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1. Brutal salutations! For those who don’t know the new chopper that was just installed in the local abattoir and has the modest moniker of « Savage annihilation » (Promising for a chopper!), please do a brutal and oozing introduction! Putrid misdeeds, amount of victims that went in the mechanical chopper, motor characteristics, tools of serial torture and blasphemous tuning accessories…

Mike: Brutal salutations gab!

Dave: Hail gab!

Poussin: Hello to you gab, glad to know you like our music.


2. The evolution since your 2004 demo is quite noticeable; While it shew a brutal band that was still in search of himself and remained quite clumsy, the new tracks are much better built, more personal and cooler… You should be quite happy of it! But what could have cause so many bowels and remains to splash all at once? Did you collect remains in the abattoirs, to meticulously congeal it, and throw it all in our faces four years later? Seriously speaking, is it the same composers, did you change something at any level, or is it simply experience and the brutality of life that naturally pushed you to new results?

Mike: We worked quite a lot for our new songs and we also toured quite a lot with some very good bands, I think it helped us to evolve. Yes, it’s the same composers than at the beginning, it was always me and dave, we really wanted to reach that kind of music-level and it was necessary to evolve for this. So I’d say experience and brutality of life pushed us.

Dave: Whouaa! I have the feeling our music also inspired you, in fact we worked quite a lot and we keep it on, because death metal won’t wait for us and it evolves very fast. But I’m not too satisfied with this demo, the next one will be better.


3. Sometimes you remind me a bit of IMPUREZA… Since you’re from the same area, it seems possible you like their music, and maybe were a bit influenced… (It’s just a feeling, I might rather search for your influences somewhere else?). Concerning influences I presume you could quote the old DEEDS OF FLESH, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, a bit of KRISIUN and some more US Brutal Death things, but tell us more with your mouth (Our your fingers in this case), the vision from the inside sometimes differs.

Mike: Ah, the guys of IMPUREZA are very good friends, but I don’t think we were influenced, even if they have something special! You are totally right concerning our influences, dave and I are big fans of USBDM! Such as DEEDS OF FLESH/ MORBID ANGEL/ KRISIUN/ CANNIBAL CORPSE/ IMMOLATION.... We love all these bands, but we try to bring the Savage Annihilation touch, and especially to avoid musical cut and paste.

Dave: We share the same influences with IMPUREZA, and I think it’s the NILE touch that reminded of them, I love NILE.

Poussin: Impureza are friends and we like a lot what they are doing!


4. How did you get a part of the « Disgusting cranial » split with VISCERAL, DECREPIFY and AD NAUSEUM (Three other Death or brutal death bands) that was both released by RECTALIZED and UNITED WINDS Recs? What do you think of this release? Are the two labels doing a good job at the level of distribution and promotion? (How many copies are circulating as a whole?) Which bands do you prefer from this split? (It’s forbidden to answer with a name to begin with “Savage”… Bastard!)

Mike: In fact I know very well Tom, the singer of Rotting faith (R.I.P), Nobody straight and Decomposed aesthetic, he takes care of UNITED WINDS Rec! At the beginning we were meant to record a song for the Sepultura tribute, and finally we also wanted to record 2 own songs… We played these to him, and he offered this project! Honestly, Dave did the cover and I did the layout… He told us that we should take care of distribution, well the burning and the cover! I don’t think he did some copies by himself in fact lol!!!!
Concerning RECTALIZED, I never had contacts with him so…
I love what VISCERAL are doing, it’s really enormous brutal death !!! They’re the best from this split.
Then I’d say AD NAUSEUM, and in last position DECREPIFY (Not much my style)

Dave: Yes, I did the cover, it’s beautiful isn’t it ? Hahahaha

Poussin: To be honest I didn’t listen…


5. Your lyrics are in French; It might not be as original as 8 years ago, but for a brutal death band it remains quite fresh… Especially since it sounds quite necro, with « Depopulate this world of vermin » or « In state of decomposition »…  You are very much into the gore, aren’t you ? Please do a little dissection of the gustative content from your lyrics… Why so much of reek and nauseance? Where does the inspiration come from? (Don’t tell me “Oh, it’s just we’re living next to a morgue and get drunk in there when we have time” lol)

Mike: Dave takes care of the lyrics, in fact we’re quite seriously into cannibalism, hereticism and living dead trip! We invent nothing at this level, but it’s what we like. Each song is linked to a very specific subject of the living dead invasion on earth. I’m a fan of the old CANNIBAL CORPSE covers, and this spirit totally pleases me! We have a project for our first album and it really kills, it’s currently under construction!

Dave: As mike said, I’m writing the lyrics, I try to build up a story dealing with the come back of the dead on earth, trying to inject an “evil” touch: How it occurred, what happens during this fucking holocaust, how peoples react to this annihilation, how the devil is involved… I try to deepen the subject so that every texts fit between each others.


6. Your music is brutal… What do you think of when you’re playing the songs? What kind of vision or pictures have you got in mind? You might even think about someone in particular to be motivated? héhé
As a whole what’s the most violent, the rehearsals or the gigs? And is there an obligatory link between the percentage of brutality and the litres of drunken alcohol?

Mike: Thanx, it’s pleasant to read our songs are brutal! Lol
We try to inject a lot of energy in our brutal death, I have no picture in mind when I play but I want to be the most brutal possible and beat their heads as much as possible ;-)
The gigs are more violent, of course, and the crowd is very motivating for a band, if they kick each others the band will be even more brutal! I try to avoid drinking too much before the gig, but after it’s another question hahahahahahahha! So there’s no link between brutality and the litres of alcool ! Lol !

Dave: I don’t really realise the impact our music could have, but I’m very happy when peoples like it. When I’m on stage I think about nothing, well I try to avoid playing mistakes haha. But we are no machines, there are always some mistakes. Gigs are the most brutal, but rehearsals are tighter, I drink few before playing and drink a lot of after hahaha

Poussin: The concerts are more violent, without hesitation… We rehearse in the morning, so I just woke up and am always half asleep. When I play our songs on stage I always try to view the scenes of the scenario Dave told me. The goal is to brutalise it BIG! So I’m constantly thinking about brutalising the songs when we are playing…


7. Internet is still shitting as needed… Even If I try IE or Mozilla, no way to see some pages… It’s not so bad, we’ll do as if there where no infos, I will simulate a blindy interview as 10 years ago (When we, in retrospect, had much more questions to ask…) and so here we are: How do your gigs occur? With which bands did you play? On a visual point of view SAVAGE ANNIHILATION is rather into the gore butchery and pork blood splashing everywhere, evil metal with big boots and spikes everywhere to crucify the listeners, big oiled muscles that move everywhere to please women? How many porks do you use during a gig?

Mike: Our gigs generally occur very well if material conditions are Ok, we shared the scene with bands such as IMPUREZA/ DISASTER/ HYSTHERESY/ DISGUST/ SCARVENGER/ DIOXINE/ ARCHITECT OF SETH/ NECROPSY/ BAPTIZED IN VAGINAL LIQUID/ our friends of BRENNKELT/ CORROSIVE ELEMENTS/ PSYCHOBOLIA/ ANOMALY and many others… We had the opportunity to play in Switzerland with NERVO CHAOS from Brazil and in Italy with TOOLS OF TORTURE/ PUTRIDITY/ HOBNAILED/ SPERMBLOODSHIT.
Lol on a visual point of view I’d rather say « Big oiled muscles » even if it’s not my case ! Lol! We give all we can during gigs, it’s moshing everywhere!!!! We leave the porks to poussin, so he can grow stronger! Héhéhéhé!

Dave: I don’t really know, come see us live and you’ll tell me haha

Poussin: Big oiled muscles !! haha!! Dave and Mike are two thin guys. So we rather choose the zombie butchery.


8. In your new songs I like the fact you’re technical, brutal, but remains an atmosphere and quite abstract emotions… To be clearer, you’re not only into feeling-less brutality, and I like it! Then the guitar sound is quite big and round (No over-compressed guitars or too plastic triggers… Where did you record?). So I wondered if you didn’t have a little problem with a part of the current Us brutal scene… Don’t you think it lacks a bit of something? And a too plastic sound can suck up a lot of brutality and listening pleasure? Huh, even not a little problem somewhere?

Mike: Thanx a lot Gab, we recorded with alex, the guitarist of DARKANTION, who’s a very good friend. I’m not too satisfied with this recording, we did it in a day, it was quite brainstorming and tiring…
I don’t like the too manipulated productions, I like to have a brutal sound but that remains natural!
I think many bands such as GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT or INHERIT DISEASE have the same sound and have nothing special compared to the US legends! The current Us scene is globally kinda always doing the same!

Dave: Current US bands have a flat and numeric sound, many French bands begin to have the same kind of sound… For our album we need someone who does something different, but it has became quite trendy so I don’t know if we’ll find him.
We are working our sound quite a lot, especially me, because during gigs peoples do not always understand my playing. Concerning the split, the production isn’t bad, alex who never recorded brutal death didn’t do a bad job at all… Musically speaking these tracks could have been better, but it was basically meant to be a private recording.


9. Reading your Metal-archives page, I just learnt by surprise three of you play in DEFECAL OF GERBE. The kind of music is different, more gore… Is it a subproject, that might be funnier? Or are you the surgical tools of another musician who leads all with a spiked dildo? (Lazy session musicians, beware… You’d easily get a new asshole)… Sorry if I inserted my scalpel where it hurts, but I often associate “gore” with “not very serious”.

Mike: Yes, it’s a sub project. And don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt at all, with D.O.G it’s gore delirium but we do it seriously!
It was basically an idea of Poussin, he needed a guitarist and a bassist and we found his project to be nice, so we agreed on being a part of it. We didn’t think it would go that far, we already have a MCD on SHOW ME YOUR TITS Rec (In my opinion he boosted the thing), then a split with EBANATH/ VULVULATOR and TUMOR on COYOTE Recs (Russia) and we just recorded new songs for a split to be released on INHUMAN HOMICIDE Recs (Other bands: VAGINAL CHICKEN and BESTIAL DEVASTATION). And we have the opportunity to play at the OBSCENE EXTREME FEST this year, with crazy bands such as NAPALM DEATH/ LIVIDITY/ RATOS DE PORAO/ MUNICIPAL WASTE/ FLESHLESS.... It will be our first gig in Czech Republic!

Dave: I love to play with DxOxG, it’s a lot of fun, and I compose songs so it’s cool. There are riffs that wouldn’t fit SAVAGE but are perfect for DxOxG. It’s more primary, I like it, it’s different, but we do it seriously… And the OBSCENE, fuck, the OBSCENE!

Poussin: DxOxG was a grind project I wanted to do, so when I needed musicians I asked Mike and Dave (I knew what they were worth like in a band and we could have played well together! And all the more they are also friends).


10. Coming back to the « Disgusting cranial » split, why didn’t you insert blastbeats in the SEPULTURA cover? Huh? And why did you cover a quite old song such as “Stronger than hate”’, I mean we could have expected something more brutal, an old track of DEEDS OF FLESH, BAPHOMET/ BANISHED, DETERIORATE, CYANOSIS, BROKEN HOPE or even INFAMY? (That’s good, I inserted my list of old bands, so I’m happy). You could have boosted it and insert gravity blast or doom death? Ah? It wouldn’t have been too original to cover brutal stuffs? But well… Now I think you might have covered this song for a “Sepultura tribute” (Possible since the production differs from other tracks, and it seems I read somewhere an underground label was working on this kind of project, not too long ago)

Mike: In my opinion, the goal of a cover is to be efficient, full of energy, but not too deform it. I even didn’t think a second about injecting blasts in STRONGER THAN HATE! It is old school, it shall remain so! We covered this song because someone simply offered us to have a song on a Sepultura tribute. We aren’t basically too fond of making covers, I think we aren’t particularly very good at it.

Dave: I hate covers, we are very bad at this level, and it never have the feeling of the original. The only cover that rules in my opinion is “Painkiller” by DEATH, it’s the only one to be as good as the original. No, blastbeats in SEPULTURA would be a sacrilege hahaha, we didn’t want to deform it, even if our guitars’ tuning already deforms it quite a bit.


11. In your area, what’s cool, or even good, in matters of local bands to brutalize the ass as needed (And if possible with quite splashing guts)? Are there also gig-organizers, zines, distros, breweries, sex shops…?

Mike: Lol, in our area there’s nothing cool, nothing good. On a  metal level it’s quite shitty, that’s why we try to move things in our town as much as possible… Then, we aren’t too far from Orléans, and it’s a bit better with bands such as IMPUREZA (You already know them very well héhéhéhé) or NECROFIST… Unfortunately, no distro, there are two gig organizers (But they’re not into metal), no zine either!
Oh yes, there are breweries, hopefully there are lol!

Dave: In Montargis, there’s a black/ death band of friends called BRENNKELT who begins to move their ass quite well, and there is NARCOLEPTIA. I think it’s the only bands.
Concerning  gig organizers, there is EL DIABLO INC and PUR SONS, but they don’t program anymore on Orléans. Our area is quite dead… My brother and I are planning the following in our town (Chàlette sur loing): ROMPEPROP and RECTAL SMEGMA the 25 of April, with BAPTIZED IN VAGINAL LIQUID and our band DxOxG. And it’s free, we are waiting for every grind fans (A bit of promotion can’t be bad hahahaha)

Poussin: Nothing of it except for a brewery, as far as I know… If you want to find some nice things, you have to travel to Orleans.


12. All theses questions, it’s kinda nice, but now we stop the butchery… You have only released an old demo and a CDr Split, so the idea of a forthcoming recording kinda tickles my belly… A new demo is planned for quite soon? Or even a first album to delicately caress our necks? (I think you would kind of have the level… Now might lack the songs). And tell us more about your future projects, and say what you have to, because the end is near.

Mike: Yes, we planned to record our first album, we are currently working on it, we hope it will be ready for end 2009. We do not hope to find a label but release it and take care of the promo ourselves. We currently have 8 songs in stock and are working on the remaining!
Our future projects: To release an album, do a big promotion, do a maximum of gigs with good bands, or even festivals! It would be killer!
Thank you Gab for this interview, it was really cool and we hope you all will have news of SAVAGE quite soon!!! Thanx for the support!!!!!!

Dave: Yeah fucking shit, we want to record our first album but we still really need to work on the speed, the tight playing to practice very speed riffs (We’ll use a click). During our tour peoples told us a lot we were very tight, but I don’t think we are enough to enter the studio immediately (So we need to be patient), and as soon as the album will be released we hope our supremacy will invade the world of extreme metal. Thank you Gab for this wonderful and very detailed interview, we thank all the extreme metal fans, the bands with whom we shared the stage, drunk and smoke funny cigarettes, for supporting our quest for musical brutality and seeing us live (Or on the ground haha) and thanks to every gig-organizers who helped us to play!!! STAY BRUTAL, STAY METAL!!! HAIL!!!!!

Poussin: An album of course ! Thanks for the interview, it was nice!


  Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/savageannihilation