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1. Hello! Tell us what NECROVATION doesn't stand for and what will never be a part of your band both on a muscial and conceptual point of spike!

Necrovation does not stand for cookie. Cookies will never be a part of our band. I have always been a fan of bread and water... (in fact all prison meals) wich means we will never wimp out.


2. Since one shouldn't be very clever to ignore the obvious influences of an old school necro Death metal band from Sweden, tell us about the bands who will never be a musical influence for NECROVATION! Tell us the best way you've found to avoid sounding like their 'music': do you listen to their stuff a reversed way (sometimes sounds like incantations), do you play their album though a guitar amplificator with maximum overdrive? Or do you play freesbee with their Broken Lps?

I play freesbe with all my Lp’s. And I only listen to music reversed through my amplifier.
There is actually quite some Swedish bands that we take inspiartion from. Since you are not specific about what band I wont bother to try to find out. I would say that sure we sound like a Swedish band, but I hope we got some originality, I would like to think so. We are still in a early stage as a band, as long as we play togheter we will sound more and more as Necrovation and less as what band now your trying to say that we sound like, reversed through an  amplifier with freesbees up our asses or not.


3. Which bands absolutely didn't motivate you to handle a guitar or a drumkit and to play anykind of music since it was absolutely too crappy and would rather give an urge to strongly vomit the deep way? On the other hand, which were the revelations? Which were the first outfits that lead you first to Metal, then to Death metal and later to the underground? Which were the ones who give you an urge to play music?

The revelations were I suppose in a early stage of life Metallica and stuff. What urged me to play or maybe what urged me to listen to metal in the first place for real is probably SEPULTURA and ENTOMBED.  Then as you get more in to it you find out about the underground, been stuck there now for a while. And there is no other way! No way back since bands like The Haunted and In Flames doesn’t tempt me into picking up the guitar and scream my lungs out, only to talk shit...which is a waste of time.
I take a lot of inspiration from other underground bands, and early death/thrash/black metal bands from the 80ies. That is the way metal should be played, no fucking 2 months studio visits with producers who like keyboards.


4. What does the NECROVATION monicker stand for exactly and where does it come from? I think it probably means 'to give the necro an Ovation'! But a perverse and quite drunk bastard could think it has something to do with Necrotic Ovaries! Hu! Do you like Goregrind? ;-)

NECRO OVATION, slice of the O in Necro or ovation and you got our band name. I am not fond of goregrind. I find it truly boring and sterile with really lame lyrics. On the other hand I am the hottest guy on the planet.


5. The rotten bastard Nathaniel Colas (Mutilating process zine) did the artwork of your last Ep "Chants of grim death". How did you get in touch with him and how did he convince you to use his crappy drawing? Ah Ah! Did he send you an huge package of beers and yellow underwears, or did he try to take you from behind during a gig in Norway? Tell us everythings!! Ah Ah!

All the things you say are 100% true and I won’t try to talk my way out of this one, or are you full of it…?
Me and Nathaniel have been in contact for some years, since 2003 I think. He have reviewed our stuff and we have read his zine. And since his drawings are excellent we wanted to use it, end of story.


6. Concerning this new Ep, and in comparison with the demo tape, it seems to me you use a bit more riffs with some 'cult sounding' ancient Swedish melodies of obscure mysticism! It's not totally fast as fuck and it sounds more remindable! I also think your tracks from this Ep sound a bit more like some DELVE/ early VERMINOUS! Do you confirm these feelings of mine?

I would not say we sound as Delve, more Verminous in that case. ‘Early Verminous’, hahaha, they are still early, and so are we. It’s more like Verminous and Necrovation have a lot of common influences.  We are buddies and have a lot of the same records. Both bands are very impressed by the oldschool way of playing metal ! And I think both bands are very impressed by KAAMOS and REPUGNANT !


7. This Ep features a MERCILESS cover: "Pure hate"! This sounds cool in my opinion! Are you statisfied with it? Why did you chose this song? Did the guys of MERCILESS hear it?

I am satisfied, but I wish the guitars would be a bit brighter for this song, it gets to muddy sometimes. We choose simply because we like MERCILESS and Pure Hate is a killer song, and The Awakening is a brilliant album. I don’t know if the guys in MERCILESS has heard it, I told Carlen of Merciless after their gig in Lund last year that we would cover one of their songs from The Awakening, I don’t know if they have heard it, who knows?


8. You told me NECROVATION are working on a full-length album! Tell us more about it! Will this be all new songs or will you re-record some songs from the NECROVATION Demo or the DAS ÜBER EVILS Days? Tell us more about the way your next tracks will sound!

First of all we are going to release a split 7” with CORRUPT, another great band from Sweden. That EP will contain one new Necrovation song and one cover of a Swedish old KKKULT BAND! Keep your eyes open…
The fullength will contain probably one or 2 re-recordings of old songs from the demo and the rest will be brand new songs.  The new songs are in the same vein as the old material. We have written when I write this interview 4 new songs, they are as I said in the same vein as before, maybe these are just a little bit more varied, more dynamic. Both fast and dirty, but It seems as now as we are a 3-piece we have started to make more really riffbased songs, some solos but not as much as before. We have always played riffbased songs, but even more now I think. I think our debut fullenght will not disappoint anyone who liked our demo and 7”.  But we will just have to wait and see, so no promises it will rule the world, but It will probably be really good since I like my own band and our new material.  


9. I'm quite disappointed since there's no Glam influences in the music of NECROVATION!! Bouhouhou! Will you force yourself playing Glam to please my needs?? I can give you a bunch of cash and offer you a 20 copies limited floppy disk release!! Come on! I'm sure every body will think a mixture of Necro death metal and gay asslicking glam would be the perfect mix! Ah Ah!

If you give me a bunch of cash, I would spend it on records and not some fancy studio, recording glam songs for a floppy disk release.  Keep on dreaming in your backyard babies t-shirt and Europe back-patch…


10. Since I know you're a huge fan of Grunge, here's the perfect question for you! Ah Ah! I know a guy who sells music in markets during week ends, and it seems NIRVANA still sells a lot, probably more than the nu-metal craps! How would you explain the teenagers prefer Nirvana than the Korn slip biscuit they're supposed to listen to? Maybe it's even more simpler so that it fits better their slow-brains? ;-) Do you think grunge would have been so famous if Kurt Cobain didn't kill himself? (I personally don't think so...)

It probably would not even be called grunge if not for Kurt Cobain.  At least Nirvana’s music seamed to involve some real feelings, something Korn and slipknot and every other teenage ‘we are very mad’ ugly nu-metal band lacks. I fucking hate nu-metal, music made by wimps for wimps…


11. We all hope the Melodic "Death metal" scene in Gothenburp is in a very bad health! Some signs of decline begin to be very appearing, but since you're living in Sweden tell us more about it! Is it really on the threshold of Death while many Swedish fans don't wan't to hear anymore strawberry-milk pop metal and as many bands are dying? Or what?

Since I am totally uninterested and unimpressed of what In Flames & C.O. are doing I don’t know much about that scene, strawberry-milk pop metal does not interest me at all, It sounds very boring and wimpy, but It seems as a lot of people likes it.  Why I don’t know, I can’t give any details about that scene, but I can give advice, stay the fuck away from strawberry milk inspired music, I don’t want to call It metal…Or at least I wish themselves wouldn’t.   


12. There seems to be a serious Swedish old school death metal cartel who kills to reanimate the ugly rancid corpse of ancient Swedish morbid mysticism: KAAMOS/ VERMINOUS/ REPUGNANT/ NECROVATION and few others... Are you close with these bands and do you play many gigs, get drunk together? Eventhough I searched quite a lot, I didn't found many other Swedish bands who sound as old school and necro as the 4 bands mentionned before! How is the old school Death situation in Sweden? Are there other bands who play it the old school way who are worth mentioning?

I have very little contact with all bands mentioned above except Verminous since we live in the same town, or near Kristianstad. We have only played with Verminous among the mentioned above.
Other bands whom are worth mentioning are: CORRUPT a very good underground band whom we are releasing a split 7” with soon. If you haven’t heard SERPENT OBSCENE you have missed out on some Swedish action, DECEIVER is another great band.  But there aren’t a lot of bands who play the KAAMOS and REPUGNANT style of metal really. And there is no reason for it, too many in the same vein would simply be boring. Black metal bands seem to outnumber the death bands, or at least to when it comes to outnumber in bands who play old grim black seems to be more than old grim death.  It all depends how deep you are digging in the underground dirt.  


13. Do you know the old Swedish Death metal band SUFFER (R.i.p)? The drummer is currently in NOMINON and few other projects... It didn't sound that Swedish influenced... If I remember well, a guy from KAAMOS told me, even if SUFFER has somekind of a cult status in Sweden, many peoples don't know or enjoy that much their music... can you tell more about it??

I can’t tell you anything about SUFFER since I have never heard them to this date. I think the Nominon drummer Perra has been in a lot of bands, I know he is now a member in IN AETERNUM, he’s begining to be an ‘undergound allstar’. Hail to you !


14. I read some old articles dating back to the release of the first MALEVOLENT CREATION album, it said this wasn't really Death metal... it was some kind of too "core" and cold/ mechanical to be real Death metal... What's your opinion about it? Since then what could have been seen as not death metallic enough was totally accepted and the injection of new elements have been so strong the current death metal has few to do with the style of the early waves (for most bands at least). Do you think this so fast 'evolution' was something good for the style? Do you think we should keep Death metal as it is and never trying to change its basis (to keep it Death!) or are you welcome to few evolutions? Do you consider yourself as strong worshippers of early Death metal, or are you simply fans who do it the best way possible?

What is death metal and what is not… I count me and Necrovation as fans of oldschool metal. We play it the old way but it is impossible to shut out the evolution. I welcome evolution as long as it don’t take away the ancient feeling.
It’s boring if the genre never should change. In the early days the metal was always in a evolution state, death/black/thrash bands evolved album to album, It can’t be stopped.  As long as It still feels right and feels death metal It’s good, look how SADISTIK EXEKUTION has pushed the evolution ahead, making it as extreme as can be. Or maybe SAD X should be called death mental instead of death metal..haha. Not death metal enough soundwise and shit, boring boring boring… to me death metal is also about the lyric content, a band can sound death metal as hell, but the lyrics has to be death also…Now you have gotten a boring answer to a boring question…   


15. Your logo is cool and totally necro! On the other hand, many current bands prefer to have totally professionally designed logos built on computers... ok it looks totally pro and designed to please the mass of Death metal fans... but it looks like your marketing logos and it's too much of business focus in my opinion! It lost most of the underground appeal and obscure feeling a thorny or unreadable nasty logo could have! What's you opinion about it? What's your fave bands' logos and how many various NECROVATION logos do you have? (AUTOPSY had a different logo for each release, that was cool!!).

So you think our logo is a marketing attempt….hahaha. I think It looks good and has more feeling than tons of other logos! Do you think this is a marketing/business scam? Really? There are no business/profits in the underground really if you ask me, no big profits anyway, not that big that a band should design a logo to market themselves… If I was playing strawberry pop metal then it would be a good idea to design a logo who stayed on people’s minds. I think it’s cool to stick with the same logo from release 1 to the last one! You’re the first one to think our logo is a marketing attempt… (Gab: well I didn’t say so, I was thinking about the ultra marketing bands who will do anything to seem professional… Your logo doesn’t taste like marketing shit at all… But maybe you’re very skilled with Photoshop as you can imitate a dirty hand-drawing… lol).

Yes Autopsy did some logo madness, It fitted their different covers, we will probably not change ours, there is no plans for it anyhow. Other bands with cool logos are: MAYHEM, NECROVORE, SARCOFAGO, REPUGNANT, SERPENT OBSCENE, MORBID, MARDUK, VERMINOUS, MORBID ANGEL, POSSESSED, DEATH, the early SEPULTURA logo…so on, … …  so on. I really don’t have a favorite logo, I like a lot of them.     


16. If an industrial or hash hardcore techno composer was interested in doing a remix of a NECROVATION track, what would be your opinion? It could turn into something weird if the guy has enough sickness in mind! I'm thinking about some early EARACHE remixes, I remember a project was somekind of dark electro beats with guttural samples taken from Napalm Death and the likes... Do you think it would be cool?

It would stink.


17. What's your opinion about "all-stars" Death metal bands such as CHAOSBREED? These bands are composed of 'famous' musicians in the metal scene who haven't played Old school death since years and years... and suddenly they come back and play old school Death, now it's quite welcome again! Do you think it's for the money or it's sincere?

Wow really hard question. I have kind of split opinions in this question. But I guess of  the allstars can still make good metal in what we can call the oldschool vein It is surely cool to listen to.
The motives can be questioned (But are there really that many bucks to be made as an oldtimer?) But I also feel gratitude towards the oldschool bastards, if it were not for their 80’s bands metal would maybe sound different, what I am trying to say is that I respect old musicians and their old cool bands, and probably all star bands are formed while drinking and talking nostalgia, I think It is compassion for music who drives allstar bands actually. RAVENOUS is a really cool and good allstar band if you ask me.  Let them play as they once did, I don’t really care what their motives are.  


18. NECROVATION stands for "Fucking necro" and that's not something new! Since you currently share this Necrotic side with many raw black metal bands, do you feel close to underproduced minimalistic raw black metal? Do you like it? Do you like playing gigs or do you think the necro can't "live" during live appearances?

I don’t feel that we are under produced and minimalistic. Sure our recordings sound raw and has that old feeling to it, maybe music wise I feel that our music is not very different from some blackmetal bands, and in the same time very different, hard to say really. But I guess our lyrics are anti religious and sometimes part misanthropic, as many blackmetal bands also seem’s to think.
But as long as the music is good under producing should not be a problem for recording. We rather bee a little bit under than over, because in my opinion overproduction can take away the feeling of the material… so… and yes, of course I/we like raw and primitive recordings!!!
Playing live is something I would like to do more, the necro can live LIVE. We will do some shows this year, although as I answer this interview we have only one confirmed, and maybe 2 more. Others are in the works, fucking hard to get a respectable gig around here! I like gigs very much, It’s more fun to listen to a record by a good band when you have seen them live I think. And It’s always refreshing to bang your head.   


19. What kind of merchandising do you currently have for sale?

Through BLOODHARVEST we have our 7” ‘Chants of grim Death’ and SOON a new (split) 7”:  www.bloodharvest.se
Through DEATHRASH ARMAGEDDON we have the 3rd press of our demo ‘Ovations to Putrefaction’: http://www9.ocn.ne.jp/~dthrash/
Through ourselves we have some copies left of the ‘Chants of grim Death’ t shirt: www.necrovation.tk


20. What are the future plans for NECROVATION? This interpuke is finished, feel free to conclude and consume! Thanx for the answers! DEATH IS CERTAIN, LIFE IS NOT!

Yes indeed this interview is over, thank satan for that, tell me Gab, what is NOT your name and what will NEVER be your name and WHY? What does ABSOLUTELY NOT inspire you to run your underground label and webzine? Are you really a nihilist? Do you own a holocaust? IS it BIG and why is it not BIGGER? When are your first floppy disk release scheduled to and why is not sooner? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Just messing with your reversed kind of questioning…but feel free to reply.

The future plans for Necrovation is simply to make a killer debut album and try to gig as much as possible.  Otherwise we don’t have any plans. We will remain raw and ugly!!!!!! Cheers to you Gab and anyone else who took the (waste of…?) time to read this interview. HAIL TO THE METAL OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers again!


Website: http://www.necrovation.tk