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As I actually know the guy since a good amount of time, Thierry Demarez is an artist that has always touched me with the quality pf his artworks, the researches in his works, the diversity of the themes he uses and the motivation for artsworks. As you'll hear a bit about him in the following months (a comic book will be released in August on Soleil, he did the cover of the YYRKOON CD...), a few questions will make you able to understand better the artist.


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1. Introduce us to your artistical background, studies, etc...

Bac A3 - 2 years of volume model maker - colorist for several printing houses - fairground sceneries - formation of sceneries painter - assistant "teacher" in the same stuffs - set designer at the Opéra Bastille a,d finally at the Comédie Française.


 2. I know you work at the "Comédie française" during the day, you're working on a comic book that'll be released by Soleil during the night, you does some exhibits and paintings competitions during the week end... But when do you sleep? Is it always humanly possible to deal with a so big amount of work? What are your motivations to procure so much artistical works?

Vast question. It's before all a passion, it has totally consumed myself, devoured... It's not an easy domain in which you can evolve, mostly when you know nobody and when you try to achieve something, you hae to go through some given phasis. The road is long and winding, you've got to hang on. My masochist side maybe push me to always go far beyond, it's not a part of pleasure everydays. Each day is a new fight.



3. What are your influences, from what do you take the new elements to include in your future works? Which artists influenced you to the point of strongly influencing your style and your conception of graphism?

I think I'll always work in a traditionnal way. I've got a strong need to feel the paintings, the textures and the meltings. But I must say my fave artists such as Dave Mc Kean or Ashley Wood mix as well the painting, the photograph and the informatic tool.


4. When you create a painting, are you firstly try to express an emotion, ou are looking for the visual aspect, some kind of a perfection in the smooth side and the harmonization of textures?

My answer is for myself only, but the two point are complementary. Everyone has got his way of working. The diversity creates the richness of a style. For myself, I use the technical side to arouse something. I need a realistic approach to define well my univers. The composition and the choice of subjects are thought before, but I leave a big part to the improvisation.


5. You've recently done the cover of a french Death metal band's CD: YYRKOON.
As you don't belong to the extreme metal scene I'd like to know how this collaboration has happened, did you easily understand each others at the level of what the band wanted? How did they get in touch with you?


I haven't got a computer, and I've got the Internet at home (this is why I can answer all the peoples' messages that are sent on the site, and I'm really sad about it.).

But this is anyway something that made me able to meet the band.

I've heard a part of the album et the band told me which were their ideas. It had to fit the title of the album. I like the constraints, it's what avoids me from spreading myself too thin and the part of creation remains present.



6. You're actually working on a comic book that will be released by Soleil, introduce this one at the level of the story.

The story is the one of a young author that creates himslef an imaginary world, an universe of fantasy in which he can project himself whenever he wants to. One day, he becomes slave of his world and his goal will be to get in touch again with reality. Adventure and humor are the main elements of this set.


7. How has happened the exchanges with the printing houses? Until now, did you get a good relationship with Soleil? Did they impose some main lines or some specific elements to you, or was you quite free for this first album?

In fact, my problem is I don't know any scenarist, and the stuffs I send to the printing houses aren't complete (only drawings, some studies, and some beginnings of pages). I think the printing houses hesitate to create some assocations (in fact, this is my feeling about it). You've got to be patient. Soleil has given myself a chance and I thank them for that. I was totally free during this album's creation.


8. At a given epoch, you participated to a good amount of underground comics fanzines.
What did you get/ learn from this and do you think a drawer can impose, or maybe makes himself a little name with fanzines?

This is the first contact you can get with the crowd. It's always very enriching to get some external views, de meet some peoples who interest themselves into your works. The fanzines are what made me able to to my first colourings in the edition. Internet didn't exist at this time and it was one of the only way we had to be promoted.


9. Does the work of artist and drawer leads you to meet a lot of peoples, or is it at the contrary a quite solitary work?

This is a solitary work that makes you meet some peopes. The things aren't evolving by itselves, you've got to move, and to get in touch. There is a little work about public relations that must be made.


10. What kind of music are you listening to?

Ten years ago, I was totally into the electro industrial stuffs (Skinny puppy, N.I.N) but I nowadays enjoy as much Doom and gothic metal with bands like Anathema, The Gathering, Theatre of Tragedy or Elend (that expresses the most emotions for myself).


11. These last words are yours, thanks for having taken the time to answer!

Will and patience were my main allies to achieve my projects. You've got to feel when you're ready, and then invest yourself totally into your projects.


SITE WEB: http://site.voila.fr/DemarezThierry