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1. Hello. Can you introduce the band in a brief and brutal manner?

Death Metal, fight and punk. Hello anyway... uhuh

2. DISFUNERAL was born from the ashes of HERPES. Why did you change of moniker? Is this due to a simple evolution of style, a change of musicians, or could we find other reasons? After all "Herpes" wasn’t too bad for an absurd band name AhAh.

The reasons for which we changed the name are simple. Herpes was on standby since some time, and there was a change of guitarist that led to an evolution of "artistic direction" - ahah - so we decided a new name was appropriate for a new start. And on a short note, there was also the fact many peoples thought we were playing grindcore. Two birds with one stone...

3. Why did you choose the DISFUNERAL name, and not ONZEFUNERAL or DISONZE? (Note: Phonetic word play in French) At this level there's a mixing between the dbeat DISRUPT/ DISBEER/ DISFEAR delirium, and the more old school metal side with "Funeral"...
  Right shot, your music is located in the middle of both...

Exactly. We took a much more punk way and we love D-beat, the "dis" prefix translated this very well. And "funeral" has a foot in the death metal side. The name also shows the guideline of the band, that is to say to exhume old death metal... Reversed funerals.


4. Your music is now much more influenced by the old MASTER albums... Ok, in the second HERPES demo we could already find some REPULSION or MASTER, but it remained in quite homeopathic doses... And you're also more dbeat right now... So what has happened? Did you meet Speckmann who autographed his old Santa Claus costume for you?

Not much has happened to be honest. We were always D-beat fans, most of the time blastbeat is boring for us. This said in extreme metal we almost listen to no band that doesn't come with D-beat. Otherwise the big change lies in the fact Autopsy became a secondary influence, because our new guitarist is "angry" with this band (You can molest him live)... Uhhu.

5. You seem to be moderately satisfied with the two tracks available online, but the outcome is not bad and the production is cool. What will be more thrilling with your next recordings?

We are satisfied with these songs, but it's only something we did more or less in a rush and it was basically only for personal use. But we thought "Why not putting it online to show we are still quite alive". What could awake the erection of a sleeping corpse? A better production, but not something plastic-clean without soul. Other compositions, to be precise seven songs all in all (Including the two ones being online, but it will be re-recorded). There won't be d-beat only, we also like the slow parts, we didn't totally get rid of Autopsy!

6. If we compared HERPES and DISFUNETAL to viruses, bacterias, which one could it be? And if we compared the bands to surgical instruments?

We aren't good for metaphors...

7. Clear up my doubts, you don't have nightly drinking parties in the cemeteries?

Not in the cemeteries. But then...

8. If you had the funds to film a professional, or semi professional video, what could it contain? What would be the scenario?

Ahaha! There's a project in the run. All I can say is we won't appear playing play-back guitar as mickey mouses. Most of the time metal and videos don't go hand in hand. It will probably be something quite scripted and fictional. We'll see if the project succeeds...

9. Did you play gigs? How does DISFUNERAL sound in real conditions, I mean during live, or rehearsals, compared to the recordings? Is it rawer, cruder or faster?

We did a warm up gig at the Bestial Barraki Fest II. The difference between live and recordings lies in the amount of alcohol.

10. What are you listening to lately? Some records often come back in the player?

As often we listen to a lot of classic metal records, so it's not very interesting to quote the names, everyone is familiar with it. There was also Black Breath, it's really well done even if the music is a bit too hardcore (At least the beginnings). I also discovered Rapid terror that kicks as it should.

11. What are the future projects of the band? Something special to announce?

We will release a 7 tracks CD and we play on the 12th of march in Mousson with Skelethal and Necrowretch.

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