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1. Hello purulent guys! Do an introduction to the purulent vagina and motivate us to insert our finger!

Hello! The vagina is well fermented since the beginning of 2003, it begins to flow quite well and the more we’ll insert our fingers, the more it will flow! We are 4 organs, Morgosth who sings as well as a vaginal fart and who plays the pussy, Bourrin, the pussy berzerker who have found the G point (“G” as guitar), Nounours the specialist of low-frequencies intra-uterine-devices, and Dédé the membrane tumefier who don’t give a fuck about anything.


2. Your style mixes both an old school brutal death and an old school Death metal, but since your guitar sound is quite raw, the metalhead used to full of honey production won’t easily feel the various shades of the sublime odor of putrefaction! Tell us more about the styles you deal with! I feel like there's some old CANNIBAL CORPSE, some old GRAVE and some ROTTING (can) in your common grave! Do you confirm these influences? What are your main influences?

Uh what is the RAW ??
The full of honey productions are for the bands who have a lot of money (Hello Mr the labels’ boss, our vagina is free!).
Concerning the influences, you aren’t the first one to tell us so, but we don’t know ROTTING or GRAVE… Our main influences come from various juices such as old PANTERA or OBITUARY, as well as bands such as SEVERE TORTURE or DYING FETUS… We also like music.


3. How does the decomposition of a vaginal part occur? Does each member bring some ides and melodies in fast putrefaction, or is there a grand master of putrefaction who imposes his purulent vision to the remaining of the vagina? In which conditions do the morbid melodies and other tectonic riffs appear the best way in the hears of the vagina?

Each one brings his daily vaginal wet. We add some pus and that is. Since we all eat different pussies, none has the same tastes of decomposition (tastes and colors can’t be discussed!). So purules the vagina.

4. How would you give a metaller the envy to taste a part of the purulent vagina? How would you try to sell him a part of it? As a whole, do you succeed the best in selling the still sweating and steaming ones, or rather the dried out ones that have lost all its colors and odor?

If a metalhead wants to know how to use his dick, everything are explained in the lyrics (one should delete 50% of the words). Our dried out parts are moistened to feel fresh and updated once again.


5. One of the lips has just left the purulent vagina! This lip was touching the “come and go” and fast activations of the guitar! Was it a part of your vaginal parts’ composition? Will its departure have repercussions about the taste of the vagina?

Five fingers weren’t entering in a vagina, so we cut one. Anyway he was more into the ‘anal’ trip. Concerning the taste, we all wondered about the way it would smell, but the new sweatings are rather as well appreciated.


6. You’re a part of the scene from Poitiers that counts quite a lot of Old school Death metal bands (DEEP VEIN, UNFRAGEMENT, MUTILHATE, VEHEMENS...). What do you think of this scene? Have you got good contacts with the other bands? Is the content of local purulence satisfying?

The scene of our suburb has numerous bands being nicely purulent, such as Pulmonary Fibrosis (Who know very well how to turn water to pus!!), Deep Vein (With whom we’ll play the 4th of next month in Lusignan hé hé hé), etc… but in Angers, there are few Death bands (apart from Scatoprépuce and  Antiwesh Superstard). So our relations are very good, yet not numerous.

7. If one were comparing the scene of Poitiers to a big vagina sweating morbid and old school Death metal, how would you situate your band? Would you be a part of the mother vagina, or would you be more alone, and deeply bathing in your own purulence?

We follow the canal but it’s hard to find the fallopian tubes. We try to ejaculate from here and there, But the most important is to be able to have an orgasm and that everything occur well for everybody.


8. Are there new-coming Brutal bands playing Death from Poitiers? Give us some names, and some contacts, if possible…

Well in Angers, apart from Scatoprépuce (it’s the new band of our previous lip), you can get in touch with Jujugay (his email: proutanus@free.fr ) and Antiwesh Superstar (he also plays in that band)


9. Why did you choose a band name that voluntary inserts the finger deep in the vagina? Are you into fucking old women? What’s your opinion about names such as VAGINAL DISLOCATION, VAGINAL PERFORATION or LETHAL PURULENCE, SPECTRAL PURULENCE?

Because we are men!! Mature women are cool because there is more skin (easier to take it) and more pus, and as Al bundy would say: “Women are like dogs’ excrements, the older it gets, the easier it’s to Gather it up”. And what are these shitty monickers?? It’s repugnant!! What a disgrace!!!


10. Do you conceive Purulence another way than the good old vaginal one?

I don’t know, we didn’t study medicine! We learnt from our experiences.

11. This penetration is over! Tell us more about your future projects… Feel free to ejaculate! Thanx for your vomit.

Well, we will inaugurate Momo’s new house, in the woods near of Baugé, and we’ll buy a new barbecue as well.
Dédé will be in vacations in august (if the weather isn’t too hot). Nounours slims very fast !!! He can even wear his old trousers! Bourrin also finishes working soon (in June) and then he’ll take care of his house.
Apart from this, we have gigs scheduled in June (the 4th with DEEP VEIN and OBTENETRATUM, the 17th (near of Poitiers), the 25th in Vallet. If you want to be a part of a barbecue with us at Jean Claude’s house, call him at this number: 06 63 49 65 71, it can be cool.
Et we’ll certainly record something else soon.
Ok, then thanx! Hu?!!


  Site web: http://www.vaginal-purulence.com