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1. Hello Guyom! Introduce us to VOMIT BREATH, your small underground label/ distro! Why did you chose this name? What does it mean in your eyes, and, usual question, does it own a particular meaning or a sub-seismic or mystical resonance for you? ;-)

Hello Gab and thanks for the interest in my little distro!!! Before all, Vomit Breath is only my distro, my label is called Cataleptic remains! It's true I could use an only name for both, but well I think it sounds good this way!! There's no real meaning, I only like the gore and disgusting stuffs :-)

2. As you're running a distro since few years, did you see some changes in the kind of stuffs you can easily sell or trade in the underground? Did the CDr took over the tapes, or is it the contrary?

It's true I trade quite a lot of CDr, but many peoples are coming back to the good old tapes, that's cooler with me; and I have more tapes than anything else! But at the level of sales, CDs and vynils are without any problem the easiest to deal with!

3. There are few pro CDs in your distro! Is it a choice, or is it due to the fact you mostly have DIT tapes and those who release pro CDs don't want to "bother" with tapes? Are there other reasons?

The answer is in your question! I totally understand it, all the more the DIY releases really sell fewer copies than pro things, it's mostly trades! But I currently have a bit more pro CDs, it happens to change!!!  

4. How do you succeed the best way to get rid of your stock: through the mail order or during gigs?

I almost don't sell anymore stuffs during gigs, because it bores me to keep the stand (all the more if you can't see the stage) but also coz I'm doing copies when peoples want something! I'm doing more trade than anything else; so it's master + covers, I kinda like this way of trading, it's really underground!!!

5. To the contrary of your Grindgore band PULMONARY FIBROSIS who multiplies the tapes and CDr splits and who begins to be known in the underground, your distro remains quite unknown. Is it a choice?

It's true few know about Vomit Breath, at the beginning I was printing flyers, but now I have fewer free time, so I send my list through emails and in the snail mails! I'm more focused on PxFx, but I'm not promoting it more than the distro, but gig after gig, and splits after splits, peoples begin to know about us, that's cool :-)

6. You apparently don't do much promotion on the web (but through flyers), and your band's website is quite new... Is it because you don't like much all that is online, or is it simply and "old guy" habit?

The underground is flyers and hand written letters with many orthographical mistakes :-) I began this way aound "98/99", so concerning the "old guy" we'll talk about it in 10 years, héhé!!! Concerning the web, it's nice to search things and set gigs fast, but it's not much for me! Concering the PxFx website, it's online since one year only and I thin it has crossed a bit more than 1000 visitors, excellent! The website is still not finished yeat, photos are lacking, the new links and updates aren't done since September '04 :-(

7. What's your opinion about the current situation of paper zines, and how will this evolve in your opinion? Are there currently enough paper zines in the Grindcore scence? (I don't follow it as much as the old school Death scene that remains quite well fed with paper).

I think there will never be anough paper zines, especially nowadays!!! Since I have the Internet, I receive less letters, and so I got less flyers :-(  Speaking about it, most of the paper zines I knew at the beginning turned into webzines, but hopefully there remains good things such as Anal-phabetic journal mag, Goatzine, Brutallica, Liquid Of Life and other new or old running ones!

8. Which bands brutally kicked your ass recently? Do you happen to receive through trades some very cool stuffs whose power you didn't imagine and it radically turned your head inside out, in the good meaning of the word? ;-)  All in all, are you quite satisfied with what you receive in trade?

The last killing stuff is Cakewet!!!!!!! Gringore à la Last Days Og Humanity, excellent! But they have stupid track-titles like "poo poo, piss piss", and this isn't even funny, it sucks!! Of course I receive some good stuffs, but I must say I like a lot of strange things :-à Harshnoise, ambiant, experimental stuffs... I happen to receive shitty stuffs, but most of the time it pleases me!

9. What are you doing in a professional point of view? It's always easy to deal with both the daily job, the distro, the band... and masturbation! Ah Ah

Well, I'm a building painter, it's nice but it begins to bore me!!! Anyway I prefer this job than the ones of carpenter or bricklayer, THIS is shitty jobs, the guys have courage!!! A 3 days week-end would be really better to deal with everythings, we could see more gigs, we'd have more time to take care of the labels, distros and other projects !!!!!!!!!

10. Which underground distros and labels with whom you trade from time to time could you advice us to avoid rip offs or shitty trades? It could be useful for those who want to spread their releases! :-)  

Czech labels and distro for most, héhé :-) Pigeon Shit Agency (Perversist's label) , Xtreem Music in Spain, Cudgel Agency, Khaaranus Prod, Everydayhate rec, Obscene prod, Garfield distro, Bizarre Leprous Rec ...................

11. If an industrial hardcore techno or experimental indus project wanted to remix a Pulmonary Fibrosis track, what would be your reaction?

That could be nice, we should have an hear on what the project sounds like before, but it could please me !!!

12.What are the future projects of VOMIT BREATH? Your compulsory vomitor told me you bought a bit of hardware to record your tracks by yourself! Do you want to run an underground studio and record many bands' music, or will that be of personal use?

Yes, in fact I have the will to run my own studio :-) At the moment, I'm buying hardwares little by little et I'm searching for an old house to renew it and settle there! We'll be able to take the time to record ourselves, and I'm impatient to record many bands and learn many things! Speaking about it, the guys of DEEP VEIN are already interested !!! But it will need time and patience !!!

13. Allright! The interview is finished, if I forgot something concerning your distro, it's now or never! Have fun and see you later. Gab

Thanks a lot for the interest in Vomit Breath, good luck with your projects! Those who are interested in trades or in my little distro list are welcome! Stay Grind :-)


c/o Guillaume Béry
37290 Yzeures/Creuse