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Coming from France, SOLEKAHN is a promising and interesting band that quote my attention with their "Suffering winds" MCD.
They've released a demo before, so this is their 2nd production and they've done a cool amount of gigs in France and Germany recently. All the more, I find them a bit different from the Brutal Death style so many bands play nowadays... Check out this little intie to know more about them!


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1. You can do a little introduction?

Arnim (bass): I'm thinking by the minute in a sea of eyes-ears driven by the streams of equinox, hmm, in other words I am your man for the interview.

2. SOLEKAHN exists since 1995. I'm a lot in the Underground since a couple of years but I'v only recently heard a bit about your band. Why that? Do you promote a lot or do you concentrate on writing music?
We started to promote after the release of our Mcd, this year.

3. SOLEKAHN, isn't it a word in a Sweden or another langage of the countries from the northern Europe? I read in an inteview you said one could understand its meaning by its ethymology...

"Sole" would mean the sun and I think "kahn" is some kind of power. In relation with your burning like flames logo, would it mean the power of the sun/ of the burning fire?

I don't think it's an existing word. The sun is important, and he is a great conqueror, that's it. The logo is about something to be torn by the elements, not only the sun.



4. Your MCD " Suffering winds " was released in January 2002... What were the reactions of Fanzine about your music? How do you ditribute it?

Reactions are rather good in general, it's distributed like the milk 20 years ago, we ring in front of each house and we wait, but we prefer to sell it by the net for the moment.


5. How would you define your style?

It's brutal and rather honest. That's the most important.


6. You're interviewed in SKULL FUCKED Zine #1. What do you think about Phil's zine and activities?

Festivals are organised, it's a good initiative, so there're underground bands who can come and play. The new city council in Strasbourg voted a reduced budget for the culture, they prefer to spend money in the decoration of the Kleber square with a palm grove -maybe they feel more relaxed now- you know when I see these palm trees ... , I'm so relaxed, I feel I'm in hollidays, music doesn't count anymore, hail tourism!


7. What's your opinion about the french scene? I know not many bands from France fits to your tastes, but didn't you feel a kind of new breed this last year as there are more quality bands evolving here...

Well maybe you're right, there must be an evolution, as the metal scene since its beginning...
But I must confess you that my faves french bands are Malicorne,Asia Minor and Sandrose (and they aren't really new).


8. And what about the scene from the United States? There are a lot of Brutal bands here. Are there some that catched your attention?

Hmmm Cryptopsy, Nile, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Human Remains! I know there're lots more - but US brutal bands usually don't express enough for me. Have a glance at Scandinavia.


9. I've read your lyrics were base on your emotions and your dreams, in this case we could say it's nightmares as you're playing brutal and obscure music! What kind of visions do you keep from your dreams? Aren't you afraid of beeing too unrealistic? Does it happen that you wake up in full night to write some lyrics that needs to be written (as it sometimes happens when I do some paintings while being almost sleepy...).

Dreams are echoes of brain activity, I must admit dreams aren't realistic. The story they tell can bring some learnings, and that's why we use them, I don't see any problem. Something very unrealistic is the functioning of the system, the way people are told to live. Sometimes it strikes me so much that I take a pen and write, I'm wide awake and I'm afraid I don't have a doubt...


10. Have you ever had to deal with Black metal purist who based you because you weren't true/ evil enough to fit the " real " metal spirit? (I did.... Gab.) What's your opinion about bands that give too much importance to their ideologies and forget in a way to work much their music? (Some bands playing a raw DARKTHRONE like style may be quoted though.... Gab).

That's what I would name little trendies; we need conservative people too, it's an equilibrium; I don't care a lot, these people last few years, then they sink into oblivion, I don't like mass movements, social diseases, some bands give ideologies... I'm not convinced, moreover I feel deeply that it smells trends, to have an ideology is the fruit of a long personnal reflection, otherwise it's rather like a teenage dressed up like his favorite singer. If a band decides to create something similar to what they did before, it's one way of thinking music among hundreds other, and we should all hope it's not just another copycat.


11. What's your opinion of females in extreme music? How do you see SINISTER's actual vocalist? (She's a female). Do you think a woman can be as Brutal and Expressive as a man when it's up to express rage, hatred and Brutal frustrations? (Well, maybe we'll see a knew phenomenon of girls taking some drugs and hormones to find a place in some brutal bands... it happened in the extreme sports, why wouldn't it happen in the extreme music?).

Female don't have the same register, it's natural... Sinister delivers good riffs and the singer makes the work like lots of males! But that's not my favorite singing, as long as it's linear I don't find anything brutal, energic, this vocal expression reflects nothing for me. Females can express as much violence than males, sure, but they should not take stuff to make their clitoris enormous, I think a real female voice can be harsh without imitating boys....


12. Some metal bands you can't bear at all?

Lots of. No answer.


13. Did you get some new from Dorian Reinhardt (Ecclesia Necrosanctus) who found nothing better than saying bullshits on your gestbook? Did you finally heard his project that was announed as a new metal revelation?

Django R. is a great guitarist I respect him (I'm not sure if he's alive still, strange)


14. How would you try to convince readers to check out your band?

Come on to see us live!


14. What are your future projects? Last words...

Record stuff this spring, tour this autumn, and Kick out the jams!


WEBSITE: http://www.solekahn.com