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1. If you're not bored with this questions, introduce REGURGITATE in a few words...

Regurgitate = grindcore (is that few enough ?)…
We have been playing grindcore in the early Napalm Death/ Carcass vein for 12 years now and we’re better than ever.  We have a classic rock line-up with vocals (Rikard), guitar (Urban – me that is), drums (Jocke) and we just added a full-time bassplayer – Glenn – to our line-up, which makes rehearsing more fun. Previously I used to handle the bass as well.


2. Your last full length CD has crossed a step in musical extremism and intensity compared to you previous stuffs. How did you achieve to cross this threshold of brutality and did something special happened in yer life at this time?

After our first album, we kinda got bored with it all, and concentrated on other things in life for a while, so when we decided to make some new music it was just for the fun of playing and it felt natural to make it more brutal. We like brutal music and we like playing brutal music – that’s it! We also had some changes in the line-up. Jocke joined us in 1999 and is really fast when he wants to.



3. You've released split Eps with the following bands: CRIPPLE BASTARDS, REALIZED, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, FILTH, INTESTINAL INFECTION, GRUDGE, PSCYCHOTIC NOISE, VAGINAL MASSAKER and also a split CD with DEAD. Fuck hell, it represents a lot of vynils! How did you achieve to do so much splits? Are these bands all yer friends or is it due to some kind of REGURGITATE's recognition?

Many of the bands we know, but we get a lot of requests to do split EPs with different bands. We could have released 50 splits by now if we wanted to… but we try to do splits with bands we like. Right now we are finishing up a bunch of songs that wer recorded for a split 12 inch with Suppository (Holland). Fast furious grindcore galore !


 4. I guess there musn't be a vey deep meaning between the name REGURGITATE. But, why did you choose it and did it took a special meaning with the time if it hadn't a special deep sense at the beginning?

I don’t think it ever had a deep meaning, but we think that it guess really well with the music we’re playing. We never had a deep meaning with our music, or anything, we just want to make good quality grindcore. There aren’t enough bands doing that.



5. If you couldn't play Grindcore, what would you use to express all the stress and negative energy we have to deal with? Maybe you've got some other projects, that are even not musical (artworks...).

I play a lot of music, but not in any recording bands – I do a lot of music just for myself. I like Dark depressing music both fast and slow kinds. And I do some art as well (the Dark Funeral logo for instance, and the cover to Necrophobics « Spawned by Evil » and our split with Dead… which the record company fucked up rather bad – you can see the original black-white drawing on our homepage.) Jocke plays drums in a couple of black metal bands (thy primordial, unmoored..) and in Retaliation as well.


6. I see you've played gigs in the Czech Republic, that's quite far from Sweden. How did you happen to play there and was all the stuff right? How many hours did you travel to go there. Was it easy to communicate with the Czech bastards, even if they speak english their might have been some big problems of pronunciation...

We played the Obscene Extreme festival last year, which was fukkin great ! There was a storm coming in from the north and the festival was cancelled… for a while, but when the wind turned the festival continued. That’s entertainment! And, sure, it’s quite far from Sweden, but it only takes a couple of hours if you fly – which we did. As far as languages are concerned, there’s no problem as long as people speak english (good or bad)… which everyone we met didn’t do… w have no idea what those persons tried to say, but we had a good time anyway.



7. Did you ever get a negative or bad review of a release you were 100% sure of the quality? Did you ever threaten a zine or a webzine writer to kick his ass with year big guitar if he doesn't throw some bullshits he could have spread about your band? Did you ever think some metal bands was sounding "funny"?

Of course. Most bands get that… some hate us and some love us. If we make a good sounding recording some will say that we are sell-outs, and others will say that it’s great that you can hear what we’re playing. We try to do what we want to do and not listen to what others think we should do.
 What would be a « funny » sounding metal band ? I think it’s good or, otherwise, it sucks… ass. And of course we threat people! If you don’t give as good review of one of our releases, you’ll never see your hamster again! I wouldn’t use my guitar, though – i like it too much.


8. As you're into the underground since a quite long time now, you must have got a laughable story to tell us about some weird shit that could have happened with some fraudulous webzines or gig organizers!  

No… that’s nothing to laugh about… we just make sure that kind of people disappear. You wouldn’t like that to happen to you now, would you ?


9. Your counter has passed the 30000 visits now. With all the promotion RELAPSE must have done for your band, you must receive a shitload of Emails. Is it always possible to answer all these emails?

Actually Relapse doesn’t promote us that hard, we are probably their smallest band, but sure we get quite a lot of emails. I try to answer them all, but I know there a bunch that has been forgot in my mailbox. And I’m lazy as well… but who isn’t?



10. Do you think it's possible to succeed correctly and with some positive energy the facts of playing some extreme Brutality and taking care of all the stuffs around the band? I mean, don't you think having to deal with some much stuff could "steal" some energy you could have expressed in REGURGITATE's Grind? Do you have a manager?

A manager? You got to be joking… we do the grind thing because we love the music, but we don’t want to get to serious about it – we want to keep doing it just for fun. I think you make better music that way. It’s nice to have control over what is happening around the band, too, but I guess that having a manager could give you more gigs etc. However – I think we have a nice arrangement in the band. Rikard is the one who keeps contact with record companies and stuff like that, and I concentrate on writing the music… so I guess we don’t have that problem.


11. From Sweden I know a cool amount of Brutal death bands such as INSISION, SOILS OF FATE, BLESSED, CYANIDE, DERANGED, IMMERSED IN BLOOD, SOILS OF THE UNDEAD... and also some black metal bands. But apparts from BIRDFLESH, I don't know a lot of  Grind bands from yer country. How is the Grind scene in Sweden? Is there some kind of "conflicts" between the extreme scenes? How are the gigs here?

Does Nasum ring a bell ? And there are Retaliation, Scurvy (who play this years (2002) Obcene Extreme), Sayyadina, Arsedestroyer, Relevant Few, Obligatorisk Tortyr… and probably a bunch I’v forgotten and some I haven’t heard about. But there aren’t that many, no. I guess the grind scene isn’t that big and there are not so many opportunities to play in sweden – we have only played in Sweden a couple of times… we have played a lot more gigs in Germany, for instance. I haven’t seen any conflicts between genres, many of those who play grind also play in death or black metal bands or regular hardcore bands.



12. Matte played the drums in GENERAL SURGEY. There's something I haven't understood with this project. They only released a MCD around 92 or else, and they actually had an official website that runned for a good amount of time but they didn't release anything else. It was like a phantomatic/ tribute kind of band at the end. Could you clear my mind about this point?

Yeah, Matte was the first guitarist in RGTE (1990-1993), but he was a better drummer than he was a guitarist. I used to play with him in my previous death metal band (Crematory 1989-1994, no, not the German goth metal band with the same name! We had that name before them)… where was I? – yes, Matte… he played in  GS with some guys from Dismember and Afflicted, but they only recorded one demo (or maybe two) and one EP, which was released by Relapse on MCD as well. After that Matte stopped playing music all together, but the other guys in GS have been talking about recording something new for some years now and they did their homepage as well… but I think tey’ve taken that down now, because they haven’t been able to find a good enough drummer, except for some guy who played on the song they recorded for the Carcass Tribute that Death Vomit/ Necropolis released last year. Something like that…


13. In 1991 you released a 2 minutes long Demo. How many tracks did it include and was it for sale at this time? If so, didn't the metallized consumers threat you of being rip offs?

It contained 11 tracks in 2 minutes… a very short demo indeed. It was sold… a lot, I think. And I guess people who baught it, did it because they looked for something extreme. And a 2 min demo is quite extreme, so I hope people thought is was kinda cool… but what do I know? I didn’t buy one.


14. Do you prefere Grindcore when it's heavy or aggressive?

Eehh… I was going to say : « what does heavy grindcore mean? », but then I realized that I wrote on our homepage that we play heavy grindcore, haha. Both I guess. I like grindcore with some variation. It must be aggressive (as in FAST), but if you don’t throw in some heavy parts, I think it gets boring after a while… black meatl bands have blast beats that last for minutes, and that’s not nearly as aggressive as the short blasts of grindcore. What I mean when I say that we play heavy grindcore is that we aren’t the fastest band in the world, but still fuckin aggressive… or? We are a LOT faster now than we were 8-9 years ago, though.


15. What do you know about the French Underground? Did some bands, webzines or some other shits from here branded yer metallized brainstorm?

I don’t know a lot about it… Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition is the only french band I know actually. Pierre who is responsible for the « Goregrind and Grindcore webzine » (it’s a great site : http://www.braindead.ht.st) used to do our offical homepage, until we decided to do it ourselves. Most bands I listen to, I don’t know from what country they are… I’m not good at keeping track of bandinfo etc… I just listen to the music.


16. Will you use again the services of Wens Benscotter in the future to get some more great bitting penis involved CD covers?

I don’t know. We liked what he did for Carnivorous Erection, but if we’ll ask him again depends on what kind of cover we want for our next album. We haven’t discussed that ourselves yet, so we see…


17. Does the come back of GRAVE means something for you? How do you see it and did you hear them, saw them live with the 2002's formation and tracks?

I bought a ticket for their concert here in Stockholm a couple of months ago… but they cancelled, so I didn’t get to see them. But Grave doesn’t mean anything to me really. I have one of their albums… and I think it sucks, but people keep telling me I should listen to their first album instead and forget about their new releases… However it’s not really my cup of blood, the « Swedish Death Metal »… Nihilist/Entombed was OK, but the rest was kinda boring... I liked my music a lot faster.


18. When you'll be all very old, do you think you'll still play grindcore? What do you think you may play in about 30 years... Don't you think trying to play some Grindcore while beeing old pustulent alldays sleeping bastards would make you sound like a Grind band as BLOOD in 2002? Eh eh!

We are older than most bands that play grind nowadays. We’ve been doing it for 11-12 years now and we are more brutal than ever, so I can’t really see us sounding like Blood… ever! Haha. I still like my grindcore the same way as I did back in 87-89. The ultimate grindcore album for me is Napalm Death’s « From Enslavement to Obliteration » and has been so since I first heard it. What has changed though is that I don’t like Carcass as much as I used to do… back when we did « Effortless… » I just loved the sound on « Reek of Putrefaction » (maybe that can be noticed on « Effortless… », hell yes, but now I prefer the hardcore parts of ND over the death metal parts of Carcass.


19. Do you like Grindnoise or funny/ unserious Grindcore bands that speaks about children's games, mangas, and stupid arse's lolly pops... Did you see they are very often very poor at the musical point of view, but they're master for the promotional and merchandising side of the thing?

I listen to their music – if the music is good I like the band… if the music sucks – fuck’em. I don’t see RGTE as being a really serious band. I mean with titles like « Parade of the Decapitated Midgets », Carnivorous Erection » and « Clawhammer Castration » , I can’t say we have a serious message or anything. If you buy our  records – listen to the music. If you want opinions – buy a book, or something like that. If some grindband want to sing about manga, that’s their problem, as long as they can play.



20. What are your future plans apart from gigs, Cds, Eps, Demos, Interviews... (Eh, eh nothing much remains in fact!). Tell us everythings!

Tell you everything… about nothing? Well… OK, apart from the before mentioned things I guess we will live our ordinary lives… plus the usual stuff : stalk, kill, maim, scare and offend people… and maybe party some. Sacrifing small furry animals to Satan is cool too. And sleeping is something I haven’t been doing a lot of lately.


21. Something to add to conclude this cool interview?

Ehhh… I don’t remember what I’ve said so far.  I like to thank my parents for their support all this time… maybe not… thanks for the super cool interview… we’ll be recording our next album this november, but don’t hold your breaths until it gets out… it will take some time.
Other than that… may grindcore be as big as soul and rap music one day!!! But don’t hold your breaths until that happens either.


 WEBSITE: http://www.regurgitate.net