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12. It's introduction time. So what the fucking fuck are you doing in there, trying to catch my imaginary girlfriend? Give us the important points of your history/ biography, as well as what each well-rounded beer maniac should know to decently enter his tiny bed tonight.

The DEAD were formed in April 2005 due to strange circumstances – I (Scott Edgar – guitarz) was in a band called MISERY since 1991, Damon, our bassist/vocalist met a chick called Sharon who lives in Pittsburgh USA, she is also in a band called Derketa (Goddess of Death etc…) one thing led to another and Damon ended up moving to the USA which spelled the end of misery. We used to rehearse at a studio called Station 13 which is owned and operated by Chris Morse (Drums for THE DEAD) and when Chris heard of Damons departure asked me if I wanted to play some metal with him and his friend Adam Keleher (Bass). I was very interested as these guys are amazing musicians and wanted to do something a bit more extreme than misery. So we rehearsed for a couple of months and wrote the first demo. As luck would have it I ran into an old friend I had’nt seen in years at one of the final misery shows. It was Mike Yee (Vokills) he was in an old death band in the early nineties called OBFUSCATE MASS, I told him of our new band and he came along to a practice, we were blown away by his monstrous vocals. From then on we were THE DEAD.


11. As everyone noticed, this second question comes just after the 12th one... I'm afraid this could be pure necro... What initially motivated you to create this band, and is it the first name and first incarnation? Is it some kind of sub project for some bigger outfit and did you play in other bands before? Did some of the musicians already release something?

Man you are on the good drugs hey? As I said in the last answer we all just wanted to do something fresh and heavy as fuck but still retaining good song structures and memorable hooks, not just wanking off for the sake of it. It is the first and only incarnation, I don’t think we would keep going as THE DEAD if any member left this band. This is our only band, we have currently no other side projects although I was still in Misery for a while in the early days when Damon was getting his shit together to move to the USA. We released five albums over our fifteen year career. Mike did a couple of demos with Obfuscate Mass and Chris & Adam have both played on many session recordings and various projects together.


10. What are/ were/ will be (!!) the influences of THE DEAD? Plus, give us at least 5 names of very obscure metal Demo-bands that influenced your music in a way (Héhé, it won't be so easy to answer... At least I hope so... Who said I tried to kill THE DEAD? lol).

When Mike first joined the band we asked him what his lyrics would be about… He replied… Just killing and shit! Mike works in an abboitoir, he is surrounded by slaughter and blood all day then he goes home and watches horror movies and shoots the fuck out of people on his Xbox. On the musical side we wanted it to be ultra heavy but clear so you can still hear all the riffs and blast beats whilst still retaining some kind of groove. We are not really influenced by other bands but some good Australian bands are Portal, Sadistik Exekution, Astriaal, Destroyer666 and Gospel of the Horns to name just a few.


9. Awaking the dead isn't necessarily easy; but sometimes we achieve to take them out from their paradoxical sleep, thanx to the brutal music we like... Why do you play a so brutal music with the goal to awake them? Do you plan to awake them all? Have you got a problem with the deads to disturb their sleep a so brutal way? After all, they can keep on sleeping eternally in their tombs, they didn't bother me... Hooo, maybe you had to face the hunger of the legendary tape eating zombie who devoured your demo collection! I could understand easily...

There is nothing like the adrenaline rush and muscle burn of shredding out some brutal head fucking metal.Especially when you get a connection with the audience and go into a trance like state. It is definitely not easy but that is why we do it. The tape eating zombie is a faggot, he was fucked up the arse and sent to hell to wake up all the other arse bandit zombies.

8. If THE DEAD wasn't a Death metal band, but an energetic drink for sportsmen, would you keep the same moniker?

Only if it contains alcohol, I think I need some. That’s a fucking strange question!


7. It seems your music becomes more extreme, faster and a bit more disjoncted. Few other influences remain (Such as sludgy stoner) but the whole seems to be more straight to the kill. I guess it's a natural evolution... An evolution influenced by the increase of skills? Long hours of rehearshards? Or maybe you stopped listening to gay music to refocus everything on your Georges Michael collection? By the way, is there a particular goal for THE DEAD, or do you evolve naturally without much milk-shaking? (Be careful, the legions of French Milk-haters are numerous, be careful)

Well we have been doing this shit for a long long time, and Chris owning a rehearsal studio also helps. We are fairly self sufficient. The music just seems to evolve naturally, sometimes Adam or myself will write a complete song on our own and bring it in to rehearsal, other times we will write as a band. We always write the music first and record the practice on a 4 track, give it to Mike and he will write the lyrics at home and bring them in the following week. Then we fine tune the arrangements, Chris is particularly good at this. This method seems to work for us, we still like the sludge - it is boring to be too one dimensional. We will never stop listening to George Michael, he is truly Satanic and apparently quite a pot head.


6. Would a dead that revives or awakes necessarily be an undead? I mean, would it always strike back with its rotten, putrid, nauseous, incarcinerated and reeking of putrefaction of dead meat to devour us all and make some place left in this carcass earth? Or are there other pussybilities?



5. How generally are the gigs of THE DEAD? Do you need electronic attributes such as drum-machines, synthesizers, samplers or computers to decently reproduce your music live? Or maybe a single computer is enough, as you simply press the "Play" button of Winamp, and the public could only see 4 metallers playing hair guitar on the scene? Did you share the stage with other Australian cool band such as SADISTIK EXEKUTION, CRUFICIRE/ ENCABULOS, IGNIVOMOUS, PSYCROPTIC (Or others... Give us their names) and did they appreciate your hair-guitar habilities? ;-)

We have no use for gadgetry on this side of the planet, just pure unadulterated string, percussive, vocal torture. There is quite a good growing metal scene here in Brisbane, it is not unusual to pull 400 people to a gig. We have shared the stage with many great acts including Obituary, Psycroptic… too many to mention, I don’t know if they were impressed, other bands always say “Wicked show man” but that seems to be the standard line for “Yeah yeah fuck off I need to get to the bar” . You seem to be a little bit obsessed with hair bands is there something you need to tell us? it’s ok to come out of the closet. ;-)

4. Give us the names of some cult (Forgotten?) Australian Death metal bands from the past! Since France is quite far, I guess some names didn't reach the hellish postal boxes of Europe at the time, and simply got erased by time and dust... What was the first Australian Death metal band as far as you know? First grindcore? First thrash metal? And by the way, what was the last Australian glam band? (If it ever polluted the kangaroo's battlefields... As you noticed, I said the last band, as I hope for you this poseur music is locally extincted since decades!)

The first Australian death metal bands were probably my old band MISERY and Mikes old band Obfuscate Mass formed in 1990 around that time there were also bands such as Armoured Angel and Psychrist . Grindcore was more prevalent in Melbourne with bands like Damaged and Blood Duster. Probably the first and best thrash band were Mortal Sin in the mid eighties. Not sure about the glam stuff… sorry.


3. Are you into interpuking and did you receive a lot of interpukes? (It’s nice to see some bands are serial interpukers who never hesitate to multipuke the green bile on holy paper…). How do the promotion of your band band work and do you receive a lot of feedbacks? Did you receive a lot of reviews, demo orders? Underwear mail? Genital offerings? Are there a lot of paperpuke zines in Oztralia and maybe you miss something printed the real way (If you don’t own a portable phone with Internet inside whatever…)

Our label OBSIDIAN RECORDS take care of lining up most of the promotional stuff here in Australia, we are starting to get more interest now that the album is recorded and due for release in December. There are quite a few zines here both electronic and old school paper. We try not to oversaturate just let them come to us if they are interested. If the product is good , the people will come.


2. How are the chicks in Australia? Is it easy to get a meat-party for free? In France, chicken are often bound to their factories, trying to make as many eggs as possible, and sometimes turning to transgenic meat... So it's not easy, and we have to find some interest in the cows (Some receive so many requests they turn crazy...).

Australia is a smorgasbord of beautiful women, no need for the cows, I thought bestiality was illegal in France.


1. This is the last question, so tell us everything concerning your future projects, available merchandising, welcomed fan-gitfs, and that's it. Good luck and keep in mind: POSEURS CAN’T KILL WHAT IS ALREADY DEAD!! HAILZ DEATH METAL!

We want to keep progressing steadily, maybe pick up some national tours within Australia and New Zealand with bigger International Bands, we are supporting BEHEMOTH soon. There is also talk of a possible European tour next year. The debut self titled album is coming out in December.
Tracks are: Hunting Humans, Onslaughter, Raging Violence, Nameless Enemy, The Dead, Drown in Sin, They Eat Their Wounded, A Killing Kind and The Doomsayer. We also have some shirts available. Contact THE DEAD:

Merch and CD:
PO Box 13303
George Street
Brisbane Queensland 4003

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