And few others, but only occasionally… On my personal list… NO there aren’t everythings !!!! It lacks the 2nd LP from MORTUARY (Mexico) and few other things. But it’s true it’s quite complete!!!! How many time do I spend… Pffff, I don’t know, but quite a lot.
My old 386 PC was broke for 15 days… I needed a full week-end, non stop, to update everythings. (The personal list, the playlists, the orders to send etc….). But one more time, I like it !!!! Speaking about the postal price, it’s DEATH, that’s true. But I think a label who receives a snail mail with some playlists and few METAL FURY flyers… it has more chances to attract his attention than one of the countless playlists sent through email. This work pays! I played some stuffs of LIFE FLUID Productions (Tim ROSIER is a really great guy !!!!) and I sent him the playlists by snail mail… and I received several CDs from Australia, and some good ones! EARTH CD 1 & 2/ NOSCE  TIEPSUM/ EXCRUCIATE/ OMNIUM  GATHERUM Promo/ VIRUS/ CRUCIFIRE..... Only some all good stuffs !!!!!


11.Did you ever count the total amount of albums and demos you have? How many rooms does it full-fill? Did you think about a donation to some associations helping poor-peoples in case of what you didn’t have much place to stock everythings? They would be very glad about it ! Hé hé

This is a long time since I don’t count all the CD’s/ EP’s/ LP’s/ Demos I have… I happened to sell few stuffs… I always had regrets. (For example the DISHARMONIC  ORCHESTRA / PUNGENT STENCH split Lp. I bought it again since then !!!). So none ‘poor peoples helping association’ would have to sell back my stock.


12.You aren’t connected to the Internet. What’s your opinion about the massive increase of Mp3s exchanges? Some guys have some enormous hard drives fulfilled to death with thousands and thousands of albums! Do you see that as a competition towards your status of ultimate maniac of tape trading? Or do you seriously think about ordering a PC to show them who the master is? Ah Ah

In fact, I don’t have the Internet at home, and I’ll certainly never have. Well, we’ll see. It took me a long time to start using Cds, the same goes for my old PC, only to type playlists… etc… so the Internet… maybe in 2024… I’m not writing many snail-mails, so I’m not interested in 54000 daily emails and 128000 Mp3s that will remain unnoticed. Well, I’m not jealous of the guys who have hard-drives fulfilled to the assbone, but do they enjoy everythings they have? I have problems to listen to all what I receive and order. Or maybe there’s a way to listen and assimilate some album in a very fast manner ???? And I like to have most of the stuffs in the original release… It means I don’t have much burnt CD-r… Only almost impossible to find things. There are also some CDr I’m sent through trades, I give it to other peoples when I’ve bought the real CD. We’re lucky enough to have labels with correct prices. Every CDs are for 12.50 Euros through OSMOSE!!!!  The same goes for the big European labels quoted before for other reasons. XTREEM MUSIC (ex REPULSE Records / DROWNED Productions)  sell all their albums for 8.95 euros, or 11.95 for the most expensive !!!
KALY Production is very competitive (Hello Dave!!), and he has digressive prices!!! HOLY Records are more expensive, but they are serious and they have real stocks. So I don’t see any competion, all the more it gave me the opportunity to lay my hands on hard to find music, thanks to you, Mister MESCHINE of LIQUID OF LIFE’zine, Edwin of THE UNDERGROUND Collection etc... I wouldn’t buy a PC especially for this reason, I keep my 386; I still use a chimeny with good old wood (no I’m laughing !!!), and I rape my pay, that’s quite good, in various distro lists. I’m not really a maniac collector, but a virulent consumer !!!!!


13.Did you see the amount of tape traders decreasing since a few years? Is it harder to find some raw material?

I think I ever answered this question. Yes tape trading is in a strong decrease, it’s true, but well… what do you want to do? It’s not a real problem for me, and there a still some guys who like tape trading.

14) No 14th question, no 14th answer. : -)


15.In your opinion, what were the worst epoch on the years of Death metal existence: the times during which it was very hard to find enough quality releases! (Not some bad melodic thrash entitled Death metal to increase the sells, or some rotten Black metal called 'death' to seem more Underground…) or the times when the trends had so corrupted the underground (so I’m not talking about what’s less underground) only the most obscure distros could feed you with the metal of death!

 The worst times for Death metal are surely the 94/95/96 epoch. When all the DEATH METALLISTS wave of the first epoch were bored, and they started to listen and play Black metal… or some other more or less rotten stuffs (Grunge / TYPE O NEGATIVE / LIFE OF AGONY / R.A.T.M. / NO ONE ISINNOCENT....)). I knew few guys who were only hailing by CANNIBAL CORPSE , SUFFOCATION during this epoch… And there were those who stopped anything Rock’N’ roll to go and dance in the techno parties!!!!! Talking about the bands, it was the end for GOREFEST/ ENTOMBED/ DISGRACE/ PARADISE LOST/ SENTENCED/ MORGOTH/ CONVULSE/ HYPOCRISY/ GRAVE (Who did a comeback last year, not too bad…), and I forget many!!!! If you think about other betrayers, write them here!
In fact there was the arrival of the melodic shits, the DARK TRANQUILITY/ AT  THE GATES/ IN FLAMES and a lot of followers… That was maybe a serious wave since it’s still alive nowadays. The keyboards of shit and female vocals also arrived… In my opinion, all of this is no M-E-T-A-L !!! DEATH METAL is meant to be insane, black and not happy!!! It’s not some social thing, as says Mister SHAXUL from LEGION OF DEATH Records. A small underground label. Specialist of the South American underground. A good guy!!!
I know, after all of this some will say I’m a big fool… I don’t give a shit!!!! I live my thing as I feel it, and I’m maybe not right. But I don’t give a shit on time more.


16. Once, you was dealer of fresh metal, giblets and tombstones for the LIQUID OF LIFE Zine who shredded more than one anus with his killer content! Totally dedicated to Death metal of every kinds (But no melodic shit! It’s not DEATH! :P) with a hallucinating amount of reviews for its time, all the more Death metal was far from being a well acclaimed style back then! Did you ever think about helping Olivier Meschine in his labor of death? Were you a part of a fanzine in the past ?

Yeah, I was dealer for L.O.L zine, I stopped, because the guy MESCINE has became a lazy guy !!!! Since he’s married and he has two sons (MATTHIAS (SAITTAM !!!!!) and JIMMY), a house to take care of. He always tell me the 7th issue will be release… He has a big package of tapes he didn’t found the time listening to. But he remains a very good guy ! a BEER DRINKER!!!! On one hand, I understand, I’m lucky enough to have a woman (since 12 years!!!!) who let me free to live my life of Rock’N’roll man !!! I don’t have a child, and we don’t want any… You have to buy him a scooter when he’s 14, etc… I couldn’t buy anymore CD’s… but don’t be afraid, I’m not the chief at house!!!! And I’m doing very well the dishes, I know how to deal with a washing machine… etc… No I don’t justify myself, but I see where they’re coming from, those who say I'm a macho mysogin.
It’s true his zine is (was ????) one of the best. And know everywhere!!! I think he was an influence for some, wasn’t he? (The first NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST issue, was, wasn’t it?). As far as helping him… I don’t know how to do that!! To write good reviews, one has to deal with a good English vocabulary as well as references that goes far from CANNIBAL CORPSE/ SUFFOCATION !!! No, I’ll never help him, and I think he’s a bit like myself; it’s his baby, he certainly don’t want to share the creation of L.O.L. Even if we’re good friend, it’s not easy to be really on the same state of mind for this kind of project. Example: MORBID Records has just released the 1st album of DARK DISCIPLE, I think it’s excellent, old school, and he says ‘Yes, it’s not bad, but… He thinks the Demo’97 of MALEFICARUM (Ita) is nothing special, while I love it. No other explanations needed! We are friends, and despots as well !!!


17.Speaking about Ripp offs, you must have had many problems! Did that happen that you travel to say a ‘little hello’ to a not very honest guy to remind him the good manners? Thanks from advance for the anecdotes! :)

RIP-OFFs: A long subject!!!! Well, I didn’t really have a problem with that !!! I ordered through REPULSE records/ WILD RAGS, everywhere… I always received everythings. One time, I didn’t receive a package from DEADSUN Recs, but I totally trust Jean François REY (aka GOY, he likes that!!!!), and long time ago, I didn’t receive 2 or 3 tapes you sent me… was it the postal service or where you a rip off ?… I’ll never know that… and I did menace you, I said I would come in your suburb especially for that matter… I didn’t come because we live far from each others… and you didn’t seem afraid at all.....Ahahahahahah !!!!
Few years ago, I was taking care of a distro in Poitiers  (La Nuit Noire / Magasin Associatif), one day during a GURKKHAS/ GODLESS TRUTH/ DISGORGE US gig (In Rennes), a guy paid me with an almost 300 French francs check…that was a stolen check!!… And as I have a quite good memory for faces, I found him back during another gig in NANTES (MORBID  ANGEL/ DYING FETUS/ HYPNOS/ THE CROWN/ BEHEMOTH...) few times later… He was very astonished… almost feeling bad in his shoed. So, after negotiations, I was able to drink RICARD for free during the hole night… I could menace the bastard with the snail mail address on the stolen check… Here’s an anecdote such as the ones you like!!!!
Concerning REPULSE/ XTREEM MUSIC, there were problems with one of their collaborators… he was fired… But I was lucky enough not to be ripped of !!!! Even if sometimes the delays were very long!!!!! You currently can trust XTREEM MUSIC… You know, I’m doing a lot of orders through snail mail, sending Cash hidden between two TV magazines, and nothing was lost until then.
So the RIP-OFFS, is it a legend or not !!!!!


18. As you hear a lot of releases, what’s your opinion about the current French extreme metal scene? Are there bands you’d advice us? Which French bands will grow in the scene during the following years in your opinion?

There are some good things in the current French scene. One more time BYATIS/ REPUDIATE/ MORGUE (all times)… go back to the 2nd question. I also liked a lot SOLEKAHN… DEEP VEIN and VAGINAL PURULENCE are also my fave ones of the moments. Both promising. VAGINAL PURULENCE needs to work and work with more deepness, but they have some good basis. A shame for their name that sounds too much GORE-GRIND!!!!
Ah, as I have to talk about it… the last LOUDBLAST CD… Nu metal focused vocals… the same for the production… same for the riffs… To keep it short: certainly too modern for me. So, for myself, it’s a failed come back, even if Mister Alex C. TOQUAINE is now with them… not to say it’s a big shit, well, it’s only my opinion. It’s also true I remain at the « Disincarnate » epoch…
There are also some cool HEAVY METAL bands : FALKIRK / DYSLESIA.... Some guys who work and believe in what they’re doing… Even if in my opinion HEAVY METAL is ACCEPT/ IRON  MAIDEN/ WASP/ HELLOWEEN (3 first releases)/ EXCITER  (Unveilling the wicked rules forever!!!!)......
About the bands who will grow… it’s hard to say… Here in Poitiers, there’s INSIDE CONLICT who has just released a new album, really less hardcore (Well, it’s released by OVERVOME/ Recorded BURIEZ), with a  «Twisted truth» PESTILENCE cover… without the leads. He doesn’t like the leads, their guitarist.. (Hello, J.B !!!!) They’re decently touring… There’s also BYATIS… and we’ll speak again about them in few years… Ah, and the last BLOODSHED (Fra) MCD also kicked my ass… To be followed.


19.On an international level, which country becomes more interesting for its underground bands? The new Death metal wave that kills and shredds your slip before you’ve finished your beer, where do you feel like this bitch will come from??!

It’s not easy to say which country will emerge in a matter of DEATH METAL… In Sweden there’s PAGANIZER/ KAAMOS/ MURDER  SQUAD/ BLOODBATH/ SKINFECTED/ REVOKATION/ BUTCHERY/ COERCION/ RUNEMAGICK/ AEON/ VERMINOUS/ THRONEAEON (now  GODHATE)/ RELENTLESS/ SCURVY/ IMPERIOUS/ CARVE/ SORDID DEATH/ THE 9TH PLAGUE/ REPUGNANT/ DELVE/ SPAWN OF POSSESSION/ KARNARIUM/ INSISION/ SOILS OF FATE/ VOMITORY/ IMMERSED IN BLOOD/ DRACENA  (100 % female band!!!!)/ VISCERAL BLEEDING.... and without nay doubt many other ones… it varies from the melodic style, even if some of these aren’t new bands… And they don’t have to emerge, Sweden has ever emerged!
Colombia /  Chili.... there are also some very good stuffs. In growth. To be followed.
Brazil, it’s ever done ; there are ever 80963245 KRISIUN ersatz.
Holland, it’s PYAEMIA/ DISAVOWED/ CAEDERE/ PUTRIFIED/ SEVERE TORTURE/ BRUTUS (it was a dog name in Mickey Magazine or PIF Gadget Mag few years ago...), some all good, but everheard before, and quite strongly in the DISGORGE/ CANNIBAL CORPSE way!!!!!
I don’t know if a country is more likely to feed Death metal bands… Ah, I was going to forget about INDONESIA/ MALAYSIA… all these bad SUFFOCATION clones, with the same vocals, the same production… all released on tapes (Well, that’s he underground…). They all have hairs in current growth… But there’s also some good in there. It seems EXTREME SOULS Prod. Would be a part of these so called RIP OFFs… I haven’t tried them until now.
Finland is slowly coming back, after the DEMIGOD/ CONVULSE/ SENTENCED/ DEMILICH of the beginning 90’s. they currently have SOTAJUMALA/ DEVILRY/ KHERT  NETER/ SLUGATHOR/ RAVENING/ TORTURE KILLER/ DEEP  RED/ SCENT  OF  FLESH...
There’s DEATH METAL everywhere, hopefully!
Okey, let’s bet the scene of the Vatican will be the next one to emerge… No, seriously, I don’t know…


20.And what about American or Hypertechnical Brutal death? Isn’t it too boring when many releases of the style are played in your Hi-fi ?

US BRUTAL DEATH looses a it of its interest, I think. Too many bands started to blast in an hyper fast way. There was SUFFOCATION, and DISGORGE few years later (First demo in 1993 !!!)… One also have to quote REPUDILATION (96)/  DEVOURMENT/ DEHUMANIZED/ SCATTERED REMNANTS and many ersatz.... some short life labels… I currently have problems to follow all of this… The last thing that pleases me is the DARK DISCIPLE CD released through MORBID Records…. To sum it up, yes BRUTAL DEATH metal is ball breaking… and mostly all these hardcorish/groovy/moshing bullshits à la DYING FETUS…Anyway I think the Americans are those who gave birth to DEATH METAL, with of course DEATH (Respects to Chuck!!!). And I don’t think the guy of SCARVENGER you have interviewed on your newsletter will say the contrary.) even if some fools nowadays shit on his face. There was also DEATHSTRIKE with Mister Paul SPECKMAN ; POSSESSED. One more time, it’s not an exhaustive list!!!
I was going to forget CANNIBAL CORPSE: they keep on playing the same thing… are they bored?
And as you said, it become hypra technical… Greetz butchered at birth!!!!!


21.And what about Black metal? Are you a fan? Do you want another part of this little shitty demo composed in 5 minutes with an atrocious WC sound and screams of an ugly sodomized bitch who plays the ‘Evil’ game ?!

Well, lets get things clear about it : Black metal is VENOM/ BATHORY… One shouldn’t forget the first MARDUK album was DEATH METAL, the same goes for the first DARKTHRONE!!!! And later, they came with some… well… I would say very personal productions… I remember a 91-92 interview in a special Thrash metal issue of a big magazine, the Darkthrone guys said they didn’t want to be signed (too late, they were ever on PEACEVILLE!!!!),  to remain underground (while answering an interview in a so big magazine??), the more funny thing is they first album (Some DEATH METAL, yes!!) was recorded in Sweden, with Thomas SKOGSBERG (ENTOMBED/ GRAVE/ DISMEMVER… etc.), one of the biggest producers of this time… THIS is real trendy shit! Or total betrayal… But I must recognize there are good Black metal bands, that’s for sure.

There are true satanists, one can see them during gigs, with their mother and father who bring them with a big expensive car… and who comes to take them back. I don’t trust much those who claim to be strong satanists… even if it’s established band, even in France… And when these true satanists come back to their mother’s flat, their beloved mother had the nice idea to leave them a little word such as « My beloved son, your food is in the fridge, the toaster is ready, just push the button. Your booties are in the hall, as always. Pleasant dreams my mittle sugar ». I imagine that, and it’s laughable. You know, I’m not a superman, far from this, but I don’t play a game, ME! And I certainly have no advice to give to anybody. We’ll speak about it later… will they be a part of this satanic thing in few years?
Talking about the Black metal music in itself, I never enjoyed the quite high pitched vocals, the almost punkish riffs and the production.
There will be more peoples who want to kick my face, it’s useless, you can send a request to
NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST, against DEATH METAL and fools such as myself. And I’m 1.87 high, and 110 kilograms… I’m not too afraid, to be honest!!!


22.You’re the vocalist in PULMONARY FIBROSIS!  Do a little introduction and use the opportunity of this little advertising space to promote it!

Yes, it’s right, I’m PULMONARY FIBROSIS since two years now. We are three guys : Guillaume (Drums and pitch shifted vocals), Johannes (Guitar) and Myself (Naural vocals). We had another guitarist ; he left for ununderstanding. It’s too long to speak about… and it’s not interesting. It seems a guy from TREPALIUM (79) wants to play the bass guitar  with us. Well, then we are happy!!!!


23.Who is the main composer in the band? You would put the band into which musical folder ? What are your influences?

The two other guys compose, I’m working on the vocal parts later. There are no real lyrics… Then we were compared to GUT/ REGURGITATE (First epoch)/ MALIGNANT  TUMOUR (1rst epoch)/ ROMPERPROP/ DEAD INFECTION/ S.C.D.... all this is Ok… but we were also compared to GRONIBARD!! We are less proud!!! Why ? Because I don’t like much what they are doing… except for the GUT cover (the best one from the tribute), and I don’t like this teenage poop and piss side to be honest… and they play nude on stage…. Pfffffffff !!!!  Of course some bands do the same than they do… (GASTRIC  BURST for the fact they finish their gig in slips/ DEGUEULANUS, PROUT  DE CHIASSE for the shitty stupid name/ PURULENT EXCRETOR for the ‘my cock in your big shitty ass one day of Diahorrea, the following day of a big pizza-paella bernache…). I will have many new friends!!!
On the other hand, to come back to the BONES BRIGADE band, I love their side project WARSCARS.


24.What do you write in your lyrics? What does it deal with?

So, no, there aren’t really any lyrics. We did a MALIGNANT TUMOUR cover (« Pathological fun »). To be as near of the original track as possible, and as we have no lyrics, I did all the vocals in a French/ English phonetic way… For the other tracks, there are few coherent lines from here and there… One day, I read in a zine ‘“PULMONARY  FIBROSIS, with pathological lyrics....’  It’s funny. That’s true Guillaume always fins very Pathological-medical titles for the songs…


25.hat’s your discography ? Your future projects?

Before I joined them, they did two split Eps/ demo tapes, various split taps… and then, one year ago we did a split CD with THORWALD. It was released by BIZARRE LEPROUS Production. We’ll go in the studio soon, as soon as we’ll be ready with the given songs.
We rehearse only once each weekend, when we play… I drive 100 kilometers to go there. We’ll go in a studio near of Limoges; in the studio of the ASES guys (Black metal band). Some good guys! We won’t come back to the ‘Studio 4’, because we have rather had bad words with Lionel, especially myself… I’m not very pleased by the sound of the tracks, but it’s not his fault. At the beginning I thought this mix was good, but we were too fast… No, the problem is Lionel is a corrupted Hardcore guy… And he knows this, I told him eyes in eyes.
We played in Germany (GORE Festival 2003), we’ll play there again this year. I hope this will be better for us, because last year our 2nd guitarist had just left us. We also played in Belgium  (Frontline with MORGUE); VORT’N VIS a IEPER, in Slovakia with PYOPOESY....At the 'Roche sur yon' (France) with SANATORIUM and INTERNAL  SUFFERING  (I must say, for myself, these guys are pure fools and proud to be so… and trendies!! Oh yes, listen to their first album, and then hear the US Brutal Death evolution on the following ones…).
The other guys did some gigs in Czech Republic before I joined them. We are supposed to play in Italy, Spain, and we’ll may be a part of the SOUL GRINDING 2005 in Strasbourg (organized by INHUMATE)… plus a lot of nice local gigs that were done or will be done!
That’s all. Me, I’m happy about doing all of this… I’m 35 years old… I was dreaming about it in 90/93… PULMO did so!!!


26.Did you play in  band before?

No, no real band before. I only did a project with Mister MESCHINE as guitarist, a drummer from Poitiers, and a guy from LIMOGES on the bass… There was only 4 or 5 rehearsals, 2 finished tracks, a bit in an INCATATION way… and that’s all.


27.And if Death metal was a beer, which one would it be?

A beer… well, one more time very purist, I kinda like the 1664 and the Heineken. Well, to play the game, I’ll say a 22/ Robert CHARLEBOIS. First of all to salute the Quebec metal scene  (NECROTIC MUTATION/ GORGUTS/ GORELUST/  PURULENCE/ NECRONOMICON/ KATAKLYSM 1er MCD/ the first CRYPTOPSY releases (the first blasters???) / OBSCENE  CRISIS/ OBLIVEON and many others....)  Robert said it on the TV recently, he tried every products of the earth, and Rock’N’roll and alcohol are good, mostly together, the same night…


28.This interview has reached its end, it’s you to conclude and to kick the ass of those who deserve it! Keep on parasitating the hertziane waves and to promote the metal of death!!

Yes, I’ll keep on playing some Fuckin’ DEATH METAL and other GRINDCORE; as well as some BLACK/ HEAVY/ THRASH. I always played the band who did the effort of sending me their release. It’s normal! But no hardcore, no neo…

Ok, and for all those who want to know the bands I venerate more than anything else… GOREFEST is my fave (until the live), then for those who follow ....DEATH / DEMIGOD / INCANTATION / IMMOLATION / DETERIOROT / HYPONIC / DARK  DISCIPLE / CREMATORY (Sweden) / CRYPTAL  DARKNESS ‘Chamber of gore’ / FUNEBRARUM / OBITUARY / CANNIBAL  CORPSE / MURDER  SQUAD / NUCLEAR  WINTER / PESTILENCE 1, 2 & 3ème/ PARADISE LOST  1er & 2eme /BOLT  THROWER / MASSACRE the first one (never released) and from beyond / DISINCARNATE /  AUTOPSY /. BAPHOMET  US / Old HYPOCRISY / Old ATROCITY Ger. / FLESHCRAWL / MORBID  ANGEL / PAGANIZER / GOREMENT  /  ETERNAL DARKNESS / WINTER / NOVEMBERS  DOOM 1er CD / Old SINISTER / Old THANATOS / EPITAPH Sweden / CONVULSE / MALEVOLENT CREATION 1st, 2nd & 3rd / DEMILICH / ANTHOPOMORPHIA (Hol) / SORRORICIDE / SENTENCED / ADRAMELECH / MORGOTH,  also the UNLEASHED CDs / ENTOMBED/ DISMEMBER/ GRAVE...and there are many other… (for some, I’m only interested in the beginning of their career !!) Have an hear on these… Only very good stuffs!!!!
Thanks for this fucking interview, my old G. You are a good guy! Later.


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