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1. Hello, how are you? Can you tell us what Rotten Brain is, how does it taste, how does it smell, and were we can find some of it?

Hello! Great thank you! Rotten Brain is an old school Death metal project with very various influences, composed of Eddy Polo on drums and Dark prevails (Myself) for all the remaining! We try to make all our centers of interest shine in our music, from the old (or very old) horror movies, but also paintings, books, in fact everything that is a part of the world of horror and morbid!

2. Why did you choose Rotten Brain as a moniker, and not Rotten Corpse, or Rotten Bowels?

Simply because these names were already taken, or didn't sound good in my hears! AhAh

3. You play death metal, but then, can you be a bit more precise about the style? Which atmospheres do you try to retranscribe in your songs?

Yes, without pretention we aim to compose a simple but efficient kind of death metal, without specific barriers. After all a quite classic Death metal, with a desire to go back in a time when Death metal was sticky, dirty and not super smooth.

4. Do you think we can hear in your music that you are french peoples?

Absolutely not! Peoples compared us to old Grave or Autopsy for the second demo and this suits us perfectly! We don't need everyone to know we are french, but we don't hide it either!


5. What are the best french representative for death metal in your opinion?

I'm going to tell you about a relatively unknown band after all, but I have a few bands in mind such as Kabbal and their "Synthetically Revived" album, the demos of Sepulchral or also Catacomb, and recently I also discovered a band I'm in touch with, the killers of Muertissima! There are of course many other bands, but listing them would take a lot of time haha!

6. Your demo from 2020 was rereleased on cassette by Nekrassious tapes. Can you tell us a bit more: How did you know about him, how did the release occur?

Yes we were directly contacted by Mat who offered us to release it.. Since we only had promises and nothing else until then, we thought "why not trying", after all we had nothing to loose and it's a french guy... It was done like that! Nekrassious is still the only one who has done anything for Rotten Brain in terms of physical release!

7. Since the recording of this demo, you have probably composed a bunch of new songs. So, what do they resemble? Can you feel an evolution since this recording?

Yes absolutely, we have been working on the album for a year and a half, which is soon to be finished, and in parallel we already have a few tracks ready for the next release! We have evolved of course, but not in terms of music. It is still Rotten Brain, more violent than before, faster, but still Rotten Brain. We are not fans of what is released nowadays and our line of conduct remains the same.

8. You also play in a parallel project called Thasaidon, whose style is a bit different, more doomy... I even had the feeling that either the guitars were tuned lower, or perhaps the recording was slowed down? (At least, it reminded me a bit when I was artificially slowing down a recording with my 4 track recorder in the 90's... AhAh)

HA Thasaidon! I love this project! Yes for Rotten Brain we are tuned in standard DO and standard A, for Thasaidon in standard G so indeed we are quite low. Thasaidon is the complete opposite of Rotten Brain, slow mid-tempo riffs, lots of palm-mute to make it even heavier. No melody, no technique, minimalist. The emphasis is on the feeling more than on the music, we want the listener to feel overwhelmed by the music, crushed, and gets carried away by the rhythm. Yes completely, we were inspired by bands like Winter or Wormiridden, Khanate, Bongzilla etc... and it's also a wish on my part to do something simpler hahaha!

9. Do you have other musical projects? Is Rotten Brain your first band? I know your drummer used to play in a more brutal death sounding outfit 10-15 years ago (Decaying), because I still have the demo.

Yes I do other things, such as my solo project "Darkness-Prevails" (I had no idea for another name haha) which is a project with no real direction and where I want to involve a lot of artists in collaborations! This brings together a lot of my compositional ideas in several styles including ambient!

10. If you want to complain or scream about something concerning music or the musical scene in general, it's the right moment.

A rant I don't know haha. Everyone does what they want and if the artists are ok with what they do, all is well! You know, we don't listen to (modern) Death Metal where everything is ultra loud, ultra smooth etc... Now each band has its personality, we like it or we don't, it's not for me to judge, and if there are peoples who enjoy their music it's good!

11. I'll let you conclude, trying if possible not to leave too many pieces of putrefied brains on the desk.

Thanks a lot for this interview! You can follow us on Instagram and come chat with us, we don't bite AhAh!

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