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GOD OF DEATH Interview - Death metal band from France


GOD OF DEATH Interview - Death metal band from France

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1. Hello. Before all, can you introduce GOD OF DEATH to the readers?

GOD was created in 2007 by Man's, our lead guitarist, and myself (Mike/ Drums). In 2011 the band went in stand-by for various reasons, and in 2015 GOD was reborn from the ashes with two new musicians from the band Evil Breath (Heavy metal): Miky (Guitar, vocals) and David (Bass guitar). GOD became a stronger formation. The name God of Death comes from the ancient deity of death in the Mayan mythology, it is called AH PUCH.


2. Do you feel closer to old school death, brutal death, or technical death? I would say your music is located somewhere in the middle of the three, yet without taking the more modern paths...

Yes, a bit of the three with a black metal touch.
Manu and Myself are more inclined to death metal or brutal death bands (Nile, Deicide, Suffocation or even behemoth). Miky and David come from a heavy metal band and they are more inclined to bands such as Carcass or Cradle of filth. With all these influences comes out a brutal death metal with a little black touch.


3. By moments you have quite twisted riffs that could remind of old MORBID ANGEL, but the vocals being closer to black metal could make the whole sound a bit closer to ANGEL CORPSE... Which band of the two do you feel the closer to? Perhaps the "evil" side of your music would rather come from black metal?

I would say Morbid Angel, and we also enjoy bands such as Behemoth or Hate, perhaps the black influence comes from there.

GOD OF DEATH Interview - Death metal band from France

4. By moments I can feel you were influenced by NILE, but more for the atmospheres than the very technical side, your tracks remain quite easy to approach in the style. Is it important for you to compose songs, that ressemble songs, or could we expect more technical prowesses in the future?

Nile, it's very cool to read :-) It's clearly yes for myself, Man's is also a big fan of this band with extraordinary technical skills. But as you said we want to keep a quite easily approachable music. The next compositions will be more technical at the level of guitars and structures, but it will remain very approachable.


5. What does Death metal mean for you?

Energy, power, and share.


6. You have recorded several tracks with a good quality production, in my opinion, but you only shared them online. Why didn't you release it on a physical format? You are waiting for the album?

It was self-produced, Man's deals with all of it in his home studio. We aim to release an Ep in March/ April.

GOD OF DEATH Interview - Death metal band from France

7. You have an album in the making. What could we expect? Some bands sound quite different on album and in live conditions, especially at the level of the production... What kind of production would you enjoy?

Yes, an album is in the making and we are currently working on new compositions. At the level of the production it will be handled by ourselves, I believe, so it will be very close to the live conditions. We enjoy productions such as those of the Behemoth albums.


8. If GOD OF DEATH was a beverage, which would it be? (According to the atmosphere of you music, I could be inclined to think about red wine, but perhaps you have a better choice?)

Red wine, it's a very good choice, and to consume without moderation.


9. If GOD OF DEATH was an animal, which would it be? Perhaps a serpent with several heads?

The serpent, yes it fits, you can find it with Ah Puch (The Mayan God of Death).


10. You often play gigs in the north of France, with bands of quite varied metal genres. Would you say you are very open minded musically, or perhaps you try to reach a bigger amount of metallers? (In the north of France, limiting yourself to Death metal bands in the strict meaning of the word, you might not play so often).

Yes, we are very open minded musically, and in most of the cases peoples rarely watch a gig until the end when there are death metal bands only.  It's hard to reach a large amount of peoples :)

GOD OF DEATH Interview - Death metal band from France

11. Do you play cover songs, perhaps during rehearsals? If so which ones?

No, we never play covers.


12. Which albums attracted your attention lately? Which recordings (New or quite older) often comeback in your playlists?

For myself I will say Ulcerate and a good old Sepultura, or Carcass is also good, then other things such as Tool, Faith no More, and even a good old Cypress Hill.


13. Did you listen to the last MORBID ANGEL album? What do you think about it? Even if they come back to a more brutal style, I didn't get too much into it, something lacks at the level of riffs...

No I didn't hear it yet, but I will do it soon, promised.


14. What are the future projects of the band? I let you conclude.

A couple more gigs are planned, then we will take a little break for future compositions. An Ep will be released very shortly with 5 songs. God of Death keeps it brutal, even if we are getting older some surprises will be there :-)

Web page: https://www.facebook.com/GOD-OF-DEATH

   GOD OF DEATH Interview - Death metal band from France