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1. Hello Tor! What's up? Please calm down your hammer, I have to stay alive until the end of the interview. ;-)

Hey! Right now I am fighting like a dog with my fucking computer. The speaker wire flew out and since then I don't have any sound. FUCK IT! I blast Raven - rock until you drop instead!

2. How would you precisely define your kind of thrash metal? Would you feel closer to the early Bay area style? Old German one (first wave) or another thrashing wave of alcoolisation? What are the biggest thrashing influences for OPPRESSION?

I feel much closer to the bay area scene. I can't connect to the german scene. Too much lasy motherfuckers. I like Sodom, Living Death and some more. But overall, I always felt right at home in the bay area scene. My biggest influence are Vio-lence, Lääz Rockit, Heathen, Sadus and Dark Angel. I could make the list longer. But those are the bands I want Oppression to sound like. Mix all of them and then add the Oppression touch.

3. The previous vocalist of OPPRESSION has left the band, and you have just found a new one! Please introduce your new microphone molester, his current other metallic projects, as well as his throat specifities! (In other words: how do his vocals sound?). How did you met him, and how did you chose him?

He is not a fulltime member. He just fills in until we find another. We would love to have him in the band but he lives quite far away AND he sings in Leprosy. So we don't want to steal him. His name is Olof Wikstrand. He's plays guitar in swedish death/thrash gods Corrupt. And plays guitar and signs in the awesome band Leprosy wich I mentioned. I got to know him over the internet way back since we both liked the same music. There were not many of us thrasher around then. Now every little milkdrinker listens to thrash. Don't know if it's good or bad though. He sounds more like a bay area singer than Nicke did. He has a great highpitched voice and a lot of attitude. Perfect for the job!

4. Who writes the riffs in the band? If there's a main riff-machine, do the other members of the band always agree with his contributions, or are there bloody fights involving broken glass and spiked lacerations?

It's me, Jocke and Fidde who writes the riffs. And the entire band arranges them. Often the writer has an ideá of how it should sound. Then we jam to see how it works out. There are some small fights. But I kick their asses! hahaha

5. What are you trying to achieve when you write an OPPRESSION song? Do you keep some main ideas in mind as you stay focused on some metallic mental-patterns, or does the energy of thrash remain as an ever-flowing stream of aggression? How do you know when a riff is a good riff for the band? If there's a special instinct for thrash-riffing and detecting good riff from a metallic jam, is it always trustful and efficient?

I want a song that's mosh-friendly, aggressive and fun to play. Some technical elements. And I want to feel the adrenaline flow when I play it or listen to it. The same as when I listen to other thrash bands. If they don't get my adrenaline flowing then they aren't any good.

6. There are less technical bass parts on your new demo! What's the fuck? Has your bassist turned lazy or what? Ah ah

The bass parts are there. It's just the production that sucks. Same with the kickdrum. There are some awesome bass parts that should have blown you away but since the sound sucks they disappear. Too bad really. But hopefully people can check them out live...

7. I know there was something else before OPPRESSION. Not being sure if it was thrashing or not, I'd ask you to talk about it if it's not too embarrassing! Was it POISON(us) influenced Glam stuff or did you rather follow the last pinkful days of GUNS'N ROSES? Do you like MOTLEY CRUE?

Glam?? no way. I do like Mötley Crue but glam sucks big fucking monkey-cock. This new wave in Sweden with all the glam bands is corrupting the youth!! haha...Before Oppression tried to write metal but it ended up sounding more punk. But that was a long time ago and we did not even call ourselves Oppression.

8. There have been some 'troubles' with a French "Thrash" band also using the moniker OPPRESSION (Only Sweden is real). They were supposed to find another name to avoid troubles, since they have only few releases and don’t promote much, but they apparently didn't change it (They're probably out of imagination...) Do you know the last news about it?

I don't care about them. They tried to scare us with this and that. But we released our first demo a year before them. Fuck it. If they want a fight, we're up for it. Otherwise, we let it be. I have not heard from them in a long time. Guess they realised that we would not back off.

9. I have learnt from several zine-makers you're fucking fast as fuck answering interviews! It's totally cool nowadays, while half of the underground bands need months to decently send back their answers... So tell us about your motivations! How are you able to answer stuffs fast and well? How do you find the time? Are beer or hash the motors of breath?

I'm unemployed. Sit in front of the computer almost all day. I feel the need to check my mail often to so I'm easy to get hold of. Also, it's quite fun to sit down and listen to a good record and answer questions. I usually get a good laugh sometime during the interview.

10. What was the last interview you answered and was it cool? What were the good and interesting points of the questions in your opinion?

Can't remember. But most of them are cool. I don't know if it was brutalism or something like that. Sorry.

11. I have released two split tapes with OPPRESSION( swe), and spent quite some time helping for the promotion of your thrash metal! Since each job deserves a salary, I hope I have won a free ride with your Girl Friend! Ah Ah! Tor, do you want to be my girlfriend? (Half an hour will work! Then I promise, I'll release more stuffs! Ah Ah) Ah Ah

We are forever in depth to you. You have done alot for us and we are very grateful. If I ever make it to France, I will make shure you get a blowjob from somebody. It won't be me though! sorry! haha You know I love you Gab.

Gab: Allright, I’ll make sure to come in Sweden and visit your rehearsal room with loads of poppers and condoms! Ah Ah

12. When I listen to your previous demo, it's obvious you're into old SADUS! Tell us more about what you like in this band. Do you prefer their earlier albums, or do you like the new stuffs as well? What's your fave SADUS album? Do you like all the (numerous) bands and projects Steve Di Giorgio have been a part of? Do you know what SADUS stands for? (There's the word "Sad" in it... Would it stand for "Sad" "Us"... or us the sad guys?? Maybe they listened too much to THE WHO (R.I.P)! héhé).

My favorite Sadus album is Swallowed In Black. It's in my all time top three! If I should rank the rest of the Sadus albums it's: Illusions, Elements of anger and last but not least A vision of misery. I like Testament. But the rest of Steve's work Iäm not realy into. Vintersorg and all that. Sadus is a holy man from India or something like that. Something to do with buddism or hinduism I believe.

13. If OPPRESSION(swe) was a meat, what would it be?


14. The underground old school thrash metal scene keeps on growing, slowly but surely. The underground metallers who really dig the graves of the ancient metallic war can happily discover cool bands from every kinds of countries! How do you think the situation will evolve in the future? Would it keep on growing bigger and bigger, or would it remain totally underground?

It will grow. I'm shure of it. We await the third wave of thrash!

15. Do you feel better about the growing amount of good underground thrash metal bands, or the massive comebacks or old thrash metal bands (who do not always satisfy the old fans, to say the best)? Do you think the future of thrash metal would rather come from the past, or from the youngest guys (who haven't done it, abused it, and for whom it sounds fresh and new, even though they do not always have the experience...)?

I like the fact that thrash is coming back. I don't like many of the bands though. The most of them are fucking death metal. Nothing wrong with that. But they should not call themselves thrash.
I think that the third wave will begin with the old bands but evolve into a scene for the youngsters. We are young and aggressive plus that the fans will look for new bands.

16. What about the old school thrash situation in Sweden? I have crossed the spiked paths of a handful Swedish thrash metal bands the last year! Nice alcoholic discoverings! Please, list all the current Swedish thrash metal warriors, and if pussyble describe their styles and give your opinion about their music!

- Leprosy (pure bay area) The best there is worldwide. www.leprosythrash.tk
- Incinerator (german/L.A) great stuff. Love them
- Corrupt (sadus like thrash) Realy good. A 7" on the way.
- The Law (bay area) a new demo on the way

There are some more but I can't remember all right now. Sorry all the bands I missed!

Gab: What about LETHAL?? :-P

17. If I say SABBAT! Would you prefer the dead English thrash band or the Japanese Thrash/ Black/ Heavy metal maniacs? What's your opinion about both bands?

I must say I prefer the English edition. But the japs have some really great lyrics. Heavy metal samurai! hahah. great!

18. Just to dig a bit more into old thrash metal, tell us the bands from this list you know and give your opinion about them! D.A.M, HELLBASTARD, DARKNESS, MEKONG DELTA, DEATHROW, VIOLENT FORCE, DEVASTATION, MIDAS TOUCH, LIVING DEATH, MINOTAUR... The beer goes on!

I know of all. Haven't heard all of them I'm afraid.
- Mekong Delta - a bit to much at times.
- Deathrow - quite good
- Devastation - good at some times. Mostly boring. But I only have one lp with them
- Midas Touch - Great swedish gods.
- Living Death - Really good at times. I love their later work. Bergman on vocals is realy cool! Love the mustach hahahah
- Minotaur - not my cup of beer. to much death metal

19. From these two animals, what's the most metallic in your opinion? The hedgehog or the beef?


20. If I say PAPER ZINES!! What do you scream?


21. If I say CELTIC FROST!! What do you drink?

BLOOD! I love Celtic Frost. One of my favorite bands. Hellhammer rocked to!!

22. If I say DARK ANGEL!! How do you move your ass?


23. If I say BON JOVI!!! What's the color of your vomit?


24. Are you only into old school thrash metal, or do you also enjoy other kinds of metal such as old school death, black thrash metal (I know you don't like screamed vocrass)... or maybe some some softer or different kinds of music? (I mean: tell us about the meticulously hidden CDs lying in the darkest corners of your bedroom! Being so well hidden you hope no one will ever see it! lol)

I love some death metal. I love some black metal. But it must be old school. In both cases. Darkthrone rule!
Except metal I love Laibach, Einstürzende Neubauten, Kraftwerk, Neil Young, Falling from the sky. I even like rap. NWA, Snoop, LoopTroop. I know I can get lynched by you for this.
There are some cd's in my collection that are regarded crap. But I don't really care. Can be nice with variation at some times.

25. Did you get feedbacks and offers from labels? (I mean real labels, not fans of tapes and CDr like myself, even if I spread a lot of copies). Did some shew some interest or offered to release some oppressing thrash on CD, or some mighty VYNIL OF DEATH?? I'm half surprised you didn't receive an offer for a thrashing as fuck split Ep yet! What would be the best label for OPPRESSION in your opinion? (Please, quote at least two labels! The best one on a realistic point of view, and the best one on a utopic dream's point of spike! And tell us why, of corpse!)

We haven't got any serious offers. There was one label that wanted to release a cd but we weren't interested in what they had to offer. But other than that we haven't received any offers.
I would like to get signed to century media or Nuclear Blast. For the distribution. Otherwise old school records would be cool. But the ultimate label for us must be the great Nihilistic Holocaust!

Gab: Do you want to be signed two times on the same “label”? Beware, this would mean double cock-suck, double ass fuck and double girlfriend ride! Ah ah! Is she able to deal with all of this? ;-)

26. Allright Tor, this interview is almost over. Feel free to tell us about the future projects of OPPRESSION! To conclude this interview, please send us an attack of rotating HAMMER! Greetz.

Be shure to check out our website. The new site will be up in a couple of days. There will be some goodies up for order to! Thanx for everything Gab! you're the man!


  Website: http://www.oppression.se