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Biography: Stoma was procreated in 1998 as a project when former drummer Puke Vomit and guitar player Still beer were still playing in the band Brainshit. Singer G.O.B. wanted to start a band with these two guys called Stoma. After a few months growl master 391 accompanied the band to complete the vocal section. During the period of 1999 drummer Ziggy joined Brainshit and Puke Vomit moved to the Bass guitar, which he preferred. It took a couple of months when Brainshit and Stoma merged as one band and the new band was born. During the period of 2000 things went real well and Stoma went to studio Lobbes in Opeinde to record eight songs. Four of the recorded tracks were put under the name "Gory Human Pancake" on a split MCD with the Dutch grind gods "Last days of Humanity". Since then Stoma played several gigs throughout The Netherlands with numerous grindcore bands from Holland and beyond. Since then the band has recorded a full length album entitled "Scat Aficionados" that was just recently released on Bizarre Leprous! A nice piece of Grinding gore and crushing grindcore for those who like it both old school and dirty!


Hello! Please do not introduce STOMA to the readers... You've released a full-length CD on a big label, so you aren't underground anymore and you're big sell-outs! Ah Ah!

Hi, Ok I won`t introduce ourselves because you ought to know us by now, famous as we are. I can`t even understand why I`m answering these questions for a little underground web-zine for free, we should have been paid for this, goddammit!


Is this album your first release? Did you release demos on tapes before?

No this is our second release but our first full length cd, we released before this one our demo as a split cd with Last Days Of Humanity.


Did the wrestlers in STOMA play in other kind of team-sports before? Did some of these teams record some albums? Or maybe some grind "hymns"?

Yeah, Still beer(guitars) has a project called Brainshit with Puke Vomit(bass),Ziggy(drums) also plays in a mathcore band called Aversion and has a project with 391(vocals) called LifeSick.

Who's the most successful musician in the band?

I am of course while I am the leadvocal disruptor and score all the chicks.


Did Roman show you his pink underwears before signing STOMA? I heard there's a Bizarre leprous tradition: he always shows his underwears to his bands before signing them... depending on their reactions he choose what kind of release he will do! If he shows green underwears, this means your band suck, on the other hand pink ones means he wants to fuck you! Ah Ah

I am glad I never met that perverted freak,I think when he sees us he will never wear any fuckin` underwear again and then probably tries to rape us, hehe! But seriously he signed us because we`re so goddamn good!


Why do you play bass guitar on a distorted clothes line? I mean, it's full of noise, but I can never say "UUUUhhhh!" when I play your CD... Do you like CELTIC FROST that much you don't want the listener to say "UUUhhhh" when listening to your CD, as you want the good old CELTIC releases to remain cult and never-rembered by many? Héhé. Seriously speaking, do you think this kind of good old nasty and rrroooaaarrring bass sound lacks nowadays? What kind of amp do the bassist uses?

Well the only thing I can tell you is that me (GOB) and the drummer (Ziggy) are huge CF fans and we demanded from our bassplayer (Puke Vomit) to copy that sound;he miserably failed in our humble opinion and gave us instead this bastard sound you can`t say "UUUUhhhh!" to. The amp he uses for this CF rip off noise is tha mighty London City.


What's the best way to fullfil a stomach in your opinion? Beers? Heavy food?

Both, but mostly beer, you see if you eat you can drink more and longer.

What would be the most brutal and painful way to explode a stomach? Heavy brutal food or iron, bricks?

A healthy cocktail containing a correct mix of the following ingredients:1 C4,2 Aquadente,3 a dry sponge,4 Nitro-glycerine and some rusty spikes and nails would do the trick.


Your album is entitled "Scat Aficionados" and that shows a real worship for the superb works of the dance music artist "Scatman"!! Tell us everythings about your love for the good old Scatman! How many items do you collect? Have you got special rare and signed stuffs such as red underwears?

Yesssir,I have almost everything from Scatman John but I most treasure his movies and especially his duet with our lovely scat lady featured on our CD.I have not yet been able to get my hands on his dirty red underwear but I have managed to get my hands on his filthy pink buttplug.It`s a true gem!!


A track is called "Drastic Clit Castration". Tell us more about what Clitorical castration means for you and what kind of effects it has on the vagina.

Well it doesn`t mean much to me because I don`t have one,a vagina that is.I think it looks rather horrible,such a mutilated vagina and it`s a fuckin` shame that such things happen for us pussy lovers.


A track is called "Climaxing The Paedophile". Tell us more about what climaxing the pedophile means for you and what kind of effects it has on your body.

That song is a serious one about those fuckin` child molesters and tells a story about killing those fucked up degenerates with a gun in their mouth and blowing their brains out to Kingdome Fucking Gone!!

"Sodomized At The Gay Parade": Is something you had to deal with? Or do you want to denounce the fact I'm a total fag who was vonluntary raped during a gay parade? Ah Ah!

Hell no,It`s just another perverted story about the things gay homosexuals do at their parades and I don`t mean waving f(l)ags .


Do you know why AHUMADO GRANUJO never answers interviews?

Because they don`t like you??? Or because you asked them even dummer questions than us??? Or because you`ve never send them any questions???? Hell, how the fuck should I know???


How do you write new tunes? Are beer and smoke helpfull? Do you happen to rehearse clean?

It always starts with some heavy drinking and smoking pot and eventually there will come a riff and then the shit hits the fan and we have to really do something instead of getting pissed.


Seth Punam from ANAL CUNT was in the coma for few months... a shame he didn't finally die coz it would have been a good thing for the scene! héhé! Are you a guy who would have felt proud to shut down the artificial heartbeat machine or would you have rather sucked his cock in his sleep? Ah Ah! (While Roman would be behind, waiting to suck the Punamese dick himself! Héhé)

I haven`t a problem with Seth,but if i had to choose between shutting his artificial heartbeat machine down or sucking his cock...hmmm. Tough one....hehehe.


What kind of brevage does the full of shit bitch on the cover of your album actually vomits? Is it beer or rancid sperm? Did she drink the vomit again, so that she can disgest that a second time and imitates our good friends the cows (That disgest the grass two times)... to finally re-vomit the most brutal liquid of all: THE BRUTAL GRINDBEER!! What about Vitriol?

Clap...Clap...Clap...Wow you know your vomiting shit bitches,dude you hit the spot at the first time!

Wollen sie meine scheisse essen? Magt du ScheisseStrudel?

Nein danke, Ich habe schon die nase voll.


There are more and more boring goregrind bands polluting the undergore scene... some cybergore bands are even worst than "Miss the vilest shit" herself! How would you separate the good shit from the bad shit? Are you good scientists who want to imitate old CARCASS and use acid substances to see if the shit turns green or white, depending on its quality, or are you sniffers and smellers?

Good (gore)grind bands,bad(gore) grind bands, who cares? I mean it`s just someones opinion and you know opinions are like assholes, everybody has got one!      391 is definitely a sniffer.


What are your fave REGURGITATE releases? Do you prefer the first epoch (goregrind) or the newer releases (Rather old school Grind)?

I like "Effortless regurgitation of bright red blood" better but the new stuff I also like but I think they should`ve changed their name with the new stuff.


Eventhough your music is called as Grindgore by many, you are very influenced by good old school Grindcore like NAPALM DEATH (old), DEAD INFECTION... Do you think the press is misleaded by the excremental cover of your album, or do you consider STOMA as goregrind?

Hmmm.... I think we use influences from all kinds of grindcore,crustcore,deathmetal and as I am responsible for all the lyrics at the moment which mainly focus on all kinds of sexual depravities it`s kinda hard to say what kind of grindcore we make.(not that it`s really important)


In your opinion, what are the differences between old school Grind and Grindgore, on a musical point of view?

I think old school grind has no harmonized vocals,less downtuned guitars and a more crust/hardcore vibe to it and social/critical/PC lyrics where as goregrind has the insane harmonized/ pitchshifted vocals,extremely downtuned guitars,breakneck speeds or the swinging(hoempa) tempo like Gut and the gory/porn lyrics and extreme artwork.


What's the most harassing in STOMA: to spend few hours each week during rehearsals, or to spend days in musculation and fitness rooms so that your bodies are very sculptural and please your many groupies? Isn't it too tiring to have so much sex during tours (I heard about 3 times a night! héhé)?

Pumping iron isn`t our thing so that would be the most gayest thing for us to do and our groupies don`t like sculptural bodys they like sleazebags like us.We haven`t been on tour yet so I wouldn`t know but it looks promising(3 times,phew!)

Would there be a life without excrements? If there wasn't shit, what would there be?

No. Lots of horny pink gay bears with smelly armpits so it`s a good thing there are fecal matters.


How would you convince a guy to absolutely not listen to STOMA? Héhé

We have to give him lots and lots of money or kidnap his family, I think.


What was the most shitty question in this interview? (Please do not suck my dick: answer "ALL" if needed! That would be helpfull! Thanx)

Well they were all crap you`ve wasted a lot of valuable drinking time with this mindless dribble.


Okey, this interview is finished! Feel free to conclude the way you want! Thanx for the answers.




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