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Coming from the North of France, the guys of SCARVENGER aren't newcomers in the extreme metal scene as they've played extreme metal for years in other formations such as KROMADEATH. I saw them live two times and it's a fucking shame they haven't got more recognition for now. A demo is in the work. Here is an interview for you to know more about this good old school Death/ Heavy/ Thrash band.


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1. Can you do a little introduction to the band?

I formed SCARVENGER in October 2000 with my childhood friend Stťphane I know since 25 years, he plays the drums. We started composing several tracks, and we did our first gig in June 2001 while the band was composed of two members only. I must say peoples were quite skeptics when they saw only two guys on stage, but at the end of the show and according to their reactions, they werenít anymore. In a way we had won a credibility, even if we were only two guys, and it was really a pleasure. I told myself something really had to be done for the TRUE metal scene.


2. Where does the SCARVENGER name comes from? Thereís maybe a link with the DEATHís "Scarvenger of human sorrow" track?

Yes, absolutely. When this marvelous album was released, I was screaming ę Scarvenger Ľ all the time. I thought it could kill for a bandís name. Iíve modified it for SCARVENGER for a personal reason.
In fact, ę the scavenger Ľ are peoples who live in rubbishes. So Iíve mixed together the words ę Scar Ľ and ę Avenge Ľ, as Iíve had a lot of hard moments in my musicianís life. This name expresses my vengeance by the means of the music I write, itís my answer to all these shitheads who wants to pull me down.
But youíll see, stupid fools, Iím still there and prepare yourself to sleepless nights. Iím stronger and more motivated than never.


2. How would you define your musical style ? What are your influences? I saw the band live for the music celebration in Douai (a national French fest during which everybody can play music in the streets Ė Gab) and Iíd say you play a technical Death metal influenced by Death ( in particular for the bass parts) and by the Death/ Thrash scene of the 90's.

Musically speaking, itís a mix of all what we enjoy since a long time. I mean Heavy metal with Black Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, King Diamond, Ozzy, Thrash metal with SLAYER (of course), Kreator, CORONER, ANTHRAX (Stef and I are both big fans, canít wait for their new album), old SEPULTURA releases. Fucking shit, there are so many ones I must stop hereÖ and of course the Death metal style with unfortunately DEATH (R.I.P CHUCK !), CARCASS, PESTILENCE, and there are also a lot of bands in this style!

Sometimes, peoples tell us we sound like DEATH, and itís really a fucking compliment. In every ways we play to please ourselves, we doesnít give a shit about the rest. As long as weíll find places to play live, weíll be there and weíll give the best of ourselves, and weíll drink some LEFFE (traditional French beer - Gab) after the show with the peoples whoíll be there.


3. Your guitarist called Ch'blond have been playing in KROMADEATH and DAZED, how did the style evolve ? While it was a more classical and quite near of OBITUARY Death metal with KROMADEATH, the style is quite different now.

We werenít lucky with KHROMADEATH, we were really motivated as hell and it didnít work. But the contact of these guys who are really good men made me able to keep on working on my music, Not to give up after 11 years of musical troubles.
Domi (the guitarist) told me one day ę Chíblond you mustnít have got feelings in this scene, business is shit Ľ, and he was right.
Thanks to them I hang on a lot. Iíve learnt a lot, Iíve grown.

About the second band in your question, I donít want to hear about it anymore, Iím not a fucking nu metal guy. I show respect for TRUE METAL.


4. Whatís your opinion about the French extreme metal scene ?

This is the total nonsense with all these bands that mix everythingís with metal. They want to make the style evolve and the opposite occurs. In any case, theyíll split up one day or another, theyíve got no identity, itís obvious.
Obviously, this isnít a generality, there are nevertheless some good bands such as BYATIS or the ancestors of DISGUST, AH AH !


6. Iíve heard somebody said you had a CD recorded. In fact, I didnít hear much about it, do you consider it as a demo so that you donít promote it much, or is it due to a lack of time or money ?

No, itís false. Weíre only going to record a demo in October. There are probably going to be 4 tracks included.
Weíll voluntary record it on a 4 tracker with my friend LAURENT. Itís a demo, we must keep it in mind, the sound will be clean but not enormous. Weíll use it for the fanzines and magazines, and then for the labels.

For an eventual album, the label will have to put some money for the recording/ pressing as we certainly wonít. If the label guy believes in our music, heíll have to work on the band, fuck this shit, Iíve given enough in the past !


7. Do you surf on the web ? Itís rather a good way for promoting a band, are you going to build a website for SCARVENGER ?

Stef has just bought a PC and heís going to work on the site, I havenít got the time to take care of it. But weíll have a website, thatís for sure.


8. I know some members of the band know well the guys of DISGUST, and this since a long time. Can you give us a few anecdotes about some delirias youíd have had together ?

Weíve drunk some millions of beer liters together, so for the anecdotes, I should write a book about it, Iíll do it when Iíll be older. Itíll be like the bible of a fucking metaller, yeah, with some fucking bizarre and frightening things AH AH !


9. Youíve played gigs in The Virtuel (A Belgian metal discotheque / place for gigs) with BYATIS and GERBE OF LIFE. Whatís your opinion about The Virtuelís closing ? Was it a good place to play live?

It was a rather good place, but I always here a lot of fools complaining about the fact there is no place to move on and to headbang/ mosh. Fucking shit, peoples wonít build a metal discotheque for you in front of your house. And itís the same for the gigs. They prefer to stay at home, drinking shit beers like ę desperados Ľ and smoking stuffs, what a passionating life.

I really feel sorry for the new generation. About 10 years ago, we could move on 3 or 4 different places in the same metal night, and it was only in metal discotheques. Hell, during the discothequesí comebacks weíve crushed a lot of cars because we were so drunkÖ
But Iíll tell you this in my book. AH AH !


10. How did you feel about Chuck Shuldinerís death? I read some metal zines that literally spit on DEATHís music because it wasnít brutal enough. What would you say to the writer of the zine if you crossed his path ?

It made me cry, I couldnít believe it. Shit, the U.S.A, the richer country on the earth, and they didnít succeed in saving his life. Itís true there are no Social Security cover in the states, to the contrary of countries like France, but itís anyway afflicting.
I had the luck to see him live 4 times during the SYMBOLIC tour, he gave me his mediator.
Heís my spiritual father, he made me want to sing and play the guitar at the same time, I owe him a lot.

About the peoples who spit on him, they must follow the path of their speeches, I mean ININTERESTING and  completely deprived of capacity of reflection.


11. I know youíre listening to metal since a good amount of time. How do you see the evolution of the metal scene? Whatís your opinion about Porno/gore/grind/noise bands such as Gronibard, Sylvester Staline, The bitch project and some others that are more and more numerous?

If these bands want to mix the metal style with other things, they should throw away the ę Metal Ľ word when they introduce the style they play. One shouldnít do bullshits or nonsenses, itís a musical style thatís near of 40 years of existence and it deserves RESPECT. This isnít because there is a little saturated guitar in a band that the group becomes a metal band, itís too generalist, too easy also. All the more, when peoples tell me or when I hear BLACK SABBATH is obsolete, fucking bullshit, THEY ARE THE METAL CREATORS, without them these little cock suckers would be nothing at all.

In the life, one should recognize things for what it is and one should RESPECT all the work that was done in the past by the older bands.
In any case, if youíve got the opportunity to see MAIDEN, OZZY, KING DIAMONDÖ (in short words all the older bands) live, itís imposing.
Itís magic, we can all say them THANKS and ask them to keep making us dream.


12. What are your future projects?

Weíll do as many gigs as possible and as I said before weíll record a fucking demo thatís deeply important for STEF and I. Then weíll see what happens. We only know weíll put all our energy in what weíll do.


13. These last words are yours, would you like to add something?

These last words ? Fucking shit, I will die one time more AH AH !
A lot of things can happen in the life of a band, so weíll take enjoy it as much as possible.
If some guys want to contact me, I leave them my snail mail address. Itíll be a pleasure for me to discuss with them.


Website: http://www.scarvenger.fr.st