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1. Hello! Please do an introduction to VERMIS since none of our French reader probably heard about the band!

Hello, we are VERMIS, a blasting Death Metal band from Germany. We are a quite young band and exist since early 2004, although most of us have been playing in different bands for a long time. We consist of Henning (vocals), Marco (guitars), Phil (drums) and me, Markus (guitars). We just have lost our bassplayer and are currently in search of a new one. Sadfully, because we just have finished the songwriting for our debut-album which will probably come out in the end of august.


2. When I listen to the rehearsal Demo track on your website, something cool catches my attention! It has some really cool riffs with two guitars' melodies reminding me of COMECON! I didn't hear this kind of cool riffs since a long time! Are you fans of COMECON or is it unvolunteer?

This is a comparison I personally really like but never thought about. Comecon was a great project in the early 90s, but if you can find some influences by them in our sound, be sure it is unvolunteer. But you just have reminded me of a great record I have at home and now I need to get a listen again.


3. Do you drink beer or smoke as fuck when you compose these cool riffs?? That seems impossible to write something like that when you're sober or nervous/ hateful.. Hé! Is it the power of the ancient smoke? ;-)

Haha, believe it or not, but when we write songs, we are all sober. Really! We just need a lot of nicotine and coffeine combined with a lot of aggression and hate to get the machinery rolling, the booze comes when all is done. So it seems we are just some schizos turning our deranged minds into tunes. So take good care of your women and children, haha. And the "ancient smoke" has just a minor importance to us. Disappointed?


4. Your blasting Brutal death parts sounds like some Brutal death... something between MORBID ANGEL and mid old SINISTER ("Hate")! Do you confirm these influences? What are your bigger influences?

Morbid Angel for sure, because they are probably the best Death Metal band from all time. Our traces of inspiration are very wide. Hate Eternal, Immolation, Gorguts, Deicide, Vital Remains, Behemoth, Krisiun... And list goes on. But we try to enable our very own kind of brutal Death Metal, with lots of blast, sickening two-guitar-riffs and not too complicated song-structures. We still have a long way to go, but with that we´re on the right path, we think.


5. You told me your new songs have nothing in common with your previous ones (Those of the "Rehearsal Campaign Vol. 01 Demo'04"). What are the differences? What don't you spread anymore this Demo?

The demo has fulfilled its purpose, and as we think the songs on it are inferior to the stuff we have created from that on, there is no need to spread it anymore. By the demo, we have catched a record-deal with Darkwind Records, a small but fine label from our hometown. But just wait, some of the stuff from "Rehearsal Campaign..." will be unleashed on the album too, in more mature form and polished. The difference in the new stuff is, that it has increased in everything: Better riffs, higher speed, more brutal growls and just more mature in the arrangements.


6. Do the musicians of VERMIS have sideprojects? Is it the same kind of metal, or there are no links?

Marco and me have no sideprojects, we fully concentrate on VERMIS. Phil, our drummer, also plays in KHAOSICK, the band he founded some years ago. They play brutal and fast Death Metal with some strong Thrash-influences and are very cool. Henning has a little side-project running called NEKROTIC FLESHROT, some kind of everything-is-allowed-grindcore.


7. It seems to me you currently use a drum-machine! Am I right or is it triggered drums?

Our drum-machine´s name is Phil and he is truly flesh and blood. His drumming is just awesome, very fast, very skilled. He masters at least five different forms of blastbeat. Without stepping too high, I would count him to the top-five german extreme Metal drummers. For VERMIS, he is unexchangeable, both as a drummer and as a person. And yes, we are triggering the drums to get this brutal, machinegunnery-like feel. This is no cheating because Phil still has to play the stuff and even more to the point and proper, because with triggered sound, every mistake is unforgiven...


8. How would you convince a Metaller to put an hear on VERMIS' music? Would you force him with free beers, beautfill babes... or do they generally agree? hé

If somebody likes brutal and obscure death metal, he just should listen and be convinced or not. No bribes here. If he´s convinced, he can spend us a free beer or lend us his beautiful babes, hahaha. He can be sure the chicks will come back in good condition...


9. Do you know the band DRAGON(R.I.P) some of your vocals or quite stange sounding riffs remind me a bit of them... but VERMIS sounds more efficient at least! Ah!

No, never heard their music, sadly. I should try to get something of them. Weren´t they a Polish band in the early 90s?


10. What about the German Brutal death scene? I recently discovered a cool technical brutal death bands with ex NECROPHAGIST members, it's called DEADBORN and they have some good shredding riffs! Are there other good and cool bands worth checking out in there?

Well, the scene is really healthy concerning Death Metal. Deadborn is truly excellent, that´s for sure. But I can also suggest Resurrected, Khaosick, Ravage, Infecdead, Embedded, Deny The Urge, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Profanity or Tears Of Decay among many others to you when it comes to good and extreme Death Metal from Germany.


11. What do you know from France? Are there bands you like... or you don't at all? lol

Massacra! Their first three albums are killer stuff! But I sadfully know not very much of French Death Metal. I only can name Gurrkhas, Yyrkoon and Arkhon Infaustus, these bands I really like. I don´t like those childish "true" Black Metal bands, you have surely a lot of them in France, as we have in Germany too... Not my cup of tea.


12. Why did you chose VERMIS as a band's name? What does it mean? Aren't you afraid of being mistaken with a black metal band? (It reminds me of the "DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS" monicker that was used several times)

VERMIS is latin and means "vermin", "worms" or "insects" in English. For us, it represents the filthfulness and the depravity of the human species or the world in general. Well, Death and Black Metal still have the same roots, so I don´t care if anyone connects our name with Black Metal. A listen to our music gives clarity and shows what we are: Death Metal, nothing else.


13. Do you think I've forgotten to ask something important about VERMIS? If so answer this question, and let us know the needed stuffs!

Ask us about our huge dicks to lure the girls into our lair! Haha, no, lets become serious, asking questions is your business and you do the job very good, man!


14. If you had to ask me a question, what would it be?

Well, just for interest, tell me about your fabulous and hallucinative experiences with the "ancient smoke", hehe.

Gab: Ah Ah! Well a nice one occured few years ago: I was on vacations in a sea-border town, hadn’t much experience with hash, but gone smoking hard with some friends who seemed to be heavilly into that ! So they put so much stuffs into their smoke I fastly turned quite ill…(they used an ‘indian’ technic: we were into circle, and you were supposed to keep the fume inside until the smoke comes back to you, so the shredding substance infests your mind better, héhé)…I have been walking in the damn hot sand more than one hour thinking I was in and endless desert or something, every body part was fare more sensitive than usual and seemed painfull, it was harder to do anything than usual… I felt fucking lost and didn’t know were I was… Finally gone sleeping on a table! Uh…


15. Ok, Tell us about your future projects! And feel free to conclude this interview! Thanx for the answers!

Ok, what will happen? First, we will record our first album "Liturgy Of The Annihilated" in June and July, we will produce a videclip for this album, too. It will be released by Darkwind Records (www.darkwind-records.de) and distributed by Twilight. Afterwards there will be a bunch of gigs, more songwriting, recording the second album and so on... The typical circle in a band´s lifetime. We thank you for the cool interview and send greetings to all extreme metalheads in France. Give our album a rotation when it´s out and support your local bands. Have a nice time and visit our website: www.vermis.org!


Website: http://www.vermis.org