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1. Hello perverts! First of all, do a short introduction to TORSO PERVERSION since the band was formed not so long ago!

Shawn: Torso Perversion was formed by myself(drums) and Larry(guitars),we met Jae(vocals) around mid/late October 2003 and began writing songs together.Everyone knew Corey(guitar)through previous local bands/shows and he initailly joined to play bass,but later switched to guitar.We recently recruited Andrew(Angelrust/Decay Theory) to play bass and complete the lineup.

2. Your music has both Death grind, Grindcore and grindgore elements, melted with few Death metal parts! It reminds me of early EXHUMED, IMPALED, early CARCASS, old NAPALM DEATH, some MALEVOLENT CREATION and the likes! What about your influences? Why not choosing to play country covers like MACABRE did on their last MCD?

Shawn: My influences range from older Carcass,Kreator,Deicide,Obituary to semi-newer styles like Nile,Cattle Decapitation,Hemdale,Aborted,Capharnaum,Pig Destroyer etc...

Larry: Early Carcass,Pestilence,Chuck Schuldiner(R.I.P.),Celtic Frost to Immolation,Decapitated,Impaled,Exhumed...all kinds of brutal bands.

Corey: I like earlier Slayer,Cannibal Corpse,Morbid Angel as well as other syles like Shadow's Fall,Meshugga,and others.

Andrew: We definitely posess both grindcore and death metal elements in our music. We are influenced by all the bands you previously mentioned, as well as ultra brutal bands like Suffocation and Decapitated, and generally all things in this sick, sad world. We don't play country covers because we fucking hate country music.And Macabre still rips cunts.

3. TORSO PERVERSION is rather a Grindcore or Gore name since it sounds quite 'disjoncted'! Where does it come from? Did you take 'Torso' from the old EXHUMED grinding hymn of the same name? Is the torso the only perverted part of your organism? :-P

Jay: Question#1-Originally,it was the song title for "Paraphilia",a friend of ours started calling us 'Torso Perversion' which kinda grew on us.
       Question#2-There are many things you can do with your victim after being drawn and quartered...just use your imagination,drill holes if you have to.

4. The two tracks on your site are well executed, tight... do you rehearse a lot?

Shawn: At least once,sometimes twice a week.

5. I can listen to your 2 tracks repetively without being bored, which is quite rare... what did you inject in these Mp3s to make it more entertaining? Is it cyber LSD? Cyber Acid? Tell me the script name so that I can infect the french metal girls' scene with my sexual requests!! LOL  

Shawn: If you liked those songs,then you should like the others as well on the upcoming demo.

Corey: As for the french metal girls,'a van and a roll of duct tape does wonders.'

6. You seem to have plated a couple of live gigs, so tell us how it occured and if you were satisfied with it! Where the sound conditions Ok and were the crowd's reactions good?

Corey: It was awesome.Sound was excellent,the crowd's response was very supportive.Fucking brutal!

7. Tell me more about your drummer's background and shits! He has a cool brutal and grinding style reminding me of Dave Culross and other good death grind drummers! What about his previous bands and where these into this kind of blasting mania?

Shawn: Thanks for the compliment! I've been playing drums off and on for about 20 years now,and both Larry and I have played in other death metal/grindcore bands in the past.

8. You all come from other bands. Tell us a bit about it! What kind of metal was played, how many chicks did you brutally rape on stage, and all the stuffs... What are the main differences with TORSO PERVERSION's music?

Shawn: I think the first death metal band for me was back in 1989,named 'Malefactor'.It had a thrashy/death-grind sound.During the early 90's we started another band called "Unearthed" which we played a few originals and covered bands like Cannibal Corpse,Deicide,Carcass.We played a few shows and it kinda fell apart because people in the band were either lazy,unmotivated,or whatever.We all went our seperate ways for a few years and pursued other bands and  I eventually regrouped with Larry and started another band called "Cause of Anguish".It was a death/grind outfit but didn't last due to serious drug issues with other members.From then on,it seemed like nobody wanted to play death metal or be in the type of band we wanted to do,until now... Corey,Andrew,and Jae have made it possible to do what we've been deprived of all these years.

Larry: Torso Perversion's writing style is alot more complex and extreme than before and we got the right caliber of musicians to pull off what we're doing now.

Andrew: I am involved with many other projects besides this one. The main musical difference is that none are as brutal as Torso Perversion.

Corey: Jae and I was in 'Shallow Grave' together,I used to play in another band called 'Once Again'.Torso Perversion is just way more fun and intense.

Jay: We haven't raped any girls onstage...yet.

9. The two tracks available for download on your website shows a very blast influenced music! It could be a nice idea to ask you your opinion about the "Blasting trend" in Brutal death and grindcore: some bands' only goal is to blast hyperfast at all costs! They forget slower patterns and the final result is only a blasting noise with vomitted regurgitating water closets on the foreground... Do you like these kind of "Ultra brutal and most brutal than anything else" bands who can't write catchy or entertaining  songs?

Shawn: I love playing blast beats,but I also like diversity.If I constantly did nothing but blasts ,it would get redundant and boring ,plus change-ups and break downs give a different feel from the constant blur of blasts.I like to add alot of fills and intricate beats here and there,it adds more character to our sound  rather than just trying to play as fast as you can through every part.It all depends on what the song calls for and what sounds best,we experiment alot before deciding on stuff.

10. What about extreme music in your area? Are there some cool bands worth hearing or is your suburb also infested by all these so called "original, melodic & atmospheric Black death metal whatever" bands?

Jay: I think every town is plagued by those kinds of bands.

Shawn: Check out the bands on our links page.You might like some of them.

Larry: There's a few extreme bands worth mentioning ...Necrophagia, Circle of Dead Children, Commit Suicide.

Andrew: There are many bands in this area worth hearing, namely Misery Feeds, Soul Device, Harvist, Tormented, Hate Driven, Out of Hate, Angelrust and The Decay Theory.

11. Are there some American paper zines focused on Death, Brutal death or Grind worth the precious bucks of hell? Do you prefer paper zines or webzines?

Larry: Both,but I prefer European paper zines..(LOL.)

12. If you couldn't play in TORSO PERVERSION because of a lack of motivated and interested musicians. Would you rather play in a "low skills and total garbage" true Black metal band the norvegian way, or in a technical or progressive heavy metal band? And why?

Corey: Definitely a technical and progressive band.It would have to keep me intrested.

Shawn: Maybe a progressive power/black metal band,I don't know.

13. Are you into old school Death metal? Do you make a difference between old school death and brutal death?

Larry: I'm very much into old school death metal indeed.As far back as the mid 80's,but it's evolved into different perspectives and styles which always keeps the music intresting.

14. What does the name of my webzine "NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST" inspires you? What's your opinion about racist metal and NSBM? (nb: I'm not nazi, only the zine name could sound this way... but I was young and quite ignorant when I chose it).

Larry: Either your into it,or you're not.

Andrew: I feel that every musician has the freedom to express his uncensored emotions, good or bad. I personally don't feel strongly enough about a subject like racism to make it an ongoing theme of a band, like alot of the aforementioned "low skills"black metal bands. It really seems like just a crutch to me, a gimmick. It's something to hide behind, to help mask their obviously feeble and amateur musical abilities. The bottom line is, I don't care if your singing about killing off a race, or baking them a cake. If the music is great, I'll listen to it.

Corey: I love Hitler.If he was the frontman for a racist metal band,then I'll be at every fuckin' show.

Shawn: I really like Carnivore,the"Retaliation"CD,some of their songs deal with race issues,but that particular  CD in my opinion has definitely withstood the test of time,it's fuckin' great stuff!

15. I read on your website the recording of a demo is scheduled! Are the new tracks in the same way than the 2 ones on your site? What are the specific elements and influences of these new tracks?

Shawn: All our songs are that same style.We did all the stuff on the website on a Digital 8 track with a horrible sound board at rehearsal and it has no bass guitar.The new demo will be recorded on a Mackie 24 multi-track digital recorder and mixed on a better console.We have Andrew on bass now as opposed to the empty void that was there before.I think that those who do like the band,won't be dissapointed when the CD is finished.

16. And what about your next projects? Tell us everything needed, and conclude this interview!

Jay: To keep making music with Torso Perversion.

Shawn: We'll have to see what the future holds.I'm very content where I'm at,making brutal music with these guys.I'll send some copies of the CD when it's completed. Thanks alot for everything and hope to do this again sometime. C-ya.


  Website: http://www.torsoperversion.com