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1. Hello, introduce us to YSUN and use this first question to lick the readers well so that they are attracted by what comes next.

Ysun is a death metal band that was created in 2007 after a post-pornographic copulation between a northerner guitarist and a southern drummer! They were rapidly joined by some friends of the drummer, followers of extreme metal and sodomy. We invent nothing, we play what we like and we love to share our good mood and muddy jokes during gigs.


2. What does YSUN mean? Is there are link with Asia? Tell us more, because if I donít search on the web as a cheater, I donít seeÖ

Ysun is a divine entity, for apaches itís the creator. We were searching for an original name, not the umpteenth ę Brutal sodomy Ľ or disease name that infected only 2 peoples from 16 millions in the world and is hard to pronounce.


3. Your kind of Death metal sounds more or less like the end of 90ís, itís not the most modern kind, but one could feel few current influences anywayÖ Where would you locate yourselves in the pot of morbid stew ? Which ingredients were kneaded to make your own mix ?

We are effectively very influenced by the legends of death metal, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy and especially Suffocation, to name only a few. We donít want to drown ourselves in the current wave of ę deathcore Ľ bands, even if few outfits such as The Black Dahlia Murder can give us a few ideas.

4. why didnít you choose a guitar sound to be all thin and plasticized ? Maybe you already have enough of groupies ? Or you prefer fat women ? Were the last two songs of the demo recorded with a different sound to awake the listener that would doze off because of an empty fridge ? (Or because of milk abuse, but thatís another story)

Concerning the guitar sound, we wished to keep something quite ę vintage Ľ because we like to keep the soul of the guitar as well as a sound close to the beginning of the 90s! We are not fond of guitars with as many low frequencies as the bass guitar! The last track was recorded before the demo, thatís why the final rendering is different. We donít prefer fat women, but itís true we have problem to retain groupies. But we will soon counter attack, the singer will whine like Christophe Mať! (Ed: French pop singer)


5. This demo was released on a rather goregrind label, was it a strategic choice or a consequence of intense consanguineous exchanges? Are you happy with the outcome? Are there many demos in circulation? Is that true the label owner sends numbered copies of old panties to be rigidified by crass or diapers that smell like death in his packages ? (If so, why didnít I receive any ?)

Itís a pure coincidence, we were trying to find a way to distribute our music without paying and we found a smuggler of human flesh to make it for us, with a name like ęInhuman Homicide Records we thought the demos would sell as well as buns in the sausage department! We thank Yoann for this!


6. The vocals of your singer arenít very guttural, was it volunteer as you like when itís a bit ę thrash metal Ľ, or will abyssal deepness arrive with the following?

Itís true vocals on the Ep arenít death metal. Itís not really volunteer, letís say at this time, the singer was still working on his vocals. Everything wasnít perfect, and the anxiety in the studio didnít arrange things. So, the vocals do not represent at all the bandís live performance. The imaginary Indian friend of our singer apparently advised this ę thrash Ľ voice. Some will find it scandalous, other will believe this story without any doubt.

7. On a Death metal point of view, are there cool things in your area, or is it quiet to the point of boredom? There might be relatively extreme styles such as hardcore, grindcore or pop deathcore that unfortunately donít mean much once youíre in the tomb and in full process of macerationÖ So how do you succeed to survive? Intravenous injection of macerated wormsí stew? Massive destruction of disco Lps that were just ordered second hand?

The quiet is our daily bread, so we are there to bring our shit in and take the chainsaw out of cases! But we have to move a lot, avoiding police roadblocks, to spread our sanguinary sound, thatís why we have crossed a good part of the south from France and we plan to move our ass in other places! A travel in the north is obligatory (Here live the family and friends of our guitarist).


8. Do you like paper zines, or are you rather a website enthusiast? Or maybe you enjoy portable phone websites? (After all itís so small, that Iím sure some would achieve to headbang with itÖ). Do you think the metallic ę press Ľ still has a significant use at the age of downloading, streamingÖ After all, some say they donít need to read reviews anymore to have an opinionÖ But well, if I listened strictly to what the blogs offer I would be quite fucking boredÖ

We are rather amateurs of erotic website and we of course think you are quite fucking bored but we infinitely respect your job and devotion, without you no more packs of beer! I think that as well as for a CD when we talk about music, thereís with paper zines a warm aspect you canít find in front of a dazzling screen! And your opinion, as well as those of other zines of the same kind can become an advertisement for the interviewed band, so we thank you, it is all good for us!

9. What does Death metal mean for you ? Did you discover it a long time ago, and how old were you ? Did you need several years of research to really put your finger right in it, or did it directly impose itself a brutal way as a big cinderblock in your face?

(Romain/ Guitar) : Personally speaking, Death metal is a logical following in a progressive research for acoustic brutality. My parents gave me their old ACDC or Van Halen records, and I turned to hard rock fast (Motorhead), and then Death metal (Carcass, Cannibal Corpse), then brutal stuff and then grind.
(Romain, chant) : Death metal remains a reference in what I listen to and in my inspirations. But itís clear I needed some time to be able to deal with this massive dose of brutality. I began with Nu metal, as well as many peoples I think. Very soon I got a big kick listening to Sepultura. Then little by little Cannibal corpse, Morbid angel or Dying Fetus. Recently, the deathcore wave (Carnifex, Job for a cowboy) brought a bit of fresh air in my playlists.


10. What the fuck is the Indian chief doing on your layout? Is there a link with a traumatizing juvenile experience, or was he too often appearing in your dreams to not be present on the demo ?

Pocahontas was always a phantasm for us, so the Indian head was something obvious. To be more serious, we thought a ę mascot Ľ in our logo would be much easier to memorize for everyone that an usual death metal font that needs 3 years to decipher  the bandís name. Thanks to Yohan (Ex-Embrace Your Punishment (North of France)) for this logo. After all, everyone has an imaginary Indian friend, or not?!?


11. If you were Swedish and opportunist, do you think you would play the same kind of metal?

Of course not, I would play vegan progressive grindcore! Well, I think we would always play the same style, we would just be blond and beardless!

12. What will happen with YSUN in the future? You might have some new songs in stock, but what else?

Our dream would be to make an European, or even international tour, even if we should begin with France first!  The new songs arenít lacking and the brutality amplifies! We have progressed quite well together and the arrival of our new rhythmic guitarist, aka Jessy, at the end of 2009 has boosted our ambitions! We would like to record a second demo very soon, a new one that would be much more representative of our current work, and to do it in a metal dedicated studio. We also would like to find very soon the treasure of the Cathars.


13. Ok, the interview is finished. I let you conclude with as many semen as necessary, donít forget to close the readersí zipÖ

Dear readers, if you reached this point you should be quite courageous or stupid! It was complicated for us to answer the scientific questions of G, but I think we made something quite good, even if I felt outraged by some of his interrogations! We need your support, might you be an hairy listener, disturbed organization adherent or cathar knight we already thank you for the encouragements we receive since the beginning! Keep it brutal!!!


  Web page: http://www.myspace.com/ysunbrutaldeath